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Butler and Kemba Walker Shoot Their Way Into the Final Four; The Knicks Debacle Reaches a New Low

Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker

The Butler is back again. You ever doze off, then wake back up to see the game you thought you were watching be turned upside down? You sit up, confused, eyes straining like “Huh?” Thank Butler for that. They are pretty good at making people look stupidGus Johnson called Florida’s style “bullyball.” It took five extra minutes, but eventually that big bully was sent home by the little guy as Butler staked it’s second consecutive trip to the Final Four with a come-from-behind 74-71 overtime win. The Bulldogs got help from everybody but it was Shelvin Mack (27 points) who was the difference. He came back from an ankle sprain in the first half to hit every big shot, including the go-ahead three-pointer with just over a minute left in overtime. … As much credit as Butler deserves, the Gators really screwed up. In the first half, Vernon Macklin (25 points) looked like Kevin McHale. Then he rarely touched the ball in the second. Florida pushed Butler around all day inside, but down the stretch in both regulation and overtime, the guards – specifically Kenny Boynton (17 points) and Erving Walker (1-10 from the field) – took a number of stupid threes. Watching the game, it felt like Florida was the teenager who just enjoyed beating up on their kid brother, razing them enough until all of a sudden, they had an unwanted fight on their hands. They were up 11 in the second half and had a nine-point lead late, but when Butler cut into the lead, Walker’s shot to win rimmed off and the game went to overtime. When the Gators fell behind late in the extra frame, two consecutive wild threes from Walker and Boynton sealed their fate … Can adrenaline really last 19 days? Can you really ride that high through nine straight games? Well, UConn has done it. They survived a talented an assault by a Arizona team and a pro-‘Zona crowd to win by two and extend their season to the Final Four. The Butler and Florida game was spectacular; this one was just as good. On the final possession, down two, first Derrick Williams (20 points) pulled up for a contested three that was long. The rebound ended up in Jamelle Horne’s hands but his three was off as well. For the Huskies, it was one final sigh of relief. They fought off Arizona’s charges ever since Williams went out with two fouls in the first half. After that, every ‘Zona attack was countered by Kemba Walker (20 points, 7 assists) and Jeremy Lamb (19 points) … Remember the second half against Duke when Arizona had two straight message-sending dunks? They did it again in the final frame last night. Williams drop stepped and brought the whole desert careening down on UConn’s faces and then Jesse Perry (14 points) finished another eyebrow-raiser on the baseline … But as we said, UConn immediately came right back at them, hitting the ‘Cats with a 10-0 sledgehammer that helped give them a cushion down the stretch … It won’t be long before Derrick Rose is going to have haters too. When you are this good, people get jealous, jealous you aren’t on their team, jealous you just really don’t care about feelings and are coming for what’s yours. Watching the final minutes of Rose’s (30 points, 17 assists) takeover against Milwaukee, that’s all we could think of. Rose went from a little, cuddly thing last year to maybe the baddest dude on the planet. With the game in the balance last night, Rose scored six straight points, making his weird push shot in the lane and then coming back on the next possession with a Kobe-like reverse pivot fadeaway. Splash. To top if off, he fed Luol Deng for a three-point play on the next possession. He scored 10 in a three-and-a-half minute span. Milwaukee had no chance. Still don’t think he’s the MVP? … On the other end of awesome sit the Knicks, who are more embarrassing right now than getting caught bumping and mouthing Ke$ha with the windows peeled down at a red light. When you give up 64 first-half points to the freaking Bobcats, as New York did in their eight-point loss to Charlotte, it’s officially go-sit-in-the-corner-time. It’s not even Carmelo Anthony’s (36 points) fault either. Boris Diaw (20 points) played well. So did Stephen Jackson (19 points). But New York could make anyone look good right now. Seriously, Charlotte might be the worst offensive team in the league and they trampled the Knicks. That’s like losing in a spelling bee to a four-year old … Other headlines from around the league: Atlanta jumped out 19-2 on New Jersey and rode that to a 11-point win, led by Al Horford (23 points, 12 rebounds); Richard Hamilton (23 points) and Detroit dampened the Pacers’ playoff chances with a 12-point win; Dallas and Jason Terry (22 points) sprinted away from the Jazz in the fourth quarter to win by 17; and Blake Griffin (22 points, 16 rebounds) and the Clippers held off Toronto in a four-point L.A. win … We’re out like “bullyball.”

