• hahns

    so stupid…the knicks should keep him and use him as a defensive stopper

  • Shot In Ya Face

    thats exactly why they aren’t keeping Brewer. He plays defense. He’s going to set a bad example for the rest of the NY team.

  • quest???

    Knicks are dumb. I thought for sure they could have used him. He could have been valuable for them behind Fields.

  • quest???

    damn the Mavs want everyone. They already have the deepest bench in the league, If they add brewer, they will all play 20 mins a game and blowout opponents.

  • bobby stew

    Please go to OKC

  • Taj

    OKC could use him as Green’s replacement. IMO I think he’s better than Jeff Green. Mavs could use him as well w/ Caron out!

  • king

    perimiter D would get a huge bump still need someone other than KG to D up down low. aside from Glen Davis’ taking charges

  • s.bucketz

    yea he plays d…and thas it..oh yea he can posterize 40 yr old pgs too
    he looks half retarded when hes dribbling a ball

  • Vinny

    ok I’m missing something he shoots 38% from the field, 25% from 3 -weighs about 200 at 6-9 gets abused on defense(where did all this he plays good d shit come from)and according to 1,2 and 3 ^^ the knicks need him! really??

  • 100K

    I’d rather have him and a big instead of Jeffries

  • TripleDouble

    san antonio all day… will be the bruce bowen replacement they’ve been looking for oh so long…

  • kingralf

    why the hell don´t the knicks want brewer?


    Really?! Why would the Knicks want to get rid of him? He is clearly their best wing off the bench.
    He’s a cheap mans James Posey, if he goes to Boston or San Antonio just watch him become about 100% better than he has been so far in his career.

    I really don’t understand the strategy behind the Knicks cutting him loose it will drastically worsen their bench which is already weak while possibly strengthening currently the top team in the east. Isiah is that you?

  • http://hoopshype.com mizros23

    The Bulls need to pick him up and sit Bogans downs ASAP!

  • ab40

    I like him best on the spurs or the celtics. the celts shouls sign powe right now

  • http://dsicase.com/3ds-games 3ds games

    love sheen, so bonkers