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I’m Out Like …

My first...

Seventeen years later, I can’t quite remember her name or even what she looked like. But I’ll never forget what she did for me.

My sixth-grade school librarian, perhaps noticing the kid flipping through the same Sports Illustrated every day until the new issue showed up, cut me a deal: She would give me two old SI issues from the archives in the back room, and when I returned them, she’d give me two more. It was Netflix before its time, no fee. That’s how I learned to be a sports writer.

Back then, they were all my idols, from the high schoolers to the college players to the pros. Reggie Miller, Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Allen Iverson, Deion Sanders, Mike Tyson, Ken Griffey Jr., Jerry Rice, Eric Metcalf, Ricky Henderson, Mike Powell … I wanted to tell those stories when I grew up.

Dime Magazine helped me live my dream. Six years ago, Pat Cassidy gave me an opportunity to be published in a real magazine that would be read around the country. Five years ago, I joined full-time, and by then Dime was being read around the world. Today, I’m walking away to another opportunity, a new goal, spending my last day in the Dime office before I move from New York back to my hometown Seattle to live the next dream.

I signed up at Dime to go to NBA games at Madison Square Garden and playground tournaments at Rucker Park. To spend time in Tracy McGrady‘s grown-up mansion and Derrick Rose‘s childhood home. To follow behind the scenes, step by step, as Tyreke Evans and Brandon Jennings and Lance Stephenson tried to make it. To be there when they did. To shine some light on the underappreciated career of Tim Duncan and the forgotten journey of Kenny Brunner. To do Vegas and New Orleans with a VIP pass and an open bar. To reach an audience that I never thought I could otherwise. To do what I love to do and get paid for it.

I leave now with a lot more than what I signed up for. First, thicker skin: When you get called an idiot and a loser multiple times a day on DimeMag.com, you have to be tough in order to keep believing in yourself. Second, realizing the value of teamwork: Going into the trenches every day with my Dime teammates — Pat, Josh, Jed, Justin, Aron, Holly, Alex, Brandon, Newman, Christian, Andrew, Naomi, and so many more — fighting to win whatever was up for grabs, allowed me to respect and appreciate and admire their work. Third, a greater work ethic: This job stretched me to limits I didn’t know I had. Writing Dime’s daily Smack column somewhere near 365 days a year, I’ve surely penned enough for a couple of books on basketball. And that was just one of countless hats I’ve worn here, all of which I know honed the skills needed to succeed in my next venture outside of the sports journalism world.

At Dime I threw myself into basketball in order to live up to the expectations of being considered an expert, though often it was just so I could answer my Dad’s questions. Those conversations early in the season where he needed to catch up on who was good, who went where … they were better than what you’d see from Charles Barkley on “Who He Play For?”

My No. 1 fan (Thanks, Dad!)

Like the talk we had last night.

Dad: “So, any more big trades? I heard Portland got somebody.”

Me: “Yeah, Gerald Wallace.”

Dad: “Where’s he from? Who’d they trade for him?”

Me: “Charlotte. It was for Przybilla, Dante Cunningham — you remember he went to Villanova? — this dude Sean Marks who’s a center, and some picks.”

Dad: “Is Wallace good?”

Me: “Yeah, he was an All-Star last year.”

Dad: “So who’s gonna play center for them? All their guys they got left are hurt.”

Me: “Umm … I don’t know.”

One of my favorite parts of working for Dime was simply telling Dad what I did on a particular day. It was even better when it involved somebody he grew up watching: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tiny Archibald, Darryl Dawkins. When I told him two days ago that I’d interviewed Clyde Frazier and Earl Monroe, it felt just as good as it did in college when I told him I’d met Mean Joe Greene.

The day I met Clyde and Earl was the same day I was in MSG for the New York Knicks debut of Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups. Of all the events I’d worked at the Garden, my last was the biggest.

This was one of those full-circle nights. The first issue of Dime in which an article of mine appeared — a one-page “What’s My Name?” profile on high school sophomore Kevin Love — had a cornrowed Carmelo on the cover. Back then, ‘Melo was just beginning to own Denver. On this night, he was beginning the next chapter of his career. Before the game, I interviewed Brandon Jennings, now a grown man doing what he always wanted to do. Five years ago, Young Money was the subject of one of my earliest Dime features when he was a high school sophomore still dreaming of the League.

My last, until the next...

