Smack / Feb 12, 2011 / 3:33 am

Cavs snap 26-game losing streak at the expense of Blake Griffin

J.J. Hickson (photo. Keith Allison)

Of course it was the Clippers. Before you could look at the schedule and imagine a scenario where the Cavaliers never win another game until Jared Sullinger comes to save the day, you had to remember there is still one NBA franchise out there that can out-pathetic Cleveland. And don’t let the Blake Griffin hype overwhelm you — ultimately the Clippers are still the Clippers … The streak is over at 26. After the final buzzer sounded in overtime of the Cavs win over the Clips, the camera panned to Antawn Jamison, deep in another zone, staring ahead as confetti and chaos exploded around him. His face read something like, “Good Lord, this is sad.” Around this time last year, Jamison came to Cleveland hoping to win a championship. Now he’s showering in party favors after his team registered their 9th win of the season in February … Throughout the fourth quarter and overtime, it was J.J. Hickson (27 points, 14 rebounds, 4 blocks) putting the clamps on Griffin (32 points, 13 rebounds) while getting his own buckets on dunks, three-point plays, and even banking in a free throw. In perhaps the biggest play of Cleveland’s season, Hickson had a ridiculous block on a Griffin dunk attempt that led to a transition trey for Mo Williams (17 points, 14 assists) for a six-point Cleveland lead late in the fourth. On the final regulation possession, it was again Hickson who saved the Cavs’ asses, blocking a Baron Davis (26 points) runner at the buzzer that would’ve won it for L.A. … In the final minute of overtime, with Cleveland nursing a one-point lead, Jamison (35 points) banged a wing three. When Randy Foye‘s three rimmed out, Cleveland and their announcers could finally smile: “The 55-day run through darkness is finally overrrrrr!” … So this is what the defending champs should look like? One night after winning in Boston, the Lakers went into a hyped-up MSG and abused the Knicks, winning by 17. Kobe Bryant had everything working early, even the patented “Bad pass to Bynum so he can get it back” move. That was actually the only shot he missed in his first five; the ball barely hit the rim on the other four, all long jumpers and threes. Kobe was so hot in the first quarter (19 points) that when he matched up at the top of the key to end the frame, Raymond Felton was smiling. He knew it was coming. After another 20-footer splashed down in his face, all Felton could do was nod his head … Who handled Lamar Odom‘s stitch work on his head? Were they drunk? … In the second half, every mini-run that New York made was ultimately shut down by the Lakers’ too-efficient offense. Kobe and Pau Gasol (20 points) had their “Black Swamba” routine working while Shannon Brown and Odom were putting in work off the bench … So if last night was Phil Jackson‘s final game at MSG, we figured he would’ve done something special to commemorate it like Michael Jordan did. Maybe he should’ve rocked the old-school suspenders? …

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  • Soopa

    Lopez with a season high 11 rebound! That might push his average above 5!

  • A.R.

    lmao @ “Black Swamba”

    Lakers put together a pretty good win. Knicks really need to get that momentum back, they’re lookin a little 04-09ish and thats nothing anybody wants to remember.

  • sadeye2507

    There is Championship talk in Cleveland again ROFL!

  • TL

    Does anyone know why the Spurs wore their home whites in Philly tonight?

  • yoda

    nice win for the lakers. and kobe sat 4th q. keep getting rest and stay healthy guys.
    btw that off balanced alley-oop from blake to shannon was sick. can’t believe where shannon got the ball and still managed to slam it with both hands!!!

  • Krazee Jay

    LA’s Black Swamba catching fire..

  • Alex “robocop” Murphy

    I was at the Sixers game last night. Someone needs to post the Iggy dunk over Jefferson in the first quarter.

    Good for Lopez. He’s been a disappointment to all.

  • Mtx

    Watch out Kevin Love! Brook Lopez is making a run for the rebounding title!

  • http://i.a.cnn.net/si/2004/scorecard/09/29/truth.rumors/tx_rodman_all.jpg Showtime

    Damn how did Shannon catch that oop

    Detroit is retiring Dennis Rodman’s number … that’s like the first smart thing they have done in years

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Adam Dickau

    Griffin tried to jam that shot goin against the grain that Hickson blocked. Shoulda used a baby lefty hook instead.

  • nao diga

    Something you can bet Byron Scott never imagined thinking at the beginning of this season: “Boy, I sure hope Christian Eyenga stays healthy.”

