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Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant Crack Portland; The Heat Put Up Historic Buckets

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook (photo. Jeff Forney)

What a game in Oklahoma City last night between the Thunder and the Blazers. It was a battle that had playoff intensity, physicality and atmosphere, great individual performances, and we saw the young core of a burgeoning NBA juggernaut take a formative step forward in their development. When it got down to winning time, the Thunder’s offense resorted to a two-man game focusing on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook running pick-and-pops and taking turns on isos and clearouts. Westbrook (28 points) ended up as the closer, burying three monster treys down the stretch to give OKC the 99-90 win … This season, it absolutely feels like the Thunder are starting to belong to KD and Russ (have you seen Russel’s kicks?), as opposed to just being Kevin Durant and a bunch of sidekicks. Everyone can feel it, including those two. Case in point, with under three minutes to go in the game, with the Thunder up four, Westbrook brought the ball up and completely ignored a wide open Durant who was standing about 15 feet away and calling for the ball. Westbrook dribbled for the entire possession, only to get picked by Wes Matthews as he went to make his move towards the end of the shot clock. Would any of the Lakers do that to Kobe? Would any of the Cavs have done it to LeBron last season? Would Russ have done that to KD even a few months ago?? … Last night’s game was the first time we felt like we got a glimpse of what this new Thunder lineup can be, with two All-Stars in Durant and Westbrook and two monsters on the front line in Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins. While the first two put up the majority of the points, the other two really won the game in the trenches. Boards, blocks (including one by each on one clutch possession down the stretch) and they kept LaMarcus Aldrige in check … One guy who was not kept in check was Gerald Wallace. He was an animal last night, going for 40 and badgering (and beating up) Kevin Durant, forcing him into a 5-18 shooting performance … If you are playing the Miami Heat and you let LeBron, Wade and Chris Bosh all go for 30 or more points in the same game, you literally have zero chance of winning – don’t even bother showing up. You sort of expect that two of them are going to get theirs heading into the game, but getting blitzed by all three is the doomsday scenario for an opposing team and coach. And to be honest, without that many shots to go around, you have to work hard to let the Big 3 all get 30. So congrats Houston, it’s not easy to get manhandled like you did last night, giving up 33 to James, 31 to Bosh and 30 to Wade (who sat out a while with a bone bruise), in a 125-119 loss to the Heat. Each one of those three guys each pulled down at least 10 boards. It’s been 50 years since an NBA team has had three guys go for 30 and 10. Oscar Robertson‘s 1961 Cincinnati Royals were the last team to get it done … What’s crazy is that the Rockets almost had three guys do the same thing. Kevin Martin had 29, Luis Scola had 28 and Kyle Lowry 25, so Miami was almost equally atrocious on defense … Read More: The Lakers smack a potential playoff opponent, the Marcus Thornton Monster is still rolling and parties in the streets of Richmond…

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  • Q

    Does Brandon Knight play inconsistent through the tourney/season. Did he deserve the East Bracket MOP.

  • Q

    Does Brandon Knight play inconsistent through the tourney/season? Did he deserve the East Bracket MOP?

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Harrision Barnes did take over but kentucky was hitting 3s like fuckin layups all game and that was the difference in the game. Watch they become brick city vs uconn

    No mention of Shannon Browns ridiculous contest worthy 50 dunk, shit was bananas

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Last week McGee really struggled to get into double figures and now he scores 28?

  • beiber newz

    dime clear this up por favor,
    the knicks have a draft pick this summer which can be exchanged with the rockets (on HOU’s call), true or false.

    and if they do..which one of these guards (who could potentially fall to their pick at roughly 17) should the knicks target:


    readers, yall can weigh in too. which of those 3 guards would be a better ft with melo and stat?

  • Me

    none are good picks.

    jimmer’s a fringe nba player at best, brandon should stay in school, and kemba hasn’t shown he’s a guy who you can trust to make good decisions as a pg.

    They should trade for a pg cuz i dont see anyone in the draft that’s worth it for them.

