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Vinsanity: The Top 10 Greatest Dunks Of Vince Carter’s Career

Vince Carter

Vince Carter, Dime #21

“He’s wasted his talent.” “He’s soft.” “He doesn’t care.” Vince Carter has heard nearly every insult you could ever throw at a player. But none of that takes away from this: He is the greatest dunker this game has ever seen.

With the recent news that Suns coach Alvin Gentry was benching VC in favor of Jared Dudley, some are taking this as a sign that Carter’s career is pretty much over. But in Wednesday night’s loss against the Thunder, Carter went retro, scoring 28 points and giving us a nice baseline reverse. After that, I figured I would make a list similar to the one I did of Kobe Bryant. Here are the 10 greatest dunks of Vince Carter’s career (no dunk contest and no celebrity-game dunks).

10. College Alley-Oop

I almost stuck the Statue of Liberty dunk on Tim Duncan here. You know the one where TD nearly gets a sneaker to the face. But I couldn’t refuse this one. If you remember VC’s time at Chapel Hill, this play was a staple: inbounds pass along the baseline, just throw it up at the rim and Carter will go get it. This time, he went and got it with one hand, in between two defenders who sort of combined to give him the Tom Chambers push-up. Nasty.

***   ***   ***

9. Facial On Mutombo

Before all of the injuries, the sweets, the gained weight, the playoff flameouts and the graduations, there was Vinsanity and insanity. They combined on this play. Michael Jordan dunked on Dikembe Mutombo before. But not like this. This was throw-you-out-in-the-middle-of-the-street-naked with just your sneakers and a box of Cheez-Its. This was a call to the stratosphere: I’m here.

***   ***   ***

8. Double-Pump Reverse Alley-Oop

Late night SportsCenter. It’s around midnight and you just finished up eating and icing after hoopin’. Find the remote. Dial channel 49. A few plays in and your jaw drops. You grab the phone and dial up your boys: “Tell me you saw that! VC just s*** on the whole game…” It ain’t enough to just reverse the lob. He had to double-pump it. Showboating? It isn’t showboating if no one else can do it. VC was merely experimenting and discovering.

***   ***   ***

7. Dunk Over Ben Wallace

Someone should ask Big Ben about this dunk. His reaction could be the key to discovering what I think is the case: that this might be the most underappreciated facial of all-time. Pause at liftoff: dude is nearly at the foul line. That’s absurd. That’s disgusting. That has to be one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen on a court. Then, he doesn’t just go over Wallace, he stretches up and around him. This is easily one of the most overlooked dunks ever. And it’s only number seven.

***   ***   ***

6. Baseline Windmill Vs. The Clippers

How do you even think to dunk a ball like this? The Wright Brothers must’ve reprogrammed Carter’s mind because no one goes baseline, brings the ball down and then decides to bring it back up and slam it from the side. This was a perfect reverse layup setup. For anyone else that is, except for Vince Carter. The only thing that stinks about this play is that we never get stuff like this out of him anymore. It was like all of the fuel he had saved up inside of him for mind-boggling jams ran out by 2003. (dunk is at the :53 mark on the video)

The best is yet to come…

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    I was looking for Dunk #2 on this link.


  • Kobeeeeee

    Yes. Greatest dunker of all Time. In Game, Contest, allstar, charity -he was the Best. I think there will nEver Be someone Coming Near him. There a Video On you Tube called 100 dünks of vc Part 1 and 2. Wörth Seeing.

  • Kobeeeee

    “It’s ovvverrr” Like Jorrdan will always be G.O.A.T. He is G.D.O.A.T. Here is the link. Vince Carter Top 100 Dunks Volume 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNmU1esUF4k
    I somehow really love the dunk at 05:08. Stop it right there. This is the perfect dunk poster. This is how we should remember him although we feel dissapointed that he did not use his full potential and have a Kobe-like-legacy.

  • Alex

    Thank you Dime for this. I don’t care what he has done in his career (I actually do but that’s besides the fact), VC has taken our breathe away more often than any other athlete since 1999. One of the greatest dunkers. Raptors were never the same after.

  • north

    I remember when Half Man, Half Amazing made the Raptors relevant. Seems like it was all just a dream now. Carter may not be the best in game dunker but I’d put him right up there with The Human Highlight Film and the Reign Man.
    Dime needs to do a dunk off tournament show casing the best in game dunks of all time against each other with us voting.

  • JAY

    Great dunker… but calling him the Greatest of All-Time in any setting is debateable. Kemp and Nique seemingly didn’t dunk it unless there was someone under the rim to embarrass. I’m not saying VC doesn’t have any soul-snatching, insult-your-family crams but IMO, Kemp and Nique were nastier in-game dunkers because of the ones they had over people.

    That said, nobody will ever pull off dunks like Vince has. His opposite-way 360s were sick. His flair was off the charts.

  • God’s Son


    This one gotta be up there.

  • jimmy

    Come on man. VC is GDOAT.

    The End.

