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Dallas Buries The Lakers; Remember Derrick Rose’s Name

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Monte Isom)

Up 87-81 with only a few minutes to play, it felt like the Lakers had their mojo back. But just as they have all year, the defending champs couldn’t close as Dallas ended on a 17-5 to win 98-92 and push the Lakers from worried to dead. L.A.’s final minutes read like a movie script from a drunk screenwriter: no one could solve the Dirk Nowitzki (32 points) high post-up, and the German either scored or found wide-open shooters. Derek Fisher fouled Jason Terry (23 points) on an offensive rebound when they didn’t have to and then threw the ball away on the ensuing inbounds pass. On another possession, Kobe Bryant (17 points) saw Lamar Odom (18 points) wide open and said, “Screw it. Imma hit this fallaway 25-footer.” It wasn’t close. The Lakers fell apart offensively and couldn’t even handle Peja Stojakovic‘s (15 points, two late treys) statue on the other end. Andrew Bynum (21 points, 10 rebounds) was murdering everyone and had 16 field-goal attempts through 38 minutes. He never took another shot. The Lakers have been awful in close games all season. We hate to say it, but one of the reasons is Kobe. He just won’t pass the ball (last night, he actually did give it up a little), and seems like he’s lost the ability to continuously rise up and make the big shots. On a night that saw Bryant pass his buddy Shaq to move into third all-time in career playoff points, it doesn’t feel right criticizing him … Still, it’s hard to win, no matter who you are, when you can’t stop the opposition. We think it’s definitive now after three games: Dallas can do whatever they want offensively. It’s sad how bad they are cooking the Lakers. If Peja didn’t go 2002 Game 7 on us in the second quarter, the Mavs would’ve been up big at the half. Even with that, Nowitzki was completely unstoppable and every one of Terry’s buckets was “Big Testicles” worthy. Dallas hit their first four threes, and had the Lakers thinking deja vu by the end of the first quarter. It was such lazy defense that Jackson got animated for the first time since he watched Dances With Wolves while he went after Pau Gasol (12 points) on the sideline. We would be too if our guys were leaving the best big-man shooter on the planet wide open at the three-point line. If there was ever a time that the Zen Master was going to get physical, it would’ve been last night. He was so frustrated, he looked like he wanted to knock the red off Heather Cox during the end-of-quarter interview … Pau Gasol? We are just going to leave that one alone. At least it appeared that he and Kobe were on speaking terms. It’s L.A., can’t the Lakers just pay some hot broad to walk around with him? … We had to laugh at the start of the second quarter when Joe Smith checked in. Jeff Van Gundy pointed out that the big man does have some talent, that remember, he was the number-one pick in the Draft at one point. Um, Jeff, that was nearly 20 years ago … Derrick Rose doesn’t want anyone mispronouncing his name anymore. His 44-point masterpiece was basically screaming “F$%^ you Dick Stockton!” all night long. Rose had a rough opening to this series, but made up for it yesterday in the Bulls 99-82 win in Atlanta. He did it all for the Bulls, pulling up off screens or going all the way to the hoop, exposing Atlanta. After the Hawks had cut into Chicago’s lead late in the fourth quarter, Rose scored eight straight, including a pull-back three that ripped the net to put the Bulls back up 19. He had the entire game working, all the way to the rim, threes, midrange floaters. In fact, Rose scored 12 in the paint, 12 from midrange, 12 from beyond the arc and eight from the line. Chicago still really didn’t play all that well. Rose just blinded us … Throughout the first quarter, Jeff Teague (21 points) was matching Rose shot for shot. They hit their first nine shots combined and Teague had people throwing out Tony Parker comparisons … How many times is Josh Smith going to block Carlos Boozer‘s left-handed takes? He does it over and over. In the third quarter, Boozer finally got one over Smith, but to do it, he had to give him a forearm shiver to the chest for an offensive foul … Al Horford (10 points) and Smith have been stuck in another element for this entire series. Smith (17 points, 13 rebounds, four blocks) finally got it together last night during the second half, and played one of his best 24 minutes of the playoffs. Still, he was 0-6 from 16 feet and out, which makes him 0-17 from that distance this series. When the fans start groaning the minute you set to shoot, as they do with Smith on the wing, that has to blow. It’s like going to your own movie premiere and having people already assuming, “This s$%^ sucks” even as the opening scene drops … We hope they made Horford and Joe Johnson (10 points) pay full price to get into the club last night. And damn, we completely forgot Nick Van Exel was on the Atlanta bench. What exactly is he teaching these guys? We get this feeling that putting Van Exel around Smith isn’t a good idea … We’re out like the Lakers in a close game.