Half an hour before tip-off, I found myself behind a family of four on an escalator. Leading the pack was a boy, probably eight or nine years old, wearing a full Knicks uniform and clutching a basketball like he was the one about to play the Bucks. He sneaked a glance into MSG’s makeshift media workroom and yelled, “Look! I saw Walt Frazier and Chauncey Billups!” Walt was there, but obviously whoever he saw wasn’t Chauncey. But who would correct him? That moment made his night.

Working in this industry, you can lose that part of yourself, that 9-year-old full of wonder and excitement over sports. Which is sad, because that’s why many of us became sports writers in the first place. While I still love sports, I lost that 9-year-old part of myself a long time ago, sacrificed to the business. When you get to go behind the curtain, when you get to know these idols as regular men and women, when you get to see how it’s done, you also get to see the ugly side. And then double-overtime games become overtime work, and even the most enthusiastic among us can become jaded.

I lost that 9-year-old sports fan part of myself. But what I gained was more valuable. I’ve been told by readers that stories I wrote inspired them. I’ve reached readers in prison. I’ve been re-printed in China. I played a role in producing the best basketball magazine in the world. I landed my dream job and worked the hell out of it until it was time to go. Given one hundred do-overs, I’ll take that trade every time.

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  • http://NBA.com Adam Flomenbaum

    It was great to be able to work with you both remotely and in-person for six months and it was even better to be able to read your articles on a daily basis.

    Wishing you the best.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    We’re going to miss you, man!

  • Jeffco

    You’re one of the best, Austin.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Patrick Cassidy

    The first official hire at Dime many years ago – you will be missed….

  • http://dimemag.com Jack Jen

    Thanks for everything man – good luck in Seattle!

  • James

    Austin- you will be missed- what is next for you?

  • http://www.dimemag.com HollDoll

    I wouldn’t be a girl if I didn’t say that I’m balling my eyes out after reading this piece. …

    It was great working with you Austin! I loved reading your articles day in and day out….and picking on you of course. Good luck with everything! You’ll be greatly missed.

  • http://dimemag.com bullet380

    Much props to you Austin. I’ve been following Dime Magazine for about four years, and I have to say that I’ve been impressed with your writing. I appreciate the fact that you your articles have much thought behind them. You don’t just write to see your name on a byline. Good luck to you both personally and professionally.

  • w

    At least we won’t have to hear about McGrady and Carter anymore…

    Your articles on non-basketball material will really be missed however. So you anything we can look forward to reading from you?

  • Flip

    Good luck in all your future endeavors and thanks for many great reads and countless hours of basketball from Berlin, Germany!

  • TheJed

    Good luck A-Train. I’ll read whatever you write so keep on putting pen to paper…

  • http://dimemag.com JoshG

    As always, well said. We’re going to miss you. Wish I could have been there for your last day. Best of luck!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/blackhercules21 blackhercules

    Austin, as usual, great piece. Having a chance to write for Dime was one of my greatest “basketball” accomplishments, and I have to say you were the inspiration behind that. You have a gift and I’m extremely happy that I got a chance to take part in it for as long as I did. Good Luck in whatever the future may hold…although I must selfishly admit I hope it’s a “Michael Jordan playing baseball sorta thing”

  • Quest???

    One of the best writers at Dime. Ever since I started reading Dimemag.com when I was a junior in high school(I’m about to graduate college) I’ve always enjoyed your columns and opinions even though sometimes I did not agree with them. I wish you the best of luck man.

  • Quest???

    from Orlando/ Puerto Rico

  • mo

    good luck with your future endeavors….ive read dimemag for over 5 years and never once commented…but hey you kept me up to date the daily smack so thanks!least i can do right?!!

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Great writer.
    I’ll always remeber your stuff especially the one about Don Ameci/Gay player and the one on Obama election in particular (sorry for lack of titles).
    You will be missed.

  • Ryan Haskett

    Hi Austin, this piece made me cry. I’m a huge NBA fan from Memphis (Go Grizz!) and I love reading honest, personal stories. I’ve never followed Dime Mag or your posts specifically but you just touched me so deeply with this. I was just scrolling through twitter and saw this on DimeMag’s feed. I’d love to get in contact with you and say thank you in a more personal way. Thank you for all your work.

