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A Note To David Kahn: Keep The Pick

Minnesota Timberwolves

All it took was the magical luck of Nick Gilbert to fluster David Kahn. Rumors indicate that the Minnesota GM is shopping the No. 2 pick, with the Indiana Pacers and Danny Granger headlining a possible deal. Considering the practical, on-the-court rotational concerns, a trade is not illogical. Assuming Kyrie Irving is taken first overall by the Cavs, the small forward spot that Derrick Williams would play is already occupied by Wesley Johnson and Martell Webster. Enes Kanter, on the other hand, might fit. While he may be an athletic replica of Kevin Love, he’s the true low post bruiser, offensively and defensively, that Love might never become. Operating out of the high post and slithering out to the three-point line through the pick and pop suits Love best.

Kanter does come with a few drawbacks. The defensive frontcourt of Love and Kanter would never stoop to the all-time worst Randolph/Curry duo that the Knicks once employed, but it wouldn’t wow the masses either. And in today’s league of stars, defensive incapability leads to a lottery pick. That leaves Kahn with Brandon Knight, Jonas Valanciunas and a host of other prospects who, according to most, are not worthy of the No. 2 overall selection. So a trade does seem both viable and intelligent. But here’s why it’s not.

The NBA is a copycat league. The Boston Celtics sparked a revolution in which teams manipulate free agency or trades to generate a quick fix. Meanwhile, the other half of the NBA hopes to follow the Oklahoma City Thunder, which allowed young talent to develop cohesion. Although Kahn’s roster moves led to the league’s worst record last season at 17-65, the man is following the Thunder blueprint and planning for the future. The league’s youngest team (average age of 24.22) is also $15 million under the cap, with Michael Beasley‘s $6.2 million 2011-12 salary topping the list. Add the cap room to the abundance of youthful talent and you have a formula for success.

Yet Kahn wants to add a veteran player to the mix instead of another rookie. While I’d normally praise the acquisition of an NBA All-Star, this is not the time to do it. Minnesota’s roster may have potential, but it’s not ready to compete quite yet. Even if they add Granger, we’re looking at a fringe 8th seed, if that. By the time Kahn is able to propel this team over the hump, Granger will be over 30 years old and towards the latter end of his prime. Not to mention the three years and $39 million left on his contract. The time for acquiring stars is when teams are on the cusp of championship contention.

If a trade is made now, the Timberwolves will have to sacrifice not only young players, but future trade assets as well. When the Timberwolves return to the contention conversation, they will be stuck without the necessary pieces to complete that final move. Instead, they should just sit tight. Pick someone at No. 2. When your team is that bad, positional concerns must not be a primary priority. Talent should ultimately win out. So keep adding young players and developing chemistry. The right moves will surface and the wins will materialize.

What do you think the T-Wolves should do?

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  • beiber newz

    ***************here is the LATEST BEIBER NEWZ:

    Potential #2 overall draft pick Derrick Williams said recently that he is an NBA small forward, not a power forward as most scouts perceive him.

    D.W.: “I’m not a power forward, I’m a small forward. Whoever picks me will find that out. I’m just a lot more skilled than most people think I am.”

  • beiber newz


  • http://bigleaguewiffleball.com/ Jon L.

    The possibility of a Granger to Minnesota trade is interesting and it honestly might be worth it for the twolves. Granger is a proven scorer and can provide some experience to a relatively young team.

  • beiber newz

    some teams have no chance in the west…even with granger..who is not a game changer at all.

  • Young Gunner

    C: K. Love
    PF: D. Williams
    SF: M. Beasley
    SG: Webster/Johnson
    PG: Whoever is there I suppose

    Tell me whats wrong with this lineup

  • VC sux

    Eh Dylan, shhhhhhhhh! Let Kahn do his thing, i.e. f#$% up. Let him trade the #2 pick to the Raptors for the #5 and Bargnani. That way the Raps can draft Brandon Knight with the #2 pick and start the rebuilding process with Knight, Derozan, and Ed Davis as the foundational blocks. Won’t win you championships, but at least it’s better than having Bargnani as a cornerstone piece….anything to get Bargnani out of Toronto is the best move for the Raptors.

  • north

    Not sure how Love feels about everyone slotting him in a center permanently. Pretty sure he wants to play PF and have Darko step up to the C floating Beaz to SF where he belongs. This is why they aren’t sure if Williams should be their pick… send the 2 to someone who can get you an early teens pick and a good 2nd round. That way they save cash for when they’ll need to pay Love to stay.


    its Kahn, he’s obviously gonna take brandon knight. only way he doesn’t take knight is if the Cavs pick Williams, then hell get Irving.

  • sneezy

    C. Darko
    PF. Love
    Sf. Beasley
    SG. Granger
    pg. Rubio, flynn or one of the other 20 they’ll draft this year. Granted this means giving up number 2 pf course.

  • beiber newz

    @ # 5 :

    lets not give kevin love the amare/horford treatment AKA power forwards tryna play center.

  • Me

    damn, this was the worst thing to happen for minny. there really isn’t a great option out there.

    draft who? they’d either get someone they shouldn’t or draft a guy way too high.

    trade, for who? what they need is an athletic, defensive-minded center who can grab rebounds and patrol the paint. How many guys like that are even left in the league?

    Maybe trade the pick for a lower lottery this year and another first rounder in a couple years. Best they can really do is get rubio here and trade for a questionmark center such as Oden or Ming. Personally I’m not sold on Oden being a bust yet.

  • beiber newz

    kobe’s gunna retire a celtic. #onthemove

  • trollne1

    If they’re already loaded with SFs, why is Granger headlining the rumored deal

  • loozer

    why not try a trade with philly ?


    The purpose of them trading the pick is because they are loaded with swing forwards and assume Cleveland will draft Irving and they’ll be left with Williams right?

    So why trade the pick for Granger? Why not just draft a younger, cheaper version? Or draft for need instead of value? I don’t see how Granger helps Minnesota at all in terms of reaching the goal of a championship. Sure he gives them a shot at 8th seed but no further than that.

    It would make much more sense to trade the pick to Washington or Charlotte for both their 1st round picks right?