Smack / Mar 18, 2011 / 2:00 am

March Madness Erupts; The Blazers Deliver the Beating of a Lifetime

There are a bunch of special dates circled on the Dime calendar – NBA Opening Night, the NBA Draft, All-Star Saturday Night. For us though, none of those dates compare to the first day of the NCAA Tournament. It’s one of those days where we can’t believe how lucky we are that our jobs entail leaving the office to go to a sports bar to watch great college games for hours on end. So yesterday at noon, we hit Wildwood BBQ in the Union Square area for (green) beer, food and madness that included a slew of last-second shots to decide games … The big story from Day 1 of the Tourney is undoubtedly the massive 13-seed Morehead State upset of No.4 Louisville, 62-61. So much for this. You knew something was brewing right from the jump as State raced out to the early lead and then hung with the ‘Ville the entire way. Then with a little more than four seconds to go in the game, down two with the ball, Morehead State’s Demonte Harper raised up in Peyton Siva‘s face and drilled a long three from the top of the key. Then Louisville’s Mike Marra had a look from the wing to win the game but had his shot blocked on an incredible defensive play State’s Kenneth Faried, aka “The Next Dennis Rodman” … Butler beat Old Dominion on a Matt Howard tip-in at the buzzer. Howard is one of those guys who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. He has that Chandler Parsons Gene … Jimmer Fredette‘s crew beat a tough Wofford squad to advance to play Gonzaga in the next round. We’d be shocked if the Cougars advance beyond that, because no matter how many times announcers give you the “BYU is more than Jimmer Fredette” nonsense, it’s just not true. It’s a fact that was on full display last night. Jimmer (32 points) doesn’t shoot 25-30 times a game because he’s a ball hog, he shoots that many times because that’s the only way his team is going to win. They’re going to be in real trouble against a good defensive team like the Zags … Interesting tweet from Darren Rovell during the Zags beating of St. John‘s: “Gonzaga can’t be called the little guy. Their men’s teams spent $11,216 MORE than St. John’s did for recruiting last year.” … We gotta say, we did our making fun of NCAA games being on TruTV, but having instant access to every game that is being played is such a better experience than being at the mercy of CBS’ regional coverage … There were three games on the NBA docket last night and none of them were particularly good. In fact, two of them were pretty severe beatings … The Knicks handled the Grizzlies at MSG, 120-99, on the strength of 20 threes. Nine of those triples came from Toney Douglas, who was raining murder the entire game. He finished with 29 … With the Knicks up double figures in the third, Carmelo Anthony stood and watched as the guy he was “guarding,” Sam Young, drilled an uncontested three. Clyde Frazier and Mike Breen were disgusted by the lack of effort. “We sound like a broken record,” said Breen. “But Melo and Amar’e, as leaders of this team, have to do a better job on defense.” … Derrick Rose crossed another top NBA PG off his list last night in New Jersey, working over Deron Williams and the Nets as the Bulls coasted to another win, 84-73 … Deron’s line was pretty hideous: 1-12 from the field for five points, four rebounds and 11 assists. Since the trade, Deron’s only shooting 33% from the floor. Is it that he’s still getting adjusted? Is he struggling because the defenses can focus on him more because he has less weapons in New Jersey? … Speaking of hideous, Byron Scott would probably welcome a pink slip at this point. The Cavs got straight decimated in Portland last night, 111-70. For the few minutes that we watched, the Blazers were just running layup lines … We’re out like Lavin.

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  • control

    LeBron should almost win MVP based on how Cleveland is doing without him. They WON’T get even 20 wins, after being a 60 win team last year, which is a historic drop off, not to mention they’ve had some of the most historically worst losses ever. I did call that shit at beginning of the season…

  • smitsta

    The team Cleveland put out was by far the worst I’d ever seen in my history of watching the L. No exaggeration…

  • Young Gunner

    Slow day in the NBA. Meh……..that’s all I care about for today’s smack anyways

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control

    U know and I know Lebron ain’t the only cat that the Cavs lost from last season…
    They’ve basically lost every starter except Parker and I honestly think Ohio State could give em a game.

