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Dime #63: Derrick Rose Is The MVP

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose

There comes a time in every sports fan’s life when we start to feel old. Often, it’s when certain athletes whom we’ve watched grow up have the audacity to get old right before our eyes. Consider the experience of the fan who watched Karl Malone (’85) and Scottie Pippen (’87) get drafted, become superstars, retire, and then get inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2010. That’s a long time.

As Dime Magazine has grown older – we are now in our 10th year as a publication – we’re starting to see guys grow up in our pages. We profiled Rudy Gay as a hungry high schooler, then again after he’d been drafted and bought his first Range Rover, and now he’s signing $80 million contracts to be the face of the Memphis Grizzlies and can buy a fleet of Ranges if he wants. We put Tyreke Evans on the cover when he was 16, and now he’s been handed the keys to the Sacramento Kings with an NBA Rookie of the Year win under his belt. Others we gave ink to a decade ago as stars have since become legends both celebrated (Ray Allen, then in Milwaukee, was featured in Dime #1) and criticized (Allen Iverson, now in Turkey, was our Dime #1 cover).

Derrick Rose is one of those kids we’ve watched grow up. He first graced our pages in 2006, when we ranked him the sixth-best player in high school following a breakout summer where he put bigger stars like O.J. Mayo on blast. Five years later, D-Rose very well could be the sixth-best player in the world, if not better. We watched him take the Memphis Tigers to the brink of a national championship (although the NCAA swears we never saw it), then we watched him get drafted No. 1 overall, then we watched him become the best thing the Chicago Bulls have had since Jordan.

In that time, D-Rose has grown from an almost painfully shy kid to a grown man comfortable in his own skin, on and off the court. Our emphasis in this issue, Rose’s second Dime cover, is on his off-court development: How he has become one of the NBA’s top ambassadors and most bankable pitchmen. Because as much as D-Rose’s game has evolved from the time we first printed his name, watching him mature into a true superstar has been more startling.

It’s enough to make us feel pretty old.

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(Dime #63 is on sale now on newsstands nationwide. In addition to Rose, the issue includes features on Kevin Love, Dwyane Wade and Greg Oden, a fashion spread with Raymond Felton, the amazing story of University of Central Florida point guard A.J. Rompza, as well as interviews with Waka Flocka Flame, Lou Williams, Deion Sanders, Bucks GM John Hammond, and much more. Check it out.)

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  • bobby stew

    “He who picks a Rose” – Temptations

  • http://aol.com carolyn

    nothing more to say but d rose is a beast.. i love you derrick..Chi-town stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JAY

    Cue F&F in 5….4….3….2…….

  • ASH

    D-Rose a BEAST.

  • Jo

    There’s certainly been an evolution regarding demeanor and play. Many have dismissed the modesty as false, but anyone with access to him (beat writers, teammates, coaches) can attest to his humble (well, as “humble” as a millionaire athlete can be) nature. There’s evidence to prove it. Don’t let it fool you, though, he takes notes of slights—perceived or genuine—and is a vindictive, fierce competitor. He’s got that “killer” gene.

  • KL

    Not buying into Rose as MVP. I truly think Dwight is more deserving.

    Anyway, people are crediting Rose for the bulls success. Bullsh1t!! It’s Thibo’s defensive system that wins those games, not Rose. You take Rose out, they still win a good chunk of those games and still makingthe post season. You take Dwight out? They’re a lottery team.

  • First & Foremost

  • ASH


    Rose is MVP if u like it or not…But your right that Magic would be a lottery team without Dwight.i thought Orlando FO did some SMH trades that shouldnt of happened.But no one thought the Bulls can come from a 8th seed to one of the best teams in the lead this fast(alot to do with THIBS).Rose carried his team with the injuries they had.Every team is Dwight’s and Derrick’s main Focus,but Both always kill it every night.Both Rose and Howard are more deserving than anybody now.

    Rose 2-1 vs Howard with 1 game left this season.
    MVP race:1.Rose 2.Howard 3.Kobe

  • KL

    whoah….i didn’t say Rose wouldn’t win. :)
    He’s almost a guaranteed to win. Rose represents the league very well, albiet, he seems baked in every interview i’ve seen him in.

    As for Kobe being your 3rd pick,,,,i’d actually give Durant a slight edge.

    wildcard pick: with all the voters spreading their choices, just watch. Bron and Wade, “co-MVP”. what would be awesomely horrid.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Everywhere I go its Rose MVP for sure, even though their argument boils down to Rose scores a lot and the Bulls are good.

    Listen, he is atrocious on D, and that is saying much since Thibs made Rondo an all-D guy. Sure he is a great offensive player, but his ball dominating actually leaves them with a horrendous offense (ranked 20th in the league behind such powerhouses as the Kings and Clippers). His team wins on D, where Bogans, Brewer, Gibson, Asik, Noah, and Deng all play a HUGE role.

    Is he a candidate? Yes, his team has the best record in the league. But some of the reasons you guys use are ridiculous. And I’m a HUGE Rose fan.

    I feel sad for guys like Dwight, because big men have it way harder than guards. Orlando sucks, but the only reason why they aren’t fighting for an 8th seed is Superman. but since he can’t cross a guy over and take contested 3’s we don;t really appreciate it.

    My argument for Most VALUABLE Player:

    Rose FANTASTIC on Offense (even though it hurts his team sometimes when he goes into Keyser Soze) bad on D (though he is improving)

    Dwight: Amazing on offense (Orlando’s offense is based around him getting doubles) and Fantastic on d (he plays with 4 sieves and his team is top 5 defensively. Think about that.)

