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The Lakers Backhand The Mavs; Rondo Goes Into Beastmode

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum (photo. Jeff Forney)

MTV’s Extreme Makeover needs to get at the Lakers. From Ugly Betty to Brooklyn Decker, no one can figure out how they do it. All year long, they have that just-got-out-of-bed sluggishness. Then spring comes around with all that fresh air and nice weather and all of a sudden, they look completely different and they are out there dunking on people, staring people down and tossing opposing coaches aside. Dallas invaded L.A. last night. They were left with a reminder: the champ is here … In a game billed as the battle for the West’s number-two seed, L.A. sent a message to the Mavs with a decisive knockout punch in the second half during their 110-82 win. With the W, the Lakers pushed themselves to within two-and-a-half games of the Spurs for the top overall seed in the playoffs. Every energy stat, every effort number was completely slanted in L.A.’s direction. For example, Kobe Bryant (28 points) had a crazy save in the second quarter, tipping a pass, and then slapping it back inbounds. It ultimately led to a Ron Artest three. Just before that, Matt Barnes had an angry baseline dunk and then Andrew Bynum (18 points, 13 rebounds) followed by just straight destroying Dirk Nowitzki (27 points, 13 rebounds), grabbing an offensive rebound over him, hitting him with the hardest drop step you will see and then turning and dunking. This really is a different team. Plus, we all agree that if Bynum continues to play like Hulk, there is no way the Lakers are losing right? … In the second half, the game got ugly and players started getting frustrated. Tempers boiled over in the fourth quarter when the Lakers blew open the gap to 20. Jason Terry came with a two-hand shove on Steve Blake and then Barnes went street, jumping first at Terry and then throwing Dallas’ assistant Terry Stotts into the Mavs’ bench … The biggest thing for Dallas is going to be overcoming fear. Every time we watch these two teams, it’s like Dallas is out there to run around while the Lakers are there to win. Do the Mavs really believe they can beat L.A. in a series? Can they really take a swing at the bully and keep their lunch? … Artest had a three-point play in the fourth quarter where he caught a bullet pass and converted on a lay-up, all with his left hand. It was insanely difficult, but he made it look like he was playing on a Nerf hoop … Are these Lakers the best version yet of this group? … With Tim Duncan, the Spurs have never, ever lost five straight games. That’s 15 years of dominance, 15 years of numbing consistency. Until now … We started the debate yesterday: who’s closer to a championship – the Spurs or the Celtics? Boston answered definitively last night, cruising to a 10-point win in San Antonio by controlling the final three quarters behind Rajon Rondo (22 points) and sending the Spurs to yet another L … At the end of the first quarter, the Spurs were up 33-31. It was VIP treatment all around as players from both sides easily got to the rim. Two years ago that would’ve never happened. Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich would’ve called a timeout and started cussing people out and someone on Boston would’ve started setting dirty screens. Times have definitely changed … Rondo took over in the second half, spearheading a game-changing third quarter run with his constant energy. He had eight points and five assists in the third quarter alone, and then continued it down the stretch. In the final five minutes, the Celtics got whatever they wanted on offense, scoring at will. Rondo ended the night with 14 assists and zero turnovers. Is there any question he is the most important Celtic? … And can we seriously kill this “Big Three” thing? Or at least come up with different monikers. It’s so lame and uncreative. Plus, now with nearly every good team having a “Big Three,” it means absolutely nothing … For the Spurs, Popovich admitted it during his end-of-quarter interview: way too many threes (they went 8-29 for the game). In the third quarter, their offense was suffocated, scoring just two points during a nearly six-minute stretch when Boston took control. As for their defense, back in the day, you had to get by layers of Spurs before you scored. Now, it’s like beat one guy and you have a layup … We were never big fans of Chris Webber as an analyst. But when you stick him next to Rick Fox for a night, he really stands out, looking extra comfortable. It was pretty funny to see the difference. C-Webb was flippin’ out on everyone – Dirk, Peja, Brendan Haywood – for not being more physical while Fox was looking like he spends six hours a day grooming himself … We’re out like Krstic.

