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No. 1 Duke Gets Shocked; Jimmer Fredette Withdrawal Kicks In

Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette

Let that boy cook! You know if we didn’t consider ourselves semi-smart, we would say the NCAA did us dirty. Scheduling the two most exciting players in the country at the same time was just a low blow. It didn’t help that both of them had the kitchen burning up and the remotes wearing out … When you think about it, UConn’s seven-point win over San Diego State and Florida’s nine-point overtime win over BYU were really only watchable because of two guys: Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette. Everything else was sloppy, filled with turnovers, ugly jumpers, failed final possessions and technicals. The games were close, but take away those two players and we are talking mid-major excitement. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Walker got help from Jeremy Lamb (24 points), who actually had the biggest play of the game. With the Huskies up four in the final minute, San Diego State had an opening for a layup, but Lamb stole the alley-oop right out of the air, threw the ball ahead and then got it back for a tomahawk. Game over … The Aztecs’ Kawhi Leonard had a relatively quiet game (12 points, nine rebounds) … The Gators had a balanced attack, led by Alex Tyus (19 points, 17 rebounds) who dominated inside with maybe the best game of his career, but the only real storylines were the one-name stars. They had mirroring games, almost like someone was in their ear giving them updates on each other from across the country. Walker started out 0-for-5, while Fredette didn’t score until 14 minutes had passed. It’s always fun watching struggling stars in these games. Will they force anything? Will they freak out? Neither one of these guys did. Walker had 14 straight points at one point for UConn during the second half, scoring in virtually every way possible. That put him up over 30 points for the 11th time this year (he finished with 36). At the time, Fredette only had 20 or so. Immediately after that, we turned the channel and there was Fredette, getting a steal and finishing with a nice finger roll before pulling up from about 35 feet. If this was NBA JAM, the nets would’ve been on fire. It took just a few minutes before Jimmer (32 points) had caught back up. In the end, Walker advanced because other guys on his team, like Lamb, stepped up. Fredette was playing a one-on-five game of streetball against the Gators, and in overtime he ran out of gas … Our first thoughts upon turning on the Florida-BYU game? Yes! It’s Gus Johnson. No! It’s Reggie Miller. It’s like TBS felt they had to dim Johnson’s sun by sprinkling in some clouds … As great as those two future pros were, Derrick Williams was probably better as Arizona took Duke’s soul during the second half of their 16-point win, ending Duke’s run towards a repeat national title. No one expected the Blue Devils to go that quietly, but ‘Zona was just too aggressive and too agitated in the final frame, turning a halftime deficit into a blowout – despite 28 points from Kyrie Irving. One sequence perfectly defined how bad they punk’d Duke. Midway through the second half, isolated at the top of the key, Williams (32 points, 13 rebounds) took one dribble down the lane and nearly ripped the rim off. Then just a possession or two later, Arizona played volleyball on the offensive glass before Jamelle Horne finally secured a rebound and dunked on Kyle Singler (18 points) so hard that they might as well have shut the lights off and told everyone to go home … While Singler and Nolan Smith officially played their last game in a Duke uniform, can we say the same for Irving? Despite being hurt the majority of the season, chances are we’ll see him shaking David Stern’s hand this June … The final tourney game had Butler advancing past Wisconsin by seven behind Matt Howard (20 points, 12 rebounds). Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor finished with 22 in the loss … Is your bracket busted up yet? Kenny Powers’ is … Oh yeah, there were some NBA games too. In the first quarter of Dallas’ eight-point win over Minnesota, Rodrigue Beaubois had one of the nicest passes we’ve seen this year. In traffic, he wrapped it around his back to a cutting Tyson Chandler for the dunk. Anthony Randolph (31 points, 11 rebounds) had a big night in the loss, starting in place of Kevin Love, who might be done for the year with a strained left groin, while Dirk Nowitzki paced the Mavs with 30 and 11 of his own … In the other game, the Hornets rode an off-balance runner from Emeka Okafor at the regulation buzzer into overtime against the Jazz where they went on to win by four. David West had 29 points before being carted off late when his knee buckled on a dunk. Paul Millsap had 33 and 11 in the loss … We’re out like Jimmer.

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  • AZ


  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Derrick Williams tip dunk was a thing of utter sickness Ughck pusha t voice

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net/ sean.dynastybball

    Derrick Williams is sick… He had the best fantasy line of the tournament (so far) last night.

