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Stud Or Dud: Looking Forward To Jimmer Fredette In The NBA

Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette

Now that Jimmer Fredette‘s college career has come to an end, it’s time to look at his NBA potential. Tyler Hansbrough, J.J. Redick and Stephen Curry stirred similar controversy when their record-breaking careers ended and the NBA horizon loomed. Take a look as we debate the potential of arguably the best player in college basketball.

Stud by Dylan Murphy

He’s already got the one name moniker that has penetrated the furthest depths of the basketball universe. He’s got the killer crossover, the pull-up three. If there were ever anyone to personify Gus Johnson‘s famous “Rise and Fire,” it’s Jimmer. He’s got the on-court flare, the off-court humility and the swagger to carry a dreadful combination of poor rebounding and minimal outside shooting to the Sweet 16, and nearly the Elite Eight. So who’s to say he can’t be an NBA star as well?

I understand the naysayers. He’s shoot-first. He’s a tweener. He has J.J. Redick and Kyle Korver written all over him. At worst, I’d agree. But at best, we’re looking at another Stephen Curry. Their college career paths are remarkably similar, along with their styles of play. It wasn’t Curry’s athleticism or handle that facilitated his graceful slithering in and out of opposing defenses. It was an eclectic combination of head fakes, hesitations and superb court vision that allowed him to outmaneuver the overly aggressive and physical defenders that define college basketball. The NBA is full of the worst and best kind of this bunch: supremely athletic defenders obsessed with SportsCenter-type swats as opposed to staying in front of their man. This is what Jimmer is primed to take advantage of.

For those questioning his sometimes sub-par shot selection, fear not. Sitting in the middle of his team’s scoring pecking order will force Jimmer to temper his trigger-happy right hand. Don’t expect him, however, to completely overhaul his game. The NBA has often proved that college stars do not adjust well to a minimal NBA role (see Adam Morrison). That said, Jimmer will not become a chucker. He’ll pay his dues at first, providing an off-the-bench scoring explosion. Once he displays his potential, he’ll unleash the full power of his superior basketball intelligence.

Will he be a top NBA player? Probably not. But basketball IQ is an underrated facet of NBA scorers. A thunderous LeBron dunk may look more impressive, but a simple pump fake leading to a short jumper is just as effective. That’s how Jimmer will make his money.

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  • That’s What’s Up

    Adam Morrison jr.

  • Michorizo

    I think Florida’s athleticism gave him trouble…they only get more athletic in the Pros… I think he has such a great shot that he might win the 3 point contest on All Star Weekend…other than that… Role player who never gets off the bench because he plays no “D”!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    After people in this office (cough…Pat…cough) hated on Stephen Curry’s pro prospects, you gotta think Jimmer can do work in the League.

  • JAY

    @Michorizo: He also saw Florida double and triple teams for the entire 40 mins.

    I think he’ll be a pretty decent player off the bench. He’ll be limited defensively but that sounds like 50% of NBA guards.

    He’ll have an Eddie House-like career.

  • K Dizzle

    Just heard a convo about Jimmer on espnradio. They started off talkin good about him(shooting, range, scoring ability) thn proceeded to shred him. Even had a BYU teammate talkin about how his defense has gotten so bad that he doesn’t even pretend to play it. Hittin the 35 footer with 19 on the clock is cute, but it’s a shot coaches and teammates cringe at. I’m assuming he’s gonna put that one away for the pros. If he transitions to a Luke Ridnour, a Eddie House, a poor man’s Jason Terry or Leandro Barbosa, he can be successful off the bench.

  • north

    has Jaimie watched Jimmer’s game at all? He’s got great ball handling skills and unlike Korver, or Reddick he drives and doesn’t just settle for jumpers. He’s also beefy in comparison to those two, meaning, as we’ve seen, he can finish after getting bumped.
    Jaimie’s argument that he can’t defend people like Rose, or Paul is bunk… who can? It takes a team to defend those guys, not one guy. Anyone with high basketball IQ and good team defense can slow those guys down but no one can stop them. Fisher, Nash, Billups, heck even retirees like Van Exel, Cassell didn’t defend well, just on occasion.
    Jimmer may or may not do well in the NBA but unlike guys like Morrison he’ll have thousands of people pulling for him, and that just might be enough to get him over the hump. Who doesn’t want to yell, “You got Jimmered!” at an NBA game, people are already starting that and he hasn’t even been drafted.

