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Blake Griffin Vs. Kevin Durant: Who Would You Rather Have on Your Team?

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin (photo. Rob Hammer)

Last night in the Thunder’s division-clinching win over the Clippers, we got to see the future of the NBA go head-to-head. There was the smooth-shooting Kevin Durant, dropping 29 points with an assortment of floaters and pull-ups. He’s on his way to another scoring title and more than likely, at least one playoff series win with a team that has everyone bug-eyed frightened. Then on the other side, there was Blake Griffin, scoring 35 and dunking on everything, a human wrecking ball, literally the only reason that the Clippers have become relevant again. When was the last time a player on a Lottery team became the face of a regular season?

Throughout the year, as Griffin has disassembled everyone in his path, this argument has gained steam: has he become the best young player in the game? Just a year after that title was locked away in Durant’s locker, it has emerged once again.

Some time ago, it was all about LeBron James, Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade. Now, as they have graduated beyond, they have bequeathed the next line of great, young cornerstones: players like Durant and Griffin and Derrick Rose (and I still believe John Wall will get there too).

For now, since they battled in a wonderfully entertaining game last night, let’s stick to Griffin and Durant. Seriously, no two players could be more different, yet more similar. They both play with an inner anger that never seems to boil over, but are still polar opposites when it comes to how they slice teams up. It’s Subway versus D’Angelos. McDonalds and Burger King. How do you want it?

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  • neoy

    how is it that blake griffin has 0.5 BPG? as dominant as he is on offence, he’s not really a game changer at all in terms of defence. therefore its hard to label him second-best big man in my opinion

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Um, going strictly off the #s, I’d take Durant.

  • K Dizzle

    As a Laker fan, if I was addin a player to the current roster, Durant would be a beast in the triangle offense. A catch n shoot guy like that would make the team even more unguardable…
    U can even plug him into the 2 spot when Kobe’s gone and have very little drop off

  • JC

    Durant as of now. Griffin is still climbing upward and we can’t be sure how good he’ll get. If Durant stays where he is then I’m satisfied. If Blake doesn’t improve I’d feel like we left some money on the table.

  • Promoman

    Blake could be better than Kevin in the future. He’s demonstrated that he has the desire and work ethic to develop his game and we all know that he lives in the weight room. Blake already goes harder on defense than Kevin but he still needs to figure out how the ins & outs of NBA defense for it to reflect stats wise. Kevin’s a tad better right now but Blake’s coming.

  • ctkennedy

    Durant cuz he the hardest matchup out of the young players in the league …n u can go to him with the game on the line….if he ever gets his weight up…best player in the league he top 7 off of just length n top 5 jumpshot in the league

  • ProphetGK

    Durant now and forever

  • First & Foremost

    It would depend on if I want to contend for championships or just sell tickets. Durant is easier to build around since all you need is 2 guys to set picks/rebound, another shooter/wing defender, and a pg that can hold his own.

    Blake upped the price of Clippers road games with just 3 months worth of dunks. Dude can sell tickets and with his style of play it is more interesting to casual fans. Who wants to watch Durant run off 8 staggered screens and shoot 12 free throws when you can be kept on the edge of your seat waiting for a full court oop or put back?

    I’d go with Blake just because in a losing season he would still attract fans.

  • JAY

    Durant is the one of the most difficult matchups in the entire league.
    He can play multiple positions.
    He can score from anywhere on the court.

    The answer is easy, for me. Durant.

    BTW, the article says Durant’s game is built for longevity compared to Blake’s all-out game. That’s one way of looking at it. Another way to look at it is body types. Griffin is a beast, Durant is a twig. Who’s body is built to withstand injury? That argument is a moot point.

  • RapTOr

    Let me get this straight: you’re asking if I would rather have this years soon to be scoring champ (Kevin Durant) on my team, or a rookie who has a bit of athleticsm?

    Man gtfoh

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Kevin Durant. All day.

    Not only is he the best scorer in the league, putting up points and getting to the line, he also has a fantastic attitude. Though picking Blake would sell tickets I need wins, and KD gives me that.

    Besides at least with KD I have a go-to guy in the clutch. People don;t know how important that is.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I think it’s an unfair comparison at this point of each of their careers. Of course most people are going to pick Durant right now.

    I think in a year or two some of you may change your tune. Durant simply isn’t as good as everyone wanted him to be and who knows when Griffin will start slowing down. Give it a little more time.

  • UncheckedAggression

    @RapTOr–Did you just describe Griffin as a rookie with a bit of athleticism? You might be legally retarded. This is Blake Griffin, not Chase Budinger.

    You might as well describe Durant as a jump shooter.

  • Az

    This is really not even a question. Durant. Only a clippers homer is going to say Griffin.

  • NYK

    Griffin is like a younger and angrier Amar’e

  • beiber newz

    kevin durant can do what blake griffin can do with puttin on 30-35 lbs.

    blake griffin can never do what durant can do on offense. durant’s command of the ball, his keen sense of pure scoring at his size, the footwork, and dexterity, his leadeship, his smarts.

    remember, durant is the same man who LED a talented young team us group (a crop that included ROSE, westbrook, billups and lamar odom to name a few) to the gold medal.

    i’m not saying he is the best, but his skillset at his size is unmatched. there is a reason analyst are predicting durant to be a better player than lebron in the future.

    NO ONE is predicting griffin as the next jabar, ewing, or olajuwon.

    sorry but the verdict has been in. DURANT is the player to have.


  • RapTOr

    @UncheckedAgression- I downplay Blakes unhuman vertical leap because, other than modest rebounding skills, that’s all he’s got right now. And when all you have to define your game is hops, then in my opinion you don’t deserve the credit to be compared to elite NBA players. On his own, Blake is a beast with freakish hops, but when compared to guys like Durant (as the question implied), Blake is indeed simply an “athletic rookie”.

    The prospect of Blake becoming a dominant player like Durant in the future is, ofcourse, a different story altogether.

  • Tiquan

    longhorn over a spooner all day. durant.

  • http://bigleaguewiffleball.com/ Jon L.

    Is this a serious question? I will take Durant any day over Griffin. Durant will definitely lead the Thunder to a championship in the next 5 years.


    Durant and it isn’t even that close. Besides him being easier to build a Championship team around he also doesn’t worry me about getting injured like Blake does.

    Not to take anything away from Blake but Durant just has a better all round game and is better in general.

  • First & Foremost

    Blake also is an underrated passer, he has come close to several triple doubles this year. As a rookie he commands double teams opening up everything else if you decide to have a team of shooters around him. Eric Gordon just happened to have a breakout year. DeAndre Jordan just happened to have a breakout year. Baron Davis just happened to feel young again. Mo Williams just happens not to think about suicide anymore. All of this just happened to happen while Blake Griffin just happened to be playing.

    Mind you, he is a rookie that gave EVERYONE [sans Chuck Hayes] fits.

    Team USA wasn’t that hard to lead, the rest of the World’s A-listers also sat out.

  • Claw

    I would take Blake if it was over the next 5 years, though it would be close but take Durant for the duration. I just don’t think Blake can keep it up, when you jump and get recklous like him its only a matter of time till a torn ACL or meniscus.

  • Claw

    Also depends on the team, I’d take Blake on the Cs, Heat, or Mavs but would take Durant on the Bulls, Lakers, or Blazers. They do have 2 distinctly different skill sets.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    I’ll take Blake. Then again, I’m a fuckin contrarian.

  • Rean

    Durant any day. Blake is good dnt get me wrong but Blake is a hog but durant can play positions 1-4 which Blake cant