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Dwyane Wade and the Heat Figure Out How to Win; Kobe Bryant Proves He’s the Hardest Working Man in the NBA

So how many of y’all want to stand up, cuff your palms around your mouth and scream, “I told you so!” That’s what Charles Barkley is doing right now. After countless late-game fumbles, Miami finally smartened up and gave Dwyane Wade the ball down the stretch last night. Wade then went out and beat the champs from L.A. with a number of key plays in the Heat’s 94-88 win … In the TNT studios during pre-game, Chuck was all over Wade and LeBron James to man up. Wade (20 points) got the message and clearly got the better of Kobe Bryant (24 points) down the stretch. Dwyane had three straight buckets late to push Miami ahead and then later ripped Bryant in an iso situation, leading to a James (19 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists) spike dunk. On the other side, could Bryant have played any worse in crunch time? Yes, he hit a couple of long threes, but he was turning it over, forgetting about his teammates and generally playing like a 2004 Kobe, minus the athleticism. Not cool. And someone needs to explain why Kobe and the Lakers forgot about their big guys again. Andrew Bynum (13 points, 12 rebounds) was finishing everything inside, but got only five shots. And Pau Gasol (20 points) should never, ever get outshined by Chris Bosh (24 points, 9 rebounds) … For Miami, it was clear from the start they were ready, getting themselves second-chance points and creating turnovers. Who would’ve ever thought the Lakers’ largest problem against the Heat would be an inability to grab rebounds? The team that is too big for everyone else couldn’t get it together on the glass against the team that has a group of senior citizens at those spots. The rebounding and turnovers ended up being the difference, especially in the third quarter when the Lakers opened up a six-point lead and looked poised to put the kids to bed. A series of turnovers right around the rim let the Heat hang tight … Before the game, Phil Jackson took a shot at Miami’s style, saying: “Their basketball is very much standing with Xbox games or whatever those games are. Basketball’s not a 1-on-1 game. It’s a team game.” … A tweet from ESPNLA’s Dave McMenamin: “For the second straight year in Miami, Albert Pujols was waiting for Kobe Bryant outside the visitor’s locker room after the game.” After meeting up with baseball’s biggest star, guess what Kobe did? According to the tweets from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Bryant went back out to shoot jumpers, drenched in sweat, in an empty arena for well over an hour after the game. How many guys can you think of that would do that on the road? One of our boys tweeted, “This man is out here working on his game like this. What do you think The Big 3 is doing right now?” … Read more: The Knicks get clocked in Dallas, more on Kemba Walker’s heroics, and Sir Charles is in a war of words with Billy Packer

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  • DNice

    Finally a Heat victory. Wade is the Heats closer, no more giving the ball to Lebron at the end of games.

  • kudos

    I wouldn’t put it on lebron and wade to close every game though. Kobe played like garbage, throwing the ball away at the end of the game not 1, not 2, but a few times. Gasol has always been soft, just as soft as Bosh. Which is why he wen’t off.

    The lakers needa stop tryna draw the foul and finish in the post. There was one sequence where the lakers tried to throw it in the post every time they went downcourt and got stripped everytime.

    Trade Lamar Odom, his defense consists of not jumping, and just standing there with his arms up. And this is the same guy who said, “We strive to be the best team.” What B.S.

  • pipdaddyy

    The Big East tournament is brutal. UConn already played on Tuesday, beat a ranked G’Town team Wednesday than Pitt yesterday, now they play Syracuse and if they win, its a final Saturday against ND or Louisville. March Madness is on.

  • john

    Heat will be ready come playoff time. Haslem will be back, Miller will be more comfortable with his role and Bibby will bring smart decisions at end of games. Still give a little edge to the Celtics altough Perkins absense will be huge. And dont sleep on the Blazers, its always tough to play at the Rose Garden, and Roy + Gidub +Aldrige its not an easy task

  • First & Foremost

    Time for me to give props to the Heat for one day.
    Shoutout to Bosh for holding it down in the first half.
    Juwan Howard – I guess played well enough. I didn’t bother watching the game just followed the box score.
    Props to whoever guarded Kobe from the 2nd quarter on. He started off hot and then went colder than a polar bear’s toenails.

    Good win for the Heat over a quality team.

  • flegman

    But what I want to know. Did the Lakers cry in the locker room?

  • flegman

    john says:

    “Bibby will bring smart decisions at end of games. ”


  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    Miami went to Wade to close the game instead of giving the ball to Lebron to create plays “for his teammates”. That’s why they won. Lebron needs to find what type of player he should be with that team because most of the time, when his team relies on him to create for his teammates, he ends up taking the shot. Especially late in games. Good call by Spo to avoid that whole situation and give it to the guy you know will attack and put pressure on the D, instead of the guy with the split-personality game. LBJ can do many things but his teammates just don’t know what he’s going to do.

  • Kobeeeee

    This is something I do not understand. Ever. 5 shots for Bynum, really? What was the team thinking? That guys shoots like 60% or something. To continue Phil’s metaphor: Kobe wanted to play xbox and be the hero but he found himself at the game Victimized II – vintage edition.

  • marparker

    LBJ is a small forward of course Wade should have the ball at the end of games. It shouldn’t be up for discussion. And, it shouldn’t take away from the fact that Lebron is the best player on the team.

    The Heat were cutting to the basket using all the open space that having two guys like Wade and Lebron affords you. They both had off shooting nights, but their teammates finally decided to aggressively be a part of the game. Bosh, played like an Olympian and played bigger than he has been playing.

    This is getting close to the potential that the Heat have. Wade and Lebron shoot bad and they still win by 6.


    The Heat won that game on effort. They needed the win. no one shot the ball particularly well, but they outmuscled them inside and crashed the boards. so respect is due, good win.

    And the knicks just aint as good as the Mavs. they might lack the big stars but the Mavs match up well with ANY team in the L. if they get Caron back for the playoffs they could go far.

    @Jay, i bin saying that about LeBron for years, he might be the best individual since Mike, but his teammates never know if their gonna get froze out or asked to hit a buzzer beater. everyones always said his teammates sucked but its impossible for them to play at a high level when no one has any idea how to play with him.

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    damn it. Damn it. Damn it….
    kudos to the heat. At least they stopped running that 1-4 flat nonesense. On to the next one.

