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Dreams Money Can Buy

LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. Mannion)

Jordanesque? That’s what a lot are saying. LeBron James (35 points) contributed all over the court in Miami’s 101-93 Game 4 win. This wasn’t about winning. It was merely surviving, making it through an overtime game where Wade didn’t play well and the Bulls refused to die. This was a test of wills, and earlier this season who would’ve ever guessed LeBron would win that game? It wasn’t exactly Jordanesque, but he was the difference again as Miami inched to within one win of the NBA Finals … In the final few minutes of both regulation and overtime, LeBron and Rose (8-for-27 from the field, 23 points, seven turnovers) faced each other up and it was on. Twice, ‘Bron forced the MVP into tough step-back J’s that were off on Chicago‘s final two possessions in regulation. James had his shot to win it, but basically ran over Ronnie Brewer for an offensive foul. Yet in overtime, he made the big plays while Rose coughed it up, his biggest turnover of the night resulting in a Wade layup that pushed the lead to six with a minute left. From there, LeBron hit another pull-up J (even though he traveled) before Wade came out of nowhere on the other end to block Rose’s shot. As it was on its way out of bounds, ‘Bron dove and made an incredible save. That possession defined who Miami is: selfless and angry, with a maniacal defensive intensity that never wavers against anyone, whether it’s the MVP or Omer Asik. Now while all the stars had their moments – even Chris Bosh (22 points) hit some huge shots – it was the role players that got them there. Mike Miller (12 points, nine rebounds) and Udonis Haslem (nine rebounds), two players we weren’t sure would even play in this series, were huge in the second half. Miller hit the glass, and hit a floater with three minutes left to knot it at 80. On the ensuing possession, Haslem drew a charge on Joakim Noah (and later on Rose) … While he stepped up late, where was D-Wade (5-for-16, 14 points) all night? He was talking terrible fading bank shots seemingly every time he touched it. Most of his shots in the second half weren’t even close. Give credit to Brewer and also Keith Bogans. Bogans might be Road to Perdition to Bruce Bowen‘s Goodfellas, but sometimes, you just gotta roll with what you got … Chicago immediately jumped out, 19-8. Bosh picked up two quick fouls, and Luol Deng (20 points) and the Bulls’ energy were on a different level than in Game 3. The Heat shot 5-for-18 in the first quarter with just one assist and yet after LeBron went on a personal 8-0, it was just a three-point deficit. In the second quarter, the Heat turned the intensity up and made it nearly impossible for the Bulls to score. Rose was working so hard on every possession. Whether he was splitting the pick-n-roll or trying to dribble around the helper, he would get in the lane and have to shoot a floater with three guys on him. On the other end, the Big Three took turns. Early it was LeBron, then Bosh got involved and then Wade came back pissed off at a sloppy start and found some easy baskets. After they trailed by 11 early, the Heat hit the visitors with a 29-9 run. Rose did break free near the end of the second quarter for a fast-break dunk, going right by Mario Chalmers and cramming one plus the foul. It must’ve been those 9.8 ounces. Then on the following possession, Rose split a double-team and dropped a sledgehammer on Joel Anthony‘s head. Plus one. That’s one of those plays where you should just get out the damn way. The only surprising part was Boozer not yelling “Gimme that s#$%!” Goran Dragic, move over. You have company … Down three with under five minutes to go, Miami caught a huge break when the officials charged Carlos Boozer (20 points, 11 rebounds) with a flagrant foul on Bosh. It resulted in a four-point possession (two Bosh FTs, a jumper by Miller) to take the lead … Best part of watching the Bulls with the Pops is hearing him groan whenever Noah (14 rebounds) shoots … So this is what the Heat were supposed to look like when they all came together this summer? A few months ago, no one would’ve believed this scenario. This was the dream … TNT must’ve moved Inside the NBA into the arena for Chuck‘s safety. The Miami fans were ready to destroy him … Somehow we missed it yesterday, but it was Tracy McGrady‘s 32nd birthday. We need a “We Reminisce” piece, but for now check out this ridiculous mix … The National Basketball Players Association filed an unfair labor practices complaint against the owners yesterday. Basically, they’re claiming the owners are delaying the negotiations and making crazy demands. Not a good sign at all as we get closer to the summer … We’re out like Joel Anthony’s manhood.

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  • Ian

    so hes tall iverson?

  • beiber newz

    lebron james is that dude. all haters shall convert sooner or later

  • SlimeBucket

    Hell no. He is better than Iverson already. This Chicago team is going to be a force for a long time. Kyle Korver is killing them or Chicago should already be getting ready for the Mavs. And I am a Lebron fan. With that being said Heat in 6 over Mavs especially now that Heat have home court again. Mavs are great but they haven’t played against like the Bulls or the Heat. I think Chicago will win game 5 at home. That team does not quit.

  • SlimeBucket

    I mean to say they haven’t played against a great defense like the Heat or Bulls in the playoffs so far. Nowitizki probably averages close to 40 but still lose the series since they will shut down the other guys. That strategy almost worked for OKC but Russell Westbrook and Durant can’t close out games yet like the Heat.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Those two drose dunks were ungodly so blasphemous!!!

    drose didnt get the help when he needed it most…korver was scared to shoot, boozer defense was atrocious, and noah couldnt make a layup to save his life. and turnovers killed us all night. and oh yeah that lebron is out of this world.

  • beiber newz

    BREAKING BEIBER NEWS: Comcast SportsNet’s Matt Steinmetz reported late Tuesday that the Lakers will hire former Cavs coach Mike Brown and the deal is expected to be worth $18 million over four years. Brown is credited for being a part of the Gregg Popovich coaching tree.

  • Sporty-j

    When Charles Barkley said last week Monday that, that was the fastest and greatest defense he had ever seen. Was he talking about Miami and those sworming real life “killer bees”. S%&t looked like the undefeated 72 Dolphins defense and I Hate the Dolphins but I must tell the truth. I thought Chicagos bench was suppose to be better than Haslem, Miller, and Chalmers. People blowed Gibson and the rest of those guys head up after that lucky game 1 and told them how great they we’re and they believed Barkley. Listen to Sporty-j folks. Not a guy like Chuck who loses hundreds on thousands in betting. Just imagine next year when we can sign a center for MLE and Pat Riley convinces Danny Ainge to trade Ray Allen for Mike Miller and free agents like Steve Nash want to come to Miami to run the pick and roll with big man Chris Bosh

  • pipdaddyy

    I’ve been saying for two weeks now that Lebron will guard Rose EFFECTIVELY and everyone thought this was crazy … but here it is, nice win for the Heat. Should be a fun rematch from 2006 in the finals.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    As a Mavs fan, gotta say that I’m scared of the Heat. But we beat a few tough teams already (assuming we beat the Thunder), so no reason to panic yet.

    PS for some reason, the Mavs have been underdogs in all of their series so far, seems to be working for them.

  • !!!

    MIAMI all the way

  • yoda

    8-27 for a PG? damn. thats why i love old school playmakers like jason kidd and stockton. you are PG, make something happen for your team, don’t look for your own shot only.
    it seems curse of regular season MVP continues. who was last reg season MVP who won championship? shaq? can’t remeber was timmy MVP when spurs took it all last time

  • Okene .W. Edward

    This is it, like MJ said it, i saw it coming, the Heat will take out the bulls. I see a ring now for the king and C.B. Miami will go all the way to the Nba Finals and win it cos they hav got all it takes and the time for them is now.

