Smack / May 26, 2011 / 2:11 am

Dirk Is A Boss

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Monte Isom)

You heard it in the classroom. You heard it from your uncles. You heard it from your momma. We’re not sure who Dirk heard it from, but we know it was in German: “If at first you don’t succeed…” and yeah, you know the rest. After missing an open three with the clock winding down in the fourth quarter and his team down two, Dirk had another look from behind the arc. Maybe previous versions of Dirk (since he’s become a robot) would’ve shied away from that second shot. But not this Dirk Nowitzki. And this Dirk Nowitzki was buckets – hitting the three that would give his Mavericks a lead they wouldn’t give up, beating the Thunder, 100-96, and punching their tickets to the team’s second NBA Finals in five years. The Dallas Mavericks are your 2011 Western Conference champions. Get used to it. Dirk was the beast they needed, from start to finish. Early on, he put a spin and dunk on Serge Ibaka where he must’ve asked him “Big fella, can you understand this language?” Boom. On his head. Even someone like Iblocka couldn’t translate that. Then after driving in the dagger that killed the West, Dirk walked out on the celebration. Like a boss … As Rick Barry said, we’d be “remiss” if we didn’t mention the gutsy performance by the OKC boys. Kevin Durant (23 points) came out hot like that bowl of chili out the microwave. But unfortunately for Thunder fans (and like that chili), he quickly cooled off as the contest wore on. Durant’s off? The Thunder are totally screwed right? Wrong. Enter Russell Westbrook (31 points, eight rebounds, five assists). This story was nearly about shutting up those media folks (ahem, ahem) that didn’t think Westbrook could win you a playoff game. Now the Thunder may not have won, but we think Russ proved his point. Remember when you were in preschool and recess hit? You went flying out the door to the swing set. Forget order, forget anything the teachers say. You were the man and you were gonna be first. That was Westbrook in the first quarter. He went from his own baseline to inside the opposing team’s three-point line in two seconds. TWO SECONDS. Kurt Thomas hasn’t made it past midcourt in less than two seconds since ’03. Did anyone catch Mark Jackson singing “Wild thaaang, you make my heart sing…” to Westbrook? Jackson just won American Idol … We wonder what the requirements were for being the voice-over for the talking basketball commercials. Imagine what those auditions were like. They need to do a parody of these with Charlie Sheen and a glass of gin … Keep reading to hear about the Beard, the Matrix and the JET

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  • Me

    watched most of the first half, once i saw westbrook and harden freezing durant out, i knew they were done.

    the kids may be able to score, may be able to hang, but you’ve got to keep your breadwinner in the game. you can’t ignore him for 2 quarters and then expect him to pull it out, he’s gotta stay in rhythm. I saw a few (lost count) consecutive possessions where durant called for the ball and never got a whiff. I also saw him stomp away after one on those possessions, even though hardin (i think) scored. I think there’s chemistry issues coming in okc.

    What’s the over/under for Kobe to tune out Mike Brown? from the halftime interview it sounded like he already started via text, refusing to take his phone call.

    Something tells me they’re waiting for something with that hire. Maybe thinking Phil’s just taking another 1 year sabbatical and leaving the door open by not hiring a real coach.

  • Vintakular

    haha i like that Hangover 2 line

  • beiber newz

    it’s funny how mavs fans on facebook AND ALL OVER are like “yea go dallas! told you they good and they gonna win blah blah yaddie yah” but clearly, in no way did they, the mav-fan, anticipate the performance these 2011 post season mavs are displaying. every analyst, even the casual fan is taking notice to dirk (with the help of the elimination of spurs. celts. lakers) because of his high level of play, mimicking steve nash as human wine — getting better with age. dirk is a diferent player playing with a different mentality fueling a different attitude and direction on the court. these mavs have come to FULL life (scary considering they’re missing caron butler) with their shooters COOKING, chandler making his defensive presence felt and kidd turning back the clock guarding the league leading scorer at times. amazing. no one saw this coming. but after kobe and crew went down, everyone opened their eyes. and we are possibly witnessing dirk’s rise to the promise land. the gods could plain and simply be letting us know..it was gonna be dirk’s time sooner or later. he’s THAT good.

  • bdownunder

    miami vs dallas. karma is either a bitch or legit shot at redemption. bring it home dallas. j-kidd and dirk deserve one.

    i know mia vs chi not done yet, but lebron is on another planet at the moment.

  • Aaron_41

    Hoping the refs won’t screw Dallas twice. Its hard to win a championship when on the court it’s five vs eight.

  • Ricky

    Man Dirk is my favorite player but he was playing really weak today, the only defensive play I saw him do is deflect Westbrook’s pass to Collison near the end. Other than that, he was just letting everyone get layups on him. I hope Carlisle never plays Dirk at center again, especially against the Heat/Bulls Rose/Wade/Lebron will just murder Dirk in the paint. To me Marion has won the last two games for Dallas. I also think Stevenson is overrated, I’ll rather have Brewer playing than him.

  • common sense

    what point exactly did Westbury prove???

  • Soopa

    …and Dallas has Caron Butler and Ricky still not playing.

    OKC didnt roll over, gotta respect that.

    Had OKC been able to control 4th quarter leads, with under 5mins to go none the less, they would be up 3-1. Now thats crazy.

    Dirk is untouchable. Shooting, passing, driving – pick your poison – Dirk is gonna kill you.

    How does Miami contain Dirk? Bosh? Haslem? Joel?

  • Soopa

    *up 3-2

  • the cynic

    Dirk is the last man standing in the way of the Miami Heat dynasty

  • http://kilikilishot.blogspot.com Mandirigma

    Heat’s going to chew the Mavs out in the Finals.



    It’s over.

  • common sense

    Microcosm of Thunders playoffs.. end of first half.. durant runs around a screen, westbury uses him as a decoy and chooses to drive to the hoop, he cant finish, perk misses the put back, durant reacts with disdain..

    westburys IQ is really low and durants really weak (physically and personality wise) to compensate for westburys deficiancies…

  • KBY

    Kobe should be happy with Brown, means he can do whatever he wants on offense…

  • QQ

    That loss should fall on the shoulders of the WHOLE Thunder team. That’s a young team pitted against the veteran, and the young team making bad plays in the end.

    As much as I’ve been a vocal critique of Westbrook these past few games, I think if there’s a culprit (and there isn’t), it should be more of Durant.

    STILL… One can’t hate. They are a young team. And they reached their ceiling for this season. Come on, WCF aint bad. So yall still gonna give the Thunder their props.

    They will grow up, Russ will (hopefully) learn to do the right thing at the right time, Durant will be better, and Harden will continue his emergence.

    Until then…. Dirk = COLD BLOODED. Welcome back to the Finals. And props to the WHOLE Mavs team.

    PS: Can we have a rematch of Austin Burton and Sporty J vs Lakeshow and K Dizzle??? SERIOUSLY. That’s topnotch entertainment right there. HAHA.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Funny how people think heat will roll easy. They beat Philly, Boston and probably the Bulls. Are any of those teams better than Dallas?

  • alf (from melmak)

    Conspiracy theorist out there are probably now thinking that this is all part of David Stern’s plan to make up for the highly questionable championship won by Miami over Dallas in 2006.

    Dallas wins this year and it all comes full circle. Justice is served.

    And on another news, Mike Brown going to the Lakers? Maybe they mistook the first name. Maybe they were really after Larry Brown. Personally, I would have loved to see Jerry Sloan in LA. I want to see him work on a team with enough talent to win a ring. Something he did not have in Utah.

