Giveaway, Playground / May 6, 2011 / 4:00 pm

Giveaway: Play Hoops, Get Fresh

Giveaway: Play Hoops, Get Fresh

As you can imagine, when we’re not in the office during the spring and summer, we’re out on the blacktop hooping. And some days, we’ll even bounce from the office to do just that. Now, thanks to our friends at AXE, after you’ve done your work on the court, you can proceed to do your work off of it.

AXE is hooking up two DimeMag.com readers with the new AXE Buzzed Look Cream (with SPF 15) and three new AXE Shower Gels (featuring a new grip and click-to-open top) in a dope Jack Spade leather dopp kit. As you know, you always have to be on your game. And we have your back. So if you want to get your hands on one of these packs, answer the following question:

What’s the best game you’ve ever had on the playground?

Let us know in the comments below, and the best answers will win. Unfortunately for those of you abroad, this contest is only open to U.S. readers. Good luck!

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  • Melvin

    My best friend and I played one on one. i was down 2-8. but i willed my way to a score of 9-9. With all the energy i had left, i blew past my friend and finished the match with a finger role.

  • LakeShow84


    My best game???? DAMN lol

    My hardest night tho i scored my teams first 9 points playing 5on5 by 1’s.. no 2’s needed lol

    But honestly id say my best game came with my WORST game seeing i couldnt throw the ball in the ocean with my J.. but i locked down the other teams stud, ran all day on the break and was dishing mad dopey dimes and we won..

    I say that was my best game seeing i was so off shooting wise.. intangibles bruh, intangibles lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com RW Mclain

    My best game??
    I guess it would be the game where my team was down 3-11 (in a game to 15). I scores six in a row along with a CRAZY THREAD THE NEEDLE BOUNCE PASS to tie the game @ 14. We ended up losing, but that pass will be embedded in my memory forever!!!

  • http://nouveausouth.wordpress.com Ryan

    My best pickup game happened when I was teaching English in Harbin, China. Being a tall, white guy with a beard, I was a huge novelty. Just walking around, I would take pictures with people, sign autographs, get asked to sing, the usual.

    I went to go play on a court at the university where I taught. Once the other players noticed me, they would get a team together and call next on the court. We were playing half-court, 4-on-4 to five, so the turnover on the court was fast.

    As I was playing, a crowd of passersby slowly developed. After about an hour, the entire half-court was completely surrounded with people who just wanted to watch a white guy play basketball. By this time, I had gotten the attention of a team of big guys. I’m 6’4″, and all of them were at least my height. I know what you’re thinking, but in a country of 1.2 billion people, there are plenty of big dudes. I have had way more oops thrown on me over there than here.

    When they were up, the tallest guy decided he was going to guard me. We went down a couple baskets early. There was no way our team could compete. After we got the ball back, I made an open jumper from the left wing about two feet inside the three point line. We got the ball back, and I caught a pass in the same spot. I pulled up for the shot. This time my defender did me the favor of contesting the shot so I could hit it in his face. We got the ball back. My teammate passed the inbound to me at the same spot. My defender backs up and dares me to take the shot. Swish. The crowd applauds. We take it in; I get it in the same spot; my defender backs off; I make it again; the crowd applauds. We take it in again; I get it in the same spot; he dares me to do it one more time; I make it; 5-for-5, game over. Everyone watching goes crazy. The experience was a lot more fun than sitting on the bench for my high school.

  • Alejandro

    My best game… I’m 6 foot 1 and this time I was the shortest dude on the court and I’m not quick enough to handle the guards so I had to guard a 6 foot 6 dude in the paint.. not only did I block him twice (once in a dunk attempt that he cocked all the way and I still got him with my left hand) but I scored 3 of my teams five points. I also got my one and only ever dunk in a game with a dude coming from my left.. it was big time.. I was pumped.. AND I finished the game with an NBA range 3 in this dudes face while he was talking S#!t that I wasn’t scoring again and Blah Blah Blah…. Sit Down Son…. NEXT!!

    13 years ago… still fresh in my mind.. Awesome.

  • Ebenezer

    My best game was a 4 on 4 between me and some of my friends in our schools indoor court. It was tied 10-10 when the PE Coach came to take the ball. It was still our possession and we really wanted to win because we were freshman and they were sophomores and juniors. My friend passed me the ball as I turned around going to the locker room. By this time all the other people playing pickup games around the gym were watching us since we had the only ball left. As I caught the pass the coach said we could have one more shot but that was it so from around half court I launched it. It dropped straight into the basket, swoosh. The rest of the gym exploded with cheers and even the team we just beat was congratulating us. It was Epic!