    God Bless,
    – Ryan Haskett

  • http://www.dimemag.com Andrew Macaluso

    It was a great opportunity working you, Austin, during the summer. Thank you for helping me with my writing and offering me advice. I greatly appreciate the help and the opportunity of working alongside the Dime fam. Wish you nothing but the best. Take care, fam.

  • yoda

    Good luck Austin. Never liked your man crush on T-Mac and LBJ, but you were my favorite writer on Dime, never the less. I hope you’ll have fun following your other dream as you had (in first years at least) following your Dime dream. I hope you’ll write some piece from time to time as associate writer or what ever is that name :)

    Best of luck and once again wish you all the best.

    Greetings from Bosnia

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Is it safe to say that no one will ever write about T-Mac, Vince or Duncan now that Austin is gone? Perhaps.

  • NC

    Good luck to you Austin!

  • Mama Nay


    You are a remarkable writer and just down right good peoples! I miss our debates about Vick, which player in the League CGF could beat in a one-on-one match (nobody), walkin to Carl’s for lunch where you’re like young, Black, Mr. Rogers, and working late with our favorite “friend” who was so generous in giving us funny material to share with the rest of the crew. I wish you the best back home. Rep for the 206!!!

  • AFCA

    Best of luck from Amsterdam Austin. Enjoyed reading your articles a lot! Dime won’t be the same…

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Good bye Austin you were an amazing writer and wrote some really touching and insightful pieces

    How am I gonna get my Z-Bo fix now?

    You will be missed

  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    Gonna miss your writing around here Austin. You are one of my favorite basketball writers out there. Loved the way that you always kept it real and never cared what people said. Good luck to you in Seattle!

  • Shot In Ya Face

    Been a reader of Dimemag.com for about 2 1/2 years and have commented under different handles. As a keyboard warrior, I’ve talked tons of trash about you over the past few years, many times wanting your head on a platter. Some articles were complete blasphemy, but many were very thought provoking. One thing I do however admire, was that you analyzed situations “outside the box” and wrote controversial comments and ideas knowing that keyboard warriors like myself can easily try to put you down.

    Sad to see you leave actually as I was beginning to warm up to your articles. My routine when I got into work was to grab a cup of coffee, log in my computer, check DIMEMAG and your articles, then check email. My mornings will be a little less lively now.

    Anyways, good luck and my hats off to you for making DIMEMAG.com a good read.

    Cheers from Los Angeles

  • yowiz

    Reading you from Paris France, i’ll miss your articles man, gotta give props for somebody who tried to shine some lights on the true values of the game known as basketball.
    Go Spurs go!

  • Matty D


    Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished in your time here and best of luck in the future! Promise you’ll keep writing and I promise I’ll keep reading…a talent like yours shouldn’t be wasted.

    P.S. I’ll be sure to shoot you an email when Georgetown loses to College of Charleston in the first round of the tourney this year. YEZZUR!!

  • SayItAintSo


    You brought a level of sophistication and intelligence in your writing in spite of the fact that you wrote solely about a sport culture which is often unfairly perceived as being unsophisticated or unintelligent…and for that, I thank you.

    Welcome back to the 206 and I hope to see you out at Greenlake, Garfield or gunning at the IMA.

  • monina79

    So proud of you and the work you’ve done at Dime. You’ve created wonderful memories to share with your loved ones, or with the world whenever you write that long-awaited book! Your drive and determination will be missed, but everyone you work with in the future will benefit from it. Good luck!

  • Stef

    All the best Austin! You will be missed.

    Stgo, Chile

  • http://www.Nike.com Christian Grant-Fields

    You are a great writer and a great friend. I will never forget ‘Stump the ….’ and ‘Pocket of James!’ Good luck in all of your future endeavors bro!


  • George W Kush Sr

    Congrats and best of luck

  • Taj

    Good Luck, Austin! Sky’s the Limit…

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    I’ve probably read over 1500 different versions of Dime Smack. I enjoyed each one for different reasons. Dime is my resource for all things basketball, except stats, on the web, and a huge part of that is Smack and your writing. You are going to be hard to replace. Great to hear you’re moving up to the Pacific North West!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dworlds David Brandon


    thanks for sharing what you love to do with so many people for so long. i honestly looked forward to reading whatever article you put out. without even really getting to know someone, its funny how you build a certain rapport with them. as a person who regularly visits the site daily regardless of what’s happening in the league, i’ve come to really appreciate the work everyone puts out, and yours was no exception. i see what you mean about losing that 9 yr old in us also…i was fortunate enough to know that i never wanted to lose that part of the game, because once its gone, it can almost impossible to get back. whatever youre next move is, the best of luck, man. i’m out like jacque vaughn’s jumper!

