Video / Mar 25, 2011 / 4:00 pm

Shotloc Shot of the Week: Jimmer Fredette Wets a 35-Footer Against Florida

Jimmer Fredette struggled a bit in BYU‘s NCAA Tournament loss to Florida last night, but there was one particular moment when it felt like he was going go ballistic on the Gators. With BYU down three points with five minutes to go in the game, Fredette calmly dribbled the ball across half court and then raised of from 35-FEET AWAY to stick a huge three in a disbelieving Scottie Wilbekin‘s face.

That was enough for Billy Donovan, who called a timeout in hopes of cooling off Fredette and stemming a potential avalanche of threes from the BYU senior. The Gators went on to win in overtime, officially ending Fredette’s college career. His monster three-pointer though will live on in NCAA lore forever …

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  • hahns

    thats just comical. its like a super power that range

  • Scott

    I think BYU called timeout.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Adam Morrison junior should do just as well in the NBA

  • rickyboy

    stone. cold. killer.

  • http://www.LakersNation.com Lakers Nation

    15 Minutes is up . . . . up next. Euro-League

  • yoda

    now thats what i call balls!

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    Not sure why everyone’s on his nuts for this shot. It was a bad shot, but luckily it went in. Dude missed 12 3-pointers. He lost the game for BYU with his consciousless 3-point shooting. Looked like a white JR Smith with no coach to tell him stop jacking.

    Go Gators.

  • Lance Davis

    It was a good shot, but saying it will live in in NCAA lore forever is a bit much.

    It was a long three-pointer in a losing effort. Not much to remember.

  • RonNation

    @Big Freeze jimmer got injured some time before half and byu still almost won without any sort of presence in the paint, aka ur gators are fuckin weak and have no chance next round

  • AllDayEveryday


  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Straight FILTHY

  • black swamba

    he hit a shot from 35 feet away but he still couldn’t get any buns on that night

  • http://facebook.com/escribame Big Freeze

    Its funny. Florida lost by doing the same dumb shit Fredette did: jacking up 30-footers with plenty of time on the shot clock. Fuck that, and fuck RonNation!

  • RonNation

    rofl outplayed idiot rofl outplayed idiot rofl outplayed idiot rofl outplayed idiot rofl outplayed idiot rofl outplayed idiot

  • Speak Up

    I like Jimmer but that was a horrible shot. I don’t care if your a stud or a star on a team if you settle for a shot like that with all that time remaining, your riding the bench.

  • beiber newz

    r u mad big freeze, ron nation was right on the money.

  • JAY

    Makes you wonder what could have happened if that kid didn’t blaze his girlfriend. I gotta quote Will Smith here… “Girls of the world ain’t nothing but TROUBLE!”