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Kevin Durant and the Thunder Send a Message to the Rest of the NBA; Blake Griffin’s Birthday is Ruined

Kevin Durant
The Oklahoma City Thunder took a big step forward last night. Kevin Durant & Co. went into Miami and beat a fired up Heat team – and to be honest, didn’t even play all that well offensively in the process. The Thunder traded haymakers with Miami in the first half as each team took turns churning out highlight reel material. Then in the second half, OKC clamped down on defense and completely shut down the Big 3, forcing them into a 4-24 performance in the third and fourth quarters, and propelling the Thunder to a 96-85 win. The whole thing was foreshadowed by Durant as he headed into the locker room at halftime. In his interview with Heather Cox, visibly irritated Durant told her, “The first team that plays defense will win the game.” If they play defense like this and get their offense going at the same time? Unbeatable … We can’t stress how incredible some of the highlights in the first half were last night. Dwyane Wade had an absurd spin into the lane through Serge Ibaka and a two-hander on Kendrick Perkins; LeBron had a baseline, one-handed reverse that was followed by a fast break dunk that prompted Mike Tirico to comment on how many “violent” dunks there were in the half … After Ibaka came up with one of his three blocks on the night, Tirico said, “Let’s just call him Serge I-Blocka.” No Mike, we will not be doing that … Wade was an animal last night. He only had 21 points, but it seemed like he was in attack mode on both ends of the floor all game long. To go with his dunks, he also tracked down Eric Maynor on a break and sent his shot to the frank man’s frank man. The ball literally went further than into the crowd than a lot of those t-shirts that cheer teams shoot into the crowd during breaks in the action … With the game just about over in Miami, the Thunder were set to let the shot clock expire without shooting leaving four seconds on the game clock. KD passed the ball to Westbrook with about nine seconds remaining, but just before the violation Westbrook passed it back so that KD would credited for the turnover. You could see Russ laughing and Kevin just shaking his head … Remember a few weeks ago when everyone was wondering what was wrong with Chris Paul, including Chris Paul? Not to make light of his scary head injury, but it’s like he had something jarred loose. He’s come back like a monster face, averaging 28.7 points and 11.3 dimes since he’s returned. Last night he had 26 and nine as the Hornets beat the Suns 100-95 … Read More: The Nuggets take a shot at Melo, Pyscho T is under control, and Blake gets the Philly business…

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  • follow thru

    hang on dime, wasn’t the d-wade slam over perkins and not ibaka?

  • beiber newz

    did any1 else peep how deron williams was sporting AN UPSIDE DOWN HEADBAND the day he beat the celtics? i noticed in the post game interview, u know, the on court interview done right after the game is over with the winning player of the game.
    isn’t it banned ? AND ISN’T THAT THE REASON rondo is boycotting headbands BECUZ OF THAT REDICULOUS RULE.
    DIME, do some research on this. por favor


    March Madness…………Out like working today and tomorrow! No dealings with any Uncle Tom today!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Heinsohn is horrible. Actually dude is worse than San Antonio + Houston + Portlands announcers + Rick Kamla + Jon Barry combined. That’s how much this guy sucks

  • QQ

    Heinsohn is a whole different level. He was a homer before ‘homer’ was even a concept.

    And the Thunder really showing they’re for real. I really don’t understand the hate on the Thunder being so overhyped. I mean, Durant is STILL the leading scorer and his team is still one of those teams with homecourt in the first round (if they stay there).

    I understand that people we’re calling them the number 2 in the West before the season, and maybe that’s where the ‘overhyped’ bit comes from, but it’s not like Durant and Westbrook were flexing and preening in a pre season celebration, screaming ‘WE’RE THE NUMBER 2 TEAM IN THE WEST! ITS GONNA BE FUN!’ in front of television cameras.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    @ follow thru:

    I agree, that spin might have been on I-blocka but the dunk was on Perkins I believe. I didn’t see Perkins behaving like a complete douche last night. Not playing with Garnett can have only a positive effect on his attitude.