  • Nola

    it’s so easy to just call him a dud via adam morrison but look at other players who we’ve looked at and said they weren’t going to succeed after being one of the top 5-10 college players in the past few years: hansbrough, klove, curry, reddick, dejuan blair, etc.

    i know there are just as much adam morrisons and jon scheyers as there are steph curry’s but these guys got to this point through hardwork, who’s to say he’s not going to apply that same hardwork when he gets to the nba and hits the roadblock that is cp3, drose, etc crossing him up? if jj reddick can improve his defense, i think jimmer can as well.

  • Michorizo

    @jay…they weren’t triple teaming him on the perimeter…he had to take alot of shots from waaaaay deep…looked like many times he just could not get by the initial defender…he may have been tired though…plus, I know nothing about hoops, I just talk the talk.

  • JAY

    Exactly Aron. Curry isn’t exactly quick or speedy but his combination of pure shooting stroke, head fakes and craftiness makes him one of the shiftiest dudes in the league. He’ll be fine.

  • boomshakalaka

    Jimmer will be the Tim Tebow of the NBA.

    He will probably have a sizeable fan base of people pulling for him to do well. And he will have flashes of brilliance here and there.

    But in the end, he won’t have what it takes to make a noticeable impact in the pros.

  • Drew

    He’ll be more stud than dud. He’s not going to be a superstar, I think we can all agree on that, but he’s not going to be a bit player either. He’ll find a niche and carve a name for himself and be an excellent role player. For those who get scared off by his lack of defense I ask how many defenders in the NBA actually can stay in front of Chris Paul, John Wall and Derrick Rose?

  • Jason Dewitt

    Stud. He had one bad game (32 points) and one bad article written about him and everyone’s questioning his ability all of a sudden. Pretty ridiculous. This guy’s basketball prowess is unbelievable and he is going to make a team very happy. By the way, I don’t see him as “trigger happy” as this article suggests. In that last game, he took a bunch of shots at the end of the game. Who else should have been taking them? If you’re that coach, or your his teammate, who do you want taking the biggest shots in the biggest game? Jimmer, of course!

  • s.bucketz

    “His defense was simply outscoring his matchup.”

    …the knicks gotta draft this guy..its too perfect

  • GC

    I understand some of the comparisons , but I don’t see any Kyle Korver in Jimmer Fredette -at all-.

    Korver is a longer, outside jump shooter. He has one role and one role only: He shoots the outside shot. He has no driving or passing ability and has absolutely no scrappiness when it comes to his offense.

    Jimmer is a fearless attacker on offense. He is relentless when it comes to attacking the basket, or dishing the ball off for an open man. His body type and method reminds me a lot of Deron Williams – a little Cadillac. He’s built to take abuse both inside and out.

    Jimmer has a certain fearless, scrappy, swagger to him that differentiates himself from others. He’s not really very graceful, but he gets the ball in the hole when he’s driving.

    He’s also pretty brilliant when driving inside. I was blown away by the move he made on 3 defenders in the Florida game. The way he faked all three out and drove underneath, only to deliver with a wide hook scoop was unbelievable. Korver could never do something like that.

    This is why I see him successful in the NBA: he’s not afraid to get physical. Playing physical, and a willingness to split defenders in the NBA is very important to have success.

    His outside game is tremendous, but his inside game is really, really good too. The best comparison I have is Deron Williams with better range, but less passing and defensive ability.