    @ kobeee
    one of the dysfunctional quirks of the lakers we live with.especially in that type of a low scoring game…smh. It is what it is.

    @ F&F
    cooler than a polar bears toenails…what you know bout that Outkast lol ?

    And where’s sportyj ? Thought he’d be all over this Heat victory.

  • what_if?

    imma get a lotta heat for this, but this is how i see the Heat should be doin’ stuff…

    Wade – main option in the half court
    Bosh – 2nd option in the half court (well, until Bron learns to play the post… they would need someone who can score down there)
    Bron – facilitator… glue guy… main option on the break… main option when Wade sits down…

    i think they could be better off this way for the rest of the season

  • WinDelRoj

    I havent seen the new look Knicks often. But what I saw was their two main guys just looking to get fouled. Tyson Chandler was getting called for fouls left and right. Anyway I’m liking the Nuggets they are down Afflalo and Gallinari but have a ton of serviceable guys.


    wonder where that bieber newz dude at? didn’t he say he was in japan? damn…

  • http://www.illstate.com Chicagorilla

    Man Kobe knows how to stroke the media so wonderfully. It wasnt his shooting that needed to be worked on. He shouldve had Gasol out there with him and practice PASSING THE BALL TO THE POST!!! But of course the media will spin this as his will to win crap. Instead of what it really is, which is his will to SCORE. Glad to see the real DWade. The guy who i think is the best and most complete player in the NBA. If he can somehow use this game to get the egomaniac LBJ to understand (contrary to the idiot C.Barkleys belief)he is more pippen than Jordan. Wade should remain the man, and LBJ remain option 1b. But the offense should always go thru Bosh in the post. Maybe they will get it together next year.

  • First & Foremost

    Kobe started off hot, then was colder than “a hobo wearin no clothes inside of a snow globe when the temperature is below froze” -B.O.B.

    Yes, Kobe should pass the ball to take advantage of the more effective strategy at the time. However, he is Kobe Bryant, his shot could start falling at any moment.

  • jdizzle

    ”Basketball’s not a 1-on-1 game. It’s a team game.”

    Wow. This coming from the guy who has Kobe Shoot All The Balls Bryant on his roster.

  • top_gun

    Wade played greast towards the end of the game, offensively and defensively. But he fouled Kobe when he had a easy bucket that might of changed the game. The refs decided the outcome of this one.

  • north

    What Kobe should have done after the game instead of hit the court shooting jumpers is take one of his bigs out there and practice passing into the post. His brutal 5 foot outside the 3 point line jack with just over 20 seconds left was just another bonehead selfish play for a guy who wants to be considered the greatest… if he played within Phil’s system they would never lose these games.

  • QQ

    Why does it seems that I was the only one that noticed the GOALTENDING made by Z, that wasn’t called? That would’ve TIED the score, meaning it would be a totally different ballgame?

    And to fools who keeps making excuses, that’s not an ‘excuse’. That’s a ‘reason’. Yall could all check the vid of that.

    Oh well, at least that game that STILL, if you wanna close the game, you go to a real closer, DWade.

  • Ian

    Agree with the kobe part of your post. What will to win crap is bs.

    Good win by the heat.


  • marparker

    Yes, guards are closers.

    Lebron is not a guard. However, he will be penalized for not being a guard. Yall some fools.

  • Claw

    DWade was alright but did everybody miss him dribbling the ball out of bounds with a minute left? How does Bynum and Gasol not get the rock in the 2nd half they were killing the Heat front line.

    Heat did pull that one out and much needed but do they need to complain EVERYTIME they go to the rim. Bosh, Wade, Bron all yell to the ref and point to their arms, its like they all went to the Kobe School of Acting.

  • LakeShow84

    Wellllll both teams played hard..

    It was too much for Kobe to hold back on that Mamba shit.. shouldve been content with that first deep 3 and played playmaker the rest the way.. Cant blame him but he still lets those youngsters get in his head..

    Oh well..

    It would be us those pricks get the win off of lmao..

    But i will say>>>>> They needed it WAYYYY more than we needed it.. If we do meet in the Finals we take that series in 5..

    But i imagine it’ll be Boston in 6..

  • LakeShow84

    Funny i just read some of the comments..

    So Kobe went back out there and worked on his game to STROKE THE MEDIA????

    Thats just some goofy haterish shit to say lmao

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian – still hatin on the will to win huh? lol
    I don’t remember Kobe sayin anything to the media about his postgame shootaround, it just got out. It’s not the first time that Kobe’s shot around after a game so haters need to breathe. You know Kobe ain’t passin to his teammates when he’s playin DWade and Lebron. That’s a personal issue. REAL Laker fans understand that.
    We’ll take the 2 threepeats(cuz I’m callin this one) as a testament to Kobe’s will to win.
    Damn! 15 years in and some dudes still doubtin? lol
    Ok. Kobe somehow puts up an airball from the baseline and then Big Z “somehow” tosses Ron’s layup off the rim, no goaltendin. And then heads start sayin the Heat “executed”.
    They didn’t execute shit. Lakers, mostly #24, gave that game away. Like I said, REAL Laker fans can deal with it.
    See them in the Finals….like last season, in LA, with DWade and Bosh watchin on the sidelines in civvies.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow – You knew it was comin. Only Kobe Bryant would go shoot around after a game and have dudes say he’s “strokin the media” lol
    You knew it was comin. Not give the man props cuz he been one of the top players in the world for over a decade and still bustin his ass like a 2nd round rookie tryin to make the squad, nope.
    He ‘strokin the media’ so thy’ll talk about his will to win.
    If you been watchin kobe Bryant ball for a single game, you’d know he didn’t need a post-game shootaround to verify his will to win.
    Haters find all kinda ways to hate lol

  • Laker Chris

    The Miami Heat crap me up. They wanna play all hard against the Lakers, but when it comes to other Elite Teams, they play like Sh**.

    They can’t beat the Bulls
    Got their A**** whopped against the Spurs by 30.
    Loss to a less talented Knicks team twice
    Can’t beat the Mavs
    Loss to the Celtics twice
    Loss to the Portland Trailblazers

    But then you guys wanna get all up for the Lakers. It’s just super funny. Now all of a sudden Mike Miller is just a flawless 3 point shooter when he couldn’t make Sh** against any of these other teams. Chis Bosh Looked like Sh** and Lebron played like Sh** in majority of those other games against elite teams.