    Day 1 of the tourney and I haven’t had to burn my bracket yet…

  • Tuneche


    Then again, Lebron in Miami can’t even get 60 wins this year with dwyane wade…

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    DRose for MVP #ForegoneConclusion 21pts and held the “best” pg in the league to 1-12 shooting and he blocked 2 of his shots. Bulls #1

  • sh!tfaced

    man, this bulls dick riding fest is getting pretty annoying. they’re not gonna be champs this year. so they exceeded expectations. just because you have an erection doesn’t mean your gonna laid. the bulls will be the playoffs’ version of disappointment just like the miami heat in the regular season…

  • JAY

    Cosign K Dizzle. CLE lost more than LBJ. But of course, some people just see the loss of Le Brand.

    @sh!tfaced. “they’re not gonna be champs this year”
    So? Can’t you just enjoy good ball? They’re playing really well this year and they have one of the most entertaining players in the league. Most people didn’t expect them to be THIS good so they’re kind of like underdogs. Champion or not, they’re fun to watch and they just win… no in-your-face bravado like the Celts or Heat.

    Here’s a brief story. I got a buddy who hated on Melo at ‘Cuse. Every single game, he always said, “this kid is a puss. He’s got a shitty attitude and it’ll carry into the league.” I don’t know how he saw it, but years later my buddy’s words proved correct. BUT, what Melo did at ‘Cuse was amazing and my buddy basically missed it all because he watched through those hate-filled glasses. He doesn’t even remember how bad Melo torched the NCAA. Moral of the story: Keep hating, you’ll miss out on some good ball. Just sayin’.

  • JAY

    Note to Dime:
    Purchase a real camera immediately. Don’t use your frikkin Blackberry or iPhone to take pictures of, what i assume is, “green” beer.

  • M-Intellect

    Note to Jay:
    No one is gonna break out the tripod in a bar to take a picture of Green Beer.

  • That’s What’s Up

    never let an intern pour your beer.
    That’s the most head the Dime crew has gotten in 2011

  • JAY

    Where did I mention a tripod? Just a regular standalone camera. ANY $100 point-and-shoot camera is better than that. Have you seen how small they are nowadays? It’s hardly a chore to carry one of them in your pocket.

    If you were a “journalist” you would be satisfied with your Blackberry for photos? It’s not the best but a decent point-n-click shows some level of professionalism.

  • Bballeducator

    I like what your saying JAY, enjoy good basketball when it presents itself, especially in the NBA since it has become an increasing isolation one on one game. Sure the Bulls don’t provide as many highlights as teams like the Heat and they might not win the championship, but right now they are playing some of the best TEAM ball in the league and winning while doing it. There defense is even fun to watch and thats hard to do. Its nice to see, so watch a game, enjoy it, and quit hatin.

  • JAY

    Maybe the photo was take during the Morehead win.

  • NYK

    weren’t the blazers killing the cavs so badly that they still only had 4 points with like 4 minutes left in the first quarter?

  • jdizzle

    Anderson Varejao couldnt have made THAT much of a difference could he?

  • First & Foremost

    They lost their coach, all of their fair weather fans, jersey sales, $200M in equity, obnoxious billboards, The hearts and will to give efoort of like 7 players (Mo Williams and Jamison mostly), 9 cheerleaders, 3 player scouts, 1 GM, approx. 6 Lebron worshippers, and the owner has even checked out. In about 2 or maybe 3 years i see him putting this team on the market.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Aight I feel like playing devil advocate here, so listen first

    How come D-Rose is the unanimous MVP? Look I appreciate his talents and rise to being one of the best PGs in the league. He obviously has a will to improve, as evidence by his 3 point stroke is now decent. And I know he carries his team when Noah and Boozer where out and his coach refusing to start anyone else but the horrid Bogans at SG. I know all that.

