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Dallas Pushes The Lakers One Step Closer To Extinction

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Monte Isom)

Last night, Dallas took the Lakers’ panic temperature and shot that thing through the roof. It’s all about faith now. Faith, and a whole lot of drugs. Something needs to wake up Pau Gasol and slow down Dirk Nowitzkiand J.J. Barea? What? The little guy was the difference in the second half of Dallas’ 93-81 Game 2 win, completely taking over the fourth quarter. We’ve heard the Mavs were as soft as cupcakes for nearly a decade now. Well, someone definitely left them joints in the oven too long. This team is playing hard as a rock … Don’t the Mavericks have this sneaky way of playing well without actually looking like they are? The Lakers came out executing offensively, yet every time we checked the score, the Mavs were still up. We kept wondering who scores on this team outside of Dirk (24 points) and his fadeaway. The answer: everybody. It’s Shawn Marion hitting awkward runners, Jason Kidd spotting up for threes and whoever else in the royal blue that might contribute that night. In the first half, as we all waited on Jason Terry, DeShawn Stevenson knocked down a few threes and Tyson Chandler got vertical … While the Lakers tried to establish the interior with Andrew Bynum (18 points, 13 rebounds) and safely remove Dirk from Pau Gasol‘s (13 points, 10 rebounds) brain, the good Kobe Bryant came to play (23 points). It was the high-post fade, the 19-foot face-up, the baseline J. But it wasn’t enough, mostly because Steve Blake and the rest of L.A. couldn’t sniff a three (2-for-20) … In all seriousness, does Pau have mono? What’s the deal? Son must’ve had his heart stolen by his brother … The Lakers were down six going into the fourth when Barea (12 points) literally took over the game. When both teams went small, he got into the paint whenever he felt like it. When JJ left, it was Dirk time. There’s not a whole lot to say about his fallback 19-foot and-1 with less than three minutes left, except “good” and “clutch.” The Lakers are headed to (Don’t Mess With) Texas Friday for a Game 3 down 0-2. Could this be the beginning of the end? … Somewhere deep in Florida, Dwight Howard is smirking right now, knowing he’s 48 minutes closer to being a Laker … Read more to hear about how Josh Smith gets no love and the official ROY press conference

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  • the cynic

    I realized last night, I’m a spoiled fan. The Lakers are down 2-0 and I’m still completely convinced the lakers are still going to win this series

  • pipdaddyy

    @ Cynic: I’m not a Laker fan, but I also think they will pull through in the end.

  • QQ

    Still think the Lakers will win this, but really, fuck all the excuses. The Mavs went to LA, took care of business, and won. The Lakers played flat, end of story.

    Most LA fans here hate Austin Burton’s Bron-love based on their posts, but the moment you use excuses, you became like Burton, the Legendary Apologist. So fuck the excuses.

  • common sense

    i think the hawks might be better with josh smith on the bench…

  • http://dimemag.com bullet380

    I’m a die hard Lakers fan; have been one since forever. But I think the window has closed to the three peat goal. Dallas is looking strong and Kobe is the only one giving me anything. Bynum came to play tonight, but was outplayed in Game 1 by Chandler. Pau STILL hasn’t shown up in the playoffs, and the Lakers bench couldn’t hit the bottom of the ocean if they were standing there.

  • Kobeeeee

    Ok. I think Jerry Buss did not sign up for this. 91 mio payroll and out in the second round? If they get ousted in the second round be ready to see the Lakers team being put into a coffin. Meaning all 4 startes Bynum, Gasol, Artest and Odom (who is basically a starter) being on the trading block. Kobe will not be on the trading block cause he is untradebable because he is too expensive the the stuff he brings. Additionally the the Lakers then will not coninue the triangle and therefore go for an outisde coach.

    With all saying this I still believe the lakers come through. Put probalby will be too exhausted for the western fianls…

  • kingralf

    nice smack today, keep up the good work

  • That’s What’s Up

    Dallas can definitely beat the Memphlahoma Grunder

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    Wow,this is how we’ve been making most teams feel.Sux right now.

    Congrats dallas and especially Dirk.You beat us fair n square again.Dallas,if you win this series you better win that chip for real.Dirk’s a beast..I was groaning every time he touched the ball.’Nobody here can guard me’..you can tell that was his mindset.which bring me to..