  • Soopa

    That LBJ, Wade, Miller, Bosh, Haslem lineup is scary.

    Sure they are undersized at the power positions but it helps having a 6’8” freight train at PG.
    The only match up problem they have the rest of the way is Dirk but God couldnt guard Dirk right now, so they just gotta have more firepower. And with that lineup they do.

    Bosh and Haslem both have a good midrange game. We know what LBJ and Wade are capable of driving to the basket. Now if Miller hits his shots like tonight? Championship.

  • Soopa

    Oh one more thing:

    I know that the +/- stat can be misguiding, but Miller had a +36 in an OT game. Pretty impressive.

  • sh!tfaced

    It’s now up to Dallas to stop the whiny boyband express. LOL. It would feel a lot more comfortable if Caron Butler were playing though…

  • dan

    @ Sporty-J

    “Just imagine next year when we can sign a center for MLE and Pat Riley convinces Danny Ainge to trade Ray Allen for Mike Miller and free agents like Steve Nash want to come to Miami to run the pick and roll with big man Chris Bosh”

    yeah and I want the Magic to just trade D12 to the Lakers for Bynum straight up, and I want Kobe’s fingers to not be all fucked up, but it ain’t happening. this is what is known as ‘wishful thinking.’

  • sh!tfaced

    So it’s true… Gary Anthony Williams (aka Smart Brother) was just named Lakers’ Head Coach…


  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Wow. Lakers should have hired Adelman. Only good part of this story is the Warriors didnt hire Brown.

    You all still think Lebron is the Robin to Dwade’s Batman? Get out of here with that noise.

  • 5850

    Rose better than Iverson?

  • http://kilikilishot.blogspot.com Mandirigma

    Iverson’s MVP year = FINALS appearance

    Rose’s MVP year, with BETTER defense, teammates, coaches = ECF

    Don’t hate on AI just yet.

  • egypt

    People that have hate for ai have no sense of history…

    watch how he took the sixers to the finals… all by himself….in every series….2nd best player on that team was eric snow… child please

  • Skeeter McGee

    8-27. I love D. Rose but I don’t want to see any point guard shoot that many shots. And I know A.B. will get on here and say that the definition of a point guard varies from team-to-team depending on what is needed out of that player, but as Magic Johnson (clearly someone who knows about the PG position) reinforced, point guards are pass first players.

    D. Rose is AI 2.0. Or LeBron-CLE 2.0. Lot of talent, not so much talent around him, and needs another superstar (cause Boozer is a former shell of a superstar)…

  • http://dimemag.com bullet380

    I was going to remark on that “D Rose better than Iverson right now” comment, but I see that knowledgeable basketball minds have already intervened. That was a ridiculous statement, to say the least.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Aaron McKie and D-Coleman weren’t so bad back then if I remember correctly. Definitely not great by any means but they weren’t horrible. Didn’t he have Mutombo too or was that after?

  • 5850

    Skeeter McGee, so you’re basically said that there was a time when Boozer was a superstar? When, please?

  • Skeeter McGee

    I’ll clarify, to me if you play on Olympic teams (medaled 2x), make All-Star appearances, and spend seasons (back then, at least) in an ultra-competitive Western Conference avg. 17 pts, 10 boards, 3 assists, and top 5 in FG% going to the playoffs, then yeah, I think that was when he was a superstar.

    And remember, this was all while he was option #2. I know it might be a stretch to call him a “superstar” back then, but he was pretty coveted during free agency and was one of the top 3 players in his position before injuries. I consider that superstardom…

  • sh!tfaced

    Maybe when Boozer played at Duke? But he ended up as a 2nd round pick, so… Superstar or not, you can’t deny he was a steal…

  • Skeeter McGee

    I just think it’s funny when people call someone like Amare Stoudemire a superstar. He has done the same if not less than Boozer in terms of achievements. If we’re talking solely numbers, then I guess Kevin Love is a superstar too. It’s gonna sound dumb, but it all comes down to what you would consider labeling someone a superstar means…

  • JAY

    @ Mandirigma:
    “Iverson’s MVP year = FINALS appearance
    Rose’s MVP year, with BETTER defense, teammates, coaches = ECF
    Don’t hate on AI just yet.”

    I’m a HUGE fan of Iverson but you can’t seriously use the Answer’s Finals appearance as evidence he is better than Rose. AI beat the Celtics (Pierce and Walker) to make the Finals. This year’s Heat would crush that Sixers and Celtic team. The East is much better than in 2000, or whenever that was.

  • JAY

    @Skeeter: “I just think it’s funny when people call someone like Amare Stoudemire a superstar.”
    I agree 100%.
    For some reason, the guys who pull good numbers and happen to also be athletic are labelled “superstar”. But the not-so-athletic, not-so-flashy guys who pull in the same numbers aren’t considered superstars. It’s all about marketing and the league, teams and media have more to market with guys who can jump out of the gym.

  • Rafa23

    @ Jay
    So you don’t know when the Sixers made the Finals, you are wrong about them playing Boston…so it’s safe to say your whole comment isn’t worth anyhting, right?

  • Skeeter McGee


    I don’t think you get the point, but what he is trying to say is back then to get out of the East it was way easier, especially if you had to carry your team. The West was so loaded back then it was basically the Western Conf. Finals that were considered the Finals because of how weak the East was.

    If D-Rose were playing in the eastern Conference Iverson thrived in, he would kill it.

  • Diggity Dave

    Dime Magazine. Where bitter and biased journalism happens.

  • darko’s doughnuts

    @dagwaller: the Mavs have only been underdogs in one out of the 3 series they’ve played. Do some research homie

  • DNice

    TNT moved inside because the Miami fans were killing Barkley. Also did anyone see someone throw something at Charles during the the aftershow and Kenny looked up like “WTF!?”

  • http://www.nbaplayoffs2011.org NBA Playoffs 2011

    LeBron guarding D-Rose? Awesome move by Thibodeau! All highlights from last night:


  • 5850

    The comments show, as always, that people don’t remember shit. 2001Sixers would crush these Bulls, easy.

  • Rafa23

    @ Skeeter
    I know what he is saying, just strange when you’re trying to make a point and some of your facts are bogus.
    I think the East was worse than it is now, especially after seed 4 or 5. But the first few seeds were good. That Milwaukee team with Allen, Robinson and Cassell probably had more talent than the Bulls now.
    Also, didn’t the Sixers play the Lakers tougher than the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals?

  • JAY

    My bad bud. I’ll wiki next time.
    I don’t remember the shitty East years. It’s all a blur. Indiana, Boston, Philly… those teams were bad “good” teams.
    My point was you can’t compare Iverson’s Philly team to this years Bulls team. With that logic, the Nets made the Finals, didn’t they? Twice right? So because they did, they must be better much than this year’s Bulls (if the Heat win the series).

  • JAY

    “2001Sixers would crush these Bulls, easy.”


  • jdizzle

    The Lakers didnt lose til they got to the Finals so yeah, Philly played LA tougher than everybody in the West that year.

    So Joakim Noah is better than Dikembe Mutombo now? Wow…I guess the world really did end. And its hard to be a pass first PG when everyone on your team is missing shots

  • kudz

    ai is better. no arguments there. if the heat were clogging the lane against him like they did with rose, it would be crossovers and fades all day to 40 points…and probably an L in regulation lol :)
    but..hypothetical situation..one game for the fate of the world, you DON’T know who the other 4 players are (ie, do they need a facilitator, or someone to drop 50) you must pick the 5th, a guard…AI in beast-mode, or D-Rose in beast-mode??

