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Nuggets Slay The Sleepwalking Lakers; Knicks Beat A Nemesis

Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin, Dime #3

You had to see it coming. Anyone who watches enough of the Lakers should’ve seen it coming. Give them nothing and they topple you. Give them a little and they push back. Give them a lot and they all sit around Indian style and start telling campfire stories. Nine wins in a row and not one bad night? They were due. It’s their DNA …
The new hottest team in the West beat the old hottest team in the West yesterday when the Nuggets came from behind in the fourth quarter and walked out of the Staples Center with a 95-90 win over the Lakers. Kenyon Martin (18 points, 8 rebounds) came up with the play of the day when he tipped in a missed free throw in the final seconds to put Denver up five and ice the win. During the first half, when the Nuggets were scoring less than A.C. Green, it was Danilo Gallinari who was in the kitchen cooking up buckets. For the game he finished with 22, but most of them came at critical moments … The Lakers led throughout, but hadn’t looked so bored since they lost to Cleveland before the All-Star break. Besides Andrew Bynum (16 rebounds), it was a sleepy Sunday afternoon for L.A. Even Kobe Bryant was off (10-27 from the field, 28 points) … At one point after a great pass from Lawson led to a Gallinari dunk, Jeff Van Gundy said that he thinks Lawson is as good a fast-break passer as anyone. Jeff, have you ever heard of Rajon Rondo? Or Steve Nash? … Finally, the Spurs ended their mysterious bout with losing, destroying the Suns by 17. Amazingly, none of the Spurs’ best players played well. But one silver lining in all these injuries is that it has brought the best out from George Hill. In the last few games, Hill has had a few duds. But he also went for a combined 57 points in back-to-back games. Against Phoenix, Hill had the complete game working, hitting threes and floaters in the lane. By the end of the first quarter, he had made all eight of his shots and free throws for 16 points (he ended the night with 29 points) … We feel like this is the tip of the iceberg for Phoenix. The team really has no direction, the best player is locked in a “should I stay or should I go?” battle and their star power has completely run dry. Things are about to get ugly in Arizona … In Houston, the Rockets took advantage of the Hawks down the stretch and pushed themselves closer to the playoffs with a 114-109 win behind Kevin Martin (35 points). Twice in the final few minutes, Atlanta left Luis Scola (15 points) open at the free-throw line for jumpers. Twice, he buried them. On the other end, Joe Johnson (25 points) got called for palming, and then Jamal Crawford (15 points) took a wild three over a double team. So down three on the final possession, Jeff Teague dribbled 10 seconds off the clock before launching a running three that barely hit the rim … Read More: We witness antics in the Heat locker room, the Knicks finally beat their nemesis and two titans fall…

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  • That’s What’s Up

    the West playoffs are gonna be insane this year

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    We were due to drop one. Not too worried.Denver is playing the best team ball i’ve ever seen from them.Either of those first of second squads can easily drop 12 to 15 a piece on you.That has IMHO be the smoothest bench segue in the league.The drop of in production is almost negliglibe at all positions.

    Another thing i’m impressed with..the calm that has come to J.R Smith’s game.I was kinda hoping we could get a chuckathon from him.

    Can’t believe the Uconn women lost..crazy upset.

    The hawks are weird to watch.Beat Boston on some great defensive execution and somehow against the Rockets leave Luis Scola wide open within 10 feet of the basket.That is NOT Kwame brown you are leaving open to shoot.

  • beiber newz

    we were due to drop one? thats the thinking? thats the mentality people have?

    if coaches could read player’s mind and discover that kind of thinking, those guys wouldnt play. u dont go into a game or after losing a game respond by saying, ‘we were due to drop one.”

  • common sense

    ima be a bitch and point out that kobe went 10-27 and 8-9 free throws for 28 points. gasol had 10 attempts and bynum 7. lakers lost. like i said, lakers win despite of kobe not because. the guy is so goddamn inefficient.

    enough bithcin, but congrats to denver, kenyon martin plays the role of a bully to a tee, provides some toughness, him and nene and galo tough front court trio..

    houstons gonna miss the playoffs, much respect to adleman, he should be coaching the heat..

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Kobe supporters – anyone still like the idea of someone who can go 10-27 from the field, but “make them when they count”? Let’s see, if there had been 7 less shots for the guy with the cold hand, there might have been a few more for players that shoot a decent percentage…but naw he should keep shooting…

    @ Dime – starting something out of nothing in Phoenix? Steve Nash didn’t play last night, could have had something to do with them losing so badly? Oh nevermind, you guys were the ones burying the Spurs when all 3 of their best players were out injured.

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    @ beiber newz
    It’s an ojective and sane point of view.To the best of my recollection no team has ever gone 82 and 0.I also agree that it would be silly if in the middle of a game you are thinking ‘we are due to lose one’.I’m a fan of the Lakers.That is my point of view.Here’s another.We are gonna win the championship this year.