    But the Bulls main strength is defense, something Rose is terrible at. He may drop 23.2 PPG but its on 19.3 shots . For comparison Westbrook gets 22 on 17 shots, so not like he is the offensive force that is dominating the league. Besides the Bulls offense is ranked 20th in the league, behind such stalwarts as the Clippers and Kings. And D-Rose practically is their offense.

    Now my case for another candidate: Dwight Howard. On pure stats alone there is no comparison, He scores practically the same (.5 less) on 6 less shots. But where they set each other apart is on D. He is the Magic defense. Everyone else that starts beside him is defense deficient, think about it. Nelsen, J-Rich, Turky-glue. Yet besides his shit cast his team Orlando is only 6th place defensively.He has not backup. He carries his team on both ends of the court, while Rose only does it on one end. I mean lets compare the next two top scorers on the team, Orlando: Nelsen 15PPG and J-Rich 14.6 PPG. Bulls: Boozer 18.3PPG and Deng 17.6PPG. So who gets more help?

    Take away D-Rose form he Bulls you have a team with two elite big men a decent SF, good bench who will probably hold you team to 80 points. Take away Dwight, Orlando is practically just a bunch of jackers who can`t play D. only way they ca win is if they catch fire.

    That said, I’m still gonna vote fro Rose haha

  • First & Foremost

    WTF… I swear I wrote that like a week ago! How original Stunnaboy…

    The MVP is not what it actually means. It is a composite of popularity, winning, value, and hype. Yes, by far Howard is more valuable on both ends of the court to his team than Rose is for the Bulls. In this day and age the L is guard oriented. No one cares if you are the best Center. Most debates are who is the best PG and who is the best player in the league.

    Since Dwight is favored to get the DPOY, he would have needed to smash every team while leading them to more wins in order to get both awards. Since they have been inconsistent his defense handicaps him from getting the MVP.

    Look back at your high school yearbook, unless your class was only 20 people deep, one person usually doesn’t win multiple awards unless he was prom king, QB, Pitcher, Small Forward, 1st Trumpet, drove a BWM, volunteered to help sick children, the homeless, and elderly while pulling off legendary pranks.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    @F and F

    I kind of agree with you on the DPOY thing, but that should not stop him from rightfully being the most valuable player. I really think NBA should have an OPOY award. At least then MVP could be the best of both worlds.

    But by your definition I guess 1988 Jordan was prom king, QB, Pitcher, Small Forward, 1st Trumpet etc since he won MVP, DPOY and All-Star MVP ;)

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JAY — “Here’s a brief story. I got a buddy who hated on Melo at ‘Cuse. Every single game, he always said, “this kid is a puss. He’s got a shitty attitude and it’ll carry into the league.” I don’t know how he saw it, but years later my buddy’s words proved correct. BUT, what Melo did at ‘Cuse was amazing and my buddy basically missed it all because he watched through those hate-filled glasses. He doesn’t even remember how bad Melo torched the NCAA. Moral of the story: Keep hating, you’ll miss out on some good ball. Just sayin’.”

    Can you re-post this every day here? That’s the worst part of so many people hating on good/great players now is that they’re going to miss something special because they’re so busy nit-picking. That perfect player they’re hoping for — “Dwight needs to work on his post moves, Rose needs a jumper, Kobe needs to pass more” — is NEVER going to exist. As much as they worship Jordan, Magic, Bird, even lesser talents like Hardaway and Rodman, those guys had flaws too.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    @18 I know u said ur still gonna vote for rose and here’s more arguments why dwight isn’t…

    1st u can’t win MVP when yo team is 4th in the conference where the other #1 competitors team is 1st place. Dwight isn’t clutch and I feel the mvp should b clutch. Also, seriously what competition does dwight have at the center position, maybe 2 guys n the league? Where DRose has a murderers row of comp at the pg spot which is one of thee best/deepest n the league. And the bulls being ranked 20th in offense proves even more why drose should get it cuz his points r harder to come by rather than say the knicks where there whole squad can score 20plus while giving up 30 on other end. Conclusion, the MvP should be sitting at DRose house already.