    I really wish my man OJ Mayo would go to another team- ANY team. (Chicago ideally, but NY wouldn’t be bad either)

  • Jay

    -Knight has been the most consistent player in terms of scoring on UK. Check his Stats. Dude got it in tonight and been there consistently for UK when they needed a bucket.

    -NY probably pick up Jimmer, cause man don’t play D and can stroke the ball. So he fits into NY system. Just feed off the double teams.

  • K Dizzle

    Is Kemba Walker really gonna be better than Toney Douglas or a Marcus Thornton?

    Lakers again, baby. Just goin out n killin s**t.

  • yoda

    three guys in scored 30 a piece and they barely won? what did other guys on miami did?
    lakers are rolling, and they are 4 games behind spurs. there might be some small chance that we will catch up to them and take that first place in west and in nba. i hope lakers stay healthy so we can get 3rd title in a row.

  • Skeeter McGee

    I’m a VCU student in Richmond right now… shit is nuts. We gonna win it all and I know people are gonna hate on my comment, but then again, everyone been hatin’ on us so it don’t matter.

    Y’all talk, we win.


  • ay yayayaah

    first bitches……………………………….. hahahahah hahahahaha hahahahah

  • JAY

    @ McGee; “I know people are gonna hate on my comment, but then again, everyone been hatin’ on us so it don’t matter.”

    Who’s hating on VCU??? Lol. Everyone loves Cinderella stories bud. and I haven’t read any comments, nevermind negative comments… ANY comments about VCU here. I didn’t have them going this far in my bracket but now I’m cheering for them to win because they’re underdogs who are playing awesome ball. But if the VCU students share the same “Us versus the world” type of mentality as you have, i’ll have to pull my support.
    Reality check: nobody is hating on VCU. Stop your delusions!

  • Patrick

    kansas should be running sprints today even though the season is over. that was the biggest choke job in years. two “potential lottery pick” big men turning the ball over and missing layups in crunch time. 55% from the free thrown line.

  • First & Foremost

    LOL… Jay he is just caught up in the moment. C’mon guy, everyone loves the giant killer.
    Boise > Oklahoma
    Pistons > Lakers
    Everyone > Tiger
    The 6th Man
    Anyone > UCONN Women

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    So how many combined classes will the guys on VCU and Butler go to this week?

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney

    Honestly, I might not show up to any haha

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net/ sean.dynastybball

    If you didn’t see Monta’s highlights from yesterday click my name. On a side note, JaVale McGee has been playing really well lately especially with Blatche out. I’m hoping the guy can carry this type of production into next season for fantasy purposes (I don’t care if the Wizards lose every game).

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    lakers getting it in. With a little luck we might juuust sneak into that one spot. I’m good either way though. The swag is in full effect..

  • MattO

    hey Dime…your iGoogle widget/RSS feed thing is broken again..

  • jdizzle

    How in thee hell do you let THREE PEOPLE get 30 and 10!?

  • beiber newz

    brandon knight will be a special player if billups sticks around one more season to teach him.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Spurs are hurting.
    They could easily drop to 2nd in the west.
    It looks like they’ll drop this home game tonight against Portland, so if you’re a gambler, jump all over this game.


    Go VCU, so Viet Cong University!

  • Lotfi

    What about Lebron’s Monster Dunk on 6ft.9-Rookie Patrick Patterson?!


    p.s. Shannon Brown’s dunk was also worth seeing.

  • LakeShow84

    Damn John Wall is fast..

    LIKE FAST lol i may be late on that one but DAMN.. how someone gonna give u that much space and u still beat them by a solid 3-4 feet?? Crazy..

    So should we just end the season right now and make it 3??? Aint no one seeing the Purple and Gold in the playoffs be real people.. we aint even playing playoff basketball we just clickin on D.. wait until we can get PHYSICAL..

    And glad to see Perkins bring that “i never foul anyone!!” shit to OKC with him.. Ill always hate watchin him but respect what he brings to the table.. the douche lol

  • Claw

    F VCU, they cost me $80!

    Have no clue who will win to go to the Championship game, watching Kentucky break down the Bucks and NC one on one they will be tough to beat and UConn has been balling with a solid backcourt.

