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Derrick Rose Wishes Obama Was A Bull; No One On Boston Can Dunk

Derrick Rose

40 games in 40 nights is nearly here. It’s the best time of the year hands down (don’t talk to us about March Madness…we don’t even need reasons to refute that). The best athletes in the world going back and forth for games and weeks, Kobe vs. Chris Paul, LeBron vs. the world, Brian Scalabrine vs. Boston. Why settle for less? Of course, Dime had to hold you down with a couple of previews of the action going on this weekend. Ever wondered what your high school coach would say to someone about Dwight Howard’s free-throw shooting? What about that 40-year-old at the park who never quits talking? If you’re more of the serious type and want to know the difference makers, the guys your squad needs to be watching out for, then we’ve got you covered too Damn, so this whole time we thought Derrick Rose was this really humble cat and yet, we might’ve been wrong? Obviously, one mistake doesn’t warrant an investigation into someone’s character, but we feel for Keith Bogans right now. During a fundraiser for Navy Pier, Rose told a handful of reporters: “We’re kind of sad that Obama is doing everything right now, because we need a starting 2-guard for the playoffs.” Ouch. No one is going to lie and say Bogans is anything special, but you won 62 games with him and he’s your backcourt partner, you know, the guy who checks the other team’s best player on occasion and the guy who stands in the corner, allowing you to do your thing, only appearing so he can catch your bailouts. There’s no way Rose actually meant it. He’s smarter than that, especially on the eve of the playoffs … No team in the playoffs is more intriguing than the Thunder. They might be the only team in the field that could lose in the first round, but could also win the whole thing. They’re a weird case. We know what to expect from them, but then again we don’t. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are proven, but how is everyone else going to respond to the pressure of expectations now? To us, if they want to do anything in these playoffs, James Harden has to be the difference maker. Maybe you noticed, but since the All-Star break, Harden has been the best bench player in the whole league, averaging 15.8 points. And you thought they were going to miss Jeff Green‘s scoring … It seems like everyone is extra hyped for this Boston/New York matchup. It doesn’t matter that the Knicks have been extremely up and down or that the Celtics have looked freakishly old lately. It’s still Boston and New York, so you know it’ll be physical. The Celtics are sitting back, licking their wounds and praying Shaquille O’Neal gets himself ready to rumble. The Knicks on the other hand are taking to the talk-show circuit … Okay, we recognize she’s fine, but what is the obsession with Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins. This chick looks good, but people are talking her up like she’s a hard 10. Even Lil Wayne has fallen in love. He might’ve set a record for being the first rapper to ever don a woman’s jersey on stage. That’s hardcore love right there. He even threw her a shout-out on Twitter, calling her his wife …. Speaking of rappers, we are pretty sure Chris Paul never thought this would happen when Nicki Minaj called him up onstage at a recent performance … Today is the 10th anniversary of the Jordan Brand Classic, featuring some of the best high school players in the country. If you weren’t already excited for this, Jordan Brand announced that North Carolina native J. Cole will be performing after the game. Plus, obviously since it’s JB, you know the kicks are gonna be fresh … A couple of possible first-rounders declared for the Draft yesterday: Kansas’ Josh Selby (who probably shouldn’t have) and San Diego State’s Kawhi Leonard (who definitely should have) … Vote for Jimmer Fredette for player of the year! Better yet, buy this poster so you can have a suit-clad Jimmer starting at you from your wall … Seriously what is up with Celtic players being unable to finish dunks? First, there was Von Wafer acting a fool and basically costing his team a game. Then on the final night of the season, Jeff Green spiked the ball off his own head … We’re out like Boston dunks.

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  • ab40

    Playoffs baby yeah bring it waiting for Orlando to wake up. I think they’re gonna beat chicago in the second round. And afterwards of course get beaten into the ground by the celtics.

    And I know the nba likes miami but chris bosh has done nothing this year to warrant his own top 10 plays. He’s not been that spectacular this season.

    But we’re here best time of the year for us nba fans. I’m ready.. are you?

  • beiber newz

    rumors r the heat are considering trading bosh.

  • http://www.nbaplayoffs2011.org Robbin

    Check out the Remixes on this site:


  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    “No team in the playoffs is more intriguing than the Thunder. They might be the only team in the field that could lose in the first round, but could also win the whole thing.”

