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Breaking News: Deron Williams To New Jersey

Deron Williams

Deron Williams

Well this is crazy! Just a day after the Nets missed out on another big player acquisition, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Nets have traded for Deron Williams, while sending Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and two first-round picks to the Jazz. New Jersey will also send Troy Murphy to Golden State, and the Warriors will send Dan Gadzuric and Brandan Wright to the Nets.

While we knew about the Murphy trade to Golden State, being able to acquire Williams after another All-Star selection from Utah is a huge move for Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov. Evident throughout the ‘Melo trade talk, Favors was always in play.

UPDATE: The Nets will send $3 million to the Jazz also, a source said, as part of the trade.

UPDATE: The Jazz will get the Nets’ 2011 first-round pick and Golden State’s 2012 pick that Nets own, league source says.

What do you think of this deal?

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  • MBE18


  • DownhillDemon

    hmm blindsided

  • yo mama

    heres wat i think LA shud do now…trade bynum n artest to da wizards 4 javale mcgee n rashard lewis LA gets a defensive C n a shooter n more size n dis weekend shud hav ben a testament of wat mcgee can do for LA hes athletic n defensive minded yea hes a lil thin but havent seen him sit out much gms

    i mean dis weekend shud of hit sumthin on the heads of tha LA organization mcgee was in da dunk contest in LA his mom played for da LA sparks won gold in 1984 in LA rashard is a guy i mean jus 2 yrs ago lit LA up in da finals on your floor in gm 2 n would prolly hav ben da reason(him n prolly courtney lee had he made dat layup) da magic coulda won gm 2 n i dont think rashard wants to b wit da wizards ne way

    idk if da salaries match up but i think dis is rashards last yr on his contract so… wat chall’ think?

  • Vonislav Waferdenko

    Huge win for the Nets (if they don’t eventually lose Williams to FA). If I had to choose between DWill or Melo, I might actually have taken DWill – to me he’s a better team leader, and no less clutch than Melo. Dude has no fear whatsoever with the game on the line. Not sure how this works out for the Jazz, since I’ve never seen Favors play, so can’t comment on how good he is.

    But I feel sorry for Farmar – he went to the Nets because it gave him a chance to play a bigger role. Whoooops

  • kurt

    Well this was a shock!!! But somenthing did happen with Deron and Sloan hmmm but the Nets needed to do somenthing major to show the NBA that they can make a move as they have failed to land stars .

  • yo mama

    n da trade wrk i think in both of the teams favors LA gets a defensive big with length n more size n dont lose a somewhat defensive presence(mcgee is in the tops in shot blocking dont 4get) n shooter at da 3 in lewis n wizards can get a still up-and-coming C in bynum n hopefully he jus stays healthy 4 them n dey would get a solid defensive 3 evn tho those wall-to-mcgee oops were fun to watch he’ll still hav sum1 to throw it to in bynum n den on top of that throw it down to him to help slow down da gm dont forget bynum can operate.

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    i wonder how jerry sloan feels about this. is he kicking himself for quitting over a tiff with dwill now?

    the west is getting WEAK while the east is beefing up.

  • Shakers

    Wow would I be pissed if I was a Jazz fan. How can you lose your legendary coach and perennial All-Star point guard in the same season?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Dang, finally the russian dude pulls something off. Another franchise player headed east. D-Will should help them attract another bonafide free agent in the the next two years

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Maybe Sloan will come come back now. If I’m Tyrone Corbin I wouldn’t be offended if he did.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    The West is falling apart.

  • BeEqual

    as a Jazz fan… I’ll take it. this guy just never bought into the culture of the organization/fans. This year its been more evident than ever.

  • Cal

    Wow the east getting stronger by the day. Was favors starting for new jersey because now he had to compete with milsap for that starting position?

  • boomshakalaka

    Does this mean Jerry Sloan is coming back to coach?

  • vick

    Nets got fleeced. Jazz got over.
    Star power is great, but how could you give up 2 first round draft picks, plus 2 potential allstars, for 1 guy?

    Jazz are getting a quality point guard, a supertalented power forward, and two HIGH draft picks (Nets will draft superhigh). For just 1 disgruntled player!
    Jazz got OVER!
    Cleveland & Denver should have been taking notes on this. Orlando & New Orleans should too. If your superstars leave, make sure you get 2-4X more in replacement stars and draft picks.

  • ERIC

    Surprised Proko didnt get his fellow Russian AK47 in this deal.

  • boomshakalaka

    LMAO @ Farmar. He will forever be a backup PG, and rightfully so.

