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Stephon Marbury Reintroduces Starbury Sneakers In China


If you didn’t have a chance to read Wells Tower’s excellent feature on Stephon Marbury in the latest GQ, you should do so now. But one thing sneakerheads around the world should know is that in addition to Marbury playing ball in in basketball-mad China, his Starbury sneakers have been reintroduced there as well.

As Tower points out, the Starbury brand sold more than 10 million shirts, shorts and $15 sneakers in the 16 months it was on the market. And with China’s growing market of 300 million basketball fans at his disposal, now is as good a time as any for Marbury to relaunch.

While the full details and distribution are unknown at this time, check out some of the latest Starbury releases – selling for about $30 dollars – we’ve been able to find.









What do you think?

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  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc

    Fake Birdman Lugz and wackass weirdo boat shoes.


  • Michorizo

    I think the photos are hillarious…Marbury looks kinda gay in that second pic…not that there is anything wrong with being gay…

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    i remember rocking starburys when they first came out and fools kept staring down at my shoes when i walked pass, like “what are those?”. for $15 bucks and in a variety of colors you really cant beat that deal. they alright for balling in but i noticed alot of cheap basketball shoes have a problem with their tongue staying in one place.

  • black swamba

    I think he looks gay in all of the pictures.

    I think if it smells like a rat, looks like a rat, it is a rat.

  • http://www.burdenclothing.com/ OEasy

    Here’s something else coming soon.


    Nice to see him progressing, despite all of the negative energy thrown his way. Hope it does as well over there and makes it back over to the states.

  • IDOT

    When is he going to release some basketball shoes?

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo


    he already came out with a basketball shoe, they used to sell at steve & barry’s for $15 like the article mentioned

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    yeah marbury looks gayer than an American dude cuffing his jeans until they look like capris pants…oh wait…

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    fools in China are a bit femme so im not surprised that Starbury was forced to take these whack ass pictures to promote his shoe release.

  • SolaC

    I support his Starbury movement, but why is he half naked in most these pics?

  • Stylez G. Write

    Them shits is so ugly,Michael Jordan would wear ‘em……

  • http://www.brokejumper.com BrokeJumper.com

    Those soles look a bit too thick, kinda remind me of sketchers shoes from way back.

  • Phileus

    The shoes aren’t bad, I’d wear the black or navy ones. But more importantly, Marbury might have stumbled into a huuuuuge business opportunity with his “exile” to China. Premium US-brand basketball shoes are still way out of reach for the non-rich kids who love basketball in China, so Marbury can be the main American competition to the local brands. With his “star power” (or at least exposure) there, he could push the Starbury idea with a lot more success than he did in the US.

    But like in all businesses, good ideas and potential alone are never good enough. Good luck, Mr. Marbury.

  • Starburyfan4life

    FYI… These shoes are only being marketed in china and are created based on Chinese preferences… Its what the chinese people like… They are a walking shoe… As for the rolled up jeans— it’s a chinese style of wearing jeans… Steph is a businessman, making business moves and he is definitely moving in a positive direction.. for those who wrote negative comments—-what direction are you moving in???…Life is too short to dwell on negative nonsense…do something positive with yourselves and blessings will soon come your way…

  • Phileus

    Oh wow, I never realized that NBA players read Dime. Hey Stephon ;) Just teasing man, I completely agree with your post. I hope Marbury becomes one of the post-NBA success stories, instead of one of those players who loses everything.