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Derrick Rose Takes Out Another PG Contender; Brandon Roy is Back With a Vengeance

Derrick RoseWe were hyped for the John Wall/Brandon Jennings head-to-head matchup of two of the league’s best young point guards last week, but the epic battle we hoped for never really materialized. Last night we were fired up for Derrick Rose to face off with Wall, but the results were about the same as last week. Both of those guys did their thing, but the Wizards are so bad, that it never really felt like the heated battle we were hoping for as Chicago rolled 98-79 … Rose is always impressive (23 points, seven assists). He’s so fast it’s impossible to keep him from going wherever he wants to on the floor – which is usually in the paint. With a defense as poor as the Wizards’, his effectiveness is magnified. He does his thing and the defense is left so out of position trying to help on him, guys like Kurt Thomas are left wide open to drill wide-open 10-footers at will … How about JaVale McGee with the triple-double? 11 points, 12 boards and 12 blocks … Kind of crazy though, the Wizards spent the final four minutes trying get McGee the points he needed for the triple-double. He didn’t get it until the end of the game and everything in between was disgusting. There were airballs, horrendous bricks, and JaVale trying to go one-on-one from the top of the key … The win put Chicago in sole possession of first place in the East and the loss put the Wizards somewhere in the NIT … So yeah, this is what Bill Wennington looked like last night:

After a Danny Granger-less Pacers teams pantsed the Knicks last week at MSG, you figured the Knicks would come out and kill the Pacers last night in Indy. They didn’t, losing a very winnable game, 119-117, to make New York an unimpressive 6-6 in the Carmelo era … With the game tied at 117 and just a few seconds to go, Granger took a page right out of Paul Pierce‘s playbook, giving Shawne Williams the two-dribble to the right pullup J in his face. Pretty impressive considering that Granger was being guarded by 6-7 Shawne Williams. That’s a lot of wingspan to shoot over. Again though, as with Pierce, how come no one ever forces these guys left?? … The Knicks had a final chance. After calling a timeout, they ran an inbounds play with Jared Jeffries passing it in. He looked off Melo who seemed to have an opening and opted for an ill-fated alley oop try to Landry Fields. Melo was pissed and let Jeffries know about it right there on the court … Have some of Tyler Hansbrough. The guy has set a career high in scoring three times in the last week, giving Philly 26 on the 8th, the Knicks 29 on Sunday, and then 30 last night. It’s pretty incredible that a guy has been able to score close to 130 points over the last week almost exclusively on jumpers from the same spot at the top of the key and dunks. It’s almost like scouting reports and video recordings of previous games don’t exist … Read More: Brandon Roy turns back the clock against the Mavs, Blake Griffin speaks out, and an NCAA secret weapon is revealed …

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  • Sporty-j

    Hand Duke the ship now if thats the case. CP3 will do wonders for that Knicks stagnant offense. I like Billups but sometimes he just runs down court and pulls up for some of the most ill-advised 3s. I know thats his game but when you have players on the floor such as Stat and Melo. All you have to worry about is setting up your offense. CP3 scoring would come in the flow of the game as he slowly picks apart defenses for wide open 3s or alley hoops with his eyes closed to Amare. Billups is a good player but CP3 runs an offense like Magic Johnson and is a much better fit for that offense. The Knicks also need a shot blocking center badly so that Amare can go back to playing PF because my grandmother could limp down the lane for an uncontested dunk with him protecting the rim. At the end of that game the ball should have been in Melos hand everytime and they will learn there roles in the off season. I like CP3 to be a Knick by next years trade deadline to officially make them a contender especially since David Stern is running things in the Mack NOLA. Yes i said!!! David Stern runs things in the Mack NOLA…

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    WTF was jarred jeffries thinking?! how many times is melo gonna have that much breathing room at that point in a game ? lol.

    RIP Nate dogg. that patent sound on the hooks will be missed.

    D-rose and thibs got that bulls squad FOCUSED man!!

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    DRose as MVP = foregone conclusion especially w Bulls #1 in East no let downs and Coach Thibs COY. McGee’s 12blocks was most impressive but his offensive game is atrocious.