    Lastly, is it me or is Smack seems so (for lack of a better term) contrived? I miss the swagger it had back in the days.

  • john

    Mavs won , great. BUT, the horrible non call of that defensive rebound of Westbrook (Chandler foul the shit out of him) change the game. That was suposed to be 2 FT to the Thunder when they were up 1 with a minute to go, instead the Mavs scored and got the lead.
    If this was in favor of my Miami, everybody would be crazy about.

  • quest???

    Dallas bench and three point shooting is way better than the Heat’s. The bench will be the deciding factor. I believe the Mavs are going to win the Finals in 6 maybe 7 games

  • Skeeter McGee

    With Mike Brown as the Lakers coach maybe we’ll see Kobe avg. something like 32 ppg with his offensive schemes in place. You know, the one LeBron was in, where all he did was iso top of the key and let ‘Bron hold the rock for like 8 seconds and then do something 1-on-5.

    Damn, if only I was good at coaching defense then maybe even I coulda gotten mentioned as Jackson’s replacement!

  • Skeeter McGee

    But for real though, if Ibaka couldn’t guard Dirk (not even gonna mention Pau’s attempt to…) then who on Miami can? Haslem? Doubtful. My best bet is that they put LeBron on him just cause of his athleticism but then that would mean Haslem guards Marion? Could work but the match-ups are going to be really interesting. Bosh on Dirk might work since both are jump-shooters and don’t put the ball on the floor much. Bibby on Kidd? That’s a joke. Terry on Wade is going to be interesting also because Wade seems to have trouble with people who lull him to sleep on offense and then suddenly cut off the ball for looks (i.e. Ray Allen, but he did alright against Ray Ray). The real big question is who will make Tyson Chandler look like the Chandler of old? Right now dude is playing like he’s the Defensive Player of the Year. Props to him but somebody has gotta bring that dude back down to earth…

    Overall, I’m looking forward to these finals. Would have liked to see Kobe win it for his own 3peat, but I think I’d rather see Dirk get his long overdue ring and elevate his status from stardom to greatness.

  • Ben1en

    JON BARRY?? That was Rick Barry, a NBA legend… not his wack son.

  • johnny

    Alf- I agree. Smack should turn back the clock a little.

    OKC is about a lock to make the Finals next year imo.
    They should probably trade Westbrook on the way. It would be a big return and they can look for a better fit.

  • IGP

    I think Iback and Dirk both speak English pretty well, so the language references don’t make a whole lot of sense.

  • Skeeter McGee


    Yall should have a Throwback Smack. Meaning that we should be able to access a Smack from a year ago on this day. Would be cool to see what we were saying back then about players still around now and stuff…

    If yall do have this idea I better get some credit too!

  • QQ

    @ Skeeter:

    Well, you could always access old articles by just browsing. It has all the comments intact to, so there.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Damn congrats Dallas, played their heart out and kept it close enough for Dirk to go to work. Can they beat the Heat? Probably, I mean they beat the Lakers. but I do know this, I am now an unofficial dirk band wagoner until the playoffs end. I need to see that German get a ring!

  • LeRoy Green


  • Skeeter McGee


    This is true, but to see one from a year ago or two years ago would require a lot of browsing. There should be a link at the bottom of each day’s SMACK that says “On this date…” and have previous years SMACKs. Maybe I’m just lazy haha.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ beiber newz (can’t believe i’m responding to someone named beiber): I don’t know TOO many Mavs fans on here, but I’ve been saying the Mavs are legit for the past 5 years. Just putting it out there.

    @ john: there were some calls and noncalls last night that were bad, just like usual. On the series, the Thunder still shot more FT than Dallas did, and that’s taking into account Dallas being in the lead for most of the games, which leads to more FT for them. Nonissue.

    I’d like to anoint James Harden as the next Manu Ginobili.
    Ugly as hell? Check.
    Never smiles? Check.
    “Old Man Game”? Check.
    Wild drives to the hoop, seemingly ALWAYS concluding with a whistle? Check.
    Flops worse than anyone in the league? Check.
    First man off the bench? Check.
    Destined to win a title or 2, in part because of his star forward and attacking point guard? Check.

    Just watch, he’ll start to bald next year.

    Don’t know of any Thunder fans on here, but great series ya’ll.

  • Sam

    Westbrook proved something by going 11-28?

  • Skeeter McGee

    Co-sign Sam…

  • ManilaFTW

    Smack should stop trying too hard.

    alf – gone are the days that i just try to start something with you with your ‘top reasons why dime should hire me’ because now they gotta fix the writing first before anything else

  • pipdaddyy

    @dagwaller There is something to your Manu-Harden comparison, but why on Earth does Ginobili have an “old-man” game? Even a couple of years ago he was very quick for the 2-guard spot, he was constantly driving to the hoop while risking his health, and still is flopping so hard he hurts himself regularly…

  • IannyB

    What point did westbrook prove except that he’s a douchebag. Hogging the ball getting a dumb technical and then icing it by walking off the court. He took 28 shots to KD’s 22,even harden was brushing off KD but at least his decision making was better. You know yuou’re in trouble when your 6th man who isnt even a point guard ios the best passer on the team.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Pip – you’re right, Ginobili has always been quick. Harden is, too. Mark Jackson (I believe) even made a note of how everyone wants to say that Harden has old man’s game, despite being 21.

    I mean it as a compliment. Obviously, either guy could dunk if he wanted. Seems to me, though, that they’re crafty, use changes of speed, put up random shots in the lane, etc. In other words, even though they’re athletic, they aren’t overly reliant on it, i.e. Russell Westbrook.

    Gotta admit, Russell Westbrook has a decent jumper. Just needs to learn when to use it.

  • Fish

    When I think back on Kidd playing in Dallas in his original stint along with Jim Jackson and Jamal Mashburn…that dude is old!

  • That’s What’s Up

    I like Harden’s game; guy looks legit.

    A big factor in the Finals, to me, will be Shawn Marion. He’s really stepping up this postseason. He’s a 4 time All-Star and has been out of the playoffs for 4-5 years. This is his first trip to the Finals. Dude is GRATEFUL. …and Hungry. Assuming it’s Mavs/Heat, I think they put him on Lebron. He’s been snubbed many times for NBA All-Defensive honors and it’s no secret that pisses him off. Slowing down and frustrating one of the game’s greatest players while wrapping up your first Championship is all that is on Shawn Marion’s mind.

  • QQ

    LOL @ Harden having an old man game. Read that somewhere that the everyone’s forcing the old man game just because kid has the old man look, with the throwback beard and all.

    Nothing old man bout that kid’s game.

    And is it just me or Westbrook about to be public enemy number 1?

    Even if I was just about to unleash my hate on that cat, I personally think it’s unfair, cause it’s the WHOLE team’s fault.

    But can’t really fault the haters… 11-28, horrible shots, seeming clueless that he’s NOT the team’s alpha male, and not shaking hands with the Mavs.


    Or you could just know your fucking role (read: Pippen, Scottie) every time your on the court.

  • Ian

    please harden cant touch manu. is harden the go to guy in crunch time for the thunder? are the thunder a mess everytime harden misses a game? did harden lead a non us team to gold? that attacking pg you mentioned has never been better than manu. is harden the 2nd best sg out west? sorry man but harden is still behind. now you did make some good comparisons but dont get the old mans game thing. marc jackson was the one with the old mans back you up for 20 secs game.

