NBA, Video / Feb 2, 2011 / 4:00 pm

Rajon Rondo Gives Wings to Another Boston Basketball Court

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know that we are champions of Rajon Rondo and his partnership with Red Bull and Boston’s Got Wings. It is a program that sees $500 donated to Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department for every steal Rondo gets during the season. Those funds are then used to refurbish city basketball courts in need of repair. At every 30-steal milestone, funding is allocated to a park decided by community voting. Thanks to Rajon, some high-traffic courts in the shadow of Fenway Park are about to get a makeover.

Last night in Sacramento, Rajon passed the 90-steal mark, signaling the next infusion of funding for the Jim Bradley Courts in the Back Bay Fens. The court surface at The Fens needs a new color seal coating, the fencing needs to be replaced and the asphalt walkways leading to the courts are cracked, uneven and could use replacement, so the funding
will be put to good use. (And check out this story about The Fens and the program in today’s Boston Globe).

The voting for the next court to receive funding has already started – you can GO HERE to vote for the next recipient.

And since we started talking about the Boston’s Got Wings program, lots of people have come to us asking about how they can get involved beyond casting votes. An online donation link has been set up on the Boston’s Got Wings site where you can donate as much or as little money as you want to towards the refurbishment of city basketball courts. Go here – it’s incredibly quick and easy to make a donation.

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  • jdizzle

    Whats the over/under on the number of ”Rondo is still a douchebag” type of comments we’re gonna see in this post?

  • JBaller

    ROndo’s the man.

  • yentron

    rondo is stilla douchebag. plus, have you heard his voice? it matches his busted face

  • johnny kilroy

    nice tie-up rondo has over here.

    other guys can pattern this too: blake (every dunk), ray-ray (every 3 made)

  • Why Oh Why

    @Yentron I hope you’re a female, a man focusing on another ones voice and looks are kind of suspect to me. Also the fact that you came to an article focusing on Rondo just to make that comment makes you even more of a douche and a bit obsessed.

  • king

    Hope Ramsey or the Field gets the next renovation

  • control

    It’s great that Red Bull is donating a bunch of money to Boston playgrounds, though I probably would want to play there least out of pretty much any place in the world, due to the accents those Bostonian motherfuckers. “Pawss dar Bawl!”.

    Rondo is a douchebag though, that really isn’t disputable. Why is rondo getting credit for this shit though? The money is coming out of Red Bull’s pocket, rondo ain’t matching for shit. He’s just an ugly alien crackhead looking figurehead.

    Why Oh Why

    Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of hetrohatefesting. Don’t make ya gay or anything to hate on a guy, if that were the case there’d be no wars in the world, foo.

  • kyballer

    @Control – Rondo smashing your girl ain’t he? I mean damn, for a man to focus on another man THAT much is ridiculous. He is doing a good thing for the Boston area playgrounds and as far as his contribution he does a LOT behind the scenes and doesn’t want the recognition as to what or how much…both in MA and back here in KY…if someone came up with a cure for cancer some of you “douchebags” would have a problem with him…internet gangsters…

  • control


    I don’t think I’d ever date a woman who would be attracted to a little alien crackhead looking motherfucker, him and I are on completely different ends of the spectrum looks-wise. If I DID date a woman who was getting her smushsmush on with Rondo, then I’d just get rid of her and get something new.

    Plus, it was a solid week and a half since I threw some hate Rondo’s way, it’s not an obsession by any means, more like a hobby.

  • buffalo balla

    i’d give $500 for every jump shot over 20′ he hits during the season…i haven’t had to give up a cent…

  • Why Oh Why

    @Control You are funny I have to admit, but I’m a woman and I don’t have much respect for a man, if any at all always focusing on another guys looks or like the other guy, his voice, no real man does that. I also wonder how you know that he’s a douchebag, or that he hasn’t put his money in, have you met him, spent time, hit up his bank accounts or just go with what you see on the court or interviews, and what you assume. You also said “more like a hobby”, taking time out of your reg schedule seemingly on a reg basis(“Plus, it was a solid week and a half since I threw some hate Rondo’s way”) is a little suspect in itself. Whether it’s all in fun or not, that’s just too much energy for a stranger to put in on another stranger.
    @KyBaller, I wouldn’t worry about Rondo banging his woman because he can’t possibly have one if he’s spending all his time focusing on this guy, if so she may want to check into the possibility that Rondo may have banged Control and never called him back. That being the reason for all the animosity.