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Carlos Boozer Thinks Miami Has Only Two Great Players

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh, Dime #33

Chris Bosh is paid like a superstar. But, there are a lot of people contending that he isn’t one. One of those is Carlos Boozer. Starting Sunday, the two All-Star power forwards will go head-to-head in the Eastern Conference Finals, and figure to be at the center of the most important matchups. Because of that, the smack talk has already started.

Shandel Richardson, who covers the Heat for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, tweeted out this update earlier this morning: Carlos Boozer says the Heat have two great players. Hmm, which member of the Big 3 did he leave out?

Whether he actually intended to leave Bosh out or not isn’t exactly the point. Subconsciously, he did, which points to his respect level for Miami’s power forward.

During the regular season, Bosh went for 15.7 ppg and 6.3 rpg against Chicago while Boozer averaged 13.3 points and 9.7 rebounds. Both players had bouts with inconsistency all season long, and those concerns escalated in the playoffs. Bosh struggles to be aggressive, especially now that he is a very distant third option while Boozer can’t always finish inside against length and physicality.

When Bosh has played well in the playoffs, Miami is virtually unbeatable. He’ll face a physical front from the Bulls, but must have a couple of big nights if Miami is going to win. Ironically, even though these two might hold the key to the series, they won’t always be checking each other because of the presence of defensive aces like Joel Anthony and Taj Gibson. Still, the Eastern Conference could come down to two of the NBA’s most maligned stars.

Will Bosh show up and prove Boozer wrong?

Who will win this matchup?

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  • Abe504

    yea Boozer really doesn’t have credit to be talking about anybody’s game since he showed up once this playoffs but in theory he is correct

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    How is Boozer defining a “great player?” Does he mean a guy who can almost single handedly take a maligned franchise to the playoffs? Bosh fits that bill. I’ll be the first to say that Chris Bosh is NOT on the level of James and Wade… not even on the level of KG, but dude does have game.

    And Boozer is one to talk. Many people have forgotten that he was the first all star to turn his back on Cleavland… and he does have a history of going missing during the playoffs… and I can’t shake the feeling that this is a B—H move bc Boozer was the Bulls second pick behind Bosh this past summer.

    Going to be a great series.

    Go Heat.


  • Big Island

    I like Bosh well enough, but he is unbelievably overrated.

  • Sporty-j

    Boozer wont even be sticking Bosh. Noah the volley girl player will try to contain Bosh. Boozer trying to contain Bosh would be the biggest mismatch of the series so that is why Thibs wont let him stick Bosh…

  • http://dimemag.com/2011/05/the-end-on-an-era-paul-pierce-could-come-off-the-bench/ Mike

    As a Bulls fan I say he might be right, Bosh is good but not great which is why he joined forces with 2 great players, however Booz shouldn’t be talkin till his game becomes consistent

  • north

    Us Torontonians got to see Bosh play in the playoffs before this… as the lights get brighter, he fades even more. If the Heat to make it past the Bulls I estimate that Bosh’s average dip to below Joel Anthony’s.

  • darko’s doughnuts

    @North: It’s “We” Torontonians…@Abe504: Well said.

  • Scott

    Not sure what North is talking about Bosh was fairly clutch for the Raps over the years, even hitting 3’s to tie/win games. Boozer will get owned by Bosh, Noah would probably beat up Bosh, depends on the matchups.

  • JAY

    Wow… another grammar editor.

    Thanks u, but us no need it.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Scott

    Bosh clutch?
    Like the layup he missed last season vs the Warriors that woulda got the Raps into the playoffs?
    I only remember that because that’s my LAST MEMORY of Bosh before Jamison broke his face ending his career in Toronto…

  • JEAR18

    dont know why Boozer is even talkin .. his game is exactly like BOSH’s right now .. haha ..

  • Al

    @K Dizzle

    Yes he missed that one, which was important, but he’s also hit a few game winners as well. “Clutch” does not mean they hit EVERY game winner. By that logic, no one is clutch.

    Either way, I think Bosh is better than Boozer. Of course CB is considered a distant third option, he’s playing with two superstars! Obviously that aspect will always be magnified for as long as he’s in Miami. He could’ve easily been a better second option in Chicago than Boozer could ever be. That would be a better measurement in “who’s better”.

  • Roman

    Boozer- shouldnt say anything. He finally showed up to play last night. Bosh- soft anyway. Probably will be overwhelmed when the first game is played in the United Center, when he looks up and sees 6 banners.

  • darko’s doughnuts

    @JAY: You are a fag. Your posts are always retarded and wrong.

  • http://bigleaguewiffleball.com/ Jon L.

    Boozer is completely right here. Bosh is not a premier player. He got outplayed half the series by an aging Garnett on the back end of his career. Boozer should have his way with him this series.

  • rickdaruler

    Not sure why it’s such a big deal. He said the exact same thing b4 the last reugular season game against the Heat too

  • rickdaruler


  • K Dizzle

    @ Roman – no doubt. I can’t believe Bosh said that he was nervous in Boston. Bulls need to get Mike a courtside seat cuz that’ll get right inside Miami’s head lol

  • layzie

    say whatever you wanna say booz.. but atleast bosh isn’t a fake thug like you.. booz always speaks like he’s dominating the league for the past 3-5 years. stay quiet booz, the game ain’t starting yet..

  • JAY

    Being “wrong” on this site is an objective thing. You might think I’m wrong but another person may agree with me. If someone like you, who feels like they’re performing a civic duty by correcting grammar in posts, thinks I’m wrong, that’s something I can live with.

    Go ahead and police some more posts. Somewhere out there another tight-ass salutes you.

  • JAY

    ^^ wait a minute… is there a hyphen in “tight-ass”?

    Linguistics check required!!
    I wish I had a darko by my side all the time… for grammar checks and other things. I’d use it to wipe my ass. It likes that.

  • 100k

    There’s an argument against what Boozer said?

  • jdizzle

    This is basically like when Amare Stoudemire called Pau Gasol soft: While correct it probably would be better received coming out of someone else’s mouth

  • egypt

    I mean, I don’t think anyone who watches basketball would disagree with that statement no matter what team you support… dude is right, I think bosh even knows that

  • http://250aspirin.blogspot.com DJ Leon Smith

    An article on Boozer somewhat calling out Bosh with no mention of this? One of the best flops of all-time (OF ALL-TIME! *Kanye voice*).


  • J

    They’re both overrated, overpaid, and have other stars on their team carrying their underachieving asses to the ECF. They should be besties.

  • Eddie

    He didn’t exactly mention who he left out. For all we know, Boozer might be referring to LBJ

  • hahns

    thats funny because the bulls only have one great player.

    people get on bosh for not putting up great numbers- but i think its hard to when youre playing alongside wade and james and the offense only consists of isolations. hes not used to being a role player

  • jimmythesaint

    Bosh does know it but will try to fake tough guy it out again .. Can’t wait for Noah to crown him & pin him in the same sequence, repeatedly. Hope Lebron & Lady Dwyana get 30each game from 30 shots each and get swept out the door at home. BOS nation is behind the CHI .. DENG#9 goes to next level right here.
    Brixton TopCats TOO STRONG!

  • cesar

    ‘because of the presence of defensive aces like Joel Anthony’


  • Citizen B.

    Who the hell is Shandel Richardson?!?