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Boston Wins Despite Carmelo’s 42; Dwight Evens The Series With ATL

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

For all the upset goodness that this past weekend’s first round left us with, Tuesday night went exactly as planned with each of the higher seeds claiming Ws. The Magic took care of the Hawks 88-82, Boston closed out New York 96-93 and the Mavs were able pull away from Rip City in the fourth, 101-89. But what Tuesday lacked in underdog victory, it sure as hell made up for in dramatic endings. And in New York’s case, even with Carmelo Anthony going off the reservation for 42 points, 17 rebounds and six assists, and with a new song in their iPod, everything came down to their other late-season acquisition, Jared Jeffries. This is how the final sequence went down … Jeffries first hits the go-ahead basket to give the Knicks a one-point lead with around 20 seconds to go. On the ensuing Boston possession, Jeffries was then manhandled by KG for a little baby-J to put the C’s back up one. Then, on the game’s final possession, Jeffries was given the rock under the basket from a double-teamed ‘Melo, promptly turns around and passes it directly into the Big Ticket’s outreached palms. Yeah, we know … The thing is, if J.J. pivots baseline, he probably has the winning layup in hand. Instead, the Knicks are left reeling down 2-0 in the series as it heads back to Madison Square Garden. Needless to say, the late game dramatics left fans in a social media tizzy after the game. Dime’s Aron Phillips summed it up like this afterwards: “Why is this night different from all other nights? Tonight, Jared Jeffries found the afikoman.” And an extended member of the Dime fam had this to say: “The only way to redeem that loss for me would be if in his press conference Mike D’Antoni said, “Timofey Mozgof ain’t walking through that door” … More importantly, is there anyone that has gotten more camera time this year than Ray Allen‘s mom? She’s definitely been on more than Jack, Spike and Eddy Curry … In Central Floridian news, Dwight Howard has once again proved he is a beast of a human being. While we’re not quite sold on his new found facial hair (Stan Van Gundy still runs the team’s stache game), Howard was on point most of the night. Sure the big fella logged seven turnovers, but his 33-point and 19-board performance netted Orlando the much-needed win (Series now tied 1-1) … Oh, and did you see Jamal Crawford‘s three bomb at the first quarter buzzer? That was some straight T.J. Sorrentine flossing for ya … In the night’s final game, Dallas tried to silence any hope of a Portland upset in the Lone Star State with another pair of beastly performances from Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki. And while we’re on the subject, who the hell projected J-Kidd to have lit up the Blazers for 24 and 18, respectively, in the first two games? And we’re not talking assists. Mad respect … Even a Marcus Camby deep ball (his first three-pointer in two years and as a Blazer) wasn’t enough to overcome the surging Mavs … Lakers forward Lamar Odom also took home some shiny new hardware with the NBA Sixth Man Award on Tuesday. We can only hope there will be a forthcoming commercial as amazing as his last one to celebrate … According to Sports Media World, former Houston front man Rick Adelman had this to say about his Rockets’ departure: “I came here to coach Yao and Tracy and ended up with Luis and Chuck.” Yeah, the Ouch … Speaking of Yao, apparently BMW got a little help from the Houston Rockets center as he made a surprise appearance to launch an electric concept car at the Shanghai auto show. We’re glad to see that after playing five games this season (the last being Nov. 10) that the current free agent has his priorities straight … We’re out like the Sixth Man’s Unbreakable.

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  • common sense

    boston are not going past the second round… the heat shall crush them. they are awful…

  • Bill

    You can’t tell me every superstar/injured player spends every waking moment of their lives in the gym working out/rehabbing. It’s unreasonable harsh statement made on Yao when it’s not his fault he’s hurt. If he was eddy curry and fat and can’t get back cause he keeps getting hurt then I’d understand but really? C’mon son!

  • quest???

    Jeffries better sleep with one eye open …You know melo will turn into Jason tonight.


    Why was Jeffries even playing. Put in Turiaf, Williams.. fuck, even Landry fields would have been better option at center. How does it make sense to keep in a player who can fuck up an open 4 foot jump shot when they’re swarming Melo every time he touched it.

  • First & Foremost

    Anyone know what happened to Al Horford in the magic game?

  • Soopa

    Jeffries does alot of good things, but when his knocklehead of a “coach” puts him in those kind of situations what do you expect to happen?

    Props to the Boston D for dictating what the Knick should do on offense. Make the other team reliant on Jeffries to make a game winning play? Mission accomplished!