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  • Era

    I feel bad for Dirk. As soon as the intensity goes up, he is the only Mav who’s able to put the damn ball into the basket.
    He is and has been surrounded by cholkers. This is a typical Mavs playoff boxscore. Dirk goes for 27 on 10/20 and the rest of the team goes 20/63.

  • common sense

    absolutely no post game.. jump shooting teams will never win a chip..

  • http://Dimemag.com Chrisballz

    Hahaha that fight was crak up az. Terry knew he was in for it. As soon as he did it, he turned back to Blake cod he knew it was on hahahahahaha. I don’t get all these technicals. Seriously. If they get into a full blown scrap, then all good. But a bit of push and shove is great. More people will watch. It Getz everyones attention, makes every highlight reel and every sport segment on the news. LETS SEE MORE!!!

  • Padoods

    jason terry is a little bitch! Am seriously considering dropping him from my fantasy team even though im seriously contending for the championship

  • Ian

    Agree and people blame dirk after this teammates choke

  • 92021SpurMD

    Kuddos to Boston for winning the game, but lets be real, the Spurs just didn’t make shots. They make half of those open threes in the second half, and it’s an easy win. Don’t make it sound like Boston won so easily and wasn’t dissected either, SA just missed many of their open shots.

  • yoda

    at one point score was 91-80 for lakers. game ended 110-82. how sick was that :O
    if lakers stay healthy… well watch out nba!!!

  • kyballer312

    @6 -If “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas…if Ray Allen shoots even remotely his true percentage it becomes a 20 piecing…I hate when fans say “if this” or “if only”…if that were the case…NO ONE WOULD LOSE or miss a shot…Boston tightened it up in the 3rd and SA didn’t respond…SA never made a run because Boston would answer basket for basket…when Rajon has confidence in his offense this is a VERY difficult team to defeat…not saying they will the ‘ship this year (Perkin';s trade killed that) but they will surely be the team out of the East…CHI will eb a tuff out but I think Doc can scheme for Rose a bit more in series better than one game…but it is a bad matchup coaching wise…Shaq and JO will have to play major roles or its lights out in Beantown

  • SoulChorea

    What is with you guys trying to change every nickname to something corny? You already know if you decide to try and change “The Big 3″ to something else, you’re gonna end up with something on the level of “The Gooch”.

    Bynum looks nasty, but you can tell that knee is gonna buckle any second now.

  • First & Foremost

    Rondo got it going with his jumper in the 1st quarter. I think it was 3 straight possessions they dared him to shoot and he calmly stepped into all 3. Early on the Spurs looked like they would run Boston out of the gym, there was a stretch for about 6 minutes of just dunks and lay-ups. Oh well Spurs,

  • Lee

    I think most of the Spurs losses came when Duncan was out of the team. Plus most teams are only playing their stars about 30 mins a game apart from Miami. Those guys could be burnt out by the time it gets intense in the playoffs.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Spurs got hurt, lost some games, but now it’s time to get their asses in gear.
    They just need to get ready for the 2 1/2 months of playoffs ahead and not worry about these last few games.

    If they’re first in the West, great. If they’re 2nd or 3rd, fine, whatever – they have won championships before with tougher routes.

  • QQ

    Let’s forget the whole bullshit that the veteran’s are the keys to the Celtic’s hope, Pierce as being the leader, Garnett the cog to the system, etc.

    The Celtics IS undeniably Rondo’s team.

    The last few games that they were reeling, DRondo played like shit and forgot how to play basketball. This game versus the best team in the L (with Ginobili and Duncan playing), the Celts were playing like a machine because their best player is playing like a beast.

    Fuck all that ‘its about managing injuries, Shaq playing well, Green knowing the offense’ etc.

    Where Rondo goes, that’s where the Celts will go.

  • High Release



    “…and that’s what made Blake react and come right in his face.”

    And he was only on the hard wood for a second or so.

  • JH

    Where is TNT’s “Big 3″? Are they in a lockout as well? I couldn’t take heavy Laker bias Fox was emitting.