  • Rafa23

    @ Jay
    I sounded a bit harsh, sorry bout that dude.
    Like you said it’s hard to compare those teams. Just thought that if you can’t praise AI for the Finals appearance, you can’t fault him for getting there with zero offensive talent whatsoever. All good defenders, but Aaron McKie and Eric Snow offensively? ouch.
    I’m just not sold on Rose being better than AI.
    He didn’t play well vs a mediocre Pacers team. Lebron slowing him down isn’t that big of a surprise. Look at what Paul George did…

  • Underboss

    LeBron haters where y’all at??? Lmao. It’s pretty hard to hate on that man’s performance last night. The man did it all! Scoring, passing, rebounding, & oh yea, he put D. Rose is cuffs too. Not to mention that the kid only played 50 mins. What ppl must understand is that D. Rose has to be aggressive for the Bulls to have a chance of winning. He’s not A.I. Rose is a willing passer, but guys like Korver, Bogans, & Brewer are not consistently hitting perimeter shots. Boozer, Noah, & Deng are not the elite scorers needed to help Rose match Miami’s scoring power. So the Rose/ A.I. comparison is a weak one

  • common sense

    players like boozer, love and amare cant be considered superstars because they cant/dont defend.. same argument for carmelo.. theres two ends on the court.. loves amazing rebounding does not qualify him as a good defender because he is not.. KG, Duncan, Dirk.. superstars. boozer, amare, no way!!


    I 100% UNDERSTAND and RESPECT That EVERYONE Has Their Own OPINION But It’s Some OPINIONS That People Say That Just Make You SHAKE and SCRATCH Your Fucking Head FOR REAL, Like “ROSE IS BETTER THAN IVERSON” …You Can’t Be Serious, I Mean: Don’t Get Me Wrong… I Love ROSE GAME… I’ve Been Riding With and Talking Bout Him Since His AAU Days When A Lot Of People I Know Didn’t Know Who The Hell He Was…lol. And I’ve Watched IVERSON Play From His FRESHMEN YEAR At GEORGETOWN To His Last Year In The League and GAME vs GAME, SKILLZ vs SKILLZ, STATS vs STATS… IVERSON Is BY FAR… WAAAAAAY BETTER!!!

  • Sporty-j

    Why do you guys on Dimemag always try to compare players? Rose is still a baby and was out there last night basicly playing against team USA.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    Saying that Rose is better than Iverson is like saying Kobe is better than MJ. Without AI, Rose is not a point guard. He is an undersized SG who tries to fit into a system somewhere… AI defined the PG position as Rose plays it. You can’t compare players to their own grandfathers. Different times, different circumstances. Both are historically great in their own right, but you are absolutely joking yourself if you don’t acknowledge that Iverson paved the road for Rose.

    The Heat still have a big hurdle in front of them by going back to Chicago. It’s never over till it’s over – BUT if D Wade plays even an ounce better last night, there is no OT and Miami wins by 10. Speaking of D Wade, is dude injured or something? He looks so tentative right now. Settling for those jumpers is not a good look.

    Let’s go Heat. On to the next one.


  • north

    Yesterday hoopshype had a link to an article where Rose said he was going to force the issue, not pass out of double teams and be more aggressive. If the Bulls instead ran motion offense and the other 4 guys on the court actually thought that Rose would pass them the ball they’d be ready to make jumpers… instead they wait until Rose had expended all options and then passes with 3 seconds left on the shot clock. Yeah those shots are missed but it is Rose’s fault.
    Rose was better 2 months ago before he was told he was getting the MVP. He played smarter. Less turnovers. Less forced shots.
    Do a who’s better… Rose around the All-Star break and Rose in the Playoffs… unanimous for the 1st one. This Playoff Rose IS Allen Iverson’s brother.

  • top_gun

    How the hell is D-Rose better than Iverson already? No doubt Rose is an amazing talent, but Iverson was just as quick with better handles, he was a better shooter and he was less turnover prone. Rose is more explosive but in terms of overall player, he hasn’t surpassed the Answer.

    I remember the Sixers beating a very good Raptors team and Milwaukee Bucks and lost the Lakers in 5. Iverson won Game 1 all by himself. I honestly can’t picture Rose even coming close to winning a single game against prime Shaq and rising Kobe. Miami wouldn’t even stand a chance with their weakass interior. Bosh looked like he got shot by an AK47 assault rifle the way he went flying flipping around on the ground from that light push from Boozer. Imagine if Shaq started posting up on him. It would look something along the lines of a canon ball hitting his gut.

  • Nyeme

    AI vs Rose? Rose is a player in the same vein as AI but not as good (and I hate AI). AI wouldn’t go 8-27 without it looking like he was trying to win. AI had an arrogance that said “I can score on whoever you throw at me and I’m gettin this W”, even though it hurt his team more times than none. Rose seemed distracted when they put Lebron on him. AI also had a better handle, and better court vision (he just didn’t pass for ish).

  • Ian

    Agree guys here label anything a superstar. Again unless u have dirks/nash offense u need to do it at both ends. Td,kg,dirk and pau are the only pf superstars this generation.

    And a big hahaha to the comment about the sixers beating the 2010 bulls. Iverson went 7 vs the raptors that’s all you need to know about the level of the east back then. Did someone seriously mentioned aaron mckey and coleman as good teammates??

  • Nyeme

    Rose DOES have talent around him. He just hasn’t figured out how to use them. Korver isn’t a 1-on-1 player, don’t give him the ball for him to create a shot. Give him catch-in-shoot, off curls, penetration-kick. Same with Boozer; give him in the low post, or play the pick-in-pop with him.

  • Phileus

    I think my prediction of Heat in six will come true. LeBron did great. He must have silenced the haters with this performance, but that doesn’t mean people who respect him will stop thinking he’s a massive douchebag.

    And why in the world would the Lakers hire Mike Brown? I guess they’ve already given up on any chance of winning a championship? I thought they’d have at least one or two runs left in Kobe’s old legs.

  • darko’s doughnuts

    You can’t compare a player who is 22 years old to somone whos already finished his career and will one day be in the HOF (Rose v. Iverson). At this point, is Rose better than Iverson ever was? The answer is no. Will he ever be? Probably. Whose team was better (Bulls v ’01 Sixers)? It’s hard to compare, since Philly relied so heavily on 1 scorer…I’d say Chicago; but it’s close

  • Reno

    Rose = Iverson 2.0

    They need a 2 guard who can create and shoot. Korver, Bogans, & Brewer are NOT the answer. They’re all good bench mob players, not starters…. Maybe JR Smith to the Bulls???

  • top_gun

    You do realise that Toronto team was super athletic and had two all stars in Antonio Davis and Vince Carter(when he was on top of the world). I also think their coach was Lenny Wilkins. It’s easy to look back and say “oh it took 7 games to beat Toronto.” To put it into perspective, in 5 years we would get a laugh out of the Bulls beating the lowly Pacers and the Hawks to get to the ECF and consider it to be weak competition.

  • Big Island

    Underboss – I still hate Lebron. Never been able to say he sucks, but I still hate.

    Iverson was better than Rose is so far, but I would take Rose over Iverson simply for the other stuff. More specifically, the stuff Rose doesn’t have – nutjob mom, bs attitude, etc… Rose looks more powerful, but Iverson was flat out filthy.