    Thats being said – Boston isnt looking too good…

  • common sense

    @soopa, totally agree, D’antoni is possibly the worst defensive coach the game has ever seen.. hes like the anti-mike brown…

  • mules

    Come on Lamar, what the fuck is the point of a “unisex fragrance”? Guys shouldn’t smell like bitches…bitches shouldn’t smell like guys.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Lamar thought ‘unisex’ meant he would get to “fuck a lot of bitches”

  • neoy

    Boston definitely did not “turn it on” in the play offs… Heat is going to destroy them

  • control

    New York deserved to lose there. The players and the coaches are fucking morons. They are playing against the worst free throw shooting point guard in history, and they let him walk in and put up layups with out sending his ass to the ground? How can he get like 10 layups and only get fouled like 3 times? That is fucking retarded and SOFT. When a guy misses 8 shots outside, but gets 10 layups…STOP HIM FROM GETTING LAYUPS!

    It’s frustrating watching ny vs bost…I hate both teams, too bad there wasn’t a way they could both lose…


    @ soopa, Mike D isnt a knucklehead, he’s a very good coach. its just his personnel choices are insane. he just plays who he likes, like a coach playing his son even tho all the other players are better. its frustrating.

    @control, your right, rondo should have been thrown down each time he attacked the rim, he got way to many easy buckets, watching him repeatedly get fast break buckets cos no one has the balls to foul him is like banging your head against a brick wall… bill walker, we wont miss you if you get suspended, flagrant foul that ugly motherfucker.

    i gotta give props to Melo tho, without Billups and Stat he carried a team that wouldn’t even win a D-League game and almost got the upset.

  • SWAT

    @ dime-yall are taking adelman’s quote out of context-yall make it sound likes he’s scoring on scola and chuck-in the full article dude was saying how he came bk to coach a team with the most talent, “on paper” but due to injuries his most consistent dudes were those 2. stop tryin to make something out of nothing. damn media always tryin to start ish-the rox players and the city loved adelman-i dont see a better coach on the horizon for my squad.

  • K Dizzle

    Heat fans feelin themselves a little too much today.
    Just a reminder:
    You are facing the weakest team in the playoffs…

  • The Goods

    Yao sucks, total gimmick player the NBA used to further cash in on Global appeal. Credit to Coach Rick for keeping it 100. Hopefully we will never see Yao voted back into an All Star game he has no business being a part of.

    Huge props to Melo for his performance last night, that is why you go out and get a player like that. Looking to pass off at the end was the right move, I’m not sure he could have gotten a good look, not chasing D west down in the backcourt and claiming you were “tired” is played. That was the only lingering problem I had from that loss. Very curious to see how a Miami-Boston series will look. At this point the Celts look like a shell of themselves, but LeBron is so freakin’ heartless on the biggest of stages.

    Now…tonight is the night for LA to grab their series by the horns and remind the league just who the eff they are. I’m talking max effort from Pau, Drew, and LO, no excuses, go out and take whats yours. My fellow Lake Show crew on this board know all to well that Kobe is hovering dangerously close to the “eff it” zone where he will shoot 30-35 times and leave his teammates behind. That CANNOT happen, now more than ever is the time for that team to collectively rise.

    I usually am not the type of person to make one game bigger than it needs to be unless its a game 7, but this may be LA’s biggest game of the year.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    my knicks…

    I left my dude’s crib in silence after that L we took
    didn’t even tell him peace out
    I sat on that R and A train stewing
    fighting off feelings from the 90’s

  • LakeShow84

    Cosign KDizzle and thats all im going to say about that lol

    And i wouldnt put stock in Bostons playoff games of the future.. That team gets WINS.. they are a gritty grind it out team.. You think they arent playing good??? they think they won 2 and got a good hold of that series..

    And how can a team that boasts the BEST big man in the league by FAR and still be labeled a team that lives and dies by the 3 pointer????

    Sounds like a conflict of interest to me lol

  • LakeShow84


    And in other news apparently a poll was takin with NBA PLAYERS about who they would want to take the last shot..

    over 60% said that overrated Kobe Bryant guy..

    Go figure i thought ESPN had all the statistics to say otherwise????????????? DOUCHES

  • LakeShow84

    @ The Goods

    Ummmmmm i know dude is injured but Yao was top 2 center alongside Shaq for a second.. And Howard said that was the hardest C for him to match up against awhile ago..

    Dont count injuries for talent.. and Yao was/is mad talented.. he just cant stay on the floor..

