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The Lakers Quit The Losing, But Might’ve Still Lost Bynum; Derrick Rose Is Unleashed In MSG

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum (photo. Jeff Forney)

Dallas and the Thunder must be fuming right now. We would be. With the Lakers reeling, losers of five games in a row, the Spurs had the chance to sneak into L.A. and deliver another crucial blow to the two-time defending champions’ home-court advantage hopes. It was the perfect setup. Or at least, it would’ve been had Gregg Popovich cooperated and played his big guns. But as nice as it was for the Lakers to finally get a win, how costly was it? Andrew Bynum hyperextended his knee and there’s no telling just how long he will be out. Stormy clouds ahead in Los Angeles … Behind 27 points from Kobe Bryant and 17 points and 17 rebounds from Pau Gasol, the Lakers shook off a very shaky first half to beat the Spurs, 102-93. San Antonio chose to rest their Big Three, and had trouble scoring almost from the start. But the game itself nearly became an afterthought after the Lakers’ most fragile big man crumbled to the floor again. In the second quarter, Bynum stepped on DeJuan Blair‘s foot and his leg immediately buckled. He sat on the floor for a few minutes and you could visibly see the air go out of his sails. We can only imagine what was going through his head … Was it a coincidence that Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker all sat out last night? Popovich said it just happened that way, that it was the scheduling, and we believe him. How often do some of these teams actually attempt to negotiate their playoff fate? A lot less than most people speculate. There are too many variables and too many opportunities to get screwed over. The second you start playing with fate, that’s when someone gets hurt (ironic to say on this night) or you end up drawing an even worse position. For the Spurs, it’s probably better that the Lakers stay on the other side of the bracket, but what’s more important than that is maintaining the best record in the league. Pop wouldn’t give that up just to tempt fate. It’s obvious, in a game as important as this one was, he really did want to give his older guys some rest. But still, they are supposed to play tonight against Phoenix … What was up with Cheryl Miller‘s haircut? She looked like a pineapple … And Steve Novak: the ankle breaker … While the TNT nightcap failed to live up to it’s anticipated excitement, two of the league’s most entertaining, and most dangerous lower seeds dueled in Portland for the chance to move up to the sixth seed. The Blazers locked up that spot with a convincing second-half against the Grizzlies, winning 102-89. Portland, who had to deal with as many injuries this season as anyone, has to be ecstatic about where they are heading into the playoffs. They are 16-8 since acquiring Gerald Wallace (14 points) and have as good a shot as anyone of upsetting one of the higher seeds. With LaMarcus Aldridge (22 points, 11 rebounds) playing as well as he is, anything can happen … Memphis opted to rest Zach Randolph and Tony Allen … For the Lakers, either one of these teams could be killer in the first round. Portland’s mastery of them in the Northwest is well-known, but the Grizzlies happen to have one of the few frontlines that can match their size (even if Bynum is able to play), and they just might have the two best Kobe-stoppers in the world in Shane Battier and Tony Allen … The Bulls beat down the Knicks in New York, 103-90, by using a suffocating 26-2 run to start the third quarter, punctuated by a Derrick Rose double-pump reverse dunk. Rose (26 points) was a beast again, and had another couple of dunks in the first half that had the arena buzzing. With a first-round series against Boston on the horizon, New York opted to sit Amar’e Stoudemire again and that hurt. In the second half, they just couldn’t generate enough offense against Chicago’s stifling defense, scoring just 35 points … Carlos Boozer added 14 points and 22 rebounds in the win … Charles Barkley said in the pregame that he believes the Hawks have a shot in the playoffs and that their series against Orlando will be the only competitive one in the Eastern Conference’s first round. Chris Webber took it a step further, saying he thinks Atlanta will win. They did win three out of four during the season against the Magic. Are Barkley and Webber right? … Yesterday, it was reported that Chris Paul said signing on with the Bobcats after his current deal is up would “definitely be something to think about it.” Even though he is from the area, does anyone actually believe Paul will consider Charlotte? … We’re out like Bynum.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9RJbLV98fI Showtime

    Groundhog Day? Again? I just hope Bynum will be back in a few games

    Regarding Atlanta … they wouldn’t even make the playoffs in the West so much for their chances

  • First & Foremost

    The Hawks lost by FORTY-ONE… AT HOME!!! Don’t ever say they will upset anyone in the playoffs. I’d bet they won’t even sellout Game 3. Orlando in 5 at the most.

  • JAY

    Hawks = no chance. Some of those dudes are already packed for their off-season vacation. Too many guys on that team don’t care about winning a chip. They have the talent to make a serious run too, but they just don’t apply themselves. It’s sad, really.

  • First & Foremost

    With Joe Johnson’s contract, among others, they can’t even rebuild so you might as well pencil them in as the 5th seed for the next 4 years.

