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Michael Jordan Hits Blu-ray Today

Michael Jordan to the Max

Michael Jordan is real big on staying relevant to the new generation of kids who have never seen him play live. In recent years, we’ve seen him become the first former player to become majority owner of an NBA team; he currently graces the cover of NBA 2K11 (which allows us to replay some of his biggest games); and now with the release of Michael Jordan to the Max on Blu-ray today, we finally get to see his game in HD.

From the moment you press play, you can see that this high-definition MJ is like none other. Unlike other Jordan movies that were filmed in the industry standard for the 90s, IMAX filmed this documentary in 1080p, so it’s the clearest footage of Jordan in action you’ve ever seen. Also, the special features are pretty interesting. I was pretty amazed to see how the IMAX team followed Jordan around during the peak of his excellence.

This movie is a perfect for any basketball junkie, and it’s a must-have to school the youth on Jordan’s masterful game.

Note: We have a few copies that we can giveaway, so let us know why you deserve one in the comments below.

What’s your favorite MJ memory?

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  • Michael Johnson

    MJ the G.O.A.T….what more can I say?

  • Emmett

    My favourite MJ memory is his first championship. The scene of him in tears of joy with his father ( RIP ) beside him will never leave me. I had never been so happy to see someone achieve something that they had been fighting for their whole life. That moment defines the passion that MJ had for being the best player in the game of basketball.

  • PR1

    Big time jordan fan, just got a ps3 and would love to get a copy from you guys to watch this on blu ray.

  • http://www.twitter.com/officialericj Officialericj

    My favorite memory is the “shrug” he gave after his 6th 3 in a half. Kind of like a, “Too easy child” to his opponent.

  • http://www.massmarket.tv @rhysrama

    I definitely deserve one of those blu-rays because not only am I a loyal Twitter fan, but because growing up in Detroit in the Bad Boys era, you knew that meant growing up hating MJ and the Bulls. It wasn’t until I got older and MJ had retired again that I started to really appreciate what he had done not just for the city of Chicago, but for basketball internationally. For a kid from Detroit to have that type of acceptance is HUGE!

  • http://www.massmarket.tv @rhysrama

    oops…and I forgot to add that my favorite memory is seeing MJ finally beat the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Championship for his first Finals. Again, HUGE for a kid from Detroit!

  • G Dub

    Just copped some black retro 5s and only wear them while playing 2k11.

  • Michael Poulos

    Greatest MJ moment has to be game 6 1998 Finals when he hits the game winner. I have seen probably more than 1,000 NBA games in my lifetime on TV but I remember ever crucial moment of that game.

    It has to be MJ’s shining moment as he knew when we walked onto the court that night that it would be his final game. With Pippen leaving the game, I had a feeling we were going to watch something special to end this guys career, but that moment alone is probably the poster final shot play for the NBA.

  • https://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Best MJ memory is being at an after picnic from a basketball camp I used to attend in N.C. and MJ was there and he was playing ping pong and I was trying to get a picture of him with my camera and I was standing behind him and as I was about to get my pic apparently he was coming back to hit a ball and he ended up crashing into me and pushing me down on the ground (foul).

    Didn’t get the pic. MJ didn’t even really look back to see if I was ok. But I didn’t care at that time cause I had been pushed down by the greatest.

    LOl and yes this is actually a true story lmao.

  • kevcharmher

    My favorite Mj moment has to be the crossover on byron russel for the gamewinner to win his 6th championship. You couldn’t draw up a better ending than that. That jump shot also ended any chance stockton/malone (hof) had at getting a ring. If not the greatest jordan moments it’s one of the top tier jordan moments. When jordan was deciding if he should come back with the wizards everyone though about this jump shot and didn’t want his return to ruin this moment.

  • BK11238

    Wow, that’s like asking to choose between your favorite Jordans (IX)!! One of them was playing the Knicks…he had Oak, Starks & maybe P. Ewe on the baseline. He turned back like he was heading toward the bench, instead turned back to the bucket and yammed on Ewing! And of course dropping 55 on the Knicks!! I’m a New Yorker so I remember the ones on the Knicks more than any other team!!

  • George

    Because I live in the windy city and have to
    Show all of these youngsters how great MJ is.

  • http://laxallstars.com RMC

    I deserve a copy because MJ made 7 year old me cry when he hit those 6 three’s and shrugged in Uncle Cliffy’s face. Seeing it in 1080p is the closest to going back into a time machine to see it all over again.