  • First & Foremost

    I’m disagreeing with you. I think he should win both based on how his team’s gameplan is tailored just to him. The Suns’ gameplan was tailored only to Nash. Lebron was his team’s gameplan. Rose takes his team to the next level but without him, they aren’t chumps.

    Without Lebron the Heat can run a 2 man game with Bosh-Wade and still be playoff contenders.

    Without Kobe the Lakers would still be playoff conteders with the triangle offense.

    Without KG/Rondo/Pierce/Allen the Celtics can turn to other starters to step up.

    Without Rose the bulls get by on defense alone.

    Clearly without Melo Denver is doing just fine.

    Yes it is rare to win both awards but it is harder, today, for a player that is so defensive oriented. Even if Howard held teams to 90 ppg they will give him another DPOY and then find someone who is an offensive highlight reel for the MVP.

  • First & Foremost

    @Jerkish – Thibodeau doesn’t run a 1 on 1 defense. It is a team defense. Not many pgs went to Boston and had lights out games [When KG was healthy]. Please stop assuming Rose is crushing every pg he faces. Individually the Bulls aren’t great on defense, aside from Noah & Brewer. It is them being coached to be in the right place at the right time.

    Analogy time: Is it harder to play DE or DB in football? A DE can get burned but has someone 4 yards away who can still make a difference. The DB has to make a play or give up the touchdown. PGs have safety valves while Centers must make the play. Varajo is known for flopping and getting dunked on by Wade. On that play it was a guards job to stop the ball on the fastbreak. So which is harder: Standing at the 3 pt line blocking his path to the basket or being trapped under the basket while Wade comes at you at full speed?

    Dwight is responsible for the ineffectiveness of his guards and forwards. Rose isn’t guarding anyone else but his own man and rotating 20 feet from the basket. Dwight has to contest floaters from pgs camping out in the lane and worry about the ball being dished around him.

    Rose will win but he isn’t the most valuable to his team.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @jerkishbehavior — Consider this, though: Dwight Howard’s dominance of the center position is a testament to how much better he is than everyone else more so than a lack of talent at the position. If Dwight weren’t around to be the standard-bearer, guys like Marc Gasol and Okafor and DeAndre Jordan suddenly don’t look so inferior.

    And being clutch can be overrated. Dwight’s teams win a lot of games because he plays so well in the first 40 minutes that he doesn’t need to be clutch down the stretch because they have a big lead, or he plays so well in the first 40 that Orlando’s clutch offensive players wouldn’t be in position in the first place to deliver in crunch time. I don’t think the MVP has to be a guy who hits game-winners. It’s like saying the NFL’s MVP can’t be a running back or a linebacker because the QB/kicker do most of the crunch-time work.

  • LakeShow84

    Got a bad hangover going over here..

    Cant even jump in the conversation..

    All for a sausage party

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton


  • JAY

    @ F&F: “Dwight is responsible for the ineffectiveness of his guards and forwards.”

    That’s just the nature of the center position. Their job is to protect the paint. I’m not saying you are wrong about Dwight being MVP. You make very valid arguments. But to say Howard deserves it more than Rose because Dwight is backing up his teammates defensively is a moot point. That’s just what centers are supposed to do. Rose’s job, as a point guard, is to penetrate, create for teammates and make open jumpshots. Dwight doesn’t do that, does he? But just like your reasoning for Dwight protecting the paint, my reasoning for Rose breaking defenses down is a moot point. That’s just the roles for the position they play.

  • the truth

    March Madness is killin it…and can i get some love for my MOREHEAD STATE EAGLES!!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Are the Cavs setting some kind of NBA record for most games lost by 30-50 points? Somebody should look that up.

