Smack / Jan 11, 2011 / 1:29 am

Rockets upset Celtics as the NBA takes backseat to Auburn/Oregon

Aaron Brooks

Maybe it was because the tease of Kevin Garnett‘s return from injury turned out to be just a tease. Maybe it was because Kevin Martin (wrist) sat out as a late scratch. Maybe it was because Marquis Daniels (19 pts) led Boston in scoring and Jordan Hill played starter’s minutes for Houston. Or maybe it was because the BCS National Championship Game made it so nobody was really thinking about the NBA last night. Whatever the reason, Rockets/Celtics felt like a preseason game, and the C’s appeared appropriately disinterested … Aaron Brooks (24 pts) led a Rockets squad that went small out of necessity — Brooks started at two-guard while Kyle Lowry (17 pts, 8 asts) ran point — and they kept the score just out of reach most of the way before the Celtics tried to rally at the end. Down 10 with two minutes left, Ray Allen hit a three and Paul Pierce added another to cut the lead to four. With about 30 seconds left, Houston was still clinging to that lead, but Boston wouldn’t let them complete an inbound pass or get it across midcourt. They came within a blink of an eight-second violation, and after a few tries finally got it in to Brooks, who was able to ice it at the free throw line. And you wouldn’t believe this, but Tommy Heinsohn didn’t like some of the calls down the stretch. He’s usually so understanding of the referee’s plight … Big Baby and Patrick Patterson starred in the Ed’s Big & Tall Theater production of Rondo vs. White Chocolate, when Baby made a diving save of a loose ball right at Patterson’s feet that looked almost exactly like Rajon Rondo‘s famous play from last year’s playoffs. Instead of getting up, unleashing a crossover and scoring, though, Big Baby passed ahead to Von Wafer for a highlight-reel dunk … The Chicago Bulls are developing an identity, and fortunately it’s one that will still work once Joakim Noah comes back from injury: They are a two-and-a-half-man team on offense that wins ballgames when they play tough defense. Noah doesn’t need to be involved offensively and he thrives on D, which is perfect for him … Derrick Rose (29 pts, 7 asts) and Carlos Boozer (27 pts, 11 rebs) were again the alpha and omega for Chicago’s offense against the Pistons last night, while Luol Deng chipped in 17 points. Meanwhile, the defense shut down Detroit to the tune of just 27 points in the second half …

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  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Really Dime!? The Bulls get only a 2 line mention when there’s only 3gms on the schedule, where’s the love for the 3rd best team in the east and a MVP candidate in DRose. Plus u failed to mention the bball highlight of the night where DRose got his blake griffin on by tellin brewer to just throw it up and I’ll go get it and DRose caught it at the top of the box to tomahawk dunk it….beyond amazing highlight for a guard. Where’s the love?

  • cdiz

    stay crying jerkishbehaviour

  • GoEasy

    goodness gracious I’d like to see people discuss actual basketball here for once rather than complain about the writers or the content. Let dime write what they gonna write, take it or leave it.

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman


    I agree 110%. If some people here gonna complain 24/7 about the writers, articles etc, then i’m sure lots of other sites with good basketball news and such. And its free.. Oh, wait..

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    BTW, If Joe D agrees to that trade. I will be pi$$ed. Troy Murphey… Johan Petro.. Are you kidding me.. I know its expiring contract. But last time Pistons had cap space.. well, ya know what happened

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    Actually the Carmelo trade is in the “making childish threats stage” as in: Denver told New Jersey to keep the trade details quiet and to stop filling in reporters every step of the way or else… Or else they’d trade Melo to the Knicks. I bet the Nuggets management threatens to take their ball home after the “holding their breath” strategy fails too.

    On another note Pistons rook Greg Monroe had his third straight double-double (for the fantasy heads out there).

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    If you’re anxious to see the video clip that jerkishbehavior.com is talking about… you’ll find it posted here http://wp.me/p10wgs-pu already.

