Smack / Mar 29, 2011 / 1:30 am

Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks Finally Show Some Heart; Jay-Z is a Kentucky Fan

Earlier in the day on Monday, Carmelo Anthony characterized last night’s Knicks/Magic game as an “almost must win” for New York. Then he and his teammates went out and played with a desperate urgency that’s been lacking, well, since ‘Melo showed up in NYC and outlasted Orlando in overtime, 113-106 … Carmelo wasn’t just his team’s leading scorer last night, he was a true leader. He went for a game-high 39 points, attacked the glass (10 rebounds), and even sort of looked to pass to teammates before he got bogged down over-dribbling or holding the ball. And on top of that, he was busting his ass on defense. There were whole sequences where Carmelo was all over Ryan Anderson (!) when Anderson had the ball at half court. ‘Melo was moving his feet, fighting for positioning, boxing out, the whole nine … The bad part for Knicks fans is obvious: Why the hell doesn’t he do that all the time? Mike Breen and Clyde were beside themselves. They were clearly happy with the way ‘Melo was playing, but repeatedly pointed out that they couldn’t understand why that type of effort isn’t a regular thing … ‘Melo had a little edge to him last night too – maybe the physical play was getting to him. In overtime, he got tangled up on the floor with Jason Richardson fighting for a loose ball. Anthony got up first and pushed J-Rich back down to the floor. Richardson responded by grabbing ‘Melo’s foot and tripping him as he tried to run down the court. The MSG crowd responded by serenading J-Rich with chants of “A**-hole! A**-hole!” … One of the Dime Crew was at the game last night. During pre-game, someone asked Dwight Howard where he got his V-MODA headphones and he responded with, “Some Russian millionaire” … In the Magic locker room after the game, Dwight was loudly signing the National Anthem, and Brandon Bass eventually joined in. One of the happier locker rooms we’ve been in after a loss … Earl Clark told us that he plays Gilbert Arenas one-on-one for sneakers all the time. He showed us a brand new pair of black Jordans that he won off of Gil earlier in the day and said that Arenas is pretty much responsible for all of the shoes he owns … Read More: The Celtics are wilting, Derrick Rose & Co. are upset, and Jay-Z is a Kentucky fan…

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  • cesar

    problem in page 2

  • cesar

    forget it, is working now

  • IGP

    You can tell Austin doesn’t work here anymore…

  • That’s What’s Up

    Wizards second road win of the year. impressive.

    Not sure what happened to the Bulls last night.

  • The Goods

    Good to see the Knicks and Melo get back on track last night, the panic level was reaching epic heights! – Even though it isn’t pretty the scramble for the 8 spot in the East was interesting to watch last night, was just me or did the Bucks miss like 5 game winning shots?

    Can’t believe the Bucks spent all that money in the offseason and have little to show for it except the return of Michael Redd. Back to Melo, last nights game is the reason I rep that dude so much because he can and will be an absolute MVP beast before it is all said and done. I like to see him respond with the grimy, physical play after being trashed for the past two weeks. Knicks can still get better before the end of the year and make some noise in the playoffs.

    Oh and don’t look now but the Spurs are dropping faster than panties on prom night. Even if LA doesn’t get the home court throughout (which I do think they will) they are firmly in the Spurs heads with this run they are on. Spurs bench looked like a rest home last night with TD, Manu, and Frenchie just chillin and kickin back. Don’t count Dallas out though either, cant wait for the playoffs to start!

  • north

    D Rose had 10 turnovers, some at the worst points of them game… that’s what happened. Every time they clawed back, he’d give Phili the ball back and they’d score. I think this MVP talk has him starting to play differently than he was before. The last few games (I’ve watched them all start to finish) he’s been a different player.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I can’t completely fault the 76ers for being out late on a work night – like no one here has done it – but for a Lil Wayne concert? Please

  • Sam

    The Russians are trying to buy Dwight’s loyalty to the Brooklyn Nets!!!!

  • QQ


    Not happy that they did it against my Magic LOL, but they’re about THIS close before all the fans go back to their ‘FIIIIREEEE CHA-NEY’ days. They NEEEDED that win.

    And yeah as much as they needed it SO badly, they needed overtime to do it. Props to the Magic.

  • QQ

    And yeah, the Earl CLark sneakers stuff was supposed to be a feel good story…

    But damn, Gil. You went from averaging 28 per game to regularly losing pickup games to Earl Clark. DAAAAMN.

  • x0t

    arenas has been absolutely atrocious this season. Abysmal percentages and turnovers galore. Injuries aside, if Im coaching that team he gets no more than 10 min of burn until he shows something.

  • x0t

    and even then he only gets 10 because of his name and ridiculous contract.

  • jzsmoove

    Dwight has a booster…watch out the Magic Eastern finals banner might be taken away by Stern. Stricken off the books.

  • E

    Page 2 isnt working…

  • NYK

    knick magic should never had gone to OT. why can’t D’antoni foul when up by 3??? WHY!?

    anyone watched nba tv and saw how they said Washington Wizards doubled their road win totals this late in the season? I LOL’d

    and earl clark better be careful and let gilbert win a few pick up games before he brings a piece with him

  • First & Foremost

    @6 So Rose can’t have at least 1 bad game in a month. He should make a guest appearance in Lupe’s Words I Never Said video. It would just be so fitting.

    I blame SVG for the Magic loss last night. Hedo had 5 fouls early in the 4th and proceeded to play even worse defense vs. Melo. If the goal was to keep Hedo off of Melo, then those are the picks you don’t switch on.