    One thing for sure is a cinderella will be playing for the championship.

    F the Suns also, losing again in the 4th and saying goodbye to their playoff hopes. Gortat is turning into a monster, he alone made that trade worth doing with the Magic.

  • Chaos

    VCU BABY!!! The Campus was nuts last night, they blocked off the street so all the students and supports could go celebrate. There is even a youtube video to show how packed the streets were


    That’s the mobile youtube site I think since I am typing from a blackberry.

    But yea it was insane. VCU jus seems to have so much more energy and a solid game plan for each team they play and Butler is a very winnable game and they should come out ready to knock another team off.

    As good as kemba is, he doesn’t strike me a a guard who can lead an nba team. He doesn’t shoot at a high percentage and doesn’t really seem like he can make everyone better…same with fredette, he doesn’t play D and gets tunnel vision on offense.

  • QQ

    One of the most surprising Final Fours ever. It’s good to be a hoops fan right now.

    I’m picking VCU just so I could call this the craziest NCAA tournament EVER.

  • Ian

    I haven’t been watchin bball this past two weeks but chicago and the lakers can catch the spurs fuck moi!!

  • JAY

    I read somewhere that there was 5.9 million brackets filled out on ESPN.com… and 2 predicted the Final Four correctly. That’s right… TWO!!!

  • QQ

    I just read that the odds are favoring Kentucky, and the way that things have gone, of course they’re doomed.

    But based on that concept that whatever the odds favor won’t win, then the odds are against the odds not winning, meaning the Kentucky would actually win the championship.

    Yes, I just wrote that, and yes, your minds had just been blown.

  • chris

    wouldn’t it be cool if it was vcu-butler for the chip? watching butler take out a much bigger and athletic florida team despite shooting poorly was interesting but painful. watching vcu take out a much bigger but spastic kansas team was a joy. both butler and vcu play a hustling team game that takes time and intelligence to learn. watching the uber-talented but naive/no team concept kentucky/north carolina kids run up and down the floor for 40 minutes was a bore (mcdonalds high school all-america redux). this whole system is leveraged to give the ‘power conferences’ a massive advantage (11 schools from the big east made it, all seeded 11 or higher, none had to go thru a ‘play-in’ game like vcu – why not?). the point seems to be to ensure 2 ‘power conference’ schools (and i use the word schools loosely) play for the championship. i think the conferences that vcu and butler played in this year should each get 3 automatic bids to march madness next year, as a reward for making the final four. i think the big 10, big 12, and pac 10 should be limited to only 2 bids in march madness each next year, as a penalty for NONE of their teams making it to the final 4. If you want to teach college athletes to play good basketball, change the system; if you want to continue to reward ‘one and done’ factories, keep it as it is – vcu/butler in the final four this year is the exception, not the rule.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Yeah I heard that as well, but who would have picked both VCU and Butler for the Final Four? Man I was THIS close to having a mostly correct FF (UConn, UNC, Kansas and Pitt haha)

    I am so over the NBA right now, wake me up when the C’s stop sucking

    If the Lakers catch the Spurs, we might as well give them the 3peat, and that means putting up with Laker fans shit for another year and reading alot of shit about whether Kobe is better than Jordan.


  • First & Foremost

    Wouldn’t the rest of the NBA want the Lakers to catch the Spurs. They would then have Memphis, OKC, Spurs, East
    Instead of Hornets, Portland, OKC/Spurs, East.

    Let LA catch SA if they want to.

  • jdizzle

    @LakeShow84 since you’re giving the Lakers the title does that mean you’re beginning to trust Bynum’s knees?

  • LakeShow84

    @ JDizzle

    Actually………… i am lol

  • dlight

    Is Jimmer or Singlar the next Adam Morrison?

  • !!!


  • First & Foremost

    Yea, watching Melo play defense would keep any Knicks fan up all night.

  • beiber newz

    that comment the me sent..lol…knight getting a lot of coverage now…he’s my pick if NY misses out on kemba seeing how he wont make it past 16 mayb..but i hope he do, then kemba will b a knick