  • LakeShow84

    Just for memories

    Me and 3 of my boys were playing a best of 5 series 2on2 style and we ALWAYS played 2on2 with the same teams so shit would get heated cuz we played back and forth ALL THE TIME..

    So me and my boy go down 0-2 to them and proceeded to WIPE the floor with them and win the next 3 games.. in the second game i scored all of our 11 points except for 1..

    Of course we hated each other on the court so while im yappin about the outburst of scoring my boy talkin shit about im the only one keeping count..

    Silly guy if u was keepin score u was keeping count SNICKER SNICKER

  • LakeShow84

    Another time there was a light post next to our courts (lighted) so i went to save the ball and had to basically throw my back into the post..

    But i saved it, hit the post, stepped right back in and knocked down the J off the pass right back..

  • LakeShow84

    Ive Michael Vick’d the sideline with the rock right by someone on the break and then took it straight to the rack on the 2 opposin players.. Cash money

    Ive hit a bounce pass right by 2 defenders.. bounced right underneath them for the easiest layup dude ever had..

    Ive hit 4 2pters (3’s??) in a row including the game winner..

    Ive never been able to dunk tho lol

  • Pugz

    My best game was last year when me buddy and I were playing against these two dudes who thought they ran the court. My buddy and I, being younger white teenage dudes asked to play 2 on 2 and they thought we were kidding. They joked saying we wouldn’t last and all that playground trash talk. Soon enough, they agreed to play but only for 30 bucks. We had enough on us so we agreed because we were confident in our game. So the game got started and they got up to an early lead 7-3 until I hit back to back threes to tie it up at 7. The dudes were big as hell so they just started backing us down and got back up 9-7, until I hit ANOTHER three to tie it up. Soon after they started getting mad and kept pounding it inside again until my buddy pulled the chair on him and stole the ball. I thought the guy was going to deck him he was so mad. My man dished it to me and cut back door on his already pissed off man, and somehow got to the tin for a lay in. They didn’t want to lose so they started running some pick and roll on us to use their size, so I kept going under the screens. Eventually one of them just popped a three and it rimmed out. Now we needed just one point to win, so my buddy cleared it up top dribble penetrated and kicked it out to me, i pumped my man in the air and blew by him, then dished it to my friend and he lobbed it up and I caught an alley-oop for the win!!!! I had only done it a few times just messing around since I’m only 5’10 and can’t actually dunk by myself. But he threw the perfect pass, and we actually made $15 bucks a piece. Easily the sickest game of my life.

  • Kalm

    Best game? Hmm…

    Back when I was about 16, we’d always ball after school. Our one basketball court is pretty much where everything happened for my friends and I after school let out. We’d play for hours, either until we got picked up by our parents or realized we’d be missing our bus if we didn’t stop. Sometimes going all into the night, where it was basically playing by what light we had from some floodlights on the field across the way from the court.

    Anyway, this one evening some of the old ballers (though they weren’t really old, early 20’s max) were hanging out, guys who had graduated that we looked up to because we thought they were impossibly good. And, like ballers are wont to do, we got to balling. Then the old guys decided they wanted in around sunset. So, sun setting and light fading, we played our hearts in the only game we eve got to play against them.

    Normally, I’m not much of a shooter. I slash and I play hard D, because my friends just had more offensive talent than I did, so I tried harder in everything else. But that day was different. Everything fell. Contested 3s, long 2s with guys draped all over me, turn around fade aways…It continued into the night, even when we could barely see the rim. I must have missed like…2 shots in the 4 hours we played pick up, and this is after my friends realized they could go to me whenever they needed easy points. Afterwards, when it was just a couple of the older guys left and I, and they were talking about getting another game started, with me on one of their teams. The best player there, the old captain of my school’s team laughed at the suggestion of putting him and I on the same team, saying, “…then you guys would never win. Dude and I don’t miss.”

    It was a small thing, but it was coming from one of the best players in my school’s history, and it made me work a lot harder on my shot from then on, to the point where people regarded me as legitimately dangerous from any range.



  • papaburr81

    DAMN IT, when are you gonna do something for the overseas fans?????