  • Jules

    or you can just, you know, actually watch the dunk here:


  • Paul Wall

    As a Nuggets fan I say take the deal that is already on the table. If we wait any longer or try adding more pieces to the puzzle (harrington)then either the Nets or Pistons are going to say FU and back out of the trade which leaves the Nuggets not getting anything in return. I would love to have Melo but we won’t be in too bad of rebuilding mode next season with all the contracts coming off the books and young talent/draft picks coming in.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    That’s an option as well jules!

  • DNice

    That D Rose Alley-Oop was sick!!

  • JAY

    @ #2,3,4
    jerkish has a point. Last I checked this was a BASKETBALL website. There’s 3 references to the BCS game (including the title) in today’s Smack, including almost a third of the 2nd page talking about Fairley. That’s nice and all, but DIME should leave that for the other sport sites who are for all sports. –> THE IS A BASKETBALL SITE. It’s ok to mention another sport but when there’s more mention of football than there is of the 3rd best team in the East, it’s a bit too much.

    @GoEasy: “Let dime write what they gonna write, take it or leave it.”
    Really?? So if they started talking about movie reviews you’d be fine with that ON A BASKETBALL SITE?!? I don’t know about you, but I visit DIME, and Hoopshype, and Hoopsworld for BASKETBALL. Nothing else. If I wanted a real college football opinion, I’d go to a football site. For real.

  • Roman

    Marquis Daniels leads team w 19pts. wtf?????????????? That’s a problem!!!!!!

  • That’s What’s Up

    Dime should be talking about smokin’ hot the Oregon cheerleaders were. I caught some pre-game promo work and those dime’s were amazing.

    …and don’t take jerkish’s comments to heart; she is just having a rough cycle this month

  • QQ

    DRose is the best point guard in the L right now, that’s clear. But dare I say, he’s probably the best GUARD too? I mean, Wade playing out of his mind right now, but then he got Bron who’s having a monster stretch too. (And I’m loving it, cause he’s the villain, and he’s just ripping all haters like me. Win-win.) And Kobe right now is still on that overbearing ‘it’s me’ mode lately. So I say, it’s Rose.

    And I saw what #1 was talking bout, and that was one of the most ridiculous alley oop catches I’ve ever seen.

    I was like ‘pass it to Rose. man; oh shit, late pass, Rose already jumped, turnover; NO FUCKING WAY. NO FUCKING WAY.’

  • sh!tfaced

    Dumars helping facilitate a trade that could bring Chauncey, Rip and Melo together.

    Shit, ain’t that effing ironic. He could have made that happen back in 2003 – on his own team.

  • control

    Where are those idiots who want to compared two different pgs based on one night in the season?

    It’s funny how Boston is current sitting on their worst 10 game streak of the season, just when they got their “savior” back…but lost their true MVP on the team (KG). That Tommy Hienson or wtf his name is (I can’t be bothered to look up in the Smack where it’s spelled out) is just HORRIBLE. Too bad there wasn’t an option to hear the on-court noise, but mute that asshole. How many times in a game is “the worst call he’s ever seen in professional basketball” going to be called against the Celtics (when they are legit fouls, or the Celts just got a gimmie foul…)? The guy encapsulates the douchebaggary of the entire city of boston perfectly.

    Funny question…when was the last time Shaq wasn’t the worst free throw shooter on his team? Has that ever happened before?

    Is it just me, or is anyone else losing respect for Melo every day that goes by? I’ve always thought the guy was overrated, but he is just coming off as a childish asshole this season…funny thing is, I don’t even know why, other than the fact he’s just letting all of these trade rumors go on, and in each one of them he’s apparently the one stopping them…yet he won’t come out and say anything like “I want to stay in Denver, fuck off”. Overrated…just don’t know what else to say.

  • QQ

    @ 17:

    With all the Rondo bashing (there I didnt call you a ‘hater’), I have to agree with you bout Melo.

    I really dont understand why people still think this bitchass could carry a team on his own.

    I mean, he’ll win you a game by dropping 30, then lose you that same game because he wont and cant play defense for shit, and always has that sour attitude that is as far from ‘leader-like’ as traits can be.

    Seriously, does anyone still root for this guy?

  • JAY

    I root more for Milicic now than I do for Melo.