  • sh!tfaced

    lol @ tommy being homer before homer.

    at he’s not as fuckin boring and lame as those lakers announcers. their shit could put you right to sleep.

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    You gotta feel good for this nugget team. Honestly if there’s a team that I thought would just plunder into cavalier-dom it’s the nuggets. Who woulda thought all those combustible elements could co-exist and play to this level, and have fun at it ?

    nba.. Where weird happens.

  • follow thru

    @Smoove, if you’ve been seeing how the felton-lawson duo has stepped up then you’ll understand.

    @QQ, the thunder literally packed the paint with their new bigs and dared the heat to shoot – much how boston and chicago does it.

    nasty how durant just posted up lebron and let him have it with his jumpers.

  • kingralf

    Blake officially hit the rookie wall. Norhing serious though, because he did not play a single game all of last season. He will be a beast again and longer next season, probably having a few good games left in him in this one.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Random question of the day: If they both died today, who will be remembered as having the better movie career? Donnie Wahlberg? or Mark Wahlberg?

    Let us not talk about the music they did because, honestly, they were terrible.

    And by the way, when CJ Miles was moved to the D-League before, Michael Cooper described him as a player who can do some of the things that Kobe Bryant does. Hmmmmm.

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net/ sean.dynastybball

    If you didn’t see the spin-move / power slam I’ve got you covered. Click my name.

    Time to get fired up for college bball. Going to Hooters for the early games today. What are you plans?

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net/ sean.dynastybball

    And by “you” I meant “your”

  • Jim White

    I liked Tommy (Gun) Heinsohn as a player. Not so much as a coach. But, as an annoucer he is the first graduate of the Johnny Most, School of B-Ball announcers. You have to discount alot of things he’s says but, there are many worst than him. I give a “Tommy Point” to Tommy. homer to the core!

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I like Tommy, even though he is a homer he was our homer you know. Congrats on the 30 years announcing. I’m also now slowly talking myself into the Jeff Green era.

    Wade was in straight beast mode the other night, the spin dunk on Perkins could potentially be dunk of the year. Which is saying a lot considering its been the Blake Show all year long.

    LeBron is gonna have nightmares of KD tonight, what with all those jumpers he let loose on the guy. Durant is a freak of nature.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @follow thru,

    You’re right, the Wade dunk was definitely on Perk (the spin was on Serge). It seemed like everybody was getting put on posters!

  • aj

    While the Wade dunk was spectacular, did you see his post-dunk celebration after the foul was called? While they were down by 11? Really? You’re gonna break out the ultimate 1990’s dance move while you’re getting whooped up on at the time? Save that stuff for the JR Smith’s or McGee’s of the world. I said when they were drafted I’d rather have Wade than LeBron, and I still believed that until the last year or two. Now he’s just unbearable.

  • ENEW

    @showtime @QQ

    Heinsohn is a hall of fame player and coach and used to be the national color man for CBS was a terrific one at that so why don’t you clowns have some
    g-d damn respect!!!

    All home team broadcasters are homers. Tommy just happens to be a life long Celtic with quite a presence and personality that you either love or hate but don’t insult the knowledge and the love, he has helped make the NBA what it is today.

    Today is the best day of the year!

  • Stunnaboy2k11


    It seems LeBrons douchiness has rubbed off on Wade, with that celebration and the Carlton dance earlier in the year. I understand why he did it though, it got the crowd pumped up and honestly the dunk itself warranted some sort of celebration. It was just that good.

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    @ follow thru
    yeah that dunk was on perk.raymond felton is a lot better than I gave him credit for at first.

  • Celticsdada

    ^^^^^ Bravo!!! Tommy point for you ENEW!!! Tommy is a legend. Enough said.