  • Ian

    Top gun
    We don’t need to wait 5 years it was weak competition for the bulls comon the pacers really? Again one more point in my favor if antonio davis made the allstar team the east sucked. Didn’t magloire make it once also back then??

  • PJ

    did anyone else catch the camera trying to focus in on hot girls and their boobs in the crowd during last night’s game? I think it was either coming back from a commercial break or something like that? I thought that was one of the funniest things last night.

  • top_gun


    Didn’t Zydraunus Ilgauskas and David Lee make the all star team in recent years? The center spot has always been weak but Magloire did have a succesful season the year he was picked (prior to his injuries).

  • QQ

    Last night it’s KG vs Dirk, now it’s Rose vs Iverson?

    Stop reaching, it’s not always ‘compare an NBA player’ night.

    What we saw there is Miami being a machine, and Bron making haters like me say ‘that dude’s good’.

    As I said before the series begun, Miami is playing like the best team in the East their first 2 rounds, while Chicago only played their game during game 6 vs ATL and game 1 vs the Heat.

    No excuses really. Chicago almost had it (well not as much as OKC ‘had’ that game 4), Miami took it away from them. Can’t hate on a team with a 3-1 lead.

  • JAY

    Who’s better… Kelly Tripucka or Kyle Korver?

    ^^ I don’t really care… I just like saying “Tripucka”. (pronounced tri-PUKE-ah, for the youngins in here)

  • QQ

    Kyle Korver is basically nothing since the playoffs began, so I’ll take Kelly Tripucka.

    And if I’m not mistaken, Tripucka AVERAGED 22 ppg for the Hornets once. How’s that for mind blowing.

  • Sam

    It probably wouldn’t be such a stretch the make the Rose-Iverson comparison, not play-styles but in terms of they have terrific defenders behind them, a good system, but just not enough great scoring talent.

    Iverson couldn’t provide enough offense to diminish Shaq and Kobe and while Rose has Boozer and Deng, those players just can’t match up to what Bosh and James bring to the table. Then you throw Wade in there and Chicago’s only chance is clever defense, and that can only work for so long.

  • JAY

    Yeah he did. Lol. That year Tripucka averaged 22, I think it was the Hornets inaugural season.

    Love that name…
    It’s in my top 10 list of funny-to-say Athlete Names. It’s right up there with Boubacar Aw, and Exray Hipp.

  • http://www.remixcomic.com Nodizzel

    @PJ Yes I did peep that the camera man was zooming in on chicks boobs after the commercial break. Shit was hilarious.

  • Ian

    Top gun
    That’s more to my point those dudes have 0 chance to malke it out west.

  • da man

    The 2011 Bulls and 2001 Sixers are only alike in that they are both defensive minded teams with a guard who dominates the ball. With that being said, I bet a prime Iverson would kill to have a team like Rose.

  • K Dizzle

    What’s with all the comparisons between Rose and AI?
    It’s like some dudes have long-term memory loss and can’t remember anything past last night’s game.
    Boozer, Deng and Noah woulda been the best teammates AI damn near ever had. At least they at or near their primes.
    In 2001, Dik was like 34, Ty Hill was 32 and Lynch was 30.

    I’ll tell you one thing, AI would get more than one layup in the last quarter AND OT. I’ll tell you another thing: if Lebron James would even have thought of guardin AI(in his prime) by himself, BubbaChuck woulda put his ass on skates. AI took that shit personal. Shit, he crossed up Mike twice.
    Sorry to say, but Rose looked scared last night at crunchtime. Two chances to win the game at the end of regulation and he didn’t even think about gettin to the tin. Stepback fades against a defender who can match your hops and got a 6 inch height advantage is doomed to fail. 2nd shot was an airball.
    Once again, Bulls gave one away. For real, Ron Brewer hits a stonecold 3; it’s 89-88 with 2 and a half mins left. But then it’s just grade school hoops by the Bulls. Wade swats Deng and Rose, then Rose turns it over twice, then Deng throws it out of bounds tryin to get the ball inbounds to …..Noah???
    Nasty ending to a pretty solid game.
    Oh well, Bulls fans. Kobe shot airballs in Utah and Mike got crushed by the Pistons. It’s all part of the process…

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    im not going to weigh in on the AI vs Rose convo, thats just an insult to Roses game.

    I went through all the comments and i only saw it mentioned in smack….the flagrant foul on Boozer killed any momentum Chi had.

    It also marked the point at which i said im done with the NBA when this series is over. I probably wont even watch the Bulls anymore, which sucks because Rose has a special type of game to watch.

    i had this same feeling in 2000 when Portland lost to LA(and the refs and stern) in game 7 of the WCF.

    These games are clearly fixed, and to save myself from being part of the masses that will look and feel like idiots when it comes out how all these NBA games are fixed, im bowing out gracefully now.

    I may still post around the Dime boards because i’ll watch WNBA, college, and HS.

  • egypt

    @71 thats just a bitter fan not being able to accept that the better team is winning the series…

    the refs didnt force deng to inbound the ball out of bounds, or for deng to get his shotblocked, and then for noah to get his shotblocked, and for rose to airball the hero shot…. the bulls fall apart in the 4th quarter…. rose especially(look at his numbers)…. refs did not control the outcome of this game

  • egypt

    not to mention that generous charging call on lebron when brewer was moving backwards and sideways…. you’re quick to point out some media-induced “momentum” call like that solely was the reason they lost and want to ignore the other 52 and a half minutes of the game…

  • Sporty-j

    Chicago beat themselves last night. Not the refs. Chicago had a mountain of chances to win that game last night. Thibbs f%#ked up for the 1st time last night but he’s a young coach. Wade and as a team we played sloopy and still won. Next year Chicago will have a championship if they go after J.R. Smith. Chicago is right there and is the 2nd best team in the east until the Knicks sign CP3 and hire a defensive minded 1st coach. Keep your head up Chicagorilla because chi-town made some big improvements and is not a finish product…

  • Ian

    love the pep talk from a heat fan that still hasnt won anything.

    im not picking whos better cuz i dont really care but you are right whoever thinks iverson had a better or equal team is crazy.

  • Sporty-j

    I meant they will have a championship team, not championship next year. That’s reserved for them boys from the TREE 0 5. Or should I say (D)ade a.k.a. (W)ade-county…

  • Elohel

    ^Cool story bro. Tell it again.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @chicagorilla — So did the NBA also fix the Bulls/Hawks and Bulls/Pacers series? Or do they only fix the series when your team is losing?

    I’m a big D-Rose fan, but he’s not as good as Iverson yet.

  • Sporty-j

    We wont have to face another defense like Boston or Chicago Ian. So you might as well say that we won the ship. Dallas has nobody to stop Wade or Lebron and Dirk will be so spooked from Wade and. Lebron coming out of nowhere to block his. Might need to bring the brooms out for Dallas and we all know Dallas is going to choke on that big of a stage against all that speed…

  • LakeShow84

    I dont stick up for AI at all but


    I thought this all started when we were simply comparing their GAMES.. now its who is better??? after all of AI’s accomplishments his career is being compared to a sophomore??? GTFOHHHHH

    And sorry people.. this year has been one of the worst as far as officiating goes.. at least in the years past u could say the home team is going to get the benefit of the calls..

    This year????

    Its all fucked up.. bad calls in every game.. BLATANTLY bad calls in every game.. BLATANTLY blind eyes.. BLATANT make up calls..