  • Mac22

    Vin Baker’s face on #1 is priceless…

  • dung

    GDOAT indeed

  • JAY

    Y’all talking like it’s not even debatable. Lol. Gimme a break. Go watch a Nique and a Kemp highlight reel. Those guys baptized people… INCLUDING THEIR FRIENDS. VC stopped once he became

    I’m not saying Vince isn’t… but i’m not saying he is either. They’re different. Nique and Kemp were disrespectful to the rest of their NBA fraternity brothers. VC’s flair was unique. If you wanna go with the flair, then it’s Vince. If you wanna go with the nastiest, then Nique or Kemp.

  • jnuh

    He used to be an assassin. An absolute Death Row murderer. Then, one day, he stopped. I’m not sure when that day was exactly or why exactly he stopped but watching this kind of makes me sad that he chose the path of least resistance for the remainder of his career. Sure, he threw in a bunch of buckets and took some time out to stab Toronto in the heart two or three times of a year but he stopped doing things that Mattered. Every one of these dunks curls your face up like someone just punched your Mom in the junk. Those dunks take days off the end of peoples lives. Check out some of his reactions after he steals a piece of their soul – he was an Animal. Where did that guy go? When that guy died, VC died too.
    You can throw out all the stat lines in the world (which Awful Burton does ad nauseum) but numbers don’t make up for the fact that what this guy did is not what he could have been. What he SHOULD have been. And we’ll always have these clips to remind of that.

  • Ness

    The Greatest Dunker of All Time!!!

  • Brooklyn

    20,000 points is really that over looked? Never playing for a contender, but many pretenders is also under looked. He did his thing, and by far the best dunker in the NBA. The talent around the league when he played cant be compared to the lack of talent compared to previous decades. This guy made people want to attack the basket and play basketball. Not to mention his ball handling was insane and he had many crazy circus shots.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Nice write-up.

  • jzsmoove

    Not a lot of ballers ever get to legitly claim people paid to see them play. Vince took the league BY STORM. I bought that Vince 2000 Olympic jersey before that gig started. That was money well spent. I still have it and cherish it, sporadically and tactically washed mind you.

  • QazQami

    for those who put nique and kemp in the same stratosphere as VC.. it’s always good to be nostalgic about good all days but let’s face it:

    VC was as powerful as them, so much higher and the degree of difficulty of his dunks made all other dunkers in the history obsolete instantly.

    show me those guys dunking on block shots specialists (like zo or dikembe)as much as VC did and we can start a discussion.

    this guy put the windmill dunk at an unreachable level, even nique’s windmills IN THE SDC are far away from VC’s IN GAME wdmls

    + he has that 1 DUNK.. the cherry on the cake.. where he jumps OVER a 2m18 center and instantly put a end at his confidence and his career… just absurd.

    T-H-E G-D-O-A-t !

    thx for this list. beautiful.

  • Derrty

    I actually really enjoyed this. People forget how ridiculous this man was, probably mostly due to his recent struggles on the court. I was there when he dropped 48 points on the Hornets last year, and it was as if he was reborn. He then went out and stunk it up the next night in comparison. He’s a physically gifted athlete that never really had to work for his talent, much like T-Mac. But, he never had the drive to work to develop the killer instinct to take him to the next level, which is a shame. I’m still a fan of his. I met him once in Daytona and he bought my coffee. He’s still a good guy. Just a talent that never truly reached it’s potential. People talk about him like he’s Kwame Brown. Vince may lack that killer instinct that we all wish he had, but he still gave us some of the best highlights in the history of basketball, and his influence on basketball can never be measured. I think, as basketball fans, more people should appreciate him for what he’s brought to the game. People should stop comparing him to Jordan and Kobe and who else he should have been. Those athletes are once-in-a-lifetime athletes. Vince was a trendsetter, not a game-changer. This was a good article.

  • http://www.iamgrissy.com Grissy

    I’ve been a Raps fan since the beginning and even though VC left a sour trail behind him in TO, he still brought more highlights to this city than any other athlete.

    I was in gr. 9 when he was a rookie and was lucky enough to go to a couple of games and this dude totally transcended what I thought was possible on the basketball court. I was still young but getting to the age where I could appreciate it.

    For all the reasons I have to dislike him, there’s no denying he’s gotta be one of the greatest dunkers of all-time and I’m grateful for the memories.

  • braindeadkev

    one of my all time favorite players man. even tho hes not makin much noise nowadays ima miss him when he finally retire.

  • Speak Up

    Oh brother here comes the hate. Some people hating that VC might not have reached his potential but still is the Greatest Dunker of All Time… Not Jordan, Clyde, Nique, Amare, Kemp, Kobe, or whoever else you want to add to the mix. All of the names I just listed were great dunkers, they had moves that made you think what the hell did I just witness, but Vince takes this hands down, dunk contest or in game, he is the greatest dunker of all time. Nique had power as did Kemp and I watched both players but to be honest no one amazed me with there dunks as much as VC did.