  • marcus the great

    i happen to think the nbatv crew (webb, mchale and kamla) all do a pretty good job. webber is pretty funny but mchale is pure gold

  • K Dizzle

    Lamar Odom MURKED the Mavs last night. It was close til LO went on his personal 11-0 run. WRAP!
    Straight up, Mavs are gonna miss Caron more than anybody thinks. He was the bonafide 2nd option on that squad and played solid wing defense on 2s and 3s. If the Mavs go out in the first round again, I hope nobody’s surprised.

    What I took from Rondo’s game last night was that Tony Parker is the worst defensive point guard in the L. Point blank. Forget Calderon. Forget Steve Nash. If you in a slump and TP is on the sched, you goin off…even with the best record in the league.

    That leads to this: If the Lakers catch the Spurs for the best record(which is lookin good right now and we get them on the 12th), my MVP vote switches from Rose to Kobe…if I had a vote. All season long, REAL Laker fans been sayin this team is bored. 3 STRAIGHT FINALS and dudes cryin about losses to Cleveland and Charlotte which meant nothin. Came out of the all-star break, 28 games left, and once again, team turns it on.

    Your team, ain’t beatin my team, in a 7 game series.
    That is all. Discuss…

  • LakeShow84

    Well i guess there isnt any reason to trip off the Mavs now either lmao

    This is looking like the easiest year to get the chip honestly..

    And props to Blake for pushin Terry with his chest.. Dont back pedal bruh.. Wish Barnes wouldve shoved Joeyu Crawfords weak ass tho.. he couldve but the NBA wouldve probably cut his hand off or something..

    Bench just got closer tho.. Thanks JT :)

  • This_Will_Hurt

    Your team……

  • Big Hook

    CWebb is a fool, he thinks the Spurs’ defense hasn’t been good since Duncan was under 32. Remember there are two days off between playoff games and I can see Duncan playing all-nba def in the playoffs because he will have more rest and his legs back.

  • LakeShow84

    I second that lol

    Your team aint beating our team.. and its a wrap

    But be real KDizzle.. we all know Kobe has NO chance of winning MVP lol arguably the best player in basketball constantly playing for the ultimate prize and dude finishes FIFTH every year lmao

    Gotta love the media..

    But I say its a wrap and not because of us actually beating the Mavs soundly but because of HOW we did it.. these past 2 years after the first Boston Finals we’ve seen we needed to be a gritty team, we signed Artest, Barnes and Blake for those reasons.. offense has never been our problem as we always top 5-10 but now u add gritty defense to an already efficient offense???

    And we LEGITAMATELY gritty????? not Chris Bosh im sore today so ima shoot J’s tough, we big Bynum ima get frustrated and take someone out gritty..

    Pllllllllhhhhhhpppppppp see everyone at the parade..

  • Sporty-j

    How many fights will there be tonight???

  • JDish

    I can’t bare to watch the Spurs in a slump, and to hear that they lost to the Celtics is hard. But Lets all remember that this team has the best record as we speak, no matter the losses, they are still one of the best this season. And to play another great team like the Celtics, someone has to come out a loser, its just too bad that it was the Spurs. Lets see what happens in 7 and see who comes out a winner. GO SPURS! :)

    jaja I don’t think I have ever seen Steve Blake go after another player like that. Wonder who would have come out standing from that?

