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Carmelo, Chauncey and Amar’e: The Knicks get their own Big Three

(image. Ryan Hurst)

Now that the deed is done, there’s one lingering question: While the Knicks certainly got better overnight by trading for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups to form a Big Three with Amar’e Stoudemire, did they improve their standing in the Eastern Conference at all? Forget the Celtics and Heat. Have the Knicks done enough to overtake the Magic, Bulls or Hawks? … In case you haven’t heard, here’s the fallout: New York gets Carmelo, Chauncey, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter, Renaldo Balkman and Corey Brewer (from Minnesota); Denver gets Ray Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Timofey Mozgov, one first-round pick, two second-round picks and cash; and Minnesota gets Anthony Randolph, Eddy Curry and a legion of happy pizza delivery guys in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area … We can understand those who don’t like the trade for New York saying Donnie Walsh (or Isiah?) gave up too much depth. But the people saying the Knicks will now give up 120 points a night, well, have you looked at the players involved? Chandler can play D, but it’s not like he’s Bruce Bowen. It wasn’t that long ago when Kobe dropped 61 on his head. Brewer can at least do that. And it’s not like Felton, Gallo and Mozgov are lock-down artists. Randolph and Curry don’t even play anyway, Chauncey is solid, so how much worse defensively could the Knicks really have become? … Further reports say Nuggets will trade Felton to another team before Thursday in order to clear the way for Ty Lawson to start. (The Hawks should see if they can do something.) Wasn’t it only 3-4 weeks ago that Felton was getting All-Star buzz and being hyped up as Mike D’Antoni‘s new and improved Steve Nash? Now he’s getting passed around like a hand-me-down hoodie … Now that the ‘Melo chip has fallen, the next superstar who will learn to hate being interviewed is Deron Williams. He’s a free agent in 2012, and with his reputation in Utah shaky following the Jerry Sloan situation, the rumors are already flowing on where D-Will could end up. “I definitely don’t want to go through that,” Deron told reporters after the All-Star Game. “It’s distracting. It can get to you. It’s a pain.” Deron also denied the rumor that he wants to play for the Knicks … It’s amazing how negative some New Yorkers can be. We’re already hearing a lot of Knicks fans complain about ‘Melo — basically the same people who would have found something not to like if their team had signed LeBron. You would think that coming off the Zeke era, Knicks fans would just be happy that they have three current/recent All-Stars and potential Hall of Famers on the roster … The Celtics are trying to make a move before the deadline, and Shane Battier and Anthony Parker have been mentioned. We don’t know how much Shane does or doesn’t want to leave Houston, but we’re pretty sure Parker is looking at Boston like a castaway who sees a helicopter in the distance. Is it legal to fire off a flare gun in an NBA arena? … After missing out on ‘Melo, the Nets might just make any old trade now just because. We hear they’re talking to Portland about Andre Miller and Joel Przybilla, which would cost New Jersey Devin Harris and Troy Murphy. But why would the Blazers do that? Unless they simply want to get Miller out of the way for Brandon Roy‘s sake, Harris doesn’t seem like as good of a sit for them as Miller … The Blazers are also rumored to be among the teams talking to Charlotte about Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace. After working so hard to erase the “Jail Blazers” stigma, would they really bring in Captain Jack? Then again, Jackson is the kind of guy who would totally thrive off that rabid Portland crowd … The NBA is back in action on the court tonight. Games to watch: Hawks at Lakers (Kobe gunning to snap a 3-game losing streak), Clippers at Thunder (Blake Griffin visits his next NBA home?), Bucks at Wolves (Andrew Bogut and Kevin Love might lose 8 teeth between them), and Memphis at Denver (The Day After) … We’re out like Anthony Randolph …

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  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    the knicks will just still be bad defensively, not worse, just bad – and is it possible for D’Antoni to coach a good defensive team?

    this trade might actually make the Nuggets pretty solid in the future – that’s a pretty good bunch of guys, and they certainly needed some depth. we’ll see, but Chandler is a poor man’s Melo, Felton is solid and a lot younger than Billups, Gallo has plenty of upside on that 6’10 frame, at the very least he can be a tougher Rashard Lewis, and Mozgov is a big body where the Nuggets are running around playing Kenyon Martin and Chris Anderson every other day.