  • http://www.MVPresidesinTheChi.com Chicagorilla

    for the Bulls sake i want the hawks to upset Orl, we match up much better with ATL. And with Horford and Collins being able to bang with Orl’s front line, i can see that being a pretty close series. Of course i hate agreeing with Webber or Barkley…but i especially hate agreeing with both of them lol.

    Oh and im wondering why smack didnt start off with Chi vs Ny? Instead they talk about a weak ass win by LA that SA tanked on purpose. Lame. DRose gave you gold with that oop and reverse double pump, then the team D gave you something else to write about.

    Oh and shoutout to the WNBA Draft. Mya Moore was wearing that dress, but a extra shoutout to Elizabeth Cambage. 6’8 inches of “nicca come get it” was standing on that stage making me forget about Pam Mcgee. Plus she can ball too. And you idiots who claim to be basketball fans, but then clown anything related to the WNBA should slap yourself. That joke is old, lame and only meant to impress casual fans of basketball. WNBA rookie of the year will be Amber Harris….nah Mya Moore

  • drew

    bynum and phil have indicated he should be alright. most likely a bone bruise from the sounds of it, but the MRI today will confirm that. bynum himself has said he’s going to play in game 1 this weekend for what it’s worth. all media outlets need to chill and stop blowing this out of proportion. since when did everyone follow BSPN’s lead?

  • yoda

    crap, problems for lakers all over. who knows how serious is bynums injury, steve blake has chickenpox, barnes had to sit out with knee problems. bynum, kobe and ron haven’t had chickenpox as kids and never had vaccine for it, with our current luck all 3 of them will get infected with kids disease. damn

  • jzsmoove

    its time to hit the books. chickenpox aint a kid’s disease. adults can get hit too. Some can get hit twice (like this humble Dime follower). It actually hits harder as an adult cuz it lead to shingles. That is why you prefer to have it when we are younger.

    Ok now, so yeah i dont mind the lakers getting chickenpox in an opportune time, thatll be cool. I mean no harm they can always take proper medication to prevent shingles. If that happens, I see it might be bittersweet. They might get knocked off the 1st round. But you will hear for the next year that thye got bounced cuz they werent at full strength blah blah blah. But i’ll take it.

  • http://www.MVPresidesinTheChi.com Chicagorilla

    while i do agree that Rose is the MVP, i hate the arguments people use to defend that.

    his stats are nice, the only player in the top 10 in points and asst, improved ft and 3pt shooting, and better rebounding.

    The only intangable people mention is how he did it with Boozer (20 gms) and Noah (30 gms) have been out for a large chunk (50gms) of the season. All that is cool, but there are other reasons he gets the MVP.

    Not only has Rose played with an injured front line, but his replacement front line is 38 yr old Kurt Thomas, Rookie Omer Asik, and 2nd yr forward Taj Gipson. All these guys should never play more than 20min a game, except maybe Kurt.
    Rose also has Keith “i’ll pass up this open J” Bogans as a starter with Ronnie Brewer recovering from a torn leg muscle all season. He also has yet another 1st year coach in Thibs, after learning under V.Del Negro his 1st two years while Vinny was figuring things out.
    on top of that Rose entered camp with 7 new players who all play a major role on the team winning. CJ Watson, Bogans, Brewer, Asik, K.Thomas, Boozer, and Korver. Doesnt matter if they were in training camp or not, this is nearly a new roster with a new coach, and a new system.
    Also while Rose was attacked for his lack of defense in previous years, he has improved to the point where he is an above avg defender. Considering that he is playing the toughest position and deepest in the NBA, Rose has done a great job of keeping pressure on opposing PGs. I think playing against Team USAs Westbrook, Rondo, Curry, Gordon and Billups combined with Thibs focus on defense has made Rose that much better on D and i think he’ll be a great defender soon.
    Rose translated this to a 60 win team (up from 41 last year), which’ll be the best in the east and maybe the entire league. Again i dont think Rose is a complete player, he has a lot of room to grow. But as for this season alone, he has been the best and most valuable player. Could that change next year? Sure. But as of this season, with what he was given to work with, he is the MVP.

  • JAY

    I respect the women’s league but I’ll start paying more attention when Britney Griner is playing in it. She plays like her monthly rag lasts 30 days. I expect her to be awesome in the WNBA. Bill Russell with tits.

  • jdizzle

    @Yoda umm, how in the world did you find out that Kobe Bynum and Ron havent had chickenpox yet, let alone a vaccine for it???

    Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. Even if his injury doesn’t turn out to be that serious all you Laker fans gotta admit that once you saw Bynum crumble to the floor you all let out a collective ”AWWWWWW SHIT! NOT AGAIN!!!!” There are 3 things in life that are guaranteed: death, taxes and Andrew Bynum getting injured.