  • LakeShow84

    @ JDish

    Blake wouldve bombed him.. he was ready lol

  • Sporty-j

    Laker fans are a trip when they know deep down inside that they are praying that Boston knocks my Heat out of the playoffs so that they may 3peat. How can a guy who is nothing more than a mid-range jumpshooter now still be considered the best? If Laker fans want to keep it real! Wade past Kobe up as the best SG in the L since “2005” when the Pistons had to develope the Wade rules and hurt him in the ECF just to make it to the Finals that year. You guys talk about the media and how they are biased towards Kobe but yet he somehow always has made the all defensive 1st team over Wade every year with his overrated defensive if you guys want to keep it real and all NBA 1st team because his name is Kobe. If theres 1 player that the media has always been biased towards its Wade not Kobe who has always been on a loaded team and seems like he cant win a ship “unless hes on a loaded team”. When the Lakers gave him a chance to be the man he cried out to the media for help and now he makes sure Gasoft does not get to much of his shine since there offense flows much better through there big man like it did with Shaq, instead of the perimeter ball hog. Dont no what game you guys have been watching but Kobes been better than Wade only 1 season since Wade has been in the L and that was his>>>>>>ROOKIE season lol. Which is sad because this is the guy that we compare to the GREAT MICHEAL JORDAN who has not even been the best as his position for years now and has only lead his team to 1 ship as the man since Gasol got robbed last year of the finals MVP. Hell you can make a case for Gasol being the best player on that team as him and Bynum put back every 1 of Kobes BRICKS. Guy might not even the most important length of his own team and hes the best player? Lakers are a playoff team without Kobe and if you plug in Melo, Lebron, Durant, Wade, and a healthy Brandon Roy. Its still a championship team. Hell Joe Johnson could take Kobes place on that loaded team. I know that Kobe has lost a step now but whats his excuse for Wade passing him up as the best SG since 2005 when he was in his prime for sure than???

  • common sense

    kobes been great this year n all but he is no were near MVP. look at the help he gets. LO, Gasol and Bynum. LO has been ballin all season and now Bynum is absolutely beasting. this lakers team seems to be the best one since the last shaq championship team…

  • common sense

    @SPorty-j, you made a good point were you said the lakers offense runs a whole lot better inside out when the bigs dominate the offensive load as opposed to kobe goin one on one. the most amazing thing is that the lakers dominate despite of kobe not because of kobe.

  • 92021SpurMD

    @kyballer – what game did you watch? Their D didn’t tighten up, they gave up open three after open three. They caught SA on a cold night… my point was, why glorify the C’s defense when they clearly gave up a million open shots that were just missed. I give the C’s credit for making theirs, but give the Spurs those same open shots next time, it’s gonna be a different game. The Spurs are fine, they just need to hustle on D a little more.

  • JC

    Doesn’t it seem like the Spurs were 9 games ahead just a couple hours ago?

    How many more injuries can the Celts withstand?

  • LakeShow84

    @ Sporty J

    Honestly bruh i doubt ANY Laker fan is trippin off playing the Heat in the Finals..

    THE FUNNIEST PART is your guys’s ONLY REAL HIGHLIGHT of this season is beating us so who did those games really matter to??

    NOT US BRUH lmao and u illmatic acting like u foo’s beat us soundly.. Christmas was whatever but Wade got away with murder and u chumps BARELY took that on ur home floor..

    We PROVEN.. u guys arent.. lmao ONCE AGAIN>>> Regular season doesnt mean SHIT come playoff time..

    Id want the Heat so we could knock off Lebron AND Wade.. dont get it twisted kid..

    Like i said.. Heat will go down either in the Eastern playoffs or the Finals dont matter but the ONLY highlight besides the record bloated on garbage teams??? beating the 2 time defending champs..

    Please fall back with all that noise lmao

    If i was Miami id worry about ur 0-6 record vs ChiTown and Boston.. not worry about the other conference lmao

  • LakeShow84

    And u guys right Kobe just been LEADING his team down this whole stretch with play and example but yeah we win in SPITE of him..


  • LakeShow84

    Sure didnt need his 28 last night..

    I mean we stacked we got it lmao

    And really i dont even think we need him to win another chip.. lets be real.. WE STACKED..

    Lmao you guys sure u actually watch basketball?? guess u gotta be a Laker fan to understand there isnt a player in the league besides VINTAGE Shaq and VINTAGE Tim Duncan who could ask for weapons and go to the Finals 3, possibly 4 times consecutively..

    Wade, Lebron and Howard couldnt do it and i guarantee it..

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Wade is better than Kobe..

    Didnt our boy splash that game winner in YOUR boys face last season????


    LMAAAAAOOOOOOOOO Weak ass Miami fans..

  • LakeShow84

    Screw it im bored lmao

    So we could SERIOUSLY plug Melo and Joe Johnson into our system and still win it all???

