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After wild NBA trade deadline, Chicago wins for inactivity

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

On the night after another wild NBA trade deadline — before which almost 50 players were traded — Chicago looked like the big winner for not doing a damn thing. Trailing Miami by 11 in the third quarter, the Bulls may have been starting to regret not pulling off a deal for somebody like J.R. Smith or O.J. Mayo. Instead, Derrick Rose brought them storming back and the Bulls handed the Heat another loss to an elite team … Chicago was up three with 1:30 to go in the fourth as Rose (26 points) and LeBron James (29 points, 10 rebounds) matched up head-to-head. From the top of the key, Rose shook James with a crossover but couldn’t stick the jumper. LeBron got the rock and drove right through Rose on the break for a three-point play to tie it up. Rose got his revenge on the next possession, though, setting up the biggest shot of the night when he found Luol Deng (20 points, 10 rebounds) in the corner for a three-pointer. When James and Dwyane Wade (34 points) missed desperation threes to close it out, Chicago had one of their signature wins of the year, a win that made Charles Barkley look smart and the Chicago front office look justified for failing to get another wing scorer at the deadline … The Heat rode big nights from James and Wade, but couldn’t sustain it with the rest of the team playing horrendous. The Artist Formerly Known As Chris Bosh went 1-for-18 from the field. How does that even happen for a power forward? Was he stricken with John Starks‘ Disease? Are we gonna find “CB1″ somewhere in Tim Donaghy‘s phone records? … Great clash of styles with these two teams. Both personify their respective cities: Chicago as the tough, gritty one who thrives as a blue-collar worker. Miami as the brash, flashy one with the fancy packaging. Or as Barkley would put it, Miami is that rich girl at school who wears the big earrings with the platform shoes, popularity-obsessed, but ultimately she’s so fine that you stalk her on Facebook. Chicago is that girl who sits in the front of the class, goofy yet smart, but ultimately is cute enough that you come back to her for the prom when your fantasies die. Both options work — it just depends on your taste … Was that really the Denver Nuggets on TV last night? And was that really the Boston Celtics? Or did someone play a trick on us and Danny Ainge and Masai Ujiri decided to field their fantasy squads instead? The Nuggets beat Boston by 14 with an incredible 16-0 run to end the game, combining fabulous teamwork (for a team that’s just getting to know each other) with some ruthless defense while holding the Celtics without a point for the final six minutes … Even after the Nuggets dropped 120 on Memphis in their first game without Carmelo and Chauncey, we were taken aback by how good this version of the team looked. They are two-deep at every spot, they have shooters, shot-creators, a post presence, and still have their signature dose of craziness from guys like J.R. and Kenyon Martin (18 points, 10 rebounds). Steve Kerr alluded to it during the fourth quarter: Denver doesn’t really have a go-to guy, which will hurt them in the playoffs. But if they play with as much energy and cohesiveness as they had last night, they will at least put a scare into somebody in the first round … As for the Celtics, they just didn’t look right. Paul Pierce (17 points) and Kevin Garnett (14 points, 13 rebounds) seemed either lost or tired, as the team had no depth while waiting for Jeff Green to join the crew … Wilson Chandler is going to fit right in on the Nuggets. But we were surprised to see they let Raymond Felton and Danilo Gallinari suit up. We thought you had to have at least five tattoos to play for that team … Amongst all the trades going down, Barkley said he would give up five first-round picks and $3 million for Sofia Vergara. We’d give up more than that … Late last night, it was reported that as soon as his buyout is complete, Jared Jeffries would sign with the Knicks. If you thought the reception for ‘Melo was crazy, just wait for the parade thrown for Jeffries with LL Cool J spitting “Don’t call it a comeback” blaring through the speakers for The Charge-Taker … We’re out like 1/9 of the NBA …

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Oh how I hate the Celtics. Even when they weaken themselves they find ways to piss me off.