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  • Big Island

    I am still not going to say anything about Dallas beating the Lakers in the series. I don’t know if it’s because I worry more about the Lakers or the Mavs though…

    The Lakers should keep Bynum and Lamar and gut the rest of the team. Kobe included. Fuck that guy.


    And I turned off the Bulls game after about 6 minutes when it was obvious that Rose was in “I am going to kill you” mode. Filthy.

  • Arno

    It’s Derrick Rise, actually. And the guy is 22.

    Noah is turning off the lights for Horford (15 reb and 5 bs).

  • Soopa

    First time tonight i saw THAT look in Rose’s eyes.

    I remember discussing with Chicagorilla a couple of years back about Rose and his leadership which i was questioning. I take it all back. He is the Timmy of PGs – from the way he uses the glass to his demeanor. Props to ‘Gorilla for calling it early on.

    Dirk cannot be guarded right now and Dallas is just way deeper then LA.

    Phil Jackson… Down 4 with 18 ticks left, inbounding from the opponents hashmark – and you run the same damn play you did last game in that situation?! WHAT?! Result = TO. Pathetic.


    He is way better then i thought and he is the only guy Dallas cant match up with. Not getting him a touch the last 10mins of the game is horrible. Blame Phil and Kobe for not being able to adjust.

  • the cynic

    Never thought the lakers would go out like this. The Mavs still might choke the series away, right?

    Jeff Teague looks a hell of a lot better than the last time I watched him play; of course I don’t watch many Hawks games because they’re horrible to watch

  • the cynic

    Also, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, I miss Jordan Farmer. Steve Blake is useless

  • Kobeeeee

    Again. Why don’t they understand. Give Bynum the Ball. In worst case he is shooting 43% or something – instead of his usual 55% or something. Kobe is really shattering his legacy here if they go out like that. He somehow lost all his power when he dunked over Okafor in the last series. His pull up jumper against Kidd yesterday was automatic though. As a Lakers fan I still believe but this is similiar to a miracle if they pull this one out. Next year this team will look fundamentally different. I cannot see why Kobe should be the highest paid player in the NBA for the next 3 years – based on performance aspect. Get Jerry Sloan. Get D12. Get CP3. Get rid of Gasol/Fisher/Kobe/Artest. Maybe I am a little bit too emotional, no?

  • http://bit.ly/mkt0c4 THOR

    Hey everybody, after this performance Dirk Nowitzi announced he will be taking the lead in the sequel to Thor…check it out: http://bit.ly/mkt0c4

  • jdizzle

    “Throughout the first quarter, Jeff Teague (21 points) was matching Rose shot for shot. They hit their first nine shots combined and Teague had people throwing out Tony Parker comparisons…”

    Yeah because Rose torched his ass too! Apparently Rose took what Crawford said to heart and proceeded to rip out Atlanta’s. I fucks wit u JC but that wasn’t a smart move. How bad are the Hawks missing Kirk Hinrich right now?

    Speaking of missing, where’s that #24 guy? He’s been playing more like Mamba candy than the Black Mamba. Oh well, get those fishing rods ready LA! I guess that switch everybody was talking about is still broken. Lakers were in a coma all season and come Sunday Dallas will pull the plug.

  • QQ

    Will we hear excuses from the true Lakers fans here?

    I’m a semi Laker fan as yall know, but hearing excuses from some of these cats are tiring.