  • http://dimemag.com Celts Fan

    @dag. Congrats bro. Now go avenge 06. F the Heat. I saw that ending coming. Just not ready for primetime at this level et. Same for Chi. Both will gettons of exp from this and be better for it, but after seeing these seriea, it seems obvious neother was quite ready to be here. Meanwhile, Dirk been looking to this shit for 5 yrs now, 10 for Kidd, and forever for Matrix. Could say the same bout the big 2.5 for Mia too.

  • CLAW

    Nice play again down the stretch as Dirk just nails the dagger like Rick James (Chappelle) said, “Cooolllldd Blooded”.

    Heat have this? Because their bench is sooo deep. Rose nails the jumper in Game 4 that series is tied 2-2 going to Chitown. If Ifs were Fifths we’d all be drunk, but not like the Heat have been killing the Bulls, Bulls just can’t close out (like OKC).

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ ian – haha relax, I def am not putting Harden in Manu’s league quite yet, if ever. Just saying he reminds me of Manu a little.

    @ QQ – that’s your opinion bud, but explain to me what you think constitutes an old man’s game, if not the things I was describing?

    @ Celts – Yea, I think this was the last year for the Celts, Magic, Lakers, San An, and Mavs. They’ll be competitive, just not like they were. The Mavs just happened to win the Old-Off this year. It’s about to be Portland, Memphis, OKC, Denver, NY, Mia, and Chi for the next 3, 4, 5 years.

  • control

    Why were people bringing up AI=DRose, when Westbrook does a better job imitating AI than any other point guard in the league right now. That guy needs to check himself, he ain’t a lost cause yet because he still has time to learn, but god damn, his shooting percentages are pure garbage. Point guard is suppose to get a high percentage shot for the team, that’s the job description…he completely failed at it in the playoffs. Every two minutes he was on the floor, he shot the ball, wtf?

    I was a big fan of Westbrook, but he’s really turning me off with how he’s playing. Guy KILLING his team trying to be big bad alpha dog.

  • sh!tfaced

    Think the Manu-Harden comparison is spot on. Uncle James has got that Manu/Brandon Roy methodical old man’s game.
    And that’s Manu during his early years. No need to compare accolades, man. lol

  • sh!tfaced

    “If at first you don’t succeed…” redefine success.
    That’s gotta be Dirk’s motto today…

    Westbury. Haha. Shit, that’s just perfect. He’s more Starbury now than AI.

  • QQ

    What exactly is an old man game?

    Cause for me, it’s a term invented by the media when they saw Harden, and went ‘the dude looks like he’s from the 70’s. I assume he has an old man game. YEAH’.

    Dude can drive, has dunked a number of powerful slams (ask JJ Hickson), has considerable speed, etc…

    The only old man game I know is when I see Kurt Thomas in the court. Cause that’s an OLD man in a game.

  • sh!tfaced

    “Old Man’s game” is basically experience despite youth. Methodical, deliberate, never out of control. Smart, Jedi-style way of playing ball.

  • QQ

    @ shitfaced:

    Okay, I could bargain with that. So what do you call the opposite? Athletic, yet reckless, sometimes to the point of being idotic?

    Cause I would really want to say…

    Westbrook has a tremendous young man’s game.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Cosign 47 and 48

  • Stunnaboy2k11

    Hardens game reminds me of Manu as well right down to the world class flopping

  • Sporty-j

    Austin and Sporty-j vs Lakeshoe84 and K-Dizzle???

    That would be a SWEEP!

  • Big Island

    I am going the other way with Westbrook on this one. I’ve gotten on a ton of guys for not shaking hands after the series (KG and those other Celtic fags), but something about Westbrook walking off gave me a little hope or something. It’s like he was pissed and left to not fight or something. Hopefully he channels the anger into, I don’t know, PASSING THE FUCKING ROCK!!!

    Somewhat disappointed in KD.

    Harden has a middle aged game. He’s not breaking out the hook shots yet, but he doesn’t do the 30 crossovers either.

    If Dallas wins the finals, I am naming my penis Dirk.

  • sh!tfaced

    Gonna name mine “Diggler”.

  • sh!tfaced

    @ QQ
    dont know, man. cant think of/find a good one but the word that keeps coming up is “Starbury”… lol

  • Sporty-j

    Where are those 2 chumps at anyway so that I can put them on blast since those 2 idiots said that I was a banwager Heat fan that they did not see on until after the decision lmaol??? I’m ready to emberass those clows and I need about 5 to 10 WITNESSES who don’t mind doing a little research. I want to do a bet with those clowns and would like an apology. Its not you guys fault because you live in the land of the fake a.k.a. Holly-fake. Today is the day that I put all people on blast who have ever questioned my cred as a Heat before Wade even ever resigned. Show your faces fakers and LETS GET IT STARTED…

  • top_gun

    They also said Z-Bo has an old man’s game. From my understanding, it’s just being productive without the flash or fancy moves.

  • Sporty-j

    You included to Fagwaller. After doing my resrarch yesterday I notice that you are a Mavs fan. Your dislike for Wade told it all. I could not help but wonder. What fans and Franchise would have so much hate and dislike for Heat and Wade. Ready for part 2 in june Fagwaller???

  • Ian

    Hehe I’m sorry you know I’m a fan can’t help it.

  • control

    Old man’s game is pretty much playing more with mind than with pure athletic quickness or strength. It’s the anti-LeBron when he’s in his bulldozer mode, or the anti-Josh Smith anytime he’s on the floor.

    Manu plays a very intelligent game most of the time, though his flopping is complete bullshit. Hardon plays a pretty intelligent game as well, when he isn’t doing his bullshit flopping (for which I’ve lost a lot of respect for him). Hardon doesn’t try to pound it in there using pure athleticism, though he is pretty athletic. His game can translate well until he’s like 35-37, just like Kobe now has an old man game (compared to his younger years).

  • LakeShow84



    Them foo’s better finish this shit out.. and i want to see another 20 3pt game.. fuckers lol


    I dont see Dirk having his way Haslem.. he’ll beast EVERYONE else but not Haslem.. hopefully Haslem still a lil rusty when he comes back but there isnt rust for workhorses.. Haslem played SOLID D on him in the Finals in 06′

    But this is a different Dirk.. this Dirk is playing Birdish.. not down to the #’s just that SWAG.. And SWAG will take u a long way if u got the skill to back it up.. Ive never seen Dirk play like this but DAMN better late than never..

    Honestly my gut is telling me Miami will take it.. BUT if Dirk can have the same 4th quarters (i doubt it) throughtout the WHOLE series, if Marion can keep hustlin with the tips and energy plays (not against LBJ) and Terry, Peja and Stevenson can hit from deep, THEN Dallas may have it lol

    But MIA got too much speed on the perimeter and 3 players who can score from anywhere.. plus they get away with murder sometimes so there goes ur defensive intensity lol

    Tyson Chandler will be the key as far as keeping Bosh in check and deterring drives to the hoop..

    On paper Dallas should match up DECENTLY but we’ll see..

    Im thinking MIA in 6..

  • LakeShow84

    Dont u have school Sporty Spice?????

    U typing from computer class or something???? Shit dude i was worried about finger banging females at ur age..

    Not blogging lol

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Lake – yea, as soon as Miami signed those guys, I figured they’d win this year’s chip (just like when Boston got their big 3). Looking good for them now.