    Good job opening up the East for Miami and helping out OKC while also making them unwatchable. I really liked watching that core of Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka. Now there’s ugly Perkins and that little punk running around.

  • Fish

    Good for Denver. They are obviously motivated be being “the other guys” in the Carmelo fiasco. Surprised Danilo played straight away without any drama. Maybe his handlers have chilled / been given the boot.

    If Melo doesn’t find success with his new team there are going to be a lot of retrospective doubters of his game.


    Celtics did not look right cause Kendra Perkins was traded. Thank You Danny!

  • s.bucketz

    Damn even dime turned into knicks fans now??naa..neva that..starks shot better than bosh last night..that was down right ugly.
    I think wil is gunna fit in nice wit denver..especially cuz he won’t b matched up against 4s anymore..and gallinari is the effin man son

  • ToAn

    please go to espn.com/nba and look at that picture with wallace/perkins/melo/williams/davis/batties standing next to each other…pure comedy…everybody’s smiling and perkis just stands there with his typical “super friendly” face…i would like to see his christmas family photos where he is the only pissed that it’s christmas


    Thank You Danny for trading away Kendra Perkins…….Sincerely Dwight Howard!

  • DE

    hey Dime, when are you gonna release the latest hitlist?
    Now that teams are done dealing, want to see how you rank them heading to the playoffs.

  • K Dizzle

    Damn, anybody catch DWill’s news conference? Dude does not wanna be in Jersey….at all

  • McSimon

    Last night, Chris Bosh had individualy worst shooting night in NBA in 20 years.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Dear NBA, you can send that MVP trophy to 55 W. Madison Chicago,Il with the name inscription Derrick Rose

  • Knicksfan84

    Did yall see that flop Bosh had in the game. It was UNBELIEVABLE! This fraud of a player…. WOW…

    1-18 shooting… shoot I could do that in the league. Can somebody sign me up PLEASE!!! I need the money.

  • QQ

    Chicago looking really legit.

    They feel like a team with everyone saying ‘They’re for real’ but people still don’t put them in champ category, and this makes them even more hungrier.

    They’re scaring the shit out of me (and everyone in the East) right now.

  • OneZero

    Barkley would put it, Miami is that rich girl at school who wears the big earrings with the platform shoes, popularity-obsessed, but ultimately she’s so fine that you stalk her on Facebook. Chicago is that girl who sits in the front of the class, goofy yet smart, but ultimately is cute enough that you come back to her for the prom when your fantasies die.

    did Barkley really said that?? lol, that description is so detail and real, wow Barkley, please do this girl analogy more often

  • http://www.lakernation.com smoove chips

    dang, bosh was putting up buildings !

    boston vs denver was hella entertaining. sux to b boston. 9 deep.sheeeeeit.it was all good just a week ago lol !

  • Josh tha roc

    I don’t get it. Okc couldn’t pay green so they trade for Perkins who they also won’t be able to pay.
    I don’t like this for thunder. Perk is basically Ibaka with less hops. surely we couldve gotten more than a fat injured whinger and a five foot jacker.

  • CasualFan


    At this point you will just have to get used to the feeling of fear because my Bulls are making it their full time job to see to it that none of the Elite Eastern Conference squads are comfortable with playing them before the 3rd round of the playoffs.


    I feel the same way. I can already imagine the Chi-Town announcer saying: “And NOW FROM CHIIIIIICAGOOOOOOOOO YOUR MVP DERRICK ROSE!!!!”

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    I don’t know why Lebron and Wade allowed Bosh to go 1-18. If someone if THAT cold, don’t give that bitch the ball!!

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    You may not see it now but you’ll be praising OKC picking up Perkins in the playoffs. Frontcourt depth is key for a deep post-season run. Ibaka, Perkins, and Mohammed to support the wing players they have is pretty scary. There’s a reason why his former teammates, future HOFers, were upset when they found out he was traded. Perkins may be the 2nd best post defender in the league. Having players like Westbrook and Perkins as the book-ends to your defense is a luxury no other team in the league has.
    Laker fans, I would be a bit worried.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    So Bosh was having a horrible game and yet still pulling up for 20 footers? Dude needs to learn to get his ass to the rim when his shit aint falling down.

