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Andrea Bargnani Hints At Wanting Out Of Toronto

Andrea Bargnani

Andrea Bargnani (photo. Raptors.com)

On paper, Andrea Bargnani has the makeup of a franchise player. He’s seven-feet tall, only 25 years old and averaged over 21 points per game this past season. But despite all that, the Raptors only won 22 games, with Bargnani missing eight of the final 10 due to a nagging ankle injury. So what is Toronto to do? Should they trade their No. 1 in order to improve? If AB had his druthers, he might be on his way out of town.

From Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star:

Asked in a feature interview where he’d like to play if he could rub a magic lamp and transport himself to another NBA city, Bargnani told Italy’s Sky Sports: “I want to stay in Toronto, at least this is the politically correct answer. If (I am) to go somewhere else, I’d like a warm climate city and a team where I can actually play in my role.”

His role? Does he want to shoot less? This season, Bargnani averaged 17.8 field-goal attempts a game, second-most among NBA players who haven’t made an All-Star team. Sure he was playing out of position most of the time at center, but that’s something for the Raptors to address – not necessarily time to give up. But if the Genie is going to grant him his wish for greener (and warmer) pastures, there’s already one idea surfacing: attempt to trade for Rudy Gay.

From Frank Zicarelli of the Toronto Sun:

Perhaps the price may end up involving Bargnani, Toronto’s own trade exception obtained in the Chris Bosh sign-and-trade with the Heat, the No. 5 draft pick or any combination of assets for Gay.

What must be made clear is that if Gay is indeed available, then expect the Raptors to be involved.

If I’m the Grizzlies, I’d turn down this deal just like they did with the Cavs. But if they could perhaps get a third team involved that would be a better fit for Bargnani, they could be on to something.

What should the Raptors do with Bargnani: keep him or trade him?

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  • beiber newz

    expect a phone call from mike d’antoni within the next few days bryan colangelo.

  • Sam

    The Raps have just made bad move after bad move for their franchise.

    In 2003 they picked Bosh over Wade (#4 and #5 respectively).

    In 2004 they picked Rafael Araujo (#8) over Iguodala (9), Josh Smith (17) and Kevin Martin (26).

    In 2005 they chose Charlie Villanueva (7) and Joey Graham (16) rather than Andrew Bynum (10) and Danny Granger (17)

    In 2006 they chose Bargnani (1) over Aldridge (2).

    I could go on and on, and you can say it’s not fair because it isn’t. I could probably pick out foibles like this for every team. But the Raptors are probably the worst at it- none of these players they drafted have amounted to anything, besides Bosh.

    Potential Toronto Raptors line-up after Bosh leaves in 2010:

    PG: ??
    SG: Wade,
    SF: Iguodala/Granger
    PF: Aldridge
    C: Bynum

    Trade Granger for a point guard and you have the best starting lineup in the NBA. Good job Toronto!!

  • johnsacrimoni

    I think by “my role” Bargnani means “Quit expecting me to be a poor man’s Bogut because I’m a poor man’s Dirk. Stop playing me at center and expecting me to rebound and block shots”.

  • paulo

    hope, he goes to boston!!

  • mark

    why not a trade to la for pau gasol?

  • karmatic

    watching shawn marion and peja stojakovic and bosh in the playoffs, knowing the raps got very little for any of them, (or for tmac, or for vince carter), i’m not sure the problem is poor management so much as poor location for a small budget team. for the winter sports of basketball and hockey, pro players want a southern location unless they are playing for a big market/budget team – less cold, less colds, more enjoyable down-time, more family friendly. If you’ve got a choice, who wouldn’t? I don’t expect the toronto comparators (milwaukee, indiana, detroit, cleveland) to be playing for a championship anytime soon, either…no one wants to play there, and these owners aren’t prepared to spend enough to overcome it.

  • north

    Toronto hasn’t done anything to even warrant an article. Bargnani is a waste of talent and money, it wouldn’t matter what position he’s in. He’s shown in his brief court appearances this past season that he isn’t as strong as the centers and isn’t quick enough to guard the PF’s. He’s an average shooting guard in a big man’s body. Ask anyone in Toronto if they’d rather keep Bargnani or get back Jorge Garbajosa, at least that dude played hard and didn’t take some much money.

  • Ian

    you know they dont land those super high draft positions if they choose the players you mentioned.

  • RikkJames

    Bargs would destroy in Orlando, same way Turk can get by with no D or boards.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Sam — Drafting Bosh over Wade was only a “bad” move in hindsight, and maybe not even then. At the time, remember, Toronto already had Vince Carter at 2-guard, so picking another 2-guard with a Top-5 pick when you needed interior help wouldn’t have made any sense. Bosh was the right pick. And it’s not like Bosh wasn’t great for Toronto. He took over the top-dog status from Vince and made like 5 All-Star Games and the Olympic team. He did the best he could in Toronto, they just never surrounded him with the right pieces. Wade wouldn’t have done any better in Toronto than Bosh.

  • NYK

    i came here to say exactly that. he’s a poor man’s dirk and stuck at playing center. LOL

  • Brown

    He’s more like a homeless man’s Dirk. At least Dirk tries. Bargnani has low IQ, zero desire, no toughness, average athleticism…shit I can go on and on but I’ll stop there. He’s tall and he can shoot threes. That’s about all he does on the basketball court.

    Trading Bargnani (and Calderon) would be a step in the right direction. Until they get rid of those two, they have zero chance of even reaching .500.

    I don’t know any Raps fans who think Bargnani is a good player. Come to think of it, I don’t know any basketball fans who think he is either.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @3 and 11 – agreed.

    @ Austin and Sam – if Bosh had gotten Shaq, Toronto could’ve won the Finals in 06. Well, at least as far as the Finals, and if the refs decided to slurp Bosh like they did Wade, who knows? Might’ve been repeat champs.

    I’m tired already of people wondering what’s going to happen with Rudy Gay. Why on Earth would the Grizzlies trade their 1A best player? He was part of the team that got to the playoffs, and if he’s on that team, who’s to say that they don’t beat the Thunder?

  • JD

    so who else wants out of Toronto?? what?? everybody? okay cool, let’s move this franchise to seattle – sweet.

  • bola


    bosh couldn’t leave toronto last year if they drafted wade instead.

  • 2 Easy

    Can someone give Seattle a team again please? Its not fair to see a once proud city begging for a team… no offense.

    The raps need to pair AB with a legit big and give him a chance to prove he’s worth it. The only times he’s ever been good/decent. Once he fails then I can say we tried but until then I see the Raps goin in this circle forever

  • Layzie

    Dream destination is to the HEAT..

    1 – Lebron/Chalmers/Bibby
    2 – Wade/Carter/Jones
    3 – Bargnani/Battier/Miller
    4 – Bosh/Haslem/Anthony
    5 – Camby/Dampier/Murphy

    Just a Dream…

  • DG88

    The minute I saw Bargnani and franchise player I stopped read this