  • Brian

    “can he stay in front of John Wall, Chris Paul or Derrick Rose?” Can someone please find me someone that can stay in front of them? I love steve Nash but he hasnt played any D in 4 years (come to think of it I cant remember the last time I saw anyone in the NBA play some serious D exept for D Howard). I think its folly to say you cant be a success in the NBA and have bad defense you can watch bad defense eerynight on TNT its absured.

  • sweetv0mit

    Battle of the Seniors – Nolan Smith or Jimmer Fredette?

  • Me

    too short to play a 2.
    too unskilled to play a 1.
    too unathletic to play either.
    And even in college he looked slow to me.


  • ctkennedy

    it all depends on the coach n what he likes….
    Kemba walker n Isiah thomas got has many flaws as Jimmer
    then we done watch
    Steve Logan
    Gerry McNamara
    Troy Bell
    Kyle McAlarney
    Scottie Reynolds
    Troy Bell
    Joseph Forte
    Dee Brown and countless others fail to get a NBA career goin they had some of the same tools …n some of them were better natural point guards

  • kalvin owens

    he’s a stud straight up

  • derik

    if Jodie Meeks can average 10 points, Jimmer Fredette can get at least 15, and I hate Jimmer because i am a UNLV rebels fan, dude got game

  • JAY

    Same tools as…
    Steve Logan, Gerry McNamara, Troy Bell, Kyle McAlarney, Scottie Reynolds, Troy Bell, Joseph Forte, Dee Brown???

    Really? Wow…. I must have been watching TJ Fredette play then, because the dude I watched with “Fredette” on his jersey was waaaaaaay craftier, smarter and more physical than the guys on that list. Some of the moves I saw that Fredette pull of, I’ve never seen before and I’ve been watching ball for a looooog time. If that was TJ, then TJ will be a decent pro.

  • daghost

    no worse. darko milicic 2.0
    will drop buckets at times though, but overall effect will be minimal. small, doesn’t play physical tough game, no defense but one thing he does have is heart. so it will be interesting to find out what becomes of his career, but i say dud.

  • ctkennedy

    @jay …prisoner of the moment …is he really better than tyrese rice was 2yrs ago in the acc

  • nizzio

    If he hits the gym more often and starts playing some decent D, he will be the next Stephen Curry

  • Darkhorse

    No way Jimmer gets the kind of freedom he had in college in the League. Whether Jimmer makes it in the league or not will all be based on how Jimmer reacts to being a role player. How will Jimmer react to getting fewer touches? Will he sulk? Or will he learn how to contribute in other ways than scoring? Adam Morrison clearly hasnt made the adjustment yet. JJ Redick was getting real close to balling in Russia with Trajan Langdon until he learned how to D up. I think Jimmer has the competitive fire and the basketball IQ in him to make the necessary adjustments to stick in the League. Personally, I think he’ll end up being an Eddie House with better handles. For those of you with short memories, Eddie House was once the MAN back in the day in Arizona State. Dude once scored 63 points in a Pac 10 game- breaking Kareem’s record. Now, he only shoots when LeBron and Wade decide to pass it to him. If being the white Eddie House ends up being Jimmer’s fate, Jimmer will have nothing to be ashamed of. After all, Eddie House has a ring, which is worth way more than any 63 point game that dosent lead to a championship.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Didn’t Steve Nash fit this same profile coming out of college? Not athletic enough, can’t play D, while everybody forgets that what he does do well (shooting, court vision, handle, big-game ability) can carry one to a solid NBA career. So why COULDN’T Fredette have a similar impact to Nash in the League?

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    i was gonna write that jimmer is gonna be a dud til he goes to the d-league for awhile. then i realized that jimmer is gonna be getting alot of SEX once he get into the league which will for sure help his swagger and ego grow even bigger and boom hes a semi-star like michael beasley or oj mayo. i feel pussy always helps you perform better…lol

  • Brown

    I’m not buying the “he can’t play D so he won’t make it in the NBA” argument AT ALL. That’s a big, steaming pile of BS. If Jose Calderon, who is possibly the worst defensive guard in the entire league, can be a starter in the NBA, Jimmer can find himself a roster spot.