    Miami, that is exactly why your weak a**** won’t even get past the first round. Because you guys are so focused on trying to be better than the Lakers (Which you’re not), That you won’t even make it to the second round come playoff time.

    F*** Miami Heat.

    I can’t stand these guys, most of the players on the team are just like the fans, BANDWAGON JUMPERS with no chemistry. The only one i have half the respect for is D-Wade. But Lebron, you will never be what Kobe already is.

    Congratulations on winning your championship last night Miami. Because that’s the closest you will come to smelling one. Bi*****

    Go LAKERS!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you holding up 6 fingers this June Kobe.

  • LakeShow84

    The end of that game pissed you off too huh??? Some funny ass no calls.. i dont even like acknowledge the refs nowadays but as i said.. THEY NEEDED IT WAY MORE THAN WE DID..

    The NBA/MEDIA needed them to win WAY MOORREEE than we did and we still almost took it..

    But no they right Kobe clearly strokin the media so he can still win that MVP trophy.. wait a minute

    Well hes strokin the media so hes still in the headlines.. wait a minute

    Ok he must be strokin the media cuz he wants people to know he works so hard.. wait a minute

    Lol i doubt dude gives 2 shits about any of those so id say he (OH SHIT) ACTUALLY was out there working on his game! thats just mad crazy to fathom.. a professional who slipped up actually workin on his craft.. craziness..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — How are you gonna say L.A. will win in five when they haven’t proven they can beat Miami once?

  • ReddiRed

    @ chicagorilla #16: well said sir. very good points and i agree 100%

    lol @ F& F “cooler than a polar bear’s toenails”

    “oh hell, there he go again….talkin that shit, bend, corners like i was a curve, I struck a nerve
    And now you bout to see this Southern playa serve……”

    What you know bout that Kast boy…..

  • ReddiRed

    @AB #31…….should that even be an arguement.
    I mean, do you really think there is a chance for MIA to come out of the Ease anyway?

    *shrugs* j/s

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I don’t know if Kobe’s post-game practice was a planned media ploy or not, but you have to admit it successfully took focus off the fact that his team is 0-2 against Miami. I just looked at Yahoo’s NBA page and the top story is Kobe with the headline “Message Sent.” After his team lost.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Because i watched Orlando bomb on us in 2009 (actually beat us SOUNDLY) and still get mopped up in the Finals..

    Because if we did meet in the Finals we would ALL be engaged and the game plan would be followed by ALL parties..

    Because i doubt Phil Jackson would be outcoached by Spoelstra when it mattered the most..

    Because the games are slowed down in playoffs/Finals and transition teams take early naps..

    Should i keep going??????????????????????????

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — “The NBA/MEDIA needed them to win WAY MOORREEE than we did and we still almost took it.”

    C’MON SON. Get outta here with that. First of all, the media is happy so long as the Heat are doing anything noteworthy, whether it’s s 6-game losing streak or a win over the Lakers. The media didn’t care whether Miami won last night or not, and actually it would have been more headline-worthy if they had stretched the losing streak to six and LeBron/Wade had to bow to Kobe.

    Second, you sound like Tommy Heinsohn, talking like the NBA would actually have a conspiracy AGAINST one of its marquee teams. The way L.A. fans were talking during Miami’s losing streak, this game shouldn’t have even been close anyway, right?

    Face the facts: The Lakers aren’t that much better (maybe not better at all) than the Heat. None of the elite teams in the League this year are that much better than the next. Miami has a good chance to win the title, just like San Antonio, just like Boston, just like L.A., just like Chicago, just like Dallas. It’s OK that nobody is dominant.

  • LakeShow84


    Well call me crazy

    But i seen a goaltending, 2 fouls and a supposed out of bounds call (Claw saw that actually lol)

    SO YEAH id say something else was at play but who really cares??? if you say officiating in the NBA and NCAA aint murky i got some magic beans for you kid.. we all used to but that dont mean it dont rear its ugly head sometimes..

    And i think your Lebron love is clouding your eyes from the fact your NEW (ALL OF A SUDDEN) TEAM is 0-3 against Boston.. in all your excitement you seem to have forgotten the whole CONFERENCE thing.. oh and how they do against Chicago??? oh snap

    So good luck if YOUR NEW TEAM somehow makes it id be juiced for that series..

    but if u mean to tell me the Lakers in the regular season is the same team as the Lakers in the playoffs then shit.. i guess some more beans for you kid :)

  • LakeShow84

    And we better if we play right.. They cant see our frontline..

    But like i said the playoffs are a different story..

    I doubt a healthy AB grabs 1 rebound in the first half.. count it ONE in the playoffs..

    Odom/Gasol SMASH the boards in the playoffs

    Artest plays CONSISTENT NASTY defense in the playoffs..

    And that KB guy?? the best player on the planet?? he happens to up his game a bit..

    So once again.. run along with the regular season highlight.. i GUARANTEE that will the highlight of the Heats season.. GUARANTEE.. but be happy you guys swept the 3time champs..

  • First & Foremost

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Basketball is about matchups. Before Wallace was shipped to Portland the Bobcats had LA’s number. For some reason LA couldn’t handle S-Jax and Wallace at the 2-3. Seriously, who else do the bobcats have that would pose a problem for the Lakers. Their bench isn’t that deep and their starting center goes by the name of Kwame Brown.

    The Heat are a more talented version of the Bobcats. During the Bobcats rule over the Lakers, they had trouble beating every other team in the league. It just so happens that the Heat have trouble beating other teams that matter also. Matchups!

  • LakeShow84

    Stay out of this F&F!!!!

  • Sporty-j

    Forget that my Heat won. I just wish that Lebron and Wade would quit trying to be party animals and see what Kobe was trying to show them. If you want to beat the Celtics! Work on your game, not party all the time. Dude is clearly the hardest working player in the NBA along with Ray Allen in my opionion. Kobe might try to hard sometimes but my respect level just keeps going up for dude becuase he knows what it takes to win. Big game from everybody especially Bosh. If Bosh plays like that in the post. I like our chances even better against the Celtics because egos are finally being set aside. Wade>Lebron

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — I didn’t even say anything about Miami being better (or not) than Boston or Chicago. All I said was that L.A. hasn’t proven it can beat Miami, which is true.

    Yeah, reffing can be put up to question on every level, but any player/coach will tell you that if you don’t want the refs to become a factor, don’t put yourself in position to where one or two calls can swing the game.