  • http://weitathletics.com We-It Athletics

    SIDEBAR: Was just wondering what Orlando thought about Bynum’s recent knee problem…I heard the Lakers wanted to trade Bynum for D. Howard straight up…the Magic may be more cautious now about that trade…..If so may be a perfect chance for the Nets to sell Brook Lopez to the Magic as a perfect swap!

  • Brown

    Bynum’s knees are made out of jello and skittles.

  • LeRoy Green

    Me says:

    I can’t see anything mentioned about that 2006 finals without mentioning how the refs stole Dirk’s ring off his fingers. Yeah Dallas kinda backed down a little but it’s hard not to when the refs are sending wade to the line EVERY FUCKING POSSESSION.

    Still pisses me off, I didn’t care who won but I like some semblance of fairness in sports.


    PREACH. I recorded this on VHS back when it actually happened, i still go back and watch sometimes and it becomes clearer and clearer that the NBA GAVE the Heat that ring. Most bogus shit i ever seen in my muthafuckin LIFE

  • First & Foremost

    @Chi – People have been saying Thibs would make a great nba head coach for a while. He just waited for the right opportunity. So the 1st year head coach thing doesn’t lessen his abilities as a coach.

    Taj Gibson is in the same position Milsap was in, look how that turned out for him. He is a serviceable big man who got better in his second year. Kurt Thomas and Asik aren’t the greatest of bigs but their play showed how deep they are in the frontcourt. Even though Big Sexy and Powder aren’t the greatest athletes doesn’t that mean the coach is getting the best out of his players by having them in the right position at the right time. Look what Jerry Sloan did with guys who would get picked over ini teatherball.

    You stay defecating on Bogans and Brewer. They have a role and they do their roles quite nicely. Yes, the team isn’t filled with flashy players but bonafide basketball players that collectively do their jobs. Rose is the leader on offense but you can’t drop a deuce on the rest of the squad just to prove he is the MVP. Rose is the biggest contributor on his team, but everyone on that team contributes.

    Relative to players on other teams, I feel there are a midget’s handful of guys who contribute more to their teams.

  • Promoman

    Looks like the karma check came to the table for Andrew for that dirty ass foul he gave Michael Beasley last month.

  • Ian

    what the fuck is a vhs??

  • Ian

    barkley said the nuggets will beat the spurs easily ifffffffff they make it pass memphis. not bad for a dude that thinks the hawks have a chance.

  • http://www.MVPresidesinTheChi.com Chicagorilla

    Wtf are you talking(writing) about? Not once have i gone in on Brewer, i think he is our teams best defender and should be the starter without question. Bogans is ass and only starts because he knows Thibs system/style from their days in San Antonio i think. He wont be in the L much longer.

    Also jusT because Thibs was thought to be a good coach doesnt mean shit. Mike Brown was said to be a defensive genious, and he had a young phenom in Lebron. Led them to the finals, got coach of the year then got fired.

    Avery Johnson was also projected to be a great coach who was a defensive guy. He took the Mavs to the finals and had the biggest meltdown ever vs the Heat then did it again vs the Warriors. And of course he was later fired.

    Same goes with Calapari in NJ, Pitino in Bos, and Jeff Van Gundy in NY. All were fired after being projected as a great coach.

    im sure this wont make you feel stupid enough to not post a reply again, but i expect nothing less from your kind. But before you do, at least think about it before you type it. Once you click that “submit comment” button, thats it. You can’t take it back. lmao.

  • superfreak


    Co-sign- I was gonna say the exact same thing. The same thing happened to Bynum that year he broke Gerald Wallace’s ribs

  • JAY

    @LeRoy…. you recorded on VHS in 2006?? WTF?!? Hahaha! Where the heck did you find a videotape? They still sold VHS cassettes in ’06?? Or did you re-record over a What About Bob movie?

  • Me


    a couple weeks ago someone was saying how their lakers are all healthy and going all the way. Right then I thought ” he jinxed them. Bynum will be hurt before the playoffs start”. Didn’t wanna type it tho. And now look at em!!! Anyone who can take a step back without homerism could have seen that when bynum was playing this year and doing well was the best time to trade him. Chronically injured players don’t just get better all of a sudden, why doesn’t anyone (CELTICS!!) realize that?

    So Kobe will drop 32 or so points one game on the grizz, on like 9 for 28 shooting at that, and Dime will be saying they were wrong on the whole “2 best Kobe stoppers” thing. I didn’t say my last prediction, but i’m saying this one.

    And of course they’ll be talking nonstop about Kobe being an assassin and taking their souls and all that. Overrated ass nyucca.