    Fluckin PAU !! Dude,these are the playoffs ! Why in God’s name are you passing out of single coverage on the block with Shawn marion behind you ? why ?why? WHY ?!Me and the boys had B-52 shots for every time he did this against anyone but tyson chandler..u don’t wanna do that and have to work the next day.trust me.
    And Blake,the aim of the game is to penetrate their defense,not how many you can hoist up.Smarten up.Lakers defensive rotations were atrocious to say the least.And to add insult to injury,we are being killed by a team whose main point guard is someone Fisher can actually keep up with.
    Ron,seriously,as many issues as we are having on defense?why would you do that with the game pretty much decided ?FUCK!!!! Ok,done venting.See you guys in dallas.Bonjour.

  • JAY

    “In all seriousness, does Pau have mono? What’s the deal? Son must’ve had his heart stolen by his brother ”
    ^^^ Nice one, Dime. The witty remarks are slowing coming back.

    Lakers gotta wake up. Kudos to the Mavs for bringing their A-game to the Lakers. They look very good… and IN Lakerland too.

    Pau is playing scared. Hopefully the hostile environment in Dallas will make him realize it’s the playoffs. Dumbass.

    D-Rose is ridiculous. Can’t say that enough.

  • Arno

    It’s now very possible we have a Dallas Miami finale, which would be ironic and full of memories.

    Miami is now the clear favorite to win it all. Wasn’t that supposed to be the season’s whole story ?

  • yo mama

    Guess the trade i suggested months ago aint lookin too stupid now(artest and bynum for R.LEWIS n Mcgee) 0-15 frm 3 need i say more

  • Laker Girl

    Can we get the old Smack writer back?

  • LeRoy Green

    all you Lakers fans sit down and shut the FUCK UP.

    this series aint over, but we’ll take 2-0 headin back home. Dallas BITCH.


    happy cinco de mayo

  • pipdaddyy

    @ #13 Why on earth would you want McGee instead of Bynum? Because he has 1 more block per game? Everything else, Bynum is better at, while actually having a clue on offense.

    And how would Rashard Lewis help from the bench? Guy had a good outside shot but has been pretty useless for the last 2 1/2 yrs.

  • JAY

    Easy there Arno. The series’ aren’t over yet. Anything could happen.

    And how is Miami “the clear favorite” now?? Dallas beat the reigning champs twice in LA.
    I guess the Heat beating last year’s runner-up without a center in at home is more impressive to you than Dallas walking into LA and stealing 2 games.

    ^ that’s comical

  • Ian

    kg nope
    webber nope
    gasol nope

    dirk is the second best pf this generation and easily the the best pf right now in the nba.

    btw what the fuck is up with the laker fans booing gasol and some of the lakers after three straight finals the fans shouldnt have done that shit who knows if they will see the team again this season. if there are 4 lakers the fans cant boo they are kobe , fisher , odom and gasol.

  • jdizzle

    ”Barkley trying to pronounce Kyle Korver’s name was unintentional comedy.”

    Charles Barkley trying to pronounce ANYTHING is unintentional comedy(so is Magic Johnson).

    Good win by Chicago. I dont know if its just me but DRose seems a little less aggressive since tweakin his ankle against Indiana. Can’t blame him though. And is there a way for us to trade YMCJ Watson for JJ Barea? Like right now? Please?

    Lakers, you’re done. Pau just cant guard the Diggler. No Ron Artest for Game 3(if he isnt suspended then the L is officially rigged) and Andrew Bynum saying the team has trust issues…yeah, you’re done.

    Mavs in 2. Yeah I said it…

  • vignesh

    I dont blame Pau.. i blame the laker’s non existent bench (apart from odom) who couldn’t guard, shoot, pass.. nothing.. it was horrid
    They better step up…
    who would’ve thought a puerto rican would be the kobe killer..!!

  • pat

    Im definitely not a Mavs fan (only cause Cuban makes me sick) but they definitely get a bum rap. They outplayed the world champs at home a fair number of people still expect LA to come out on top.

    The odds are clearly against LA but the Mavs have underperormed as a team for so long that everyone expects them to choke. I think they luck out this year and will get to the finals again….and lose! LOL

  • what?

    MIAMI IS CLEARLY THE FAV? Have you been drinking???? They might beat Boston but chi-town is a diff story….clear? In the words of Joe Beast NO!!