    0-3 damn. Of course I was rooting for LA, and seeing that team fold like that, it’s SERIOUSLY heartbreaking. It’s almost seeing an end of an era with your own two eyes. And it’s not even a younger team beating the veterans (ala Memphis vs SA), cause the Mavs aren’t really young guns themselves. It’s just a team playing better over the other one in 3 straight games.

    Kobe, you’re still one of my top 5 favorite players, but seeing that squad man… THINGS GONE CHANGE.

    But I would like to still believe that the Lakers would come back and win this series JUST SO I can emulate Leroy Green: “LAKERS BABY!!!!! 0-3 AINT NOTHING!!!!!’ LOL.

  • jackass

    smack is back… made me laugh.
    memphis vs bulls in the finals. 2 real basketball teams, defense and ball movement. A delight for the real basketball fans.

  • cdubb

    This is gonna be over soon. Down 0-3 and you guys still talking about coming back??? This is ridiculous. Haven’t you seen those games? Stop hatin and give the Mavs some credit. They looked legit out there.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Kobeeeeee

    little too emotional…

    I’m not gonna hate on my squad, cuz they balled hard. Thought we had this one up 79-71 but the Mavs dug up Peja (who I thought was still in Nola or T-Dot or something)
    Damn! Oh well. Bynum showed me alot goin forward. Lamar showed up. Kobe wasn’t forcin. Shannon Brown was solid. I ain’t gonna shit on Pau cuz he’ll have a nice long summer to think about it…
    Unfortunately, Dallas is clickin on some otherworld shit. I don’t know how anybody gonna outexecute this squad…

    Lakers on sunday, strictly on the pride tip.
    I’m out.

  • K Dizzle

    @ QQ – please post these “excuses” you been “reading” from Laker fans….cuz all I seen is “We can’t stop Dirk” and “Pau needs to wake up”
    If those are excuses, then ok. Call it what you like.

  • drew

    real laker fan right here, and besides miami you wont find another team hated on as much in the league. personally, im not really disappointed with the outcome because for better or worse, the writing was on the wall with the inconsistency all year. anyone who follows the team game in and game out will tell you that there have been many ominous signs such as some really bad back to back home losses, etc.

    kobe’s no longer a top 6 player as dirk and cp3 have been the best player on the floor in each of LA’s first 2 series. no shame in that imo, we’ll see if re can reload while kobe’s still playing at a relatively high level (albeit without anywhere near the consistency). dwight anyone?

    it’ll make things more sweeter if and when kobe should lift the lakers’ 17th title and kobe’s 6th. we’re playing with house money from here on.

  • common sense

    think were seeing just how important pau was to the lakers.. and like someone said earlier even jordan farmar, lol even ‘the machine’, but seriously.. pau needs a heart transplant, and the bench is awful..

  • common sense

    come to think about it, in this laker mini-dynasty pau was carrying an equal load to kobe which is contrary to what the media would have you believe.. so kobe has aged (injuries are a result of aging) and pau has lost confidence and all of a sudden the champs are mere mortals.. but dont worry laker faithful. cp3 and howard are gonna form a new dynasty..

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA
  • http://www.lakers.com smoove chips

    I loved the way Kobe was playing tonight.Nothing was forced apart from that long J with Odom wide open.The net result of trying find people was the mavs having to deal with the entire laker squad instead of just Kobe on a 29-50 jacking spree. So the mavs faced all the Lakers and beat us.Nothing embarrasing about that.It happens.Laker I’m most proud of since ALL-star break to this point:Andrew freaking Bynum.Whether or not his teamate/s came to play or not he did.Love that!The bench for showing up.That’s heart.

    Phil Jackson !! U ass. Just when we have some defensive rythm going,four players beggin to stay in,we up six..u bring back pau and what does dirk do to ‘im ? Smdh.I’m past the anger stage..can u tell?

    Kudos to the Mavs for fielding a championship deserving team.Key word-deserving.Dirk and the mavs came to play,and anyone who watched this series realizes that.They will capitalize on opportunities we squandered with a passion we recognize that.Been there before.They deserved to win.