    Mark Wahlberg is the biggest celeb Celtics fan out there follow by Maria Mennomous. He knows more about basketball than some of yhe writer here, suck it Dime

  • darko’s doughnuts


  • fazo


    Jordan is the GOAT and deserves endless respect for his play, but that doesn’t change the fact that hes a terrible owner and GM. Similarly, Heinsohn shouldn’t be excused from his current, cranky, senile awful broadcasting abilities just because he’s a living legend (and maybe USED to be good for CBS).

    I like my broadcasters that have unconditional love for their teams too, but Heinsohn’s inability to ever see a Celtic commit a foul is pretty tiresome.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ ENEW

    I don’t give a damn about what he has done as a player, coach or whatever. He SUCKS in his current job as an announcer. He was actually good at CBS but he’s horrible right now so why would I respect him for that?

    MJ sucks as a GM/owner, so does Larry Bird. Magic sucked as a coach/sucks as a tv expert, Clyde Drexler is horrible as well, the list goes on and on and on …

    Doesn’t take anything away from their playing days

  • RonNation

    that dwade spin move dunk was a travel bros

  • WinDelRoj

    Jabstepping into submission, not passing when he shouldve, not guarding anyone so that the bigs would be in foul trouble…

  • QQ

    @ 18:

    Damn, you mad son? LOL.

    OK ok, chill.

    With all the respect in the world, Tommy Heinsohn… please continue being the fucking homer that you are, good sir.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Move over Blake & JR, I think this DWade slam was dunk of the year imo

    and this dunk sparked an 11-0 run for the heat to take the lead and only down by 1 at the half…so cmon down on the celebrating while down rhethoric. It was still early n the gm not 2mins left in the 4th ala javale mcgee

  • bookkwormmaster

    Loved watching the Heat vs Thunder game last night. The game had so many storylines surrounding it (i.e Miami building some momentum winning 3 straight, LBJ vs KD whom had never beaten LeBron until last night, Oklahoma City continuing to incorporate Kendrick Perkins into the team, etc) and it did not disappoint. Both teams showcased their strengths and weaknesses at varying points and there were highlights galore. The LBJ vs KD battle was especially interesting to watch as neither player can really guard the other. LBJ is too big and strong against KD (Miami didn’t expolit this as much as I thought they cold have) whereas KD is too skillful and crafty (Oklahoma City did exploit this) for LBJ to deal with.

    The Denver Nuggets are a fascinating team to watch. They put a beatdown on my Hawks and ran a clinic on team execution.

    As of the current playoff standings, Oklahoma City and Denver would match up in the first round. This would easily be the best first round series of any matchup in the East or West

  • Kevin

    Wade was a douche before Lebron even entered the picture. Guy left his wife and kids for Gabby Union, he screwed over some business partners and got sued, he cried to refs more than Kobe\Duncan combined, and was doing the indoor-shades\clown outfit look on his own. Then he made the 9-11 comments. Wade’s probably always been a douche, he just hides it better.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I ‘m pretty sure Blake Griffin would cave in anybody’s face with a single punch.

    He reminds me of Lennie from “Of Mice and Men”

  • LakeShow84

    @ ENEW


    Yours truly,

    Laker Nation

  • LakeShow84

    And there are 4 players id say u dont piss off in the NBA


    and Durant.. and the Heat pissed dude off.. and id also venture to say Durant is the #2 player u dont want to piss off because he’ll bomb on u..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I don’t mind announcers being homers, that’s only natural. But Heinsohn is ridiculous. He seems to believe that every night, the referees have a vendetta against the Celtics, when it’s more likely that the Celtics get more preferential treatment from refs because they’re the Celtics. It’s tough to even watch Boston home games on League Pass because Heinsohn is so bad.

  • LakeShow84

    “When it’s more likely that the Celtics get more preferential treatment from refs because they’re the Celtics”

    At least im not the only one who notices..