  • First & Foremost

    Post #9 The last sentence. You make it seem like what he was given to work with was some trash. Dealing with a 1st year head coach, so what, that coach brought in a system that everyone bought in to and it worked. Dealing with 7 new players, decent backup pg, a player that knows the system, wing defender, height, experience, low post presence, and sharp shooter. Yes, none are superstars but the Bulls gave Derrick Rose a pretty good team to work with. Since he is the only superstar on the team, it is easy to say that he alone has made them a 60 win team.

    Avery Johnson got outcoached vs. the Warriors, fine. It happens, but not like he can go out there and hit open shots for his guys. Not like he can snatch the whistles from the refs for 3.25 games.

    I don’t feel Mike Brown was a good coach to begin with, but then again Dan Gilbert was simply cleaning house which resulted in his firing. That isn’t even a good organization to be affiliated with.

    If Mr. Logo tells you not to draft someone you don’t draft him. How many coaches succeed if they don’t have control over who they can draft?

    I like the condescending outro to your rebuttal.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Superfreak and Promoman

    ummmmmmmm dude gets injured EVERY year..

    I dont think karma has anything to do with it.. fragile knees unfortunately..

    And he better be back in time for the first game of the series..

    Ill kill him >:/

  • LakeShow84

    And the Mavericks lost that Finals because Cuban tried to goto war with Stern..

    And as u can see at the of game 5 u just dont do that lol

  • JAY

    @chi “Also just because Thibs was thought to be a good coach doesnt mean shit.”

    …then you go on to mention Mike Brown, Avery Johnson, Rick Pitino, Calapari and Jeff Van Gundy.
    What is your point in naming those guys? They were expected to be good coaches and guess what? They were good coaches. Sure they got fired, so? That happens. Are you saying Thibs is going to get fired? I can’t pin down what you were trying to do with that. Hopefully you can let us know.

    And just for the record, there were just as many Pitino/Coach Cal critics as number of supporters who said they wouldn’t have much success in the NBA. They were right. There weren’t a lot of whispering critics who said Thibs wouldn’t see success… At least not that I know of but you’d know better since you’re a Chicago guy. Were there?

    And who cares if Thibs is a 1st year coach. There are coaches who coached for years and haven’t had they success Thibs is having. Give him credit. His players bought into his system, he’s been able to get the most out of them without any complaints, and they are winning. How many other coaches in the league can boast that? Let’s go down the list… Scott Brooks, Popovich, ummmm…. is that it?

    One more thing, instead of “a 1st year coach”, would you rather have a coach who won a championship as both a player and a coach, and has the 2nd most wins of any head coach in NBA history?? If so, that guy is Lenny Wilkens’… his resume is as decorated as anybody’s but if he coached that team, they’d be hovering around .500.

    That team is successful because of him. And they’ll do well in the playoffs because they are a defensive team, with defensive players. Shooters tend to tighten up in the playoffs on the offensive side but defense will always be there.
    Stop overstating that “first-year” shit. That’s garbage.

    …Lenny Wilkens…

  • Sporty-j

    ATTENTION TO ALL DALLAS MAVERICKS FANS: When you guys get punked in maybe the 1st round this year and eliminated as usual. Please dont bring your CRYBABY a$$e$ back on Dimes for at least 2yrs. Your Owner is all mouth and no substance. He will use Butlers injury as an excuse for the reason why you guys did not make it as usual. Why do you guys keep giving this Owner of excuse all your money to Only have a great reg season. Laker fans make the most excuses out of any fan base, but at least they do WIN ships and have a point about there team turning it on once the playoffs start. You guys do the opposite of what the Lakers do once the playoffs start every single year and turn it off lol. The sad part about Dallas next season is that you guys wont even have enough money to resign Tyson Chandler because you just gave 10mil a year to your back up center Haywood for the next 5 years. Sounds just like that Celtics wanting to give there MLE of 6mil a year in Jermaine O’neal instead of Perkins lol. Mark Cuban is a Jerry Jones WANNABE that needs to let his GMs and front office do there jobs and have failed you guys just like Gilbert failed Cleveland. At least Atlanta Hawks fans are smart enough to know that what there team is saling them is B.S. But Dallas will keep giving there money to watch the same group of guys fail over and over. Once i think about it! I might need to go to Dallas and open up my own bussiness since the people in Dallas will more than like keep supporting my failed product as long as i got a loud mouth…

  • JDish

    JAJA… have Charles Barkley (& Kenny Smith) and Chris Webber become the Biggest talking heads for the NBA. I can’t imagine Chris Webber analysing stats and then making an informed prediction. They probably have him there just to see what he’ll say, or just to make conversation.

  • JDish

    Oh and what’s best about these Playoffs is watching the Bulls. It’g gonna be fun to watch Derrick Rose and Co. do there thing. I think they can take the series from the Celtics cause they are that good of a team.

  • QQ

    Why is Chicagorilla ALWAYS the first person to hate on his guys when the Bulls are gonna be fucking number 1 seed in the playoffs?