    And if i was a Bulls fan id be pissed too..

    I still think the Lakers got handled on they own dont get me wrong.. but that foul on Pau with Dallas down 1 in game 1 that gave Dallas the lead with like 6-7 seconds left?? in which basically 2 guys were just fighting for an inbounds pass??

    Like i said ive seen some officiating this playoffs that made me cringe..

  • Sporty-j

    Not to mention once we go big with Haslem and Mike. Who’s going to guard Wade or Lebron at PG. Jason or Barea?

  • QQ

    Just to chime in on the Rose vs AI convo…

    I hated AI’s recent douchebag antics… But watching him in 2001 dominate every aspect of the game made me in love with the game of basketball, in the same way when I first watched Grant Hill drop triple doubles like it’s nothing. Seriously. And I could say I’m not the only one.

    As I much as I would say Rose is the most classy and humble MVP possibly ever… As much as he is the brightest young superstar in all of sports right now… As much as he led the Bulls to the best record in the NBA…

    No one can ever front Allen Iverson’s prime. NO ONE.

  • Sporty-j

    So that 1 game caused the Lakers to get swept? And all you Laker fans expecting Howard in L.A. with soft Gasol, an ageing Kobe, and now Mike Brown can stop dreaming. Howard more than likely will stay with the Magic as Williams join or join Williams in Brooklyn.

  • QQ

    Come on now sporty, your squad could probably go to the Finals, stop making me bitter by saying Dwight would go to Brooklyn. LOL.

    But Deron Williams to the Magic though… Hmmmmmmm..

  • Skeeter McGee


    The problem with what you just said, while I agree, is that you are coming from a nostalgic viewpoint. You remember how you fell in love with ball watching AI and that affects you’re ability to realize that Rose is just as talented, maybe not as quick (debatable though) but way more explosive and athletic. His decision making is probably better than AI’s but that can be debated upon as to what people think of each person’s respective supporting casts. What Rose was able to do so early on his career with the players around him, in an Eastern Conference that boasts Miami’s Big 3 and the Celtics and the athletic, long Hawks is further evidence supporting my belief that AI, while an incredible player, is not on D-Rose’s level.

    Derrick Rose is a combination of speed, strength, agility, and power that nobody has seen at the point guard position. Ever.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Sporty

    Just cuz ur team about win it all (MAYBE) dont mean u know shit..

    So please fall back..

    And i say that in the nicest way possible lol dont get me started on you front runner..

  • LakeShow84

    I never even saw Sporty-J pop up in these boards until AFTER the Decision


  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — Is this the first time you’ve acknowledged that Miami is good enough to win the championship? I remember when the “highlight of their season” was beating L.A. in the regular season because there was no way they’d win the whole thing…

    I just realized there’s a possibility Miami could sign T-Mac this summer, and that he’d be a great fit (better than Bibby). I also think that would make Miami my new favorite team, even if I got labeled a bandwagon-jumper.

  • egypt

    @82 aka QQ

    If you are going to reference the eastern conference teams of this year as supporting evidence as to why drose is better than AI than feel free to let me reference the 2000/2001 Los Angeles Lakers as supporting evidence as to why AI is the business…

    that laker team has been debated as being one of the best teams in the history of the game… That year’s Shaq has been debated as being the most dominant player ever, that team also lost only once in the entire playoffs….only once… to a team lead by a 5″11 player that had absolutely nobody to play with

    Comparing the career of one of the greatest guards to ever play the game to a player in his second season is just plain disrespectful to the game of basketball

  • egypt

    also… ai took them to the finals, drose isnt going to the finals

    also that championship laker team lead by the big aristotle would destroy this miami team simply because of shaq… he would get joel in foul trouble in the first 2 laker possessions and then have his way with whomever else…. imagine juwan howard or dampier on him? This is a silly argument using other teams to compare how good two players are but its in ai’s favor regardless

  • Sporty-j

    I know I just hurt your feelings Lakeshoe84. But I must not lie. L.A. ain’t going nowhere again anytime soon and like Magic said. You guys should blow the team. I’m going to let you’re little a$$ slide with that slick a$$ comment about you not seeing me on here till after the decision lol. Because I know you guys are down in L.A. still waiting on the Lakers to hit that magical switch lol…

  • QQ

    While I really don’t want to compare them cause I ABSOLUTELY love Derrick Rose’s game…

    STILL, no one can EVER front prime AI.

    Let’s just say that I absolutely hate AI during the 2001 playoffs. Let’s just say I was rooting for the Lakers. Let’s just say that the only thing nostalgic for me bout 2001 was that it’s the ONLY season when I didn’t hate Vince Carter.

    The facts are still there.


    Let’s not even talk about the Bucks, who has THREE 20 ppg scorers.

    Let’s not even talk about the Raps, who has VC playing at his absolute best, PLUS better role players.

    Let’s not even talk about the game 1 win over the indestructible Lakers, who came in 12-0 before the Finals. 12 fucking zero. That’s THREE fucking sweeps.

    Let’s just talk about how Tyrone Lue’s entire career revolved around the fact that he’s the only one who could defend AI.

    Really good defender right ther…. OH SHIT.

    Allen Iverson dropped 35.6 per on that kid.

    It’s OVER.


  • QQ

    @ 89:

    Did you even read my post?

    ‘If you are going to reference the eastern conference teams of this year as supporting evidence as to why drose is better’…


    I’m actually arguing why AI IS BETTER THAN ROSE.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    It’s almost pointless to compare players from different eras because there are too many X-factors: level of competition League-wide, different rules, different culture, etc. Plus when it comes to players you grew up watching, they have an automatic advantage due to nostalgia. (I can probably never say Blake Griffin is/will be better than Shawn Kemp simply because Kemp is one of my childhood idols. Too many fond memories tied to him.)

    So while I think Rose is/will be like Iverson to a lot of kids in this generation — he’ll resonate with them on the same level AI resonated with people my age — it’s tough for me to put him above Iverson. What I can admit is that their games are similar and Rose is the better athlete. He’s won MVP and led a #1 seeded team in his 3rd year, but by Iverson’s 3rd year, he was leading the NBA in scoring, was 3rd in steals, and was All-NBA 1st Team.

  • Big Island

    Tripucka over Korver on hairdo’s alone.

    I’d put Sporty-J on the greatest names list. To my knowledge, I’ve never met him in person, but I do know some bandwagon Miami guys. And some guys who don’t really make any points when they speak (or type). And some guys who try to talk smack, but are so bad that they’re almost good. Goes for the late 80’s/early 90’s rap nickname, like Heavy D, Money B, Cooley D, Sporty J, see, it fits! For as much good stuff people post (Chicagorilla and QQ are two that come to mind), Sporty-J comes in and steals the show for me every day. I’d like to thank you.

    And Elohel for the “cool story bro. tell it again”. Perfect.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Sporty-J — “You guys should blow the team.”

    That’s never been a problem for Lakers fans. (RIMSHOT!)