  • Sporty-j

    These FEMALES on here are funny!!! We were down by 11 in the 1st half when Wade did his dance. Not 20 or 20 in the 4th. Thats just Wades “SWAG” and has absolutely nothing to do with Lebron. Some of you guys have it in so bad for Lebron that you probably would blame him for crisis in Japan “If” somebody would believe you. Great physical game last night and I dont know why that idiot Spoelstra did not let Lebron get skinny a$$ Durant in foul trouble. Its like he takes 1 step forward and than 2 steps back with his thinking sometimes. I cant believe that the Nuggets are better than the Knicks and Gallo is still hurt which is the sad part…

  • First & Foremost

    Whoa, Settle AB, Go grab yourself a fat chick and a candy bar.

    I hate watching T-wolves games with their announcers. I have no idea who he is but dude is the anti-homer.

    “So, why is it that the T-wolves play the Spurs so competitively but no so with everyone else?” – Guy 1
    “The T-wolves are pretty much dead last in the major 4 offensive and defensive categories. We need more effort from Wes Jonshon. He’s got to make plays like Corey more often and be ready to shoot”

  • Sporty-j

    The Celtics get away with way more stuff than any team in the league so there fans should never complain…

  • QQ

    Is there anyone else who pictured Tommy Heinsohn reading Dimemag.com and saying ‘I don’t mind basketball writers being biased to a certain player, that’s only natural. But this Austin Burton, it’s ridiculous’?, while reading AB’s post?

    Cause I sure did.

    HOMER FIGHT!!!!!!!

  • Sporty-j

    @F&F Not today please!!! Give me a break because you had me in tears yesterday lol…

  • jzsmoove

    Serge Ibaka HAS arrived. During one sequence where Wade drove in for an awkward contested layup, the refs opted not to call blocking foul on Ibaka. I bet if it was anyone else, Wade would have been shooting FTs. Honestly it was a call that could be a good no call/ blocking foul and nobody would argue. Except for Wade who took a T for it. Zebras favored Ibaka on this and I was like, wowww.

  • LakeShow84


    DWade was piiiisssssssssssseedddd hahahaha

    “u know how many of these calls u give me with NO CONTACT?!?!”


  • LakeShow84

    “The Celtics get away with way more stuff than any team in the league so there fans should never complain…”

    What cracks me up is they’ll go through a WHOLE GAME of pushing, grabbing, mind games, pattycake and when the foul is called????

    Ray Allen (with no ball) puts his hand on the top of head.. (with ball) squats down and continues dribbling..

    Doc Rivers looks like there was NO WAYYYYYY his team couldve possibly fouled someone.. shakin his head with that big eyed NO WAY look

    Paul Pierce makes the same whining face he uses on his weak ass head jerk moves..

    But Rondo and KG usually just hit they spots.. Oh im sorry Rondo is rarely called for fouls even tho he slaps foo’s on the side of the head and rips at bigs arms for rebounds..

    Just sayin

  • Claw

    @Lakeshow – Cmon, you gonna say that when Kobe looks like he was mugged and is motioning he got hacked and replays show he wasn’t even touched. Kobe could give lessons, and DFISH!

    You don’t have alotta slack there my friend.

    Lebron its fantasy playoffs step up your game, LeDouche!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden MR. BROGDEN

    The Magic-Bucks game highlighted TWO THINGS.

    1 – One Clutch play EVAPORATES all dumb plays that came before. Jameer personified the CLUTCH BUM last night.

    2 – The Bucks are missing “something.”
    Like Waka, Rosco, n Wale I just can’t put my hands on it.

    Last night, in crunch time let’s say the last 5 minutes.
    No, better yet, the last 3 minutes then OT.
    Jameer misses a J bad. BJ comes back and bangs his on J.
    Score 76-74, Magic
    The next 2 minutes, all the Magic get is a dunk and a freebie. (with missed shots, airballs, a phantom travel call, and a missed alley oop) But all the Bucks got was 2 free throws (with more missed shots, airballs, missed lay ups, shot clock violations, ill advised 3s)