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  • Diggity Dave

    Rose can have MVP. It did Nash, Dirk, and Lebron tons of good.

  • Jazzy Jay

    D Rose passed the ball to ronnie brewer for the 3-point play..just sayin’..but D Rose was straight beastin’..saw that crossover on B jennings?NASTY!!

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    Other stat lines: Brook Lopez- 0 rebounds in 30mins… Not even ACCIDENTALLY getting one :-/

  • sadeye2507

    Can’t hate on DRose anymore. Kid makes use of his talents and his team gets the W. MVP for sure.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Are there anymore doubters for the unanimous NBA MVP in Derrick Rose of The Chicago Bulls?…..ill wait

    DRose hears all, they say he shoots too much & dont get enough assists well how bout I drop 30pts 17ast on somebody heads and lead my team from 4pts down with 2mins to go to win by 8…Clutch MVP my name is DRose. Hi Haters

    Hey First & Foremost….dwight who?

  • Reno

    Rose = a bigger A.I.

  • cavi

    Rose is special man, there’s only a few players that have that special intangible that separates them from the rest of the pack, and this kid has it. He’s proof that hard work when the lights are off pay dividends for your game. All the criticism of him is fair because no player is perfect but he doesn’t sit in front of a Mic to prove himself, he goes back in the gym to improve on his craft. Chicago, you guys have a great one at only 22 that will only get better which is scary

  • jzsmoove

    Rose = a bigger A.I. (with a better work ethic and his team wins) seems like a more appropriate comment. Or

    Rose = a bigger A.I. (with a better demeanor and his teammates like him) sounds good too.

    Rose makes me want to go get his shoes, IT MUST BE THE SHOES! wait, there was another Bull that wanted to make me do the same once upon a time. DA Bulls!

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Still think its Dwight….

    I watched that game and Rose is amazing, best offensive player in the league but Chitown won that came cuz of their D.

    But I’ma stop now cuz I sound like a massive hater haha

  • jdizzle

    Since when did it become cool to hate on Derrick Rose?

  • Lee

    Rose won’t be hated because he works on his game, is a point guard so won’t be compared to Jordan and hasn’t had any problems in Denver.


    Yeah Howard or Rose. But my vote goes to Rip Hamilton lmao.

  • QQ

    I’m still gonna rep Dwight, but damn, why you hatin on DRose, cats???

    I mean I could argue for Dwight all day, but I aint gonna diss Rose.

    Rose HAS game. Seriously. The kind of player who comes along once in 10-15 years, that makes you LOVE the game of basketball every time you see him on the court.

    Rose = Bigger AI????

    Fuck that.

    Stop hatin’.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    People don’t hate on Derrick Rose because they’re jealous of his skill or the fact that he’s not on their team. I respect him greatly as a basketball player and wish the lottery balls had bounced Miami’s way in 2008.

    However, people hate all the hype and this cloak of infallibility that has suddenly been placed around Derrick Rose. The hate is coming out because the media and pundits are all over Rose and crowning him “Best Point Guard in the League” and “Successor to Michael Jordan”. Any player (see: Lebron James) will get hated on because of his popularity and “flavor of the month” status.

    The hate against Rose is particularly strong because a lot of people don’t think he deserves his newfound status as a top 5 player in the League. He’s a scoring point guard who has never won a playoff series.

    In my opinion, Rose is getting all this love due, in part, to the fact that everyone hates Lebron James. No one wants him to win a third straight, especially not after “The Decision”. Even though he has better stats than Rose, it has been decided that James cannot win. So congratulations to 2011 MVP Derrick Rose.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    Also, the weakness in the Lebron James argument is that the Miami Heat are doing worse than Rose’s Bulls. This is the key factor in Rose’s MVP chances.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    @stunna u do sound like a hater cuz DRose won that gm with 10str8 ltd to turn a Milwaukee lead n2 a bulls win and especially if u can’t appreciate a 30pts 17ast gm in a defensive gm under 100pts scored…by the MVP DRose and his team is steadily increasing there 1st place in east and 2nd best team n league standing.

    @jdizzle Idk I guess ppl hate greatness & winners cuz he is the most superstar in the league there is, works his butt off , and makes no excuses

  • http://www.MVPresidesinChitown.com Chicagorilla

    @jdizzle, last summer is when it became cool to hate on Rose to be exact.

    Great game by Rose and the rest of the Bulls. Ronnie Brewer and Kurt Thomas will be the most important players in the playoffs. I still dont think the Bulls are getting past the 2nd round but u nuver know.