  • Sporty-j

    Lakeshoe84. To lift up your spirit my friend since everything is so fake in L.A. from there fans, to the women with there fake boobs, lips, nose, and buts lol. I would like to invite you to Miami so that you can see big booty women with real a$$e$ and tits. How real men are about there money and getting these fine a$$ women. Instead of worry about if a man has on pink or limegreen in the club so that you can fight or shoot each other lol. To be honest Lakeshoe I was rooting for L.A. so that we could be the 1s to whip the fakeness out of L.A. and there fans and give you all the “ALL NATURAL” a$$ whipping you deserve but Dallas beat us to it so we will give them the “ALL NATURAL” that was meant for you guys…

  • Skeeter McGee


    If you think South Beach has no fake titties lemme get some of whatever you are on my brotha…

  • Sporty-j

    Does that make you feel better Lakeshoe84? By the time L.A. has a team to compete again Lebron will have those 6rings he was talking about…

  • LakeShow84

    @ Sporty J

    ????? honestly i kinda like u LMAO ur like my punk ass lil brother who dont back down..

    Gotta luv it lol

    LMAO @ real men tho.. i mean seriously???? lol

    @ AB

    Out of the remaining teams in the field.. yeah id say Miami can do it..

    I never counted on Boston fuckin up their own chances and us takin a nap against another elite team lol

  • Sporty-j

    You invited to Skeeter. But the party don’t stop till 6 in the morning if you are cool with that…

  • LakeShow84

    And can everyone stop saying AI had NOTHING in 2001???

    I mean yeah they didnt have a TRUE superstar sidekick but be real that team was A TEAM.. Larry Brown coached them and LB’s main premise is a TEAM is really the SUM of all its parts..

    He knows how to organize roles so while INDIVIDUALLY that team wasnt jack shit together they were a GREAT unit..

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol @Lakeshow84

  • LakeShow84

    And u still a front runner Sporty Spice lol

    You can have AB too

    Hes been closet front running for 2 years now lol

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Darko’s Donuts – First round, the Mavs headlined all of the “first round upset” lists.
    Second round, defending champions, so they were underdogs.
    This round, IF they win, people have been saying for months and months not only that the Mavs were paper tigers, but also that the Thunder were the favorites to take out the Lakers, aka going to the Finals.

    That’s some real easy research haha.

    Not that it means a whole lot. If you’re in the Conference Finals and you still need motivation, you’re not doing it right.

  • Sporty-j

    How did Mike Brown convince you guys in L.A. that he knows the secret to stopping Lebron by the way? Kobe is going to ask for a trade after you guys are eliminated in the playoffs again next year. How is he going to convice RuPaul Gasoft to just let Shannon Brown keep his girlfriend???

  • K Dizzle

    Lol @ Sporty Spice n Burton tryin to rip on Laker fans….as they jump on the “Team of the moment” bandwagon.
    Lol See the irony, clowns?

  • Sporty-j


  • LakeShow84

    Let me say as a Laker fan..

    I could care 2 SHITS about Miami winning it lol

    I had an opinion on their squad and it wasnt biased it just what i saw.. They arent big on the front court and CANNOT WHATSOEVER guard the 1 spot effectively.. So lookin at Boston and ChiTown and i seriously thought even Orlando (Nelson) would take them out..

    I dont HATE them for what they did, even though one of them copped out, i just didnt think it would come to fruit so fast.. Any real hoophead knows they were to get one eventually but this year??? PROBABLY not..

    But that was all my opinion.. i have no feelings in that equation.. my only ill will towards that team is Lebron but i dont even care THAT MUCH anymore.. its all been proven.. chosin schmosin lol

    But with all being said..

    Sporty-J i hope they lose this year JUST BECAUSE OF YOU.. when im watching at home and/if i see them eliminated i will only be thinking about you lmao

    Smug lil shit.. Us Laker fans never acted so smug and we got the best franchise in all of basketball lol

    Act like u been there.. then again uve only been there once lol

  • Sporty-j

    Post 108 stop stealing my name plz. @Dimemag-You guys should create some type of user account loggins with permanent email address in order to post on here so that idiots like post #108(who probably is a hurt Laker fan. Wont post under others name…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — I’m from Seattle, grew up a Sonics fan. Distaste for Lakers fans is nothing new to me.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — Hold up, don’t try to say Lakers fans have “never been so smug.” You guys and Yankees fans set the bar for smug.

  • Sporty-j

    That’s because you guys have been a franchise 3 times as long as us. Not comparable at all. In the next 20yrs. We will hawk that a$$ in. I promise! Miami is the new Omeka of basketball. We already the Omeka in football…

  • Big Island

    This is awesome…

    Austin – kudos on the rimshot

  • Sporty-j

    Don’t forget about Dallas Cowgirl fans to Austin…

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Yeah we smug but we graceful in winning..

    You aint see me or Dizz on here talking about


    We smug because we sat back smiling.. we aint cocky loudmouths out here.. and this was after all the shit talking about the HOU 7 game series and last years Finals..

    Weak ass Sonics fan lol

  • LakeShow84

    And Sporty we wont even be alive for you guys to hit 10 trophies..

    get real lol

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – you wanna call Laker fans smug? No problem with that. U and Sporty actin like 16 yr old boys who just saw a wet t-shirt contest for the first time is comedy. Lakers have won 9 chips in my lifetime. I’m not even 30 yet. I got expectations. Kareem left. Magic left. Shaq left. Kobe’s gonna leave. Real Laker fans will still be there. You were raised a Sonics fan, but probably sold out as soon as GP n Reignman bounced; you were recently reppin the Pacers(and they actually have a bright future), then you were reppin the Griz cuz of ZBo, now you hopin TMac goes to Miami so you can rep Miami? Lol.
    Dude, you the worst kinda fan. You wanna hate on my team and their fans cuz we win…and let you know about it, but you bouncin around from team to team like Kim Kardashian and we smug? Try this. Pick a team….and stick with em. You think it was easy durin the Sedale Threatt years, the Ced Ceballos years, before Shaq and after he left? REAL Laker fans stick around cuz the franchise is proven.
    62 SEASONS. 31 NBA FINALS. 16 CHAMPIONSHIPS. Read that twice!
    I don’t remember Laker fans postin that much shit last 2 seasons when we were runnin things and at least it was the same dudes who were reppin even when Boston whooped us in ’08.
    We finally lose before the Finals and we got these clowns like “Sporty J” and “Leroy Green” who were nowhere to be found before “the Decision” and the Mavs sweep of my Lakers.
    LMAO! This is beautiful cuz one of those 2 is gonna get shit on hard when their team gets stomped in the Finals, the other one will just embarrass themselves pullin on their jersey and makin so much noise that real fans who been watchin their team struggle for years will even shake their heads at them. Shit, I’m still laughin at that Miami “Fan up” promotion. You sign Wade, Bosh and lebron and you still got 30% of your seats empty? Lol

  • K Dizzle

    And what the PHUCK is the “OMEKA” of basketball and football? LMAO!!!
    You mean Mecca, Sporty G.E.D.?
    Just stop, son.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Dizzle

    Aye watch the Kim K dig bruh


    On a real serious note……….. the OMEKA threw me off too lmao

  • Mt. Pleasant

    I’m no Laker fan, but I thought the Laker supporters were pretty classy on here after their last 2 chips.

    Or maybe I just think that now after reading Sporty’s comments over the last few days.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I must say it’s really embarrassing to know the “Fan Up” promotion was even necessary. If they can’t be pumped about this team then I don’t know what to say.

  • Sporty-j

    Omeka=Where will basketball is played for me. Gods of basketbato play.
    Mecca=What New York use. I don’t want to still there words in N.Y. or there saying. But it is where fake basketball is played with there future imitation big 3 that will never win championship and where they want to be like Miami…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — As I recall this season, whenever L.A. lost a big game or lost a few games in a row, Lakers fans (at least on Dime) were usually saying, “Oh, we weren’t even playing that hard” and “That game meant more to the other team than it meant to us.” It was like the Lakers could never just get flat-out beat because they got outplayed. When it wasn’t that, it was, “We’re good, no worries. We’re three-peating and it’s a lock.” Maybe I’m wrong, but that comes off as real smug to me.