    But like I said yesterday, the Mavs have had some fun playing the underdog all playoffs long, and I have no doubt that Carlisle can outcoach Spoelstra. That might be a wildcard.

  • Big Island

    Who am I kidding, my dick is more like Steve Kerr. Small, white, decent college career, had a nice little pro career, I can count on him in the clutch but I won’t ask him to be a star for 40 minutes (gotta pick his spots), makes the right passes, never made a backdoor cut on a guy, and can flat out shoot.

  • LakeShow84

    And sorry but Westbrook proved himself EXPENDABLE this series.. ok maybe thats a jump but DAMN

    BAD BAD BAD decision maker with everything on the line.. usually it would be ONE BAD GAME with said decisions.. but dude had a dumb turnover or slipup IN EVERY GAME this series..

    You CANT have someone hindering Durants progression.. he needs to feel these moments himself.. he cant be worried about GETTING the ball.. he needs to be worried about what hes doing when he gets it..

    If ur PG is making bad decisions it will trickle down..

    OKC looked YOUNG and DUMB damn near this whole series.. and you could say it all started with Westbrook..

    Sorry but thats my take..

  • LakeShow84

    How u gonna make ONE jumper after a missing 3 and decide to go back and shoot another ONE the very next possesion..

    and how many times did he do that?! lmao

    Thats not even TRYING to be a PG.. i dont know how many times i watched him make ONE JUMPER, then try to go back to the SAME SPOT the VERY NEXT POSSESSION and shoot again..


    @ Dag

    I give LBJ and Wade credit because i didnt think they could navigate the East with that roster.. LBJ has sacrificed a lot of his game too.. i give him props on that..

    Id say Boston had MORE when they all signed there.. They still had Rondo and Perk.. Powe was a sleeper.. Eddie House was a sniper.. Shit MIA got the big 3 and glue guys, NOT ROLE PLAYERS lol

  • That’s What’s Up

    Quote 63 takes the fucking cake.

    Blogs are closed for the day.
    Little Island shut it down!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    What do you guys think about starting Maynor (distributes ball to Durant and Harden) and Harden (second scorer but also a playmaker)? Then have Westbrook as the entire offense on the second unit, the way he likes it anyway? Plus Sefolosha and he would make a beast second backcourt.

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol @Big boy

    On another note! I see Lakeshoe84, K-Dizzle, DagWaller, and anyone else who was questioning my Cred as a Heat fan before the decision is avoiding being put on blast by dancing around my post. Are there any real dudes on Dimes at all? or a bunch of cowards that like to hear themselves talk, come out only when the Heat lose and act like its a national holiday, and run like a bunch pussies when you call them out to prove them wrong …

  • QQ

    Damn, Big Island that was gold. HAHA.

    My penis would be Kendrick Perkins. Cause it’s always snarling.

    Wait, isn’t Perkins an actual penis?

    And everyone notices that raging lunatic calling himself ‘Sporty J’?

    Just ignore it, maybe it will go away.

  • LakeShow84

    Im not really sold on Maynor.. he made some goofy plays too but hes young.. with no real experience..

    OKC does have a lot of options for next year.. and i suspect they’ll add through the draft.. they’re good with that..

  • LakeShow84

    I would name my penis Harden..

    Just because it sounds like a good penis name..

  • QQ

    And yeah how could I forget about this:


    This is serious comedy right here.


    and a classic tweet about it:

    ‘Sources confirm that Doris Burke is still on the floor at American Airlines Center looking for a player to interview’.


  • Sporty-j

    I’m going to let you faggits like QQ, Claw, Lakeshoe84, and etc finish your little gay conversations on dimemag since everybody who has been questioning loyalty to the Heat way before the signing of Lebron. Are now all of a sudden scared to step up to the plate… MIAMI and Sporty-j against the world you COWARDS!!!

  • That’s What’s Up

    Will Sporty-j be fined $50K or $100K for his comments?

    We’ll just have to see what the WNBA hands him

  • JBaller

    @63 – Some funny ish!

    Whether your penis is a center or a point guard, you better hope it fills the lane!

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Thats whats up

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    How do we know that Westbrook isn’t just following Scott Brooks’ instruction? Everybody is saying “the point guard is supposed to set up his teammates,” etc., but maybe that’s not how Brooks wants Westbrook to play. Maybe he wants him to aggressively look for his own shot. Does anybody have any insight to show Brooks wants Westbrook to pass more?

  • sh!tfaced

    My penis would be Russell Westbrook, it’s always jacking off.

  • sh!tfaced

    Wonder who’s dick is as soft as Bosh? Paging Heat fans…? LOL

  • Phileus

    Russell Effing Westbury.

  • control


    I don’t think many nba coaches are bad enough to say “listen quick, but undersized point guard, you are shooting a solid less than 40% from the field, and our team needs more of that! Go get yours son! Fuck KD, he’s only one of the best scorers in the league!”. Maybe if he was Mike Brown I could see that happening, very slim chance otherwise though.

  • LakeShow84

    I was thinking that too as far as game plan goes since he was matched up with JKidd..


    As a SMART bball player u got to know better than that.. he forced A LOT of shit this series.. borderline retardedly forced shit..

    And he lost his coo way too much..

    Brooks aint tellin dude to lose his composure and fall apart..

  • QQ


    OF COURSE, the Legendary Apologist arrives at the scene, and once again, another beaten, belittled and tear eyed superstar finds his hero.

    A hero that will always protect him.



    Stats that’s not relevant to the discussion!

    Ridiculous Statements!

    ‘Why do hate him so much?’

    And the ever trusty…..


    So keep your head up, afflicted superstar. As long as the Legendary Apologist is here…





  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @control — It’s not like KD is starving for shots, though. In the regular season and the playoffs, he was 3rd in the NBA in FG attempts and 2nd in FT attempts. And until Harden started playing better after the All-Star break, OKC only had two legit scorers, one of them being Westbrook. I could see Brooks encouraging Westbrook to look for his own shot because OKC needed more than just Durant to score. If Westbrook tried to be Jason Kidd, OKC wouldn’t have won as many games as they did.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @QQ — Did you just say I’m legendary? Nice.

  • beiber newz


  • This_Will_Hurt

    Sporty J…this is the internetz…’DIMES’.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ QQ

    You know… im starting to think..

    u dont like AB LMAAAAOOOOOOO

  • LakeShow84

    Im really surprised he didnt get a delay of game for spiking the ball when Kidd beat him for that layup..

    Westbrook played like a rookie this series.. he made his plays but the bad was FAR TOO CLOSE to outweighing the good.. and like i said it WAS THE WHOLE SERIES..

    Mind bottling

  • QQ

    @ Lakeshow:

    HAHA. I can’t hate on AB though. I mean come on, there’s a cat earning money writing basketball. I’m an anonymous commenter on his site. It aint even close.

    But still… it’s the biased stance and the SETTLE DOWN shit that puts me off.

    But it’s all good fun. LOL.

    And besides, Smack used to be funny as hell when cat was writing it.

  • Sporty-j

    Dallas might have beat the Miami Heat of the West because they were to young. But now its time to face the real thing. Dirk is no Pope and is nothing but a Joke. Time to face his demons and worse nightmare again and CHOKE…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Oh by the way … Why isn’t there a bigger story today about Westbrook walking off the court without shaking Dirk’s hand or Kidd’s hand or whoever we decided he needs to shake hands with to show he’s a good sport? I’ve seen it mentioned, but nowhere near as much as when LeBron didn’t shake Dwight’s hand in 2009. What’s up with that?