  • cavi

    If anyone this year thinks lebron James deserves the award this year over rose and dwight they’re nuts. Those two guys are by far the top reasons why their teams win games while lebron and wade take turns. Quit looking at all these advanced stats and judge the game like back in the day, in between the lines,head to head records versus the elite teams. Skip bayless tweeted the other day that he didn’t see the game but rose shooting 6-22 in a game validated that he shouldn’t win MVP. Should we even take these opinions seriously because rose was the reason they beat the grizz. Watch the games and quit looking at john hollinger ratings

  • Patrick

    If rose wins the mvp this year it will be because the powers that be have decided you can’t win the award with world class teammates. Lebron, wade, kobe, and kd are all playing better ball this year. I think that he is having an almost identical season to westbrook, but the bulls have a better record because the east is weaker than the west. I really like rose. I like his game, I think he has a good attitude, he seems to have that killer instinct, but he is still steve francis or allen iverson. He is putting up numbers on a good bulls team. Compare them to the championship pistons team. boozer is rasheed, noah is ben they have some athletic backups and rose is chauncey. He is playing really good ball, and he is the best player on a good team. I don’t think that to win the most valuable player your team should have to be garbage without you (which the bulls wouldn’t be). You should be the best player, playing the best ball, on the best team. Right now that is probably still lebron.

  • QQ

    @ 18:

    The best team right now is the Heat?

    You lost me there, man.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Now I gotta respond…

    Okay we all know that LeBron is still the best player in the NBA, but MVP is not that so lets stop bringing him up in this conversation.

    Listen the reason I’m a Rose “hater” is because I refuse to suck his dick. The media hypes up these players to such an extreme that if you have a different opinion your a hater. Its ridiculous.

    Rose is a phenomenal player. No doubt about it. He plays hard and has worked his game to amazing levels. But listening to some of ya’ll its like he is the second coming.

    Wade is better than him. Kobe is better than him. His team wins games on defense (where he is mediocre his team allows 10 less points when he is off the floor), not offense (where he excels). He is an AMAZING player and deserving of the MVP. But all this “he’s the best player in the world”, “he wins games by himself” and “he is the ultimate professional” shit is what gets to me.

    “I guess ppl hate greatness & winners cuz he is the most superstar in the league there is, works his butt off , and makes no excuses”

    See what I mean? How do YOU know. This is the exact same shit the media was lumping down our throats with Kobe/LeBron/KD whoever.

    By the way, guess the difference between Rose and Westbrook? 2 points a game. I am fully confident you switch the two around Chicago are pretty much the same (shit with Westbrooks D they may even be better) while the Thunder so worse (we saw how Rose is when he isn’t the alpha in Turkey). There is no center in this league who can replace Dwight and doesn’t instantly make the Magic a 43 win team.

    And yes Rose is one of my top 3 favorite players, even though I’m a huge Rondo fan ;)

  • King

    Rose hasnt got out of the first round yet lets hold off comparing him to one of the best scorers EVER in AI who carried on of the weaker teams to the finals

  • JC

    Still mad my Gators lost, but we did play like we figured we’d just win anyway. Not gonna sit up and call anyone a hater for not thinking Rose is the obvious MVP, since it’s a completely subjective matter in the first plays. I happen to think that good numbers, a good record, and good marketability are three key components of the award. Rose, Howard, and LBJ have all 3, but Rose has a real advantage in the marketability arena. When one considers Howard with his techs/suspension and baby mama drama, and LBJ with the Decision, Rose comes off as the smart MVP pick from a league perspective, so I’m not surprised at all to see folks gravitating to Rose.

    Anyone else see a little bit of Rudy Gay in Jeremy Lamb? Maybe Nicolas Batum as well, especially with his build. He has a bright future, as does Napier for UConn.

  • cavi

    All I heard before the season started is how the bulls failed to get any of the top free agents and how having a rookie head coach would not be a smooth process for the team. Boozer and a bunch of free agent role players would not make them solid contenders. Now as the season is winding down you have these same people giving those acquisitions more credit for their success than rose. Every stat that is related to winning against top comp the bulls are at or near the top of the list. Rose is the catalyst for this team, give credit where credit is due

  • erob

    Let’s stop with the hypothetical statements like “if westbrook played with the bulls they would be the same if not better” gtfoh. Playing in a major market like Chitown ain’t easy my friends, and playing without a great scorer like durant would make opposing defenses focus on westbrook with double teams, traps and many other defenses that he doesn’t encounter on a consistent basis.