    Last 10 seconds, Score 79-76, Magic
    Jameer misses his 3rd jumper.
    Then inexplicably fouls BJ on long 3 attempt that he’s been missing all night.
    BJ bangs all 3 of his freebies.
    Score, 79-79
    Overtime Starts and after some time its..
    Score, 85-81
    Jameer, again, inexplicably fouls BJ on long 3 attempt that he’s been missing all night. Well, he didn’t miss this time and completes the 4-pt play.
    Score, 85-85

    About 30 seconds left, Magic up 89-87
    Bucks miss shot. Jameer gets the ball, does a lil’ cross over thing to clear space and see some passing lanes.
    Gets rid of the ball, and trails near the top of the key.
    Gets ball back, puts a HELLA PUMP FAKE move on BJ.
    Gets BJ ALLLLL THE WAY UP in the AIR, slightly steps to the side and cans a mid range beauty. ICING!

    ZERO to HERO just like that.

    And the Bucks, I don’t know what’s up with them.
    I refused to believe Andrew Bogut is the SOLE reason they look foogazi.

  • Stunnaboy2k11

    Is a Laker fan complaining about bad calls? You have TWO of the worst floppers in the league in Gasol and Fisher, Kobe argues like the refs have a war against him when he is among the league leaders in questionable calls and Artest gets away with A LOOOOOT of physical shit.

    Yeah Boston get alot of questionable calls, but I’ll be shocked if LA don’t get as much. Fuck, isn’t Kobe routinely voted one of the most dirty players in the L?

    #rant mode

  • Sporty-j

    DWade got fouled on that 1 play but my Heat played out of control, sloppy, and i saw some fouls by my Heat that were not called. Chalmers pushed Westbrook out of bounce and Westbrook never complained 1 bit. I knew it was going to be a sloppy night from Wade and Lebron when Wade started the game off missing layups and dunks trying to prove something to Durant and Westbrook. Those 2 duos dont like each other on the court and might as well go play 2 on 2. Thunder out hustled us, out coached, and just wanted it more like when my Heat beat the Lakers. Kobe says Wade fouled him but Kobe thinks he gets fouled on every play whenever a shot does not go in. He had to have taken acting classes in L.A.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    And what happened to the “If Miami just lets D-Wade be the No. 1 option, they’ll start winning” crowd? Wade was the No. 1 last night and they lost. So are you telling me that … just maybe … it’s more complex than that?

  • First & Foremost

    I’m telling you carrots go well with dip. Jordan was the number 1 guy and they lost 12 games that one season. Losing is a fact of life. Also, if James plays like some trash because he isn’t the main option, well then that defeats the purpose. That is like having a side chick that doesn’t put out. What good is she then?

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    NO because they beat the Lakers and Spurs with Wade being the leader.. cant wait until they lose to POP UP with that lol

    @ Stunnaboy

    Ill see your rant mode lol Gasol doesnt flop.. he dont hit his ass NEARLY as much as Paul Pierce and we aint even talkin defense with the good ol Truth..

    FISH is our only flopper..

    And sometimes Kobe does get fouled with a nocall.. Sometimes he makes it up in his head lol but i have seen games where the refs call every ticky tack on him and games where dude gets MUGGED going to the rim and even hit on the elbow during a J with no call..

    It can go either way but i will say the man bitches way more than ANYONE (Laker fan included) would like..

    LMAO @ League leaders in questionable calls.. i guess thats a new stat????? lol

  • LakeShow84

    i think half the time Kobe is whining about fouls BEFORE the shot..

    Like in the end of the Heat game Wade was all over his arm BEFORE he went and lost the ball on his own.. to the naked eye that would look like dude crying wolf but like i said if u watch Wade was all over his left arm..

    Dude gets bumped and held CONSTANTLY on the perimeter.. way more than any other superstar i see..

    But they have to.. hes the best scorer in the game and if u let him get going its a WRAP..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — I’m not saying LeBron should be No. 1 or Wade should be No. 1, I’m saying it’s obviously not as simple as people were trying to make it. And you can’t pre-determine who should be No. 1 before the game starts. You can make a game plan, but if a guy isn’t making shots you have to adapt. There are nights where Bosh should be the go-to guy, even nights where Mike Miller or James Jones might have to be the go-to guy. (Unlikely, but possible.)