    If you didn’t see Paul Millsap’s sweet circus shot from last night (click my name) I’ve got you covered.

  • http://dimemag.com bullet380

    Don’t trip AZ. My bracket been messed up since day 2 of the tournament.

    Fredette made one shot last night from the parking lot. Dude has incredible range. smh

  • JAY

    Cosign AZ. Brackets are busted all over the place man. I ripped mine up on the first day. The only team I have left is Ohio St. winning it all.

    Sucks for Kevin Love but the stars are aligning for Randolph to have an opportunity to play through his mistakes… there’s really nobody playing behind him. Let’s see what he can do.

    I hope a lot of these underclassmen declare, but if I were them I wouldn’t with the impending strike looming over next season. If they don’t come out, it will be the worst class ever.

  • jdizzle

    I guess the check Duke used to pay off the refs bounced lol

  • Patrick

    I made a deal with my girlfriend that if I could put both of our tv’s in the living room next to each other she could pick out all the furniture and decorate the place. Last night was a night of dual lcd glory.

    Derrick Williams was an animal last night, but I would still take Irving number one if I was cleveland, sacramento, toronto, utah, detroit, charlotte or houston. gs, minny and washington seem pretty set at the point and could use the less skilled, more athletic, 60% three point shooting version of antawn jamison.

  • First & Foremost

    Since this is shaping up to be a slow day: If you were a coveted prospect coming out of high school, would you choose a powerhouse program or a mid major?

    One offers the bright lights and national attention while the other allows you to have more freedom in your style of play.

  • http://thesphericalstudies.blogspot.com Professor J

    Wow I thought the Jimmer d**k riding fest would end once he lost…..

    That game was about Florida executing down the stretch and playing tough defense. It was about them winning the game, not about Jimmer losing it.

    Sure, Jimmer scored 30 but he took 29 shots and missed 18 of them!

    Please dime, no more talk about Jimmer Fredette. PLEASE!

  • chris

    watching derrick williams intelligently, emotionally, and physically take apart duke was a joy. doubleteam by 7 foot plumlees? a little space at the 3 point line? teammates a little bit in awe of duke? derrick saw it all, did the right things again and again to take his team way beyond their talent. kid is a lot more fun to watch than lebron, and will take over at least a few games at the next level.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    @fist, I think the answer to that is not “Powerhouse” all the way like it has been in the past…The Gonzaga’s and Butler’s and showing that if you’re that good, the scouts will come.

  • First & Foremost

    If I were a post player, I’d choose the bigger schools. You’d more likely go against NBA sized bodies. Blake/Oden

    If I’m a guard I’d go with a mid-major and try to put up absurd numbers. In a smaller program you can be more versatile as a scorer or facilitator. Curry

    Yes, scouts will come if you have a big enough buzz. If you elevate a program to become giant killers it looks better compared to another player that was just another piece on a great team beating other good teams.

  • JAY

    I was going to say the same thing. Elite bigmen should go to a major division. That said if I were a big guy, i’d try to resurrect a program like St. Johns who hasn’t been deep into the tournament in years. That way, you get show your stuff vs. other elite bigmen, play against the top programs and be a “giant killer” at the same time.
    As an elite guard, i think I’d do same (go to a bottom team in a major conference), but I understand why some would go to a mid-major.

  • srb

    I skimmed all the comments so far but nobody mentioned how Jimmer lost the game for his team in OT? he had a few turnovers, missed forced shots badly, and by the time anyone else got involved it was too late and they were bricking anyway.

    They might never have gotten to OT without him in the first place but man, he took the right out of the game once the clock started back up.


    Well theres one bright side to my Pistons sucking, atleast we have a chance at Williams. lol

  • The Goods

    Damn AZ its like that?! – Turned the channel away to the Wisconsin game for a minute, get back and the Cats are just running Duke out of the Barn. That was a hell of a win. Speaking of the Badgers, they will never advance past a sweet 16 unless they actually go out and recruit some athletes, hell several guys on that football team could do a better job of creating their own shots. Respect to Jordan Taylor though for doing his best Kobe Bryant impression.