  • Diego

    Rose deserves MVP because he has take his team to a higher level than Dwight this year (and Chicago has been without either Boozer or Noah pretty much for the whole season). But I wouldn’t be real bothered with Dwight as MVP. Both guys make their teams.

    Lebron as MVP would be an absolute joke. You could bump Lebron from Miami, add 1 or 2 half-way decent players in his stead, and you still would have a team just as good (with Wade and Bosh). Hell, I think you could flat out take away Lebron for the year (with no added players), and Miami would still be fighting Orlando for the 3rd spot in the East (where Miami is now). Lebron just is not that valuable–yes, he puts up a shit load of stats, but that is not what MVP is about. Lebron led his rag tag crews in Cleveland to better regular seasons than this yo yo season with Wade and Bosh.

  • w1ndel

    @20: having different opinions than the star-hyping media is not even hating. its totally natural not sucking these guys’ dicks.

    DIME, i dont think that a guy like rose ll ever get so much hate like lebron did. you think hate is because of greatness, wrong its because of behavior of the athletes. lebron didnt get this hate because he is great, but because he is a complete douche. i mean ok, if he totally sucked at the game, no one would have a conversation bout him, so greatness is also a factor, but by far not the only one.

    rose for mvp seems a good choice and all but i dont know, i think rose is maybe easier to replace than dwight. i mean, every player is. so maybe dwight should be most valuable player.but to say the only difference between rose and westbrook are 2 points is bs in my opinion. look how rose finds a way to score, when it matters and the whole defence is focused on him. look at his quickness. i think he def got more skill than westbrook sry.

  • First & Foremost

    Oh How do I ever love being called out…

    @JC – You did bring up a very good point. Kobe couldn’t win the MVP until people forgot about Denver. The League doesn’t want players leaving teams like Lebron did so even though he is the best player there will always be a way for him to not win. Yes, due to the technical foul rule which was implemented this year and Dwight getting at least 16 of them, the league would look stupid giving him the MVP. How could they award the league leader in techs with the MVP? Good points there JC

    @Jerkish – There is no question right now, Rose is the best offensive player in the league. If I were to ask you for defensive plays he has made this past month you’d mention his block on Deron Williams and that is it, nothing else. Meaning as great as he is on offense, he is not the leader on defense. The Bulls are a GREAT defensive team as a unit and can be noted they are a better defensive team without him. (Rose scores, goes to the bench, the other team doesn’t score, Rose comes back and scores some more, game over)

    As I’ve said all along, Dwight is the lynchpin on both sides of the ball. On defense the job is to run shooters off the 3 & funnel players to him to alter shots. On offense they work best when running through Dwight and him kicking out creating ball movement for players who can’t create a shot in an empty gym.

    Rose will win the MVP because he is the media favorite as well as having a strong case. However, Dwight makes his team better on BOTH ends of the floor. Last I checked, teams are required to switch after a change of possession. The Bulls are better defensively without Rose. If Dwight wins the DPOY, that hurts his case for MVP because he hasn’t had a dominant enough season to win both.

    Rose is only the unanimous MVP if you disregard defense. Let me guess, the greatest defense is a better offense.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Diggity Dave — Dirk, Nash and LeBron are each headed to the Hall.of Fame and make eight figures a year. MVP hasn’t exactly been a curse.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    @first & foremost another HUGE factor ur ignoring is the magic is 4th in the conference where the Bulls r #2 in the whole NBA and #1 in east

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    (Random point not reflecting the Rose/Dwight)

    I never got why record had t do with shit, especially MVPs. Good teams generally have amazing help for their best players. if Dwight had a sidekick as good as say Gasol, I’m sure Orlando would be winning 60+ games. This particularly annoyed me with Wade in 09/10 when he was the BEST player in the NBA and meant the most to his team yet due to his record finished THIRD (unforgivable) in the voting. not his fault he took a lottery talented (the team that won like 17 games when he sat out last year) team 3 wins shy of home court.

    And before you ask who is Rose’s sidekick, take a good look at Deng’s contributions to the team, 18/6 with AMAZING (I’m talking All-NBA) defense. Best Howard has is 6′ SG Nelsen, old man J-Rich and Turkey-Glue when he checks in for his bi-weekly good game.