    Damn. First it’s Noah, then now it’s Thibs?

    He’s like the basketball hipster.

    ‘I would support our fucking good of a team, but everyone’s doing it nowadays. So to just be ironic, I hate my team’

    ‘You keep saying Rose is the MVP, but you are all wrong. You just know the MAINSTREAM reasons. I knew D-Rose back when he was UNDERGROUND.’

  • LakeShow84

    That Chicago team is peaking at just the right time..

    I say they tear through the East.. i dont see Rose faltering.. maybe the first 2 games of the playoffs but i think he recovers and breeze through the East.. well a couple of 6 game series here and there

    But i most definetely see them coming out looking for that O’brien Trophy..

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ QQ

    Hes the cranky old timer who sits back in the recliner HUMBUGGIN everything lmao

  • http://www.MVPresidesinTheChi.com Chicagorilla


    You should probably have kept that last post in your pocket. its not like i said Thibs is a bad coach, i like what he does for the most part. He makes some terrible personnel decisions here and there, but he seems to get it. Of course so did all those other 1st year coaches i mentioned who had a ton of backing when they took over. Now look at them, all fired and a couple even won coach of the year. Add Byron Scott to that too.

    Why i bring that up? Because it shows you that a MVP caliber player can make a decent coach look good and cover up a ton of his mistakes…not the other way around.


    I love how you OVERSTATE the value of cj watson, kyle korver, brewer, bogans, asik, scalabrini, and kurt thomas.
    That team would get drilled on their own. Sure Thibs defensive system helps, but add in Boozer, Deng, Noah and all those guys are having a worse year than they had last season!!!! the only guy playing any better or different is Rose!!! Deng and Korver are shooting a worse percentage (although i think dengs 3pt did go up) even though EVERY SHOT THEY TAKE IS WIDE OPEN!!! just watch the playoffs games closely, you’ll see Deng pump faking even though he’s wide open, because he doesnt hit the open 3s that well. You’ll see Korver hesitate and get yelled at because he didnt shoot. Same from Bogans.

  • SoulChorea

    Bynum’s knee…a chicken pox epidemic is about to sweep through the locker room…going into the playoffs as #2 seed…the thunder and blazers are too young and quick for us to keep up with….this don’t look good for the lakers. We’re looking at a Thunder-Bulls finals, folks; the Lakers, Spurs, Celtics are too old and have too much bad luck at the moment.

  • NYK

    espn is making a big deal out of this story, what did kobe say? they even blurred his mouth? then what’s the point of the video? damn


    i went to bed early thinking it would surely be a blow out after seeing the Spurs starting lineup had a bunch of benchwarmers.

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorilla –
    Synergy – N. – The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. Graham Crackers, Marshmellows, & Chocolate bars are aight by themselves, but combined they become a work of art.

    Generally speaking, most of chicago’s bench wouldn’t get picked in a pick up game. However, as a group they are one of the best 2nd units in the league. Otherwise read as: they are a deep team that complements each other very well. None of them will ever win 6th man of the year but their 1st year head coach has made them almost as efficient as their starters.

    Spurs vs. Bulls Rose was a monster in the last game but then when he left the game, the lead grew. So those under appreciated guys you mentioned, blew the game open vs. a very potent 2nd unit. The point being, it is not a one man show. They don’t have the individual talent of LA/SA/BO but their bench shouldn’t be dismissed.

  • JAY

    “Why i bring that up? Because it shows you that a MVP caliber player can make a decent coach look good and cover up a ton of his mistakes…not the other way around.”

    So my statement about Lenny Wilkens coaching that Bulls roster, you think D-Rose would make Wilkens look good? Fuck that bud. Wilkens is a shitty coach. With Wilkins at the helm, they are just an average team.
    Allen Iverson and Melo played for George Karl. That’s at least 1, arguably 2 MVP caliber players playing for Karl… did they make him look good?
    Spoelstra has 2 MVP caliber players and a perennial all-star… do they make him look good? If anything, Spo looks like an average coach coaching those studs.

    Contrary to what you believe, good Coaches can make a mediocre team better. Coaches play HUGE a role in a team’s success just as the players do. George Karl has ZERO MVP caliber players… fuck he doesn’t even have an all-star on that team now, YET they are managing to win games. How could that be?? That kind of goes against your theory, doesn’t it?
    Another example… Toronto had Vince(in his prime), and Jalen Rose on the roster but had Kevin O’Neil, a defensive-only coach. They were shit because the coaches system didn’t fit the personnel.

    You advised F&F to think before he types, because once you click “Submit Comment” you can’t take it back… same to you sir. Your hypothesis stinks.