    Great job by Melo for just wanting this game more than anyone else.

  • First & Foremost

    @NYK – Next week, Earl Clark DNP – Arenas’ Decision.

    It was painful watching Arenas going through the motions. He better have one helluva offseason to get his legs back or else Dwight is as good as gone.

  • s.bucketz

    any1 who says melo played “tough” either didnt actually watch the game or never played a real game of basketball…he was playin like a fake tough guy..he was boxing out diwght howard, which is good, but when the ball was nowhere near them..when the ball was near him he was gettin beasted by every1..yea he picked up his man at half court which is completely unnecessary..but yayyy he’s actually backin up his words!!!fuck that
    and don’t get me started on his selfishness…tie game 6 seconds left and ur gunna try to split a triple team??? up 3 wit 18 seconds left in OT and after one of your INTENSE ARM FLAILING BOARDS WHEN NO1 IS AROUND YOU ur gunna tell the 90% free throw shooter to fall back while u try to go for 40…im glad he missed the first free throw..i was hopin he would miss the second too

  • s.bucketz

    my bad i meant to say he picked up his man at half court once…and he played ok D on J-rich one time when the rest of the team played good D for the other 21 seconds and all he had to do was not foul him which he almost did

  • money

    NY Fans are full of themselves and have their heads up their ass. Melo is dirty for pulling J-Rich’s leg as J-Rich was trying to get up after hustling on D. Refs have it out for Dwight Howard, his sixth foul was a legit rebound. NY is lucky they escaped with the win. They’ll be swept in the playoffs, soft team only knows how to front.

  • Claw

    I think Orlando and the Cs screwed themselves in their trades this year. Both lost their edge, the Eastern playoffs are wide open while OK City looks much better with the addition of Perkins and have some lock down D to go with Brook and Durant.

  • LakeShow84

    I wouldnt think the C’s are done until they are eliminated..

    they backed in last year too and CAKEWALKED through the East.. We’ll see what happens this year..

  • s.bucketz

    lol i think the Cs gave perkins to OKC so they could beat the lakers this year..
    and dwights last foul was weak…but he is constantly throwing people or goin over the back when hes goin for boards and settin moving screens..it jus caught up to him at the wrong time..and he has to have more poise than to get a tech in that situation..although i dont think the magic really cared about that L

  • QQ

    Yes for fools saying ‘why you hate on Miami losing when the C’s are losing too’…

    Answer: See 2010 NBA playoffs.

    PS: That caught me off guard too.

  • First & Foremost

    Yes, Dwight isn’t the cleanest of players. He can pin smaller players with an elbow to the throat, uses his arms more than his legs to get position, and rarely stationary when setting a screen.

    However, he is held when going up for lobs, bear hugged when rolling to the basket, and even trying to fend off being put in an arm bar when someone is “boxing” him out. Austin Powers Judo Chopped once getting an offensive rebound, Three Stooges style eye pokes after his power dribble, H-O-W-A-R-D must stand for “Free Piggy Back Rides” to defenders rotating too late.

    Just like in football you have to let most calls go or else the game slows to a crawl, stars foul out, and the game would be decided by refs. He just has to live with it.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    So the last few games Rose has played differently huh? You watched all of them too?

    So the last game he had 10 TO’s. yeh, bad game for him, forget the fact that he had to put the team on his back because no one else was hitting shots. So he tried to force himself into the packed lane to get buckets. Philly just did a great job of packing the lane.

    But you mentioned watching the previous games. Thats your way of trying to give yourself credibility for your post against Rose..sooooo lets see

    vs Mil Bucks: 30pts 17ast 2 TO’s 12/12 FTs &the Win

    vs Mem Grizz: 24pts 7ast 7reb 12/13 FTs 4TOs &the Win

    vs Atl hawks: 30pts 10ast 4reb 6/8 3pt 1TO in 29min &the WIN

    vs Sac Kings: 18pts 8ast 2/4 3pt 2TO’s in 28min & the Win

    vs In Pacers: 42pts 4ast 4TO’s loss in OT

    So where do you see Rose crumbling under the pressure of the MVP talk???? Must be that 30-10 game in 29min vs ATL or the 30-17 game vs Mil.

    You sir are a RuhTard and should stop posting immediately.

  • TIP

    Page 2…

  • neoy

    @ chicagorilla

    LOL dude … save him some face

  • Reno

    LMAO @ Knicks fans getting hype about an OT (referee friendly) win over an Orlando team that had no Jameer, who destroys the Knicks (looking at you Billups), and no JJ as well. You would’ve thought they just won a game 7 the way Melo was talking in the post game and the way the Garden was rockin LMAO! Fools gold.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    When my Knicks play D, we’re a totally different team, able to overcome our lack of defensive personel (to a degree). But I put the lack of effort on D on coach. And he’s real comfortable with having defense on the back-burner too. Too bad we got Dumb Ass Dolan up there, otherwise he’d be out of there in favor of a coach that’s going to hold EVERYONE accountable.

  • Sporty-j

    I am not taking any of those Celtics loses series like most people are since they traded Perkins. They will be alright once Shaq comes back. I do think now though that my Heat will beat them in the 2nd round once they fall to that spot 3 and since our new improved offense looks much better. Even if Perkins was still a Celtic i dont see them containing us now either way. That 5 game losing streak was a blessing in the sky and until the Knicks put together there super team in 2012 with all the pieces that will be needed to stop the Heat. The NBA and the east will be on a championship lockout until than…

  • dlight

    @chigorilla have mercy bra, dang dude probably threw his keyboard lol