  • AUT

    well i wish you all the best austin…

    I’ve been reading you for few years now and i was rarely dissapointed with your style.

    I want you to know that you left a mark, we are reading you in Zagreb, Croatia. Even though you probably never heard of that place…
    That should put some extra on your career, you put marks in places you never knew that existed.
    All the best once again man, peace.

  • Patrick

    Austin, Time to go make that money. I have been reading dime since the hoopstv days, and I love the progress you all have made with the product. Good luck in transitioning from what was my 13 year old dream job. I know that in becoming a corporate slave I never lost my love for the game. I hope that getting the opportunity to work in the industry hasn’t truly spoiled your love for the game even if the exuberance of a 9 yo has transformed.

  • jrav

    Enjoyed reading your articles since i found dimemag a couple of years ago; back when the daily dime was on foxsports

  • LakeShow84

    Ahhhhhhhh Austins out.. seriously the only writer i would read pieces on no matter what the topic..

    Who the F is gonna recognize all the old school blaxpoitation references now??!!

    Seriously a downer tho man but im happy for you and whatever opportunities await you.. god bless and god speed bruh..

    (i always knew he was a brotha too lol)

  • bookkwormmaster

    Best wishes and best of luck to you Austin!

    I enjoyed reading a vast array of your articles and you will be sorely missed!

  • Nola

    Good luck man. I’ve enjoyed your dime smacks for a while and it’ll surely be missed.

  • Rahim The Commish Thompson

    Much Respect and Much Success with your next dream job

  • 2cents

    you guys should do a few more stories about the people behind dime. its good to put a face to the name. thanx for all your tireless work you put into an awesome product.

    i read dime every day. all the way from sydney, australia.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    I been busy with the overseas thing and opening my gym so I havnt been around to read many articles lately but after hearin Austin is leaving had to come show so respect. As a fellow tmac fan and one of the few people who could actually debate his point instead or just being a homer or childish, not to mention your articles were top notch. So best luck in the future with watever you do man.

  • hahns


    you will be greatly missed- i always appreciated the effort you put into your articles, always looking to stir up some debate, even on slow news days when not much was going on. the great thing about sports is debate, and you always brought that out of the readers. best of luck with everything- you’re a great writer and I hope you enjoy much success wherever you go.

  • the cynic

    AB leaving New York just when they get interesting, you know seattle doesn’t have a team anymore

    I’m sure I’ve slammed your analysis once or twice, or more, but in all honesty you were the best writer on the site by a good margin. Some of the other writers here could learn a thing or two about how to structure an intelligent argument that is actually worth reading by looking through the AB archive.

    Good Luck on your next endeavor

  • S-SiN

    Respect! Good luck in your new endavour!

  • Shee

    Sad to see you go man! Your stuff was great and I had a blast reading you on most days for the past years… All the success in the world to you.

    Thanks for all.

    From Quebec Canada

  • Az

    AB- you will be missed and Great job there at Dime. What is next for you?

  • Young Gunner

    Enjoyed most of your work here (even though I still think you’re the one who writes Smack everyday). Best of luck in your future endevours

  • jnuh



  • http://www.LakersNation.com Gary

    Austin – always loved your stuff and I have to say you were one of the inspirations for to create Lakers Nation . . you’ve set a high standard and I hope to meet one day soon.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I know I took more than a few shots at you because I often disagreed with your views but that was the main reason I became interested in Dimemag.com. It will not be the same without your ridiculous claims antagonizing me everyday. That’s a compliment.

    Buena suerte.

  • johnny knox

    I have been reading Dime articles for several years, and probly only commented a half a dozen times but I always like Austin’s articles. I wish you the best of luck. We will miss your work!

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    The man, his mind and pen will be missed.

    GOD bless.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc

    Peace man, best of luck.

    I say that EVEN THOUGH you were the #1 Raptors fan antagonizer!

    Biggest props I can give, when I saw your name on an article here, I always clicked on it.