    @KDizzle — Chill. Not like you’d know, but I stuck with the Sonics up until they left for OKC. Then, as you know, I went about finding a new team because … well, my team didn’t exist anymore. I’ve never “disowned” the Pacers since. I never said the Grizzlies were my team, just that Z-Bo is my favorite player. Would I truthfully switch allegiance from Indy to Miami if the Heat signed T-Mac? No. But T-Mac is one of my favorite players and so is LeBron, so just like when Gary Payton was with Miami and he had a chance to win a ring, I’d pull for Miami in the playoffs so I could see one of my favorite players get a chip.

    Call me the worst kind of fan if you want, but you’re off. I had my team until my team left town. I found a new team (Indy) and have been with them ever since. (Never mind I’ve been a lifelong Georgetown fan too, even through the Craig Esherick bad years.)

    And I don’t hate the Lakers cause they win. I don’t even hate the Lakers. I get annoyed by Lakers FANS because they’re smug, spoiled, and a lot of them are front-runners.

  • Sporty-j

    (Where real)

  • Sporty-j

    (Gods of basketball)

  • Big Island

    I grew up in a spot with no pro teams, but became a Knicks fan because I saw Georgetown and Ewing practice when I was a kid so when everyone asked who my team was I just said NY because I knew of Ewing. Ended up loving them and Ewing is my all time favorite player. Couldn’t stick with em once he left though. I live in LA (Miami doesn’t have shit on this place Sportster) now but can’t be a Laker (I’d be bandwagon) or a Clipper fan (racist owner). I sorta cheer for Dallas because Dirk is my boyfriend, but I can’t talk shit when they win because I’m not really a true Mavs fan. I guess the point of this is, I’d rather be the dude with no team, just enjoying it, than the guy who attaches himself all of a sudden to the hot new team and talks like he’s been there through the hard times. Get the fack outta here with that bullshiz.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    You cant say we smug.. thats the way our team WAS/IS.. we were known for being LACKADAISACLE and lazy.. even in the playoffs..

    What did they say during 09??? that we didnt even deserve a championship because of our effort.. Us fans just follow our teams lead..

    You sound mad because u sound like u wanted Laker fans to GO BANANAS and point fingers and say so and so gotta go after we lost to the Cavs..

    well i learned better than that in the past couple of years..

    And if you the 2 time defending champs teams are going to the throw THEIR BEST AT YOU NIGHT IN NIGHT OUT.. who you think is really playing their hardest when they play??

    The bottom dwelling TWolves or the defending champions in a game in fucking December??? so you damn right a lot of regular season losses were brushed off..

    Dont give us that smug shit we just thought we would turn it on when we needed to.. obviously we didnt but still..

    And i find it heartbreaking your really……. just a homeless fan lol a fan with no home.. they should have relocation programs for you Sonics fans who were displaced in the coupe lol

  • Sporty-j

    By the way. You guys must have been looking for since the decision since you knew L.A. was not going to win the championship. I don’t feel like finding articles from last right now with me repping Wade and the Heat to put you Faker fans on blast. But you Fakers need to pay attention. I will be the 1st 1 to tell you. That if somebody is on here argueing about how they was a Heat fan way before Lebron and from since Thunder Dan played. They are lieing. Sometimes real need to recognize real. But since everything is so fake in L.A.
    including there fans where there is proven statistics out there that they are the most shadiest fans out there and all jumped off the Bandwagon when Shaq left. Than I can’t expect you guys to recognize real. That’s like trying to pull a rabbit out of hat or L.A. trying to beat the Heat…

  • LakeShow84

    And for once can you F’in man up AB

    You dont hate the Lakers.. you dont hate Kobe but yet you question certain aspects of our main strengths trying to underline bullshit..

    Man up and say you dont like something for once..

  • Big Island

    In Austin’s defense, although getting on him is pretty easy, he makes his point, can explain it intelligently, and goes about his business. Most Laker fans are fairweather fans who talk a ton of shit and then vanish. Not all, but most. And anyone who was a Sonics fan has a free pass in my book, that city got raped. Roam around and pick a new team every week until you find one you like, or who is playing best. Do what you gotta.

    No defending Sporty J though. The only thing in Florida for anyone is a tax break and STD’s from the college chicks.

  • Sporty-j

    That was low 84. Austin does not deserve that not his fault that Kobe fooled you all that he was the next Jordan if he has a loaded team and that the Lakers got swept. Respect you’re Elders kid…

  • LakeShow84

    Kobe Jordan or not losing in the 2nd round via sweep is ridiculous..

    I think all that Kobe Jordan talk is for the birds anyways.. people just mad dude is moving up the list lol

    And guess what Sporty——-

    DWade will never be mentioned IN THE SAME BREATH as either of them lol he may have the county but he aint got the country lol

    Oh and add China to that list lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — I would be willing to agree that the Lakers are allowed some “brush off” losses, and some random L’s based on the fact that they get the opponent’s best shot every night …

    HOWEVER, the running story line surrounding Kobe Bryant (the face and leader of the Lakers) for years has been that he NEVER takes a night off and he NEVER gives less than 100% and he NEVER allows his team to take an opponent lightly. So if L.A. fans are going to accept the idea that Kobe doesn’t allow those around him to slack off, they can’t turn around and excuse the team’s losses with simple lack of effort. It’s inconsistent. I can watch the Pacers lose to the Cavs and admit it was because Indy took the night off, but at the same time, I can also admit that Danny Granger sometimes takes a night off. Because he’s human, after all.

    Now, I’ve always said that I respect Kobe’s work ethic and his drive, and that I think those aspects of his personality outshine most athletes. However, I’ve also always said that Kobe is human and he’s not some relentless work-ethic gym robot. That’s not me “questioning” his work ethic, that’s me admitting he’s not some real-life Hulk Hogan character.

    But forget when the Lakers lose to Minnesota or Milwaukee or teams that they’d presumably take lightly. When L.A. loses to Miami, to San Antonio, to Boston, Lakers fans STILL come with the “Oh well, we weren’t even going all-out.” I can understand a defending champ not getting up to play a Lottery team on a random Tuesday, but how do you not get up to play the most popular/polarizing team in the League on Christmas Day? How do you not get up to play your longtime conference rivals on national TV? In those cases, it’s OK to admit the Lakers just got beat because the other team was better. But L.A. fans will still act like their team can’t lose when they really play hard.

  • Sporty-j

    Lmaol @big boy

  • Big Island

    ^^thanks buddy^^

  • Sporty-j

    Lmaol @Lakeshoe84- Kobe can have all of that but he cannot have anymore rings. How bout that. And. once Wade retires with more rings than th perimeter ball-hog. He will retire #2 on that. Won championship with a lesser Shaq and less. Ill take Jordan and Wade over the ball-hog any day of the week and at an draft if they all we’re 21. Dude got swept with a top 3 PF. Top 2 center. Ron Artest/Matt Barnes. Shannon dunka Brown. The best basketball coach in the history of the game. And Lamar Kardashian lol. What more does Kobe need? Now he’s begging Howard as we speak to come to L.A. so that he can resume his role as ROBIN since Gasoft is having girl problems. Kobe has not neen better than Lebron or Wade for years now homie. And will be thankful to be mentioned in the same breathe as Jordan, Wade, and you new favorite player faker>>>>>> Lebron.