    @ dagwaller
    Nobody’s ever gonna accuse Kobe of being Kevin Martin.I’m envious of that guy’s efficiency.The other factors that kobe brings in crunch time are hard to duplicate.U think we don’t cringe when he shoots 15 foot Js with two guys on him and a wide open lamar or Bynum alone under the rim ? when he shoots us out of games?We see it.

    There’s a flipside to that coin though.He does make quite a few of those in high stakes situations and when he gets an efficient game going he’s a scary guy with the ball.We live with that shit.Win and lose.

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    Teaxs A&M?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ dagwaller & common sense

    Kobe was 10 for 27 while Gasol was 7 for 10. We see that and we hate that too but it’s not gonna change.

    We wouldn’t loose too many games if the offense would run through Gasol and if Kobe took 10 shots less or would get his ass in the post more often instead of those ugly bricks from downtown. But as I said he’s been in the league for 15 years so it’s not very likely he’s gonna change now. It’ll probably get even uglier next season when there’s Brian Shaw on the bench instead of Phil Jackson.

    He shoots us back in a few games and he costs us a few games. Amare and Melo are not gonna start defending, Nowitzki is not gonna start dishing out flagrant fouls, Manu’s not gonna stop flopping, Rondo’s not turning in a good shooter, Lebron’s not gonna get clutch and Kobe’s not gonna stop taking bad shots.

    Gotta take the good with the bad

  • Yoooo

    If ya’ll are going to mention womens college basketball, you’re OBLIGATED to mention how bad Skylar Diggins is. She had everybody on Twitter going nuts… And shes an All American. Best looking ball player, maybe ever in Womens sports. Except for UCLA’s coach. She’s right

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    Lakers looked great yesterday… And by great I mean Kobe shot horribly (10-27, 0-4 from 3), they ignored Pau (7-10, no touches in the 4th) and left Bynum in the bench after a 14 rebound 1st half… Great job Lake show, by all means, keep that up. Let’s go Heat.


  • That’s What’s Up

    I be Diggins Skylar

  • First & Foremost

    My eyes will be glued to the Womens’ Championship. On the horizon, that freshman on Maryland.

  • JDeal

    I was impressed with Denver yesterday…..As a team, they seem to be functioning better as a unit….Not really reading too much into the loss for the Lakers…When the Playoffs start, they’ll kick it into high gear…Watching the Suns game, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Steve Nash….The Suns….just suck….there’s no other way to put it….Where does Nash fit it in?…Im wondering what team he’ll get traded to?…He has 1 more championship push left in him….

  • First & Foremost

    Yes, the Legend of Steve Nash was a great player but would a team be trading for a reputation or a 38 yr old PG.

    HE IS STILL BETTER THAN MOST, but you have to expect the Suns to get something in return like 2 starters and as many draft picks possible. I think his best bet is to latch onto a team with a big point guard and become a spot up shooter… Miami it is.

  • common sense

    tbh i missed my main point, which is that kojacker bryant is NOT i repeat NOT the MVP so all those lakers fans and media people trying to make the case need to STFU. Lakers own because when they play as a team they cannot be stopped but theres always one major obstacle preventing team play.

  • QQ

    The West playoffs gonna be REAL REAL good.

    All them lower seeds play with grit, and all of them screams ‘GIANT KILLER’. No soft team in the West right now.

    They’re gonna go against the seemingly indestructible higher seeds, but yall know they aint gonna back down. Haven’t seen a collection of lower seeds like these in a while.

    A crazy NCAA tournament, followed by a crazy NBA playoffs???

    It’s good to be a hoops fan right now.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    The Knicks are back in the playoffs! They will shock the world and beat the Heat! Yeah!

  • LakeShow84

    I must say i really like Wilson Chandlers midrange game.. and his game period.. he plays hard all day but he got a sweet midrange touch.. even hit the glass..

    With all that said..

    Everyone who is whining about Kobes efficiency????

    Once again you guys act like you could do better lmao

    “i mean i hate to be a stickler here and point it out”

    Then dont lmao your wasting ur breath.. u can say whatever u want about the shooting % but we all know what the end result of the season will be..

    And who is going to murder the playoffs and raise the Finals MVP trophy..

    And thats all that matter to us..

  • Claw

    You can complain against Kobe but after Odom hits that 3 the script flipped but KMart was the man. Dunking Nene’s airball and getting that tip on the missed FT that sealed the deal.

    Artest vs KMart, now that’ s a matchup!

    The Thunder are going to be interesting in the playoffs, hell both East and West hasn’t been this wide open in a while.

    Nash and GHill should go to a contendor, Hill has played solid D and very efficient on the O end. Not the Heat, they will continue to suck as they try to win games with Bibby and Z.

  • Ian

    Showtime and smoove
    Not all laker fans are like u guys they don’t see all the crap kobe does sometimes.

    Now let’s be real those who say kobe makes them when they count is bs. we know he shoots poorly in those situations and had he been a lil effective during the game the lakers wouldn’t needa last second shot. It might be true that kobe is better than lebron for one final shot but if you had bron for the whole game you win by 10. The games bron bricks the game winners kobe losses by 10. Then again maybe its my kobe hater goggles that make me see it that way.

    Oh and the spurs finally win one.

