Smack / Mar 13, 2011 / 3:00 am

Kemba Walker Kills it Again; Find Out Why Kobe Was “Scared Sh**less” Last Night

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

What an end to a great Big East Tournament last night as UConn beat Louisville by three, 69-66, in an intense, up-and-down slugfest at MSG. The battle itself felt like it boiled down to the Kemba Walker/Peyton Siva matchup. Players stepped up on both sides, but it felt like those two were involved in almost every big play, whether it be scoring (Kemba had 19, Siva 13), setting up teammates or keeping the tempo at a blistering pace (they are clearly two of the fastest guards in the nation) … As Kemba was imposing his will in the second half and drawing foul after foul, Jay Bilas relayed that Rick Pitino was telling the refs that “Kemba Walker is not Michael Jordan.” When he was told about Pitino’s quote after the game, Kemba replied, “I’m not Michael Jordan, I’m Kemba Walker”… Kemba finished with 130 points in his five games – a Big East record – and was the easy choice for tourney MVP … So how does this UConn run change the way you look at the Huskies as an NCAA team? Sweet 16? Further? … Think Louisville’s Mike Marra will have nightmares about last night’s game for the rest of his life? He was 0-3 from the field for the game and was an adventure down the stretch on inbounds plays, including an absolute killer turnover with :23 to go in the game and his team down by one. He then found himself in a spot where he drew a foul shooting a three with his team down three. He made the first foul shot, but then missed the second. Then, when he was apparently trying to miss the third foul shot in order to set up a putback chance for his teammates, he drilled it. Just couldn’t do anything right … If you’re going to launch a fake Kemba Walker Twitter account pretending to be him, at least be smart enough not to start following us while Kemba is actually playing … The Jimmer Fredette magic ran out yesterday in the MWC championship game against San Diego State. Jimmer still got his 30, but it was on 10-25 shooting. And he got next to nothing from his teammates … It would appear that Nolan Smith is just fine. After leaving Friday’s ACC Tournament game with a foot injury that had Duke fans fearing another Kyrie Irving situation, he came back to hang 27 on Virginia Tech in a Duke W. The win sets up a Duke/UNC ACC Championship matchup this afternoon after the Tar Heels beat Clemson in OT. UNC got 40 from Harrison Barnes in the game on what seemed like a never-ending run of deep threes. Is this finally the Barnes that everyone envisioned when he committed to UNC? Can’t wait to see what version of him shows up today against Duke …

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  • knoc99

    early smack is great!

  • Cearism


  • yoda

    wow, it was scary when kobe rolled his ankle. i almost throw up (and i bet i’m not only one among all bball guys who rolled ankles countless times on courts). i don’t know how he managed to walk, let alone to come back and play. is he eating pain killers for breakfast? great game by andrew. kid is getting better and better every day. he just need more games to get in shape and to get that feeling. but he shows that he’s one of most skilled big guys in nba. its scary to think what would he be doing by now, if kobe and lamar didn’t crashed into his knees in past few years.

  • That’s What’s Up

    ….and the Spurs beat the Rockets in Houston to improve their record to a league leading 54-12……

    I must have missed that line; I will re-read Smack to find it.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    i have no nerves left in my right ankle, which means I can’t feel it when its sprained…I just can’t use it…14 sprains from basketball, 3 from almost the exact game situation…

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    phew man I cringed when I saw that ankle roll. That shyt isn’t fun at all. Still bogut’s injury takes the cake. Couldn’t watch it more than once.

    kemba is on some dwade shit for real. Beasting.

  • Colton

    at least kobe’s other foot helped carry some of the weight so he didnt come down on just one ankle … that could have been baaad … ive rolled my ankle too many times in my life. he’s lucky he got off like he did and could walk off the court.

  • Paul Wall

    Nuggets beat the pistons by 30 last night to improve to 7-1 without Melo. Tell me how my ass tastes Melo.

  • McSimon

    @Cearism – Dude it took you 23 min to read Smack?

  • jzsmoove

    the Kemba Walker NBA audition continues…

    Thats Whats Up: the Spurs had the whole Page 3 dedicated to them. Thanks Dime! I am really excited about the Spurs this year, would be a nice fairwell for TD.

  • QQ

    @ TWU:

    Expecting Dime to write about the Spurs is like asking Bron apologists to stop making excuses.

  • GRemp22

    hey guys, you should probably check out what happened in the washington-arizona pac-10 championship. Isiah Thomas’ kid, Isaiah Thomas had a case of, as ya’ll would say, testicular elephantitis

  • Sporty-j

    The Spurs played yesteday???

  • Young Gunner

    Only read page 2

  • yourite

    who ARE the spurs?!

  • WinDelRoj

    Denver is just going to keep going under the radar. As they keep whooping up on people with Gallo and Afflalo out. The game was close and then the 4th quarter happened.. JR was in ultra dick mode at the end must suck when hes doing it to your team..

  • WinDelRoj

    Oh yeah and what Paul Wall said

  • http://illinoisraptors.org Chicagorilla

    Nice to see u guys covering the NCAA finally, but very gay to see only the New Yorker covered? The west coast does exsist you know, and they are just as good if not better teams. The overhype of the big east and Kemba will get very gay during march.

  • AllDayEveryday

    Kemba Walker!!!!!