    So yeah that’s my two cents

  • http://www.MVPresidesinChitown.com Chicagorilla

    @jerkish, i see u still putting up the good fight for Roses respect. I’ll dime you on this one.

    Saying Rose is not a good or lynchpin on defense is almost as idiotic as saying the offense is centered around Dwight.
    While Dwight may be more valuable on D than Rose its stupid o base his MVP case on that. Dwight is like any other good defensive center on D. Protecting the rim with 2 blks per game and rebounding at 14. He has to worry about two center in the east and thats the 6’9 STAT and the 14ppg Bogut and STAT is really a pf. Across the entire NBA he has only a handful if that, that he has to contain one on one
    Rose on the other hand has Jennings, Stucky, and Collinson are in the central div alone. Across the NBA There may be only a handfull that Rose DOESN’T have to worry about. And thats with a no contact rule on the per. Somehow thru all this non-exisitant denfense Rose has been D’ing up quite a few pgs at the most talent filled pos in the NBA maybe ever. He may not be Gary Payton right now, but he is showing just as much potiential on D than he is on O. Also, why are the bulls so good in so many def categories that pertian to perimeter Def?. Most noteably, steals, Def FG%, and Def 3Pt%.

    On offense, Dwight is a decoy in SVG’s system. Jameer and Hedo are the most important in that system. I personally hate it and think Dwight should get the ball more, but the truth is he doesnt. And a perfect example of Rose’s prowess in the clutch vs Dwight was thw Mil game last night. Rose made play after play with Mil looking helpless. The ball went to him everytime – shot like 12/12 fts too- and he produced and took the win from Mil.
    Dwight hasnt gotten to that point in his skills yet. And Roses win % vs +.500 teams from both east/west shows u how clutch he is.

    Image wise they both have good and bad. Rose has more negatvie history than Dwight when u consider the claims of gang affiliation, the ACT test cheating claims, and the he isn’t nearly as well spoken or outgoing as Dwight. Dwight is a fan fav everywhere, a 7yr vet, tons of charity work, an ordained minister, and slam dunk champ. Im sure he is more liked than any NBA player by the media. Its hard to overlook Rose because he has a Num 1 team that has no business even being num 4. If Dwight does win i wont trip, but its Roses award in my eyes.

  • follow thru

    my minor knock on dwight now is he’s the best offensive and defensive player for the magic for the first 46 minutes. in the last 2 minutes, he is relegated as a pick setter for hedo and jameer due to his shaky FTs.

    that being said, he’s still an MVP candidate every year and the league should just rename the DPOY to him. Once his offense and patience come around, he’ll be hard to beat

  • http://www.MVPresidesinChitown.com Chicagorilla


    Are u outta ur fuking mind!!!?Deng an all nba defender???? He gets sh!tted on by every wing we face!!!!! Salmons and mfing Carlos Def just dropped nearly 47 combined pts on our wing def. Ronnie Brewer has been an all def performer, and even Bogans has been respectable. Deng is out there for scoring and hopefully getting in the way of opposimg wings!!!! He is probably the slowest person on the team, he’s weak, stiff, and lacks quick feet or hands. Look at the recent games alone, Mil duo, DGranger, J.Smith, S. Jackson, Lebron, and so on, Deng gets raped the majority of the time. Anyone referrin to Loul effing Deng as a all NBA def, clearly doesnt watch the games.

    Oh an by the way, stop throwing in ur 2cents, because its just cheap talk <— thats some coldblooded ish to say to a nicca right there. I just came up with that one too, its a throwaway. U can keep it, use it on ur friends.lol

    Like i said, Rose may not be an all league defender -although none of u know who the real def are anyway- but with teams trying to run him thru thousands of screens he still manages to play very solid and sometimes impressive d on them.

    Watch the nxt bulls game and study Roses 1 on 1 def. Then peep him playing the passing lanes, then see him cutting off lanes with his footwork, and watch him fight thru every screen. If thats a bad def, then i want my entire AAU team to play bad d!

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    “Oh an by the way, stop throwing in ur 2cents, because its just cheap talk”

    I am so stealing that

    Does any Bull not named Rose impress you? I watch ALOT of Bulls games, probably more than any other team minus my C’s, and from my eye test Deng is your teams best perimeter defender. He guards the other teams best offensive player on the wing and does a pretty good job at it. Maybe we see different things but yeah I can totally see him making All-NBA 2nd team (he deserves it more than say Kobe who gets in on reputation)

    You saying that Jameer and Nelson are more important than Dwight on offense is plain laughable though…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Nash has 2 MVPs and we all know how bad he is defensively, so why is defense even being presented as an argument against Rose? Obviously it doesn’t matter to a lot of MVP voters.