    Also … I noticed that in the final minute of Celtics/Heat Game 5, Boston wasn’t fouling to stop the clock. According to what people were saying after last year’s Celtics/Cavs series, doesn’t that mean the C’s were quitting and giving up?

  • QQ

    People we’re doing that to piss you off, AB.

    That’s the only reason people ever talk about the Lebron no handshake in 2009.

  • CLAW

    @AB- So you are good with Westbrook and LeFraud being in the same company, walking off like little bitches after taking a beat down. That is poor sportsman ship, you see KD! Kid shook hands and got words of encouragement from the Mav players. You don’t judge a player on how they react when they win but how they handle defeat, and Westbrook and LeFraud showed they are both immature little bitches (and I like Westbrook but that was a b move).

    @Sporty Spice: Another Sweep! Just like your call on the Heat sweep over the Bulls and now how they will sweep the Mavs. That series could be 2-2 right now heading into Chitown. The East has sucked this year, Boston just looked old and Chitown is young but the West has been off the hook.

  • LakeShow84

    Damn AB you going to go through every moment Lebron was criticized and compare it to other players for the rest of ur life???

    We already been through this shit..

    SERIOUSLY GET OVER IT.. Dude is a SUPERSTAR one of the ONLY 2 in the NBA with that much polarity..

    Seriously you questioning and trying to compare shit that happened all throughout dudes career is tiring.. and its starting to make u look like a whiner..

    5 years from now when Deron Williams walks off the court without shaking hands u gonna still bring that shit up???


    you dont see me or Laker fans on here whining about Noah’s 50K fine compared to Kobe’s 100K fine..

    Drop that shit.. its tiring..



  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    Shit you could tell Westbrook was immature THROUGHOUT the whole series lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @CLAW — I don’t think LeBron or Westbrook were wrong for not shaking hands. These aren’t Little League teaching moments. In the pros, post-game handshakes are usually empty gestures anyway that guys only do because they don’t want to look like bad sports. If you watch the NBA regularly, you’ll see players walk off after losses ALL THE TIME without shaking hands. Why do we only pay attention to it after a playoff series?

  • Skeeter McGee


    Completely agree. I am getting paid to play, if I was playing for the YMCA with a prayer before and all that maybe I’ll say “good game” with some dap. F*** all these dudes that are saying he’s immature. He’s just heated that he lost a series to the NBA Finals. First thing I’m thinking isn’t “Damn that other team did work lets go congratulate them” unless my boy is on that team. Y’all act like these guys are supposed to be perfect 100% of the time. The only thing that is completely accurate is hindsight, it’s always 20/20. In the moment, nah…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 –“Damn AB you going to go through every moment Lebron was criticized and compare it to other players for the rest of ur life?”

    Yes … LOL, but seriously, again it’s not about LeBron specifically, I just hate when people apply stupid double-standards. Most of the guys that I’m an “apologist” for, it’s because I believe they’ve been unfairly criticized or unfairly held to a double-standard: LeBron, Carmelo, Vince, T-Mac, Z-Bo, whoever. Even Kobe (sometimes).

    And if somebody can answer these questions I bring up, I’ll stop asking them. Lakers fans aren’t whining about the Kobe/Noah fine because the NBA already answered the question: Kobe’s fine was extra because he also verbally assaulted a ref, whereas Noah just yelled at a heckler. Nobody has really been able to answer my questions about the no-handshake, The Decision backlash, etc., other than saying, “It’s different.”

  • LABaller

    LOL @ the Will Ferrel reference hahaha

  • Ian

    i think u need to get that thing check out by a doctor.

    now who posted this using controls nick “Manu plays a very intelligent game most of the time”???

    btw dont you guys say in america something like losers rhyme??
    “Dirk is no Pope and is nothing but a Joke.” thats nice sporty

  • LakeShow84


    and you answered it urself

    It is a double standard.. If u at the top of the food chain you are EXPECTED to show grace and so on so it can trickle down.. Why do u think NO ONE really likes Kobe except Laker fans?????

    Dude is held to a different standard ALL THE TIME..

    It comes with the territory.. i dont think its right either.. and ive even said that EVEN with Lebron.. ON CERTAIN ISSUES..

    The Handshake issue??? i think thats warranted..

    Shit didnt everyone brand A WHOLE TEAM (Pistons) a bunch of sore losers and give them shit for not shaking Jordans hand when he finally got over the hump??

    We all know the name of the game..

    Its the age of the internet.. way more hate flows nowadays than good will.. If MICHAEL JORDAN was around nowadays best believe he would go THROUGHT WAY MORE lumps than his career did in the 80’s/90’s..

    Just how it is..

    @ Skeeter

    Howard was on that team and he and Howard are supposed to be tight.. not saying he HAD TO shake Howards hand but after that kinda series i wouldve.. but thats just me.. and im as fierce a competitor as they come.. quote me lol

    And usually in the WCF or ECF the loser is expected to show sportsmanship.. a lot was on the line..

  • Mt. Pleasant

    AB – Its true, lots of NBA players don’t shake hands after a series. But I think it is too bad they don’t and not because I think its a little league thing.

    I compare it to the NHL, guys go to war against the other team every other night and do anything they can to win that series including whacking each other in the face with sticks, slashing each other in areas there are no pads, targeting previous injuries, etc.

    But you look at the end of every series in the NHL and every player (many whose faces are a mess of stitches, bruises and missing teeth caused by that other team) on each team lines up to shake hands and have a couple words with the other. No matter the bad break, bad call, or blowout that ended their season.

    I think its awesome and shows respect for the game and the other team. I always hang around to watch it.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Ian

    Dont believe that was Control eh??? lol

  • control

    Mt Pleasant

    You can’t compare nhl and nba. The nhl is a MUCH tougher league, with real MEN who play the sport, the nba is a lame and tame repression of what a real man should be, due to ref influence and the rewarding of weak plays like “drawing charges” and flopping. An nhl player takes a hit, loses a tooth or breaks a bone and sometimes finishes his shift before finishing. In the nba, a guy like PP slips into the crowd and needs a wheelchair to get off and over to the bench, a crew of trainers and masseuse to work his cramp out, and a bush shaman, priest and rabi to work some spiritual healing on him before he can shoot his free throws. The contrast between the two sports makes them incomparable.

  • control

    Lakeshow & Ian

    I have never said manu was a stupid player. Gay, lame, pussyish and floppy, fuck yeah, and I hate on him because of it. He is an intelligent player though, haha.

  • Me

    think cleveland would trade irving for westbrook, straight up?

    i’d love to see that.

  • CLAW

    @AB & Skeeter: That is f*d up, so its OK not to shake hands and show sportsmanship, that’s fine, because they are “competitive”. That is a BS bitch ass excuse. Act like a man and even if you hate the guy across from you, you can respect that you play the same game and they were better than you. Its called integrity, respecting the game, and class something neither of you or Westbrook or Lefraud have.

    The NFL and NHL do it, and those are more physical than any basketball game. What a joke. Can’t believe I have to really defend a position on this.

  • Ian

    lakeshow see post 106 now thats control

  • drew

    going forward for okc, westbrook is one of those player whose game can make you go ‘wow’ in a good way sometimes, but when he’s off or making bad decisions (all too frequently i mite add) he’s a detriment to your team. brooks got exposed for the coach that he is, and KD imo is honestly overrated (though i like his playing style). despite his length, he doesnt make much of an impact on defense, and offensively his dribble isnt good enough, which is why the ball is in westbrook’s hand more often than KD’s. if he didnt get so much respect from the zebras, the main strong suit of his compared to other stars is his shooting, but even then if you body him up he’ll easily get thrown off his game.