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    At least you admit your guy whines, I’ve had arguments with guys who think Kobe gets fouled 30 times a game. LeBron gets waaay more contact than Kobe, yet only shoots 1.2 more than him.

    Look I agree Pierce does the “AND ONE” shout before contact/making the shot but hey I’m not defending him. And when you play like Pierce you need all the advantage you can.

    I may be wrong, but isn’t that SF in OKC the best scorer in the game? haha

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    i can dig it.. really i think the debate was on closer neways.. but i agree u cant have a clear cut #1 as part of a GAMEPLAN but there are pecking orders on teams.. just sayin lol

    but yeah the secret is when Bosh is attacking and playing a major role they usually win.. in they loss yesterday he reverted back to jump shooting after he said himself the team has more success when hes attacking and rolling to the hoop..

    @ StunnaBoy

    Nah hes just the scoring leader lol Kobe got WAAAAYYYY more tricks than Durant.. be real..

    But dont be down on your boy i read an article that said Pierce and Kobe are the only 2 players in the league who have perfected the art of the midrange game.. and when i really sat back and thought about it i full heartedly agree.. well midrange at a superstar level..

    That shot EVERYONE says ANYONE should be able to stop because they know its coming?? thats that midrange game for ya lol

  • Sporty-j

    Here goes AB again! When was Wade #1 option last night. Everybody was off from the begining and played sloppy. When the game was about to start shifting in our direction. The refs killed it with that none call and the game went from potential a 5 point game to be over on a 12 point swing. Wade never had a chance to do his Magic in the 4th and it certainly did not help with your #1 wish dream opt for the Heat lettiing Durant put his foot in his a$$ over and over. I just hope that since he has been demoted back to his Scottie Pipen role that he was not letting Durant do that purpose because i dont trust him. We should not have to run a screen for him to get a mismatch on a PG in order for him to go down in the post. It does not take the coach to tell Lebron that he should have gotten physical with Durant, force the issue, and should have taken Durants little a$$ down in the post and punish him on everyplay until they call a foul…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Sporty-j — You say “Scottie Pippen role” like that’s a bad thing. Isn’t Pippen in the Hall of Fame? And you’re forgetting all the games where James carried Miami as the No. 1 when Wade was hurt, playing bad, or simply playing the No. 2 role.

    And don’t act like playing against Kevin Durant is easy. Some of the best defenders in the world try their hardest and still see Durant put up 29 points on 21 shots. That’s what he does. Keeping him just under 30 is about average.

  • Sporty-j

    Neither should be #1 opt or else it would hurt in the playoffs and a team like Boston would key in on to that. Everybody has to score against a team like Boston at the end of games if we want to get to the Finals. Not just 1 man. I should have said Robin instead of Scottie, so my bad on that 1. Wade was hurt during the preseason if you forgot. He had a little funk at the begining of they year because of it and yet hes still right there in PPG with your King lol. Carried the team??? The guy is already choking under all the pressure. Now listen to me closely on this 1 AB. Imagine what he would do in the playoffs where the pressure is going to be 10 worse because of all the pressure hes under this year which he brought upon himself lol. Wade thrives under all of that pressure and lives for those Jordan moments.

  • Sporty-j


  • Sporty-j

    10x %^$$^(moving to fast)

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Sporty-J — I’m starting to doubt if you even watch your team play. Think about every Boston game in which Wade was playing like crap and Miami was still competitive. Who was carrying the offense? LeBron.