  • Sporty-j

    Cosign AB post 134. You nailed it right on the head. Hopefully that will shut those Jealous Faker fans like 84 and they will finally admit that on the Heat Kobe would be 4th opt behind the 3 Kings of the NBA and that Lebron and Wade are way better than Kobe…

  • K Dizzle

    @ Burton – ur alliance with Sporty is just makin you look bad, cuz he’ll co-sign your posts, then mess up with his post. Kobe had the #2 PF vs Dallas now? Maybe on paper, but in the playoffs on the court, anyone who watched the games realized that Pau wasn’t himslf and that’s why the Lakers got swept. That’s just common sense.
    ” but how do you not get up to play the most popular/polarizing team in the League on Christmas Day?”
    Kobe’s in his 15th season and the Lakers have played in 11 STRAIGHT Christmas Day games. That game may mean a lot to you and me, but after a decade of playin it, I’m gonna assume the Laker players mighta wanted that day off.

    That’s the point tho, AB. The Lakers PROVED that when they turn it on, they can’t be beat. We came out of the all-star break rested and torched the league. What did Kenny Smith call it? “Disrespectful basketball?” That’s what it was and it finally caught up, but I’ll take the 3 Finals appearances and 2 chips. Don’t know why you mad at Laker fans. Media tellin us the same thing you readin.
    1. Kobe plays thru all injuries.
    2. Kobe wants to win more than anybody else.
    3. Kobe wants to be better than Mike
    You hate Laker fans cuz the media is tellin us this?
    They ain’t makin it up. There’s a reason that haters callin Kobe selfish now when he was bein called clutch just last season cuz he was hittin gamewinnin shots like layups. Dude did tear up his fingers then came right back. WE SAW IT. Dude did turn his ankle on NATIONAL TV and REFUSED to come out. WE SAW IT. Kobe’s on the edge of the hill of his peak lookin down at a slide so now it’s easy to act like everything we hear is an exaggeration. Shit, Phil called Kobe “UNCOACHABLE” and came back to get 2 more rings…
    A Small Reminder:
    5-time NBA champion: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010
    NBA Finals appearances: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2010
    2-time NBA Finals MVP: 2009, 2010
    NBA Most Valuable Player: 2008
    2-time scoring champion: 2006, 2007
    13-time NBA All-Star: 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
    11 consecutive appearances (No All-Star game in 1999 due to a league-wide lockout)
    Missed the 2010 game due to injury
    4-time NBA All-Star Game MVP: 2002, 2007, 2009, 2011 (shared the 2009 award with Shaquille O’Neal)
    13-time All-NBA Team selection:
    First team: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
    Second team: 2000, 2001
    Third team: 1999, 2005
    11-time All-Defensive Team selection:
    First team: 2000, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
    Second team: 2001, 2002
    NBA All-Rookie Team selection:
    Second team: 1997
    NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion: 1997
    15-time Player of the Month: December 2000, November 2001, January 2003, March 2004, January 2006, April 2006, December 2006, March 2007, April 2007, February 2008, April 2008, December 2008, January 2009, December 2009, March 2011
    Player of the Month was awarded separately to Eastern and Western Conference starting from the 2001-02 season.
    NBA regular season leader:
    points: 2003 (2,461), 2006 (2,832, 7th in NBA history),[32] 2007 (2,430), 2008 (2,323)
    points per game: 2006 (35.4, 8th in NBA history),[33] 2007 (31.6)
    field goals attempted: 2006 (2,173), 2007 (1,757), 2008 (1,690), 2011 (1,639)
    field goals made: 2003 (868), 2006 (978), 2007 (813)[9]
    free throws attempted: 2007 (768)
    free throws made: 2006 (696), 2007 (667)
    2nd most points in a game: 81 (on January 22, 2006 vs. the Toronto Raptors)

    If you don’t like what the media sayin, check the stats.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I love this. I just wish Celtics fans would get in on this.

    Not the ones on this board, because usually they keep it in check – the pre-Big 3 years being so recent might have something to do with them being so down to earth.

    I’m talking about the same people that were rooting for the Celts 3 years ago, the Lakers the last couple, and the Heat now.

    I pay pretty close attention to these boards, but even so, a lot of names escape me. I STILL know that just like for the last 5 years, K Dizzle and Lake Show are going to rep the Lakers. Celtsfan is STILL going to rep the Celtics. YOUNGFED is STILL going to rep the Pistons. QQ is STILL going to rep the Magic. Ian still has the Spurs, POPPI GEE still has the Rockets, and so on.

    Fans of ANY team that come out of nowhere, like the Celts (Big 3), Lakers (Pau), or the Heat (Decisions), I don’t respect as much.

    I mean, if CP3, Dwight Howard, Iguodala, Dirk and Kobe all went to Toronto, I have no doubt that someone named Sporty-G would pop up and say how they’re going to the Finals and we should tell him how his a$$ tastes. That person has no credibility in my book, especially if they have no opinions or analysis other than to say “lol rapt0rz ftw”…

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Dagwaller hahahahahhahahahaha

    That last paragraph was the one for the day LMAO

  • Big Island

    Lesson for everyone – DO NOT PISS OFF K DIZZLE. He will cut you off at the knees. I hate Kobe, I bash him, and stats can be taken out of context, but it’s really hard to argue with post #139.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Well honestly bruh you could say your last paragraph was the reason we lost lol we, from the mighty head of the organization down to the lowly fan, were cocky and didnt see any fault in anything that went wrong..


    Who has ever said Kobe doesnt allow his team to take an opponent lightly??? you OVEREXAGGERATE that.. dude is a Phil Jackson disciple lol when u hear Kobe in the media saying “yeah we need to demolish the Phoenix Suns next game”??? he always about the team doing what THEY need to do..

    I think your reaching super high because ONCE AGAIN, u dont like the man just be real lol

    Thats Kobes drive and edge.. Thats Kobe with the long memory.. you should know better than anyone how big a brand the NBA is.. if you think Kobe got Shannons Brown UNDIVIDED attn after he just married Monique or Gasols UNDIVIDED attn after his fiance left him you out your mind.. Odom and his newly minted entrepenaur ass??? we in LA bruh EVERYONE got something going lmao

    Kobe only do what do does.. But try to tell me dude aint no leader on the court.. Tell me he dont push practices hard which makes everyone better..

    We got 3 Finals trips and 2 Championships to show for Kobe being overrated and couldnt produce RINGS without Shaq.. If he was indeed OVERRATED as far as drive and making teammates better we wouldnt have achieved what we’ve achieved.. Especially since common consensus shows he hasnt been the best player in the last 2-3 years..

    So be real.. you overexaggerate it and u question it because you detest it lol

  • LakeShow84

    Im just happy i got under that lil homo Sporty’s skin lol

  • Denise

    Reading the comments bout to have me getting my Joakim Noah on. But if I get fined 50k im out for the season.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Shiiiiiiiiit, DIME getting personal nowadays

    and laugh my ass off at Sporty spice getting under guys skin, come on man we were all 13 once we know how it is.

    I can’t talk shit about anyone else team without getting Post-Traumatic flashbacks to the good ‘ol days when I was dreaming of Greg Oden and Telfair was running the point haha