  • Mt. Pleasant


    Lol @ “a crew of trainers and masseuse to work his cramp out, and a bush shaman, priest and rabi to work some spiritual healing on him before he can shoot his free throws”

    You’d think the sport where you inflicted less punishment on the other guy would be less likely to have the handshake, but maybe its the opposite.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Now i can tell lol

    And CONTROL light weight said it.. its about being a man.. you guys may go at it for a 7 game series throwin bo’s and knocking each other down but when its all over??

    “aye helluva series out there man.. go get em.. you know that was a foul tho be real”

    LOL getting mad and stomping off the court reeks of immaturity.. and its sore losing.. like i said i get down and dirty and ive taken my lumps but ive always turned around and said good game when it was over.. regardless of outcome..

    Its called sportsmanship..

  • robzilla

    Cats are talkin like Diggler just showed up. He’s been a cold-blooded killer for the last 5 years easy. It’s his supporting cast that has improved. And I hate the Mavs…

  • CLAW

    F*ing pussy ass sports like tennis shake hands!

    @AB- If so much wasn’t made of Lebron not shaking hands because he is so ultra competitive would Westbrook have walked off without shaking hands? Did Lebron make it alright to do because he did it?

    Lebron is such a trendsetter, how to pick teams when a free agent and how to act after a series is over. The guys is somebody everyone should look up to you. He is the image of what the NBA is all about.


  • LakeShow84

    Oh shit i forgot to say…

    So is the whole Dirk is soft thing dropped forever now?????

    Because it FUCKING SHOULD BE lol

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    This is a little off topic, but I want to throw it out there.

    Im amazed at how people speak about Miamis defense like its legendary.

    Take for a moment and think about how lowly rated the Bulls offense is…think throw in the fact that Rose is the only threat and they damn near triple team him when he puts the ball on the floor.

    MIA has played
    Philly who’s offense was ranked 18th, the Celtics who were ranked 23rd (thats not including the mangled Rondo effect), and the Bulls were ranked 20th in ppg!!!

    Let that mirinate for a second in your heads….

    Many of you (and the Media) have been blindly giving props to the Heat for locking down some of the worse offensive teams in basketball.

    I’m not saying they are bad on defense, but I keep hearing how GREAT they are and it boggles my mind. It also shows me again how many of you just don’t think.

    Just looking at the playoff stats alone, it shows me that Miami hasn’t been this great defensive unit at all. They basically pray that the other team misses open shots and in this Bulls series it has worked out beautifully for them.
    Game 1 the Bulls made a few more open shots and it was a BLOWOUT.
    Games 2-4 the Bulls missed lay ups and open shots and all the games were very close down the stretch.

    That is not the sign of a good defensive team.

  • drew


    im in agreement, the heat defense isnt as good as advertised by the media. when it comes to principles, the heat dont really do anything that jumps out at you, but they do have great athleticism that allows for them to switch a lot, but they tend to overhelp, and so far not a single eastern conf. team has the firepower or shooting to expose that weakness.

    i think dallas will definitely give miami a run for their money, alot will depend on how physical the refs let each team defend the other team’s star(s). dallas also has a great zone defense which im sure theyll use at somepoint against miami, and people are going to be surprised at how well kidd will defend wade imo. marion i would expect to do a decent job on lbj, but james will get his. the key is to not let both wade and bosh get into a groove.

  • Sporty-j

    I agree 110% with Austin. Theses punks have been calling me a bandwagon Heat that came out of nowhere until after “the decision”. Now nobody wants to prove that I am a imposter Heat fan because they don’t want to get emberrassed in front of everybody on Dimemag. Watch how many people come on here and complain about how the Hear celebrated tonight’s win. But no complaints about Dallas at all. A bunch of females that live on dimemag I tell ya a…

  • LakeShow84

    Only thing MIA got as far as defense is perimeter speed..

    But that goes a long way in todays NBA with the emphasis being on perimeter play.. and when TRYING they make SOLID rotations..

    DWade is their best defender but also gambles a lot.. Lebron can be duped if someone would try more often, PUMP FAKE THE MAN, other than that he turns his head a lot.. not so much this year tho ill admit.. And Bosh?? well we already know lol

    Like i said if Chicago didnt wet the bed they coudlve had this series..

    But they’re young.. they’ll figure it out.. next year..

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Fine, I’ll bite.

    Sporty-J – You look like a bandwagon Heat fan. I have been reading dime daily for a few years and I don’t remember anyone named Sporty-J talking about the Heat prior to the decision. And neither does anybody else.

    If you link to a Dime article prior to the decision with one of your posts I’ll admit embarassment.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Flcuk no, Dirk is still soft as cue tip cotton

    His game hasn’t changed. a 7footer that refuses to bang in the post and would rather shoot fallaway jumpers is always going to be soft.

    Just because he’s made it to the finals doesn’t mean his reputation changed. Dudes game hasn’t changed one bit.

    And anyone….ANYONE suggesting that Dirk ain’t soft is just a complete d!ck Rider/front runner/bandwagoner.

    If you ever put a cock in your mouth, you will forever be a cocksucker….in Dirks case, as long as he keeps that same game, he’ll always be soft.
    His team is perfectly built around him to allow him to play that soft ass game, and make it to the finals.

    While Dirk has shot a absurd 9.3 Free throw attempts per game, it could actually be much worse if you count how many fouls were called FOR HIM.
    Just looking at this year alone

    Reg season Dirk shots 6ft per game
    yet its up to 9.3 in the playoffs?
    Not to mention of the 15 playoff games total he’s had 8 games of 9 ft attempts or more which all ironically resulted in a win for Dallas.
    Also a game of 24fts attempted and 17fts attempted

    Sure you can say he’s more clutch, you can even say he has that killer instinct if you want…but you can’t change him being soft.
    No matter how many fouls and FT attempts Stern gives him to control the game

  • mavsgirl75

    Yeah Mavs!! I live across from the AAC and it was fandemonium outside. I love Dirk’s nonchalant attitude about winning the WCF, he knows they’ve got bigger fish to fry! Go Mavs and go Dirk, you get that ring you so deserve!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @control – Consider too that the post-series team handshake is NHL tradition. Maybe you’re right and hockey players are more “real men” than basketball players, or maybe the hockey guys are just following tradition and don’t think it’s worth it to break it. As tradition, MLB teams shake hands with themselves after a win. I’m sure there are several cases where certain teammates don’t get along and would prefer not to shake, but what’s to be gained by making a show out of it?

    @CLAW – Funny you talk about class, but you’re still making up childish nicknames for grown men like “LeFraud.” Did you come up with that one yourself? Anyway, some players shake hands and some don’t. Sometimes it’s before a game, sometimes it’s after. Tell me who your favorite NBA player is, and I guarantee you can find at least one example of him walking off after a loss without shaking anybody’s hand. I’m telling you, it happens ALL THE TIME.

    @LakeShow84 — You also said that you’ve called people “much worse” than faggot on the court. Personally, if you’re talking that much crap to me during the game, your “good game” afterwards is gonna sound hollow.