    I just think it’s interesting for the Knicks as they certainly get a great player, but now have two guys that catch and hold the ball looking to shoot no matter what. Maybe they’ll make it work, but it seems like an odd fit.

    One thing’s for sure, it should be fun.


    Knicks fans are celebrating like the Egyptians!

  • pwbrooklyn

    THE CARMELO ANTHONY TO THE NEW YORK KNICKS SONG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S2sLe8VuMo ‘Hello Mello’

  • beiber newz

    ^^hey lets have some respect and hold some dignity for wat’s goin on in the egyptian land


    corey brewer= wilson chandler
    shelden williams=mozgov

    who ever is sayin we are in worse shape is dumb or even equal shape is dumb.

    knicks are better off now than they r yesterday.

    we got a beast.

    no one came in game planning for galo like they will melo.

    if u double one guy the other guy will take advantage.

    ef draft picks! lakers are good now, who’s been helping them in the draft.

    there are ways teams stay good. and draft picks r nice but we can get free agents.

    GREAT PLAYERS win games. this is new york.

    this is the garden.

    msg is the mecca of bball.

    we will find those guys to put around our SUPERstars.

    nuggets got some players tho.

    the players we gave away were calld roll players.

    but roll players tend to elevate their game when they are depended upon.


  • Maynila

    Lay off on the coffee beiber newz.

  • control

    I am calling it right here, and right now. Gallo will be a FORGOTTEN player now. Without the NY media/hype machine exaggerating his every minor success, he will disappear. Soon he will only be known as the “that stupid white guy who used to own the best fake tough guy face in the nba”. Only way the guy gets a career resurrection is if he gets traded to Toronto…

  • don

    Great trade for the Knicks..this just makes Knicks basketball return to the great days of the past, I envision a Heat/Knicks rivalry for years to come…Oh yea Gallinari has always been inconsistent and overrated lets not hype him up like hes the next Drazen Patrovic…hes not that amazing like Control said the NYC media just hyped him up like he was a future superstar

  • Soopa

    Havnt NY still got cap room to throw a max deal after someone this summer? Isnt CP3 a free agent this summer?

    I know that the lock out is looming and the cap is being lowered and all that. But for me this trade is all about next season for NY.

    …But lets not forget that size and defense wins championships. NY might be fun to watch but they arent winning anything.

  • vince

    “Clippers at Thunder (Blake Griffin visits his next NBA home?)”

    Dime, you’re part of the problem.

  • Rafa23

    Like the trade for both sides, Nuggets probably got the best they could.
    Brewer could be pretty good in D’antonis system. he was pretty solid last year before not playing that much this year.
    and dont forget he was a lockdown defender in college. if he gets back to that (not the same after the acl tear), the knicks might actually be just bad on defense and not super awful lol.

  • Jade

    I think the trade is good for both clubs….Denver gets a future and New York has a legit shot at the present !!! Key guy for me…Corey Brewer…Melo and Amare are gonna put whoever’s guarding them in a torture chamber down low…ball will be kicked out…Billups will rotate it fast…and Brewer will end up with more free looks then Peyton Manning at a Miss Texas competition !!!!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    Its like hearing that Janet Jackson broke up with J. Dupri or Whitney dumped Bobby. I’m just happy its done and over with because that ish was getting annoying.

  • triplebeam

    #13??? you gotta be kidding me..


    So the Knicks can roll out a lineup of
    with Toney Douglas and Bill Walker off the bench.

    well… i just hope iv been wrong about everything.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ #9

    You make that sound like that’s a good thing.

    First of all Amare and Melo aren’t kicking the ball out that much and if they do once every ten possessions you better hope Billups takes the shot instead of rotating it to Brewer.

