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Breaking News: Baron Davis To Cleveland For Mo Williams

Baron Davis

Baron Davis

We’ve known since the start of the season that the Clippers have been willing to trade Baron Davis, the only question was whether or not they were going to be able to. Now, it appears they’ve found their trade partner in the form of the NBA’s worst team. According to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the Clippers have agreed in principle to acquire Mo Williams and Jamario Moon from Cleveland for Davis and a 2011 first-round pick.

In case you were wondering, Davis did not suit up for tonight’s game against the Hornets, with what the team said was a “sore knee.” He might have got that stuffed in the back of a Kia.

As NBA.com’s David Aldridge notes, the Cavs would be able to absorb Davis’ $13 million salary with the trade exception they received from Miami in the sign-and-trade deal for LeBron James, but won’t have to with this deal. This exception was originally thought to be used for a player such as Gerald Wallace, but with him most likely on his way to Portland, they made the move for Davis and are perhaps still looking to deal.

What do you think? Would you make this trade?

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  • nizzio

    Wow I dont understand why the Clippers want him out so bad. They even gave the Cavs their first round pick! Smh

  • jayce

    1st…. yehey….

    would this deal save money for the clipps?…. i thought baron is playing well as of late….

  • jane

    i hate this trade! baron davis was blake’s body guard! definitely going to miss that highlight of the night alley-oop. baron must be hella angry…blake too

  • Ttime

    The 1st round pick isn’t even protected???? What a bargain by Cleveland.

  • the cynic

    i can’t even pretend to be shocked by the stupidity of the clippers.

    How many years does Blake have left on his contract?

  • http://uknowbigsean.com cdizL

    This is terrible. Boom Dizz was just rounding into form

  • hahns

    does not compute.

    baron made basketball fun w/ blake.

  • ab40

    so baron davis is finaly starting to care about basketball again and y’all trade him to the worst team in the L.

  • vince

    Moving Baron enables the Clippers to shed a shitload of salary. MoWill has 2 years of player options at 8.5 mil/year. So basically it’s putting up with 2 years/28 mil (BD) vs 2 years/17 mil (Mowill).

    The Clippers will go into the 2012 Free Agent class with only 25 mil committed.

    Furthermore, throwing in that 1st rounder (unprotected) just shows you how GM’s feel about the 2011 draft class. They’re not impressed at all.

  • Cal

    I bet mo will is already packed and happy to be wit another high flyer.

  • vince

    Eh… was my comment deleted?

  • vince

    Ah no, just my browser fucking up.

  • Mrnoluv

    I am a Clipper fan for over 15 years, yes we actually exist. Davis has been a let down since he came here. He came into the season out of shape, he’s always hurt and to be honest we gave him too much money. We are glad he is gone.

    I will bet almost everything that the Cavs buy him out and he signs for the vet min with either the Lakers or Heat.

  • papaburr

    bad move for baron, as he will not both showing up for the cavs games…. gotta feel for baron!!!

  • stefan

    baron lost his motivation when he went to LA (the team was part of the problem). I believe he was just happy to be in that city and didn’t care about basketball no more. Griffin brought a little of his enthusiasm back though… As much as I love Baron, I was very disappointed of him after he got to the Clips. It is inevitable that he will come back to that bad attitude when he arrives in Cleveland.
    btw, I saw Griffin hinting that he’ll be out from the Clips asap

  • bigger_dady

    yea this is bad for clips ball, i understand that baron initially struggled in handing out the face of the team to a eric g and a guy named blake, but as of late, he accepted his role and is now helping them, particularly blake, to become better baasketball players. now blake might get less touches since mo is known a trigger happy guy.

    now this makes sense if they saw potential in bledsoe or working another deal in unloading foye since he’d have the same role as mo.

  • vince

    @15: “btw, I saw Griffin hinting that he’ll be out from the Clips asap”

    I’m sure you did.