  • top_gun

    Snoop Dogg’s status: “Artest n odom need 2 take gasol soft ass 2 the rucker n the off season so he can get sum hood n his game! We vulnerable w him playn that soft!!”

  • First & Foremost

    LA has picked the wrong time to start slummin’

    You have to consider the Mavs as a favorite if they have beaten the Champs on their floor and beat the Heat during the season twice when the Heat were actually playing well.

    They also had a stretch of handing the Thunder some Ls.

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    the Bulls played like $h!t again, but this time they made ATL play worse than $h!t. Thats how you win in the playoffs.

    Fluck Jeff Teague, man that dude was coming at our guards head. And it seems like no one has a scouting report on dude or something. I’ll admit i didnt think he could shoot that well, apparently he’s worked on his game.

    If the Bulls can pull out this series without injuries, and the Heat do the same with Bos. We could be in store for an epic playoff battle between Rose and Wade. Playing vs Atl will prepare the Bulls well for the Heat and Bos has the same Defensive strategy as the Bulls do. Thibs will out coach Spo, but Mia has the talent advantage. I just need Bos and Atl to die like dogs.

    L.A. is in trouble.

    Dirk is good, even great at times, but lets leave it at that. You going way overboard

  • LeRoy Green

    btw what the fuck is up with the laker fans booing gasol and some of the lakers after three straight finals the fans shouldnt have done that shit


    i agree, the Lakers fans sounded like some spoiled bitches. I’m a die hard Mavs fan and i think our crowd is weak but L.A fans are the worst. Back to back champs and you can’t cheer your team when they need it the most? Are you not entertained?? OKC has the best crowd by FAR

  • Bill

    Oh Snap,

    Next game is going to be sick, we going to get bad Kobe and see 30+ shots, it’s going to me heroic or complete disaster.

  • http://Www.bridgeheadstudio.com Sonic Reducer

    Good job SMACK writer, definite improvement!!

  • SWAT

    lmao man please tell me somebody saw ej’s neat-o-stat of the night?? Look it up ASAP or someone please post a link Chuck and kenny are hilarious!

  • doc

    Paula Gasol need to take that tampon out his ass and man up.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    LOL @ Memphaloma Grunder

  • CLAW

    Dirk is killing them, even when he doesn’t do anything he was allowing Barea free passes down the lane because nobody would switch off Dirk and would rather see a layup than Dirk shooting.

    Rose is sick and Boozer just sucks!

    Somebody needs to post Charles hitting that shot and losing the club face. I was LMFAO when Kenny started yelling “Stinky Leg” when Charles was swinging, that was hysterical!

  • K Dizzle

    As a Laker fan, last night was shockin. Edge of my seat all night waitin for a 3, waitin for Pau to just get mad.
    Finally, a game where Kobe needed to just start chuckin and he was feedin Pau…I understand we need Pau movin forward, but you can work on that shit with the series @ 1-1, not down 0-2. I wouldn’t be one of the fools booin him…..but I understand lol.
    Dirk Nowitzki is the most unguardable big IN THE LEAGUE. You can’t run out on him cuz he can put it on the floor; you can’t back off cuz he don’t miss; you can’t push him outta the post cuz that sets up his fallaway j; you can’t double cuz now he findin cutters…Damn glad Phil’s coachin and not me cuz Dirk is a problem right now. Dude’s never been so focused. Announcers were right: Everytime he got the rock, I was already shakin my head. Then when we finally slow him down, Barea goes Chris Paul in game 1…
    Most important game of the last 4 seasons comin up so we’ll see if we still wanna get it. Kobe might need to follow Kenny’s advice and match dirk shot-for-shot and let the chips fall where they may.
    Lamar and Oden need to earn the love they been gettin all season and put some fear into Dallas. Kobe and Bynum been the mvps these playoffs and the small forward, power forward positions and bench been lackin. Not good if DFish been our 3rd best player these playoffs.

    One more thing, Leroy Green needs to shut the fuck up. Your sorry ass squad won 50 games for 11 straight years and only got to the finals once and conference finals twice, now you up 2-0 in a 2nd round series and you wanna come out the neck. Here’s some free advice, shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down till you’ve actually accomplished somethin.