    In case you haven’t noticed … dude can’t shoot.

  • Craig

    i think a lot of guys are trying to play GM and they need to go back to their day jobs. I personally dont see this hurting knicks, but lets watch a few games before declaring any busts or robberies

  • Lee


    Knicks will have to resign Melo to a max contract which will eat away at their cap space

  • pipdaddyy


    That was Miami’s idea with Mike Miller as well (much better shooter btw than Brewer) and look how well that has been working out…

  • alf (from melmak)

    Chauncey Billups is already way past his prime and everyone in the Knicks including their mothers knows this. Does anyone know when his contract expires?

    My 10 cents here is that New York is positioning itself to get either Deron Williams or Chris Paul next season. Billups is just a fill-in point guard for the remainder of the season.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    26. Just like Duran Duran which will have its new CD “All You Need Is Now” out on March 21 (Shameless plug), I have the staying power to remain relevant for more than 30 years.

  • Soopa

    alf… Duran Duran isnt relevant… and havnt been for 30 years.

    Pretty sure Billups’ contract is up after this season.

    @ Lee
    You’re right, but when/if Melo signs, thats only him and Amare getting paid. Whos left on the roster arent exactly getting JJ money.
    (I’ll be doing the research after this post – and thats one of many reasons Dime SHOULDNT hire me as one of its regular writer).

    I mean unless they (The League) lower the cap significantly, wouldnt NY in theory have space to go after DWill/CP3?

  • Soopa

    (Plus the fact that im foreign and forget S’s at the end of words or add S’s unnecessarily…)

  • Donatello

    Such a stupid move by the knicks.

    Yes, the improved for the moment, although they do not have enough time to build up a good chemistry to make a run in the playoffs. But they definitely got worse in long term. Billups hits the final stage of his carreer while felton is at his prime and played very well along with Amare. Mr BiG Shot certainly has range but his drive to the hoop will be rare, whereas felton was very effective in pick and roll and scored easy points by going into traffic.

    Now to Melo. Did someone realize that he’s not a full skilled player? His defense is average, his court vision could be better, all he can do very well is scoring buckets. But that’s not what the knicks should look for if they want to compete with the C’s, Bulls, Magic,… Getting Melo after missing Lebron is unfortunately a very slight consolation. This is not a player who is worth giving up two great talents in Chandler and Gallinari. Especially, when, as I said earlier, Gallo is kind of Melo’light’, not mentioning the cash difference.

    Plus the picks. Awful move.

    The knicks are robbing their future, they are destined to going fishing in the second round every year and won’t make any great noise in east, unless they can get DWill or CP3 playing for NY.

    If I were the GM of the Nuggets I would immediately push the button and confirm this trade. Which is what they did. They got good players, a pair of draft picks and 3 mill cash for a player they would lose in the summer, anyway.

    Were the knicks scared that NJ would land Anthony and he would stay there? All they had to do is wait until the offseason. I do not understand how the knicks could do such a overhasted move.

  • ctkennedy

    brewer is the key can he hit enuff 3s to put melo at the 4…the bulls cant score …only rose can elevate his game to another level…boozer wants no parts of melo at the 4 on d…magic have no number 2 and no closer in the convo with melo or chauncey…hawks is a carbon copy of us with joe johnson vs melo in the clutch….who u takin? melo….heat is just like us also…their role players r no better or worse in the clutch its melo/chauncey vs wade/lebron with the wildcard bein amare n bosh…..i rather have amare the BEST scorin big man in basketball…only the celtics they cant fuck with…they want get suck into our style of play but if the game close(which it always is with the celtics)melo vs pierce

  • wcs

    lol at the Brewer as a good player comments. Chandler is much better than brewer (Im a die hard wolves fan). wait till the ball gets kicked out to brewer and get the motar ready. Last year brewer somehow started hitting shots in the triangle but that was just a pipe dream


    East is new powerhouse baby!!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    East > West now…?

  • Walk

    Can’t believe you gave them a “big 3″ tag. Are the Knicks even a top 5 team in the east?

