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The Heat’s Crushing Loss Causes Tears in the Locker Room; Chris Paul Carted Off on a Stretcher in Cleveland

LeBron James
The Heat need to call Kyra Sedgwick. Or Michael Jordan. They could even call Vince Carter; he made a couple of clutch shots last night. For now, the Heat might as well make Mario Chalmers their go-to guy down the stretch. He seems like the only one who can make shots for them when the game is tight. Their stars, on the other hand, are cold as ice … This season, in the last 10 seconds of a game that they are trailing by three points or less, Miami is 1-18 from the field, the worst mark in the entire league. The Heat added two of those misses yesterday after LeBron James (26 points) and Dwyane Wade (20 points) blew a layup and a jumper respectively in their one-point loss against Chicago. It was Miami’s fourth straight loss and another blown double-digit lead as Chicago made all of the big plays to come from behind in the fourth quarter … You can criticize the Big Three all you want for being unable to deliver clutch baskets, but look at the rest of the team as well. They scored just 17 points combined. And while the majority will focus on Miami’s inability to finish off games, someone needs to gives the Bulls some credit. To beat a team like the Heat three times in one season is huge for a team that wasn’t even good enough to finish above .500 last year. At this point, the Bulls have nearly locked up the number-two seed and homecourt advantage in the second round with a two-game lead in the loss column, plus the head-to-head advantage on the Heat. Derrick Rose (27 points) torched Miami all game long … The Heat have now lost five of six with the only win coming against Washington during that span. It’s been so tough for them that a few players were reportedly moved to tears after the loss. For a regular-season game? That seems a little much … A big difference in the first half for Miami was the play of Chris Bosh (23 points), who went 1-18 in the Heat’s loss in Chicago the last time they played. This time, he was much more aggressive inside and that opened up the jumper. And Miami’s defense in the first half was suffocating. They were active and they were creating turnovers and deflections. For a team that relies on getting a lot of shot attempts, this was a killer for the Bulls. But Chicago is reminiscent of the Celtics because no matter how bad it seems they are playing, you look up and they are only down four or five or six. They stay in it with defense … Read more for Chris Paul’s scary injury, Lakers/Spurs and the rest of the NBA roundup

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  • johnny kilroy

    another predictible miami last possession – lebron top of the key going lefty finish in traffic

    does spoelstra draw up this play or lebron just calls an audible? either way, it looks like cleveland all over

    meanwhile you see celts vs bucks with KG going down to the post for a clutch turnaround basket and pierce having an easy lay-up off a time out during the last seconds

  • First & Foremost

    Question of the day
    Who hates Lebron more: Skip Bayless or Adrian Wojnarowski?

    I’ve never heard a show or read an article that wasn’t a backhanded compliment.

  • http://www.lakernation.com smoove chips

    Great to see my boys rounding into championship mode.Takes a while but damn it if it aint good when it gets here.

    Laker fans don’t get sad,we get momentary flashes of hot seething anger that can take hours to wash away. And we let go because of games like yesterday.And even then we don’t celebrate too much because stinkers like the cleveland games are always within our capacity.Only rings get us popping(when it’s over).Trust me the regular season is a quasi nightmare for us..we live for the playoffs though !!

  • http://www.lakernation.com smoove chips

    Incidentally since the whole world and its momma knows lebron is going to barrel to he hole, whe isn’t he executing a stepback jumper of the left elbow at ten feet?

    he pulled the exact same move in chi-town that he pulled against NY. I’m not hating,im just saying..WTF !?!

    shannon got some bunnies !

    lisa salters is a fine creature.

    honestly,whenever miami gets it’s shyt together they gon b an absolute force to reckon with..Spo gotta go though. I’ve seen too many offensive sets that look alike.nothing different in the bag.as a bball fan,bron,please work on your post game.thank u.

    The playoffs gon be just as fun as the finals.Every matchup looks sweet,in both conferences.Awesome.

