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Reggie Miller snubbed by Basketball Hall of Fame

Even with today’s Smack comments turning into a debate over Manu Ginobili‘s Hall of Fame merits — for the record, I think Manu would get in if he retired today — that isn’t even the most controversial HOF two-guard topic of the day.

With the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame set to announce its 2011 finalists later today, word has leaked that Reggie Miller isn’t on the list in his first year of eligibility. The HOF inductees won’t be announced until Final Four weekend, so it’s not just that Reggie isn’t getting in — he’s not even under serious consideration. Others expected to hear their names called today are Chris Mullin, Dennis Rodman, Don Nelson, Arvydas Sabonis and Mark Jackson.

Donnie Walsh, who drafted Miller in 1987 with the Pacers, told the New York Times, “I just know this: If he’s not a Hall of Fame guy, I don’t know who is. He took a very troubled franchise and ended up in the Eastern Conference finals six times. That’s pretty impressive for a guy who weighs about 185 pounds, and in the years that he did it, he was a marked guy and he relished it. I feel very thankful to Reggie to what he did for the Pacers and I just feel he deserves that honor, whether it comes now, later or whatever.”

Miller’s career has been a popular topic lately, since Ray Allen just surpassed his NBA record for career three-pointers made last week.

While admittedly I am biased because Reggie was one of my two or three favorite players growing up, but I still think he is the greatest shooter of all-time and at least in the class picture for the best clutch performers of all-time.

Consider this: The three-pointer wasn’t implemented in college basketball until Reggie was a senior at UCLA, so for those first couple years as a pro, he was still familiarizing himself with the art of sticking treys. He hit 61 and 98 triples his first two seasons with Indiana, before dropping 150 in Year Three. Ray Allen, meanwhile, grew up shooting threes. His first two pro seasons, he hit 117 and 134 treys. His third year was shortened by the lockout, but at his pace of 1.48 threes per game that season, he would have finished an 82-game slate with 121 triples.

Either way, Reggie is undeniably a top-five shooter of all-time, and that’s being conservative. He was one of the best players of his era and one of the few guys who gave Michael Jordan problems. For him to not even make the group of finalists doesn’t make sense.

What do you think?

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Like I said in todays smack if guys like Rodman or Reggie aren’t inducted as soon as they are eligible there’s something wrong with the idiots in charge

  • Hucklebuck

    how do they select these Hall Of Fame people who decide what players are eligible.

    Plain dumb. Reggie Miller is Hall Of Famer. If you watched him play in his prime you know. Every time he put a shot up lots of people were shocked if it didn’t go in. Most guys in the league now can’t shoot as well as Reggie.

    Come On Son!

  • north

    Maybe the HOF committee all have condo’s in downtown NY and they can’t stop the hate.

  • dagwaller

    I’d put Reggie Miller into the HoF.

    Ray Allen’s a better shooter, though.

  • Abe504

    Wow, Mark Jackson? Really? Dude is the last person id put in the Hall of Fame, who’s next, Robert Horry?

  • hakasan

    while i whole heartedly agree that reggie had a tremendous career and will not be in any form of protest as he enters the hof now or eventually,

    i can only agree with the statement that reggie was one of the few guys that gave mj problems, if by problems we meant 6 championship trophies… i can agree with saying that magic/bird/thomas gave jordan problems, but once mj started winning them championships, there was no stopping him until his second retirement…

  • Clay

    This is why the world is the way it is…..what a shame

  • 808

    @Abe504: “”Wow, Mark Jackson? Really? Dude is the last person id put in the Hall of Fame, who’s next, Robert Horry?””

    What in the #$#$# are you talking about??? Mark Jackson is #3 all-time assists leader. He leads some players that you MAY have heard of before: Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas.

    Abe, which point guard do YOU think should be in the HOF? Stephon Marbury???

  • Celts Fan

    Wow really? Reggie is a Hall of Famer. Manu is too (remember, it’s not just NBA, 3 rings as a #2, a gold medal as a #1, multiple all-star games, best international player ever not named Hakeem.) That was easy.

  • Steve

    While I agree that Reggie led the Pacers to a number of impressive seasons, he didnt exactly do it on his own. The other thing going against him is what else did he provide for his team? Yes he had a number of 20pt seasons, and was the leading 3pt shooter until this year,but overall for his career avg he brought 3assits and 3boards. No titles (college or pro) 1 FIBA title and 1 Olympic title.