  • k to the mart

    I deserve a copy because everyone else is just putting their favorite mj moment. I actually want the blu-ray disc! I love basketball dvds and this would be the first one I own on on blu-ray

  • Roger Schwager

    I coach 5th and 6th grade youth basketball and need to win this to show the future players the greatest player of ALL TIME.

  • quest???

    It would go great with my jordan shirt u guys gave me. I would give it to my uncle as a bday present because he is the biggest Jordan fan ever, he would LOVE this.

  • OC

    I deserve a copy because it would mean a great deal to me to have my children see how amazing a player Mike is. It would also show that what Kobe is learning, Mike already did.

  • http://Dimemag.com Rosa

    My son, a big NBA MJ fan would absolutely love a copy of this.


    Too many great memories of the man, UNC, Olympics, and countless thrills in the NBA. I didn’t want to be just any player, I grew up wanting to be Michael Jordan. Got all his products and drank Gatorade too. Why did I do it? Well because Jordan did!

  • spswange

    Too many reasons on why i want this DVD. either way, i am getting this ASAP

  • s.bucketz

    i should get it cuz as a die hard knick fan i hated MJ growin up..i wasn’t in that camp of kids who wanted to be like mike growin up..i wanted to BEAT mike..and obviously cuz im sittin here writing about it and not on the NBA hardwood it didnt work out so well but MJ made me want to be a better defender and that really helped me be a lock down defender in my basketball career..one thing specifically that helped me was when my cousin got me a DVD about MJ (i think it was called “Learn How To Fly ” or somethin like that)…which taught me a lot about being a great offensive player..things like..if u have a rep as a great offensive player..minute things like traveling dont matter lol..

    i still got venom for the man but he is the GOAT without a doubt in my mind..

    fave moment??when i snuck into the garden and into the skybox when the knicks beat the bobcats in double OT on that D-Lee tip in wit .4 left on the clock..MJ sittin courtside next to charles oakley wit john starks (my fave player growin up) a few seats over from him and every1 clownin MJ about it and he couldn’t do shit but take it hahaha

  • Michel

    Because I’m from from Holland and more people here need to see Jordan in action!

  • Eric Johnson

    Michael winning on Fathers’ Day for his Dad…GOAT, no doubt!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    First NBA game I ever went to, Wizards Bulls. During the Rodman years.

    My dad’s coworker snagged a couple baseline-courtside tix at halftime, so I spent the rest of the game watching some other guy’s back ahhaah.

    But the best parts were when I was on my way down to the seats, going down, down, down those stadium style stairs, all the way to the bottom. Security, the whole bit. The stairs I had taken led all the way to the back of the Bulls bench – I had no idea where to go or what I was doing there! And right before the security guy pointed me in the right direction, I could’ve sworn that Pip, Rodman, Jordan, and P-Jax looked at me. “WTF is this kid doing in the back of our huddle?” Hahahaha

    Plus my Dad got me a black road Jordan jersey which I still have.

    And I’ve loved basketball ever since.

  • NB

    The picture isn’t too good on my DVD of this, plus my kids scratched part of the disc so some parts of the movie skip; I need the Blu-Ray copy!

  • josh doss

    My favorite Jordan moment was in 98 “the final shot” against the Jazz. In game 6 of the NBA finals Jordan sunk a game winning basket to beat the Jazz in what was his last shot as a bull. I was only 7 years old but vividly remember where I was at the exact moment that I was watching this game. Jordan is the only sports icon I have. a true legend. The greatest!

  • Tom Chambers

    I remember when this came out on IMAX. I was 13 and recognized that there will never be another Michael Jordan again. I would enjoy watching this on blu-ray and reliving his last year with the Bulls.

  • Nick

    I deserve a copy because I breath, sleep, & eat basketball. Michael Jordan was truly an inspiration & a trailblazer in how players in the NBA still conduct themselves today. Without MJ players might still be wearing short shorts! Yikes! My favorite MJ moment was his last NBA all star game where he finally passed the torch to the younger players of the NBA aka Kobe the next best player after he retired. MJ is truly a legend and this DVD will allow me to relive every spectacular moment through out MJ’s very successful & amazing career.

  • Dillon

    I deserve one because I am struggling university student who is working really hard on his Kinesiology midterms and would love to reward myself with time to watch this movie.

  • Kevin C

    DimeMag I’m active duty army & been a Jordan fan since I was a youngster, I have a few reg Jordan DVD’s but NOTHING compares to MJ on Blu-ray HD !! can I get a copy ?? Please !!