  • 2pac


  • Stunnaboy2K11

    So, the moral of the story is bitch and complain and eventually you’ll get what you want. Nice.

    The Knicks are still a few trades away from getting to were they need to be, WHY TRADE RANDOLF, they are still in search for big men and your just giving one away. Seriously did the kid sleep with someones wife?

    Billups Fields Melo STAT Turiaf are a nice starting five, but this is going to be a team with a rookie SG as their second best rebounder/defensive stopper. This team does not pass the second round.

  • QQ

    I know New York fans can sometimes be thos annoying whiny fuckers, but can you really question them bout Melo?

    With all the Melo is a supersta shit yall are throwing around, has he really elevated a teammate or his squad by his play? He can score 28 EASY, bu then what, not defend his man for 3 straight possesions?

    Yall acting like Melo’s been a model citizen, when he’s been bitching like crazy since the season began. And puhlease, he NEVER really led his team anywhere.

    Stop hating cause some fans don’t like your bitchass player.

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    I think it’s wack when anybody, including publications, starts talking about a rookie’s “next home”. So retarded. Griffin is just a rookie. Can we, at the very least, let the dude play at least one fucking season before predicting where he’ll go next?

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Also in news that affects me, both Anthony Parker and Battier would be amazing additions, good size, decent defenders and can hit the open 3. Plus Battier can play PF in small sessions I’m loving everything I hear about that trade.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com Diallo N Williams

    gosh our bench is gonna be god awful, turiaf ain’t no starter, but we’ll be even more exciting, and now we have a bonafide closer in Melo….the gates on the bandwagon are officially open

  • vernon maxwell

    Until NY can beat Boston, Miami, Orlando, or Chicago in a best of seven series, they’re still a first round exit team. You have to say you can take down one of those four if you want to go higher, and at least two of those four if you want to be a real contender for something.

  • Kev

    First off, condolences to the family of Troy “Escalade” Jackson, one of the streetball legends…R.I.P

    Now, the rivalries in the east definitely have potential to entertain us for the next few years.

    Heat, Knicks(if they can gel & gain depth), Bulls, Orlando(if Dwight stays), Celtics(if age doesn’t stop them). A lotta of if’s and maybe’s but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Jazz Man

    Denver Did Get The Best Of The Trade I.M.O. Though The Knicks Will Be Okay If They Get A Bench In The Off Season…And #21 The East Is Still The Sticky Stuff On The Bottom Of The Barrell!!! If You Can Have A .359-.500 Winning Percentage And Make The Playoffs How Can The East Be A Powerhouse? Boston, Orlando, Miami, Chicago And Maybe Atlanta On A Good Day…Lakers 3 In A Row Come June!!!!

  • K Dizzle

    Cavs….Nets….Raptors…Pacer, all worst than the TWolves and Kings so no,
    West still > East.
    It’s not the top or middle, it’s who bringin up the rear.

  • Ian

    Damn I like duran duran (well till 94 at least)

  • 92021SpurMD

    Stupid trade by the Knicks!!!!! Why get rid of all those players when you could have waited till the end of the season to ADD Melo to that team? Dumb!!! Now look at their bench, bogus. I like Billups alot, but Felton had that offense rollin, and Billups isn’t built anymore to last the entire game. Dude’s getting old. Feel bad for Felton, hope he ends up somewhere good and kills everyone!

  • That’s What’s Up

    “Harris doesn’t seem like as good of a sit for them as Miller …”

    DIME, did you mean good of a fit, or good of a shit?

    either one works well

  • WinDelRoj

    The Nuggets are the clear winners here followed by Melo who only cares about money (and maybe a reality show). NY could have had Melo after the season and not have given up an entire bench. BTW who can NY really match up with?

  • Let’s Go Hawks

    Please, for the love of all that is basketball, let the hawks get Felton. I have NO idea what we would give up for him cuz Sund refuses to trade the Johnson-Horford-Smith core.