    Wanna know the real guys who bleed blue(true mavs fans) ? That’s the cats sayin’ measured stuff,looking to the next Mav game,dudes that have their heart broken so many times it’s ridiculous.Even the most clutch Mav(Dirk)right now basically aint saying shyt.The know better.A deserving fan base.My fam in dallas..Appreciate you not rubbing it in lol.The band wagonners however..just can’t seem to stop talking all kinds of shyt.

    See u cats Sunday.

    Derrick Rose is a BEASSST !!

  • sadeye2507

    The Black Swan lost his feathers…it would be ok if the Lakers will go out after 3 Finals appearances(and 2 chips) but they are sitting on a sweep! Dayum LOL!!!!!!!

  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com deron

    The Mavs now have a great chance to get to the Finals. These Lakers are not the type of team to put any extra effort to avoid getting swept; they know they can’t come back from 3-0, so I doubt they will even try. They’ll win Game 4 only if the Mavs have a bad shooting night or if the Mavs take their foot off the gas.


  • Dave

    And damn, we completely forgot Nick Van Exel was on the Atlanta bench. What exactly is he teaching these guys? We get this feeling that putting Van Exel around Smith isn’t a good idea … We’re out like the Lakers in a close game.

    ^Um probably helping Jeff Teague who has had 3 monster games so far in this series?

    Wow you guys know nothing

  • jzsmoove

    After that scene where Bynum BEGGED not to be taken out, PJ inserts Pau to cover Dirk on the wing. Dirk proceeds to make a face up J, gotta like Pau’s exasperated expression and hangs his head. Probably cursing himself,”Pau, yo hijo de puta Pau, hijo de fucken puta”. I feel for Gasol though. He is a big reason that Lakers arent 3peat-ing but you gotta remember he helped tremendously getting you those first 2 anyway.

  • First & Foremost

    Leroy Green… It is your time to shine

  • RC

    I love how the bandwagon Lakers fans is already thinking of shipping out pretty much the whole starting line up. And I would never thought I’d read something like ship out Kobe???? LOL yeah better than MJ right??? that’s what I thought.

  • That’s What’s Up

    where Leroy at?

    We want your “One Shining Moment”

  • JAY

    LOL @ F&F
    All together now…

    “MAVS ALL DAY BITCH!!!!!!”

    Go ‘head Leroy. The board is all yours.

  • CasualFan

    “Chicago still really didn’t play all that well. Rose just blinded us … ”

    What the heck does that mean? Did you watch the game or just skim through it. We did everything we wanted offensively and defensively. We had Larry Drew calling panic timeouts all game long. Our bench came to play too.

    Our best player scores 44 FREAKIN POINTS and we win by 17. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT YOU MEAN by Chicago didn’t play well cuz I am at a loss for that dumb comment.

  • OverPowered

    still waiting for boozer to show the f#ck up…guess i shouldn’t hold my breath on that one

    Westbrook will murder the Mavs

  • Skeeter McGee


    I agree with you; the Bulls were able to lock them down on D and Rose went off. But, I think what they meant when they said Chicago didn’t play all that well refers to the fact that y’all killed the Hawks on 2nd chance points, and Boozer didn’t really do much, it was Gibson and Noah with the hustle plays that got the W. That being said, some of the set plays didn’t seem to work all that well, unless Rose just did his thing and wet every shot he took, or your bigs crashed the boards with unrelenting passion to create more opportunities.

    With all that being said, you saw how poorly Crawford and Johnson played, so I would hope that Rose going off + 2nd chance points out the ass + and Atlanta’s main men not doing shit = a 17 point win. If you guys didn’t win by that then we’d have a real problem here.

    Finally, even after all that, Chicago played a great game and I ain’t taking away anything from them…

  • Robmo35

    So how many of you are going to be posting on this site in two years when the Lakers are in the lottery? Better yet how many are still going to be Laker fans? The most adversity most of you have ever experienced with this team was the brazen mediocrity of the Glen Rice/ George Lynch era. Suddenly there are going to be a bunch of front running assholes who will have to find a new team. I hear the Heat are quite good. I also hear that the Steelers have a very good football team.