    Speaking of ball jacks, a deep sigh of relief has occured now that I don’t have to listen to all the garbage about Jimmer anymore. 11 for 29 shooting are you kidding me??? AI used to do that in his prime and get destroyed, Jimmer does it and gets celebrated like he is the Tim TeBow of the hardwood! Deuces to BYU and Duke…see Kyrie Irving next season in the L, assuming we dont have a lockout of course.

    Now, onto the real star of the tournament who has been getting a fraction of the run that Jimmer boy has…lets hear a shout for Kemba EZ Pass Walker and that absolute carve job he did and has done to not only my bracket but the entire college hoops nation. With help from lamb and OK inside, UConn looks fully legit. That was a very impressive win.

    Now thankfully we can have a toast to the real star and let Jimma’ exit stage left. Please Melo vailidate all the support I have been giving you with a good game tonight…Happy Friday all!

  • QQ

    @ F&F…

    I think if I were THAT good, I would go to a school like Indiana State and put it in the map, like what Bird did.

    Nothing more satisfying that making a mid major look like an elite program. Of course, that would call for a great talent, but if someone could do it like Bird did, it would be so awesome.

  • Diego

    Sounds like Dime only watched the Jimmer highlights from the Florida/BYU game. Yes, the guy hit one from the parking lot and had 2-3 nice drives, but overall he had a very subpar game. The guy couldn’t hit anything from the outside (except about 2 bombs) and had more than his share of turnovers. Other than letting him to the hoop a few times, UF had great D on Jimmer, and even when they didn’t, the guy’s outside shot just wasn’t there.


    If i was a coveted high school prospect, id go with whoever offered me the most money.

  • SayItAintSo

    Arizona drops the hammer on Duke and it takes you a couple hundred words to get to D-Will-2. Then you proceed to only give him and his team a handful of words while managing to spend more time talking about the great Duke.

  • SayItAintSo

    Clearly the Big East is the best conference in America. Clearly the Pac-10 is a shit conference with AZ going deep and picking off the favorite and my Huskies outplaying the tar heels but essentially giving the game to them in their own North Carolina house.

    Clearly Jimmer Freddette is so good that you should waste half of today’s smack on him when he lost the game! And just because you can hit threes from the parking lot (like many athletes) doesn’t mean it’s a good shot. Elder Freddette just happens to be one of the many good shooters who ALSO has the green light to take HORRIBLE shots.

    Sports media is starting to drive me crazy.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Guards should go to mid majors, look at BYU and Davidson. They have no offense aside from the star players, that is the opportunity you need to showcase your complete skills. A program like Duke and UNC puts un added pressure as well as forcing you to be in a system you may not be the best in.

    I dunno about bigmen, just go where there is a PG good enough to get you the ball in your spots.

    There’s also the money factor ;)

  • JAY

    Why is everyone dropping the bomb on Fredette? It’s like you guys were waiting for his bad game to rip him a new. Lol. I’m not a huge Jimmer supporter, but that kid can ball. Dude isn’t fast, he isn’t all that quick, he can’t jump, he’s just smarter than everyone else. Hate all you want. There ain’t nobody in NCAA who’s as crafty as Jimmer. Straight up and down. Nobody.

    and to the dude who said this –> “11 for 29 shooting are you kidding me??? AI used to do that in his prime and get destroyed, Jimmer does it and gets celebrated…”
    AI did that daily in the League… not at Georgetown. He was praised at Georgetown. Jimmer had a bad game and he’s getting crucified. I guarantee you, if Jimmer shoots a low percentage in the league like Iverson did, i’m sure we’ll kill him like you’re killing Jimmer now. For one bad game.

  • http://CauseNavigator.com Jon Pierson

    My question is this, Could the devil be attacking in a jail during a basketball game? Although the devils attack on alot of people in Jail has been to hide the fact hes even there, and to hide the facts on who he’s helping out, Games like Uconn and Byu where things get sloppy are questionable somedays as to how he’d like to destroy industry, especially when people would rather be visiting Israel and other places and enjoying the good times that can be right now.

    check out my blog at GodsCross.Wordpress.com and my non profit blog at Comfortinprayer.Wordpress.com

    Thanks for reading
    from Jon Pierson[don’t forget to contact me if you get the time, my personal email is Uncommon@commonun.com]

    Good luck upgrading the draft stock to top ten dukies, I think Zona has that number one spot covered already…I CAN SEE your future……