  • D-Nice

    Howard is a beast! He went all out in(48 mins)
    39.5ppg & 19reb in 2 games so far..

  • Soopa

    @ LMNOP

    While the offense Mike D runs is entertaining and everything is it really, i mean REALLY something any sane person believes can bring home a championship?

  • JAY

    Cosign lakeshow. Yao was a sick player.

    LMAO @The Goods calling him a gimmick player. WTF does that even mean?

    and what do you mean by this?? –> “Credit to Coach Rick for keeping it 100.” He said his whole intention for joining the Rockets was to coach T-Mac and Yao. In other words, those were the two best players on that team.

  • CLAW

    @LMNOP – Being a Suns fan I can say Mike D is a good OFFENSIVE coach, he sucks on defense, never taught D and doesn’t have a Defensive coach on his staff, actually doesn’t have a legit future coach on his staff. Not a very secure coach.

    @common sense – you really need to change your username unless you are being facetious. Heat will crush them? They won’t even get past them. You almost get beat by Philly in game one and your starting guard is Mike Bibby and center is Z, yeah that’s solid.

  • CLAW

    @Lakeshow – On the survey for players was it to just take the shot or actually make the shot???

  • The Goods

    To clarify:

    My take on Yao is that he was always more hype than substance. For a brief period of time he was a strong player with multiple tools for a guy his size. I could just never get past the immense marketing curtain they wrapped him in. It felt like a “gimmick” especially once he proved he could not stay healthy. It pissed me off that he received all those All Star votes when he wasn’t even healthy. I just never bought a ticket to the Yao show. He and TMac became very frustrating to watch and deal with.

    My point on Coach Rick is that I appreciated his honesty in regards to TMac and Yao. He was under the impression that both were the real deal but then absolutely fell off a cliff and left him with a team of Keystone Cops who far overachieved in many situations. There was no way of knowing Tmac and Yao would fall off like they did, but it’s nice when someone comes out and talks about injuries honestly.

    At times I just get to feel like nobody talks honestly about injuries and thus a player gets to use them as a crutch. If you can’t stay healthy you can’t stay healthy, being able to keep yourself in the game and avoid injury is as much a talent as any other component of the game. Just my opinion, not looking to rile anybody up.

  • dukesman2000

    Amare and “Melo are surrounded by a bunch of scrubs

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Funny how so many regular-season theories are falling by the wayside this early in the playoffs:

    – “Carmelo Anthony can’t lead a team.”
    If D-Rose, D-Will or KD were averaging 28-10-5 in two close losses with a short-handed team on the road against one of the premier defenses in the League, we’d be throwing parades for them.

    – “The Lakers will turn it on come playoff time.”
    Maybe they haven’t realize the playoffs have started…

    – “The Hawks suck.”
    Say what you want about Joe Johnson’s contract, Josh Smith’s basketball IQ, etc., but this team is very talented and they have playoff experience. They weren’t going to go away quietly.

    – “The Heat aren’t real contenders.”
    True, they are playing the Sixers. But when a basketball team is playing well, you can see it no matter who they’re playing. Has any Top-4 seed looked better than Miami through these first few days?

    – “Chicago’s real MVPs are their defense and coaching.”
    Coach Thibs and the defense are being outmatched right now. But Derrick Rose is up 2-0 on Indiana.

  • s.bucketz

    am i jus really biased or batshit crazy???no1 else thinks the boston-ny series is 1 of the worst officiating jobs ever??? how do you let a few seconds go off the clock b4 giving a timeout to KG when jared jeffries goofy ass hands were still on the ball??

    and the knicks not face-guarding the C’s wit 4 seconds left is jus a lil wierd…we been doin that since like 6th grade rec leagues and the knicks can’t remember that??say what u want about mike d’antoni being a bad coach (he is a real shitty defensive coach) but that was somethin else right there

  • s.bucketz

    oh yea…happy holidays yo

  • LakeShow84

    @ The Goods

    I feel ya.. I didnt like the way the NBA tried to reach internationally through Yao either.. i dont blame them but the AllStar voting shit was ridiculous.. Duncan almost had his streak cut short behind that bullshit..

    @ AB

    Couldnt agree with u more.. when was the last time a the 1 and 2 seeds in the Western conference playoffs lost their home games in the FIRST ROUND?? Craziness

    @ CLAW

    Maybe if u could do better urself ur name wouldve been on that list :)

  • CLAW


    Melo sucked and then went off, different paths but same result they are 0-2, leading a winless team?