  • TL

    I find myself yelling at the TV often during Lakers games cause Pau is so god damned soft.

  • Ian

    Really?? So you are going to compare kobe with us?

  • Rafa23

    @ Lakeshow
    gotta agree with Ian. what kind of argument is that? Kobe isn’t efficient, but he probably could be. with all those skills, he SHOULD do better. and dont come with this “murder the playoffs” stuff. it’s a myth Kobe gets better in the playoffs. his scoring average is higher because he takes even more shots.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian


    I watch Joe Johnson go like 3-19 the other day and not even a beep.. ive watched people go up against Kobe and shoot damn near the #’s


    All i ever hear is

    “yeah Kobe got 28 points…….. but he got it on 25 shot attempts..”

    Well shit people if u could do better then write the LA Lakers a letter.. make ur points and hope for the tryouts! lol

    Everyone got something to say about dude and we 19 years into his career and AINT NOTHING CHANGED.. do we really need to talk about it?? lmao its a waste of breath is all im sayin..

    We lost one yesterday and id say it had more to do with our overall energy.. it didnt have shit to do with Kobes shooting %.. we lost that lead when dude was sitting on the bench..

    Im just sayin its funny lol

  • LakeShow84


    So last year when he dropped like all those 30 pt games in the playoffs it was because his FG attempts went up??

    Im sure thats what made us so successful last postseason

    Raise ur hand next time please lmao

  • LakeShow84

    “It might be true that kobe is better than lebron for one final shot but if you had bron for the whole game you win by 10. The games bron bricks the game winners kobe losses by 10. Then again maybe its my kobe hater goggles that make me see it that way.”

    Yeah thats ur hater goggles Ian..

    First off they are 2 different players.. one plays mainly on the perimeter.. one makes a living driving to the rack

    Second off they play 2 different positions and are asked to do 2 completely different things..

    Third off Kobe is actually a better defender than LBJ so while i see u off settin offense how does it affect defense??

    Fourth off could Lebron really survive in the Triangle with no real J and no post game??

    Fifth off.. i mean should i keep going????

    Or should we just call that “lets plug in X player here” shit extremely goofy???

  • Ian

    Hehehe again lakeshow
    Johnson shouldn’t be the point of comparison. Besides you know I’m always gonna hate. re

  • Ian

    So why r u assuming they r running the triangle.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ Ian

    Most fans are having a hard time being realistic about players they like or dislike.

    The Kobe haters will always nitpick about his bad shots or when he has a game with 1 assist. At the same time they ignore all the good stuff he does and that’s plenty.
    The Kobe lovers will ignore his bad shots, killing the flow of the offense, the constant whining. They think Kobe wins the games alone and if they loose it’s probably the refs fault.

    The reality is in between. The same with Lebron.

    He’s not as good as the Lebron lovers believe he is. They just ignore the fact that dude has no post game or footwork, is only an average shooter or individual defender, … The haters are just as wrong as the lovers because when you average like 27-8-8 you must be doing an awful lot right. I mean there are even idiots claiming it’s Wade’s team cuz he’s the better player.

    Like I said above, people need to take their goggles off and be realistic. Appreciate the talent and don’t solely focus on what you want to nitpick at.

  • beiber newz

    smoove chips,
    wuld u play for a captain that says we shudve won or a captain that says ehhh we were bound to lose a game or two or three!!! ???

  • Me

    Good god Kobe is so overrated. I REALLY don’t understand where all the Kobe mythos comes from. Really could be the most overrated player of the last 20 years. Dude’s good but not GREAT at all. Anyone who really pays attention to dude with his balls out of their mouths can see it. He had a good 4 year stretch in there at one point though, i’ll give him that, but that shit’s LOOOOONG gone, and could have possibly had more to do with Shaq’s lazy, out of shape but still dominating ass than anything.

  • First & Foremost

    Since David West went down, I’d rather the Hornets not make the playoffs. Houston needs to show everyone that they are just one 7 foot 6 inch Center from contending again.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Kobe is only a good defender when he puts his mind to it. This year LeBron has stepped up and has gone into straight lock down mode. Kobe spends most of the game in Free Safety. If you watch the game you notices he gave Chandler a few open looks because he just ignored him.

    Also my biggest gripe is that most Kobe fans (not saying you) ignore his misses and over-hype his makes. When someone says Kobe isn’t as mythical in the clutch as people make him out to be. He is human just as anyone else. And he whines like a bitch.

    Look all I’m saying is Kobe is good, but when he realizes that he doesn’t have to win every game for the Lakers, its when he can actually do the best for his team.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Why is shooting/scoring the only facet of basketball where people say you’re selfish if you do it a lot? I haven’t heard anybody calling Kevin Love a ball-hog because he won’t back off and let his teammates get more rebounds. I haven’t heard anybody call Jason Kidd selfish because he doesn’t let his teammates get more assists. But guys like Kobe and Rose and Melo get criticized because they shoot the ball too much. If the ideal result of each possession is to score, why wouldn’t you have your most talented scorer taking a lot of shots?