    Sorry for the cussin, dimefam…

  • bookkwormmaster

    Go Dallas! Glad to see my dude Dirk getting his shine on against the back-to-back champs. For those that didn’t know Dirk plays BETTER in the playoffs than he does in the regular season. Go check the numbers

    My Hawks need to get their act together (Josh Smith more than anyone). Had a chance to put the Bulls on their heels with a hobbled Derrick Rose and a disappearing Carlos Boozer with a 2-0 lead and dropped the ball. We miss Kirk Hinrich bad but I’m glad to see Jeff Teague stepping his game up like that.

  • CLAW

    @yomamma – yeah that trade would still be stupid, R. Lewis was shut down so basically McGee for Bynum/Artest – yeah that’s great STFU!

  • Big Island

    @Ian – Dirk is my favorite player (as some people here probably know) but he isn’t the best power forward of this generation is his own state, let alone the whole league. I’ll give him #2, but Timmy’s got #1 locked up dude.

    Laker fans in general, not all, are lame. Two of my buddies have written them off this year already. They are tired of Phil, tired of the triangle, and not LOVING anyone on the team. They loved Magic, Worthy, Coop, Kareem, and want to love Bynum, deal with Kobe, and beg for Fish to play 15 minutes tops. I get it.

  • JAY

    @ K Dizzle
    Great post, bud. But it was hard for me to get past this typo….
    “Lamar and Oden need to earn the love they been gettin all season”
    Usually I can decipher the intent of a typo, but I was like a skipping record reading that line over, and over, and over again. Lol
    But then you caught me back when you opened up on Leroy Green. Cosign that like a mutherfukker. I’d hold my tongue if I were you Mr Green. I don’t think I need to remind you of the 2006 Finals. Weren’t they up 2-0 then too? Wait till your team seals the 4th win before you start gloating. Your team has a history of sucking when it comes down to it.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Island – pretty sure Ian said, “2nd best of his generation, best RIGHT NOW”, which I cosign. I think we’re all in agreement though that the best PF of the 2000s was Tim Duncan.

    I love the Lakers fans on this site, but in general, you’re right. I have a couple friends here in MD who like them…why? Come on now, be honest, most “Lakers fans” haven’t seen a game since Shaq left haha. Ditto Boston/Miami fans.

  • p_dizzle

    Ok…. I’m not gonna say anything about the lakers cuz it’s already been said… I’m not gonna get on the D Rose dick riding band wagon cuz I’ve yet to see a team where your point gaurd is your best scorer win a chip… But I do want to say that y’all need to lay the f off of J Smoove… Yeah his offense last night was garbage and he should do his work in the post instead of jacking up jumpers..But he gave Boozer the biz on the other end! Boozer sorry ass couldn’t get one good look without J putting it three rows back! I would love that kid on my team simply for the defensive prescence.. He shouldn’t need to score with Joe “have a baby by me girl, be a millionare” Johnson and Jamal “I know I can make this 40 foot iso play work” Crawford…

  • control

    Best thing about seeing the Lakers go down by 2, is seeing their fans go through the different stages of panic. Some want to blow up the team, some want to lynch guys, some start booing (a team that has been SUCCESSFUL, and you booing? WTF?) and some sit there w/ that false confidence about how it’s alllllll part of the plan. It’s hilarious watching the shit.

    K Dizzle

    “Lamar and Oden need to earn the love they been gettin all season and put some fear into Dallas.” Is that a multiple personality joke? If so, nice, I laughed!

  • JG

    Here’s the worst part: The Lakers haven’t even forced Dallas to play their best game yet! Stick a fork in Pau because that “mutha” is done. Desperate times – though Kobe won’t admit it – call for desperate measures: Bring Trey and Pau off the bench. Trey is a better shooter at the Point and Odom needs to start. Speaking of Odom: Dude is the only other player on that squad who can create his own shot. He can easily go “coast to coast” against this team and to the “cup” anytime he wants but he doesn’t. Forget about defense because you can barely defend against this team. You’re going to have to points on the board – PERIOD. Less 3-pt shooting (2-20, I rest my case) and hit your fucking free throws! All L.A. has to do is win the next 2 on the road. They’re the 3rd best in the league when it comes to road wins right behind Dallas. This can still get done. Come back to L.A. 2-2 and then we have another shot at winning a best of 3 series. Like Kobe said: “To make history, you have to do historic things.”