    I don’t mind the Boston loss, they are an emotional team and all of them look like they didn’t want to be playing right now. I’m still curious to how this trade plays out in the long run though. Doc needs to drill Jeff Greens ass that he is not a 3 point shooter.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    That trade may have just won OKC the championship, not even kidding.

  • First & Foremost

    @JAY – Sometimes you play the percentages. You may have lost the Lottery 7 years straight but one of these days you are going to hit it big. You just know it!

    After he missed that lay up in the 2nd, he wouldn’t have got the ball AT ALL after that point.

    Jeff Green can shoot 3’s didn’t he go 5 for 7 in preseason… Yes, they shoot on the same baskets in preseason as they do any other time.

  • McSimon
  • Kingboy D

    Holy crap. What a frustrating game. That Miami loss falls squarely on Bosh’s narrow shoulders. Its not so much that he missed. But damn, recognize you’re not having a good shooting night and take it to the hole, or even better, PASS!!!! Under 2 minutes left, a crucial possession, and he takes a long 2 from the corner. WTF? If he hit just one or two more shots, Miami wins. Ridiculous. Chicago didn’t win. Miami (or more precisely Bosh) lost.

    The winner in that Celtics – Thunder trade is the Lakers. Bad move.

  • QQ

    And since everyone is talking shit bout Bosh, I just wanted to point out a play in 2nd quarter, where Boozer tried to an elbow, a clean one at that, didn’t really hit…

    And then Bosh just DIED.

    Literally. He fell on the floor like sniper got his chest. Dammit Bosh, you just don’t die on a court just because of you’re embarrassing play.

  • QQ

    @ 15:

    Wow.. And this is what I really fear: bunch of bandwagon asswipes claiming that the Bulls are their team. Would you like to remind me where were all of you when the season began? Nice try, cat.

  • Kingboy D

    Also worth pointing out how bad Bosh’s D was last night. Boozer and Taj just kept beasting him down low. They just kept backing him up till they were right under the rim and hit baby hook after baby hook. Looked like he was afraid of getting a foul the whole night. He ended with just two. Jesus, make them earn it or at least send a message with a hard one.

  • First & Foremost

    Fake Tough Guys don’t send those kinds of messages.

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net sean.dynastybball

    We’ve got Rose’s revenge set up of Deng. Check it out.

    I’m excited to find out how Green’s departure from OKC effects Durant and Westbrook’s stats. I’m hoping for a bump… also looking forward to watching Ibaka act less like late-career Chris Webber and hopefully stop taking awful 4th quarter shots from the key over and over again.

  • Brown

    Bosh is officially the softest player in the entire NBA. I’ve never seen someone take a ghost punch/elbow/shoulder like that in my life. Lebron and Wade are going nowhere if Bosh continues to play like that.

    Raptors fans should be glad to be rid of Mr. Charmin. He was their best player and team leader, and that’s a big reason why they were so awful.

    I have a feeling Bosh won’t finish his contract in Miami.

  • jdizzle

    Co-sign jerkishbehavior, but Rose is so shy and humble he might have to be dragged out to mid-court to receive the award. Oh and send us that Coach of the Year award too. I’ve said it before I’d rather have Brewer start over Bogans but Thibs is making it work.

    @BRUCE Joakim Noah would like to thank Danny Ainge as well

  • boumtje boumtje

    boston just lost the title to the lakers yet again….

  • That’s What’s Up

    it ain’t the lakers year boumtje bootie-bay

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    Cosign Stunnaboy #19. Straight up.

    @F&F “@JAY – Sometimes you play the percentages. You may have lost the Lottery 7 years straight but one of these days you are going to hit it big. You just know it!”