    It’s not just the fans/media either: You never hear a disgruntled player complaining about not getting enough opportunities to play defense. It’s always about shots and touches and scoring.

  • That’s What’s Up

    @ Austin.
    I’m sure you play pick-up ball, right?
    How fun is it to play with ‘that guy’?
    …especially when your squad loses and you just give him that “pass the f**kin’ ball next time” spiel.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @That’s What’s Up — I know what you’re saying, but ideally the game would be played in a way where people don’t care so much about who scores; it’s just one of many important facets of the game. Like if you’re doing your thing defensively, or as a rebounder, or as a playmaker, or even just setting screens and boxing out, why do you need to feel validated by scoring?

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Because well, jacking up shots is the ultimate form of ball hogging. And just because your best scorer is taking a low percentage shot doesn’t mean its okay because he is your best scorer.

    And this isn’t 00-03 76ers where AI was the only decent offensive player on the team. This is the 2 time champion Lakers. Odom was wrecking show, Gasol was 7-10 and Bynum was straight unguardable. But who ended up taking 5 shots at the end of the game? Kobe.

    And its not just him; if LeBron does it I’d call him out as well.

    And like I said, this game will also do nothing to the perception that Kobe is the greatest clutch player of all time and when it brings down his clutch efficiency will be called “just stats” yet if he makes it all of a sudden he’s Kobe Bryant the Kloser.

  • JAY

    @stunna: “this game will also do nothing to the perception that Kobe is the greatest clutch player of all time”
    That perception exists?? Of ALL TIME?? Really?!? i haven’t heard that argument. I’ve heard he’s the greatest closer TODAY… but not all time. Whoever says that is ludicrous.

    LMAO @ AB playing devil’s advocate.
    “I haven’t heard anybody calling Kevin Love a ball-hog because he won’t back off and let his teammates get more rebounds. I haven’t heard anybody call Jason Kidd selfish because he doesn’t let his teammates get more assists. ”

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ Austin

    It’s not just the fans/media either: You never hear a disgruntled player complaining about not getting enough opportunities to play defense. It’s always about shots and touches and scoring.

    C’mon now you know why … $$$$$$$

    Who got the fat contracts last summer? Bron, Wade, Bosh, Joe Johnson, Amare, Boozer.

    No one is throwing 20 million a year at Reggie Evans, Humphries, etc etc. You can get paid for defense, rebounding, intangibles but that’s hard work. Scoring is easy money

  • First & Foremost

    @AB – Reggie Wayne is the best receiver the Colts have, but does he need to have EVERY ball thrown his way? If he isn’t open why force the situation? There are other options.

    Being balanced and selfless makes the Lakers unguardable.

  • common sense

    austin please BBall is a team game. you defend as a team and score as a team. players like kobe piss me off and their apologists also.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Showtime & Ian

    Ive said many times before i dont like Kobes shot selection.. its an ego thing with him..

    I was talkin to my boy and he asked if i thought Kobe would be better than Jordan if Kobe can get 3 more..

    I said no.. why???

    Because Jordan had the same kill ego but he was infintetely smarter.. he knew his spots and his EFFICIENT range.. Kobe knows wheres he most effective at but his ego makes him think he can score from anywhere.. and it drives me crazy.. drives all Laker fans crazy..


    We’ve been to the Finals years in a row.. we’ve won 2 chips behind him.. and thats not counting the 3 championships from the Kobe/Shaq era..

    Some of the greats have only won ONE CHAMPIONSHIP.. Kobe has been 1A 1B on two possible 3 peats.. how many jackers have done that????

    So like i said… its a pointless arguement.. If he was Iverson status i could see it but dude comes thru when we need it.. you have 3 WHOLE SEASONS RIGHT BEHIND YOU TO LOOK AT..

    I cant remember the last post season in recent memory where Kobe Bryant wasnt our best player.. seriously..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Stunnaboy2K11 — I’m talking philosophically. For example, Kobe took 32% of his team’s field goals yesterday (27-of-84). Meanwhile, Bynum grabbed 35% of his team’s rebounds (16-of-45). So why is nobody saying Bynum needs to be less “selfish” and allow other guys to get rebounds? Why is shooting the only part of the game where we have such a thing as “too much”?

  • Ian

    If there is one dude I hate more than kobe is lebron but I can’t talk outta my neck (I remember this lakeshow) and call the heat wades team cuz they clearly aren’t.

    Now I do agree a bit with ME I mean kobe has never been the best player in the league for 2 or 3 years at least clearly like shaq and duncan were or like lebron is now. I have it 98-03 duncan and shaq, 03-06 duncan, 06-07 kobe wade and bron and bron since 07 all alone. Again this is just my opinion.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    (That said, Brandon Knight was shooting the ball too much in the Kentucky/UConn game.)

  • LakeShow84

    @ Stunnaboy

    Its about matchups..

    Lebron cant guard a Rajon Rondo or a Russell Westbrook and Kobe can..

    Kobe cant guard a Paul Pierce or Carmelo Anthony but Lebron can.. Well not Melo lol

  • Ian

    Like kevin love said there is no such thing as a selfish rebound.