  • Adriel Garcia

    I would really love to get one of the copies because even though his final years of his career I’ve grown to become a super fan of him through watching his games and stats… I’m a basketball freak always reading about everything that goes on on that industry and I’ll love to get one os the copies… I’m a former player and a Aspiring coach… love to win it

  • mo.B.bad

    because they haven’t release Space Jam in Blu-Ray yet.

  • FreeSkita

    My favorite Jordan moment came in game 6 of the 1993 Finals. He didn’t even hit the game winner, but it just proved how selfless and team oriented he was as player, which made him the ultimate winner.

    To recap: Bulls down 2 with about 13 seconds to go. Jordan inbouds to BJ Armstrong who quickly returns it to MJ. MJ starts racing up the court, it is obvious he is the one who is going to take the shot, only right before he crosses halfcourt gets it to Pippen who in turn gets in the post to Horace Grant. Jordan and Pippen slash to the paint. Danny Ainge leaves John Paxson open on the wing to help Mark West on Grant. Grant dishes back Paxson. Swish. Chip #3. Even when he doesn’t take the game winner, he provides enough distraction to set it up.

  • Marcus23

    MJ is my religion. Period.

  • Ant

    Can I finally get something this time…lol I got a subscription..tried to win all the tees…still nothing..LOL..anyway since I was born and raised in NY and I was a fan of Mike and did not like the Knicks..my fav memory is when he played at the garden and dropped 55 when he came back…..I remember him being all over Ewings back…damn shame Ewing…damn Shame!

  • Robert

    I will love to win the Michael Jordan blueray disk, I don’t have any basketball dvds at all, I think this one would be a good one to start with. Also I been a Dime magazine sub. for over five years.

  • jurras1c5

    It would be great if I could watch this while im deployed in Afghanistan later this August.

  • Bryan

    My favorite Jordan memory was when John Starks dunked on him during the 93 Eastern Conference Playoffs. I would love to see that in 1080p. The rest of the disc is probably pretty sick too.

  • Tim

    Because I’m in Australia and they don’t release any decent basketball stuff here!!

  • north

    I coach an elementary school team and every once in a while I slip in an MJ reference and the kids look at me blank. It’s not that they haven’t heard of his Airness, it’s that they don’t believe it’s true. Even the ones who have 2K11 think those stats you have to get are just for the video game, not what really happened. I’d love to show them this for our year end party… we’re going for the City South Championship party tomorrow.
    I remember when my dad showed me Dr. J and Oscar highlights… I’d love to bring that to my guys.
    Hook me up DIME!

  • Me

    I want one.

    My family is all either from or currently living in Chicago. During MJ’s heyday, I hated him for 3 reasons:

    1. He just seemed to be in another league. I felt it wasn’t fair for him to play in the NBA, he was so much better than everyone else. Kinda like an 8th grader playing against a bunch of 3rd graders. Just wasn’t fair.
    2. Everyone else loved him. Had to go against the grain because I got tired of hearing everyone singing his praises.
    3. The very long and distinguished list of players who NEVER won a ring simply because of him. Always felt Barkley deserved one, Drexler, Stockton and Malone, I even rooted for Ewing to get one eventually. All because of one dude.

    So while everyone had on Bulls hats and MJ jerseys, I was wearing my Hawks hat and Dominique Wilkins jersey. Loved it when (forgot which year) Atlanta came to Chicago on opening night, right after Chicago’s ring ceremony from winning it all the previous season, and beat Chicago in their own house. Ear to ear grin.

    Wasn’t until their last 3 peat was winding down that I started to appreciate him. (‘Nique being retired didn’t hurt either). He was more of a (turn around fadeaway) jump shooter at that point, albeit a deadly one. Kinda started wishing I enjoyed his heyday more. I saw the “63 Celtics” game a few months back, and thought “Damn, Young Jordan was quick as hell. how come I don’t remember this?” Oh yeah, I was too busy hating. That, and I was like 8 years old.

    Anywho, I’ve bought 2 Jordan DVDs, but gave them both to my Dad because he loved him. I’d like the Blu-Ray so I can throw that HD picture up on my projector and show, not just tell, my 11 year old how nothing Kobe does is original, or better than MJ.

  • sweetv0mit

    I was the biggest Reggie Miller fan you’ll ever meet in your life. I’ve hated Michael Jordan just was a the biggest thorn I’ve ever seen and winning this will MAYBE ease some of that pain I still feel.

  • J-Cheeze

    Michael Jordan, the greatest player to ever shine on the hardwood. It’s unfortunate that kids of this generation will have to rely on Youtube to see who MJ is.