  • Rickdaruler

    To me it’s not the fact Miami ran an iso because when you have stars you put the ball in their hands and let them make the play. But as it’s been pointed out before when the game is on the line Bron’s move arsenal is limited. It’s pretty much put his head down and try to make the layup or hope the refs bail him out. @ what point does spolestra say let Wade get a crack at it I mean he’s the one with just as much big game experience not to mention the ring. Good win for my bulls though even if Boozer played like ass

  • hahns

    ppl talk about the lack of support the big 3 are getting- that is a bunch of garbage. 3 of the best 10 players in the nba are on this team- they should be getting their teammaets involved- not the other way around. after seeing this miserable week from the heat- as a knicks fan, im not afraid of them in the first round.

  • Rickdaruler

    I dunno if I consider them to have 3 of the top 10. You could argue wade and Bron in the top 5 but bosh is closer to 20 than 10

  • Patrick

    Chicago has the 2 seed locked up because they are 2 games up in the loss column? There are 20 games left. “The Heat can’t finish”, “then Knick’s are struggling since the trade”, “the Lakers fans haven’t given up on the team”. All of these articles show no perspective. We are 3/4 of the way through a season during which the defending chaps are predictably lax, a team that was blown up during the off season for the first time playing together have struggled, and a team that just completely changed pieces and had no training camp is learning a new offense. I know you have to write a column every day but no need to sensationalize a week out of a 9 month season.

  • darko’s doughnuts

    Lebron is too good for his, and his team’s, own good. As a coach, you want the ball in your best player’s hands down the stretch. But everyone in the league knows what he is going to do, and Miami is starting to greatly resemble Cleveland not only at the end of games, but throughout…

  • Ian

    i think bron and wade are the top 2 in the league but bosh is maybe a top 15 player.

    liked what rose said yestarday about his turnover and airball almost costing them the game but his team had his back thats the mvp givin his team the credit. el sucio de kobe debiera de aprender de rose.

    lakers spurs game damn ill just look at the final score and forget the first half of the game. good thing dallas lost last night.

  • jzsmoove

    This is exactly what the Spurs want the Lakers to think, that they can turn on the ON/OFF switch. Excellent mind games tactic by Pop.

    Meanwhile Spoelstra is playing the Heat underdog card to the illest.

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net sean.dynastybball

    Click my name: Sweet alley oop from Westbrook to “Old Man” Harden.

    On a side note, I’m fired up for OKC’s visit to Philly on Wednesday. I’ve had tix since October.

  • Kobeeeee

    “I don’t know man”, if Bynum can keep this up, good things will turn out. He should concentrate mainly on defense and steadily be more of a focus on offense the coming years. This way Bynum will bevelop into a real great center when he is 26.

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ post 11.
    You don’t really wanna get lit uplike that at home but ok.
    Nice win by Memphis so my Lakers can climb back into the 2nd spot, but nobody afraid of the Griz without Rudy…

    Was scopin out ATL/NYC game last night and thought it was in New York for a minute. Knicks fans dominated the ATL crowd….just embarrassing.

  • AFCA

    Yo Dime, what’s up with your RSS feed? Since Austin has left it doesn’t seem to work anymore…

  • OneZero

    just because VC made couple of late buckets, doesnt mean he is that dependable on clutch, so slow down…wow

    and he missed the late key free throws if I recalled, so that is one weak smack.

  • jdizzle

    @F & F no matter who its against Skip Bayless will ALWAYS win a Who Hates LeBron The Most Contest!

    @Smoove chips yea she’ll get it…

    So whats the Miami fans excuse for losing to the Bulls this time? First it was LeBron didnt play the first game, then it was Bosh had a terrible game and we were at home. Well this time Bosh had a very good game AND we were in Miami. Just stop the excuses please.

  • w1ndel

    @ 11. haha thats hilarious! pop ftw

  • QQ

    The players were driven to tears?

    Seems like they realized what happens to every Lebron team: a lot of hype, a lot of talk, but ultimately, leaves everyone disappointed.

    THAT’s a reason to cry.

    And isn’t it funny that considering it’s a team with TWO top 5 players AND a top 20-25 player, people still find ways to blame the role players?

    I mean, isn’t that excuse to reserved for Lebron when he was (allegedly) ALONE in Cleveland?

    You’re fucking team up with 2 all stars now, you can’t EVER use the role player excuse.