  • Dave

    This is what Deron wants and it’s good for the Jazz, hope they pull the trigger on it. I just worry that the Nets will blow it again by talking too much.
    It’s much easier these days to find a good point guard so it’s worth taking the chance for Cousins.
    Nets will love DWill, he was great here but after running Sloan out he’ll never get the love he wants from Jazz fans.
    I agree with ERIC, send AK now!

  • johnsacrimoni

    Major turning point in D-Will’s career. This feels eerily similar to Kidd’s trade to the Nets in ’01.

  • Broseidon

    Good coup for the Nets,
    To be honest I’d take Deron over Melo as my franchise player anyday.

  • sh!tfaced

    From a tough, old and stubborn one to a demanding control freak for a coach… Good luck, Deron…

  • Notorious

    Man, Proko is sticking it to the Knicks everyday. First he dangles a 1st rd pick to Denver for T.Mozghav, to deplete the Knicks size and depth and now takes 1 of the 2 PG’s rumored to be heading to NY in a year or two. Interesting stuff before the trade deadline…

  • Dave

    I meant Favors

  • boomshakalaka

    @ Dave, Utah’s gettin Derrick Favors. Not Demarcus Cousins. Hope that doesn’t ruin your day, heheh.

  • NYK

    random thoughts

    1. Utah got him out cuz he’s cancer to the locker room? after all he got the coach to resign. now he won’t even see the playoffs this year.

    2. i doubt he will re-sign with the nets when he’s done in 2012

    3. does this mean jerry sloan is coming back

    4. was asking for melo a smokescreen to surprise the knicks? NY does have a need at PG and wants CP3/Dwill.

    5. finally there’s a reason for me to tune into the YES network to watch the Nets.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Slow down playa. Devin is only average and Favors is potentially talented. The draft picks are nice though. However, I do agree this was a lot to give up for one player but Nets needed to do something.

  • Abe504

    Man, for some reason i find it quite funny how the Jazz management stood up for themeselves and nip this problem in the bud no matter how good their star player is. Definetly a eye opener in Utah, put yourself above the team, ur ass is going to alot worse situation.

  • The Goods

    This is a huge move for several reasons:

    1. The Nets and Ivan Drago HAD to make a move, not landing a bonafide top drawer free agent or superstar through trade would have exposed Prok and Jay as a sham with all style and no substance. Losing out on Melo was a big punch in the gut, but this move helps to return serve as D will is truly a player you can build a franchise around. As was noted by several others, now he just needs to ink an extension.

    2. Now the table is really set for Cp3 to make his move to the Knicks. Ny has been locked on him and D will, assuming D will signs an extension, it appears as though the knicks have a very good shot to lock up their big 3 with cp3, they will go hard to finish that up.

    3. Slowly but surely there is a huge tide of momentum rolling from the west to the east. The best scorer in the game is a Knick, one of the best pg’s is a Net and the other stud point is bound to be a knick. Maybe Dwight leaves for LA in a few years, but if he chooses to stay in Orlando, look the hell out. Not to mention the Hawks and especially the Bulls are real threats. If Chicago can add another piece at the 2 spot they may have an edge with a healthy Noah.

  • daghost

    the power is officially in the east! expect chris paul to move as well nxt year. This is crazy! First melo, now d-will. Paul doesn’t have the balls to request a trade. Though it would prob be the best move for him long term…than again, maybe he should just wait to become a free agent and choose where he wants to go. Speaking of D-will, gotta feeling he’s just gonna bounce on NJ when he can. With that said, Going from UTAH to anywhere NY in a global market can be tempting.

  • dgtheenigma

    What’s the craziest thing about this year’s trade deadline is how many stars from the Western Conference have now moved East!

    This year’s playoffs will be the most legendary in a while. The league would be foolish to let the upcoming lockout bleed into the actually season next year. The NBA is officially back.

    Side note: Golden State WILL buyout Troy Murphy and Miami WILL sign Troy Murphy. He’s not a savior down low, but he might be the deciding factor versus Boston.

  • hakasan

    now we know why the nets were not interested in anthony… dwill>anthony

  • steven

    On paper, a great move for the Nets and The Jazz, but is Johnson that different of a coach than Jerry Sloan? I think not. NJ you now have a “legit” star who will do a ton of whining and pouting and acting like a conceited baby. Good luck with that.

  • hakasan

    +1 on 26’s comments…
    2 potential all stars? not in the western conference…

    as long as cp3 is in the west, harris will not get voted in… then you have to get past westbrook/parker/nash? harris not becoming an all star in the west…

    favors as all star pf in the west when he has slim no no chance of even starting over milsap? you do know that dirk/duncan/LMA/love/blake superior are all PFs in the west right?

    this trade is about even for both teams, edge slightly to the nets for getting a top pg in his prime.

  • Hucklebuck

    That whole Nets team still needs work..