  • Sporty-j

    Good luck Austin in all you do. I know i picked at you from time to whenever you would write about your homerism for Lebron but I have got to admit. You truly are dimes best writer and you know how to capture your audience and start a debate better than any of the other writers at Dimes and im not just saying that because your are leaving. I want to also thank you for putting me in your fab 5 of dime posters and if it was not for you. I would not of had the courage to stand up to the worst poster in dimes history in CLAW and his QQ pie. God bless you my brother as you take your talents to SEATLLE…

  • jzsmoove

    I have been one of your best un-supporters. wtf?? where you going dude, well we know that. but what the hell u gonna be doin now??

    who am i gonna be dissin now. I am…lost..

    Best of luck to you. You took it all in stride.

  • http://bouncemag.com LowerEastScribe

    “You remind me of a young Austin Burton”

    One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received. Good luck, big homie!


    I’m lobbying that the NBA brings back the Sonics. Seriously.

  • Whitey


    Your writing is second to none. You’ve helped to make this site and this magazine what it is – the best basketball magazine there is. It’s been such a pleasure to be a fan of yours. I think there have been times where I gave your pops a run for his money as the #1 president of the fanclub. Your humor and personality that comes through in every single thing that you write.

    I echo what CGF said – you’re a great writer, but most of all a great dude. I’m real happy to call you my friend. Enjoy being back on the West Coast my man.


  • AC816

    Peace out Austin. Good Luck! You will be missed!

  • fallinup

    It still doesn’t mean you can’t come and comment like the rest of us slackers from time to time, brother. Good luck out there, Austin. Don’t be a stranger.



  • dr nod

    First time posting, but a reader for some time.

    As a fellow writer, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated what you’ve brought to this site over the years. I hope that you keep putting words out there wherever you’re headed. Best of luck–You will be missed.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Unreal. Years of following your work, finally got my first subscription to the actual mag, and you’re leaving?!

    Best of luck, won’t be the same without you. Always looked forward to your pieces more than any other. Looking forward to reading the next one, wherever it may be!

  • johnny kilroy

    best of luck AB

  • Josh Tha roc

    Always a good read. Thanks for all your always interesting articles bro. Been reading everyday for over 4 years. You will be sorely missed. Good luck for all your future endevours. Cheers

    all the way from western Australia

  • cesar

    good luck, AB! thanx forr al the stuff u wrote!

    from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

  • A.R.

    Damn.Is he going to another magazine?

  • Thanatos

    Best of luck from Transylvania, Austin. Enjoyed your articles a lot!!!

  • Celts Fan

    wow. thanks for everything Austin. Great reading your work everyday. You made this site my favorite out there. good luck man.

  • QQ

    As a semi-long time poster in this site…

    I have to be honest first… I never understand you apologist attitude towards Lebron, T-Mac, and other players. I really hated that part where I know there’s this talented writer that’s seemingly controlled by a great amount of bias towards some players.

    But still, everyone has their nuances. You’ll be missed. There’s quite a number of times that we responded to each other about an issue, and I always loved those exchanges. I think that’s the biggest part why I stuck around this site. Never forget those trashtalking man, LOL.

    Good luck to all your future endeavors, AB. It’s been fun.

    PS: Will you finally admit that Bron is a douche???? haha, just playing…

    And yes, drop a comment sometimes, and let’s start the good ol’ shit talking days. haha.

    Good luck AB.

  • Ill

    Great article
    Good luck!!!

  • A-Slam

    good luck austin, you made us feel closer to the nba. And you made me, a young adult from canada (where hockey is dominant amongst all other sports) feel more pride for the one sport that has always been true to me. Don’t stop writing

  • DZ

    good luck and thank you!

  • john

    Good luck from Milan, Italy, always enjoy your work

  • Kassim

    Thank you very much!
    your pieces were truly special.
    Thank you for that.

  • K Dizzle

    I didn’t always agree with you perspectives, but I respected your opinions.

    Best of luck in the future

  • http://www.societe-noire.com M Intellect

    It’s like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with everyone starting off with how long they been reading Dime! LOL

    On a real though, been reading DimeMag since 06/07, back when you guys were the first line of the HoopsHype articles and Austin always jumped out at me as the go-to-writer, kinda like Dime’s answer to Bonsu Thompson at Slam and I will definitely miss his intelligent, concious and brave yet condescending views, articles and comments. I always tried to get into an intellectual debate, READ: Pick a fight, with him but never quite suceeded, so hopefully when he returns as a commenter we can get into it!!