    Lakeshow he’s been the best player on the best team. Comon dude has really one finals mvp (gasol was the real mvp last year) outta five titles. Isn’t that shit being on one super stacked team?? Be real kobe wasn 1a or 1b he was clearly robin.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Fair nuff, LeBron is big so those PG’s are pretty tricky for him to guard but I’ve seen Kobe D them up well so I’ll give you that.


    I dunno but I’ve been around a lot of Kobe stans who throw around greatest closer of all time as an argument for Kobe’s position on the all time list. So yeah you never believe what people think.


    Because rebounding is an effort stat, you can;t control where the ball is going to land. You can control who shoots the ball. Also teams like playing with a dominant rebounder more than a dominant scorer as the rebounder can hide a whole teams lack of effort. And on a very real note, everyone wants to score not everyone want to rebound.

  • Claw

    Hold up! Points are being compared to Boards????

    So you are making the assumption that if Bynum doesn’t board that somebody on the Lakers will get that board? How are those two even remotely related???

    Stop that argument, that just don’t make no damn sense!

    @Lakeshow -What did I say when you started talking all about that Bynum love last week, I said you shouldn’t something is gonna happen now. Then he hurts his leg and doesn’t play! Knock on wood next time!

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    As much as I love calling Kobe robin (and i still think he was) his role on those 3peats was incredibly important. He was his teams primary playmaker, perimeter defender and closer. That is a lot of things to do and he also was putting up 28 PPG. He was playing some of the best basketball of his career. He had a fro.

    He just happened to be on the same team as a prime Shaq… and well almost anybody, no matter how good they are, would be his Robin. he was just that good. ;eats Kobe got 3 rings out of it.

  • First & Foremost

    @AB LOL – Getting rebounds comes in the flow of the game. Rebounding you don’t really have a choice, unless you’re Brook Lopez. For the good of the team, players in position to rebound should rebound. Theoretically, every player is in position to score but as you very well know, you can take good shots or bad shots. Taking a bunch of bad shots and making them doesn’t make them good shots.

    If a player is looking off a better shot that makes him selfish.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    @ Austin Burton

    What? Selfish rebounds, assists? Is that a joke?

    Nobody gets on rebounders as selfish because rebounds are free stats to chase down. You want more rebounds, you go get em. Also, How do you allow teammates to get rebounds without the other team getting them?

    You want more assists? After kidd sets you up, pass the ball again.

    How do you get more shots with kobe or any other jacker on your team? Steal it? Block it? Jack faster?

    More shots by you is less for your teamates. More assists is more points for your teamates, more rebounds is more possessions and thus points and assists for teammates. Thats why no one talks about % of rebounds or assists.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I know that rebounding and scoring are fundamentally differt, but here’s my thing. At its core, basketball is made up of a few simple components: rebounding, playing defense, passing, dribbling, shooting. Of those components, shooting is the only one where somebody will be called selfish if they do it a lot. Shooting (and to a lesser extent, defense) is the one where we believe there should be balance on a team. How come you never hear of a player griping that he’s not getting more assists? Or that he’s not getting more rebounds? Why is shooting any more important and more glorified than those other elements?

    (I know the answers — at least I think I know — but I’m just playing Devil’s advocate and seeing what others think.)

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Because if you want more assists/blocks/steals/boards you can go out and get them. You want more dimes? Play liek Rondo and pass up open shots for assists. You want more boards? Chase down every rebound like your life depends on it. If your complaining about not getting boards your just showing how lazy you are.

    Scoring? You need the ball, and if your not good at creating your own shot you have to get open somehow. And that’s gonna be pretty hard if your playing with Kobe Bryant on your team.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Or look at it this way: When the Heat constructed their team, the biggest question was “Can LeBron, Wade and Bosh stay happy while not getting as many shots as they used to?”

    Was anybody concerned that Bosh might be unhappy not getting as many rebounds as he used to? Was anybody worried about Wade being unhappy that he might not get as many assists? Why was scoring the only area of concern?

    Same goes for any loaded team. We all assume Pau Gasol won’t be happy if he doesn’t get X-amount of shots. But why is nobody writing articles about how Pau reacts when Bynum “hogs” all the rebounds?

  • Ian

    hell austin if you want to play that game then you have to count every board he grabbed as a shot kobe made.

    lets say kobe went 7-25 if i were to compare that to boards i would say that bynum was in the best position to grab the rebound 25 times but only came up with it 7 times. so just like kobe giving 10 of those shots to gasol maybe it woulda been better for the laker if odom was in bynums position 10 of those 25 times cuz maybe that day he gets the rebound at a better rate.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Sure Gasol was Finals MVP last Finals lol SURE

    Once again.. i cant blame you as a Spurs fan.. Kobe has literally ripped ur hearts through your asses more than once.. and way worst than Shaq ever did..

    So i guess Robin had his way with you??? and u could say that he has had his way with you FOR ALL THESE YEARS lol so like i said.. i feel your hate..

    Too bad u just cant respect it like i respect Timmay..