    Funny thing is, I don’t have anything against post-game handshakes. If I’m coaching a Little League team (maybe even high school), I would have my players acknowledge the other team after a win or loss. I just think that in the NBA or anywhere else where grown-ups are playing, it’s an overrated gesture. Especially because we only pay attention or care if the stars are doing it or not. Let’s say Westbrook shook hands with J-Kidd last night and then walked off. Would that be good enough? Or to truly show he’s a good sport, does he have to shake hands with Kidd and Barea? Or just Kidd and Dirk? Or just Dirk? Or the Mavs whole starting five, but not the backups? Or the whole 12-man active roster? The coaches too?

  • Big Island

    That’s what’s up – LOVE the WNBA fine remark for Sporty.

    Lebron got more shit because he is one of, if not the main face of the NBA. Him, Kobe, Wade, Howard, Dirk, Durant etc… get looked at more closely than Westbrook. Westbrook stomped out all pissed off because they lost a close game that they could have, maybe should have one. I get the frustration. Lebron walked off because he was leaving town, they got stomped out, and he mailed it in. Big difference between the #2 guy on a team and the #1 guy in the league bitching out on the post series handshakes. Whether you like it or not, Lebron is held to a higher standard. If he doesn’t like it, give back the Nike $$$, jersey sales, NBA commercials, and the one hour televised decision.

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    Come on give it to dude.. hes being guarded by a tough rugged defender in Collison and dropped 10+ pts every 4th quarter this series..

    I bring up the 4th quarter because thats where SOFT players wilt away.. SOFT MENTALLY and SOFT PHYSICALLY..

    It aint like im speakin on one game here.. he was TOUGH AS NAILS EVERY GAME this playoffs basically.. and in the 4th..

    Just because he shoots J’s doesnt mean dude is soft lol well maybe but if you dig in his jersey on the perimeter who takes it to the rack.. thats soft???

    Now i AM NOT SAYING dude is tough.. thats a stretch but soft???? like getting pushed off his spot and disappearing with physical contact soft?? soft like that???

    You just cant say that lol

  • LakeShow84

    He aint tough but he definetely aint soft..

    You cant have BALLS and be soft lol

    or gimme an example lmao

  • the cynic

    @ Austin

    You act like Lebron doesn’t bring this upon himself with the way he has been marketing himself his entire career. Besides that you should know better than anyone that the media tries to create any extra drama it can to attract eyeballs. Today’s modern media is nothing, but ratings seeking tabloid hackery

    @ Sporty-J

    Dallas didn’t start crying on the floor when they beat the lakers in the second round. If teams want to celebrate reaching the finals that’s cool, but what is so amazing about beating a team you’re supposed to beat in the second round. Hell, the celtics haven’t won a title for 3 years

  • Ian

    why should he bang and try to outmuscle people when he shoots that good? being tuff is not about pushing people and givin the perkings face its being able to carry your team. which he does fairly well. dirk not soft a dude like tmac thats soft imo even he attakcs the rim and dunks on bradley.

  • Ian


  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Bruh you just do it.. shake hands with whoever is out there.. spend 2 minutes on the court and head out.. ONCE AGAIN more questions underlining the fact lol

    And AYE id still say good game.. ud have to take that however u wanted it but id still say it..

    It could go the other way too.. i could talk all the shit in the world and you could SMASH my shit and id still say Good Game even though u made me look ignorant, childish and stupid all at once lol

    But ONCE AGAIN id still say it..

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @Chicagorilla – so what you’re saying is that soft is a good thing? Cause last time I checked, the guy you’re calling soft has led his team to the Finals…?

    Meanwhile, guys like LeBron flopping this way and that and Chris Bosh doing the exact thing that Dirk does (only not as consistently) are…hard?

    I’m a little confused by your tactics, so Ima act tough til I figure it out…

  • Layzie

    @Soopa, how does miami contain both wade and lebron?? how? marion for lebron and steveson for wade? gotta be kiddin me… just look at the teams playing for the WCF, There’s no defense just pure shoot out!! IF there’s some defense only a bit. but in the ECF it 48mins of fuckin DEFENSE! can Mavs handle 48mins of defense???

  • LakeShow84

    Cosign Ian

    If Dirk is such a good shooter he shouldnt HAVE TO bang that much..

    hes got an advantage being a 7ft with reach who got a soft touch.. f#$k banging if i put something up you have NO CHANCE of touching..

    I give him props for taking it to the rim when need be.. hes got a perfect balance going right now as far as his strength and keeping his defender off balance..

  • Sonic Reducer

    Trade Westbrooke for the future good of the team.

    Big Island: that was the best comment EVER!

  • Sonic Reducer

    And Harden is my new favorite player. Been looking for one since Reggie retired.

  • Ian

    right comon im 7 feet tall being covered by another dude thats 7 feet and prob stronger than me. a) i can shoot his face off cuz he cant do anything about it or b) i can try to back him up and dunk on him (missing most of my attemps and getting smacked along the way). i would just be stupid if i go with answer b forget soft.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    In all honesty where ChiTown is coming from is where i was coming from when me and u were debating Bynum being better than Gasol lol

    I said id take Bynum over Gasol anyday of the week because of his toughness and what he brings to the table..

    ChiTowns thinking is along those lines.. Toughness is integral in basketball.. its affect is probably the biggest constant.. a TOUGH player carries that “dont fuck with me” attitude around and everyone LISTENS..

    While a soft players is CONSTANTLY tested.. CONSTANTLY talked shit about and so on..


    To say Dirk is soft after everything hes been doing this post season is rough lol

    I hate to say it like this but dude is playing mad negro-ish out there with all that swag lol

    He aint the toughest player out there on the field but he definetely aint the softest..

  • ash

    best part of this board is that cats like chicagorilla have never played ball in their life.

    the so called “bangers” bang in the paint cuz they cant shoot. most big tall black brothers cant shoot. they can dunk and jump. thats it. no skill what so ever.

    oh on the dirk not being tough part, dude dosent miss a game. he has missed maybe 20 games his WHOLE CAREER due to injury. in 13 yrs. dude plays through pain. KG, Amare, and every other so called “tough” brotha have missed way more games.

  • Sporty-j

    Thankyou so much Mt.pleasant!
    1.Two schedule changes could turn Chicago into a dynasty. July 3rd 2010 at 7:04p.m. post #20
    2.NBA trade rumor:Brendon Haywood to the Heat. Post #12 on july 6th 2010 at 5:05p.m.
    3.Lebron needs more thinking time; joe johnson needs a bigger safe. Post #15 on july 6th 2010 at 12a.m.
    4.NBA playoff preview: Lebron, Melo, Jennings, D-Wade in action. Post #30 on April 17th 2010 at 1:42p.m.
    5.April. 17th 2010 at 5:27p.m. Post #17 is when I made my amazing debute on Dimemag. So I have officially been on Dimemag for 1yr and 1 month. This is my favorite 1. I’m argueing with AB(the guy you all claim I have formed an alliance with). Article-The top 10 dunks of the 09-10 NBA season. Look who I am repping and my dis on Lebron that got AB upset. APOLOGY EXCEPTED B%#CHES

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @ash — Since you want to make it racial, can we agree that Larry “White Jesus” Bird was soft because he had to retire due to a back injury?

  • LakeShow84


    you still a front runner lol

    its coo.. we may accept u after awhile but until then no one remembers u and u are a front runner

    its coo lol

  • LakeShow84

    No one even cares if u can prove u arent lol

  • LakeShow84

    Best to ignore the kids AB lol

  • Mt. Pleasant


    Wasn’t the decision at the beginning of July?