    He’s not on Steph Curry’s level. His ceiling is a rotation guard, which are a dime a dozen in the NBA. He’ll get a job, but I don’t see him making much of an impact. I’ll be shocked if he gets picked in the lottery.

  • Arno

    He will be a great scorer in Europe.

  • Don Morrison

    Jimmer is very adaptable. He was asked to do so much offensively at BYU that he by necessity had to conserve energy on the defensive end. He is a much better defender that people think. When he is not playing 40 minutes a game, he will be able to concentrate on both ends of the court. Jimmer will be a successful NBA player; I have no doubt. He has the work ethic, the basketball smarts, and the skill set to succeed at the next level.

  • the cynic


  • the cynic

    college basketball is crap by the way. Just thought I would throw that in

  • JAY

    ^^ I guess this guy doesn’t like basketball as a team game. NCAA >> NBA ball. I guess some people enjoy the star power affecting officiating.


    He’ll be both, a stud and a dud. Jimmer will surprise most of us and have a decent career but he’ll also be a disappointment to some because he won’t be Mark Price or Pistol Pete.

    Somewhere around Stephen Curry’s level at best, but not better than.
    Definitely better than Redick and Eddie House.

    In BYU, Jimmer was the new Danny Ainge and it wouldn’t be bad if his career will be somewhere around Ainge’s in the pros as well.

  • daghost

    LMAO at panchitoooo. dude u are crazy lol…funny stuff. And for the record, i agree. Anyone think Jimmer will remain a virgin for life? or will he find himself a black girl and attempt to rape her a la Kobe?


    You don’t know shit about real basketball if you really think pro ball is better than college ball.


    The next Mark Price, Eddie House, Adam Morisson??!!

    Forget that. He might be the next AC Green!

  • Yeah But

    Big time east coast college programs didn’t recruit him, he filed it away and went out and proved them all wrong and became the college player of the year. He’ll just file all the naysayers comments away and become an all star at the next level. He has super star desire and ability. Good combination.

  • BlueHusky

    STUD: I’ve seen nearly every game Jimmer played from the 49 he laid on Arizona in their house last year. I’ve seen a lot of the greats, including Maravich. I’ve never seen a shooter who can drain 3s from downtown then drive into a double team, split it and sink a sweeper under the arms of a 7 footer.

    He’s a good passer, too. As for defense, well, his defense was OK most of the time. But BYU had an all time defensive player at the 2 guard spot, Jackson Emery, and Emery took the tough guys. Jimmer’s defense didn’t hurt the team, even in the Florida game.

    He’s a gym rat, very strong, very quick, and physical. He’ll play defense in the NBA, such as it is. I think he’ll be really good. Don’t let that honky look fool you – Fredette is an assassin. You’ll see.

  • http://cougarfan.com ben

    I’m pretty sure Adam Morrision was averaging close to 20 ppg his rookie year before he tore his knee up.

    Jimmer will be good 1 on 1 in the NBA vs being tripled teamed!

  • goattree

    Can we get a Hoffa Arujo shout out for the last wasted draft pick on a big time prospect from BYU?

  • Mark

    I am 53 years old. I remember very well how Danny ainge was the great player that he was thirty years ago. I have played and coached and watched alot of basketball at all levels including my kids in high school. I have studied the greats of all time–west, Baylor, Havlicek, Jordan, Malone, Stockton, magic, Kobe, Wilkins, etc. For all of that, I can’t remember a single greater display of basketball greatness and dominance than witnessing in person the 52 points that Fredette put on the scoreboard against New Mexico at the MWC conference tourney. For those of you who only got to see Fredette at the Florida game (he still scored 32!), checkout video of many of his other games. By the way, at this point, who cares what he does in the pros?

