NBA, Video / Apr 19, 2011 / 3:45 pm

Swizz Beatz “GO NY GO (Remix)” Music Video Feat. STAT & ‘Melo

After making it back to the playoffs, it’s safe to say that Knicks fans and the entire organization have been pretty psyched. So with Game 3 against the Celtics coming up this Friday, the Knicks have collaborated with New York native Swizz Beatz to update the team’s classic theme song, “GO NY GO”. First commissioned in 1994, the iconic song has had many revisions over the years, but this most recent remix with Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks City Dancers goes hard.

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  • control

    Probably one of the stupidest pieces of shit ever made. Those bitches dancing wasted their time making this piece of shit, the new yorker players who said “go” wasted their time, Dime wasted everyone’s time by posting this, and everyone who watched this wasted their time.

    This type of shit should be blasted from the internet, it’s nearly as bad as child porn.

  • GoEasy

    That is just bad…
    I mean it just has no imagination, doesn’t pump you up, nothing. Just makes melo and stat look like chumps.

  • tb

    lmao @ control. funny but true. empire state of mind is better

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    WACK! Why does EVERYTHING nowadays have to sound like ’90 Eurodance trash?

  • JC

    I strongly prefer the original version, link below-


  • http://twitter.com/The_Hawk_13 Darius

    The one is 94 is clearly the best

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips


  • SWAT

    lmao@ 5-go ninja go ninja go! haha!

  • http://www.nba.com/heat Kenyon

    LOL hahahaha

    what a piece of shit!! amare & carmelo on “go NY go Ny go!” sounds like homos! the knicks dancers sounds like dudes.. what a garbage.. :P hahaha

  • Jay

    Relax people! this is obviously not meant to seriously replace the original ’94 NY Knicks song!

    This to me is just a cute little pep video that is designed to rally everybody, make us feel good and generate some buzz. Just take it as it is!!

    You guys act like this is supposed to replace the national anthem or something and you’re ready to go to war over this, LOL!!

  • tl

    this is just as bad as the miami dolphins anthem (t-pain remix). isn’t ny supposed to be a tough city this song is on some gay shit word to kobe. haha to dude saying this goes hard. you cant be a grown man and seriously say this is dope.