  • Ian

    you know me and a couple of buddies were talking about making a draft with all the active players in their primes assuming they were going to play with lebron in cleveland type teammates. youd be surprised how things turned out. anyone wants to give it a shot?

  • LakeShow84

    “He was his teams primary playmaker, perimeter defender and closer. That is a lot of things to do and he also was putting up 28 PPG. He was playing some of the best basketball of his career. He had a fro.”

    Naaaaaahhhhh but he was REPLACEABLE for surely!

    I mean you couldve PLUGGED anyone in there and they wouldve been just as clutch and played just as solid defense..

    Just sayin :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ Lakeshow

    I didn’t say anything else. His shot selection is horrible at times but you gotta take the good with the bad. Us Laker fans shouldn’t have any problem admitting that. The pros clearly outweigh the cons and it’s not like he’s gonna change after 15 years in the league.

    @ Ian

    The whole 1a or 1b thing is bull. Kobe wouldn’t have won those championships without Shaq and vice versa. Same with Gasol. Even when Kobe is having a bad shooting game the defense is still focused on him thus opening up the inside for Gasol. Gasol couldn’t win a playoff game on his own in Memphis and now he’s the real Finals MVP?

    Think about your Spurs. Did Tony Parker deserve Finals MVP? Hell no, Duncan had 3 defenders hugging him all series that’s why Parker was able to get his stats. The best player on the team should be MVP just because of the attention he commands

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Mt. Pleasant — Actually, there is such a thing as a selfish assist. I actually interviewed Steve Nash one time and asked him about it, and if I recall (it was a few years ago) he said something about some guys trying to rack up assists outside of the flow of the game just to get stats.

    I’ve personally seen players go into a game saying, “I’m going to get X-amount assists today” or promising to break an assist record for a certain game. (Usually it’s in an All-Star setting.) Now if you heard a guy say, “I’m going to score 40 tonight” or promise to break a single-game scoring record, and during the game he’s clearly jacking up shots in an attempt to get that record outside of the flow of the game, wouldn’t you say he was being selfish?

    It’s like if I got up in the morning and said, “I’m going to do 10 good deeds today.” Sure, my good deeds are ultimately helping other people, but if my goal is to hit a certain number, at what point am I doing it more for myself?

  • Ian

    ripped?? im sorry lakeshow but other than the fisher crazy shot i could care less about the lakers remember who made kobe cry?? hehehehe. robin had a way easier time playing the spurs than shaq ever did he had to go against the admiral and duncan tell me who can put up 30 and 10 every night vs those 2?? thats the same thing if the spurs had 2 bowens chasing down kobe all those years. theres nothing wrong being robin specially to a top 15 player alltime like shaq but dont try and say kobe was his equal.

  • LakeShow84

    That whole Batman Robin comparison shit is another way for haters to have something on the man..

    Because seriously people so quick to point it out its ridiculous lmao

    I never heard ANYONE call McHale, Pippen or anyone else for that matter “Robin”..

    So if there HAS to be CLEAR CUT number ONE

    Who was Robin when Kareem and Magic played together??? who would you call Worthy????

    That shit is retarded lmao

    Save the comic book characters for the comics children

  • LakeShow84

    All you got is us crying lol

    We SWEPT you chumps behind Kobe going ballistic.. do you remember that??????

    Because i do :)

  • Mt. Pleasant


    Sure people pad assist stats. But its less selfish than a shot attempt, and no one talks about it because its rare and because passing is unselfish by nature. If I get an assist to pad my stats its still two points and someone else was involved in the play. A shot attempt is not necessarily two points and doesn’t involve any teammates.

    And if you don’t want the pass, you can always pass it back.

  • Ian

    well i think td deserved that mvp but manu won it in 05 so thats still 3 imo.

    its true that gasol didnt win a playoffs game without kobe but kobe also died in the first round like gasol they were getting their teams to the same place.

  • JAY

    What can I say? I’m speechless. Lol. Greatest all time?? That’s crazy talk.

    I averaged just over 6 stls in my senior year in high school. Growing up, my 2nd coach trained me to think “selfish”, as he called it. He was a defense first coach, and instructed me to want to steal the opponents spotlight, and the spotlight is always on offense. So when I played, I gave my all defensively. He’s said that every time the opponent passed the ball, think the ball was mine… when they dribbled the ball, think it was mine for the taking. So I was trained to think “selfish”… mine, mine, mine. It was a personal thing to motivate me but in the grand scheme of things, my selfish mindset wasn’t selfish at all because it didn’t take away from what my teammates were trying to do… UNLESS I gambled and took myself out of defensive position.

    Now to draw parallels to shooting…
    The sheer number of shots isn’t the issue. It’s the number of bad, forced shots taken outside the flow of the offense. If he takes 30 good shots, that’s fine. Once he starts shooting when there are better shots for his teammates, then there’s a problem. Likewise, if I got 8 steals in one game and played good D, then I’m the man. If I got 3 steals but gambled 11 times and my teammates had to shift to cover my mistakes, then I was selfish.