    Hawks do suck and will be forgetten about in a month when the first round series ends.

    The Heat were getting the business in Game 1 and trounced the 76ers in Game 2, its the 76ers! is Jru Holiday starting on any of these other playoff teams? Well maybe the Heat.

    Write it down one member of the “Big 3″ will go down before these playoffs are over. They have to carry that team with no bench or other starters that do squat, somebody is going down!

  • LakeShow84

    @ S. Buckets

    Its looking mighty NCAA-ish out there isnt it lol

    every other game has had a officiating “controversey” at a critical moment in the game..

    I guess we should just tell all those SUPREMELY GIFTED and MOTIVATED, ELITE athletes to not let the game be that close..

    I mean it cant be that hard lol

  • johnsacrimoni

    @ The Goods
    1. It’s not Yao’s fault people vote for him
    2. It’s not Yao’s fault the way Chinese Basketball and the Chinese government use him (marketing wise, as well as requiring him to play for the national team every summer).
    3. You try playing basketball for a living. Year round, which is what Yao is expected (required) to do. Now try doing it at 7’6″ and 300 pounds. Let’s see your body hold up.

  • johnsacrimoni

    That’s a good debate: Is it a player’s fault when he gets injured? I say in some cases, yes, due to poor diet and training regimen. But usually no.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @CLAW — If that’s your logic regarding Miami, then Dwight Howard is going down with a major injury any day now.

  • JAY

    Great question: “That’s a good debate: Is it a player’s fault when he gets injured?”

    In case like Eddy Curry, yes. In cases like Yao, no.

  • JAY

    @ The Goods
    You have no idea the type of stress Yao put his body through for the game of basketball. It’s obvious. If you did, you’d have a lot more respect for the man, and you wouldn’t call the guy a gimmick. Nobody has played more ball year-round than Yao Ming, and he’s 7’6″ +300lbs.

  • common sense

    @CLAW, all im saying is that the knicks are flawed. I dont mean casually flawed like the matrix sequal and prequal i mean epically flawed like terminator 3 and salvation.
    billups is out, amare is out, they are facing mike dantoni, the likes of bill walker and toney douglas, and they are still lucky (and i mean the knicks blew the game) to be up 2 zip. I mean do you realize how bad these knicks are, DO YOU! id say the heat in 6 max.

    @lakeshow.. carmelo is the most clutch player in the game by far, and id also take wade over kobe..

  • common sense

    oh yeah i forgot to mention jared jefferies, roger mason jr, seriously wtf are the Celtics doing having to hit game winners at home in 2 consecutive games, almost makes me laugh, ‘the ship be sinking me thinks’ OVERBOOOOAAARRRDDD… shiver me timbers lol


    @ Claw & Soopa, Mike D is one of the best offensive coaches out there, he doesn’t preach D, but his offense alone makes him better than alot of coaches in the L. i just dont understand some of his rotations or how his players seem to earn minutes just because he likes them, its crazy.

  • common sense

    @LMNOP, when people say stuff like Mike D is one of the best coaches but he does not coach D i gotta SMH. HELLO! that means you dont coach half of the game. lol. no wonder he has such a good O because he spends all his time on it. Mike D is a LOOSER, anyone watch soccer, he is like arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, all style and no substance.

    but saying that the 04-05 suns were the most fun team ive ever witnessed.

  • JAY

    “Mike D is one of the best offensive coaches out there, he doesn’t preach D, but his offense alone makes him better than alot of coaches in the L.”

    ^^ And that’s why he will never lead a team to a championship. Defense wins championships, period. Unless he coaches Dwight Howard at some point in their careers, Dantoni will never win a ring.

  • common sense

    argh the good old days, that suns team had nash, the matrix, amare and joe johnson all about to hit their prime and so young, brings tears to my eyes how they could not keep things together..

  • UncheckedAggression

    Lakeshow-You missed the entire point of those articles. The point was, there is a huge difference between perception and reality. We already know that Kobe is perceived to be an incredible clutch player, which stems from a number of biases fans, players, and even coaches tend to have. This perception is what causes Kobe to finish at the top of those lists. But the numbers simply don’t support it. Get it? Essentially, we only see what we want to see.