  • ab40

    wow eddy curry and darko on one team. and adding another power forward who can’t do jack shit without the ball. KKKKKKAAAAAAAHHHHHHHNNNNNNN.

    btw the nuggets are not making the playoffs anymore memphis and portland are in and they are out. Unless of course VC turns back the clock ten years which won’t happen hehe.

  • dagwaller

    I’ve been thinking about it, and I have to admit that the West is still better.

    Didn’t realize that Memphis was so good right now! 8-2 over their last 10, that’s top 5 in the League. We’ll see how they respond to Rudy Gay being hurt – Denver’s bound to drop a few spots, too, so the Grizzlies still have a shot at the playoffs!


    My Pistons are like Po Lil Tink Tink LOL. Death of a Dynasty :-(

  • LakeShow84

    Well damn another AllStar heads to the East..

    Pretty soon its just going to be Duncan and Kobe in the ASG with roster fill lol

    I seriously dont know how that trade will work but i do know if that team gets hot they will shoot ur F’in face off.. Melo and Amare got post/midrange game and Melo can shoot the 3 comfortably.. Oh and Billups rains 3’s all day..

    Gave up a lot of pieces tho.. This is where D’Antoni can pull a good coach job and get these guys runnin by playoff time..

    i still say Tony Parker would be a better fit but at least Chauncey is a semi better defender.. Defense will lie with Amare and thats too much for him on both ends..

  • Claw

    So another mid market loses and CP3 is next, great more Superteams and the rest of teams will be .500 or worse. Not liking how the NBA landscape is changing, if you see Durant and Westbrook leave OK then its all gone to hell. You might as well start the playoffs and forget a regular season.

  • Notorious

    New York will have NO cap space and no assets to try and get CP3 or D.Will, face the facts Knicks fan, it is a pipe dream. But dont worry, you will get a PG soon, too bad he is all done playing… welcome back Zeke!

    So they have two selfish scorers who refuse to even attempt to play defense. Hello 1st round exit!! This team will be .500 at best this year, next year and the years to come. Overpaying for two divas wont get you a team that can compete, enjoy the regular season high scoring games as that will be the only highlight of this move.

    Boston, Chicago and Miami are still better for sure. Atlanta and Orlando probably too, a lot of talent to give away for being a #6 seed. Typcial New York move, it will fail..

  • http://Dime Oliver Clothsoff

    Yo Notorious…..shut the fk up you hoe bag!

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    I am not a NYK fan, but anyone saying this doesn’t make NY better has to have their head examined. How can any of you say that Felton is better than Billups! Really? And to the guy who said Gallo=Melo, you’re off your fucking rocker dude! I’m pretty sure the Knicks will make some noise down the stretch. It will take some games, just as it took Miami a few, but then I expect a 10 game win streak.

    I’ve always rocked my Nuggets Melo proudly. Now I’m gonna have to get me a Knicks one.

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    The Knicks will have the same winning percentage from this point on. They won’t get worst, and they won’t be better. Book it.
    The guys saying this trade is awesome for the Knicks, are the same people who said the Bulls should trade Deng and Noah for Melo. Thank goodness the Bulls didn’t to make that deal.

    The Knicks essentially traded 3 studs (Gallo, Chandler, Felton) who collectively averaged 49pts (2 who played defence… and won’t even talk about the chemistry the Knicks had). They received 41pts, got 2 dudes who don’t play D, and one guy who historically doesn’t play well with other high scoring players. I don’t see them doing better than the team was before the trade. They better make this work… if not, NY will boo La-La on whatever show she hosts.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    giving up 1st rnd draft picks isn’t a big deal, especially when your team is going to be a 20th pick or higher. Not many great players come from those.

    Just look at the top team in the L, how many of them are built through the draft? Most of the big pieces or starters are picked up through trade or FA.