    I would really like one of this. It’s not something for myself, but will be for my future kids, and my future grand-kids. They need to know who the GOAT is.

  • KHC

    My memories of MJ were him being frozen out of the All Star game, then getting close in the playoffs before finally getting to the finals. The first athlete t-shirt I bought my son was a Michael shirt that we still have 20 years later.

  • Prince

    I make love to my wife in an MJ jersey!

  • d_rek

    Because I only remember watching him play with the Wizards…

  • d_rek

    Because I only remember MJ on the wizards…

  • bobby stew

    My favorite MJ memmory was when he played for the Bulls and didn’t wear his normal #23 jersey or his #45 jersey. He actually wore a #12 jersey(shout out to Kirk Hinrich) because his jersey was stolen on the road. I guess this really upset him because he went on to torch the Magic that night.

  • bobby stew

    I deserve this dvd because I grew up eating Big Mac’s with Gatorade in my hand and Jordan VI’s on my feet rocking Hanes underwear all while sticking out my toungue because I wanted to be like mike. That should be worth something.

  • Sam

    If I don’t win this blu-ray, I will tell the world about the aliens!!

    Sam Cassell and Popeye Jones, you two are officially on notice. Dream shake.

  • jeff10

    Because my first name is MJ’s middle name.

  • Max

    MJ is the reason I got into basketball … my first EVER basketball memory was as a kid in 1992 watching a VHS of his amazing 35pt first half vs the blazers … since then, I was hooked! Thank you MJ! Someday, Id love to watch this Blu Ray!

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    for the times mike welcomed players to the league by shooting his free throws with his eyes closed…i tired that in an AAU game once, after torturing another team’s starter off the bench…my coach did not like it…I almost had to run home after staring at the rest of the game from the bench.

  • http://brokejumper.com/ Adam Dickau

    Favorite moment is when MJ came back to play for the Wizards and blocked Ray Mercer on a fast break pinning the ball with both his hands. Pwned!

  • 2cents

    I remember the first time I stuck a VHS copy of “Come Fly With Me” into the video player, I was an instant MJ fan. My brother and I would watch that over and over and then go outside and try and recreate those moments.

    Giving me a copy of this blu-ray would be a way for me to introduce my little boy to the genius of Jordan and hopefully nurture his love for the game.

  • jack

    somone once told me a story form the Barcelona Olympics: just before practice, MJ, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were standing together having a conversation. nothing terribly important or secretive, just regular banter. Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing come in and are walking towards the small group, obviously looking to join said conversation. Mike notices the pair coming, stop Larry mid-sentence, hold up his hand and says “Wait a minute, fellas. You have to have a Championship to be in this conversation.” As Scottie, Magic and Larry choke back their laughter, Charles and Patrick just turn and walk away; heads down, metaphorical tails between their legs.

    i have no way of knowing if this story is true, but it came from a guy who was an equipment manager with the team, and it sounds like classic MJ

  • myke_bigga

    I deserve a copy because I am one of the biggest basketball junkies you will never meet. I remember the day I started started watching basketball, it was game 1 the Pistons/Pacers Eastern Conference Finals matchup back in 2003-2004. I was between 11-12 years old at the time, but I was instantly hooked. From that moment I followed NBA basketball like a 2nd religion; watching and learning about the game like my life depended on it. However, I wasn’t born until 1991 so I never saw Jordan in his prime, he was winning titles while I was still learning how to walk and talk.. Everything I know about him comes from old YouTube highlight, occasional replays of his games, and documentaries on him, (Come Fly with Me is my all-time favorite!). Without a doubt, winning a copy of this movie would be an awesome addition to my collection, and would teach me a lot about the G.O.A.T.
    P.S. Thanks again for the shout out in last issue!

  • jeremy

    i grew up with MJ. i was in jr. high when the bulls won their 1st championship. i used to roll hard in my cotton Jordan tank top jersey. (this is way before the mesh replicas by champion)
    now my 5yr old son is getting into B-Ball & playing on a 5-8yr old team. need some MJ footage to show him the G.O.A.T.

  • Anthony Griffin

    I would like a copy of MJ story please.

  • Marques

    My favorite moment or memory of a Jordan game is the first Finals with the Bulls vs Lakers. I live in SoCal, so being a Bulls fan was not too welcoming among my family and friends. But I knew there was no way Jordan was going to let anyone beat him that year. Then the game where he did the switch hands layup, that was it! When I saw that, I knew it was over and nothing was stopping Jordan or the Bulls. Basketball has never been the same to me since Jordan left, sure we have the new school players now, but Jordan was and always will be the greatest of all time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    My favorite memory of Michael is actually the commercial that he made reminding all of his fans of all the times he failed. Missed 26 game winners, missed over 9,000 shots…

    “I’ve failed over, and over, and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.”