  • Mark

    BTW, that’s 52 in a 40 minute game, which translates to 62 points for a 48 minute game. He did it while the refs swallowed their whistles and sent one of the great lane drivers of the past two college seasons to the free throw line for only a single attempt (which he made). In addition, he benefited from exactly zero inside out offensive advantage. New Mexico had no BYU bigs to contend with as Davies was in street clothes. Granted, new Mexico wasn’t a superstar team , but they had a very good record and had beaten other tournament invited teams. Fast forward to Gonzaga, whose bandwagon was overflowing upon the heels of their beatdown of St john’s. Last I checked, Byu, led by Jimmer’s 33 points, beat Gonzaga by 22 points. How is this possible, when everyone in America except for Steve Fisher, mark Few and Billy Donovan think Jimmer’s teammates are better suited for an intramural league? The answer is Jimmer.

  • Dan

    People always say that Jimmer won’t be able to stay in front of Rose, Rondo, and Paul. I don’t think that they can even stay infront of each other. Also, if I had to chose between teaching a kid to score or to defend I would chose defend every time.

  • http://brokejumper.com/ brokejumper.com

    I think he needs to work on getting his shot off quicker and work on his lateral movement on defense. Upside he could be a JJ Redick or Don MacLean maybe even a Jason Terry, Michael Redd or Joe Johnson if he works his butt off. Downside he’ll end up being another high scoring collegiate player who couldn’t stick ala Trajan Langdon, Scoonie Penn, Ammo, Scottie Thurman, Miles Simon, Shawn Respert, Vonteego Cummings and the list goes on and on.

  • thedoc

    Stud… nobody in college can cover him one-on-one. He was double teamed the entire tournament. He will shoot the NBA’s face off if they aren’t in his grill at all times. And he has more dimensions to his game than pros he’s compared to like Reddick and Korver. He’s much more like a Curry because he is crafty off the dribble and can penetrate and finish, but with a bigger frame and stronger than Curry. I like his prospects. The NBA will get Jimmered…count on it!

  • JAY

    Wow… where did this list come from??
    “Trajan Langdon, Scoonie Penn, Ammo, Scottie Thurman, Miles Simon, Shawn Respert, Vonteego Cummings”

    Jimmer is WAAAAAY better than all of them. Really? Thurman?!? Do most of you guys ONLY see his range?? The haters don’t see Jimmer’s craftiness? I haven’t seen anyone with combination of creativity and lights-out range he has from everywhere on the court in a loooooong time.

    I don’t remember which game it was but I remember the commentators talking about the “great” matchup with Fredette and a “defensive stopper” during the pre-game…. that stopper got lit the fuck up. I wish I remember the guy’s name or even the school.

  • David

    Do people realize that Jimmer is the 4th all time steals leader at BYU? He CAN play defense. He will never be a lock down defender but he can certainly play well enough to earn his spot in the NBA. He was asked NOT to play defense at BYU and their zone as well as a fantastic defensive backcourt mate in Emery allowed him to do that. The bottom line is that he will show more of a complete game at pre-draft camps and NBA workouts. He won’t blow scouts away with his defense but he will show them that he is more than adequate in that area. And offensively he has a great NBA game. He is very strong and physical and people will be shocked what he can do when he only sees man defense. He literally played the entire season with double teams and still averaged close to 30.

  • Jerry

    I don’t remember which game it was but I remember the commentators talking about the “great” matchup with Fredette and a “defensive stopper” during the pre-game…. that stopper got lit the fuck up. I wish I remember the guy’s name or even the school.


    That clown’s name was Tre’Von Willis.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    he’ll be a solid bench player at worse, which ain’t too bad, and he could surprise like Curry at best…kill the Adam Morrison jokes, this kid won’t flop like that

    And really, who plays D in the NBA? So few players that when someone DOES play marginal defense, we applaud them, even if they still get lit up.

  • ab40

    he’s a combination of morrison and reddick he can be a back up streak shooter or a good player in europe

  • Arno

    BTW, most NBA prospects are 18, 19 or 20.
    Fredette is 22.


    i dont really see him as much of a player. he will come off the bench to throw up a few 3 pt shots but that’s it.in the nba everybody is big, tall, and strong, he isnt the type of player that you have to guard at both ends of court.