    LMAO Mr Joe fadeaway-in-the-playoffs Johnson and Carmelo play-D-twice-a-year Anthony???

    WOW lmao ni$$as is basketball genius’s on here.. shows how much people really know what it take to being a championship caliber team..

    Come on Sporty J tell me ur novel post was a big ass April fools lmao

  • Ian

    i wouldnt brag about that one cuz kobe with his loaded team needed a lucky shot to beat wade and the muppets he played with.

    commonsense and sporty j
    i agree 99.9 percent with what you guys said the only thing id take out is melo leading anything dude is the most overrated player the league has seen since ewing.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Aye a basketball games a basketball game.. even the weak teams put up a solid fight and ANY team with DWade got a chance..

    Hows that Lakers/Spurs playoff series lookin to you???

    Still want that??? lmao SEE YAAAAAAAAA

  • LakeShow84

    Kobe and his loaded team


    Listen people i hate to bring some fact into ur life but ANY championship contending team is LOADED..

    Spurs??? LOADED

    Celtics??? LOADED

    Chicago??? LOADED

    Orlando??? LOADED

    Miami??? ehhhh kind of loaded but they boast 2 of the top5 talents in the NBA with another solid top 20 player.. thats lightweight LOADED

    Weak ass excuses just to hate lol just sayin

  • Ian

    “Aye a basketball games a basketball game.. ”
    oh comon man thats bs.

    ha i said since day one i dont mind portland or dallas knocking the lakers out but after last nights game i dont see that series going more than 5 games.
    pop needs to give splitter starter mns this last few games without another 7 footer helping timmeh we are dead.

  • Ian

    show now i know your messing
    take out the best player outta everyteam in the league and have the teams play like that. the lakers win 70 games and sweep all the other teams in the playoffs wtf is this loaded thing. didnt the spurs lose all their games without timmeh. orland without howard cant beat the raptors and chicago without the mvp???? how about dallas without dirk 0-7. sureee loaded. i bet you think cleveland last year was loaded cuz they (bron) won 60.

    another thing the comparison was wade vs kobe i dont see the heat being on the loaded list last year.
    what other team has three allstar 7 footers?

  • LakeShow84

    Come on now we pushed a LOADED Suns team to 7 games when we started Kwame Brown and Smush Parker lmao

    ANY team with a bonafide superstar got a chance against any team.. u should know that as a bball fan bruh lol thats what makes basketball so great..

    I think Splitter still on the rookie curve tho.. Pop isnt going to trust him with any meaningful minutes.. But Timmay has BEEN needing another big next to him.. BEEN..

    Hated watchin KG get that win last night over him..

  • LakeShow84

    I know we are stacked lol i love it

  • common sense

    @Ian i have no respect for melo not because of his lack of D and his undeserved status as a “franchise player” but because of his bitchassness allowing his affairs to be dictated to by your woman. what a bitch. woman saying she wants an entertainment career and him cow towing to her wishes. these are what i observed from the whole trade fiasco but it was damning. what a bitch.

    @lakeshow, how can you explain kobe gpoing 8-21 shooting and 11-15 free throws to get 28 points? counting the free throws as attempts then kobe shot the ball roughly 28 times. seriously! how is that even possible with Gasol hitting a high percentage and Bynum looking as beastly as Dwight Howard with a more refined post game.
    kobe is a great talent but he is ridiculously selfish its not even funny. and his fans ignore this fact because you are winning.

  • LakeShow84

    But its just the sum of the parts bruh.. and u cant count injury time as tell tale signs.. thats really coaching as far as pickin a new gameplan..

    And some teams dont know how to play without their superstars.. fortunately our system has NOTHING to do with a certain individual while damn near everyones elses does..