    Also – With the power of bestowed upon me by myself, I, M-Intellect, as am OG commenter, hereby forbid Dime from talking shit about ANYONE’s nickname! You guys are doing nickname competitions but you known dude for 4-5 years and all you got is A-Train and AB? I mean, seriously, unless he runs up Manhattan to stay in shape, there is no reason why A-Train should be the sum product from a creative bunch of dudes like you.

    Thanks for putting your heart and soul into your articles bro, it was felt and appreciated throughout the Dime community and all the way over here in LDN. Hope your new endevaours bode well.

  • http://www,sactownroyalty.com Willis

    Austin Burton, my favorite writer on Dime. Keep us posted on what’s next, yeah?

    Good Luck.

    @Pat Cassidy

    Hire YOUNGFED full time.

  • Toan

    I´ve read dime since it was on foxsports and at that time didn´t even know that there was a dimemag website…in the last dime on foxsports if I can remember correctly you wrote that you can read dime on this website and that is how i started checking this site out…now I´m reading you guys every single day..thanks for the stories, you had a special style of writing and i liked it very much. sometimes I started reading a piece and without checking the name behind the story I knew it was you. so yeah, good luck from The Slovak Republic and take care. you´ll be missed…

  • Cearism

    Take me with you, man!

  • Toan

    *I meant Smack and not Dime in my post…

  • Rafa23

    I think by seeing all the good wishes here, I think it’s safe to say you did an unbelievable job at Dime(and those few insults…comes with the job I guess lol). You did the most interesting articles and seem to be a good guy.

    You will be missed man, good luck with your future endeavors.

  • McSimon

    Best of luck!
    Greets from Croatia

  • sh!tfaced

    Nice one, AB. Good luck.

    So who’s gonna defend “Pussy” Floyd Mayweather now? LOL.

  • Eric

    Best of luck to you, Austin, and thank you for all the years of bringing Smack to us! Have read it every day since 2004 and still looking forward to it every morning! You definitely made a little difference in all of your readers’ lives. Greetings from Switzerland


    I cant say i always agreed with what you wrote, but i always enjoyed reading it.
    Good Luck AB.

  • Timmy

    Damn, so sad to hear this. I truely enjoyed reading AB’s articles.

    Now you got me curious, you gotto tell what is this new opportunity that’s making you leave NYC! to go back to Seattle!

    …just so sad to hear you’re leaving Dime

  • That’s What’s Up


    EVERYONE will miss you. We all wish you the best in whatever you do.

    Like right now, I’m not even mad there’s no Smack posted for today.

    I’m just sad

  • IGP


    Great work man. I’ve been reading Dime since about 2006 when I googled “NBA trade rumors” and I found an old Smack. I was hooked since then. Your articles are great and you have a gift. Best of luck to you!

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com Chris B

    Austin, I don’t know you, but I’ve bitten your work, well your style, in my attempt to post a daily blog. I’m older then you maybe, but I only say that to explain that the skill you show in analyzing the player and not the person, is what I’ve attempted to do. Whatever you choose to do, keep it 100 as you have done on the daily; haters be warned.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Hm. I want to know when Alf is going to make his debut…

  • Shrink This

    Best of Luck Austin from the great white north.

    Thank you for dealing more great smack than a Vancouver heroin dealer…

  • Soopa

    Thanks for great reads and articles. Wish you the best.


    A Dime follower since ‘the black-bandana/streetball-AI-cover’.

  • ENEW


    A tremendous piece as you exit, which of course is not a surprise.

    Best of luck as you move back west and your life forward.

    Great to see all these wonderful comments as it shows when you are passionate about something and you share it with others it has the ability to change lives. For us it has been basketball.

    Much respect


  • Diggity Dave


  • the truth

    good luck man

  • http://www.weallscheme.com Jeff Chen

    Gonna miss reading your articles Austin. Good luck with what ever you have planned next.

  • TripleDouble

    you will surely be missed… goodluck on all your future endeavors… the daily smack will always be your legacy…

  • the_don_mega

    great job Austin!

  • Ian

    good luck austin you are the best and thanks again for the david robinson article you let me write (guys you are all good but ab is my fav).

  • Stephon From Canada

    I’ve been reading smack since hoopstv, come to think of it …it’s been more than a decade!

    I always thought you were brave not to back down from your opinions that were not well-received. At times u walk into a shit storm like that.