    That rule is for pure shooters. Guys who have the highest confident in their shot and can forget about misses…. like a Ray Allen, Durant, Reggie, etc. After on quarter Bosh was visibly playing without confidence last night. He’s the type of player who when his offense isn’t going right, the rest of his game falls apart. He was simply awful.
    And we have to put some blame on LBJ and Wade for giving him the ball away from the basket. Batman and Robin (not to mention Spoelstra) should have told The Joker to get his ass in the paint and draw fouls if his shot isn’t falling. It’s not like he can’t score inside.
    1-18?? Lol!! It’s amazing an NBA “bigman” can shoot that.

  • First & Foremost

    @JAY – Have you ever done something that you though was so easy you couldn’t fail? Carnival games. You might miss the first 5 but you know sooner or later one is bound to drop. Then on the 9th time it goes in. You are now 1 for 9 with everyone watching you, so now you keep playing just to get back to a decent percentage. Now you are out of money, they took your prize back, and then the awkward looking kid next to you wins your prize on his first try with some unorthodox toss. Everyone claps for the kid but are looking at you sideways.

    Just imagine coming out of half. “My bad fellas we should have this game already wrapped up. Keep passing me the ball though, I can’t miss them all right? right!?!?”

  • nizzio

    Can you guys post the video of Bosh doing the worst flop I’ve ever seen? Seriously Boozer didn’t even touch him

  • Claw

    @nizzio – Bosh is a pussy, that was a terrible flop and seconds after it happened. Boozer was killing him down low.

    My only criticism of Rose is why he doesn’t look for Boozer more often. Why the hell is the Bulls running P&R with stiffs like Korver and Gibson and not Boozer as much? Gibson missed 2 easy buckets and Boozer was killing guys down low. Feed The Post!

    Deng was killing it!

  • erichv96

    Nuggets son! We lose that game if Melo is playing. Nice to see some teamwork and some D, even if we didn’t didn’t get the better end of the deal.

  • mo.B.bad

    the Thunder are now bigger than the Spurs, about the same size as the Lakers, and have massively improved their interior D. they will win the West, either this year, or next, or maybe both. god damn that trade worked out well for them!

    as for the Celtics… they may still have enough to run over the Heat (who have nothing inside whatsoever) but the Bulls will now give them a hellacious matchup and frankly the Magic should beat them if their perimeter players stop chucking and give Dwight the rock.

    but then I reckon the C’s have made this move specifically to get Dwight ahead of LA. the Lakers have no good young players, at all. meanwhile Boston has 2 good young forwards (Green & Davis) who will improve with age, and a young PG who is one of the 3 best in the league.

    if I’m Dwight, I’d pick Boston every day of the week. LA’s only hope of competing with that is to get CP3 or D-Will in town.

    as for the Bulls… not feelin’ the hype. D-Rose is ridiculous, but they’re poor on the road and Noah will get mangled by the likes of Howard (in fact didn’t he get ZERO rebounds last time he faced Dwight?)

  • First & Foremost

    @ Mo.B – Dwight slapped 40 & 15 on the bull, had great percentages… and lost. He is not the greatest of passers out of a double team so the gameplan will ALWAYS be let him get his on O and attempt to get him some cheap fouls and lockdown everyone else. They won’t get pass the 2nd round. If they keep dropping they might not get out of the first.

  • LakeShow84

    OKC looking good NEXT year or maybe the year after when Perk will be at full strength.. dont forget dude is still workin his way back into shape..


    As for this year???


    They even dropped Nate who has given us trouble off the bench.. Id much rather deal with Delonte than Nate because Delonte isnt a spark player.. he does everything right but Nate can get hot & drop 8 points in a good 2 minute stretch and top it off with tht gay ass scream..