    OK so Dallas went 0-7 without Dirk??? They start JKidd, Butler, Marion and have Chandler at the 5.. with JJ Barea (who has lit EVERY TEAM UP), and 6th man of the year Jason Terry off the bench.. Oh and Brendon Haywood too.. solid role player.. Thats a solid starting 5 and 3 solid bench players.. LOADED

    OK so SA went 0-whatever without Timmay??? They start Finals MVP Tony Parker, Ginobli, who starts the 3 this year?? Neal and Blair at the 4 with Timmay.. they bring McDyess, George Hill and Splitter off the bench.. 8 deep LOADED

    Celtics??? Should i really keep going??? lol

    Some teams can play without their superstar most teams cant.. we are able simply because we dont have a superstar driven system and our team period knows how to play without its superstar.. like i said, most teams dont..

  • common sense

    with all being said the traingle is the best scheme in the nba and kobes accurate j suits the scheme perfecty…

  • LakeShow84

    @ Common Sense

    Yawwwwnnnnn seems we always talking Kobe shot this and that.. first off dude is a guard so who gives a shit im tired of everyone acting like he should be shooting 50% or better..

    That shooting shit is really all anyone got on Kobe.. Bloggers be on here acting like they could better GTFOHHHHHHH lmao that shit is comedy to me..

    But ITS LEADERSHIP OUT THERE.. whose always yelling at Gasol to be tougher??? whose always giving Artest pointers on the triangle??? whose always giving players props for doing they thing??? who leads by example with work ethic???

    All that shit???? all that ON THE COURT OFF THE COURT shit??? that shit in its entirety is shit u dont see from ANY OTHER PLAYER IN THE NBA.. think about it.. and seriously think about it..

    ill take 8-21 all day cuz i know our boy aint going to leave hanging when it comes down to it and he’ll make sure no one else leaves us hanging..

  • Claw

    Heat won’t even make the Eastern Finals, done in round 2, Bosh is your interior defense?????

    I don’t like Kobe, think he is a byiatch MJ wannabe BUT
    if he’s not doing at least average or better in last year’s playoffs they don’t win. Gasol was the best player in their wins but if he didn’t have Kobe there is no way he plays like that and he would garner more double teams.

    @Lakeshow – I’d be on the DL with Bynum love, you know what that leads to! You know its coming, that dude is cursed right around playoff time.

  • common sense

    point made.. id take the intangibles kobe possess of the likes of melo any day.. kobe tops when it comes to wanting to win. i suppose this is an avenue where his greedy persona is well suited towards. kobe is the type of person that would sell his momma out to win the chip.. well metaphorically yall get my point..

  • LakeShow84

    Dude was sell his FAMILY to get a chip i bet..

    cant condone it but as a fan im all for it lol

    @ Claw

    Shaddup dont jinx our shit lol im even afraid after the games sometimes.. im always waiting to hear

    “during the 2nd half of last nights win over blah blah Andrew Bynum felt a pop in his knee and Xrays this morning confirmed…”

    Its like knowing ur cars going to break down with no warning from the the check engine light lol

  • LakeShow84

    Damn i forgot that Richard Jefferon was on the Spurs..

    They got squad Ian be real lmao

    we just got something u cant teach nowadays.. HEIGHT

  • jdizzle

    @LakeShow84 but you of all people should know that it takes more than just height. If thats the case you could plug in Shawn Bradley and Gheorge Muresan (in their prime, if they even had one).

    Come on now, you’re better than that lol

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Come on LakeShow, Lakers are a special kind of stacked. Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Fisher, shit even Shannon Brown, Blake and Barnes.

    They are probably gonna make it out the West easy, and I just hope my C’s are healthy enough to meet them there. Cuz a 3peat would be way to much for me to handle.

  • LakeShow84

    @ StunnaBoy

    Artest has team hopped since Indiana.. Pacers let him walk, Kings lets him walk and the Rockets let him walk..

    This is Odom’s first CONSISTENT year since hes been a Laker (!)

    Fisher??? how much shit does dude take for being our supposed “weak link”????

    Shannon Brown was discarded by the Cavs and he was their 1st round draft pick.. he was also considered a “throw in” on the Morrison trade..

    We won the chip without Bynum one year then we won with him in limited duty another year..

    So you cant just say we a special kind of stacked.. we got the greatest coach to ever do it and the 2nd best floor general to ever do it leading the troops.. its the sum of the parts like i said..

    Shit Gasol was 0-16 in the playoffs before he came to LA.. thats a crazy f’n number for any #1 option..