    For the record, I’d like to make a point here. There’s often this question about who you’d want to TAKE the last shot. If the player absolutely HAS to take the shot no matter what, then Kobe would rank much higher on my list than if a more realistic question had been posed. If my team is down 1 or 2 and we’ve got the ball with 5-10 seconds, there is NO WAY IN HELL I want Kobe with the ball in his hands. He is way too predictable and it often results in a poor shot, which is reflected in his percentage at the end of games. I want the ball in the hands of somebody that is going to make the right play (whether it is take the shot or give the ball up when the entire defense collapses on you).

    If the player absolutely had to take the last shot? Kobe would rank high because… fuck, he’s got more experience forcing bad shots than any player in the NBA.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Common Sense

    Im sure the other players took into account Melo.. call me crazy lol

    Aye i didnt make the poll up lol im just relaying the message.. since everyone acts oblivious and like they could do better lmao

  • LakeShow84

    @ Unchecked Aggression

    I think u lost me at Kobe is way too predictable.. i mean SERIOUSLY??? what u meant was Kobe is too predictable in the fact he is going to shoot lol

    But to ask a simple question.. why would a player vote for Kobe when Kobe is universally DISLIKED and even branded a dirty player by said players..

    Where would the bias come in??? shouldnt the bias make them say someone like Melo or Wade???

  • LakeShow84

    And with this lil statement

    “If my team is down 1 or 2 and we’ve got the ball with 5-10 seconds, there is NO WAY IN HELL I want Kobe with the ball in his hands.”

    I dont think youd be allowed to coach a YMCA team for 5th graders LMAO

  • LakeShow84

    And f#$k all this the RIGHT PLAY shit where the superstar decides to pass the ball..

    the percentage where the RIGHT PASS actually turns into something good is below %30..

    Look at last night.. Melo SAYS he made the right play.. what happened?? Jeffries coughed the ball up..

    You dont TRUST avg people to make ABOVE AVG shit happen.. im sorry its the ELITE LEVEL of play for those guys.. unless dude is WIDE OPEN in HIS SPOT with NO ONE AROUND to even CLOSEOUT, THEN id say pass it.. if not??? Shit bruh YOUR PAYED to take the last shot..

    ONCE AGAIN its the end of a game people.. its frantic.. plays are drawn up and thrown out the window half the time.. Im tired of everyone acting like the last 10 seconds of a game are the same as the first 5 of the 2nd quarter lol

    Be real.. your SUPERSTAR should take the onus and GET THE BALL IN THE BUCKET.. hes your best player.. YOUR PAYING HIM TO DO THAT SHIT..

    Shit we embraced it with Jordan and expected shit like that all the time.. Nowadays the Lebron sympathizers have brought up “making the right play and passing it” and everyone accepts it because said player never had/has the balls to get it done himself..

    Be real people Lebron is afraid of that kind of shit.. shits thats why hes so PREDICTABLE.. he isnt loose enough to let it fly..

    All this “well he shouldve passed it shit” why?????? Arent SUPERSTARS SUPER for a reason???

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — This reminds of something I wrote a while back:


    “No active basketball player inspires grown-man fear quite like Kobe Bryant. Defenders assigned to guard him feel it, as well as teammates who don’t do their jobs. Then on another level, you have Kobe’s NBA peers who sometimes seem fearful of even mentioning anyone but Kobe when asked to identify the League’s best overall player or its most dangerous clutch performer. I’ve personally asked those questions, and seen several players spit out ‘Kobe’ as if it’s reflex. And from some of them I caught a sense that although they didn’t truly believe that answer, that’s what they were sticking to. Anything else could create a reason for Kobe to single them out for a 50-point statement game or a one-time baptism on the wrong end of a highlight.”

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — Alright, you lost me on the LeBron criticism. You just mentioned Jordan, who got widely praised for passing it off to Steve Kerr and/or Bill Wennington in end-game situations. The idea of praising the superstar for being unselfish didn’t start with LeBron. How about Magic? Isiah? Stockton? Russell? And you can throw Jordan in that group as well, because he didn’t ALWAYS take the last shot.

    You know what it comes down to: If that role player MAKES the shot, the superstar is praised for passing it off. If the role player misses, then the superstar is called a pussy for not seizing the moment. What is the difference between LeBron kicking it to Donyell Marshall in the corner and Jordan hitting Wennington underneath the basket? Wennington made his shot. Look at when Derrick Rose hit Korver for the go-ahead three in Game 1 vs Indiana. If Korver bricks that shot and Chicago loses, people will be saying Rose wasn’t assertive enough.