    In those 26 losses, how many of the starters from last year’s playoff team dressed? One? Two? Much of the time they didn’t have more than two of their best seven players from last year available because of injuries.

    The “D” in D-league stands for “Developmental”, and that’s where at least a third of the Cavs recent roster belongs.

  • bookkwormmaster

    Damn I hate to see one of my fav players in the league, D-Will, getting so much negative publicity. However, he had a chance to silence the critics against an up-and-down Suns team and they choked big time. They were firing on all cylinders to start the game and were looking like they were gonna blow Phoenix out. Not a good look losing a game in that fashion.

    But hey if Utah wants to swap out D-Will for Jerry Sloan again Atlanta will gladly take him off their hands : )

  • King

    They dropped confetti and were celebrating?

    If so very pathetic

  • money

    i thought it was a goaltend on davis

  • Jim

    I am having trouble understanding why any Jazz fan would even show up for a game any more. I would have turned my season tickets in.

  • ecco

    yea those stupid boring spurs, IF THEY ARE SO GOOD WHY DONT THEY PLAY PERFECT IN EVERY POSSESION HEHEH fucking dime go hype some idiot teams more becouse spurs are so booooring becouse playing the game the way it should be played is bad

  • http://www.mgo-webdesign.de Oo

    What do you think about MJ coming back to the NBA. He has 2 Years to sell his Team before he is 50. I think he could still Kick some young asses out there. He is still good for 20Pts and 15 Minutes per Game, isn’t he? Play for the Lakers and get another Ring with Kobe and Pau ;-)

  • Gnasche

    @TL: Philly was having a heart disease awareness night, and red was the event’s color. Therefor, Philly wore their away (red) uniforms.

    Both Philly and SA looked horrible in that game. It wasn’t even because of good defense by either. They just couldn’t hit shots. Philly’s lead until the end seemed to grow at a snail’s pace. Being up four was like a blowout.

  • Dave

    Deron Williams deserved to get booed last night and should every game he is in Utah. Sloan was the reason the Jazz played above their talent level, not Williams.
    The Jazz won’t make the playoffs and DWill’s reputation will not recover, this will always be a black mark on his career.
    And I’d trade DWill for any scrub in Atlanta or anywhere else for that matter if the Jazz could get Sloan to come back for another two or three years. I’d rather see the game played right than to watch Deron try and win games by over-dominating the ball, turning the ball over, and then blaming his coaches and teammates for his poor play and attitude.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    The celebration had me loling, come on Cleveland, have some respect, but hey who am I to talk they broke the streak.

    Black Swamba > Black Mamba for Kobe’s nickname.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    The way mediocrity is celebrated in the NBA is beyond me. First we have the Cavs acting like they just won the chip…unless it was some sort of joke.

    It wasn’t enough to try exaggerate the quality of the team and their all offense/no defense strategy. No, then these idiots try to include Amare in the MvP talk. WTF? If Kevin Love wasn’t an allstar because his team wins were low, the how the fluck is Amare an MvP while his team is barely .500? That’s the most insane ish i have ever read or heard. It this was baseball then I can maybe see that happening, but Amare would have to be putting up insane numbers to back that up. There is about 7 or 8 forwards who are having a better statistical season than Amare and i’m not even going to start with the Big men that have went off on his team.

  • TL

    @Gnasche – Thank you!


    Avery Johnson creamed in his panties when he checked the box score and saw Lopez with double digit rebounds!

    I like brook as a poor man’s Duncan but he’s soft as fuck man.

    Wasn’t this his first double double of the season?



  • cesar

    @17 i didnt read this

  • s.bucketz

    soooo no mention at all about the worst no-call in nba history??that was one of the worst over the back no calls ive ever seen..and that was right after watchin the lakers v knicks
    soo is clevland like the mentally retarded kid that makes that 1 shitty high schools basketball team and gets in the game at the end of the blowout and u jus feel like a shithead even guarding him???

  • NYK

    the cavs win was a fucking joke. ESPN was showing that game cuz Lakers were blowing out the Knicks. Just when you were about to feel sorry for the Cavs and a player like Jamison, the Cavs announcers and the commentators are back to their old asshole selves, with the fans acting like Lebron just came back and took out Boston. The Cavs deserve to lose and let the Wizards get their first road win tonight, and the city of Cleveland deserves to never win another professional sports championship ever again.