    And obviously you’re not fully convinced Miami is out of it in the East, because you’re the one who said, “If we meet them in the Finals.” But don’t forget, the Lakers would have to get through a pretty tough road themselves.
    What it sounds like is you’re fully convinced L.A. can just flip a switch come June and that none of these regular season results matter — or just the regular season games that you lose don’t matter — but again, every player/coach will tell you it’s not like that.

  • LakeShow84

    Lmao but i always wondered if Wallace was the Xfactor for that.. they had our number before S-Jax too..

    Better not be tho cuz now he in our conference..

    But like i said as far as matchups go they cant see our biggest strength..

  • Kevin

    Sorry but from the footage I saw, all Kobe was doing was throwing up some lazy jumpers with some guy rebounding for him. Fools acting like KB was running suicides and inventing new post-up moves with a tire strapped to his waist. Totally a media ploy to get everybody saying “Kobe is such a hard worker!”

  • First & Foremost

    You can’t just push me aside in a bball discussion. Before S-Jax was Jason Richardson. At that time he was of the same caliber.

    “But like I said as far as matchups go they can’t see out biggest strength” Neither can Kobe at times.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — Why do you keep saying Miami can’t see your front line when they’ve outplayed your front line twice already? Last night the Lakers got outrebounded 46-37 and Bosh had 24 points and 9 boards. On Christmas you got ourebounded 44-43 and Bosh had 24-13. They’ve been seeing your front line every time.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I agree that the Lakers are a better team and that the Heat are unlikely to make it to the finals.

    But LakeShow… sometimes your comments strike so far from the truth that I don’t know what to say. I definitely see why you’d have confidence in winning another championship this year. You Lakers fans should have accepted by now that Kobe is definitely NOT the best player on the planet. If he was, this Laker team would hardly ever lose a game. And Kobe steps his game up in the playoffs?! His tunnel vision gets WORSE (hard to imagine, I know) but is constantly bailed out by the best frontcourt in the league.

    Does anyone want to tell me how the player with the “highest basketball IQ in the league” still plays like a clueless moron at the end of games? Those shots were so predictable, poorly selected, and completely took away the advantage the Lakers have over every team in the league.

    The reason I don’t see the Heat winning this year is because it’s really important to be able to defend the paint–especially in the playoffs. That’s a pretty big handicap to overcome.


    All of yall Kobe haters should be on basketball wives the way yall B!TCH

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Honestly coaches and players dont WANT a team to BE ABLE to flip a switch because it doesnt show good work ethic, determination, etc, etc..

    But unfortunately WE CAN flip the switch.. we’ve done it each the past 2 years.. lost 7 of 11 headin into the playoffs last year.. had a 7 game series against Houston sans Yao the year before..

    And each of those 2 years we won it all..

    So your saying since we all know the officiating can go south sometimes teams shouldnt let the game be that close eh?? Well shit aint you ahead of the game!! send the memo!! lol

    And i dont count them in or out.. Ive seen how they handled Boston and Chicago with shit to PROVE as a first year powerhouse.. we established so our main thing in the regular season is working on execution and defense.. Miami needs to prove themselves among the elite.. BIG DIFFERENCE..

    Either way.. we will take any and all comers come May/June.. switch or not..

  • LakeShow84


    You know Odom actually plays in the playoffs.. Gasol actually plays a BIT tougher and Bynum been coming along PERIOD.. Shit Bynum beasted last night just started off slow..

    I will say our main problem is Bosh works over Gasol but even still ive noticed our height advantage turns teams into midgets in the money rounds..

    and dont think Phil hasnt noticed Bosh playing a big role in those 2 wins..

    Like i said everything from coaching to effort to strategy changes for us when the big games start.. if u think im blowing smoke u just waiting to hear we elminated..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    No, the Lakers didn’t flip the switch in either of the last two years. They struggled to beat OKC in the first round in 2010, then hit their stride with a favorable matchup against Utah. In 2009, they struggled to beat sans-Yao Houston, and it’s not like they cruised past Denver in the WCF.

    LA won the title both years, so that’s all that really matters, and if you look at any column I’ve written about them, I always call them “the champs” even when they’re in a losing streak or dropping one to the Cavs. Because they are the champs until somebody knocks them off.

    But don’t act like “We got this” in a matchup with Miami, because clearly you don’t. It’s going to be a struggle, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Trying to write it off as “It’s just the regular season, we don’t care” doesn’t cooperate with the “Kobe was so upset he practiced after the game” story. Was the game important or not?

  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com Deron

    Kobe’s shooting ability is not the problem, so all that after game practicing does him little good at this point. He needs to improve his shot selection.


  • Sporty-j

    I like Dallas to knock the Lakers out of the 2nd round to be honest…

  • LakeShow84

    If a team loses 7 0f 11 and backs into the playoffs and proceeds to go through the playoffs you can call that flippin a switch be real.. only tough challenge we had was Boston and that was round 4..

    And YEAH we wouldve cruised past Denver the year before had those punk ass players not gotten away with MURDER at the end of ONE of their TWO (count it 2) victories..

    So we played Houston with no effort (Ariza even said it) and got past Denver in 6 and then beat Orlando for the chip in 5.. I guess you could say the switch gradually went up there right??

    and seeing how theyve responded to the games that actually have meaning the past 2 years.. yeah i fully whole heartedly say WE GOT THIS if we matchup with them in the Finals..

    But i never said it wouldnt be a struggle.. its ALL a struggle from round 1 and up.. but in the end???

    Yeah bruh we got this..

  • Sporty-j

    If somebody beats Boston for my Heat. Its a rap!!! We would beat L.A. in a series of 7 easily but against a team like Dallas or the Spurs. We would Struggle becuase of matchups.

  • LakeShow84

    Dallas scares me more than Miami and SA in all honesty

  • LakeShow84

    Funny part is that shitty Cavs team last year??

    Swept us too last year.. food for thought..

  • da man

    I understand that Kobe has a drive that is unmatched by anyone else in the NBA, but honestly, I’m not that impressed he stayed back to shoot jumpers after the game. His shot selection, turnovers at critical points, and ignoring of his big men is what led to their loss. Hoping to improve his FG% isn’t the solution.