    Oh yeah, cosign QQ.
    You the type of dude who will support someone/something until more people agree with you. Then when it becomes a generally accepted opinion, then you disagree. Mr. Against the Grain. Here’s a tip, form your opinions on what you believe, not just based on disagreeing with everyone.

    LMAO @ “while i do agree that Rose is the MVP, i hate the arguments people use to defend that.”
    ^^^ Who fuckin cares! Hahaha! I like phat asses… my buddy is into huge breasts… at the end -of the day we’re both into pussy, so who fuckin cares!! In that scenario you’re the dude who’s on the side saying, “Idiots, I hate those reasons why they like that girl. Her personality is awesome and that’s the real reason she’s fine.”

  • LakeShow84

    “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.”


    “George Karl has ZERO MVP caliber players… fuck he doesn’t even have an all-star on that team now, YET they are managing to win games. How could that be?? That kind of goes against your theory, doesn’t it?”

    And YEP

  • QQ

    Let’s say the Bulls wins the chip.

    I can see Chigorilla sitting on his couch, watching the TV as D-Rose is holding the Larry O’Brien trophy in June.

    And he’s probably saying:


  • JAY

    ^^^^^ YEP.

  • Ian

    “Spurs vs. Bulls Rose was a monster in the last game but then when he left the game, the lead grew”

    thats true the bulls +/- when rose plays and sits is almost the same. the second unit (not going by names but when together) play great together.

    he prob taped over some old porn.

  • K Dizzle

    LOL @ Jay(post 37) and QQ(post 39)
    Thanks for the laugh.
    Almost made me forget I’m rockin back n forth waitin to hear if Bynum’s gonna be good to go, or we goin in shorthanded lol
    No joke. Dude went down and my blackberry went nuts…..All haters lol

    There is no doubt nobody hates his team more than Chi.
    Whoe else wanted Melo for Noah, Deng and pieces like the Knicks got took with or killin Brewer and Bogans cuz they can’t shoot so they must suck the night after Bogans hits 2 3s and Brewer tears his thumb off, divin, fightin for and takin the rock.

    I don’t get rippin on Deng. Dude thoroughly outplayed Melo last night with a 23/10/4 statline compared to a 21/5/2 for Melo while hittin 56% from the field and 50% from 3. Yea, he ain’t Melo, but he FITS BETTER with Rose.

    Now, it’s Thibs’ turn to get ripped….cuz the Bulls are 1 game away from maybe the best record in the L….
    I don’t get it.

  • First & Foremost

    My bad everyone, he has never ripped Brewer.

    IMO, the bulls are comprised of a bunch of underrated players plus 1 superstar. Since that star is humble and not an attention whore people have no problem giving him all of the credit. Don’t get me wrong, he has done everything he needed to do this season. If we compare Rose to Lebron, Lebron had certified garbage on his team the first year he won MVP. The next year they made upgrades but it was still him doing everything. Lebron owes Wade an MVP trophy though.

    What made the Celtics so great, offensive balance and great defense. Thibs brought with him the great defensive scheme and combined it with an unstoppable guard. Chicago whiffed on landing a 2nd superstar but they got all the pieces that fit their needs. Why get O.J. Mayo when he has a horrible time guarding other 2 guards [memphis brought back battier and went after Tony Allen AND benched Mayo]? Why pursue Melo, if you’re unsure he will run your offense or attempt to play defense? Rose has had a stellar year but the reasons for him being MVP, whether they are mainstream or underground, completely dismiss the contributions of everyone else.

  • JAY

    @ Ian #41
    LOL! Bullshit. That’s blasphemy and I refuse to believe that. No man records over old porn.

    and there’s no such thing as “old” porn. Once it reaches a certain age, it becomes classic or vintage porn. Never old.

  • Ian

    im sorry but bron doesnt owe shit to wade 60 wins with clowns and wade can barely make the playoffs.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@Jay, QQ, and F&F

    in the words of The Wolf from Pulp fiction
    “Lets not start sucking eachothers dicks just yet gentlemen”

    it’s gotten to the point where you 3 have managed to form some sort of gay internet Voltron that comes together to fiddle eachothers ballsacks whenever one is making a dumb statement. Yeh you not sucking me into this gay love triangle

  • First & Foremost

    Funny how when people lose a discussion, they resort to insulting the winner. Post 19 and 46.
    Kevin Garnett after the finals – “Look at that punk B**** holdin’ my MuvaF***** trophy, with his homo bandgaged hands and his long ski-slope forehead. And look at him, soft a$$ spaniard looking like a tall a$$ hobbit. What grown a$$ Muvaf***** eats muvaf***** candy all muvaf***** day?”