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @control — “Best thing about seeing the Lakers go down by 2, is seeing their fans go through the different stages of panic.”

    I personally like the, “We’ll be fine, we haven’t even been playing hard yet” line of thinking.

    But you know what the WORST part is (if you don’t like the Lakers)? Even when they’re down 0-2 and have dropped those 2 at home, you STILL can’t declare them dead. They’re just like the Spurs in that you can never confidently count them out until it’s over.

  • DFizzle30

    can we have a feature article on what either team needs to do to win the games? These series have been as intense as finals series, and I think that they warrant analyses.

  • JG

    And for the “conspiracy theorists:” Win or lose, Phil still finishes on top and Kobe still has one less ring than MJ!

  • Big Island

    @dag – yeah, I saw that after the fact. I’m retarded. I’ll mail off a written apology.

  • TL

    I’m still convinced that the Mavs are gonna cough this series up. Let’s hope they stay true to their soft reputation.

    Booing is understandable, if your team is playing like crap and letting JJ Barea run through you like hes on NBA Jam turbo power up.

  • First & Formizzle

    If Duncan is the clear cut number 1. Dirk ARGUABLY number 2. Where does KG fit in that generation?

  • Bird

    Is it just me who realize that Dirk cannot make a tough lay-up. He makes tough shots but either gets blocked, stripped or miss the shot when he drives so if I am LA I would try to let him penetrate more. This is a jump shooting team. Having said that “Go Dallas”! We want to see a new champ.

  • control


    Yeah, I agree. I STILL don’t believe the Spurs are done, I wake up in the morning and look at the box scores and expect to see the Thunder playing the Spurs instead of Griz. It’s also Dallas LA is playing against…they have a small history of fucking shit up when it looks like they have it in the bag.

  • Ian

    i know you like garnett more but please give me a dude that can actually do something with the ball in crunch time something kg has never done.

  • yoda

    can’t read all posts so if i repeat what someone said, forgive me. i’m a laker fan, but i must say i enjoyed watching mavs play. its been a while since i saw someone play fluently and like bball should be played. moving ball, playing D, staying focused. i hope my lakers will win this, but if they don’t at least mavs will beat them fair

  • Sporty-j

    Has anybody seen lakeshoe84? I wanted to ask him when are the lakers going to hit that magic switch he was telling me about???…

  • Ian

    big island
    i said right now hes 1 and of his generation he is 2. btw that “best of his state” comment doesnt help cuz u make it sound like there are 50 pfs better than him. no other pf in texas would be 1 over timmy.

  • Ian

    the dif was that they went 2-0 in their own court and lost in miami 3. the lakers lost their homecourt games and now are going to dallas.


    big island
    sorry i missed your second post sorry forget my post 50

    “To make history, you have to do historic things”
    not really but ok kobe

    i always liked dirk more than kg i even like webber before injuries more than kg.

    imo me ranking them in their primes

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control & JAY

    Lamar is the good player, the versatile forward who hit 38% from 3, d’s up, boards, goes coast to coast and makes the triple post offense sizzle cuz you can put him anywhere. When this series was startin, I was lovin the fact that Dallas was bringin Terry off the bench while we were bringin Lamar….Shoulda been the advantage. We saw a little of Lamar in game 1. 15 and 12 and Dirk shot less than 50% when Lamar was on him. Unfortunately, Phillip outsmarted himself and put Gasol on Dirk at crunchtime…Ballgame.
    Odom’s that other ballplayer you saw in game 2. Boarded ok(9), but 6 points on 3-12 shooting, never really impacted the game; came off the floor and got into an argument with Phil. Plays kinda like Khloe mad at him or he got somethin else on the mind…Lakers gonna need Lamar for 4 of the next 5 games.

    Powerforward ranking of THIS era:

    1) Timmy – 20.6pts, 11.4rbs, 3.1as, 0.7stl, 2.3blks
    4 rings…..next.