  • JAY

    @ F&F
    Re: DE vs DB
    Don’t Defensive Backs have Safeties sitting behind them? You can’t say DBs have a harder job than DEs unless you’ve played both positions. and I doubt anyone here has. If you have, u should be playing pro ball. They’re equally as difficult and equally as important. DEs get pounded in the trenches. Blocks can come from anywhere. They need to recognize the pass and disrupt the QB. and also try to tackle a RB who’s much faster and much quicker than them when the offense runs the ball.
    Tell a DE that the DBs have a harder job after a runningback carries 25 times and averages +5.0 yards per carry. A good DE can make a DB’s job easier and vice versa. Neither one is more difficult or more important than the other.

    Football is one of those sports where each position matters. It doesn’t matter if a team has the most dominant CB in the game. If his 10 other teammates on defense are average, the whole defense can still be average. Same thing goes for an amazing QB. If his O-line is shit, then he’s toast.

  • First & Foremost

    The original argument by stunnaboy was Dwight & Rose scoring about the same. [Assists are moot point here because Howard gets the hockey assist which doesn’t show up in box scores] On Defense is where the seperation between the two comes.

    Either way you look at it, Rose only shines brightly on one side of the floor. Rose carries the offense but Thibodaeu has elevated the defense of Chicago. Dwight carries both the offensive and defensive load.

    Lets say you had to grade Rose and Howard on Defense and Offense.
    Rose: Off A; Def C
    Dwight Off B-; Def A

    Most people will give the award to the better record if the comparison is that close but Rose does NOT contribute as much on BOTH ends of the floor as Howard does. Not like Howard’s team is having a horrible year.

  • WinDelRoj

    Melo blasted the coaching staff for their defensive game planning recently (yesterday?)…. way to show everyone what youre made of

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Massive pause there bro


    I think you got it wrong, the Bulls offense is bad BECAUSE of Rose. He takes to many shots and doesn’t facilitate the offense like a true PG. Look I love Rose as much as the next guy but thew way people are hyping him up like he is a shoo in for MVP.


    From a guy who played QB in HS (too slow for RB/WR growing up so I got good at it haha) I can vouch that QB can be the easiest or hardest position to play. My freshman year I was backup bit when I did play all we did was run the ball. I was basically only throwing on 3rd downs. My senior year my team sucked, I was throwing every down and I hated it. Like hated it. Too much pressure, effort and was the hardest thing I have ever done.

    So yeah that’s why QBs deserve the MVP so much, the pressure on the job is amazing. Kind of the same with playing PG I guess…

  • First & Foremost

    Defending my analogy: At first I used CB but DB include safeties. They are responsible for covering more ground and a mistake on that end leads to bigger plays. Yes they make the other’s job easier but not like the DE’s role changes too often. Get off the snap and go get the ball. A defensive back is already on his heels because you don’t know if the receiver is blocking or not then if he isn’t blocking you have to guess which direction he is going to go. In the run defense both players have to get off their blocks and bring the ball carrier down but corner has to do it when the back has a full head of steam. DEs can string the play out and allow help to come.

    Both positions are tough, but corners and safeties are generally left on an island. DE’s rarely play every defensive snap. Rose has a backup. DB’s usually play every down. Orlando doesn’t even have a 2nd center.

    I’ll use a better analogy next time

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I will say that cornerbacks can have their mistakes more exposed. If you give up a big play, everybody sees it and everybody blames you. If a RB is getting off on a team, even if it’s the fault of the DE, usually the blame falls on the DT’s and LB’s or the defensive coordinator. DE’s are, by most people, only judged on how they rush the passer. That’s why nobody ever talks about Pittsburgh’s Aaron Smith despite him being one of the best run-stopping DE’s in the game. (Guys who really know the game say he’s one of the best ever.)

    To make the basketball analogy, if Dwight gets dunked on, that gets more exposure than if Rose can’t keep his man out of the paint or if he rotates too slow and gives up open shots.