  • Skeeter McGee


    That’s the difference between a quality organization and one that’s shit. The Lakers suffered mediocrity to the tune of a 42-40 record at their lowest point post-Shaq; a record that probably would have been a 4-seed at that time in the East.

    So before you go on saying that the Lakers are going to be in the shitter for a while and people are going to have to find new teams to root for, just remember that with solid front office members in place, re-building can be done right and not over an extended period of time.

  • QQ is an idiot

    I’m astounded by how dumb some people are… “ship out Kobe”??? Are you serious? Are you guys even watching the games. Blaming any of these losses on Kobe especially yesterdays is completely ignorant. Kobe has been outplayed by Dirk this series quite simply because HE IS NOT SHOOTING THE BALL. Everyone wants them to go inside right??? THEY ARE GOING INSIDE. They went inside all game yesterday and were still getting beat. Lakers losing is quite simple right now, Pau Gasol is literally the worst starter (contending with Fisher) on the floor right now. Nothing has changed for the Lakers since last year except that fact. Fisher was trash defensively last year and he is now. Only difference is Pau is not showing up to play at all.

    And wow at people saying dynasty is over. All we gotta do is upgrade the point position next year and we’re back to the top. Please shutup everyone. Kobe ain’t going anywhere. He only shot 16 shots last night and 3 of those were jackups at the end of the game on forced 3’s which really had no shot of going in.

    I will agree though, Kobe really hasnt closed out many games this season, thats the only thing scaring me about him.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    Did that guy really say the Lakers are playing on house money from here on out? Ok, first of all, way to steal Shane Battier’s line. Secondly, you call the highest payroll in the L house money? No, the Lakers are playing all-in on credit and they will have to do some serious finagling after this one.

    Oh yeah, by the way, Heat vs Mavs in the finals.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    This is hilarious. When did Lakers fans start sounding like delusional Knicks fans? CP3 and Dwight to the Lakers? Ha ha ha ah ah aahah a!!!

  • Sallo

    I said it once and I’ll say it again. They should have traded Bynum for MELO. Not saying the guy isn’t playing well, but Melo would be eating the Mavs defense alive. Case closed.

  • drew


    yeah i said house money as in no one’s expecting you to come back since the lakers are 3-0 down dummy, real laker fans have already seen the inconsistency throughout the year, it’s really not a surprise given how much pau has regressed (he’s not the only one, but a major pierce that has to play well); if you’d quit trying to find a needle in a haystack and stop hating, maybe you would be able to comprehend simple english. dirk for finals mvp over the cheat.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    I just don’t like shitty poker analogies, especially ones stolen from Shane Battier. The Lakers are not playing with house money. They went all-in this season. They are fucked.

  • drew


    Good for you not like poker analogies, I never even realized battier made that statement but whatever floats your boat. If you say theyre fuked and went all in, then you must be right and we’ll never see a laker championship parade again :)

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    Yeah, when the Grizzlies were trying to close out the Spurs, a reporter asked if there was a lot of pressure on the Griz. Shane Battier responded, “Pressure, schmesshure. We’re playing with house money.” That’s where I thought you stole that quote from.

    It annoyed me because a team like the Grizzlies, a team with modest expectations from fans and media, a team that lost their star Rudy Gay for the season. That is a team playing with house money. No one really expected them to compete for a chip this year.

    The Lakers, on the other hand, have their entire squad back for another run. Brought back their legendary coach for one more year. This was supposed to be their 3-peat year. But they choked. They were the opposite of the Grizzlies. The Lakers had an enormousness amount of pressure to win. They need to win this next game in Dallas. They will.

    I understand what you’re saying…since they’re down 3-0, it’s almost like it’s all over anyways, so there’s no pressure on the Lakers anymore. What I am saying is that is not true. If you don’t think the Lakers feel pressure to win game 4, I don’t know what to tell you bro.

