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The 3 Worst Anti-Carmelo Anthony Arguments

I’m not even sure anymore if I should congratulate Knicks fans for acquiring Carmelo Anthony.

Ever since last night’s three-team, 12-player deal that put ‘Melo where he’s wanted to be all along went through, the reaction hasn’t been what I expected. While some NY fans are elated, the move has been met with more skepticism than I would have imagined. For a franchise that hasn’t sniffed a 50-win season since 2001, putting together a Big Three of Carmelo, Chauncey Billups and Amar’e is a good thing. It should be a great thing. But so far the response has been surprisingly negative, even by New York and Internet standards.

What am I missing? Here are the three dumbest anti-‘Melo arguments I’ve heard:

1. We were going to get him in free agency anyway, so why give up so much in a trade?

Yeah, just like the Knicks were going to get LeBron, and the Bulls were going to get Dwyane Wade, and the Nets were going to do better than Travis Outlaw last summer. As Bernie Mac would say, we don’t know sh*t until sh*t happens. While the Knicks would have gone into the summer as the favorite to sign Carmelo, it was far from a lock. So if the organization has a chance to get a 26-year-old superstar who’s dropping 25 points per game right now, do it.

Is the Knicks roster a little thin right now? Sure. But they have the foundation for a juggernaut. Now the next step is finding the right pieces to fit around that foundation. Instead of worrying about giving up too many role players to get a superstar, you get the superstar and bring in role players later. Role players will always be available. Superstars will not.

2. Now we don’t have cap space anymore.

It was the greatest trick Isiah Thomas ever pulled, convincing the world that cap space is better than wins. The Knicks judged their “success” in terms of cap space over wins for so long, they forgot the point of having cap space: To be able to pay superstars like Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire and Chauncey Billups.

This is what good teams do. The Celtics don’t have any cap space because they’re paying KG, Ray, Rondo and Pierce. All they have to show for it is an NBA championship and the best record in the East today. The Heat don’t have any cap space because they’re paying LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh; they have the second-best record in the East and a championship-level core for the next six years. The Lakers don’t have cap space, and they’re working on a third straight championship.

3. Carmelo hasn’t really led his team anywhere.

This is like Mack-10 telling The Game he hasn’t really made a mark in the rap game. The Knicks haven’t made the playoffs since 2004, while ‘Melo has been in the playoffs every year since 2004. True, ‘Melo has a history of first-round exits that mirrors Tracy McGrady‘s, but at least he’s been there. And he’s been to the conference finals. Denver has done more during Carmelo’s tenure than New York has done, so wouldn’t you welcome a guy who can get you more wins?

Plus, Carmelo doesn’t have to individually lead the Knicks anywhere because he has Amar’e and Chauncey at his side now. This will be a team effort led by three very good, possibly future Hall of Fame players. And if you’re not excited as a New York fan to see this team, I don’t know what to tell you.

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  • Bruce*Leroy*Green

    Knicks fans,

    i know you’re all excited and horny about Carmelo bein on your team, i know…and thats cute. But when yall come to Dallas 16 days from now, yall still gettin that ass whooped just like when we kilt yall in NY. Respect the man, the legend, the mirror image of white jesus in the flesh that is Dirk Nowitzki.

    We run this.


  • Vinny

    Legend? because of all the rings he has,lol. Really?
    The Mavs will choke this year just like they do every other year!

  • Cotton

    The flaw in #1 is that A)LeBron didn’t grow up in NY and wasn’t as eager to return and B)LeBron’s WIFE wasn’t insisting on going back to NY. Knicks got boned in this deal.

  • e

    you left out the part where Carmelo led the Syracuse Orange to an NCAA Championship in 2003.

  • Lee

    I think Knick fans are bitter they don’t have Lebron and Wade.

    It’s like complaining Rhianna is your date because Beonce turned you down..

  • ShadyKidd

    Dime – You guys should do a more detailed analysis of this trade from a salary cap standpoint. I’ve read conflicting reports that the Knicks do/don’t have enough cap space to sign another star this off season? When does Chauncey’s contract expire?

    Break it down for us. Set the facts straight.