  • ASH


    Rose’s D is not atrocious…hes a good(average) defender not great.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I may have exaggerated a lil bit but Rose is bad, and I mean bad on D. I see some slight improvement but most of the time his man blows by him and is met by Gibson/Asik/Noah/Thomas at the rim.

  • First & Foremost

    @Jay – Where were my fellow Dwight defenders a few days ago?

    The Bulls went from 8 to 1 by upgrading their roster which improved their defense along with bringing in a respected defensive minded coach. Rose has the highlights, the stats, but IMO not the relative value compared to Dwight to be MVP.

    If/When Rose gets it, it will be a great storyline. A year after having the youngest scoring champ we get the youngest MVP.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Hey I’ve been banging the Dwight drum for a while now!

  • QQ

    I’m against this whole argument against Rose, cause come on now, dude deserves it. Hell give Rose the MVP, I’ll rather have my boy win a chip.

    But AGAIN, if I’m gonna argue for Dwight:

    ALL fucking plays.

    Defense and Offense.

    Every time he’s on the floor.

    That’s being VALUABLE to your team right there.

  • http://facebook Derrick Pryor


  • cavi

    D12 has the fourth best team in the conference, they go to Jameer nelson in close games and he should win the MVP over rose. Teams fear the three point shooting of the magic, which creates ample room for Howard to operate. Coaches can only do so much for a team its to the players to execute the gameplan. Milwaukee has a great defense but they have a horrible record so saying that rose doesn’t make a difference for the bulls is foolish. I don’t care how well you defend you still need that great player that can put you over the top in close games by putting the ball in the hoop and that’s what rose does….

  • cavi

    Guys need to stop bitching and moaning about shooting percentages and just respect the fact that the kid put in work this year and has earned the MVP up to this point. They’ve beaten every team this year with the exception of the knicks, and also have the best record in the league against elite teams. Those are true stats that hold value to me. Only 4 home losses with two of them being by only one point. Playing half the season with Keith bogans and Kurt thomas in the starting 5

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Or because teams can’t guard Howard, it gives the 3 point shooters room to operate…

  • http://hoopshype.com mizros23

    I have never witnessed anything like him in my life at his position! He is a beast and has that will to win already

  • cavi

    The question is stunna would you rather double Howard and give a team that shoots the three at an amazing clip when they’re hot open looks or defend Howard 1 on 1, let him score 30 and take away the three point shot. Most elite teams that play the magic utilize the latter strategy because it also can affect Howard on the defensive end energy wise. The bulls foolishly used to double howard and give up the three and get blown out by the magic, now they defend the perimeter guys and let D12 get his which has led to the bulls winning 2 of three against them

  • cavi

    The magic went to the finals even when dwight had an average post game, perimeter shooting has always been their strength

  • OverPowered

    Look the biggest knock on D12 is that he gets taken out of so many games, and it’s not even his fault. If the Magic had a decent PG, or even a better game plan, he’d be averaging 30 and 15 easily. He can only affect the offense when somebody is smart enough to get him the ball. If you watch a Magic game, you see that it doesn’t happen enough, and there’s not much Howard can do about it. He should be pissed as hell and be demanding the ball every time, but he’s passive half the time and doesn’t get after his teammates to get him involved (not a leader). How is that your MVP?

    Rose is the unquestioned leader of the Bulls and he’s a big reason they all work so hard. You see your leader putting in work, you’re going to follow his lead and that’s what the Bulls have done. Thibs put in a SYSTEM, the players still have to make the system work.

    Seriously? The Bulls would not be anywhere near where they’re at without Rose. Best player from one of the best teams in the L.

  • green machine

    the bulls have outscored teams by 201 points in the 4th quarter, no other team has outscored their opponents by 100 points in the fourth, thats an incredible stat

  • TR

    If Chicago doesn’t get 1st in the conference, I don’t see how it shouldn’t be Dirk. All things equal I’d still take the Big German – no one means more to a contending team, and his impact on the team on both ends combined makes him the most impactful player on a contender. It’s evident when you see what happens when he goes out. They’d be pushing for #1 in the West, best point differential, and best record in the NBA if he didn’t miss 9 games. And he gets it done late for them too. Lots of advanced stats on his side too – for instance, http://thebasketballdistribution.blogspot.com/2011/03/dirk-for-mvp.html

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Really dude? Really? You don’t need pants, cause you in here with yo dyck out!

    Wow, you have really gone off the deep end on this one. It’s almost as if you typed all that BS with Rajon Rondo standing over your shoulder.

    Your claims that Rose is getting blown by on defense is my favorite part. That just proves you never watch the games or watch that closely. Rose never gets “blown by”. The only way anyone can get by him is by using a ton of screens, which every team does just to try and tire him out. And it still doesn’t work. Rose is actually the focal point of every coach on off and def. Every team tries to run him through multiple screens so he’d be tired. The only team that doesn’t are teams like the Lakers who have a set offense that doesn’t change.

    Seriously though, the ish you (and F&F) are posting is just down right crazy. I’m assuming it’s your way of pumping Dwight, but there is no reason to bring another man down to pump up your boy.

    for instance I defended Rose all summer long but i never once dogged my boy Russell Westbrook (who people were claiming was way better than Rose at the time).

    I too cant stand when i guy gets too much hype and people start clinging to his sack with outrageous claims. But I leave it to that player to determine rather i’ll dislike him for it or not. Lebron, Kobe, and A.I. give you plenty of reasons to hate them outside of basketball. guys like Rose, Durant, Duncan, Westbrook, KLove, and Blake Griffin are likeable dudes that you can’t hate on outside of basketball.

    In the words of my nicca Zach Galifianakis (yes i goggled the spelling)

    “You betta check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!”