    I think the Lakers will see another championship parade, but it’s going to be a few years. After they rebuild from going all-in this season and losing.

  • Big Island

    @drew – Most people like the Lakers but hate the fairweather Laker fans. Miami and Boston are more hated.

    @QQ – I think when people are saying “ship out Kobe”, it isn’t because he sucks and can’t play. It’s because his personality is grating and his abilities are declining. This is the first time since Shaq was in town that people have been able to say that Kobe isn’t the best player in the series. The ball still sticks in his hands on offense and Iverson is fresh in people’s heads. I am not comparing Kobe to Iverson in the sense that they have the same attitude, but how an alpha dog scorer starts slipping but doesn’t want to admit it.

    The Lakers have other pieces, and if they could pick up Chris Paul for Kobe…

  • ash

    i love it. all the dirk haters are now silent. a lot of racist fools here thinking white boy is just a jump shooter.

    dirk will go down as top 50 all time, maybe top 30 if he wins a chip. dude is right now the top three in the nba. UNSTOPPABLE. if phil jackson cant figure out how to stop him, u think spoelstra and joel anthony are gonna get the job done? u think kendrick perkins is gonna stop dirk or serge ibaka?

  • Ian

    Yeah kobe “only” took 16 shots and how many pts did he get?? Efficient right? Didn’t dirk have like 18 shots and got 30plus pts. The reason dirk is outplaying kobe is not because of how many shots they take. Dirk is juts the better player right now. Gotta love the gasol hate “he helped win 2 titles” wtf he was the reason lakers won 2 or at least he was bryants equal.

    So where’s this “refuse to lose” or “will to win” bs.

    Yeah I’m a hater.

  • drew


    sometimes, you have to look at the big picture. you can made an addition by subtraction (as much as people criticize rudy gay for “jacking up shots and not feeding the post”, his style of play is not as condusive to memphis winning since he’s now replaced by t.allen/battier who focus on defense, and everyone else who feeds randolph/gasol in the post).

    rudy may be a great talent, but often when a team has to cater to a player getting some shots up, that’s when the team isnt playing at their best or full potential (caron butler suffered from this habit as well if you actually watched dallas games before he went down).

  • Robmo35

    The difference between a quality organization,which the Lakers were under Jerry West’s tenure, and a lucky organization is that quality organizations make strong decisions, good trades like Mychael Thompson, and draft well, like Derek Fisher, while lucky organizations draft poorly, Derrick Caracter anyone, make poor trades Caron Butler for Kwame Brown, and then get their asses bailed out by teams like the Memphis Grizzlies. Enjoy the lottery oh wait I forgot you will be a Bulls fan by then.

  • drew


    Look at the bigger picture. I guess San Antonio isnt a quality organization anymore based on your “argument”. they had scola but sent him to a division rival for almost nothing because they feared he would take shots away from their current stars and disrupt chemistry. spurs could use a big man now couldnt they? Every organization makes mistakes, now that Jerry West isn’t pulling the strings they’re gona plummet to the bottom eh?

    this whole world is full of haters who sadly, often cant even use logical arguments or see past “only stats” when they drink the haterade. oh well.

  • Ian

    Putting my hate aside let’s not exaggerate the lakers are just a pg away from being on top just like the spurs just need one athletic big.

  • Robmo35

    You miss the point. I was speculating about how many people here were fans of the Lakers because the Lakers win, and when inevitably, they stop winning, how many of these chumps are going to remain Laker fans and say stupid shit like I bleed purple and gold.

    Skeeter was the one who started this quality organization nonsense, and I felt compelled to point out that the gift from Memphis can be tied directly to their recent success.

    In terms of the Spurs, they still draft well, and they manage to trade for talent that fits their system, Luis Scola aside, as well as attract free agents that do the same. But like the Lakers the Spurs are getting older, and eventually both teams will have to confront the reality of rebuilding, and when they do how many frontrunners will stick with them?