  • s.bucketz

    my problem with it is if Donnie Walsh leaves cuz of this…this trade has dolan and isaiah’s fingerprints alllll over it and that pisses me off…they weren’t bidding against anyone at all so to give up all those role players FOR NO REASON is a big deal..we gave up extra players just because dolan wanted melo today…he could have jus waited til thursday and denver would have had to take wut we were offering..isaiah/dolan tactical maneuvers to the fullest.

    if isaiah comes back i think im done wit the knicks…well i cant say ill be done cuz im a life long fan..but i really wouldn’t give a shit if they dont win a title for another 30 years

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Since when did Melo “grow up” in NY? I’m pretty sure he grew up in B-More and played ball at Oak Hill in VA.

    @AB, did you just call Billups a superstar? New Rule, you can’t be a “Superstar” if you don’t have a MvP trophy from the reg season.

  • Jer Boi


    so Kobe wasn’t a superstar til like 3 years ago? Durant isn’t a superstar? Dwight? that’s a crock of shit

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    Hey Dime, Lebron didn’t say he only wants to play in NY. 2 different scenarios. Melo was going to sign in NY. Don’t at stupid.

  • Celticsdada

    And this is why this dude Burnton is a writer and won’t be a businessman anytime soon.

    Even with melo thi year, whats the Knicks going to accomplish? They probably a first round exit in the pkayoff. Not to mention, Melo, Amare can’t guard a chair out there. It’s been widely reported that Melo will only sign with the Knicks this summer. What other teams have cap space? The Kings? You think he would sign with the Kings? Knicks got robbed.

  • JBaller

    Though I agree that Chauncey is not a superstar, has more rings than the rest of the team and a finals MVP trophy. Ask anyone in the L which MVP award is better.

  • JBaller

    The one with the ring

  • Steve Nash

    you are all DUMB!!! The new CBA would have killed Melo’s pockets… you think La La is cheap… whore needs to be spoiled to be happy and if Melo waited till FA shit wouldn’t have worked… so either NYK’s get him now they won’t have gotten him in FA cz Melo would have signed the trade with Nets!!!!

    dumbasses i swear!

  • JBaller

    That said, I think we paid too high a price but I’m interested to see what the big 2 1/2 can do.

  • Kobe Bryant

    These are the 3 worst anti-anti-Carmelo Anthony arguments.

    1. We were going to get him in free agency anyway, so why give up so much in a trade?
    Melo WANTED New York. Lebron met the Knicks and Wade met the Bulls, but chose Miami. You know what? Melo met the Nets too, but it wasn’t even an option. It was New York all the way. He could’ve signed in Denver and forced his way out. You’ve never seen a player do that?

    2. Now we don’t have cap space anymore.
    Um. Good teams don’t have cap space because they’re paying players???? Wow. This is a ridiculous argument. Look at the team salaries (http://hoopshype.com/salaries.htm) Toronto, Milwaukee, Memphis, and even Detroit is up there near the cap. These teams sure are paying their players well.

    3. Carmelo hasn’t really led his team anywhere.
    Offense can only get you so far. Kobe knows that, even T-Mac knows that. See how their careers diverged? I can definitely see the direction Melo has taken it.

  • First & Foremost

    Reason 1) I agree with the article. He has money and would have been free to sign with any contender for 10-12M a year. No promises he would have walked to NY.

    Reason 2) Correct, they don’t have cap space. Not sure how many draft picks they have. I’d go after Leon Powe, Kyle Lowry, and a random glue guy – maybe Hansbrough.

    Reason 3) I agree with the article, Denver surrounded him with injury prone big men. How many games did we hear “If K-Mart plays well coming back from injury, the Nuggest have a chance.” or “If Birdman can regain his form, that might get them through this series.” The cavalry never came.

    On a sidenaote – NJ never had a chance. Melo sees the standings. He couldn’t let Lebron-Wade compete for titles while his team rebuilds and relocated in 2 more years. He HAD TO go to the Knicks.

  • Brown

    To me it’s as simple as this: if you have a chance to make a deal that gives you a better chance of winning now and in the future, you do it, no matter what you have to give up.