    Psycho T has been ballin since he started gettin major minute aka klove’n it #numbers and The knicks d is softer than a wet paper towel and they lose to another mediocre team, I wonder where the NYC hype machine is at now? As the new nuggets are 8-1 no melo

  • holland


    i wanna give a shoutout to my main man Lsmoove, dude got operated last week and now hes recovering.
    lets all hope and pray he will be on the court again doing his crazy things.

  • holland

    oke forget about the first haha

  • knoc99

    That was some clutch shooting by Granger. Props to Psycho T for showin NYK he can really ball.

  • Young Gunner

    Once again I told ya’ll nobody is afraid of the Knicks

    RIP Nate Dogg. As a music fan, this loss hurts

    *pours 40oz*


    Psycho T for POTW!!!

    Don’t if one should be proud of Hansbrough or be embarrassed for Amare.

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net/ sean.dynastybball

    JaVale McGee had a triple double with 12 blocks as the third stat category last night in a blowout loss. What a meaningless achievement. Want to see him getting clowned by the replay guys. I’ve got you covered.

    Smack is great today! Much love. Is that better fellas?

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    As a huge UNC fan it gives me great pleasure to see Psycho T ballin out of his mind recently. Dude is basically playing in his first full year and is showing why he was a lottery pick. If he keeps this up he is my vote for MIP hands down.

    That McGee triple double was a sad thing to watch, I mean shit your down 20 and your still trying to compete just to boost your stats? Thanks fully C-Webb and McHale ripped into that, cuz seriously tf.

    Though my Fantasy team appreciated it :)

  • JAY

    @DIME: “Again though, as with Pierce, how come no one ever forces these guys left??”

    Lack of college experience. The players today don’t know the basics. The guys who played 3-4 years of college ball know to force guys to their off hand. Barkley is right about the “one-and-done is ruining our league”. There’s definitely a lack of basketball IQ in today’s league. They may be more athletic but they sure as hell aren’t as smart and basketball is 90% intelligence.

  • First & Foremost

    Let Mcgee have his triple double. How often does a player get 10 blocks? Where was the outrage when Evans had to get 20-5-5? For a player that is the 7th option on offense it will be a rare thing for him. He has dealt with nagging injuries, foul trouble, rigged dunk contests while playing alongside Blatch and Yi, just let the man have his day in the sun.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Patrick Cassidy

    @ JAY,

    Yes, absolutely agree that lack of extended college experience is part of the reason. At the same time though, for something as basic as making a guy go left when the whole world has seen him bury game-winner after game-winner on the same exact move, that’s on the coaching staff too, right?

  • JAY

    @ Patrick Cassidy
    I agree with you. Coaching is part of the reason also. But why does it have to come down to the final play to force someone to their off-hand? I’m not debating, I’m just wondering? That should be happening for the whole game!
    I’ve heard people in here argue that MJ killed folks because he had guys like John Starks guarding him. If John Starks played in today’s league he’s be one of the best defenders at his position… period.


    firstly RIP nate dogg.

    secondly, why the fuck is Melo bumming around the 3 point line when theirs 0.3 seconds left on the clock, and then mouthing at JJ for throwing the lob. He should have been going to the hoop, not trying to get open for a 3 that he would never have got off in time.

    Thirdly, who the fuck was supposed to be guarding Hansbrough, you dont let him score 60 on you in two games. i can live with Granger getting his, but fucking tyler hansbrough? THe Knicks defensive strategy of “lets hope they miss more than we do” makes it impossible to see who was responsible, but im gonna blame Melo anyway… Dick.

    4thly.. fuck… sory if my foul mouth offends anyone.

  • First & Foremost

    @ Jay & Pat – I blame the GMs for drafting on potential rather than fundamentals. Do you want the freakishly athlete with monkey arms or the guy who gets in a great position to make the play? Teams almost always choose the fighter over the boxer.

  • M-Intellect

    You don’t need to be in college for 3 years to know how to or when to force someone left. #JustSaying

  • JAY

    @ F&F: If you gotta blame the GMs, they shoulder just a very small portion of the blame.
    Imagine you have an 18yr old 6’10” 230lbs, w/ a 7’1″ reach, broad shoulders, 42″ vert, and is quick as hell… vs a dude who played 4 years, his averages haven’t improved between his junior and senior year but you know he could make an impact right away but won’t be able to do the things the 18yr old can. You’d draft the senior? It’s like choosing between a candy bar and a carrot. You know the carrot is better for you, but you want the candy bar. If you don’t take that candy bar, someone else will and you’ll be stuck with the bland carrot.