    I’m out like taking the time to look up how to spell Fredddeetttee

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Pac-10 represent! I knew Derrick Williams was gonna blow up this year, but leading his team to the Elite Eight? Didn’t see that coming. With MoMo Jones being from NY, there’s an interesting story line vs Kemba.
    Florida deserves more credit for its D on Jimmer. It wasn’t like he was just cold. Florida was really the 1st team to get “Jimmered” in front of a big national audience last year, then this year they end his college career. Somewhat poetic.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Moreal of the story: UNC > duke like always and The world order has been restored, duke back to there normal sweet 16 exit ways

  • http://www.dookblowsdonkeynuts.com Chicagorilla

    U guys are like zoombies with a thrist for star players. One of the main reasons i dont post much anymore. U cling to every guy who is constantly the popular player like a virgin who just got her cherry popped. Its sickening. Walker and Jimmer are good, but u guys are acting like they are legends. Same goes for my guy DRose. U praise him for all the wrong reasons, not recognizing his true value to the Bulls/City or his true intent while playing the game. Sure i think he is MVP, but not for the lame reasons u and the rest of the posters give. Anyway, the parity in college ball has led to some great games this march (NIT games too) and a ton of over hype for guys like Sullinger, Walker, Ter Jones, Jimmer, and Kyrie. This draft wont have many stars (ala the 1997, 2000, 2001 drafts) so stop overlooking the best players. Like Derrick Williams, who will now get a ton of hype, but has long been a top 3 talent, Chandler Parsons, Jajuan Johnson, Tyler Honeycutt, Malcolm Lee, Isiah Thomas, and Perry Jones.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — Word up here in Seattle is that Isaiah Thomas is coming back for his senior year. I liked Malcolm Lee coming out of HS, but not as much now. You think he’s a good pro?

  • LakeShow84

    Chicagorilla is sounding more and more like a snooty bitch nowadays



  • LakeShow84

    “U praise him for all the wrong reasons, not recognizing his true value to the Bulls/City or his true intent while playing the game. Sure i think he is MVP, but not for the lame reasons u and the rest of the posters give”

    Get the fuck off your high horse please bruh..

  • Sporty-j

    I dont think Chicagorilla likes his own team or D.Rose. I know a lot of Chicago fans are upset that Wade did not go home and that would have made them believers. But the Bulls are finally making progress since Jordan retired and are a D.Howard type of player away from being a true contender. Most fans wish there team would be having the type of season the Bulls are having, with a great coach, MVP candidate, and all the media exposure they are getting. But yet you seem upset on the team not signing superstars like Melo and not enjoying the moment. I know Jordan left a huge shadow over Chicago. But Jordan is not coming back, its time to move on to hopefully the next great dynasty of players like the Lakers have since Magic retired. Rep your city and team no matter what especially since they are showing signs of moving in the right direction unlike a lot of teams that have a million and 1 excuses on why they are still moving in the wrong direction. I can tell you know your stuff homie, but for some reason you seem like your still not happy with your team. D.Will-2 is gangsta and i hope Kyrie gets his old form back. Dude scored 28 but he looks like hes still in a lot of pain running up and down the court…

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Wow, so people kind of just have to hate something now I guess, hating on Jimmer because he has one bad game, and that also so happens to be the game they lose. He was BYU, and it was a heck of a fun ride. They had no business being in the Sweet 16.


    Walker and Jimmer are the two best college players this year? So what are we suppose to talk about? Kemba took a mid major team suppose to be rebuilding through the Big East Tourney and now they are one game away from the Final Four. Jimmer is a 6’3 white boy playing, who is not atheltic and year somehow took his team without their second best player to the Sweet 16. Can someone name me 2 other BYU players? Exactly

    Geez how about we just appreciate on of the better college players in the past decade?

  • http://CauseNavigator.com Jon Pierson

    For anyone who reads comments heres a message for the day…Jordan’s number 23 was also about making sure you read your Holy Bible, and that you don’t Idolize him, I want to be like…not I want to be him…Kobe’s message is about reading even more….Psalm’s 24 can be found online or my Non profit can pay for your first bible if you haven’t purchased one yet. God always enjoy’s your tithe, and it can come in many way’s…Try choosing a local Church’s bookstore.

    From Jon Pierson
    Email us at: OurFrontDesk@commonUn.com