    Who is the leading rebounder on that team? I know its not Lopez. They need some guys to play D on that team. That Nets team is a step below the Jazz, so Deron has his work cut out for him.

    Deron is one of my top 2 point guards in the league, tossup between him and Derrick Rose.

  • hakasan


    can teams trade coaches? trade johnson for byron scott…. i’m sure scott would love to get the f out of cleveland…

    but then again, avery johnson did quite well with jason kidd in dallas as well… hmm… i guess jason kidd just makes his coaches look good…

  • WinDelRoj

    Let me just say that this dude Prokhorov has some balls. They may be over paying some but really at least you know what you are working with. I also would probably had been more willing to make this deal for D Will than Melo. The Western conference playoffs should be interesting, nothing but sweeps until the WCF.

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net/ sean.dynastybball

    Click my name: If you want a fantasy breakdown of this trade

  • Claw

    Who would you rather have Melo or Deron? If NY gets CP3 then its a no brainer but if I was the Knicks having Deron run point and he plays decent D he could have been the Nash of the East putting up sick numbers and running the pick and roll with Amare to perfection.

  • Claw

    Here is my question, I just need one game from Deron this week for my fantasy bbal playoffs. Will he play for the Nets by Saturday?

  • sh!tfaced

    Great move by the Nets. They got a better player for less assets. There is a nice little FU somewhere in there… lol

  • Vinny

    #12-what exactly is the culture of the jazz organization/fans?
    Harris is hurt a lot so they better have a good back up pt. Favors is 2 years away-and what about milsap? they need a center not another power forward. 2011 is a bad year for a lottery pick. So the Nets did better than you think vick!

  • Taj

    WOW is right!! Deron must be that much a knucklehead..

  • Chaos

    Yea the East just got stronger but I think in the west you will see a lot of rebuilding for those top teams becaue they were either old or had a lot of. Old regimes. Think about some of the teams coming up: OKC, Poortland, and LAC and Memphis, the teams that were middling annd need a change: Utah, PHX, and Den and the teams that are goin to need to think foor the future: LAL, Dallas and SA. Its time for the younger guys and new regimes to take over or team are gonna get old and its gonnna be too late to rebuild.

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net sean.dynastybball

    @Claw… I’m thinking he’s gotta be there by Saturday at least. I believe that Williams, Harris, and Favors are the only ones that need to pass a physical to get D Will on the court with the Nets.

  • derrick

    deron was the better pickup because #1. he makes at least 7 milli less than melo next yr. #2. nets only had to give up one starter to get him and did not deplete their draft picks. nice move in getting an elite player.

  • hakasan

    if the knicks got deron instead of melo, they would be giving up felton +1 instead of the plethora of players given up for melo. imagine if they kept gallo. dwill+amare+gallo would be like the new stockton+malone+hornecek… plus it gives them more chips to barter for a replacement in the summer…
    and really, if knicks got dwill and amare in the lineup already, wouldn’t you think that carmelo would ‘definitely’ want to come play for the knicks as a FA and therefore at a much cheaper price?

  • Soopa

    Soooo… Will Sloan return to the Jazz?

    Kinda blindsided by this trade, dunno what to think of it.

  • http://High High Release

    Finally Gadzuric lands in a market where he can realize his true marketability.

  • Claw

    @Sean – Thanks for the feedback, I ended up keeping him in there since my replacement, Andre Miller, might not play today if he’s dealt.

    @hakasan – The Nets really messed up the Knicks by pushing up the price then they pull this trade quickly and didn’t give up too much. I like your thinking, I think a Deron/Amare combo would have been attractive to Dwight Howard who would add a defensive presence and premier PG to get him the rock or any other FA big that was attracted to playing in Brooklyn and a new arena.

    Russian owner is doing work!


    … as a knicks fan.. this makes me feel physically sick,.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com Diallo

    arms race!

  • the cynic

    Great move by the Jazz front office; knowing Deron is most likely gone for the simple fact everyone in Utah wants to blame him for Sloan leaving. Trade leverage and value for the Jazz was only going to decrease from where it’s at now. The Jazz made out like bandits if you ask me

  • the cynic

    Sloan quit because he is old, people need to stop with the conspiracy theories

  • Dagger

    Probably the most shocking trade I’ve ever seen. Deron Williams is a legitimate franchise player, and those guys just don’t get traded unless they want out immediately. Still, if the Jazz actually thought he was going to leave in 2012 then this is the most they could have got for him, especially if you factor in the draft picks. I’m still not sure if this is a trade that helps both teams or hurts both teams . . . it all depends on whether the Nets can now persuade stars to join their team (let alone resign Williams), and whether the Jazz’s GM was sure Williams was going to leave.