    Oh yes things are looking up LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Just gotta get past those Spurs >:/

  • jmg

    all this Perk to OKC talk is funny right now. until his left MCL heals and he is 100% recovered from ACL surgery on his right knee(usually takes 1 year), this move cant be judged this year. Who is to say that Perkins re-signs with the Thunder next year? They traded Green because they didnt want to pay him big $$, esp after he turned down the extention this year….so now they are going to pay 10 million for Perkins? Perkins and Nazr are big and can defend but in the playoffs, you need post scorers as well. They will contend but dont see them beating the Lakers. Artest will harrass Durant again. Westbrook will get his but they will miss Green bringing Pau out of the lane.

  • the truth

    What kind of dumbass thunder fan wouldn’t want perk? Serge Ibaka without hop, are you kidding me? Ask LA how valuable Perk is in the playoffs.

  • Soul Jax

    What is lost in all this Celtics hate is that we opened up three roster spots with these trades. Perkins was out next year anyways, and guess what aside from post defense we have some options coming our way at center.

    Aside from Nenad Kristic who has mad game despite being an ugly euro, we can now try out Chris Johnson who was a monster in the D league offensively as well as on the weak side shot block, we have Troy Murphy on the way with a half a season’s rest, and you guys may slam me for saying this but have ya heard of this guy that goes by the name of “SHEEEEEEEEED”.

    Last year, everyone was on his nuts for his debacle of a regular season but come playoff time, he showed he’s still can get anything he wants in the post and I’ve never seen anyone block a Pau Gasol hook shot at it’s apex like my man Sheed. I know people are worried that he’ll be out of shape but he will also have the freshest legs he’s had since Detroit.

    Perkins was a class act and a gentleman who completely exemplified our team first mentality but Danny made a home run by acquiring Jeff Green and if Lakers fan think we got weaker, well i cant wait to see you in the finals, well if you can get past San Antonio and OKC.

  • bookkwormmaster

    I picked Chicago to win that game and they made me look good. Or should I thank Bosh for that? 1-18!? Good lord have mercy!

    Chi-Town looking good heading towards the playoffs but I must tip my hat off to Luol Deng. Dude has been LEGIT as the third option supporting Rose and Boozer. He’s been through alot since he signed that big contract (injuries, trade rumors, etc) and he’s having a damn good year. Very happy for him and glad he’s put the past behind him.

    Kirk Hinrich makes his debut tonight for my Hawks against Golden State. Very amped for this game. Hopefully I get to see him and JJ make Monta Ellis and Steph Curry night hell! Go Hawks!!

  • Sporty-j

    Bosh did not lose us that game. Coaching always cost us games in Miami. We play way to much help defense for no reason. Bosh will be sticking a guy like Noah and should be able to stick a guy like Noah 1 on 1 along with Dampier but for whatever reason, Spoelstras defense philsophy must be to cheat off your man every single time when the only person we should ever cheat off is Rose but not with under 30 seconds left giving up a 3 to a wide open man instead of seeing if Rose can just score 2 points so you wont have to throw up desperation 3s at the end of the game. Hell, Wade and Lebron should even be able to guard Rose 1 on 1 sometimes with no help if he would not have played them whole freaking 2nd half??? Bench was a no show and Chicago man handled us on the boards. Wade shot 1 for something in a game earlier this season. With Bosh off we should have still been able to beat the Bulls easily if the coach had a clue… 9 out of 10 games Bosh wont shoot like that and he just had the worst game of his carrer and it was on national t.v. for all to see. Bosh was getting punked down low defensively though and he needs to get down low and punk a guy like Boozer the way Gasol does with that height advantage and stop hanging around the perimeter so much…

  • green machine

    will everybody please stop saying that if bosh hit more of his shots the heat would have won? rose shot 36% which is well below his average and still made plays when it mattered the most. he either assisted or scored on the last 6 plays for the bulls and also secured a couple of key boards. To criticize wade for helping lebron out on rose when thats their defensive philosophy on penetration is crazy, the bulls would have done the same thing on their end. lebron was defending possibly the quickest player in the NBA off the dribble and in real time wade has a split second to commit to that play, he did and game over….