    And really, LeBron doesn’t have the balls to take big-time shots? I’ve said it before, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for an NBA team to win 50-60 games and advance in the playoffs if their best player isn’t clutch. LeBron took Cleveland to the Finals, ECF, 2nd round, and to 60-win seasons because he’s an amazing talent, but also because he’s clutch.

  • LakeShow84

    # 48 post was meant in general.. thats not referring to ANYTHING Kobe related..

    @ AB

    I remember that article.. good read.. and to point something about ur feeling of spittin stuff out..

    “I’ve personally asked those questions, and seen several players spit out ‘Kobe’ as if it’s reflex. And from some of them I caught a sense that although they didn’t truly believe that answer, that’s what they were sticking to.”

    I think the feeling the players were displaying were RELUCTANCE in even admitting it.. dude is not liked by other players so no one owes him anything.. when they have to admit shit like that im sure it bothers them..

    Like admitting ur older brother got game after he macked ur, now, ex girlfriend lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Calm down it was an example lol

    But then again no its not lol like i said ever since Jordan people EXPECT the superstars to take the last shot and, ultimately, make them.. this has been the steez for a while now..

    U remember Jordan TWO dishes u named or his game winners more?? which did he have WAY MORE of????

    NOW (could just be me) since we’ve seen Lebrons willingness to pass the ball to someone else for the LAST SHOT (which is what im talkin about not under 1 minute) we have more and more talk of “well the correct basketball play shouldve been”

    BLAH FUCKING BLAH lol like i said its a different animal in the end of a game.. calm and even RULES are thrown out the window.. all thats left is will and composure..

    I may have been a little harsh in saying he aint got the balls lol but still he is afraid of those moments.. u can see it on his face..

    The Heat stretch where they 1-18 shows this

    and Lebrons own BUZZER BEATER record shows this.. Dude has had TWO in a EIGHT YEAR CAREER..

    Ur boy AINT someone even in the top 5 for giving the last shot..

    Id go Kobe, Melo, Wade, Dirk and Ginobli

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — So if you’re going to put the 1-for-18 stat all on LeBron, I guess you’re saying D-Wade has nothing to do with that?

    Anyway, buzzer-beaters are completely circumstantial. If LeBron’s Cleveland teams were winning (or losing) a majority of their games by comfortable enough margins, he wouldn’t even have the opportunity to make a buzzer-beater. If he makes the game-winning shot with 20 seconds left, or 10 seconds left, or even 1.5 seconds left, those aren’t considered “buzzer-beaters.” But they’re still clutch shots, right?

    Some of our most memorable “clutch” moments don’t involve the superstar making a buzzer-beater: Isiah’s 16 points in 90 seconds; Jordan’s last shot for Chicago; Bird’s steal and dish to DJ; Reggie’s 25 points in the 4th; Reggie’s 8 points in 9 seconds; T-Mac’s 13 points in 33 seconds; LeBron’s 25 straight vs Detroit, etc. Not to mention entire clutch games from Magic, Jordan, Kobe, Bird, LeBron, etc. that don’t involve buzzer-beaters.


    @Jay, I’m not asking for a chip from Mike, especially not with that roster. Im just saying, he is a good coach. He gets alot out of his team offensively, and if a coach can get alot out of his players on any end of the court that alone makes him good.

  • http://dimemag.com/2011/04/boston-wins-despite-carmelos-42-dwight-evens-the-series-with-atl/ Mike

    Did anybody read Bill Simmon’s twitter “Great win. It’s a little scary to say that after my team won a home game against Carmelo and the Austin Toros. But still.” LMAO

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Lol well they showed a solid 5 straight games where ur boy went left and came up empty lol I knew u were going to go that direction.. Lebron HIMSELF had over 10 attempts of that 18 i believe.. what broke that stretch for Miami?? oh yeah Wade going HAM on us lol

    But my opinion isnt circumstantial when ive watched the man play.. he STILL bricks 1/2 his CRUCIAL FT’s and he still has the same move.. which, to quote our old friend EYES, is the Cannonball

    Me personally

    I dont consider Lebron a clutch player.. i think his athleticism (cannonball) and passing (I.E. willingness to dump the ball) cover a lot of that up.. Thats why when it comes to jumpers and FT’s dude usually falters somehow..

    I feel what ur saying tho buzzer beaters arent the FULL BASIS of being clutch but still..

    2??? TWO??? forget select clutch moments in history.. You talkin 2 for a guy who was the FIRST and LAST option for putting up that last second shot for a solid 7 years.. well shouldve been.. until he dished it off lol

  • LakeShow84

    Shaqs out for the rest of the playoffs???