    My point is, if you try to “get yours” at the expense of the team, then that’s being selfish. You bring up K. Love. He takes himself out of defensive position early, so that he can get into good rebounding position. So in a way he IS being selfish. Ain’t nobody going to call Love a selfish rebounder, but I guess I just did. Play defense you fat fuck!

  • Ian

    yes lakeshow you did just i think it was in 01 just like the spurs did in 99 :) funny thing is that of the top three players back then (td , shaq , kobe in that order) two of them needed to be teammated to beat duncan.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    OK, enough nit-picking about Kobe. Yes, he sometimes takes more shots than you’d prefer, but sometimes that same mentality allows him to pull the Lakers out of the fire. The man is one of the greatest players of all-time obviously, though he’s not as superhero-like as he’s hyped up to be. Who cares if he was or wasn’t always the best player on his team? The list of players who can touch his career accomplishments is short.

    ANYWAY, what’s up with the NCAA title game tonight? Who are you guys pulling for? What is going to decide the game?

  • Ian

    “I never heard ANYONE call McHale, Pippen or anyone else for that matter “Robin”” what?????? youve never head anyone call pippen robin lakeshow goh (im keepin the gtfoh to myself cuz you good people hehe)

  • K Dizzle

    Ohhhh shit. Here they come.

    Lakers lose. Heat win. Spurs win. Nuggets win. Knicks win. And what do they all wanna talk about? Lol some of you haters are funny. When the Lakers win, you don’t hear Laker fans cryin about what other teams need to do, but when a 5 time champion loses one game, they come out of the woodwork like cockroaches.
    I’m readin some dude who posts under ‘beiber news’ gettin upset cuz a fellow Laker fan says “Oh well, you can’t win them all” lol. In 2 months, nobody will remember Denver got one in LA, but ‘beiber news’ wanna dwell on that.
    I gotta read some dude callin Gasol soft cuz ALL his weight came down on a knee and ankle, which THANK GOD didn’t snap on a foul.

    Let’s be real for two secs. If Andrew Bynum doesn’t tweak his knee and Phil didn’t hold him out for precautionary reasons (cuz, you know, it’s a game in April….), K-Mart ain’t sniffin that tip in; Nuggets ain’t gettin that win. Point blank. This team is 16-2 since the all-star break with two losses to 2 good teams that came down to the wire and ladies wanna bitch about Kobe’s shot selection.
    Why you all had nothin to say when we smacked down the Spurs and Mavs by 30??? See how weak it lookin?

    I’ll be honest. I want the Spurs in 1st. I just want a better record than Chicago. I would rather face the Mavs in the 2nd round than the Thunder…

    Lakers, baby! Still better than your squad in a 7 game series!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’ve heard Pippen, McHale, Worthy, etc. called “Robin,” but not in the same way people sometimes call Kobe or LeBron (in Miami) “Robin” with an almost demeaning tone. Like, if you’re the 2nd-best player on the team below a guy who is one of the most talented/accomplished players of all-time, why is that a bad thing? Pippen, McHale and Worthy are in the Hall of Fame with their “Robin” status. Personally, I think LeBron is the “Batman” on the Heat, but that doesn’t mean I’m demeaning Wade at all. He’s an amazing player; so what if he’s not the most talented guy on his team?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    @ Ian

    See that’s your hater goggles right there. I don’t mind if you hate but hate reasonable

    Smush, Kobe, Luke Walton, Odom and Kwame with Brian Cook, Devean George and Chucky Atkins on the bench. I don’t care who you put in there instead of Kobe. Replace Kobe with Reggie Miller, Clyde Drexler, Ginobili, or for all I care even Magic, Stockton or any other all timer. That roster isn’t beating the 1st or 2nd seed in the West.

  • LakeShow84


    Pippen was for surely Robin but u get my jist lol

    No one OPENLY called the man Robin and i didnt hear that shit when he was trying to lead the Bulls to another chip..

    I didnt hear much of shit then but still lol

  • Ian

    hehe i want 1 cuz i rather play the thunder than the mavs
    funny thing how everyone assumes denver will fold

  • Ian

    im not sayin he has to win i kinda used it the other way to say gasol was dealing with the samething. what team was he supposed to beat with his squad?

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Having an NCAA party tonight so I’m mildly excited for that. I kind of want Butler to win since they lost last year and losing two years in a row is something I wish for no team (cept Duke) but gotta go with my boy Kemba. I picked UConn to win it all in my bracket (though I had them beating Kansas :P)

    To me the Finals comes down to who can basically stop who. Shelvin Mack has been close to Kemba in terms of dominance lately so it should be an interesting game.

    My only worry is UConn dominate and some team ends up taking Kemba too high (he is a borderline lottery pick to me) and ends up regretting it.

    Hoping for a good game though, UConn 63 Butler 55 Kemba Walker MOP

  • LakeShow84

    Im takin UConn too

    With that jacker Kemba Walker lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I understand the “Lakers were due for a loss” talk (although no player on any team would ever say that BEFORE a game); what annoys me is when L.A. fans come up after every loss like, “Oh, we weren’t even playing our hardest” or “Well, that game meant more to them than it did to us.”