  • Certified Hater

    As a Certified Personal LeBron Hater (CPLH), I can say that the current slump by the Heat has been gratifying. It’s not that they are losing that is making it great, but it’s that they are losing and still don’t realize that the problem is with the Big Three! They keep saying we’ll get it together, we got to figure it out, no one said it was going to be easy, etc. But, when your offense doesn’t consist of running actual “plays”, you’re not going to win against the good teams.

    Rose said after the game that they knew the ball was going to one of the three…..that is a problem! It shows you’re predictable! They are basically a pick-up team with 3 teammates and 2 other guys on the court. As a hater, I love it! As a basketball fan, I want to see them really sacrifice individually (specifically LBJ) so we can see their full potential.

  • feature

    D-Wade need to stop akin like a bitch, what happened to-


  • feature

    D-Wade need to stop akin like a bitch, what happened to-


  • http://www.cmepee.net Chicagorilla

    “Guys were crying in the Lockeroom.” This is the phrase that will get Spolestra fired. Not even a WNBA coach would say that about their players. It just proves how clueless Spo is. Question: How stupid does MIA feel knowing they couldve hired Coach Thibideau in the off season? Imagine how nasty the Heat would be since Thibs will demand respect and have the getting it in on D.

  • Certified Hater

    Agree with QQ

    PS…….How does it feel to be Mike Bibby right about now? You go from running the “offense” for a playoff bound team, to getting traded to a team with an up and coming superstar and potentially starting to riding the bench and not getting any touches

  • cavi

    Skip just hates anyone that’s put on a pedestal. He’s also not a big fan of rose and offers up no legitimate reasons why. He says that kobe deserves the MVP like he’s carrying the Lakers so take his comments with a grain of salt. The bulls are 10-0 against the elite teams since December and have beaten everyone except the hawks and the knicks

  • That’s What’s Up

    Now I fuckin’ hate CP3, but I do hope he is okay – that shit ain’t funny.

    I was out with the kids and when I got home and turned on the Spurs game it was 44-20 and Matt Barnes was smiling. I knew I should have just turned it off at that point, but I’m a glutton for punishment and watched the rest. Bad, bad game for SA.

    …and regardless of how they finish out, NOBODY fears the Heat. Well, I mean….. sub-500 teams fear the Heat…

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Shiiiit, the Heat have issues, How can Lebron and Wade combine for 1-13 in the closing seconds of games? Never knew 1 + 1 = 0 for clutch basketball.

    Anybody think Lebron is having a bizzaro Kobe in 08/09 year. You know hen Kobe couldn’t miss game winners but LeBron can’t make them.

    Chicago? Scared of them. Thibs is an amazing coach and shit they get a decent SG this summer they are making a run at the chip no doubt.

  • First & Foremost

    @ K Dizzle – Everyone OWNS the ATL crowd. They play 82 roads games.

    I heard from a friend of a friend that the word on the street in Miami’s lockerroom is that Wade and Spo are telling Lebron to make it his team. That’s just what I heard though.

    The ONLY way Wade takes the last shot is if Lebron is the inbounds man. How about Noah’s defense on that possession. Sure did make up for falling on the last one. With that said, How about Boozer’s feet being glued to the floor when Noah fell. He almost cost them the game.

  • flegman

    I just don’t believe that “tears in the MIA locker” stuff, grown men, this is only regular season, I just don’t believe that, must be some PR for some sympathy.

    it gets really amusing how Bron gets booed, whatever he does, boos come :-)

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    I’ve been dropping a daily on this for a while now, but the Heat are Usain Bolt in a distance race. Check the stats on minutes played and LBJ and Dwade are in the top 15. The only stars that are in the top 15 in the league who are playing plus 36 minutes per game are … D Rose and Rajon Rondo PG who aren’t carrying the size, weight and above the rim play that DWade and LBJ do. The Spurs and the Lakers stars are at or below 32 minutes per game, except Pau. The Heat are flawed because of the PG and C spots, just like the Knicks are flawed at the Center spot and this is not going to get better until the playoffs where the rosters are shortened.
    Chris B

  • NYK

    miami will fall so low the knicks wont even play them as a 6 or 7 seed. it will be Orlando/Chicago as 2nd and 3rd.

