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Kemba Walker Close to Being Crowned King; The Thunder Try to Beat Up Blake Griffin; Derrick Rose Does Terrible Things to Toronto

Kemba WalkerMonday’s National Championship game is set after UConn and Butler emerged victorious from two hard-fought semi-final games yesterday in Houston. In the heavyweight game, the Huskies took out the Kentucky Wildcats behind Kemba Walker‘s 18 points, seven dimes and six boards. The game was won in the backcourt, as Walker and mates Shabazz Napier (four points) and Jeremy Lamb (12 points) outplayed the Kentucky duo of Brandon Knight (17 points on 6-23 shooting) and Doron Lamb (13 points). Kentucky was down 10 at intermission but came storming back in the second half to tie it up. Down two with the ball and 16 seconds left on the clock, Kentucky came out of a timeout and ran a “play” that saw Knight dribble around for several seconds before passing to DeAndre Liggins for a fadeaway, contested 30-footer that had no chance. Ballgame … Interesting tweet from Darren Rovell during the game: “Jim Calhoun got $27K for getting into tourney, another $27K for making the Final 4, will get $27K more for winning title” … The Final Four Butler/VCU undercard game saw great individual performances from guys on both teams, but in the end, Butler advances because they won the battle of tempo. After the Rams started the game by luring Butler into the overdrive, run and gun style they wanted to play, Butler was able to wrest control of the tempo and slow it down to where they could make it more of the grinding, physical game where the Bulldogs thrive … VCU’s Jamie Skeen was a beast (27 points and six boards), but really, how many guys are there in the country who you can definitely say are better basketball players than Shelvin Mack? The guy is just incredible; he’s made it his business to carry his team to the final game in each of the last two seasons. Yes, obviously last year he had Matt Howard and Gordon Hayward alongside him, but he was still the one making the majority of the big plays. This tourney run has been no different. He had another 24 and six and basically took over the second half, at one point scoring eight unanswered points that pretty much put the game away … Did you hear Charles Barkley say that nothing like the run VCU made will ever happen again? Absurd statement. If anything, with the way college basketball is evening out, it will happen more and more in the very near future … Read More: Derrick Rose does terrible things to the Raptors, the Thunder try to beat up Blake, and ‘Melo shows up on SNL …

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  • johnny kilroy

    wow…that’s all i can say about d-rose’s block

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    That Rose block was nasty, just straight LeBron-esque.

    Brandon Knight was embarrassing to watch, it was like for all the talk about his confidence and talent he couldn’t get it done when it mattered most. That last 3 was just horrible, shows why coach Cal aint shit.

    Kemba didn’t even have to dominate for UConn to win, that’s pretty scary right there. I have them getting to done 60-52 in the Finals.

    No mention of GS upsetting Dallas again? Come on not even a passing mention to the softest team in the NBA. Is the West like collectively trying to make LA look good?

    Also, lets not get shit confused Hayward carried that Butler team, though Mack does have game.

    If UConn handles business and Kemba beasts Butler how does that translate into draft success? Could he possibly be a top 10? top 5? I have as a late lottery pick put a good Finals always help.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ Stunna

    Why would we need the West to make us look good?

    Last time I checked we were the two time defending champs, healthier than the last two years, upgraded our bench by bringing in Blake and Barnes for Farmar and Morrison, finally have a consistent Odom and a healthy Bynum

    I think we are pretty good

  • http://www.lakers.com smoove chips

    Derrick Rose’s swagger is off the chain.Like he just knows he’s waaaay better than the rest of the league even realizes.That run all the way back block speaks volumes to every other Bull.Mofos gotta check in period.

    Honestly I think Gstate is to dallas what the Bobcats were to my lakers.For some reason,G-state stays punking them.

    Kemba putting in work.Dang ! That boy reminds me of Wade when he takes over games.Dueces.I’m out like parking spots in downtown Houston.


    Gordon Hayward lookin’ a lot like Kieth Van Horn right now – college ball career-wise anyway.
    His old team going to the finals without him despite being their best player.

    So does that make Shelvin Mack the new Andre Miller?

  • JC

    Shelvin Mack is a grown-ass man out there. I didn’t really appreciate his game until this season. His impact on the game is similar to that of a a 32 year old Chauncey Billups. The shot, the ball-handling, the ice water in his veins, and the experience make him dangerous at the collegiate level. I’m now beginning to wonder if he could maybe be a rich man’s Anthony Carter at some point in the NBA.

    That’s funny, I too said “holy good God” when I saw the Rose block. Rose puts in plenty of effort defensively, but the results are not there yet on a consistent basis. I mean, Jerryd Bayless scored seemingly all his 26 points while being guarded by Rose. He’s still my MVP, but I can openly concede that he does not have the best individual stats. I mean, LeBron keeps hitting you with those 29,11,7,8,6,3,5,7,3,8,5,4 & 7 stat-stuffer games. Dwight gives you 25 and 15 in 3 quarters, and Kobe gives you 25, 5 & 5 during a 9 game winning streak on the way to the #1 overall seed in the playoffs. I do not envy those who have to vote this year. DIME, might this be one of the more hotly contested MVP races in recent history?

    Brandon Knight was GUNNIN haaaaahahahahaha he was tryna show out for the NBA scouts!! He almost did it…

  • McSimon

    Monta Ellis, you have to get a hand up on that guy quicker than that, or he’s gonna drop you off. like the groceries

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Of course we didn’t see Melo on SNL. Nobody watches SNL anymore.

  • Young Gunner

    Only read page 2

  • QQ

    Props to Butler for returning to the title game, you don’t see mid majors ever go to a title game, what more go on CONSECUTIVE trips, that’s crazy.

    But gonna give my major props to VCU for carrying the flag og the craziest NCAA tourney in a long time. Them dudes fighting for every game reminds me of watching AAU games with the small club beating the squad with 2 Oak Hill prospects. Props to VCU for making fans love the game of basketball.

  • Chaos

    Hey, down here in Richmond, even tho VCU lost things were still crazy. nothing to be ashamed of with VCU losing to Butler. I just hope my school comes out the pocket and pay Shaka Smart

  • http://www.dynastybasketball.net/ sean.dynastybball

    Serge Ibaka had a great block on Blake Griffin last night… click my name to check it out.

  • matt

    I love how slam just talks about rose. Booz had 18pts & 10rbnds. Bayless had 26 pts and 8assts yesterday. DeRozan had 26pts. “Derrick Rose does terrible things to Toronto” – Yeah he does terrible things to every team in the league.