    I also feel compelled to point out that before the Memphis gift, Kupchack was reviled in Laker land, and many fans were calling for him to be fired. He has made one great trade that no one could ever pass up.

  • Sonic Reducer

    Good job guys, Smack is getting better! That dancing with Wolves comment had me laughing on the subway !

  • Ian

    Ill stick with my spurs man I rather just stop watchin bball than root for another team. I did it in 97 when I thought we were dead.

  • Ian

    But I do get your point most of my friends were bulls fans in the 90s now they like the lakers fake bitches only one dude has stuck with the bulls.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Robmo35 – stop embarrassin yourself. Why don’t you wait till an actual Laker fan actually jumps ship before you post drivel like “Guess all the Laker fans are jumpin ship”. 5 rings in just over 12 seasons and you think a loss to Dallas this season ends one of the most successful franchises in the modern sports era?
    Me and my boys been reppin the Lakers since Magic and co in 85 when we were like 5.
    Did we jump off ship in 94?
    Check the roster. Check the record.


    We got the best true center still in the playoffs, showin BIG signs, we still got Kobe, Pau, Lamar. We gonna move Fish to the bench if he ok with that(cuz he’s earned the right to just decide to retire) and upgrade at point.
    Why would any Laker fan jump ship? It’s been a long 3 seasons. Like Drew said, the inconsistencies were bound to catch up and Dallas is takin advantage.
    What does “Derrick Caracter anyone?” even mean?
    What did you expect in the 2nd round?
    You think think “Laker fans” are the only ones that jump off ships when teams start losin?
    Like Ian said, you know how many “Bulls fans” jumped ship when Mike retired(cuz I don’t count the Washington days)?
    You know how many new “Miami fans” popped up after the Decision?
    Every franchise has fake fans jump ship when they start to suck. Lakers have never sucked. We just rebuild. Did you see Shaq comin over from Orlando? Did you see Kobe comin over from Charlotte on draftday? Did you see Pau comin over from Memphis(and I defy anyone to keep tellin me that we just got Pau for nuthin the way his brother been ballin)

    Real Lakers fans and management are all about winning championships.
    I’ll let B Shaw sum it up for you.

    “If [players] like the palm trees, the sunny weather and the pretty women in L.A. and the other stuff that comes along with it, if you want to keep it, then you better come with it,” Shaw said. “If you don’t, there are a whole bunch of other guys that would love to be in this position. And this organization is not going to sit around and wait.”
    There’s always “the next one” tryin to get to LA. Don’t worry about us, the REAL Laker fans.
    Takes a real genius to post ur drivel after Dallas put us in a 0-3 hole. Why don’t you try givin some credit to a solid squad instead of tryin to shit on a squad that ain’t playin up to expectations.
    Anybody that says they saw this series 3-0 Dallas goin into sunday is a liar. Point blank.
    Do better next time.

  • Ian

    hehe i like the post but yeah you guys got pau for nothing
    3 finals apperances and 2 rings vs one playoff series win for memphis. besides marc gasol is good (when traded he was just a fat center that could get some boards and that it) but hes not great like big bro. pau just ran outta gas.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian – first franchise playoff win in team history is a big deal. Beating the Spurs is also a huge accomplishment. Who’s playin better right now? Who’s got the brighter future from this moment on?
    Dudes talk about the Gasol trade like Marc wasn’t gonna improve. Dude is one of the top 3 centers out west and is only gettin better as he gets into better shape. He demolished Duncan(which still blows my mind, but as the Lakers window closes on the Kobe and Pau era, Memphis is gonna be right up there with OKC as the future……if the Griz can resign marc in the offseason.

    Absolutely, a great trade for us, but Memphis got something back.
    Think of it like this: If David Robinson didn’t have that bad back for one season, Tim Duncan is in Boston right now. Even the best franchises need a little luck…

  • Ian

    hehehe i think timmeh would be in orlando i dont think he likes cold weather. he woulda left boston in 00 imo. later ebro i gotta go.