    @ Ian – true, 60 wins is 60 wins but aside from Shaq being injured from thumb wrestling “The Gooch”, Verajo started coming along, Hickson started coming along, Moon was hitting 3’s, Mo Williams was that guy listed as playing point guard, Anthony Parker celebrated the birth of his nephew by hitting 3’s, Big Z was hitting 3’s, Mr. West when healthy fried people with his mid range game, Dan Gilbert attended games. Lebron still did the heavy lifting but Wade had guys who didn’t even help spot him. What guard is top 5 in scoring with a steal and block a game.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I’m suprised you’d get involved in such stupidity. Assuming that you watched the game, lets go over that Feb 17th game shall we

    Rose scores 42pts of the 109pt the team scored. that leaves 67pts for the rest of the team.

    take away the 34pts that Boozer and Deng scored and that leaves 33pts. Taj’s (started for Noah) 6pts and Bogans 6 pts and Brewers 9pts (Brewer split the 2g time and played 20min while Bogans played 18min)are taken off that leaves 12pts for the bench.

    Even if you add up Brewer and Taj as bench points that still makes you look like idiots as you claim they OPENED THE LEAD.

    The bulls 2nd unit plays with Loul Deng and Boozer most of the time. Boozer draws double teams which is how they all get open shots. very rarely are they ever in there on their own without a starter.

    Smart coaching move by Thibs, terrible analysis by you idiots.

    and please stop screaming that ish about the Melo trade. It’s a no brainer. Ask DRose behind closed doors and he’d trade half the team for Melo. As much as i like DRose and want him to grow as a player, i’d prefer to have Melo and a big that gives us a chance to win the chip. Rose will grow no matter what because he works hard.

    thats like saying, the Bulls shouldnt have drafted Pippen because he won’t have a chance to grow under Jordan’s dominance. Or the Heat shouldnt have signed Shaq, because Wade will not be able to grow. the Celtics shouldn’t have traded for KG and Ray allen, because it will stunt Rondo’s growth. GTFOH!!!!! We don’t believe you, you need more people!

    If you are a baller, it will show no matter what. Rose is that.

    And i don’t give 2 squirts of piss how Deng faired vs Melo last night, Melo has shitted on him time and time again in the past so i’ll take those games as the true evidence of who’s better.

  • LakeShow84

    Wades crew when Lebron took that MVP trophy wasnt even a good D-league team..

    Shit they went after SMUSH PARKER..

    Joel Anthony as a rookie and Michael Beasley as ur froncourt ‘studs’ compared to Shaquille O’Neal Anderson Varejao??

    Be easy Ian lol

  • LakeShow84

    Im kinda insulted ChiTown didnt include me in the gay Voltron reference..

  • First & Foremost

    Well of course teams don’t do a complete 5 player substituion unless the starters are really f-ing up. The point being, Rose on the Bench, the Spurs didn’t get any closer and were in a bigger whole when Rose came back. We all know much Popovich loves to play his starters deep into the 3rd quarter when his team is getting blown out. Everyone knows he goes full throttle with his core until his team is back in the game. The Spurs are one of the few teams that you can get away with playing hard for 3 quarters and then coasting. Spurs vs Heat I Heat came out slumming and got beat by 30. Spurs vs Heat II Heat come out swinging and stood over the Spurs late in the 4th after Pop had waved the flag and kept swinging.

    Has Rondo developed a reliable jumper? Has he needed to since he plays with KG, Allen, Pierce? Has he really gotten better over the last couple of years? The Celtics let him make the last pass more times than not but he’s been throwing the same passes. He plays passing lanes pretty much the same way. He has become more important but what has he added to his game?

    WTF!!! Thomas starting for Noah??? You mean to tell me that the BUlls have players on their team that stepped up vs. the team with the best record and they walked away victorious? That must be all Derrick Rose right there.

  • CLAW

    I might be wrong but I doubt it.

    Chicagorilla is a chick.

    Chica means woman, and all that talk about the WNBA, I couldn’t name more than 3 teams yet Chicagorilla is rattling off all these girls balling.

    If I’m wrong I apologize up front, but dude or dudette you are bringing basketball knowledge though sometimes it can be twisted.

    (Cmon Melo, have you SEEN what he’s done in NY?)

  • LakeShow84


    AB just got a bone bruise.. expect to play this weekend..


  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow

    Best news I’ve heard in a minute. That’s just ice n rest. Shoot, AB don’t even gotta play against N’Awlins. Rest 3 weeks and get ready for the 2nd round…

  • LakeShow84

    @ KDizzle

    Hopefully we get them.. id want him to take the extra rest JUST IN CASE..

    But i full whole heartedly agree.. best news ive heard in a minute lol

  • LakeShow84

    I was like a kid waiting for some dark bizarro Christmas waiting for that news lol

  • LakeShow84

    And they fined Kobe 100K for his angry in the moment slur..

    NBA is such a joke sometimes..

