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Source: Zach Randolph Nears 4-Year Extension With Grizzlies

Zach Randolph

Zach Randolph (photo. Nike)

Zach Randolph is quietly having one of the best seasons in the NBA this year. Averaging 20.1 points and 12.6 rebounds per game – with five 20-point, 20-rebound games to date – you can see why Randolph thinks he deserves to get paid to stay in Memphis. And apparently the Grizzlies are finally starting to realize that as well. So while there were murmurs that Z-Bo was headed to Orlando around the trade deadline, the word out of The River City now is that a deal could get done any day.

From Ronald Tillery of the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

The Griz initiated and held serious contract negotiations with Randolph over the past week, and both sides continue to discuss the framework of a four-year deal that could be finalized soon.

Randolph’s agent, Raymond Brothers, and Griz general manager Chris Wallace confirmed that they have been involved in constructive talks after months of inactivity.

“I think they’re serious,” Brothers said of the Grizzlies’ intent to sign Randolph. “I’m optimistic we’ll get something done.”

Memphis is currently 38-32 and owns the eight-seed if the playoffs were to start today. And as is the case with all unrestricted free agents, the worry becomes that if a deal is not reached before the end of the year, they’ll likely lose Randolph for nothing this summer. But how much is he worth?

The 10-year NBA veteran is earning $17.3 million this season, the final year of a six-year, $84 million deal he signed with Portland in 2004. And while Tillery notes that Randolph has most likely backed off his initial demand of an extension similar to the three-year, $65 million deal Pau Gasol signed last summer with Los Angeles, he’d unlikely sign an extension for less than $10 million a year.

What do you think? Would you sign Randolph to an extension? What’s he worth?

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  • nizzio

    Where’s Austin at?

  • neoy

    zack is worth a little over the 10 mill mark, no more than 12 mill based on the current salary structure.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’d give him as much money as he wants.

    Seriously though, if Andrew Bynum makes $13.8M, if I were Zach I’d want $14-15M. That’s still less than Gasol, KG, Duncan, Yao, Dirk, Dwight, Amar’e, and right around the same as Bosh and Boozer.

  • srb

    It’s too bad he’s been stashed away on garbage franchises for most of his career. Memphis has only been relevant the last two years, and he’s got a lot to do with that of course. Along with Rudy and OJ.

  • beiber newz

    hey dime..
    u guys shud write an article of how cousins is the new rasheed wallace.
    did he really bump a ref? he culda been a top 3 pick. if not for his antics.
    i was one guy who said so wat, he is talented, he will work out. but dam, his attitude is really gettin in the way of his game


    I mean based on production he could rightfully ask for $15 million per, the last couple of years he’s really turned it around and is one of the more reliable big men in the L production wise.

    He has to look at it from the perspective of his career benefitting form Memphis taking a risk on him and giving him some stability when they had no right to really. Its in both their best interests for him to stay in Memphis.

    4/50 sounds about right to me at least, would probably go up to about $14 mil per if I were Memphis any more and I’d let him go.

  • ctkennedy

    whateva the best player on the team cost…20 n 10 aint walkin around in this league…even if u got to overpaid n hope to god Rudy Gay turn into a top 15player 2yrs from now …he the key for this deal makin sense

  • control

    Don’t have time to write up a huge thoughtful comment, but I dislike Zach and think he isn’t even worth 10mil/year. Guy gets production, but he’s a loser and probably always will be. I wouldn’t doubt that his 20/10 costs the team 30/8 at least (+2rbs due to fat gravitational pull affecting rebounds…it’s physics).

  • control

    Don’t have time to write up a huge thoughtful comment, but I dislike Zach and think he isn’t even worth 10mil/year. Guy gets production, but he’s a loser and probably always will be. I wouldn’t doubt that his 20/10 costs the team 35/8 at least (+2rbs due to fat gravitational pull affecting rebounds…it’s physics, -15pts due to bad defense, black hole offense, bad play making, stupid turn overs, bonehead moves, being a drug dealer).

  • control

    Oops, double post, site fucked up :P

    My apology post is just making shit worse too, but who cares.

  • yoda

    too bad memphis overpaid gay. but i think he deserves around 10 mill, considering who gets that money nowdays. especially with how z-bo changed from trouble kid to stand up guy (as far as i know).
    austin, you are bit harsh on andrew. he shows us now how good he can be. its not his fault that kobe and lamar crashed into his knees two years in a row. i hope andrew will keep improving like he’s been lately

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m not being harsh on Bynum, but it’s a simple fact that Z-Bo has produced more than Bynum on the court and could make a good argument that he deserves to be paid more. Z-Bo is his team’s frontcourt anchor, put up numbers only a handful of players (at best) can match, and it’s not like he’s old or injury-prone.

  • yoda

    imho, you should compare amar’e and z-bo then. if you want production/price tag. sure, z-bo produced more than bynum, but bynum had problems with injuries (not his fault), hes improving every day, he makes difference on D, he’s not averaging 20ppg, because he has kobe and pau on his team… i am bit biased, because i’m a laker fan, and i understand your point of view, but i’m just saying give a bit of a slack to andrew and find some other overpaid players who are making more money while doing less or same as zach

  • http://www.laywagersports.com NBA Odds

    Zach Randolph has been playing since I had pimples. Long successful career!

  • the cynic

    anything more than 12 mil a season will be a mistake. I love Z-Bo’s game, but he hurt his own value with years of poor decisions off the court. Lets not forgot the recent monster drug bust that implicated Zach just last summer(yes a know he wasn’t directly involved).

  • http://www.livingcheapla.com hakasan

    Bynum’s injuries/playing time are definitely his fault… he chose to go party and not do the surgery in time to rehab for the season… bynum is looking like zbo 3,4 years ago when people used to call him lazy… but zbo is beastly now…

    i hope zbo gets his extension, but he’s gotta realize that the bynum contract is pretty much a fluke like the lewis contract… whole heartedly agree that zbo should get paid more than bynum, but he is signing with a smaller martket team, and taking a smaller salary means more $ to get better players for the wins…

  • yoda


    bynum had nothing with kobe and lamar crashing into his knees. as for surgery and rehab, team encouraged him to go to world cup, to get some rest and gets ready for surgery because it was bad move to get surgery on knee in shape that baynum had at that point. then his doctor had to post pond surgery, and during the surgery they realized injury is worse than what they thought. instead of just sewing up cartilage, they had to do some serious cutting and whatnot. so non of what you said is bynums fault. i’m not saying that andrew is playing better than z-bo, which is not true. but bynum improves every day, he gives effort on d, he block shots and rebounds. so, at least he’s doing something to earn his money. i just think that if austin wants to compare z-bo with someone, he should start with amar’e, who doesn’t want to play d or rebound, or to that bitch melo, who will ruin knicks. there are some other players who deserve: “if he’s paid that much then z-bo should get paid more” more than andrew.

  • new york nets

    20 and 10 can you name those players….he been doing it for years. if on a good team look out. someone said he was a drug deal….kobe rape someone look at him. com’on we not perfect ourself but there game speaks for themself. if i was him go to new jersey…d will, lopez and zbo. both k humphries and b wright are fa this summer. with over 21 mil spend sign zbo 3yrs 40mils and resign b wright or k humphries 2yrs 7mils and make trade for a sg/sf who is a great defender/avg shooter. maybe a d. jones of the pacers.