    I see them making it out of the first round, but if you guys really think the Thunder have a realistic shot at winning the chip? If so I’ve got a bridge I could sell you.

    Brian Scalabrine vs. Boston is gonna be interesting. Get ready for the veal’s revenge! Who’s he checking? KG, Shaq? Him and Kristic could compete to see who’s more athletic. Unfortunately veal ALWAYS loses those competitions.

    I have a feeling Keith Bogans is as surprised he’s a starter for the team with the best record in the league as anybody. He does some good stuff and Ds up, but not the most skilled guy around. Fits in with the Bulls defensive philosophy, I just hope they are able to generate enough offense (outside of Rose) to make it out of the east.

    Lets do this.


    If the O’Neal boys don’t ball out of control the Knicks are gonna send Boston home.

    Also prepare for creamella to make dime smile by dropping COPIOUS buckets on the Celtics. Him and STAT might average 75 for the series

    NY in 7

  • http://hoopshype.com mizros23

    I am looking forward to the Maturation of the Bulls in the Playoffs. I think they are no longer the Baby Bulls. I also think that they are ready to go to the next level. They have team chemistry and a lot of teams lack that in the playoffs this year. Good luck bulls!

  • http://www.MVPresidesinTheChi.com Chicagorilla

    lmao@the President Obama line from Rose. Maybe Bogans was getting too bog headed and Rose wanted to bring him down a notch.

    Lil Wayne is a front runner, he dont know shit about basketball men or womens, he’s just doing whats hot for the moment. Hoping that a 20yr old Skylar Diggins is impressed by him knowing her name, so she’d fluck him or be seen with him in the tabloids.

    Chris Paul is a lucky son of a gun. Nicki is using him for the publicity and hoping she can also make the tabloids with rumors about her and CP3. but at least CP3 might get to smash one of the most wanted b!tches this side of Beyonce.

    Very cheap yet smart marketing scheme by young money/cash money. But i wouldnt expect nothing less.

  • beaver news

    oh thank goodness bieber newz is here to tell us about some rumours. this is the place i come to, just to hear all about what he has to say….

  • haslem

    don’t forget Big Baby Davis also missed a dunk.
    so davis, wafer, green. wow

  • SWAT

    man this really is the best time of year-games on all day! oh yea!
    on another note-did yall get ur bordeaux’s…? i did!! lol

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla – Agreed!!!

  • QQ


    I really don’t feel Nicki Minaj, girl’s got a weird cat face.

    But then again, I said the ‘not feeling her’ thing bout Rihanna too, and then BAM!… She’s one FINE, FINE girl.

  • K Dizzle

    Day-um! Indy showin up!

  • the cynic

    Hansbrough is abusing Boozer down the stretch

  • K Dizzle

    The “MVP” took over that shit down the stretch, made every right play…

    Now the Sixers tryin to shock the Heat…

  • jdizzle

    Wayne bout late as hell. I been on Skylar since last year and now mf’s trying to hop on the bandwagon.

    Shout out to the Sudanese Tsunami! He was the last person I expected to step to Psycho T

  • Kyle

    Regardless of how you feel about Rose, that was a lame joke. First of all it wasn’t funny, and it’s dissing a guy who constantly guards the better offensive guard on the other team. Nice way to be a team first guy… I was telling everyone he wasn’t a ballhog, and as humble as a superstar that you could expect… and now this? That joke was as funny as something Jay Leno might say.

    And Hansbrough’s becoming a beast(just not that consistently.) Every home team got the beneficial calls(except Dallas until the fourth quarter.) Dirk was fouled, and called for offensive fouls when he was being hacked and having his jersey held. Then if they breathed on him he got the call in the fourth quarter. Oh well, he proved he’s clutch. His contested 3 in the corner when they were down by 2 was awesome. Rose didn’t see as many double and triple teams Dirk saw in that game. Thank God Kidd shot like Ray Allen or Nash last night… outta nowhere.

    The Sixers got jobbed by the officials, did anyone catch Wade’s awesome karate kick? Not only did it clear space, but it got him a basket and a free throw. Or how James can run over people now, no call. Miami will be hard to beat with officials calling a game that horribly.