    Although I don’t agree with some of your views but I have tremendous amount of respect for you to be consistent and creative doing smack everyday.

    You are both Style and Substance.

    Sad news to hear and big shoes to fill.

    I know I will miss your ol’school references that always add a personal touch …..

    Best wishes and welcome back to the west coast

    Please come back as a commentor!

    Stephon from Canada

  • marcus the great

    man i dont even know what to say…

    i was starting to realize a few weeks ago how many articles AB pumps out a day, and how many more he did than everyone else combined. always good work, always very well put together. obviously you will be missed, dude.

    i just hope DIME can keep up the great work on my FAVE website once you’re gone. good luck on whatever’s next in your life’s voyage. don’t be a stranger

    p.s. did you ever say what you’re doing next in Seattle? is it a secret?

  • Octopus Jonny

    Austin, your articles have always been filled with insight and will be truly missed.

    I started reading DimeMag.com probably 4 years ago when there was a link on foxsports. I wasted countless hours of company time soaking up all the extra information this site provided that went beyond the cover stories of other media outlets. A big part of that came from your articles.

    I lurked on here for probably 2 years before I started posting, but the high point of my Dime readership was definitely when I got quoted in Smack followed by “Honestly, his post could have said anything and we’d probably still give it run because the guy goes by ‘Octopus Jonny'”

    Thanks for all the great articles, the countles DimeSmack’s and good luck with whatever endeavor it is that you have chosen to take on.

    Peace from Milwaukee

  • sh!tfaced

    Wow. DIME readers with posts dominated by a crapload of props and favorable comments?!

    Think it might be the 1st time I’ve seen anything like this here. And this is prolly as wholesome as it gets. Props to us, Haters… lol

    Cheers, AB. Mabuhay ka.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Austin, I gotta say it’s very disappointing to hear you’re moving on. You’ve always been my favorite writer at Dime and I want to wish you luck with wherever you go from here.


  • http://recoverthegospel.com Eddie

    Great Article. And Dime, just so you know, I am more than willing to step in his place. Dead SERIOUS… Holla @ me!

  • Diego

    (Haven’t yet read comments yet, but I will.) AB, we will miss you. In my opinion, best writer on Dime, no doubt. (Surprisingly, you did sometimes catch a lot of shit from certain readers as you know, particularly about LeBron. But you can’t please all the people all of the time.) Always figured you were the principal author of Smack–always loved your many metaphors and clever references. Hope Smack can maintain.

    Best of luck, man.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Arie

    It was great getting to know the man behind the name. Going to miss you and your “good cop” persona back at the office, you did always know how to stand up for the little guy. Best of luck on your future in NASCAR and i’ll be looking for you at the finish line.

    Good thing they have internet in Scranton.

  • http://Www.bridgeheadstudio.com Sonic Reducer

    Thanks for the reads Austin. I rarely ever post but have been following your articles since Fox Sports. Man, I dont even know if I’ll still read dime… But regardless, good luck! Smack was my favorite ball source for as long as you wrote it and a part of my daily routine. Thanks for everything from Montreal Quebec

  • karizmatic

    Dime won’t be the same without you…good luck on your next chapter man…keep shinin’

  • OneZero

    good luck AB!

  • BdaBaller

    Reading you from the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda for over 5 years. Thank you and good luck with the next chapter Austin.

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Adam Dickau

    Much love, good luck with your future endeavors.

  • Dayo

    Good work Austin, you have indeed done a good job over the years. With your kind of dedication, you’ll certainly have success in your future endeavours! Best wishes… Dayo, Nigeria

  • sadeye2507

    You will be missed AB from you biggest(only?) South African fan. Is Dime gonna hire Alf now?

  • sadeye2507

    You will be sorely missed AB. From your biggest (only?) South African fan. Is Dime gonna hire Alf now?

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    Austin= the man.

  • Jade

    Goodbyes are not forever.
    Goodbyes are not the end.
    They simply mean I’ll miss you
    Until we meet again!

    You will be missed bro,

    from a Paki brother.

  • Abe504

    Good luck with future endeavors, Definelty will miss your writing style, I for one definetly respected your opinions on certain players even if i didn’t always agree with them but the writing was always great.

  • Dilletaunt

    Good luck…but you realize Seattle doesn’t have a team anymore, right? Just playing.

  • Dilletaunt

    Oh yeah, welcome back to the 206.