    So long Boston.. Miami or Chicago will be in the Finals now..

    Danny Ainge is a MORON for putting his eggs in Shaqs basket.. Another team for Shaq another playoff exit for said team..

  • LakeShow84

    This actually made me like Perk.. ive always respected him but i actually like dude now..


  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Question for Boston fans: If you’re among those who blame the Perkins trade for killing your season/title hopes, what about the first 3 months of the season when Perkins was sidelined and the Celtics were still #1 in the East? They’ve proven they can win without Perkins, so why all the panic now? Just want to get your opinions…

  • UncheckedAggression

    This is hilarious how nuts you’ve gone on this subject. Goes to show how irrational you are when it comes to discussing Kobe. Where the hell do you get this stuff, LakeShow?

    “the percentage where the RIGHT PASS actually turns into something good is below %30..”

    Is anyone gonna back you up on that? Does it even make any sense?

    And yes, the reason Kobe is so predictable is because he will take the shot, not matter how ill-advised it is. He’d be so much more dangerous if he recognized what the optimal play is and made that instead of taking a fade-away three over a double-team. I’m not saying that other players know what the optimal play is and make the right choice every time. I’m just saying that Kobe chooses to go the optimal route less than any other big player in the league. And guess what? The numbers reflect that.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Unchecked

    Well Melo had a couple of clutch plays this year.. did anyone get an assist of those??? ANYONE???

    Come on now im not a stat guy i dont live by stats and try to use them to back everything i say up.. shit i wanted to say LESS than 20-30% lol

    And your off base pal.. that whole statement had less to do with Kobe and had more to do with people acting like superstars should pass the ball more when ONLY the franchise is riding on they shoulders..

    Once again a FAN of the game talking about the OPTIMAL PLAY, the correct basketball play.. listen bruh WE DONT KNOW, the game is played at warp speed at their level.. 10 seconds feels like 4 seconds when its all going down..

  • LakeShow84

    Ironically Melo been lights out clutch with NO HELP, no assisting, no passing..

    The ONE time he goes to pass it dude fumbles.. LMAO how ironic to my point..

  • UncheckedAggression

    Dude, I figured that’s what you meant. And it still doesn’t make sense. Where do you get those numbers, man? You really think that making the right pass turns into something good less than 30% of the time? I honestly wonder if any sane person with basketball knowledge would support that view.

    Not sure how I was off-base. You brought up the voting and Kobe, commenting on articles that were written and I was just pointing out that you missed the point of those articles. Perception is not reality. That’s it. Those votes only reinforce what we already know–people assume Kobe is the best player at the end of games for irrational reasons.

    What I am implying is that basketball players should try to make the best decisions that they can. Kobe is a perfect example of a player that, no matter what he is faced with at the end of games, will force a bad shot. It’s not a good decision, period.

    So what exactly are you saying about Melo? He has been a very good clutch shooter, but there are plenty of reasons that can be the case. One being that he creates better shots for himself (this might have something to do with Kobe’s age). Regardless, Melo certainly has some of the same problems that Kobe has. I was surprised by that pass last night, just as Jeffries appeared to be. I do think it was a good play though. It’s just one instance where it didn’t work out.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Shaq played in a good couple of those games i think.. THINK.. im not sure tho..

    @ Unchecked

    My point is that it is still a sport and when u have 5 seconds left u cant think

    “oh well maybe i can drag the defense this way and this will open up-” BUZZZZZZ END OF GAME

    Thats my point.. the shit happens so fast sometimes you pay certain players to take that shit.. either they make it or they dont.. but id rather have Melo taking the last shot of a game over Jared Jeffries REGARDLESS of the situation..

    Unless its a triple team lol

  • LakeShow84

    And its BEEN like that as far as Superstars go but ever since a certain someone started passing the ball in those situations we have more and more basketball FANS talking about the “right basketball” play..

    Was it a good basketball play when Jordan pushed off on Russell??

    Was it a good basketball play when Lebron crab dribbled to the hole on Washington??

    Kobes running banker on Wade???