    It’s OK to admit that your team just got beat by a team that was better that day. Plus, that “We didn’t play our hardest/game wasn’t that important to us” mantra goes against everything we’ve been told about Kobe (your team leader) for the last 10 years. If he’s SO focused and SO relentless and his “will to win” is SO great, why would he go into a national TV, big-time game and not play his hardest? Why would he allow his team to lose focus so often?

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Larry Hughes, Big Z, Drew Gooden, Sasha Pavlovic, Donyell Marshall, Sideshow Bob, Damon Jones, Eric Snow and Boobie Gibson. That is the 2007 Cavs roster. Look how bad that lineup is. And LeBron took that shit to the Finals. So yeah superstars are suppose to carry bad teams are they not?

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Don’t think on it, its just one of those things that is what it is.

    Or do you seriously buy Kobe’s machine like intensity the way the media portray it?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    LOL here I am asking people to stop talking about Kobe and then I interrupt some NCAA talk with more Kobe/Lakers.

    Anyway, I’m going for UConn tonight, but wouldn’t be surprised at all if Butler wins it. I severly underestimated them going into the tournament and just put too much on the fact that they’d lost Hayward. I saw them play a couple times early this season and they didn’t look like a national title contender at all, so I’d written them off; I actually had them losing in the 1st round of the tournament. But Matt Howard is doing enough to get himself drafted, and Mack is killing. Plus they’ve just been tougher, better coached and have executed better than everybody else.

  • LakeShow84

    @ StunnaBoy

    That was in the East.. and that only happened because a player went off to the tune of 25 straight points and no one decided to send a double team his way


    @ AB

    Ill admit we lost yesterday.. not much to say about it.. Except we hate Sundays.. what can you do??? lol

  • LakeShow84

    For a while Detroit and Indiana were THE ONLY 2 good teams in the East..

    Everyone else was damn near below .500

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin

    I’m not gonna lie. All I knew was UConn, Tennessee, Stanford and Baylor. Now that all four are out, my knowlegde on the Final 2 is weak at best. Who’s favoured?

    @ Ian – I feel like denver catchin teams nappin now cuz everybody assumed they would suck now that Melo is gone, but they so ridiculously deep now, they gonna be a problem. yesterday, they didn’t even have Birdman or Afflalo. Their problem is gonna be that once the playoffs come around, teams are gonna gameplan for you. They’ll watch tape and take away their strengths. You already saw it yesterday that they couldn’t play Lawson and Felton together cuz Kobe got a postgame. When Lakers go big with Lamar at the point and Kobe at the 2 with Barnes, Pau and Bynum, Nuggets lose one of their best lineups. I like em tho. They should take OKC 7 and soften them up for us lol

  • Ian

    that east sucked when the sixers made the finals not then detroit was good miami won the chip the year before. what is that “the only reason cuz someone went off” of course he went of he carried his team.

    stunna is right there have been guys taking scrubs deep into playoffs im not sayin ring deep but deep. you just need to see how the teams do without that one player like the cavaliers this year or the season the spurs landed duncan cuz the admiral went down. now overrated players get kinda exposed when it happens to them like melo , iverson and ewing.

  • Ian

    shit dizzle when the lakers go big every damn team in the nba losses their best everything.

  • LakeShow84

    NNNnnnnoooo Ian

    Detroit was damn near the only GOOD team in the East at that EXACT time.. be real..

    And no one goes off for 25 straight points “just cuz they the leader”.. thats Lebrons shining moment and it was rightfully so historical..

    I dont even think Miami made the playoffs the year after their chip due to injuries..

    Think harder lol

  • Reno

    “Jeff Van Gundy said that he thinks Lawson is as good a fast-break passer as anyone. Jeff, have you ever heard of Rajon Rondo? Or Steve Nash?”

    Why even ask about Rondo or Nash? It’s not like he said he was the best, he said “AS GOOD a fast-break passer AS ANYONE.” I don’t get it?

  • beiber newz

    ###########@@@@@@@@@@ AUSTIN

    the team with the most points win.
    altho a lot of things lead up to points (a steal to a fastbreak to the assist to the points) the team with the most points win. 1,000 rebounds wont win a game but 10 points can conceivably win a game if the opposition scores nine.

    so altho i agree with ur premise that points/fg’s are the only thing ppl focus on when they saying a guy is doing too much (one can argur for turnovers but that is not wanted) points are what win the game and its the name of the game.

  • the cynic

    @ AB

    you can blame the media for the fans obsession with scoring (ESPN!)

  • the cynic

    im almost sorry to say this, but a part of me wants to see the Nuggets win the title this year. Especially after listening to Mark Jackson slobber all over Melo’s knob during the broadcast

  • sh!tfaced

    Definitely would love to see the Nuggets advance deeper than they did with Melo. That shit needs to happen.

  • jdizzle

    Detroit wasnt the only good team that year. People forget that Chicago actually swept Miami (the defending champions that year) in the 1st round.

  • beiber newz

    um sh!tface, are u asking to see the nuggets in the nba finals? cuz thats never happening, at least no time soon. dum bitter hater