    2) KG – 19.5pts, 10.7rbs, 4.1as, 1.4stl, 1.6blk, got an mvp AND a ring. I don’t see how Dirk’s higher than him on the list. Dirk’s teams have always underachieved even though Cuban spends that money. KG was the only one in Minny til he got released to Boston. His defense and all-around game puts him over Dirk

    3) Dirk – 23.0pts, 8.4rbs, 2.7ass, 0.9stl, 1.0blk
    Best shootin 4man, KG’s defense puts him over Dirk

  • Sporty-j

    Somebody said early to a Dallas fan that they need to slow there role and remember in 2006 what happened when they were up 2-0. Big difference! Kobe is no Wade even though hes on a better team than that 06 team. And Kobe is not in his prime anymore. Wade is coming for that #2 SG spot behind MJ before his career is over with. And since Wade plays for tbe Heat. Dallas has nothing to worry about. Its over with Laker fans! The Titanic has sunk and Kobe will be thankful to just be compared to Wade once his career is over with. Hes lucky Perkins was hurt last yr because that is his last ring…

  • Ian

    i have dirk over kg because kg needs a go to guy in when things gets hard (pierce).
    dallas has underachieved once imo the golden state series they shouldnt even have made the finals in 06 thats overachieving.

    cuban spends money sure but on crap apparently cuz who has been the second best player for dirk??? terry??? comon who wins a ring with him as wingman.

    kobe gasol
    td manu
    wade shaq
    billups (everyone on that team)
    pierce garnett
    shaq kobe
    and dirk terry???? wtf man?

  • Sporty-j

    No way is Dirk ahead of Garnett. Hes playing against Paul Gasoft. Bosh and Haslem would take turns rapping Dirk if he makes it to the Finals which I doubt. I got the Thunder making it out West and Dirk getting punked in the 3rd round…

  • what_if?


    “The Titanic has sunk and Kobe will be thankful to just be compared to Wade once his career is over with.”

    ain’t the biggest Kobe fan… but dude… that’s a lil over the top

  • Ian

    sporty j
    i have no problems with kg over dirk its just my opinion that i rather have dirk now the part that its kinda weird from your post.

    bosh will rape dirk cuz hes playin vs gasoft now???? BOSH hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha really now theres a tuff nigga.

  • Ian

    oh i forgot if haslem guards dirk all game dirk is gonna avg 45 a game

  • Sporty-j

    Shaquilla and Wade??? More like Wade and Wade! Shaqs lazy a$$ should have retired after 06. He did not contribute s#$t 06 and has been a nobody since 06. Hell once think about it. Wade has 2 rings…

  • Ian

    well sporty he was a 20 and 9 player and still commanded double teams. lets not get carried away about wade and wade or maybe it was wade and the refs as sidekick. shaq was first team all nba and didnt he finish second just the year before in mvp?? wade hasnt done shit since then so that wade and wade love you got going on there needs to settle down a bit.

  • Sporty-j

    Haslem guarded him all game in 06? Haslem punked Dirked games 3-6. And Steven Jackson brought the bi$&h out of Dirk in 07. It takes a thug or a black man to bring it out of the Euro…

  • Ian

    06 shaq is 50 times better than any year jason terry and 50 year old kidd

  • CLAW

    @Sporty Spice – Wade #2 behind MJ??????????????????

    You did see what Wade did before the “Big Three” came to Miami right? GTFOH Then the Bosh comment to follow it up, you should be a comedian because that is some funny shit.

  • what_if?


    i give you props for backin’ up your team like that… home or not…. well… homer…

  • Ian


    yeah im using lol cuz i actually laughed with that last line

  • Sporty-j

    Shaqs production dropped a whole lot in his 2nd season with the Heat. I think his 1st season he was good because in my opinion that 05 Heat team was better than the 06 team that won it. Its just that Wade got hurt, Shaq wanted Wade to do everything in 05 also. To be honest it was Shaqs fault we did not win it in 05 not Stan Vangundy…

  • Ian

    ohhhh hell no sporty the spurs woop the heat in 05 hehe

  • Sporty-j

    Kid did not play for Dallas in 06 homie…

  • Ian

    im not sayin he played with dallas back then im talking about his sidekicks in general when he got there he was done too old to guard anyone.

  • Sporty-j

    What did Wade do wrong before Lebron and Bosh join FLAW? He did all he could do with the teammates he had. Its not his fault thar Beasley was not focused and that Spo cant coach. He never cried once or put his teammates down like the “Great Hype” or Kobe. Tell me about Wade rigth now because MJ would have not done anything with the teammates he had and I doubt MJ would have been as humble or patient as Wade was with his situation…

  • Sporty-j

    @flaw I realized you got a little beef with Wade on here lately. If you got a problem with players like Wade, Howard or Rose. Something has to be wrong with you homie.