    I’ve always believed that Kobe is the best at making bad shots. That shows how good he is, but at the same time it’s also why he plays “hero ball” sometimes.

  • Jules Winnfield

    Kobe is playing the media like a guitar. Every sports website today (you too DIME) has some piece licking Kobe’s balls about how he was shooting around after the loss. All of them gloss over the fact that HE LOST THE GAME and still hasn’t beaten the Heat. I also see Kobe made sure there were cameras on-hand to get proof that he’s got the will to win. Where was that will to win when Kobe was getting beat when it mattered?

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    Holy crap! Good discussion in here boys. Keep it going. AB been posting in Smack like he has a government job. Lol.

  • JEAR18

    funny how some of LAKER NATION is complaining and whining about the REFS … did they complain last year in game 7 .. when GASOL obviously traveled in a crucial part of the game .. HAHAHA .. got to love dem LA fans ..

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ So wouldnt that mean you whining right now ^^^^

    Weak ass Celtics fans hahahahaha

    I couldve sworn we WON that Finals lmaoooooooo

  • Laker Chris

    I swear evertime we play the Fu***** Miami Heat, the officials always give D-Wade the benefit of a doubt and let him play aggresive as hell on Offense and Defense, but don’t let the 5-time NBA Champ KOBE do that Sh**, he’ll be on the bench with 3 fouls in the first half,…..no that’s an insult to the best player in the league……. no respect on his offensive game or his defensive game. If the REFS give KOBE at least half of the calls that LEBRON and D-WADE get, we could beat overrated A** teams like the Fu***** HEAT. It’s not that the HEAT are better than the LAKERS, It’s just that when it comes down to the niddy griddy and KOBE drives through the lane and gets smacked all up in his chin,eyes,head and so forth, the REFS don’t call SH** because they have a personal beef against the man. Now I guarentee, if that was MJ in the Bulls dominant era, them REFS ain’t missing Sh**.

    DAMN IT!!!!!!!! leave that personal SH** at the door and quit listening to the media with all that BULL**** and Give the Man his Fu***** calls.

    We all know he’s the best and when a player has earned that that title as a SUPERSTAR, you have to give him his calls whether you like him or not, he has proven time and time again that he’s unstoppable……. Now

    Last time i checked the only proven player on the HEAT is WADE.
    But, what the fu** has LEBRON or CHRIS proven?

    LEBRON gets all these Fu***** endorsements and commercials and the NBA has been working their A** off trying to promote this guy and portray him to be the greatest player to jump out of a gym, calling him the KING and all that Sh** so they’ll automatically role out the red carpet for this dude. And just because CHRIS is playing with LEBRON and D-WADE, he’ll get the calls too….Sh**…..BOSH will get more calls than GASOL and GASOL is hands down the best big man in the league right now,….so we know there’s some BULL**** going on right now.

    You can only be a KING if you earn the right to be called one. And LEBRON has been handed a silver spoon ever since he got in the NBA. To be honest with you CARMELLO is better than LEBRON if he ups his defensive game. KOBE has earned the right to be called the best, and should be the only player to have the word KING next to his name. I’m sorry but in my opinion, the christmas game was fixed, every call went the HEATS way, but yet the LAKERS are the ones at home. Bad enough, the officials make games like this even harder to win on the road. YEAH true they didn’t play their best ball that day, but they still had a chance to win that game.

    It’s all good, come playoff time, as the LAKERS have proven again and again, They will be ten times tougher and will be holding up the crown once again. And just like LEBRONS CAVS beat us in the regular season twice, and then went on to get knocked out of the second round last season, and the third round 2 seasons ago, it will be the same story with this overrated A** HEAT TEAM.

    BOSTON has always had D-WADE and LEBRONS number and CHRIS BOSH has proven he can’t do SH** against them either, but they won’t even get past the first round to even play them. I GUARENTEE……

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I guess you can say that the Lakers haven’t beat Miami, but I’m with Lakeshow.

    Not a lakers fan but if I was I would be confident they could beat the Heat. And as a gambler I wouldn’t bet the Heat. As a Laker fan O-2 in the regular season or not I would rather face the Heat in the finals than Boston or Chicago.

    The Heat were on a losing streak and needed yesterday’s game badly and they were at home, and it could have gone either way. The Lakers have been in cruise control 1/2 the year and as 2x defending champs its expected.

  • what_if?

    wow… conspiracy against the LA LAKERS??? really now??? weren’t ya’ll the same people who said there was nothing wrong with the officiating during that one Kings/Lakers series in the early 2000s? i guess hindsight is indeed 20/20…

  • the cynic

    Phil Jackson speaks the truth as usual, the heat are ugly as hell to watch unless Wade or Lebron are showing off there unmatched athleticism

  • K Dizzle

    @ AB

    If the heat are dependin on Chris Bosh to represent during the playoffs, then they can start makin their offseason plans…

  • Sporty-j

    I guess Kobe was not the only 1 who took this “Regular” season lost to heart. Some of you are acting like the Lakers are down 0-2 in the finals along with Kobe… Laker fans are notorious to always say that the regular season dont mean sh$t, so whats all the fussing and “CRYING” about???

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — You can’t really clown Bosh when he’s averaging like 24 and 11 against your team this season and shooting 61% from the field. Y’all need to figure out how to stop that man.

  • Bing

    A few small things…
    It’s well known that Kobe doesn’t sleep much. And LA wasn’t traveling after the MIA game so why shouldn’t he get some shots up or go to the gym? If not for Twitter etc it probably wouldn’t have got out and we’d all be nonethewiser.

    Also, LA’s big men could do with some not-getting-stripped-in-the-post-practice. There’s more than one reason the ball stopped going inside.

  • darko’s doughnuts

    Man, Pau really needs to shave and get a haircut. He is absolutely putrid!!!!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Laker Chris — Wow, SETTLE DOWN.

    Please don’t ever accuse the refs of not giving Kobe Bryant enough calls. You sound silly. Just because Kobe yells “Ayyy!” every time he drives and gives the refs a dirty look, it doesn’t mean he actually got fouled. Kobe is 12th in the NBA in free throw attempts, and the only reason he isn’t higher is because he doesn’t attack the basket as much as he used to.

    And by the way, in the two LA/Miami games, Kobe has shot 10 free throws total while Wade has shot 7 free throws. Kobe has also played 79 minutes, while Wade has played 75 minutes, so the “foul trouble” thing goes out the window. (Wade shot ONE free throw last night.)