    It changed my view of MJ as a teenager. With that statement, I understood just how hard he worked to be the best and it made me do the same.


  • Ray

    Took my son to watch this at the IMAX Omnidome here in Seattle years ago, but it was closed that day for construction. Never got a chance to go back and would love to show him MJ in 1080P IMAX glory! Thanks!

  • Jason

    Because I’ve been recently explaining the importance of the Jordan Era to my wife, and her family. Don’t get me wrong, today’s NBA is great and all, but, who can forget all the Jordan lead playoff series? Against the Blazers, the Pistons, the Jazz? That’s just the tip of the iceberg for the man who, dare I say, put the NBA on his back and made it more popular than ever? Until now I’ve just re lived those memories in my head. Having this DVD would bring those memories to life, just like MJ brought the league to life

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    I deserve a copy of this bluray because I’ve been collecting things of “great” players for a loooong time. In my almost finished man-cave, I will display a bunch of things I’ve been collecting since i was roughly 10yrs old. Some of the items I have include, but not limited to, rookie cards of great players; Emmitt Smith to The Admiral to Shaq to Doug Gilmour(hockey if u don’t know), the entire set of Upper Deck cards of the original Dream Team, a ticket stub to the World Basketball Championships signed by some members of Dream Team 2, an authentic autographed framed picture of Peyton Manning winning the Super Bowl, an unopened Lebron James McFarlane action figure… that’s right, an ACTION FIGURE, not a doll… and other things.
    I think I deserve this bluray because it’s not just a one-off thing. My collection speaks for itself. I appreciate great sportsmen.

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    It’s almost impossible to pinpoint a single moment in MJ’s career and call it my favorite. I have so many favorite memories of MJ.
    The 2 most memorable, to me, has to be when he shocked the world and retired in ’93, and when he returned in the middle of the ’94-’95 season. When he first entered the game in ’95, that moment gave me goosebumps. Even the Indiana fans gave MJ a standing ovation.

  • Thomas

    I gotta have this!

    I’m trying to school my sons (age 8 & 5) on the Golden Age of the NBA, most of all, how Mike ran it. We live in Chi. They need to understand why that statue is in front of the UC!

    Bits and pieces wont help. They need a complete, sit down and enjoy schooling on Money to really appreciate him.

  • Dincer

    My favorite Mj moment is when Pippen and him hug each other after playing against the Jazz when he could barely walk.

    Even just for this I believe I deserve the blue ray.

  • WinDelRoj

    First basketball games I ever saw were the Dream Team in 92. Having never been able to watch sports on TV (due to lack of TV and later channels) those images were engraved in my mind forever. MJ looked to be easily the most athletic and gifted athlete in the history of the world. Crazy for me to think that people would even question who the greatest is. Beyond even sports, he was an icon (listen up Cam). You got kids in China wanting to ball and while you can thank technology for the ease of exposure…. You gotta think its had something to do with #23. Best overall memory: the double nickle.Retires. Comes back. Doubt seeps in to people and then he does that.. a big FU to the haters. Definition of a statement game.

  • WinDelRoj

    searched for info on the double nickle game got this quote:

    “I think he forgot how to play me. I got a lot of easy shots.”- MJ of John Starks

  • Luis Baca

    Mj will be overtaken by another athlete within the next 20 years as the GOAT. Book it!!

  • Krayzie

    Favourite Jordan moment – Game 4 of the 1993 NBA finals, in which he scores 55 points. He drives to the basket, gets fouled and still puts in the running two hand shot and turns around and put his arms up in accomplishment. It just showed how he never let down, he already had a ton of points but kept going at it and when he succeeded his emotions were completely genuine and not forced at all.

    Also, I live in Canada and I think the entire country can benefit from watching MJ!

  • Andy

    Because I live in Utah and need to refresh Jazz fans about the shot over Byron Russell back in the day

  • Krazee Jay

    I need to own this Blu Ray coz growing up in Malaysia, i read and watch more about MJ than the happenings around my own country..now that’s what’s up..Images of MJ tongue-waggin on his way to destroy Ewing in the Mecca of Basketball forever etched on my mind..and IT MUST BE THE SHOES, IT GOTTA BE THE SHOES, MONEY!!!