  • jdizzle

    Ummmm…..Hangover + Sausage party? LakeShow u better hope there was no Fleece Johnson activity goin on

    @F&F U are now required to make at least one analogy per day lol.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    That’s what the analogy is about, when Rose f’s up no one notices it, sure his man may beat him off the dribble but he has bigs to cover for him. Dwight is out there, taking care of everyone else’s mistakes. The team is draped over his shoulders. Also, for those saying his team record sucks, look at that roster and tell me how in the hell are they on pace for 50 wins?

  • Sporty-j

    @AB page from yesterday…

  • LakeShow84

    Lmao @ PAUSE

    My MVP???

    Kris Humphries.. and i dont even need to explain..

    But seriously if MVP was end all be all of ur team.. Dwight SHOULD win it.. he anchors both ends.. And as someone said above hes a one man defense playing with KNOWN bull fighters..

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    @stunnaboy DRose doesnt take too many shots, he is the offense and he gets everyone involved plenty, he does avg 8ast while being the go-to scorer. Only luol & boozer r the only other scorers on the team with korver the only shooter. Do u really want noah,bogans,brewer taking hella shots? NO plus DRose misses creates easy putbacks for the bigs cuz he draws 2 defenders on his drives. Also, Dwight can take fewer shots when he is 7′ and operates within 5ft of the rim vs a guard who has to take jump shots and layups over bigs which is much more difficult.

    @AB The Magic dont be blowing ppl out like that and during the last 2mins of the close games, the magic arent going to Dwight because he cant shoot free throws and they usually take him out the game. How can u be the MVP and u aint even in the game when it matters most offensively? And Dwight is dominant against inferior competition..Deandre jordan/marc gasol arent top tier centers, andrew bynum & maybe andrew bogut are the only 2 that could be mention with Dwight. DRose is competing against the best of the best and winning those individual battles as well as team. And when the games on the line, DRose has the ball in his hands and when other teams goes on a run, he stops those runs by hitting a big shot or taking it to the hole to end there momentum.

    @First & foremost I never said DRose was a great defender or crushing other pgs defensively. I said he was winning the individually pg battle against of the best pgs in the league. And when necessary he will come up with a huge steal or block to steal the W.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @jerkish — Actually, the Magic do blow teams out like that. 27 of their 43 wins (62%) of their wins are by 10 points or more.

    As far as competition, my point is that if Dwight weren’t so good, you wouldn’t be saying guys like Marc Gasol and Okafor are weak. They just look weak up against Dwight. They’re not top-tier centers because Dwight represents the top tier and nobody is as good as him.

    On the same note, the reason why the point guard position is seen as so great right now is because none of the guys can distance themselves from the field. If somebody came in and just dominated all PGs like Dwight dominated centers, all of a sudden D-Will and CP3 wouldn’t be “top-tier” anymore either.

  • First & Foremost

    Since when is Dwight not on the floor in the last minutes of a close game? Orlando would like to take him out but, how can I put this… He is too valuable to not have on the floor. He is the engine to their offense. If he isn’t drawing defenders away from his shooters, no one on Orlando creates their own shot.

    Why would Orlando take out their best defensive player when is so valuable to their offense as well? You can’t call timeout if you miss the shot for an offense/defense substitution. It ain’t hockey.

    “I never said DRose was a great defender or crushing other pgs defensively” Which is why he shouldn’t win MVP if another candidate is the most valuable on his team on BOTH ENDS OF THE FLOOR.

    How many go-to big men are there in the league? In crunchtime it is ALWAYS in the hands of a wing player.

    Rewind to a few weeks back. Bulls vs. Miami – Rose was clutch with hitting 3 straight baskets. Then called his own play – airball. Next possession backcourt violation. Then wasn’t heard from again until the post game interview. Chalmers with a 3 in Noah’s face, Chalmers with a drive past Noah as Boozer played freeze tag with himself. Deng and Mike Miller won the game for Chicago. Final play, Noah guards Lebron at the top of the key moving his feet. Chicago’s defense won the game. Their calling card is Defense. Team Defense wins them games.