    You said, “Last time i checked the only proven player on the HEAT is WADE. But, what the fu** has LEBRON or CHRIS proven? SH**!!!!!!”

    So LeBron’s two MVPs and career averages of 27-7-7 don’t do anything for you? And how many times do I have to say it: Wade hasn’t been past the 1st round of the playoffs since 2006. Yes, five years ago he was The Man in the Finals. But ever since then, LeBron has individually outperformed Wade in the playoffs AND consistently taken his teams farther than Wade. As for Bosh, if he’s so bad, why were teams trying to give him max money this summer? Why does he average 24-11 against the Lakers?

    Also, Gasol is not “hands down” the best big man in the League. You know better.

    You said, “You can only be a KING if you earn the right to be called one. … KOBE has earned the right to be called the best, and should be the only player to have the word KING next to his name.”

    What does team success have to do with earning an individual nickname? And again, LeBron is only called KING because his last name is JAMES and it made sense years ago. It’s a historical reference. If his name was LeBron Smith, his nickname wouldn’t be King.

    Finally, why would you call a team overrated that is undefeated against your team?

    Damn, I’m not even a Miami fan and I feel like I have to defend them every day here. Y’all are killing my work production.

  • LakeShow84

    @ BING

    “If not for Twitter etc it probably wouldn’t have got out and we’d all be nonethewiser.”

    Exactly so its not anything to really comment on PERIOD..

    But haters always got something to say..

  • Ian

    lol u remembered ehh?? but its not kobes will to win i hate i hate it the same for everyone.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    “Finally, why would you call a team overrated that is undefeated against your team?”

    Yeah because we aint no barometer for how good a team is going to do for the year.. Bobcats wooped us last year and BARELY made the playoffs where they got SWEPT in the first round..

    I know you Heat guys are juiced about the victory but spare me all this bull lol

    Everyone reads into every loss and every win but its basketball.. series are won over GAME(S) not one game where anything can happen but GAME(S) where usually the better team wins.. even if down 0-2 or even 3-1 (Phoenix Fucks)..

    And you killin my work production bruh stop bashing our team!!! lol

    And one more for the road

    “What does team success have to do with earning an individual nickname?”

    You tryna make it sound like Kobe’s only achievements are only team based??? Because if you were implying it id say your COMPLETELY biased against the dude.. And i would shred you in the ensuing debate..

    So i know you aint going there.. that would be uncivilized lol

  • LakeShow84

    Im just waiting for Stunnaboy to give me my

    Game, Set, Match LakeShow..


  • Ian

    nope thats not flipping the switch cuz u guys were playing for nothing those last 11 games.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — I’m saying that if Laker Chris’ argument is that LeBron shouldn’t be called “King” because he “isn’t proven,” and the only thing you could say LeBron hasn’t proven is that he can win a championship, and his implication is that Kobe should be called King because Kobe has won a championship, that’s kind of crazy.

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^ OOOOO ^^^^

    Ian unintentionally proved my point

    We were playing for NOTHING.. Miami was playing to damn near salvage their season.. they lose to us and hit a 6 game skid no one would believe in them..

    But we were talkin about once the playoffs start Ian.. not regular season.. switch is down like a MOFO during the regular season lol

    I hated it myself but ive come to accept it..

    Of course id want us to slaughter any and all comers and carve out a 60-70 game season but that aint our team..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    So if you were playing for nothing, why was Kobe supposedly upset enough to take extra practice after the game? He said he hasn’t done that on the road since 2004, so obviously this WAS a big game for him.

  • Ian

    yoo wait you were playing for nothing the year your last 11 games you went 4-7 you had homecourt locked down. not last night. shit man dont throw me in the middle of your argument like that heheh.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    i told the kid was on medication lol how did u even read all that???

  • Ian

    and lakers fan can say those games dont matter all the time but the players take care (remember phils comments before game 2 vs the spurs) these big regular season games matter.

    i think you made a mistake sayin that you can beat miami in 5 and then post you dont think they have any chance at making the finals so you arent worried about them. btw love you think the lakers are gonna strut their way to the finals vs portland, dallas (which i think will knock the lakers out and i would bet on that one if caron can play) , spurs like their are nothing. the last 2 series without homecourt.

  • LakeShow84

    EVERY game against his own level of individual competition is important to Kobe..

    Was this game important to Phil?? Or Lamar?? i doubt it was at the top of they list..

    To Kobe??? to be able to knock Lebron and Dwade down together?? you know with his competetiveness he wants EVERY matchup with those 2.. and Kevin Durant, and BRoy and Battier, and so on..

    So to Kobe hell yeah id probably even say he considers that aspect of the season a FAILURE.. u know he wanted to snatch one from them.. my bad BOTH from them..

    To the Lakers franchise??? Nah i doubt we shook..

    @ Ian

    and you already in it!!!! lol id say we backed in that year cuz Kobes knee was affecting his play..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    If there was one team id say could go into the first 2 games of a series and take ONE..

    id say its our team..

    Dallas is the only team that frightens me but even still they havent seen us in the playoffs.. Portland?? Gotta see if the Gerald Wallace phenomena is tru..

    SA???? whatever bring it we been to war so many times id be a bitch to say im afraid of them lol aint no one afraid of they rivals..

  • LakeShow84

    If there was one team id say could go into the first 2 games of a series and take ONE..

    I meant to say go into the first 2 AWAY games

  • LakeShow84

    Just for starters we got the best road record in the NBA..

    i dont know as of today but before Miami we did..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — But if Kobe is the team leader and the rest are ideally suppposed to adapt to Kobe’s personality … shouldn’t the games that are important to Kobe also be important to his teammates?

    But then you said the other day that Kobe simply does what his coach tells him to do. (Game 7, Phoenix, 3 shots in the 2nd half.) So if Phil wasn’t taking last night seriously, wouldn’t Kobe follow his lead? I’m confused.

  • Ian

    so kobe trying his hardest couldnt beat the heat in two chances thats what you sayin?? funny thing is that if he tries so hard vs other elite wing players he has a sub .500 record vs most of them hehehe. vs roy vs many vs bron sub.500

    btw not picking sides here this is a laker heat thing im just killing time here a bit so dont take anything i say seriously.

    i wouldnt mind if portland took out the lakers and dallas so the spurs can play the blazers in round two.