  • Sporty-j

    By the way Flaw! Have you washed the dishes, clothes, and change the babies diapers yet. I thought you could not post until do some type of work around the House before Mrs.Flaw comes home?

  • Ian

    kevin b said it perfectly we have seen dirk do this before hes a 25 and 10 player what we havent seen is his teammates rise up and do ti with him.

    sporty that last post is kinda off first you said he won alone in 06 wade and wade and now you are sayin that his team sucked cuz he was alone??? which one is it?

  • K Dizzle

    LMAO! Is this kid for real????
    Up 2-0 in a 2nd round series and spewin all this junk?
    Lol. There’s gonna be a suicide if Miami doesn’t win it all…

  • LeRoy Green

    @K Dizzle (lol/smh) and Jay:

    what the hell yall mad about?? Lakers fans are always actin like spoiled snobs because their team isnt dominating like they want them too.

    Why can’t you admit that the lakers got str8 up OUT PLAYED last night??

    Did you even read what i said?? Go back and look at comment #15. I said we’re up 2-0 but it AIN’T OVER. Yall Lakers fans are soundin like some sour pussies bleedin on your period right now. Be happy yall were GIVEN Pau Gasol and spoon fed a few rings by the NBA. Now shut ya bitch ass up and watch us do you dirty in Dallas 2mrw night. DALLAS BITCH. You will Nowitzness greatness.

    keep up the good work dime.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Leroy Green(who I promise hasn’t posted on this site before this season, now wants to spit junk)

    Here’s your post I replied to:
    15.May 5th, 2011 at 9:25 am

    LeRoy Green says:

    “all you Lakers fans sit down and shut the FUCK UP.
    this series aint over, but we’ll take 2-0 headin back home. Dallas BITCH.
    happy cinco de mayo”

    Laker fans are mad? Yeah, probably. Cuz we got expectations. Don’t be mad that you got to the Finals then got punked by DWade. Does ur weakass franchise even have a chip? but you wanna compare yourself to a franchise that’s 50% in Finals appearances? Or maybe you got some stats that show gettin to 3 straight finals is easy. You got as many rings as the Raptors, stop drawin attention.You haven’t read one Laker fan on this website makin excuses about the losses so whatchu smokin on?
    Ur team won 2 games in the 2nd round, now you wanna talk shit? Like I said before, shut it and sit down. I didn’t hear shit from you the last 3 seasons when your team was goin down like a 2 dollar hooker, now you finally make it far enough to face MY SQUAD for the first time since 88(when we took your lunch money again)and no you wanna tell “ALL Laker fans” anything? Be happy MJ decided to save some cash and gifted you clowns Chandler.
    We got more rings in the past 2 seasons than you do in franchise history. Suck on that, frontrunnin clown!

  • LeRoy Green


    I didn’t even read all that. My bitch whine less than you dog, real shit. Kobe’s my fav player and i watch all Laker games just cuz he’s the best since MJ left.

    You think i’m stupid? i know this series don’t mean shit, i know its bout rings. chill lil dude you over emotional

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla


    Did you forget about Steve Nash playing with Dirk in Dallas? And what about Caron Butler?

    I have a feeling that if 2 time MVP Steve Nash played with KG, he would’ve gotten to the finals.

    I’ll give Dirk credit for being a great shooter and shot maker, but all this best pf talk is just crazy. He’s not even close.

  • K Dizzle

    I gotta agree with Chi on this one. Dirk is the sweetest shootin 7 footer ever, but there 2 ends of the court. Dirk’s never shut anybody down. Celtics don’t win a championship if KG doesn’t become the defensive leader of that squad.
    It’s like comparin Kobe to T-Mac in their primes. They could both get buckets, but one guy will make sure YOU don’t get buckets…

  • Ian

    whos better than him now???

    caron butler?? what has he done but put up stats? where did he take washington?? didnt he get injure and dirk carried him team to where they are now?? steve nash really?? you think thats the same dude that was pissed he didnt get a contract got into super shape and won 2 mvps??? nash became who he is in phoenix he was good in dallas but not great and you know that. you really love players that are all stats and it somehow doesnt translate to wins (melo comes to mind with that joke of a trade you wanted for noah and deng was it?? and now butler).

    again whos better than him now?