  • LakeShow84

    @ JDizzle

    i know it aint about neccessarily ALL about height but our bigs got MAD skill.. MAD skill.. so i cant really argue when people say we got 3 AllStar bigs..

    Me and my lil brother were watching Gasol yesterday and we were just laughing at how much stroke that big mofo got lol

    he could even fadeaway but he rarely does.. besides Dirk aint another 7fter in the game with that much shooting game.. and his strength aint even shooting..

  • K Dizzle

    LMAO @ sporty j’s rant on post 25.
    How does a first-year Heat fan even have the guts to post a nonsensical post about the Lakers gettin past the heat?
    Kid, plug in. Lakers, Thunder and Bulls are on a SERIOUS roll. Miami ain’t gettin past Chicago or Boston, but this dude wanna talk about his “havin a preseason parade, dancin like fools on stage” squad like they earned anything. Your best player couldn’t even show his face during startin line-up role call in his (almost) hometown.
    We gettin to the Finals for the 4TH STRAIGHT SEASON to get a THIRD STRAIGHT CHIP and you wanna talk about how Wade is better than Kobe? what kinda ignorant ass comment is that? I don’t give a phuck if DWade is on espn every night as long as Kobe brings it for 16 wins in April, May and June. Act right, kid. U showin your ass…

    @ Ian – you agree with 99.9% of post 25? Lol
    I don’t get Spurs fans. When y’all were up 10 games on everybody, it was all sunshine. I told you, the injuries were coming. Well, the injuries ar here, Lakers are 2.5 back, and rushin hard. I understand why Spurs fans might be stressed since Tim’s never lost 5 in a row…
    C’mon Ian. I KNOW you better than that.

    but (I’m gonna pause and read post 25 again cuz maybe I missed some knowledge)…
    Ok, I’m back. Most ridiculous post ever.
    Cryin about Kobe’s gunnin when they last played, Kobe shot 8-21 and 4 of 8 from 3 while Flash shot 9-23 and 1 of 4 from 3 plus got a homecookin no-call on Kobe’s last shot. PRAY that the Heat don’t get to the Finals cuz it’s gonna hurt.
    Here’s how you know a post is from a clown:
    While the LOS ANGELES LAKERS are chasing their 3rd CONSECUTIVE CHAMPIONSHIP, some fan of a team that’s been relavant for exactly ONE SEASON wants to discuss why his guard has been better than Kobe since 2005.

    Straight comedy and the best way to kick off the weekend LMAO!


    R.I.P. Nate Dogg….in case you forgot

  • the cynic

    the Spurs are showing the rest of the NBA how all-time great perform a choke job.

    Lakers have the title and the 1 seed in the bag

  • the cynic

    Jason Terry is an epic choker, Nick Anderson esque. I love how Terry decides to get tough with the smallest guy on the lakers. What a puss, the fan who tried to rush the court has more heart than Terry

  • the cynic

    just read an article on espn where Terry calls Barnes “soft”. Classic, Terry is beyond clueless

  • JAY

    Just a simple comment… some clowns in here are calling out Kobe for terrible shooting nights. What you fail to recognize is that when it comes down to the end of the game, Kobe will get into Mamba mode and get the buckets that count. I don’t give a fuck if dude goes 3-15 or 5-20, fuck, even 0-35, the other coach is shitting bricks if/when Kobe has the ball late to win the game. Some guys have crazy shooting nights like 9-12 but they lose, and you idiots are all over their knob. Kobe is a closer. Winning is all that matters to Kobe.

  • barons_beard

    no love for Ron-ron’s and-one & kiss-the-guns celebration? the guy is a HERO

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Jay – clutch is a made up stat. “Winning is all that matters to Kobe” lol cmon, “Winning is all that matters to (insert any NBA player)”.

    3-15, 5-20 shooting? When your “shooting” guard is such a bad shooter, you don’t get to be in game-winning situations.

    And in case you hadn’t heard, Kobe’s clutch percentages are quite pedestrian.

    Not picking on you, I just hate clutch arguments.