• Big Island

    Really early smack. Can someone tell me why Ohio State did not foul UK with 20+ seconds left, game tied, instead of letting them get a shot with 5 seconds left or whatever it was? They don’t shoot too well from the line and you get the last shot. Lame. Great games though.

  • Young Gunner

    Which suits A’Mare better: overrated or overhyped?
    He’ll put up 30 on any night but he’ll get like 3 or 4 boards. That cant be right

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Couple observations …

    Toronto should be contracted/moved right now. You can’t give up a hundred points in the first half alone.

    So Anthony Randolph puts up some very nice numbers on a bad team. Why didn’t D’Antoni play him again?

    What a dunkfest in LA. Nice game nice win

  • common sense

    check out d wades stat line.. 39points, 11 boards, 8 assists, 2 steals and 5 blocks. absolutely insane. best shot blocking guard to ever play the game. but perks was right, he does fall asleep and overhelp on d but still…

  • QQ

    Loving this NCAA tournament. Leaving brackets more busted than all of the past brackets of the last 5 years.

    And bout Amare. I used to diss him as much as I diss Carmelo, but he really seemed to change his game this season. He was an early MVP candidate, don’t forget. Then Melo arrived, and Amare regressed once again, thus proving that Carmelo’s bitchassness is the special kind, the CONTAGIOUS type.

  • Buckets

    Why would you foul in a tie game? That’s stupid. D up a try to get a stop, don’t foul and let the team get two uncontested shots. You’re smarter than that (Mark Jackson’s voice).

  • spit hot fiyah


  • First & Foremost

    It can go either way… If you don’t think they will make both crunchtime free throws then you saved time and give your team the ball back for the final shot. Assuming they miss the first free throw.

    However, if they make both and you miss the final shot, your AD will make sure you don’t get on the team bus.

  • jzsmoove

    Nobody fouls on a tie situation, you gotta let your D do its work and u live or lose with that. And it has to be contested otherwise drives coaches to lunacy.

    Move/Contract Toronto cuz their opposing FG/ PTS is shit? I agree they should blow up this version of the raptors but move it? ridiculous. Why is Phoenix still down in Phoenix then?

    I was so sure either Ohio or Florida would be in the Finals…there goes that. Props to VCU for getting it done, would be nice too see them holding the trophy over UNC or Kentucky.

  • Chaos

    VCU! VCU! VCU! my alma mater up here doing work! making the city of Richmond look good and proving to everyone that they belong! LETS GO!….
    sn: they have one helluva uphill climb with Kansas….

    D-Wade completely lost his mind last night. Philly didnt stand a chance when he has those kinda stats. NYK, whats the problem, they need to a foot in they ass

    anyone else notice that no matter who Boston or Charlotte has that the Bobcats will always be pain in the ass for the Celtics? they always give them and i think LA trouble.

  • north

    @Showtime you clearly don’t know the business of basketball. The Raptors make more money than most teams do for the league. They also have more fans than some winning teams, the place is electric, ask any player.

    Why is it that players that nobody wants go to Minny and become beasts. Randolph and Beasley are the two showcases, but Ridnour is on that list too. Is it coaching? The cold? What is it?

  • yoda

    lakers are rollin’ and that bitch melo is loosing. what a nice day i say
    who knew that ron had in him that reverse dunnk? it was nice. true, he fucked up two regular dunks short after. its ron after all. but his jumping and biceps flexing was fun. its nice to see teams playing well and having fun.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ #11 north

    That’s the sad part. They suck big time yet are still making money. Why would the owners invest/go into luxury tax/put a better product on the floor? Raptor fans would be better of boycotting and putting some pressure on the owners

    Trust me I know the business side but all those ‘great fans’ are getting screwed by the ownership

  • Lee

    Best quote of the night was in the Lakers game where the commentator was comparing Kaman to Hulk Hogan when he was squaring up to someone!! Never noticed the resemblance before, but it’s good !!

  • Kevin

    Artest blowing the two dunks that bad was hilarious.

    Of all the guys calling Melo a bitch and a bitchass in Smack, how many of them would say it to Melo’s face? Zero. So who’s the real bitch? I hate fake Internet tough guys.

  • J-smooth

    Took alot of confidence to take that last shot with time remaining on the clock! Props!

  • Big Island

    I agree that normally you wouldn’t foul a guy, but Kentucky is spotty at best from the line and I’d rather have the last shot to win than trying to get a stop for a tie and overtime. Even if they had stopped UK, it was going to OT. Foul, one of two from the line, and now you’ve got 20 seconds to win it. Just my opinion.

    And I agree with showtime about the “business of basketball”. There are certain teams who are willing to just be in the league, never threaten for anything, but get their wins, get the fans, and cash their checks. Then when a player leaves to try to win, everyone calls them selfish. The Clippers are another team that always makes money that way.

  • beiber newz

    time for a new article on ncaa sports. i’ll b first on it, watch

  • follow thru

    @big island, give it up. that ain’t happening

    @QQ, i know you’ve been one of the better posters here at dime but all this carmelo talk is old news – we all know he puts up the numbers that does not automatically equate to the chip. he’s the latest A.I.

    lately, i’ve stopped watching melo on D where he just coasts. that jab-step pull up jumper from mid range though is money.

    another way to look at it: melo when paired with a defensive freak like dwight will be murder for the league

  • K Dizzle

    The Toronto Raptors have the 12th highest payroll in the league this season. Please research facts before you post OPINION…

  • Pharaoh


  • beiber newz

    @@@@@ kdizzle

    Y;d u post the fact about the raptor’s payroll? i’m too lazy to check y, rather jus ask directly

  • http://www.darkwingpro.com Diallo

    Fire Antoni cuz he has no D

  • beiber newz

    every1 loved dantoni 3months ago.
    thery’re losing cuz there is no depth on the team

  • beiber newz

    dont forget u losers, that same style made amare an all star starter, yea over KEVIN GARNETT. and thats votes. so u dummies obviously liked his play. the team is different, hence the losing. wait til next season, til we get rookies, free agents, and better chemistry. then talk. fools

  • QQ

    @ 22:

    It’s quite a cliche now that the fans who vote the All Stars are the casual fans who have the money to but season tickets, and NOT the hardcore hoopheads like the one you see here, who’ll actually post a comment on a basketball website.

    Cause we sure AINT the ones responsible for T-Mac being one of the highest vote getters ever and still fighting for a starting spot when he only played like, 8-10 games.

  • Arno

    If you don’t foul, you get 5 seconds at best after your opponent attack. If you foul (1) you don’t take a 3 points play (2) you get 20 seconds to build something (3) you can make a 3 points play.

    Maybe students don’t foul. But Euroleague teams do.