    So you have 2 posts the week of Lebron joining, and two posts three months before that? I can’t believe nobody remembers you reppin the Heat for so long before the decision. My bad.

    Thanks for digging that up, I enjoyed that one of the posts you reference disses Lebron, who you know love.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Late edit “know love” should be “now love”.

    Damn, now I can’t make fun of grammar on this site.

  • Big Island

    Every time the “Dirk is soft” debate starts, it boils down to he’s 7′ tall and doesn’t bang. He is a guy who hits damn near 40% of his 3’s, 90% from the line, and 50% from the field. 23 and 8 for a career. He’s not a tough guy, but he isn’t soft.

    Has KG ever tried to fight him? No? Then he isn’t a pussy. Yes? Then he is probably a pussy. KG has not, nor would he ever step to Dirk, therefore Dirk is not a pussy.

    @Lakeshow – I agree with the negro-ish assessment. After he hit that 3 when it got tipped out, all that ran through my head was Sadat X:

    Why did I have to do it? He asked for it!
    His man saw it, so it don’t mean shit to me.
    He’s gone, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

  • Ian

    just in case gasol is better than bynum :)

  • Sporty-j

    The decision was on july 8th. I remember it like the day of my first born. ESPN started saying Lebron to Miami on the morning of july 8th. Did you not see me repping the Heat and saying my Heat way since April-May 6th. I just wanted to show you all how much of a front runner these guys are. These clowns tried to shame my name talking about how they have seen each other on here repping there team for the past 5yrs. But I just showed them evidence of me representing my team as soon as I started and a whole month before the decision..

  • what_if?


    – calling Dirk soft coz he don’t bang down low is just stereotyping man… hell KG wasn’t really a banger even during the wolves days but he ain’t tagged as soft… 7 footers should just be bangers down low… not.. stereotyping man… that aint good

  • Big Island

    Sporty – Dude, I wouldn’t worry about other people besmirching your name. You’re doing just fine.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Ill say by a HAIR nowadays lol Bynum showed up these playoffs and ANCHORED our defense..

    Gasol wilted these playoffs and couldnt have hit the ocean floor with an anchor lol

  • Ian

    hey comon dirk makes anyone look bad
    btw you said nowadays so i was super right when we had the argument??? hehehe

  • LakeShow84

    LOL i already said that dude

    But ill say it again..


    And he was shitty in the Hornets series too lol getting beasted by Landry..

  • control


    You are mistaking SOFT with FINESSE, there ain’t nothing soft about Dirk, he gets banged, he just says a small prayer to David Hassel off and he’s coming back at ya. Guys who are soft, are guys like Wince Carter and Chris Bosh. You knock their asses to the ground, and THEY change their game.

    Being soft is about letting other people change you from doing what makes you effective. I personally like to bang the shit out of people on the basketball court, but that is because I am a fucktun stronger than most people. When I happen to run into someone stronger(which is rare), I then outquick them and don’t let their strength dictate what I do. I’m tough because there ain’t a motherfucker out there who can stop me from doing what I gotta do to score, regardless of if I’m dropping fades, 3pts shots or yakking on your head.


    Yeah, you still a front runner and poser. It’s been a year and one month and you still can’t write in fucking paragraphs. They got English where you are, so you can learn yourself some?


    Fuck Bynum.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    Id smash ur shit

  • LakeShow84


  • Ian

    “YES IAN YOU WERE RIGHT” jajaja (spanish for hahaha) thanks

  • LakeShow84

    Lol anytime bud

  • ash

    ofcourse its racial. its a stereotype becuz he is a tall white dude from europe. you dont judge him on his basketball skill. you judge him on his ability to back people down and dunk when that is the easiest part of bball. you dont need skill to do that, its about the body. shit oliver miller did that.

    if you think cats like chicagorilla calling dirk soft is not due to race, u need a wake up call. its racial because dirk dosent get into a fight and try to Prove his “toughness”

    all you need to look at his how many game he has missed in his career. he has played through high ankle sprains and other injuries like no other. dude has missed less than 20 games his whole 13 year career. if thats not TOUGH, i dont know what is.

    what is the definition of tough? cussin at dudes? throwin punches? what is it?

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    @control, ian, lakeshow and others

    You guys do realize that there is another half of the court that you play ball on and its called defense.

    Dirk is 7ft yet he refuses to bang……ON DEFENSE!!!!!! Dude gets bodied on D, and if he were to face a front line like the Grizzlies, Magic, or Bucks who have multiple power bigs who attack the rim and rebound like crazy, Dirk would be exposed.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I am seeing Wade get outplayed by Bogans, what is the world coming to

  • Ian

    funny thing is that dirk outplays his opponent every night doesnt matter how big and tuff and ugly they are. kevin garnett with his all world defense (according to you) gets outplayed everytime he faces dirk. why cant kg drop 30 on the german?? i dont understand that. why cant randolp body up dirk and avg 50 vs him?? he only gets dirk for 19ppg when they play. i dont understand that. why does dirk avg 28 ppg vs the bucks and bogut avgs 18 vs him?? since hes so big and tuff. i dont understand that.

    so please tell me who exposes dirk?? who abuses that soft german pussay??
    i went thru most match ups for dirk and he only gets outplayed by a small margin by duncan.

    please stop underrating his defense hes ok hes avg hes not worse than that. oh and kgs is overrated sure he can bark at pgs but they blow past him. sure he can stand behind a center but they can back him up like hes not even there (talking about when he played td and shaq all in their primes cuz i dont think the nba has a dominant big now).

    please explain to me who drops 30 or 40 on his soft ass??

  • Ian

    oh and i find it funny that those dudes that rebound like crazy only outrebound dirk by 1 or 2 boards a game standing all game long under the rim. while dirk spends half the time 15 feet out.

  • ash

    dirk will get exposed? dirk has been in the league 13 years and is considered one of the greatest players of all time.

    oh, lebron flopped three times in the game tonight. what a pussay. he is a soft punk, physically and mentally right?

    again, most bangers in the paint have no skill. dont get me wrong, there are exceptions like barkley, malone, timmy d, etc. but the vast majority cant shoot and thats why they need to shoot it from 5 feet. if they work on their jump shot instead of dunking, they might not need to retire at 33.

  • Ian


  • vintakular

    Tough is subjective, depends on what you think defines toughness. Bangin down low in the paint, playing defense and making your presence known or nearly never missing games and coming back from major injuries early. It can be pretty broad what people’s views on tough are.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I thought that the Lakers had multiple bigs that could bang in the post? Gasol, Odom, Artest…tough guys. I also thought that smaller, quick defenders like Barnes gave Dirk trouble.

    They exposed themselves out of the playoffs in 4.

    I figured that the Thunder could expose Dirk, with athletes like Sefolosha and Ibaka. Or big tough guys like Perkins and Collison. Or long athletes like Durant and Westbrook.

    Come on now, Chi, you’re looking a little desperate here…

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    shit I thought Portland and Aldridge would expose Dirk

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Stunna – yea, more people than not felt the same way. I like Portland, but I didn’t think that Aldridge (at this point in his career) belongs in the “tough guy with good defense” conversation. I figured he might equal him on offense and play some quick D.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Dirk has just proved me wrong time and time again these playoffs from me thinking Portland might upset them to LA wrecking them to OKC out running him. He is the best player this post season and winning a ring puts him above KG to me in my all time rankings.