  • McSimon

    Crying game
    Bulls are legit, but ya allready know that

  • Roman

    @11 that was funny- Obviously you didnt see the game yesterday. Tim Duncan looked old a.. hell. There is no switch with the Spurs- enjoy ur great regular season. Playoffs are gonna be a motha-

  • Jeffco

    You guys are implying that the Heat are now 1-20 in those situations. Should have written it “before last night’s game, Heat was 1-16… add two missed shots.”

  • Claw

    I don’t remember Bron crying in the lockerroom while playing for the Cavs, maybe all the “brothers” can get together do a big group hug and everything will be better.

    I’ve said before this is Wade’s team not Brons, and they need to accept that and put it in Wade’s hands at the end of the game.

    @Bulls Fans – What the hell happened to Boozer he’s sucked on my fantasy team the last month, he’s been terrible!

    Went to the Wiz-Bulls game and Coach T was yelling the entire game, how is this guy going to make it a career? Love that he gets on ANYBODY that F*s up, even at a timeout going off on Rose for not rotating on D.

  • QQ

    Perfect question for the apologists out there. From BASKETBAWFUL. This just cuts right through the heart.

    ‘Back then, LeBron was teamed up with a bunch of bums, right? The team’s failures weren’t his fault. They were the fault of management for not supplying a better supporting cast. They were the fault of his teammates for not being good enough. Now he’s got an MVP-level teammate and another All-Star getting his back.

    So if the Cavaliers failed because LeBron didn’t have better teammates — specifically a secondary scorer to take the pressure off of him — what’s his excuse this time?’

  • First & Foremost

    @Jeffco – Thanks, stats like that are missleading.

    The Heat’s strength is blowing people out. Put them away early and hope they don’t have the mental toughness to play the entire 48.

    Bullies only pick on kids who don’t fight back.

  • JBaller

    Somebody please post some video of the heat crying in the locker room – PLEASE!

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Moral of this story, point blank & simple: Derrick Rose is the 2010-11 NBA MVP he takes on all comers and win

  • Dagger

    Biggest problem with the Heat is that the Wade/Bron tandem isn’t more than the sum of its parts. Those two still haven’t fully figured out how to play together. Meanwhile, Bosh has the same lack of rebounding and defence that we came to know and love in Toronto.

    Although Lebron has sucked in the clutch lately, and he deserves some blame, I’d still say that Wade and Bosh deserve more. Wade is faltering in big games and in the clutch. Bosh is a nonentity more often than not.

    For all that, the Heat have still won twice as many games as it’s lost. We’ll see.

  • bilal23

    My view, The Heat lack any actual team basketball. They have 2 incredible individuals and a Bosh, but none of these three seem to want to play team ball. I think this is partly due to leadership, Lebron is not a leader at all. Wade, well he was, used to lead by example, but then with all the LBJ drama he seems to have lost his voice and Bosh is a Bosh (i have more leadership in my left toes than he has). Compare them to the Celtics where KG and Allen.

    Only way they will win is if Lebron loses his ego, focusses on the game and shows the world he is more than throwing powder in the air.

    But personally i love seeing them lose, also does anyone think wade regrets not going to chicago?

  • Shot In Ya Face

    What a co-winky-dink!

    Miami is 1-18 with close games on the line.

    Chris Bosh shoots 1-18 and is one of the worst shooting performances ever.

  • LakeShow84

    I guess we can all throw that Lebron makes his teammates better crap out the window now eh??


    To the fullest spelling of the word and its damn near ridiculous.. if he dont come back next year with more moves for closing a game ill say he never will..

    And while they 1-18 Lebron is main culprit of a good 12-14 of those lol

    This aint the weak ass Wizards frontline u running through every game pal.. that shit worked as a youngsta but his lack of progression is damn near comical at this point..

    Adds credence to the fact that once that EXTRAORDINARY athletic skill is diminished????? He wont be anything close to the force he once was..

  • LakeShow84

    And DAMN if Bynum gets into roaming like that on DEFENSIVE end????