  • Ian

    now this is a spurs thing haha
    “SA???? whatever bring it we been to war so many times id be a bitch to say im afraid of them lol aint no one afraid of they rivals..”

    that goes both ways remember pop, td , manu arent sitting at home prayin not to play the lakers.

    btw you guys cant win in portland even before wallace.

    best road record before last night???? that would be the spurs and dallas again not the lakers. even if the lakers had the best road record remember the spurs have the best home record and thats what theyll have all thru the playoffs homecourt.

  • Ian

    sorry round three in my post 89

  • Ian

    the suns or jazz need to get memphis off that 8th seed fast.

  • LakeShow84

    Dont play that confused shit bruh..

    FIRST OFF that was a playoff game we were LOSING at half time so if Kobe DIDNT listen to him then thats damn near mutiny.. ONCE AGAIN.. PLAYOFF game, REGULAR SEASON game.. shit PLAYOFF ELIMINATION GAME

    And SECOND OFF you said it yourself, IDEALLY.. like i said if we could we would win 60-70 games but that aint our team.. do you think Kobe would if he could?? id say so but does it matter to Pau?? To AB??

    Shit AB just STARTED buying into the defensive concept EVERYONE been talkin about for 2 years now.. so Kobe CLEARLY aint influencing him so much..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    So what does that say about Kobe as a leader?

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    How did your last home game go against us???

    You guys got DECIMATED

    And considering you guys barely won game 2 had we not given you guys 13 offensive rebounds to win the game i wouldnt sound so cocky..

    And as of now we’ve won in SA and BOS.. like i said.. its sucks not having homecourt but it aint a deal breaker for us..

  • LakeShow84

    And we’ve won in Portland each of the past 2 years..

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    i dont know why dont you tell me lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — I understand why you and every L.A. fan still sees your team as the favorites to win the championshiop. And like I said, you’re the champs until somebody beats you.

    But you have to admit that Miami is a legit threat, and that last night’s loss wasn’t just because “we weren’t taking the game seriously.” You got outplayed and lost on the home court of another very good team. There’s nothing to be ashamed of there. Your front line has obvious problems trying to contain Chris Bosh. That’s OK too. He’s an All-Star player and has given plenty of guys fits.

  • Stunnaboy2k11

    At LakeShow didn’t know I was now a stamp, you actually had some well thought out arguments but some of them are just plain Stan-like. However I can’t hate, if my Cs won back to back I’d be a cocky mofo too. Just be prepared to take it if you guys INCONCEIVABLY you know lose a series ;)

  • LakeShow84


    Yes Miami is a threat.. but not to us.. they arent in our conference.. if they had a chance of making it out the East id say MAYBE..

    But even still i wouldnt feel threatened if that was the June matchup..

    We do have problems with Bosh tho and thats where Phil would come in.. as i said im sure hes noticed his role in their last 2 wins against us..

    But bottom line a team with 8 game winning streak and a team with 5 losing streak (a good team at that) played and one team wanted/needed it more.. Thats the facts of that game..

    Its called being DUE..

    But all this talk has also taken the focus off of a key topic this past week..

    Wade closed the game :)

  • LakeShow84

    Gimme my f#$kin stamp man!!!!!!!


  • Stunnaboy2k11

    Game Set Match, Wade for closing out the game haha

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    You still don’t think Miami even has a CHANCE to make it out of the East? Be serious now. All three of their games against Boston have been close, and Wade has been terrible in each one. So if Wade improves to playing just average or above-average in a playoff series, Miami at least has a CHANCE to beat Boston. All three Miami losses to Chicago were also close, and LeBron didn’t play in one of those games. So again, they at least have a CHANCE to beat Chicago. They’ve already registered wins against Orlando and Atlanta, so obviously they have a CHANCE to beat them in a series. You really think the team with the 3rd-best record in the East has ZERO CHANCE of making the Finals?

    (And if they do make it and play L.A., well, the 2-0 record shows they have a CHANCE to beat the Lakers too.)

  • K Dizzle

    @ A.B.
    Did Bynum play the first game against Miami? I don’t recall, but I doubt it. I’m not hatin on Bosh. All i’m sayin is in 7 seasons in Toronto, what playoff memory do you have of him? Bosh got his numbers and the Heat got every lucky bounce, every no call, Kobe’s ridic 30 footer attempt when a layup and foul woulda been good, andd the Heat still barely got by.
    Pretty obvious that the Heat can’t deal with Bynum, but that’s squarely on Kobe for ignoring the bigs to try to kill Bron n Wade solo.
    It won’t happen in the playoffs.

  • LakeShow84

    Nah i wouldnt say they have NO chance..

    But i dont think their chances are any better just because of last night.. i still have the same opinion on them..

    If i said they had no chance with that record it would be ridiculous.. all im saying is they’ve played 6 games against the 2 teams above them and have lost ALL 6.. So while they have a chance..

    Its mighty slim..

    And im with KDizzle..

    That shit wont happen in the playoffs.. Like i said we damn near a different team in the playoffs coaching all the way down..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — Bynum came off the bench in the Christmas game. The only significant absence was Haslem.

    Bosh’s career playoff averages are 20 points and 9 rebounds. But you saw the teams he was playing on, right? He could only do so much. I’m not saying he’s Bill Russell or anything, but it’s not like he suddenly stinks in the postseason.

    You don’t have to downplay Miami’s win. Kobe being unable to contain Wade, LeBron being simply better than anybody LA has to face him, and Bosh outplaying LA’s front line have nothing to do with lucky bounces or the refs.

  • Ian

    Cocky?? Wtf?? You r the one talkin about finals already. Yeah u gave up 13 offensive boards so?? Every team losses because of something. Was game 1 close ?? No. Excuseme u don’t need homecourt?? How many series without home court have u gusy won since shaq left?? Zerooooo

  • LakeShow84

    Well for all that happened it was still a tie game with under 2minutes left

    Ud think if the picture was really painted that color we would have lost wayyyyyy worst..

    And as it stands there were still some mighty questionable calls namely the game tying goaltending sooooo

    Aye if thats what it takes im sure we will be fine :)

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    your cocky and smug and i can smell it all over you bruh!!! lol

    And i think all references to the Shaq era can be buried under the bridge.. i mean seriously we’ve moved on lol

    2 championships speak directly to that

  • LakeShow84

    And technically we lost homecourt advantage to the C’s in the Finals last year..


