• s.bucketz

    what do i think???i think carmelo is a pussy fart

  • srb

    Most people are probably going to think the same thing they did when he scored about 50 with no assists a few games before he was traded.

    Makes them dangerous in any single game but can they take down any top team in a series? Not there yet.

  • yoda

    i couldn’t agree more with you. melo is a bitch that will ruin knicsk. way to go dolan!

  • RC

    give it some time guys… this team for sure will be a powerhouse for a long time… just like those hated Miami clowns…

    but for now Chicago and Boston have the chemistry and looks like we know who’s gonna end up in the eastern conference finals.

  • s.bucketz

    hes a dumbass straight up..i dont care if he drops 50 every game the rest of the year..we are probbly still losin everytime cuz he’s a bitch..

    its like he saw everything that happened to JeBron Lames this year and was like “wow..what a dumb douchebag…i bet i could out-douche him tho”

  • hahns

    hahah WOW. when melo came to ny ppl were celebrating like crazy and now everyone is out to blame him for everything.

    now i didnt want the trade to begin with, but damn, give it some time. the knicks are going through a cold streak. the heat just went through one too. a couple of nice wins and itll be in our rear view mirror.

    that being said, i still wish we kept our guys. we were developing chemistry- we had guys that hustled, we had a clear number 1 in amare and we had cap flexibility for the off season.

    we’ll be a good team, and honestly we’re probably scarier in the playoffs right now than what we were, but i think in the long term we could have done better w/o melo

  • Sam

    As a Net fan who really can’t stand the Knicks, it’s hilarious to me to see all these NY fans complaining. Are you guys for real?

    The Knicks have been bottom 30 defensively ever since D’Antoni got here, and you have a team with Melo, Stoudemire, and Billups. Once the head coach leaves, which will be pretty much right after the season, that team is going to be golden. Are Melo and Amare a little weak on D? Sure. But that team is going to attract free agents and they are going to kill it, I regret to say.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Nice writeup!

  • http://bigleaguewiffleball.com/ Jon L.

    I think it’s amazing how the Nuggets are doing so well and the Knicks are struggling. It didn’t help the Knicks that they lost a decent amount of players from their bench, but they definitely should be better. The Nuggets on the other hand have more balanced scoring and seem to be clicking on all cylinders. Who knows, they could surprise people in the playoffs and win a series or two.

  • http://www.darkwingpro.com Diallo

    D’Antoni is the problem, he needs an assistant to coach D if he won’t himself.

  • Young Gunner

    Nobody is scared of the Knicks, b

  • Cearism

    Funny how people especially from New York were anticipating and praying for the trade to happen. Now that it didnt worked out fine, they are blaming Melo and wants to have their old guys back. What a childish attitude lol

    “Hey, you seem to have a great player there. Let’s do a trade. Uh-oh, your player doesn’t seem to fit in my team. Let me have my players back.”

  • S.D

    Carmelo…..Hahah Knicks got hosed. They won’t get past 1-3 seeds.

  • Arno

    When guys like Stoudemire and Anthony arrive in a team that’s known for not caring about D, what’s the story ?

    Maybe a healthy Rony Turiaf could fix some holes in the interior defense. But only some.

    Scoring ? Yeah. Winning ? No way.