    Now think about the Portland win where LeBron had 44 and took over down the stretch … the close Indiana win where LeBron had 41-13-8 while Wade was 7-for-17 .. the Orlando win where LeBron scored 51 and Wade shot 5-for-12 … the OKC win where LeBron had 23 and 13 dimes and assisted House’s game-winner while Wade had 9 turnovers … the Detroit win where Wade and Bosh didn’t play and LeBron had 39-9-8 … The Knicks loss when Wade went scoreless in the 4th quarter and LeBron kept them close … the Lakers win on Christmas where LeBron had a triple-double and Wade shot 6-for-17 …

    You have the best (at worst, 3rd best) player in the League on your team and you act like he’s a scrub. If you want to talk about handling playoff pressure, we’ve now seen how bad Cleveland is without LeBron, and he carried that team deep into the playoffs multiple times. Wade hasn’t been out of the first round since 2006. Where are all those Jordan moments then?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    And again, I’m not saying LeBron unquestionably has to be Miami’s go-to guy or their closer, nor am I saying that Wade isn’t a great option as the top guy. But anybody trying to argue that LeBron isn’t a clutch player or doesn’t have crunch-time credentials, or that he “chokes” at a higher rate than Wade (or any superstar) needs to rethink their argument.

  • Sporty-j

    There go Lebron fans with all there “STAT” stuff. Its just like Laker fans that always talk about how there team does not play series after every lose because they are saving it for the playoffs lol. So predictable. I could go show you stats on how Lebron performed in certain games but its a waste of time. Go watch that Christmas game again by the way and you would see that it was Wade that built us that lead, not the stat Machine that dominates the ball all game in order to get his while his teammates stand around wondering what hes going to do. Im not downing your boy either but hes just not clutch like his fellow draft mates. What would the Heat roster from last year record have been this year Austin if you take away Wade away, Haslem gets injured, Chalmers leaves for Boston along with J.Oneal, and our back up center leaves the team also and follows Wade? That look at Cleveland now without Lebron can be said about my Heat without Wade so whats your point? 1 was coward enough to leave his team once times got rough. Why did Lebron come and join a guy that cant even get out of the 1st round of the playoffs anymore like you said? You just made Lebron look even dummer? And please dont come back on here and act like Lebron had no choice but to join Wade because Gallo, Amare, and etc in N.Y. would not have been enough for him to win a ship. I guess that team in Chicago with Rose, Boozer, and etc would have not been enough for him to win a ship also huh??? Lebron just is not confident in his abilities unlike Wade who said he would have rode out with Boozer in Miami if it came down to it. I bet you if Wade would have went to N.Y. or Chicago that Lebron would have followed. Thats a coward AB and how can you have a guy thats a pu$$y as your fav NBA player???

  • Rainman

    @ Mr Brodgen:

    Bucks are missing something? how about a scorer?

    oh idk…maybe Michael Redd?

    Salmons stepped up in his absence last year, he’s been playing liek crap this year, so the missing void of Michael Redd has been very apparent in their offense.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Sporty-J —

    “He’s just not clutch like his fellow draft mates.”

    Again, look at the results. Carmelo has been out of the first round one time in his career. Wade hasn’t been out of the first round since 2006. I’ll give you more numbers: LeBron has played 71 playoff games in his career. Carmelo has played 45. Wade has 66. What that tells me is that LeBron is advancing farther into the playoffs than his draft mates. He’s winning rounds and playing in Game 7’s and Game 6’s. Now are you gonna say Cleveland’s supporting cast was any better than Miami’s or Denver’s? If not, how do you explain the fact that LeBron consistently took his teams farther into the playoffs?

    “1 was coward enough to leave his team once times got rough. Why did Lebron come and join a guy that cant even get out of the 1st round of the playoffs anymore like you said? You just made Lebron look even dummer?”

    Or LeBron left because he just didn’t want to play/live in Cleveland anymore. Like I’ve said before, the man has been in the same state his whole life; why is he not allowed to do something different? Because he’s an athlete, he has to stick with the same employer forever? But even if you just look at it from a basketball perspective, you could say every free agent “left when times got rough.” Do you say that about Amar’e in Phoenix, about Grant Hill in Detroit, about Shaq in Orlando? LeBron knows he will be judged on how many championships he wins, and Cleveland wasn’t doing its part to put a championship team (and coach) around him. Even KG chose not to stick around in Minnesota when he saw the writing on the wall, yet nobody calls him a coward for asking out of that situation.