    Complimentary pieces are great, but they don’t mean shit unless you have a solid core. It’s like that in EVERY team sport. The Knicks did a great job adding to their core. They can add role players in the offseason, which is infinitely easier when you have a solid core to build around.

    I’m not a Knicks fan, but I’m excited to see what they can do. Same way I feel about the Heat and the same way I felt about Boston when they made their power moves.

    Stern wants greater parity in the league, but I think the league needs to be more top-heavy. For so long, the league had a lot of mediocre playoff teams with no real chance at a title. It sucks seeing great players on mediocre teams. A great player should be on a championship contender, not just a playoff team. Stern should focus more on why there’s a lack of talent in the NBA.

  • First & Foremost

    @ #18 – I wouldn’t say there is a lack of talent in the league. The All-Star game takes the “top” 12 players in each conference but every year there are at least 6 more on each side that have a valid case.

    As for the league being top heavy, I say that would hurt the NBA this time around. Being top heavy would make the regular season less relevant. Some cities are already struggling with attendance so loading up 6 teams only means the bottom half of the league sells out 15 or so games. That leads to draft picks of the lower half of the league jumping ship after 5 or 6 years.

    You’d have more player taking the easy way out than trying to resuscitate a franchise.

  • 100K

    Melo is from Red Hook.

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    Jermaine O’Neal for Travis Outlaw. Who says no?

  • First & Foremost

    I say no, JO has played in all of 5 games this year. Why would NJ make that move?

  • p_dizzle

    Why you gotta put Mack One Oh on blast like that Austin?

  • QQ

    Number 1 is a non argument. Melo NEVER led his team anywhere, and then you gonna go ‘he has Amare and Chauncey now’. Damn. That’s like saying Karl Malone never won a ring, but then he won 2 MVP’s. The arguement was never resolved by the 2nd statement.

    I hate Allen Iverson when he acted like he should be the focal point of everything, but even I will say that AI was better than Melo in leading the Nugs during AI’s stay there. That’s how far away the word ‘leadership’ runs away when it sees the name ‘Carmelo Anthony’.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I’m sorry, but if he really wanted to win, he wouldn’t have nixed a potential trade to the Mavs like he did. That was his best opportunity to win soon. I think the Knicks fans are about to find out that Carmelo doesn’t make his team better. So many of you out there: that’s one of the obvious differences between Carmelo and guys like Wade and Lebron.

    Face it, Melo had a damn good cast in Denver and they never really scared anyone. Melo has ALWAYS had a better cast than Lebron until this season (even that’s up for debate). The Knicks are not a team to fear. If they get one of the top distributing PGs, then we can talk. Until then, this is all about marketing and drawing in the crowds in NY.

  • Notorious

    I agree with #1, Melo wasnt going to New York and taking a $30 – $50 million paycut, never going to happen. Nobody is giving up that much money (depending on the new CBA) to go play somewhere else. Which is why I thought Denver should have called his bluff and held on to him. You want to leave, fine but we aint trading you so you dont get the extension money.

    #2 is only relevant to those who seem to believe CP3, D.Will or D.Howard are coming in 2012. NY doesnt have the cap space or the assets to get any of those 3 players via trade or via free agency. No firm numbers until the CBA gets done, but chances are real high the cap goes Down instead of up. Max it out now, but know that now is the best you can do for years to come. There will be no Big 3 in NY, just the two selfish scorers.

    #3 He is a bonafide 2nd banana, he doesnt make anyone better, just a “Me” guy. 7 years deep in the league, you are what you are at this point. He is a talented scorer, nothing more. Enjoy the #5 or 6 seed for years to come, which is probably good news for NY as they dont completely suck for the first time in a decade.

  • Shot In Ya Face

    Like I said before: It’s not so much the talent that Melo brings to the Knicks (although breathing buckets does help), it’s more so the talent he will attract that is key.

    So next year, the Knicks go after CP3 or Deron Williams and role players to fill in the void and there you have it: The THIRD best team in the East after the Heat and Chicago LMAO

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com Diallo

    “Role players will always be available. Superstars will not.”

    -End of story