    You gotta do what’s best for the team for the long haul, if there’a a guy with a lot of skill and upside, you gotta take him. The problem is there’s too many one-and-dones. Too many quality athletic underclassmen who haven’t learned the game yet but have amazing raw skill. Make them stay 2-3 years and learn the game, then part of that “potential” is realized, the college game will improve and the NBA product will improve.

    Imagine if Favors was forced to stay another year. He was raw last year and is still raw now. Two years in college is huge for guys like him. He would have learned so much because the coaches are more tolerant in teaching the game. In the NBA, I imagine there’s far less time to babysit a player.

    If you blame the GMs for drafting potential over fundamentals then the Magic fucked up by drafted Howard over Okafor.

  • jdizzle

    Let us get that #1 seed up out yall Boston! Smack were yall really expecting a good match between Wall and Rose? We just Open Gym’d they ass last week didnt we? Props to McGee for the trip-dub but the Wizards should send him to Hakeem in the off season cuz his O is atrocious. And everybody thats pissed that Psycho T been giving teams buckets dont worry cuz that ish comes to a screeching halt on Friday.

  • JAY

    @ M-Intellect
    Of course it doesn’t take 3 yrs of college to force a guy left, but this is just an example of the lack of ball IQ in the league.

    Back in the day, guys would stay 3 years in college and come out and average 20+ points in their first year, and that was pretty common. Now 20 pts for a rookie puts them on the all-star team! Back in the day the top ten picks were almost expected to average 10-15 pts… Nowadays, sometimes the top ten picks are bench warmers, and if they average 5-8pts per game it’s fine because they are “growing into their games.” The way the system is now, IMO, it’s dumb.

  • Chaos

    Ya noticed bbefore the coaching change in indiana(if I am not mistaken there was one) mcroberts had been starting over psycho T but hansbrough had been outplaying him for the longest time but the coach (obrien I think) would refuse to start him. As soon as the coach got fired you saw changes, one being a consistent rise in minutes for hansbrough which bring about him actually showing that he can play. Yall kncok him for his lack of athleticism but he goes HARD EVERY NIGHT and he is the type of player that the team can feed off his energy. The lineup of collison, granger, george, hanbrough and hibbert could give people problems. Plus it makes me feel that mmuch better to see a unc player start over a duke player hahahahaha…

    There are waaaaaaay to many players that could have and should have stayed. 2 years in school. Favors would be killing right now…..but everyone is looking for the next best thing…I am not a duke fan bbut I hope kyrie irving stays another year because he was hurt and nolan smith took over as team leader. Kyrie could do the same next year with him, curry and rivers and the plumlees. He def could raise his stock to number 1 status with another run. Same goes for harrison barnes cuz he needs to improve as well on the defensive end and decision making skills..

  • JDeal

    Everytime I read about or see a DRose highlight, I smdh….I actually believed that Beasley was worthy of being the 1st pick in that draft…..MY BAD!!!

  • M-Intellect

    @ JAY
    Real talk about coming into the league and making an impact but at the same time, there are a load of ‘one and done’ players who have had positive impacts pretty quickly and a load of 3-4 year players who took longer then expected to hit form after stellar college careers. Derrick Rose and Deron Williams are pretty good examples of this.

    Plus reffering to back in the day players is a bit problematic ’cause there wasn’t a culture of talented players bouncing straight from HS or go ‘One and Done’. Therefore all the top talent stayed in the NCAA through the 4 years, which would explain why the draft was always so strong.

  • QQ

    6-6 in the Melo era? And the Nuggets are already what, number 5 in a tougher West?


    Too easy for some of these fools who’ll jump out like a kid whenever a high scoring/athletic/big name bitch goes to a team to ‘lead’ it.

    McGee is a dumbass who doesn’t seem to graspn any fundamental element of basketball, but damn, he CAN block shots. He’s like the best PURE blocker in the game right now. And then you watch him do something else, ANYTHING ELSE, and it goes downhill from there. LOL.