    @16: And how does Foye have the same role as MoWill? Explain…

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Adam Dickau

    Pretty sad for Davis, 2nd life for Williams. This gives Gordan or Foye the opportunity to run the team, now all they need is a healthy Kaman.

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    @15: “btw, I saw Griffin hinting that he’ll be out from the Clips asap”

    Cosign #17. You’re bullshitting homie. If that was the truth, if the current Golden Boy of the NBA was hinting he wants out, I guarantee every publication would be all over that quote. Especially around trade deadline. Throw up a link, or stop the bullshit.

  • Robmo35

    Well at least Baron won’t have to worry about getting into game shape in Cleveland. I mean what’s the point if you’re going to lose anyway?

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net sean.dynastybball

    Fantasy impact? Click my name.

    I love that Davis is passed around like hot garbage. So overrated and way too much love from everyone for what he is.

  • IGP

    Not sure how anyone can feel bad for Davis. He really doesn’t care about basketball. He started to when Blake emerged, but really does anyone think that he will be a professional and play his heart out in Cleveland? I could not think of a more fitting result for Baron Davis. He half-assed it all year and then when the opportunity came the Clips trade him to by far the worst team in the league. Somewhere LeBron is saying “Karma is a bitch.”

  • http://freshouttatime.blogspot.com freshouttatime

    for all you guys shootin holes in blake wanting to stay a clipper… he was on kimmel a few nights ago and obviously he wasn’t gonna say he wants out as a rookie, but clearly if the clips arent building around a talent like that why would he stay?
    taking away bdiddy from griffin isn’t a sign of good things for the clips either…

  • WinDelRoj

    Im just not sure if big time FA will really want to sign with the Clippers. Thats the only part that concerns me. If it was a different team trying to cut salary to sign FAs Id understand but….

  • D-NICE

    I bet all tha Baron haters posting comments were ridin his jock when he was on G State lol. I understand he didn’t really have the initial impact everyone expected when he first came to the clips, but the clips have just started putting everything together (finally getting rid of dunleavy sr, drafting Blake, playing more uptempo etc.) Like someone else posted Boom was Blake’s bodyguard and Davis was really starting to come around in accepting his rolw and helping the young guns get better . The team as a whole were started to gel and now you trade for a 2 guard in a point’s body, coming from a losing situation!?!?!?! When Griffin leaves in a few years, this will b one of the main reason. Through thick and thin, I’m still rootin for you BOOM DIZZLE!!!! Hope you end up on a conteder somehow

  • Sporty-j

    Whats the point of the Clippers being in a big Market if they have a bad GM and Owner. Worst franchise in the league along with the Wolves by far. I know that this years draft class is weak, but a 2011 1st round pick just because you dont want a certain player that has come back to life lately ousted and to save cap space to sign players in the future??? Im not even a Clippers fan and that $hit pissed me off. They both got 2yrs left and who the hell is going to sign in 2012??? Howard, Williams or CP3??? CP3 is N.Y. bound by next years trade deadline. Howard is going to be a Laker or Thunder by next years trade deadline. Deron Williams might be the only 1 they have a shot at but like Charles Barkley said: I DOUBT IT… These Owners and GMs are starting to live in fantasy land and are trying to hard. They need to just build thru the draft like the Thunder and tank games on purpose like LEAVELAND so they can draft in the top 5 for the next 3 yrs. Look at Cleveland. They already got there eyes on another Ohio kid in Sullinger, and they have already looked ahead for the 2012 draft with Rivers. The Clippers lost in this 1 big time and Cleaveland won by a land slide because they brought in a player thats going to make there team even worse now because we all know Davis is not going to work hard now, which will secure the #1 overall pick for Cleveland if those balls bounce right. If i was a Clipper fan i would boycott the games and start a rally with fans until the Owner sells the team to another Owner that wants to turn them into a respectabule Franchise before Blake ‘GRIFFINDOR” decides to take his talents elsewhere…

  • Vince

    ‘griffindor’? in caps even? like it’s something you’d want people to notice?