    Nah but those superstars did what they had to do.. Fuck everyone and they opinion on “the correct basketball play” like they Red Auerbach lol

  • K Dizzle

    @ Unchecked

    all good points….except Melo shoulda taken that shot. Dude was killin double teams all night, then at crunch time, when they need a bucket most, Jared Jeffries???
    I partially blame D’Antoni fo gettin completely outcoached.
    You know they gonna double team Melo, set up some screens, get it into Toney Douglas’s hands, run a play…

    I agree with Lakeshow. We act like the right basketball play involves the “right pass” everytime. Phuck that. Kobe and Mike hittin the baseline fade over two defenders is how legends are made. If Steve Kerr was so good, Mike woulda hit him with the kickout more than once.
    I can list 20 examples of Kobe dishin to his teammates and having them fail. Average fan doesn’t remember those. They remember the makes and misses.
    I remember Kobe passin to Artest in Memphis last season, and Ron chokin on it, so next time in Memphis, Kobe had tunnel vision and he killed the Grizzlies with the j.

    I’ll finish up with an extreme example. When Mike had Byron Russell on iso for one of the greatest shots in history, he had Scottie Pippen, future certified Hall of Famer, open on the wing, wiiiiide open, but Mike gave Russ a lil push and hit one of the greatest shots of all-time.

    Was it the best basketball play? Only if your name is Jordan, Bryant, Bird or West…and apparently Chris Paul in game 1. Point is, Kobe is an all-timer in the Clutchness hall of fame. Laker fans take the good with the bad. 5 rings in 15 seasons? I’ll take it

  • LakeShow84

    “I remember Kobe passin to Artest in Memphis last season, and Ron chokin on it, so next time in Memphis, Kobe had tunnel vision and he killed the Grizzlies with the j.”

    OOOOOO good example i remember that game Artest bit it on.. wide open too.. Made up for it in game 7 tho lol ten fold..

  • LakeShow84

    Ill be damed in NO comes out that hot again tonight..

    Paul carried them but EVERYONE from Ariza to Bellinelli to Gray was hittin TOUGH shots.. Bellinelli a spot up 3 shooter hittin left handed runners???

    Like i said ill be damned lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Question for Lakers fans: If money didn’t matter, how many active NBA centers would you trade Bynum for straight-up?

  • K Dizzle

    @ A.B.

    Only one.
    Dwight Howard….that’s it.
    If Bynum ever stayed healthy, he’d be at worst, the 2nd best center in the l.

  • jdizzle


    U take that Boston vs. LA rivalry to heart huh? Lol. U got Ginobili in your top 5 but not Paul Pierce? I might be the only one that peeped that snub.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    OK, so if we’re doing the “If he could stay healthy” thing, would you trade a healthy Bynum for a healthy Yao? What about healthy Bynum for healthy Oden?

  • K Dizzle

    Nope. Don’t forget Bynum’s like 23. His offense and experience is so far ahead of Oden that I wouldn’t do that deal and even if Yao was healthy, he’s gonna be 31 next season.

    Who are even the top centers right now regardless of health?
    Howard, Bogut, Bynum, Camby, Kaman, Yao, Oden, Hibbert, Noah, Perkins, Chandler, Okafor, Nene, Lopez, Marc Gasol ?

    Seriously, some of the best centers are just power forwards masqueradin as centers:
    Horford, Jefferson, Love, Amare, Duncan, Gasol, Dirk etc.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Numbers-wise, Okafor give you equal or better than Bynum, and he rarely misses games.

  • LakeShow84

    Same here only Howard straight up..

    Not even a healthy Oden..

    @ JDizzle

    Seriously bruh i give u mad props.. i even thought of Ray Allen and said fuck that lmao

  • LakeShow84

    Thats Okafors number while playing solid minutes..

    Bynum has been playing with limited minutes.. and is longer.. plus ive witnessed dude beast Okafor lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Is Bynum really that much better (or better at all) than Bogut, Lopez, Noah or Horford?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — “Thats Okafors number while playing solid minutes. Bynum has been playing with limited minutes.”

    So when is Bynum going to start playing solid minutes? If his problems staying on the court are health and/or foul trouble, at what point will those improve? We’re six years into his career now.

  • K Dizzle

    @ AB – Okafor’s peaked. This is as good as he gets. Bynum’s the Laker’s 4th option. 3rd at best. All I know is he’s had a 42 point 14 board game. Once Kobe’s done, Bynum’s gonna explode….if he stays healthy

  • K Dizzle

    That blown layup by Perk was classic lol
    You can take the boy off the Celts but you can’t take dunk missin and layup blowin off the boy…

  • ctkennedy

    @AB…the only one he better than is Lopez …Bogut n Horford r top 30players in the league period…Noah i trust him better to be a role player without worryin about touches