  • control

    JAY and QQ

    I’ve been rooting for Darko since he got in the league…though it sort of is because when I was test driving new cars, I test drove his BMW 745LI (it was awaiting delivery, but they let me drive it because it was only one that was loaded there).

    I’ve been rooting against Melo since he got in the league, never really seen what the hype was about, other than he’s a solid and dynamic scorer. The NY backpedaling punch and duck really sealed him as a pussy in my book. There’s only one type of pussy I like, and it ain’t manpussy.

  • sh!tfaced

    Same here. More happy for Darko than Melo. Haha

  • http://google.com chicagorilla

    I really dont understand why u guys are going in on Melo. Dude is the most clutch player in the L, the sole reason Denver was relevant again after years of nothingness, he is a top 5 player in the L, the best offensive player in the L, and is one of the most dynamic scorers to come along in a long time with a complete game. U say he cant play D, but i watched him play lockdown D when his coach asks. Other than Kenyon, who on that team is focused on D? So what if he requested a trade, Kobe and KG did and it worked out for them. If he were to leave as a FA he has a right to do that too. @Rose alley oop….d@mn! I jumped out of my seat when it happened. But lets not get carried away saying he is the most athletic PG because Westbrook has a slight edge imo. But Rose is num 2. Do i think he is the best PG in the L? No, but he is in the backseat as the TNT crew would say. DWill is driving and CP3 is riding shotty, Rose and Nash are in the back and Westbrook in the car seat.

  • http://dimemag.com chicagorilla

    LMAO@ man pussy! Yeh i lost respect for him too on that, but i also seen Wade get punked by Vaj jay, KG act like a sissy towards big men, and Kobe has gotten his butt kicked on several occasions and punked out in others. but i wont take away from their games for it. I just dont want them in the fox hole with me!

  • JAY

    He doesn’t play D. Yes, he CAN play D but most of the time he CHOOSES not to and that’s why I don’t like him anymore. A guy like Nash is different. Nash just physically cannot keep his guy in front of him but he still tries his ass off, and I respect that. You can lose count trying to keep track of how many times Melo ALLOWS a player to blow past him, while making a feeble attempt to poke the ball from behind as the offensive player is running by him. Great effort by Melo.
    Also, I’m just tired of the circus. Not just Melo… all the players who seem to enjoy the off-court bright-lights hoopla. There’s too many divas in the league today, not enough Ballers.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I agree 100% that with that last line “too many divas, not enough ballers” that’s the realist ish you ever wrote hahaha. S/o to PAC!

    but Melo just hasn’t played for a coach who has required he plays D. Take Boozer for instance. Thibs has been benching him for long stretches that may even cost the Bulls the game, but its starting to click in Boozers head that he has to play D. And for the most part boozer has been picking up his D. his lapse’s vs NJ the other day were waaaay overblown because he hasn’t done that often but he has been a good help defender and does a lot of talking on D to help out the guards. DRose is the same way, Thibs is forcing him to play D and the kid is starting to really pick things up. If Melo has a coach like Avery Johnson and the owner is behind Avery, then Melo would be forced to play D and I guarantee you that dude can D up. I’ve seen him do it on several occasions. But it’s only when he is forced to do so.

  • Claw

    @JAY – Love the quote – There’s too many divas in the league today, not enough ballers – SOLID

    Used to be the best players wanted to beat the other guy, there were no dinners before games and all smiling and talking to each other during games. Totally different mindset, all want to be the Superfriends. More like the WonderTwins.

    Melo is a scorer not much on D but hasn’t been the leader that has been Billups. You might see the same transformation in Melo as Amare if he really became the Man in NJ. Might have to step up his overall game.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball


    I suspect that (if Melo ends up in Jersey) the Russian owner will be much more likely to side with Anthony than the coach that sounds like Mickey Mouse… “Melo no want to D up? Nyet problem.” Haha

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I hope they allow Avery to turn Melo into a true stud and complete his game. Otherwise he’ll be Benard King or Nique. A great scorer who never took their game to the next level. Can you imagine what Nique would have been if he played great D and got his teammates involved? he would’ve stopped Mike from getting a few chips.