    What a pity. Still a young kid though. Here’s hoping he develop his game, cause DAAAMN, he can be beastin.

  • darko’s doughnuts


  • QQ

    @ 25:

    Amare’s guarding him.


  • First & Foremost

    Hmmm, I’d say it depends on where in the draft we are talking about. Number 1 you look for the makings of a superstar. Okafor had a pretty low ceiling coming in. Sound player and not a bad career thus far.

    Chances are getting the top pick you need help immediately anyway. You aren’t fixing all your problems in one draft. Why wait the rest of his college career to develop when you’d have someone ready to contribute right away. Losing and riding the bench aren’t exactly the best confidence builders.

    I guess it could go either way… do you go with aight lookin girl or her cute overweight friend? Polished vs. Potential

  • That’s What’s Up

    I’d fuck ‘em both

  • First & Foremost

    Also keep in mind the financial aspect. A raw player doesn’t provide you any value while under his rookie contract. 3 years of development, you offer the extension because you see him turning the corner, he finally makes the turn and now you offer him Mike Conley money or AI2 money. Eating up a good portion of the salary cap, while not really providing a great return.

    On the other hand, that polished player is contributing above their contract. People know they aren’t getting much better so now you at least have a solid starter with a moderate salary to use as a building block but not really build around.

    With that fat chick you have to pay for gym memberships, change their diet, change any bad habits, constantly buy new clothes, and for the first 3 years you aren’t even confident letting her out of the house. Why go through the hassle?

  • JAY

    “reffering to back in the day players is a bit problematic ’cause there wasn’t a culture of talented players bouncing straight from HS or go ‘One and Done’. ”

    Exactly! That’s why is generally accepted that the back in the day players had higher basketball IQs. They learned the game in college before making the jump. Not like today where they make the jump and learn on the job.

    That’s why, IMO, they need to radically change this culture of one-and-dones. There will always be one, maybe two freshmen who can quickly make an impact but in the last 5-10 years, the lotteries are almost one-third to half filled with freshmen. To me, that’s crazy!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @F&F — “With that fat chick you have to pay for gym memberships, change their diet, change any bad habits, constantly buy new clothes, and for the first 3 years you aren’t even confident letting her out of the house. Why go through the hassle?”

    Or you can do none of that and just enjoy the thickness. But that’s me.

  • JAY

    LMAOOoOOO!! @ F&F #29

    Nice metaphor

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Since the Pacers are an actual topic of conversation today, here’s some content from the archives:



    I used to get annoyed when readers did the “What, no love for Team X?” thing in Smack, but I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed this morning that Granger’s game-winner wasn’t even mentioned on SportsCenter. (Unless I missed it, but I watched twice.) You know if that were Melo hitting the game-winner on Indy, it would be on there.

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    so glad psycho T is getting his…
    why the heck is jeffries still in the L? the only teams suitable for his talent level is the cavs…

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    when were you referring to when juniors come out of college averaging 20+? or when top ten picks were expected 10-15 points during their rookie season?
    you do also realize that top 10 picks pretty much goes to the 10 worst teams in the league from the previous year right? meaning there should be ample op to make a splash…

    while i agree that young players today could use more polish in their game… settling into a 40game college season only preps them to hit the ‘rookie wall’ hard… at this point, i think going to the development league or even playing overseas help develop players as much if not more than the ncaa…

  • First & Foremost

    @AB – True Big girls need love too. Do you want long walks on the beach or short walks to the fridge?

    To continue with the analogy…
    You and the fat chick can simply settle for what you have but since she isn’t making any effort to realize her potential, you’ll eventually give up and be right back into rebuilding mode. With the right incentives food/playing time she may show that superstar work ethic and her inner beauty would finally match the outer. The better she becomes the smarter your decision looks.

    I hope Shallow Hal comes on this weekend.

  • Stunnaboy2k11


    Goddamn, you must be wetting your pants over Hansbrough huh? Never knew the kid had it in him. Now makes out discussion 2 days ago actually mean something

    Just hope Boston smash the crap out of them today though

    Forget College I blame the NBA coaches, how hard is it to force Manu right?