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    just a rumor i hope. The HOF committee can’t be that stupid.But then,this is the NBA,stranger things have happened.

  • Colton

    should be and will be a hall of famer … he knows it, we know it … who cares when … we all know it and treat him basically as a hall of famer as is … next topic.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I think Manu and Reggie are both deserving

  • Vinny

    Reggie was a non-defender, 6-6 and didnt rebound. shot to much-and wasnt as clutch as people make him out to be.I dont see him as a 1st year HOF. Mark Jackson! Really?

  • First & Foremost

    Giving Jordan problems as an individual. Not the Bulls vs. Pacers. How many Shooting Guards, go toe to toe with Jordan and can still walk away with their pride?

  • derrick

    manu is more deserving than reggie in my opinion. international accolades and three rings is a better resume than great shooter and multiple all star and conference runner up titles. he had a very good career, but his game was one dimensional as well. 3 dimes and boards career is avg. his game is similar to dan majerle, jeff hornacek and richard hamilton. he’s better than all three of course but the games are similar. rodman should be first ballot and it would be a crime if he is not. dominate defensive players, best rebounder of our era and actually had some probably one of the most selfless players to play the game. we seen that he could score but defense was always first with him.

  • ecco

    @ 10 steve

    yea righr reggie did not lead the pacers and had great help from the freaking “flying dutchman” rick smith and overrated shit marc jackson.

    he carried a team on pure shooting, can you imagnie how hard it is to shoot all night as the #1 option? you have to work for every possesion and reggie was maybe the second fierce ( sp? you know what i mean ) guy in the nba behind mj. it would be a travesty if he is not a first ballot hof

  • hahns

    i dont understand how mjax is on the list butnot reggie…reggie was obviously the best player on those pacer teams. and yea, number 3 all time assists is pretty nice, but reggie is number 2 all time 3 pointers and has a much more storied career…

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    Since I littered Smack with Manu comments, i won’t touch that here…

    Rodman’s name better be on the 2011 list of candidates. If he doesn’t get in now… they’ll induct him the year after he passes away. There’s still a little bitterness with the league (meaning Stern) and Rodman. I’m not sure if Stern is comfortable with Rodman giving an acceptance speech… in a tight skirt and lipstick. Marv Albert might get turned on.

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    Wow… people saying Reggie shouldn’t be in the Hall? Holy crap. What’s going on in here. Ask Spike Lee and the Knicks if he should be in. I’m sure they’ll tell you, Fuck yeah! Reggie is an assasin. There’s no “cold-blooded” stat. That can’t be measured. He was super clutch. One of the most clutch shooter to ever play. I’m surprised he wasn’t on the ballot.

    Nice to see Sabonis could be inducted this year… if he really is on the ballot.

  • s.bucketz

    hahaha good for you rass…its a shame he didnt get in on his first ballot but as a knicks fan i love it hahaha

  • sh!tfaced

    this just confirms that those HOF motherfuckers dont know shit about real basketball. shit, if reggie were white, he’d be in before we even know it.

  • king

    Wilkes was good but a finalist over reggie??

  • Alex from AZ

    Loss of Credibility….can’t wait to hear skip bayless try and take the side opposing first ballot induction.

  • Ian


    people vinny is a knicks fan

  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc

    Put the man in the hall!!!

  • Nyeme

    I was against Reggie as a HOFer. Well against 1st Ballot but since he’s 25K points he’ll get in.

    Reggie as a player was overrated. He played 18years and averaged 20ppg 3-4x? he didn’t rebound, didn’t pass, couldn’t create his own shot off the dribble, didn’t play defense and didn’t slash.

    People bring up clutch, but where was it? He seemed to only have good games against the Knicks (they only show highlights from the same 5 games). He only had hella 1-n-Done years in the playoffs, so once again where is the clutch if you can’t get past the first round? The years they became an “elite” team he was the 3rd-4th best player. he’only a 4-5x all-Star, 1x All-NBA if that.

    Now like I said, he has 25K points, so that automatically gets him in, but his accolades are overhyped due to the Knicks thing, and we always lost to the Bulls so where were the Pacers? Did they even play the Bulls during Chi run?