NBA, Video / Feb 1, 2011 / 5:00 pm

Clip Of The Day: Eduardo Najera Orders An In-Game Beer

And to think they’re in Utah…

What do you think?

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  • hahns

    i did not know this guy was still in the league.

  • bobby stew

    I didn’t know the Bobcats were still in the league either

  • http://deleted dagwaller


    It’s funny to watch Najera just fall into the crowd and take a second to gather himself…

    …but how crappy would it be to have your beer spilled all over your lap, then a 260 lb sweaty dude falls on you? And instead of just jumping right up, he sits there some more, then tosses your empty cup onto some more people?

    Najera: “Mas cerveza por favor!” (runs off)
    Beer man: “That’ll be $7 please, madame”

    NBA: Where your night gets ruined in hindsight happens!

  • NYK

    i guess thats why i dont see at front rows.
    that and i guess i have no money and/or connections.