  • chris

    they call it PARITY- there are many teams that could win a chip in the next few years, and it makes nba a lot more fun to watch. Mind you, you still have to spend at least $80 million/year, wisely, to get there.
    Lakers, Spurs, Celtics? not this year, all probably too old to generate enough sustained injury-free energy to win next year, either. The Mavs are almost too old, but the Grizzlies, Thunder, Bulls, and Heat are all knocking on the door, and probably will be for the next year or 3.

  • Phileus

    This is a bit off-topic, but this annoying discussion on Ball in Europe has been annoying me for a while:


    Basically a bunch of European fans are angry that I said it was racist that Greek fans called a black player a “monkey,” and are arguing that the NBA is an anti-white racist league.

    Probably no one will see this comment but I’ve given up on the thread and was hoping someone would fight the good fight :P

  • http://www.nbaplayoffs2011.org NBA Playoffs 2011

    Derrick Rose Game 3 Full Highlights:



    Great smack!

    Can’t believe the Lakers are about to get swept and rose is a BEAST!

  • First & Foremost

    Lol… that my friend is a battle that will never be won. Too many people THRIVE on being racist over the internet.

    Russell Westbrook is playmaking his team right out of this game.

  • Robmo35

    I never used the term jump ship. My grandfather was an immigrant who came into Ellsi Island. You are a total racist.

  • Phileus

    I lol’d :p

  • Matt-in-VA

    80% from the free-throw line is considered good. Now look at the Mavs late in the game: 8-8 from the charity stripe. Now look at their numbers from downtown: 4/5. Shooting like that late in the game when everyone is tired is the definition of clutch. I’m not convinced that the Mavs are a clutch team, but they certainly were in game 3. The Lakers didn’t give this game away, the Mavs took it.

    Now, I have been a Kobe-hater since he had a press conference where he announced he was skipping college. But, I think he played well last night. He was very efficient until the final desperation heaves, and I credit his pass to Gasol not being awake – though a similar thing happened against NO in the playoffs.

    Overall, the Lakers shot pretty well and played pretty well. They just ran into a team that nailed their shots in crunch time. I think the Lakers cracked under the pressure of Dallas hitting their shots. LA still expects their opponents to crack, and can’t handle it when their opponent is nails in crunch time.

    Anyone else remember Kobe as a rookie jacking up three deep shots against the Jazz in the playoffs, and missing every one?

  • LeRoy Green

    But I would like to still believe that the Lakers would come back and win this series JUST SO I can emulate Leroy Green: “LAKERS BABY!!!!! 0-3 AINT NOTHING!!!!!’ LOL.


    LOL @ QQ

    Man I was on the edge of my seat that whole 4th quarter. That was a great game, L.A. had control when they were up 7 midway thru the 4th but then they started slipping on defensive rotations. Why in the world would you not close out Terry and Peja when shooting is both their strengths. They should’ve forced Kidd to make shot after shot.

    I co-sign 99% of what all you Lakers fans have said in the above comments. You gotta keep goin to Bynum all game, Dallas has no one that can stop him. I also agree that Pau is playin shitty but yall are CRAZY if you think Kobe is the problem. And whats this crazy talk of trading him?? lol Some of yall are over reacting a lil bit but i do agree that they need to make some moves. Enough about them tho…

    DIRK WENT TO WORK. Terry and Peja both made the shots that they HAD to make, Stojakovic had missed some wide open 3’s earlier in the game but made the crucial ones.

    Overall i think Phil got out coached a bit and bottom line the Lakers got out played. The series is NOT over tho. L.A. are the champs until somebody knocks em off the throne, but them boys is hangin on 2 that bitch by a pinky right now lol Can’t wait to see both teams attitudes 2mrw afternoon

  • LeRoy Green

    *walks back in the room like I left somethin*

    oh yea, MAVS BITCH. Lakers DIE 2mrw! You hear me??!!

    D I E.

    *slams door shut while leavin*

    *does dougie outside of room while no ones lookin*

  • First & Foremost

    After every free throw the Mavs make tomorrow, Leroy Green will whisper “Take that, Take that”