    “Lebron just is not confident in his abilities unlike Wade who said he would have rode out with Boozer in Miami if it came down to it.”

    That’s easy for Wade to say it after the fact. But if the Heat hadn’t signed Bosh and let Wade know they had a very good shot at LeBron, he wouldn’t have re-signed. Why do you think he didn’t sign the extension when he had the chance? He wanted to see what Miami would do. If Bosh had been OK with going to Cleveland, you could also say LeBron would have stayed. But then we’re playing the “if” game.

    “I bet you if Wade would have went to N.Y. or Chicago that Lebron would have followed. Thats a coward AB and how can you have a guy thats a pu$$y as your fav NBA player???”

    And how do you know that? Again, how does it make you a coward to want to play with better players? Magic Johnson said when he joined the 92 Dream Team, “I always wanted to play with Michael and Larry.” Is he a coward now?

    So I guess I’ll just ask you this: Would you rather NOT have LeBron on your team? Last summer, were you hoping Miami didn’t sign him?

  • Sporty-j

    @AB I get the fact that he did not want to stay in Cleveland becuase he has lived in the state of ohio 25yrs of his life. Why didnt he go to N.Y. or Chicago instead of going to play with a dude that cant even carry his team past the 1st round anymore? Wasnt that a dum decision? Lebron playing more playoff games than Wade and Melo or advancing his team further has nothing to do with Clutch by the way lol. Wade has been to 2 ECF just like Lebron and has been in 1 Finals just like Lebron and how did both players teams do? The best thing that ever happened to Lebrons carreer is Wade getting hurt or else this would not even be a conversation. Clutch is what you do in the 4th if the game is close. Lebron will go hit buzzer beaters in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd qrts but when the 4th qrt starts. He does not have that same confidence in his jumpshot when the game is close. See how he drove for a layup both times against the Knicks and Chicago when the game was on the line instead of pull up for a jumpshot once the defense started to collaspe or even a tear drop. Going to join a guy that was in your draft class team that some people consider to be better than you is totally diff than playing on team USA with the worlds best players so i have no idea what you are trying to say with that 1. KG was out of his prime by the time he joined the Celtics and still won a ship. Nobody ever said a player is a coward for wanting to play woth better teammates. For instance, Bosh wanted to play with Lebron. Boozer and Amare wanted to play with Wade. Wade was not leaving Miami and just wanted better teammates which every player Wants. But the 1 Teammate Lebron wanted was Wade. He was not going to N.Y. or Chicago unless Wade was going with him. Thats a chicken!!! Maybe if he had a ring like Wade it would have been a lot of easier for him to convince whoever to join him. Lebron was not trying to convince anybody to join him in Cleveland and Wade did not convince Bosh to join him because they all deciding when they met that summer. What they were going to do. All 3 of them to be honest aint fooling nobody especially Lebron with that, he could not get anybody to go to Cleveland lie. Somebody would have went to join the 2 time MVP if he had tried. Dont have people in your circle lie and say he cant and tell Bosh to say: I dont want to got to Cleveland after the guy said he wanted to play with Lebron. Just be up front about your stuff and people will respect you for that. Hes a grown man and does not have to lie to anybody. Im not even going to sit here and front Austin because i got to keep it real. The 1 player Wade wanted to join him was Lebron so its all a waste of arguement at the end of the day. I dont even know why we are having this conversation my Brotha. Lebrons a Heat now, your a Heat now until Lebron retires so lets go win some ships. Happy for Lebron though thats hes with his best-friend. He needs to be around someone that a good character person, really cares about, is loyal, and has a “job”. Instead of guys that try to live off of him, will leave him if he ever becomes broke, and help influence him to be a douche…