NBA, Video / Apr 14, 2011 / 9:30 am

Does This Warrant A Five-Game Suspension Without Pay?

Unless you just came out of NBA regular season hibernation, chances are you saw Charlie Villanueva‘s on-court altercation with Ryan Hollins the other night. Yesterday, the NBA handed Charlie V a five-game suspension without pay for initiating the fight and attempting to escalate it by entering the Cavs’ locker room on two separate occasions following his ejection. That’s not smart.

Villanueva served the first game of his suspension last night when the Pistons played the 76ers, and the remaining games will be served during the first four 2011-12 regular season games in which he is physically able to play.

What do you think? Does this warrant a five-game suspension without pay?

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  • Promoman

    Actually, Ryan Hollins started the whole thing. You can clearly see him grabbing Charlie’s jersey, holding him, and walking him backwards after setting the screen. Charlie got pissed and tried to break away and that’s when the whole thing went down. According to the rules, he put himself in a position to get suspended but he’s getting overly punished. Ryan got away with fucking murder. This is the worst suspension I’ve seen since Zach Randolph got away with just a 2 game suspension when he punched Louis Amundson after he started the fight in the first place a season or two ago.

  • QQ

    From what I read, CV was telling Hollins to go easy on the knee, but then Hollins said something that REALLY irked Charlie.

    Anyone wanna guess what that is?

    Me, I think it’s:

    ‘Wanna try on some eyebrows, for a change?’

  • Scott

    It probably would’ve been nothing at all if Charlie had of just walked away the first time they were separated.

    Going after him again on the court, then twice off-court is what I would imagine got him the 5 game suspension. Was it worthy of 5 games. Ya it was, Charlie was being a dumbass, and deserved to be sent a message.

    If he had of gotten to Hollins off-court and taken a swing at him, I could see Charlie landing a huge suspension like 20 games or something, that kinda shit the NBA shouldn’t have to deal with, leave it on the court.

  • Mark

    Yeah its got to be something to do with his alopecia, Charlie went nuts, the red mist came down and I cant blame him. Hollins is a young guy who should have some respect for someone fighting that sort of illness. Although KG made the cancer comment earlier in the year and hes an old vet so what do I know! Charlie had prob just heard enough jokes about it

  • Nigel

    It’s like Charles Barkley says: There’s fighters and there’s dancers in this league. And these guys are dancers.

  • marcus the great

    when CV tries to go through the screen, he attempts a groin shot. so to me, that says somethin happened prior to this play that had CV so mad.

    but still unacceptable behavior

  • Big Island

    Scott summed it up perfectly. Flipping out afterwards is what got him 5 games and it’s completely warranted.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Watch #33 on Cleveland (damn, I’m so out of the NBA realm that I don’t even know who plays for the Cavs) react when the camera zooms in on the fighters/dancers. He’s just like, “Yeah, I’m not getting involved in this.”

  • fiyaman

    He deserves the Suspension for simply being stupid.. he knew he wasnt going to get at dude.. when they were locked up he could have swung at him but didnt even do that..now when they get separated u wanna act the fool. if it was something about his cancer y didnt he act like that when KG said something… i think this guy is a fool plain a simple..

    then his response was heat of the moment.. BS.. heat of the moment thats y u waited til everything was calm then tried t charge at dude.. sounds premeditated

  • the cynic


    nobody knows the guys on the cavs roster, not even the opposing coaches

  • Cheech

    Ron Ron needs to send Charlie V his shrinks number, dude went bat shit.

  • Andrea

    I’m totally fine with the 5-game suspension. Good call by the league.

  • JAY

    @cynic and AB
    “nobody knows the guys on the cavs roster, not even the opposing coaches”
    Byron Scott doesn’t know who #33 is either. He calls him Ewing.