  • http://www.MVPresidesinChitown.com Chicagorilla


    I seriously am baffled when u say Deng is that good of a defender. Here in the Chi we have much higher standards-the true fans- when it comes to perimeter D. After watching guys like Pip, Jordan, Harper, Sloan, Van Leir, Hinrich, hell even Pete Myers D’d up, i cant just accept trying hard as good def. Deng tries and i give him that, he is not a lazy defender. Deng just isn’t equipped to be an all NBA defender. He is a above avg help defender because he knows where to be, but never a lockdown type.

    Again, u cant be watching the games because even the casual defender knows Brewer is our best per defender and Kurt Thomas is our best post def. Thibs has Rose, Noah, Deng, Booz, and Bogans playing on a string together. They have the best def rotations and use either thier size, length, or speed to get in position to force a tough shot.

    @Austin, come on man, its not just about what others -the media- thinks. People need to form their own opinion based on what they see not hear or read. Too many cats are dyck riders. Too many indians and not enough chiefs. And yoou talk that ish about Nash like he just doesnt try, he is no different from Deng, at least he tries. He’s just playing a tough position. For the record i think he only desserved one MVP, he owes Kobe that one.

    The MVP should be a good defender, lets not lower standards to accomidate laziness. Rose is an above avg defender -with the tools to be great at def btw- and a super offensive talent. Carried his team with a rookie coach, new team -2 new starters and 5 players playing major min who are new- took his game to elite status over the summer, has one allstar playing with him and that guy missed a large chunk of the season, carries the anemic off nightly, and is generally a good kid. Dwight has 3 all stars with him, Kobe has 2 all stars and two HOF coaches, Wade and Lbj have eachother plus Bosh, Durant has Westbrook who was an allstar this year.

    Anyone arguing that Rose aint MVP at this point is not a true fan of the game itself. Swallow ur foolish pride and give the kid his props.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Dwight has 3 all stars? Are we watching the same season?

  • JAY

    @ F&F: “The Bulls are better defensively without Rose.”
    You know statistically speaking Orlando is a better defensive team with Dwight on the bench. I’ve heard argument that when DH is on the bench the opposing team’s bench players are playing so that’s why it appears like Orl is better defensively. My argument to that is, Dwight gets into foul trouble every few games and is forced to sit while his team is facing the other team’s starters. My point is, you say he’s the lynchpin, I say he’s their bail-out guy. When he’s in, his teammates try to funnel guys into the middle where DH can scare the shit out of them. When he’s out, they try harder to keep their man in from of them, therefore, they actually play better defense on their man.

  • JAY

    Re: Rose’s and Howard’s effect on their team’s offense.

    Orlando: Howard is surrounded by shooters and his presence inside gives them the extra 2-3 inches they need to get a good shot off. He certainly helps them, but their presence on the perimeter definitely gives him the space to do his thing inside also. On offense, the Magic team is a true team. All 5 guys helps one another.

    Chicago: Rose is surrounded by average perimeter guys who aren’t exactly threats from deep range, Boozer-their post scorer, and Noah-the awkward hustle player. Rose creates everything for his team. Inside, outside, midrange. It’s all created by Rose. The Bulls’ “perimeter” players don’t exactly spread the floor for Rose to do his work.

    Now, if Howard misses a couple of games, the Magic will still find ways to score because that team is loaded with scorers. Can you say the same of Chicago and D-Rose? I can’t.

    I see a lot of comments here that Howard is THE guy for Orlando on both sides of the floor. Although I somewhat agree with that statement, offensively his teammates will still put the ball in the bucket without him. Turk, J-Rich, Nelson, Reddick <– that's what they do. We can even argue that if Dwight sits out some games they have the talent to play an uptempo game and score more points than in a half-court system with Dwight.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — It is just about what the media thinks, because the media votes on the MVP award. Of course all of us have our own opinons on what makes an MVP, but if your first anti-Rose argument is that he should’t get MVP because he’s not an NBA All-Defensive Team kind of player, that’s not even a sound argument because defense isn’t that important when it comes to MVP, particularly when it comes to small guards. The last two to win MVP were Nash and Iverson, and they’re always criticized for their defense.