    Dwight is more valuable to his team because he plays at an MVP level on both ends of the floor. If free throws are such a big deal, what is Tim Duncan’s career ft%?

    If Chicago has one of the best Defenses in the league, wouldn’t it make sense other pgs have bad offensive games against them?

    Andrew Bogut – 1st game vs. Orlando (Howard sat out due to food poisoning in Chicago after the bulls got stomped) 31 & 18
    Next meeting with Howard playing 6 & 7 with 6 fouls

    My point being, Howard is more valuable to his team on both ends of the floor than Rose is. Until you come up with examples of Rose being as much as or more of a defensive factor than Howard is, you can’t call Rose the Most VALUABLE Player. Yes he lights up opposing guards on offense. Howard would too if he wasn’t bear hugged attempting 2nd chance points for his streaky shooters.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    To add to F&F’s point, rebounds create extra possessions, making Dwight that much more valuable and crucial to Orlando’s offense. Whether collecting teammates’ misses for second chances or limiting the other team to one shot per possession, his rebounding helps his team score.

  • First & Foremost

    Last post and I’m done for the day because it is a nice day outside.
    Rose and Howard are both essential to their teams’ success on offense. Rose scores and assists his teammates. Howard draws weakside defenders into the paint for his 3pt shooters after the ball is swung. If Rose went up strong instead of 360 up and unders he would draw more fouls on opposing players. Nevertheless he gets the shot to go anyway. Howard puts other teams in foul trouble early because not too many teams can stop him. So on Offense it is a PUSH.

    What separates the two is defense. Dwight is more valuable on defense. Teams fear going at Howard. Who wants to waste a possession? No one avoids going at Rose.

    The difference is that Rose has extraordinary help defenders. Howard has extra ordinary defenders who need to be helped. (Feel free to use that one day)

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    @AB dwight’s competition arent franchise builders or in the top 50 nba players discussion and thats not cuz dwight is so much more dominant thats just fact. DRose competition are franchise builders and top 20 players (deron/cp3) and theres clear-cut because they all are that good.

    @stunnaboy u cant be MVP when your team is #4 in division and DROse team is #1. The Magic have equal talent if not better talent than the bulls. DRose isnt steve nash put there on defense nor gary payton here is somewhere in between which all u can ask from your pg is to be a solid defender and that doesnt take away from his MVP candidacy over Dwight. Dwights a big man so he is supposed to block shots, help D, rebound, and score down low..thats his job.
    Dwight does his job well but he isnt a better MVP candidate than DRose from year-long consistency, team success, lesser talent, injuries, and clutch performance. And Drose gets double teamed quite a bit out at the top of the key so they can get the ball out of his hands. DRose doesnt fear going at Dwight hence why he fouls the shit out of him (and injured twice last yr) cuz he didnt want to get embarrassed. DRose gets foulded all the time and the refs are just now starting to respect him

    But ur right Dwight is more valuable on defense hence why he’ll be receiving the DPOY not MVP which is DRose’s. Im done

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @jerkish — “DRose doesnt fear going at Dwight hence why he fouls the shit out of him (and injured twice last yr) cuz he didnt want to get embarrassed.”

    I think it’s more likely he fouled Rose hard because that’s an effective way to slow down a guy who wants to attack the basket all night.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    @AB Drose vs Pacers tonight = MVP case closed u can give me a s/o in Smack tomorrow if you’d like

  • First & Foremost

    On a different note… Without checking my stats, I think the Atlanta Hawks have lost the most games by 20 or more and still have a winning record. Are they a good bad team or a bad good team?

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Yeah your right, the refs seem to think so too with some of the calls he was getting, and you can put that in tommorows Smack. I mean 21 Ft’s?

    However what good is a game like that if you still walk away with the L?