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    your a flucking retard. Chica is for chick? seriously, Chicagorilla is a word from hip hop artist Bump J. I guess me posting about impregnanting Candace Parker all these years or beating up Glen Davis didn’t give it away that i’m a man. Damn homie, you can’t be that stupid.
    I coach basketball (Boys and Girls AAU) but i just happen to actually love watching. Doesn’t matter if its a man, woman, boy, girl, hell i’ll even watch two squirrels battle it out if they got skills.

    And as for Melo…
    26ppg 6rpg 3apg 46%Fg 42% 3pt
    not to mention the 3 game winners and even a game winning block on Danny Granger and werent the NYK on a 7 game win streak until they lost to the Bulls? I guess Melo is terrible for that too, or he had nothing to do with it. It was all in the coaching. His (3)30pt 10 reb performances in that stretch had nothing to do with those wins huh? gtfoh

    The funny thing about Melo is you guys getting on him for not playing Defense (which he really can do but doesnt) which i get, i’m ok with that. but you never mention that D’Antoni is a terrible coach for not enforcing defense at all. Yet when someone brings up DRose as MvP, you throw away the fact that he’s been playing good defense, stating that its Thibs and the big guys that are actually playing defense not Rose.
    How convient, with one player you put the blame on the player, but with the other player you give the credit to the coach and not the player. Seems to me like a good way to try to win an argument or prove your point, but throwing all logic out the window.

    Thomas started for Noah and you busting a nut in your pants? thomas didn’t even do anything but like 2pts and 8 reb. Yet you are going off like it validates your point. gtfoh take the L like a man. Shake the cum off ya brain and get some knowledge.

    Someone has to be the vagina on the Voltron…don’t worry you’re the #1 candiadate.

  • CLAW

    @Chicagorilla – My bad, you were throwing me with the WNBA references and then your Melo argument. I thought, only a chick would want Melo and put their team chemistry in to total disarray, but you have proven me wrong.

    Don’t forget, Sheryl Swoopes got pregnant so lesbians can work that sh*t too!

  • ThunderUP

    We can argue all day over Kobe vs LeBron as basketball players, but is there any doubt now that Kobe is a bigger douche? The referee slur — not to mention the kindergarden temper tantrum leading up to it — is just more evidence.

  • yoda

    @ jdizzle
    read it at latimes.com .

  • QQ


    His team gets the number 1 seed in the East, and he’s fuming about him willing to give half his team for Carmelo fucking Anthony?

    Haven’t seen a number 1 seed fan go fucking crazy like this since Mavs fans got their team slaughtered Boom Dizzle and his number 8 Warriors.

    What a fucking retard.

  • QQ

    *got their team slaughtered BY Boom Dizzle and his number 8 Warriors.

  • JAY

    “Smart coaching move by Thibs, terrible analysis by you idiots.”
    A couple of days ago, I’m pretty sure you criticized Thibs for making stupid subbing decisions… and here you are, defending him for keeping at least one starter on the floor with his subs. Are you bipolar? Probably not… I’m guessing you just forget what you say from day-to-day since your whole M.O. is to choose an opinion that noone else shares. Remember my tip from earlier?? Choose your own beliefs instead of just disagreeing with everyone. You’re going to lose yourself bud. It’s already starting.

    “Ask DRose behind closed doors and he’d trade half the team for Melo. As much as i like DRose and want him to grow as a player, i’d prefer to have Melo and a big that gives us a chance to win the chip.”
    FYI, The Bulls were pursuing Wade and Lebron and others to sign last off-season. D-Rose didn’t help with recruiting in public or in private. It’s been documented that James was a bit turned off that their star(Rose) didn’t reach his hand out to him. Fact is, Rose doesn’t give a fuck who he plays with, he just plays. They have the best record and you honestly truly believe that Mr. MVP wants a new team. You are an idiot. He’s not Lebron James, he’s not looking at the other side of the fence. And you, as a Chicagoan, should be thankful of that. Seriously, unless you’ve actually asked him behind closed doors if he wants Melo for half his current team, quit that crap.

    In response to your #46 post, nice. Nothing to say, so it’s time for insults. What are you, 8?

  • JAY

    “Rose will grow no matter what because he works hard. thats like saying, the Bulls shouldnt have drafted Pippen because he won’t have a chance to grow under Jordan’s dominance.”

    So now Melo is Jordan? What?! Lol. First off, who said Rose wouldn’t grow with Melo? I said, he wouldn’t be in the MVP race. In other words, he wouldn’t EXCEL. Disagree. I don’t care. You’ll just look more stupid than you already look.

    I’m just really confused because your team has had the best chemistry in the league, all fuckin season, and finished with the league’s best record. And here you are, complaining that they should have picked up Melo when they had the chance and traded the farm. FYI, Melo hasn’t played on a team that didn’t have chemistry issues. And you want that kid? Lol.