    Its a wraaaaaappppppppppppppppppp.. For another 2-3 years..

    Well the kid cant get injured but damn was he a force yesterday with damn near NO POINTS..

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    @jzsmoove: “This is exactly what the Spurs want the Lakers to think, that they can turn on the ON/OFF switch. Excellent mind games tactic by Pop.”
    Hahaha! You actually think it was predetermined by Pop to blow the game? LMAO! Hmmmm… an ultra-competitive coach blew a game on purpose so the other team thinks they have an on/off switch… Sounds logical to me!

    “Meanwhile Spoelstra is playing the Heat underdog card to the illest.”
    Huh? “to the illest”?? Figure-of-speech fail.

  • First & Foremost

    Wow Jay… Don’t tell me you missed the sarcasm THAT bad.

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    I guess I did.

  • Claw

    Wade was killing me in his post game interview, “The Whole World wants us to fail”. You mean the Heat are a higher priority over Egypt’s leader being overthrown, Lybia in total disarray, oil going over a $100 a barrel, but everybody is worried about the Heat.

    All I wanted to do is see LeFraud go 3rd person and it would have been the perfect press conference.

  • First & Foremost

    “Lebron, what was the gameplan on the final possession?”
    “Well, Lebron was going to be in the middle of the court and Lebron was going to wait for a pick. Once the pick came to Lebron, he pulled back because them switched. After Lebron sized up his opponent Lebron thought he could beat him to he basket. Lebron’s defender did a great job and beating Lebron so Lebron tried to get the shot up anyway. ANy more questions for Lebron?”

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    just to add to #49

    Reporter: “Lebron, any comments on the crying allegations.”

    LBJ: “Lebron James didn’t cry. Lebron’s eyes sweat after tough games. Perhaps Lebron needs to throw more of Lebron’s pixey dust in the air to absorb Lebron’s eye sweat. Yeah, Lebron enjoys the pixey dust show. Even more than actually winning.”

  • http://dimemag.com Sean Sweeney


    haha Seriously, what got into Bynum these last few games?? It’s like somebody sat him down and had a heart-2-heart with him. He has been DOMINATING the inside…

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    As Magic said in the 80s…. “it’s winning time.” The Lakers have awoken and they’re leaving a wake of basketball destruction behind them. Not that i truly care about the NBA now… it’s March. The pros can suck my left nut this month.

  • Stilts

    Damn those Lakers. Love to hate them, but game recognises game.

    ROFL at Melo’s comments – apparently his off shooting night was due to his headband being too tight.

    Peace out from NZ.


  • Claw

    @F&F – Thanks for that!

    On NBA TV they showed Lebron’s recent “game winning” shots and how many times did he go left to the hole and miss? Seemed like they replayed it but it was different plays. Seriously? Try something different! Give Wade the rock!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Sean

    I dont know but if he embraces that role????? He could be DPOY.. After those first couple swattings TP held back and u rarely see that from him if he aint injured.. Especially this year since hes been balling..

    But Bynum can be something NASTY if he embraces that defensive role.. we got enough scorers and but if he can lock down the post from the C spot???

    We’d be the only team with 3 GREAT game changing defenders.. Throw in Gasol and Odom when motivateD??? ssshiiiiitttttt

  • LakeShow84

    And i think Bynum is just getting his legs back under him.. his minutes are steady increasing too..

    Actually he and Kobe look like they nearly fully recovered from their surgeries..

    Kobes been a beast on the glass lately..

  • jdizzle

    ”Once the pick came to Lebron, he pulled
    back because them switched.”

    CTFU!!!! I dont know if that was a typo or if you made LeBron sound dumber but the shit was funny as hell!

  • dung

    Miami Crybabies

  • the cynic

    an absolute slaughtering of the the Spurs. Its great to be reminded the Spurs just don’t have the size to match the Lakers if they hustle.

    As entertaining as I find Artest, is it too much to ask that he goes one game without acting like a douchebag

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Lakeshows having an orgasm over here haha

  • LakeShow84

    I never thought id say it Stunnaboy


    The man is making me orgasm lololololol