    Bulls (Booz as a FA)
    Lakers (Pau in a “trade”)
    Boston (KG, Ray, Shaq, JO through FA or trade)
    Spurs (RJ in trade/FA)
    HEat (LBJ, Bosh in FA)
    Magic (Arenas, HEdo, JRich through trade)
    ATL (Joe Johnson, JCrawford FA/trade)

    Only OKC has built their team thru the draft and remains good.

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    I just read an article defending the Knicks move to trade for Anthony now, rather than waiting to sign him in the off-season… and basically said “Lebron was supposed to sign in NY last year, and look what happened. They HAD to make this deal or risk losing him to someone else”
    That comparison would work if Lebron actually said he’d only play in NY, like Melo did. That’s the big difference. Who else had the capspace to sign him outright?? They could have…. Correction… They WOULD have acquired him and still kept Chandler, and Felton. Fuck Gallo. He’s basically Bargnani Jr., and I hate that guy.

  • Ian

    i think you can take off the spurs and that rj thing off your list.


    were drafted by the spurs and not only that only td was a lower than 20 pick.

  • James

    Hello Melo! Welcome to the Knicks!


  • dagwaller

    @ Chicagorilla – you usually make good points, but you’re a little off today.

    Lakers are good because of Kobe. Yes, Pau helped them make the leap, but no one would call them Pau’s team.

    The Bulls drafted Rose and Noah.

    The Celtics drafted Paul Pierce.

    The Spurs? RJ? Haha I think we both know better!

    The Heat drafted D Wade, with whom they won a championship.

    The Magic begin and end with Dwight Howard, drafted by Orlando. To a much lesser extent, Jameer Nelson, also drafted by Orlando.

    2 of Atlanta’s 3 best players are Josh Smith and Al Horford – drafted by the Hawks.

    Good teams, it seems, are drafted, not bought.

  • Donatello
  • Ian

    kobe pau and odom were trades

  • dagwaller

    Ian – Kobe came over in a draft day trade, I wouldn’t really count that.

    Odom was the LESSER piece of the trade that brought him, so I don’t know if I’d count that either.

  • LakeShow84

    Shaquille O’Neal for Lamar Odom and Caron Butler

    And people talk shit about the Gasol trade lol

    i think we were OWED after that F up lol

  • jdizzle

    Fuck! Now we(Chicago Bulls) have to deal with STAT AND The Bully! They already beat us twice WITHOUT Melo and if the playoffs started today we’d have to play the Knicks. I have confidence in my team though. Bulls in 7. The NBA: Where “Ain’t this a bitch!?” happens.

    Man I was thinking about this earlier just out of the blue. The Lakers team isn’t really built through the draft at all. Since they drafted/traded for Kobe and Fisher in the ’96 Draft the Lakers don’t really keep their draft picks. Outside of those two the longest tenured player that they drafted since then is Andrew Bynum(I think).

  • jdizzle

    And we all know who was responsible for that “F up”. There’s a difference between being traded and being ran out of town

  • First & Foremost

    There is more than one way to skin a cat.
    Drafting players and having the patience to watch them develop is nice. The problem with it is that it takes too long. The Thunder are one big man away from actually making noise, who knows when he will get there. What if injuries happen, I’m looking at you Portland. As long as the owner and fans have patience, you keep take 5 to 6 years to be a title contender.

    Building through free agency works in bigger markets. Fans pay top dollar to watch the games and if you don’t have a big name on the roster, you’ll have a bunch of coaching turnover-Philly & DC.

    For the most part you need both. Draft & develop role players then either play them or cash in on potential.

  • http://www.queeniechan.com/member/35740/ Treva Takemoto

    I will be interested to see how well Chauncey plays in NYC. I don’t think his heart will be in it. I don’t think he and Melo like each other all that much.

  • K Dizzle

    Chauncey got phucked on the deal. Colorado dude gets traded to his hometown team then Melo gets him shipped to NYC…..damn

  • Ian

    what does lesser piece even mean?? kobe wasnt drafted by the lakers it counts.

    your three best players came via trade

    odom and caron for a almost done shaq?? and you are complaining?????? wtf did u want duncan in the trade also?