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol at QQ, That’s What’s Up, and F&F.

  • Sporty-j

    Do you want long walks on the beach or short walks to the fridge? lmaol -I’M CRYING…

  • LakeShow84

    LLMAAAAAOOOOOOO slow day i see hahahahhaha

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Yeah, Miami Lakers and Spurs didn’t play so we gotta talk about something.

    Am I the only one pumped about Irving coming back? Dude can show everyone whats he’s got and whether he deserves all the hype he is getting. He also virtually locks Duke as the favorite to win it all again.

  • Claw

    @F&F and What Up: I’m dying, that was some serious crazy ass shit!

    No talk on Aldridge? Dude was killing it last night and beasting Dirk. A shame he didn’t make the AS squad mostly as you watch Griff fading lately, this is his rookie year though and Griff seems to have hit the wall.

  • Claw

    I wonder how many players have had their career high when they went against Amare? In Phoenix it seemed like dudes came out of nowhere to get numbers, they’d get max contracts if they had get D’d up by Amare every game.

  • JAY

    “when were you referring to when juniors come out of college averaging 20+? or when top ten picks were expected 10-15 points during their rookie season?
    you do also realize that top 10 picks pretty much goes to the 10 worst teams in the league from the previous year right? meaning there should be ample op to make a splash…”

    So what’s the difference between yesteryear’s lottery and today’s lottery? The crappy teams still get a chance to draft the best players. They had ample opportunity to play back in the day, just like the rookies do today. They just aren’t expected to produce because they don’t know the game.

    “settling into a 40game college season only preps them to hit the ‘rookie wall’ hard… at this point, i think going to the development league or even playing overseas help develop players as much if not more than the ncaa”
    I disagree. College life is the transition between HS and real life. That’s what they need to grow as a person. Also, coaches in the DL and/or overseas don’t TEACH the game. That’s not their job. They coach pros. Read Brandon Jennings’ articles on his experience in Europe. The coaches don’t give a shit. If you can’t hedge a pick and roll, they’ll go with someone who knows how to. In college they’ll teach you.

  • Claw

    Grant Hills response to the Fab Five just came out:


    Well written, as you would expect by an educated “Uncle Tom”, I love his last dig, “I am proud of my family. I am proud of my Duke championships and all my Duke teammates. And, I am proud I never lost a game against the Fab Five.”

  • First & Foremost

    Mr. Rose had simply used the wrong term to describe African-American Duke players. For the sake of the documentary it added shock value and some contraversy which boosts ratings. “Contraversy sells but it ain’t like death.” Hill’s response was great.

    To carry on Jay’s analogy of the carrot and candy bar…
    Grant Hill was a well cooked carrot. Once you buy a carrot you can darn near eat it as is. If you get a candy bar, you have to deal with the plastic wrapping, find a trash can, hope that it didn’t melt, and clean your hands afterwards if you took the wrapping off too soon. It is just too much to deal with, go with the healthy, safe choice, that provides value to you for much longer. Carrots help your eye sight while candy just rots your teeth.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Say it wit’cha chest, Grant!

  • the cynic

    Thanks you Javale Mcgee, you made my day.

    who has fewer offensive moves DeAndre Jordan or Javale Mcgee?

  • jdizzle

    These comments are priceless! As far as the whole big girl thing goes, how big are we talking? Cuz people have their own perception of what ”big” is. Hell people thought Jennifer Hudson was overweight! So again how big are we talking:J-Hud before the weight loss or Rasputia from Norbit?

  • LakeShow84

    Remember when Rasputia long strided across the lawn chasing Norbit???

    Thats my favorite part from that movie lololololol


    WOW great comments fellas. Too man quotables


    Carmella can’t be serious like he was gonna catch and shoot a 35 footer with .3 on the clock. GTFOH! So it begins…

    Amare is a JOKE on defense and its sad.

    Who is this Tyler guy you speak of?

    And I’ll fuck a fat or overly thick bish in a heartbeat. They be having good too, buss tricks,rock with akenyele AND ain’t scared of the inches

    Rasputi can’t get it though I’m sorry lol

  • QQ

    Just saw the Grant Hill response and all I can say is: THAT’S POWERFUL.

    Props to my favorite player of all time.