    How did that end again??????

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    It ended with Game 7 on your home court. What’s your point?

  • LakeShow84

    We lost game 2 and lost homecourt advantage..

    If we were a team that TRULY needed homecourt advantage we wouldve lost that series seeing we shouldtna/couldnta/wouldnta have won in Boston..

    Anymore questions???

  • LakeShow84


    Belongs to us Laker fans AB..

    Admit it..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    The day after a loss? Suuuuure…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    (And the Lakers were 1-2 in Boston in last year’s Finals)

  • LakeShow84

    Lmao we gotta have something right??????????

    And that ONE (game 3 mind u) win got us exactly where we needed to be.. i dont need to say it do i???

  • Ian

    u now we get along and i never insult u but damn you technically didnt have homecourt cuz u lost it??? wtf is that shit that is stupid?? game 7 where was it?

    again the lakers will destroy the universe according to u hehehe so why even watch the nba if the spurs , heat and everyone else arent a match.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Aight I’ma throw in my two cents

    Miami are still an amazing team, in fact shit this even shows it. To have your 2 bests players play bad games and then they come back and win. Rule of thumb says when you have the best player in a series you always have a good chance to win. And they have that over every team in the league.

    Lakers? They’ll be aight. They always find this way off flipping the switch when it matters most. Annoys the fuck out of me to. Kobe needed to call all his big men and pass them the goddamn ball. Your not 24 anymore, no need to prove your the best every night. Some times a W says that just as much as you pulling up for a 35 footer, or a 3 with 24 seconds left on the shot clock.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Because i want to watch it >:)

    And homecourt advantage is basically WHOEVER having 4 home games in a 7 game series..

    If you lose ONE home game and the team holds serve on THEIR home games YOU LOSE.. so yes by losing one home game you technically lost your homecourt advantage.. Now the last home game goes to the better record team regardless but its all about holdin serve am i right???

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Also, one thing the Lakers constantly need is home court (and referee) advantage. Ian is right in bringing up Shaq, without him you haven’t won a series without it. If Game 7 was in Boston swear to god no way we don’t close out on our home court.

    You should just switch over and be a Miami fan, you do a better job hyping/defending them (rightfully so) than you do with your Pacers haha

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    You make a good case. Since I moved a couple weeks ago and don’t have League Pass anymore, I haven’t seen the Pacers play once. Miami would be the move for somebody with basic cable LOL.

    It’s tough to have an argument with anybody about the Pacers right now anyway: “Indiana is mediocre.” Who’s gonna dispute that one way or the other?

  • LakeShow84

    Tyler Hansborough the truth!!! lol but i have always like Hibbert..

    And coming from a Boston fan.. id EXPECT you to say that Stunna lol but referee advantage??? wouldnt the team that did all the pushing and grabbing and shit talkin need all that??? And thatd be gang green..

    Dont think im not pulling for the LA/BOS rematch..

    As far as we concerned its 1-1 with the tie breaker coming up..

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Hey, same goes for you


    Partly because of you and partly because I hat seeing losing teams make the playoffs and partly becuz I have 3 Pacers (George, Hibbert Hansbrough) on my Fantasy teams I am actually watching Indiana games. Dunno still think they could win 45 ish if they put all their stock in Hibbert. And Hansbrough is the truth and that jsut aint the UNC in me talking

    Collison/George/Granger/Hansbrough/Hibbert I mean, come one.

    Random Tangent: I had this argument with my bro

    In their final years with their school, who got (or was offered) more pussy from their college hoes: Hansbrough/UNC or Steph Curry/Davidson? I’m still saying Hansbrough dude was Mr UNC by the time he left :P

  • Ian

    0 road series wins for kobe as the man on the team good thing you guys dont need it. its all about where game 7 is goin to be played. when does the road team get a split on the first two games and then sweeps all three on their home court??? its rare and the last time if happened it was detroit doing it to the lakers. wow laker fans mad at refs???? really???

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Indiana’s core, and I was one of the people saying Hansbrough would be a good pro. I was also aware of Paul George’s potential before a lot of people I know. I’m just saying this year they are fighting for a first-round exit at best, so it’s not good argument material. They’re not one of those polarizing teams like Miami or LA or Boston.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Well we’ll just have to wait and see.. we aint catchin you guys so its already a given..

    Unless we get knocked out early.. but it’ll go 6.. better than 5 like last time :)

  • LakeShow84

    And coming from a Spurs fan you should already know Kobe been doing work on the Spurs..

    Shaq feasted on the Finals with the weak ass East frontcourts but Kobe CONSTANTLY put the tools to your Spurs.. and those Queens..

    Dont act like u dont remember my friend

  • Ian

    hahaha fine
    but what team made kobe cry??
    dont act like u dont remember buddy

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^^ OOOOOOOO ^^^^^

    Always will have that on us LMAO

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Yeah, that’s why I applaud Cavs announcers, trying to sound optimistic in the pile of shit they wade in after they witnessed the king for 7 years. Must be a tough job.

    Indy could be good in 3-4 years, so when it does happen you’ll appreciate it.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Because its 2011, something is telling me Spurs do make a run. However the Spurs still need a big guy who can hang with the Laker bigs, maybe Pop can unearth one ahaha

  • Ian

    stunna i know man we are fuckin short and the splitter thing is gonna take years apparently.

    my fav nba moment ever hehehe

  • Sporty-j

    Lets stop with this B.S. on how Kobe is the only Laker that wanted to win yesterday when everybody else was on cruise control. Im sure Paul Gasoft, Bynum, and everybody else wanted to beat the Heat yesterday just as bad as Kobe wanted to. If they were on this so called cruise control. Maybe it was because Kobe would not pass them the ball and 1 day they all are going to get tired of that s#$t like Shaq did. Bosh>>Gasoft I like how L.A. fans are sleeping on Dallas in the 2nd round…

  • the cynic

    @ lakeshow

    Having home court is about being able to make mistakes over a long series. Having to win one game on the road is cake for a good team; having to win multiple road games against good teams is a lot harder. Especially if you have to do it 3 rounds. This applies to the heat and the lakers, so we will find out how great they are soon enough

  • http://www.theresastatforthat.blogspot.com deron

    I don’t know what Kobe thought he was doing, but he needs to work on his shot selection not his shooting.