    “I have a feeling that if 2 time MVP Steve Nash played with KG, he would’ve gotten to the finals.”
    first i dont even know what you are tryin to say here cuz dirk did get to the finals without the 2 time mvp and with terry as his second best player. second lets no play this what if game lets go with what happened. kg only outta the first round once before traded , nash 0 finals and dirk did get to the finals.

  • CLAW

    I gotta tell ya i love the controversy in here, Austin I don’t know if he says stuff that he believes or just to create hysteria but it works.

    LeRoy & K Dizzle locking horns.

    Sporty Spice wearing Miami colored glasses and spouting crazy shit.

    I think the Comment Section is better than the SMACK section. Now Sporty Spice hurry up and change the fryer those fries are done and put some special sauce on that bitch! MJ wouldn’t have done as good as Wade did last year? You did see the lineup he had his rookie year right? People just forget.

  • Ian

    no dizzle
    one had the benefit of being on a better team thats the big diff. kg needed someone to pass to when shit happened dirk is the one people pass the ball to. tell me who kg and kobe shut down that isnt a scrub?

    if i have 4 scrubs i rather have dirk at least he can make the baskets with kg they would just pass the ball to each other till time runs out.

  • Sporty-j

    @Ian I thought that Flaw and his QQ-pie was the only slow 1s onh here. Dont tell me that I have to include you in that category?

  • Ian

    btw what are we really arguing about here chicagorilla i rather have dirk you kg just like i rather have gasol and you kaman (hehe i havent forgotten that one). theres no end to this.

  • Ian

    sporty hahaha relax im just pointing out what you said about wade winning alone and then using the he was alone excuse this last few years it just doesnt make sense my man.

  • Ian

    and please dont make me hate the heat i was one of few here sayin they will win the east since the season started.

  • Sporty-j

    Ian and & flaw are both crazy and like to change peoples words around. Nash was the allstar in Dallas that he was in pheonix. I did not say Jordan would not have done better. People plz put down the crack pipe and read.

  • Big Island

    I have them rated like this:

    Whoever, I don’t care. Dirk causes more problems for a defense than KG can cause an offense. Too much versatility. TD is really a center though.

    I was just saying that Dirk is the 2nd best PF of this generation in Texas. Also the league.

    I am also saying that Sporty can sit on Dirk’s dick. The Heat were GIVEN that series on some serious BS. No way in hell can I be convinced otherwise.

  • http://www.dot-design.co.uk/ Graphics Design

    Dirk is one of the most underrated players in NBA history. The Mavs change up their roster so much but he is the one constant, and they win ~ 50 games every year. I’d love to see him get a ring this year, it would really help change the way a lot of NBA followers see him (primarily colored by European stereotypes).

  • Sporty-j

    Just meet us in the finals! WUSSIES always crying about conspiracy. All you are going to do after we wax that a$$ is cry more conspiracy theories and make more excuse. I doubt Dallas is going to make it there though because it is going to be a Heat vs Thunfer finals…

  • QQ

    Damn, Sporty-J, you gonna spout my name every time some guy would make you ridiculous? What an insecure son of bitch.

    ‘Oohhh don’t fight me! You’re just like QQ, you’re always fighting me! MOMMY!!!!!’

    ANd bout the Heat. Shut the fuck up. You’re a fan for ONE fucking season, stop acting like you’re a life long supporter.

    They’re playing the best ball right now in the East, but until I see 4 wins, it aint over.

  • QQ

    And who the fuck is Leroy Green?

    HAHAHHAHAHA. Pure Comedy right there.

    Hides for 80% of the season, not even acknowledging his team when there were one of the best in December..

    Saw that they’re up 2-0, then:



    Fucking sad piece of shit.

  • JAY

    “And who the fuck is Leroy Green?”
    ^^ Ditto.

    #95… LMAO! funniest post of the day. Give Leroy credit.

    But I gotta admit. I’m kinda like Leroy Green in a sense that I’m not outwardly supporting my home squad (cRaptors) till they start winning something. I’m such a down-low cRaptor fan that I’m gonna get Raptor undies so nobody will see them. Then when they finally clinch a #8 playoff spot, i’ll rip off my tear-aways like…. YEAH BITCH!!! RAPTORS ALL FUCKIN DAY!!!!!!