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Serious Drama Brewing with Carmelo in New York; Psycho T Goes Off (Again)

Tyler Hansbrough
Friday was an absolute bonanza of basketball, both college and pro. NCAA Tournament games all day and a 12-game slate of NBA games had us locked in sitting in front of a TV from noon til after midnight … Arguably the best game of the entire day was the Bulls/Pacers overtime battle in Indy. Two weeks ago it looked like the Pacers’ season was a wrap, but after outlasting Chicago 115-108 last night have now won three of their last four … Seriously, the Tyler Hansbrough thing is starting to become ridiculous. He had another monster game, going for 29 point and 12 boards, and when he fouled out in OT, it seemed like there was a definite “Uh oh, what do we do now?” vibe among the Pacers and their fans … Odd night for Derrick Rose. He tied a career-high with 42 points, but he only had 2 assists in 39 minutes. Yes, the Pacers were doubling him all over the place, but for a guy who has the ball in his hands 80% (maybe more) of the time on Chicago possessions, he needs to be setting up guys better than that … Ty Lawson (nine points, four turnovers) had a nightmare of a game against the Magic. With the Nuggets down two with about 30 seconds to go, Lawson ran a pick-and-pop with Nene that saw Ty throw the ball away. Orlando’s color guy, Matt Goukas, let him have it. “He’s not a point guard,” said Goukas after the turnover. “He’s got point guard size. He played point guard at UNC. But he’s made three straight terrible plays.” A few minutes later, with the game tied at 82, Jameer Nelson got an iso at the top of the key as time was winding down. He took a dribble or two to his left and raised up and buried the three to win … right in Lawson’s face … It’s been a while since LeBron has blown up and completely dominated a game. The Atlanta Hawks got the business from Bron in the worst way last night when he gave them 43 on 61-21 shots, including five threes. James ripped off 23 of those points in the third quarter alone to bust the game open … Read More: Some drama brewing with the Knicks? The Spurs come up with another impressive win and yesterday’s Madness …

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  • quest???

    did I read right? Lebron threw 61 shots???

  • Shotta

    Bron Bron was 16 of 21 shooting. Courtesy NBA.com

  • sadeye2507

    Yeah a lot of flak for that 61. Anyway the Pacers are on…pace! Good wins this week and the Pistons starting a 6’8 PG and a 6’11 SG that was hilariously effective lol

  • arno

    It seems the Nuggets cleverely concealed what Carmelo was really worth till trading him. They looked like the fools when they let him leave to the Knicks, but got the good side of the deal instead.
    Why was everyone abused ? Because of hype and stats and top tens. But it’s a team game and the intangibles are much more important than appreciated.
    The Knicks now have two expensive superstars that are defensive liabilities. So there’s gonna be some show at the Garden, but not many wins.

  • Cearism

    Wow! LeBrick made 61 shots out of 21 attempts?! Does the ball just go inside the basket without him trying to shoot it?

  • K

    wow so many typos and grammar errors in today’s smack..still hungover from paddy’s day guys??

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    at least when the haters hate they read their oen posts to prove they dint get dislexic on their own shti…a hurrah to proofreading!


  • kicks

    Dime, ever since AB left there have been more typos on Smack than ever. What’s up with that?

  • JAY

    @ arno: “They looked like the fools when they let him leave to the Knicks, but got the good side of the deal instead.”

    Says who? If you visited Dime pretty often you would have seen the amount of criticism thrown in the Knicks direction when the traded 4 starters for Mr. Big Shot and Mr. Jack Shots. I’d say about 80% of the posts were calling it highway robbery by the Nuggets.

  • knoc99

    AB gone??

  • jdizzle

    March 16th, 2011 at 9:55 am
    jdizzle says:
    Let us get that #1 seed up out yall Boston!
    Smack were yall really expecting a good match
    between Wall and Rose? We just Open Gym ‘d
    they ass last week didnt we? Props to McGee
    for the trip-dub but the Wizards should send him
    to Hakeem in the off season cuz his O is
    atrocious. And everybody thats pissed that
    Psycho T been giving teams buckets dont worry
    cuz that ish comes to a screeching halt on

    So ummmmm……yeah….that didnt quite workout how i thought it would. Props to Psycho T

  • jzsmoove

    Friday was an absolute bonanza of basketball, both college and pro. NCAA Tournament games all day and a 12-game slate of NBA games had us locked in sitting in front of a TV from noon til after midnight …and i missed all of it. That is why I need Dime/ Smack.

    co-sign kicks, Dime has to hire (i cant believe i am sayin this) Mr Austin Burton as special consultant before yall release daily dose of Smack.

  • QQ

    To fools still repping Carmelo, yall still out there? Yall still gonna ask me the ‘Why do you hate Melo so much?’ bullshit? Never has been a leader, never has been a player with heart, ALWAYS a bitchass. And yall were saying ‘the Nugs not playing well again, how would Melo stay’…. HAHAHAHA.

    The Nugs were playing like shit BECAUSE Melo was polluting the locker room with his whiny bullshit.

    And watched the Celts game, and Tommy wrecked havoc again. He was literally SCREAMING out there. Has me thinkin ‘Poor old man embarrassing himself’. Respect that guy? No fucking way.

  • scotta

    Really tired of the “Derrick Rose needs to get more assists” theme going around. First, he just isn’t that kind of point guard. Get over it. Second, the Bulls offense doesn’t generate a lot of assists – drive and kick means that Rose generates open shots without getting box score credit. Third, for whatever reason, most of the Bulls non-Rose scorers seem to hate shooting without moving or dribbling first. I don’t know why this is, but Rose loses several assists a night to this strangeness.

    Summary – watch Rose play more. He creates many opportunities for teammates that aren’t reflected in statistics, and assists are a flawed / incomplete measure of play-making; don’t rely on it, especially when the difference between a pg who “doesn’t set up team-mates” and one who “is a great play-maker” seems to be only 2 or 3 assists a night. There are a lot of other factors at work.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Who wrote this smack? Cuz clearly they just looked at the Bulls box score and didn’t watch the game. The Bulls were down 20 the whole gm and came back in the 4th to send it to overtime cuz of DRose who scored 19 in the quarter and bulls were down 3 with 1sec he got fouled shooting a 3 and made all 3 clutch free throws to send it to overtime No Memphis. In overtime, he fouled out and the game was over after that. And he got no help from his teammates hence why he only had 2 asts.

    Psycho T was having his way with us on str8 hustle plays and wide open midrange Js and we didn’t play any D or rebounding til the 4th and that’s why we lost but so did boston so we’re still n 1st and DRose is MVP

  • King

    Im trying to figure out why people expected Kevin Love to be an all star but are surprised when Tyler Hansbrough gets beastly every once in a while when he was one of the best big men in college for 4 years. Kid is avg. 17 and 9 since the allstar break.

  • Skeeter McGee

    As a VCU student I just wanna say thanks to all the haters, y’all got us this far…

    Shaka Smart for President 2012

  • Ben1en

    http://sports.espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/news/story?id=6236645 No mention of this?? Dude went into Staples Center with a butcher knife and stayed on the court for an hour with cops that had their guns drawn. DAYUMMM

  • TL

    Anyone else notice the new game ball the D League uses? It’s on NBA.com front page right now. Looks like a new official NBA ball might be in the works…

  • cesar

    psycho T!

  • sh!tfaced

    yo JAY…

    the fuck you were saying about Car’fuckin’Loser’ass’Melo’ again, man?! Hahahahaha

    … just sayin’, man… LOL