  • crew23

    i was playing some 5 on 5 with my friends in a nearby gym against a bunch of older dudes. i decided to wear my new pair of jordan vi varsity reds. i didn’t feel right at the time. my shot was off, hitting back iron for a few jumpers. then i saw it. a big smudge on my new Js. someone stepped on my shoes and i didn’t like it. i channeled my inner MJ, i remembered the finals wherein he just dropped buckets and buckets of 3s everywhere. i started hitting my shots we were playing to a 80, and we were down most of the game. i probably hit 15 3s, and made the winning shot when the score was 78-77. after that game i never wore any other shoes aside from Jordans.

  • Reignman40

    Probably not my best game, but my best moment was junior year in high school our science class had to clean up the park for earth day. Halfway through my teacher got a ball out and we played 21 for a bit. My boy Will clanked a jumper and i jumped for the board but instead tried to tip dunk it I DID. Right on top of my science teacher haha. He was probably 5’7″ and i was 5’11” and the whole class clowned on him the rest of the semester.

    I’ll always remember that and so will Mr.Perry :)

  • chedda

    I played my best game when the girl I liked came to watch. That was quite a day.

  • Jacktown Vet

    Summer of 1991. Jackson, MS. Picture a brash 15 year old up at JSU for the summer, hooping with the neighborhood dudes. Pick up hoops at its finest. Old Gym action.Smashing everybody; adults and teens alike! Talking major trash! Last game, after winning for about two hours in a row. One particular victim who lost to my squad 2 times takes on the challenge of shutting me down (Lol). Scored all 12 points on dude (12 by 1’s), and told him to get the hell off of my floor…Walking away from the gym with my guy, laughing at how we clowned these dudes all day, when a beige cutlass cuts in front of us out of nowhere! Pulls up close to me on the drivers side and out comes a sawed off shotgun aimed right at me!! It was dude from the last game talking about, “Talk that ish now!”All I could think of to say was, ‘Come on man, it was just a game!” He yells, “That’s what I thought.” Then dude drives off. My guy looked at me and asks, “Man why you ALWAYS getting us into stuff!Then he storms off! Lol! I made a dude wanna clap me. Scary but true. Top that for that AXE! #Winning

  • Vince Nuevo

    Freshman year of high school in 2005, me and my friends went to the playground. I had 4 other guys with me, and we were up next to play against the team with all the varsity players on it, who were winning every pick up game that night. We were all under 6 feet, and they had 3 guys over 6 foot. There was a lot of people watching too, and those guys were being cocky and said they couldn’t be stopped. All of my friends were filipino, and we smashed them in a game to 15, 15 to 8. We just ran and shot 3s, after the game they were blaming eachother. Since then, they respected us and never clowned on us again.

  • bobby stew

    There was a game I played in, I think summer of 1998, on the pavement. i was by no means the most athletic or skilled player. As a matter of fact I was probably the smallest guy on the court trying to hang with the older guys. The opposing teams had a big guy that used to bully me a lot. The game got tight and I did the unthinkable. I chased the ball down from behind (WOLF, WOLF). And I dove on the pavement for the ball. Everyone was surprised. I think the bully even offered his hand in helping me up. After that I got mad respect for days, simply because I loved the game that much. That was my best game on the the playground because it granted me future respect on the playground forever.

  • Patrick Sejour

    Good Afternoon

    My best game ever is playing at the REC Center in Manhatttan. The REC Center is Called Tony Dapolitto at West Side, Manhattan. I was 17 years old in my junior year of high school. I will got to the center to work on my game every day. Also, even if my legs were tired to run and down the court. So usually, I was the tallest and biggest kid on the court with the height of 6’2 and 254 pounds. I was so good with the back board that I was name the “Spirit of the Court”. I coudn’t believe to have a name like that for myself. This day was May 23, 2007 and I am very competitive when I play basketball with friends and family. That day I was playing against three senoirs and two freshman. However, on my team they were 2 Senoirs and three Juniors including me. The game was 12 points with no two’s, but one’s only. We started the game out with steals and turnover, an no shots having been made yet in the past ten minutes on the court. Now the game gets interesting were our team had one point and they were getting shots off of turnovers. They made five shots in the row and we only had one point. So, I am thinking that they are going to blow us out with no more five points in the game. So something about players that they don’t know me about is my trash talk. I am not Ron Artest, but I can talk my ass off to players who is guarding me. I don’t care who it was, it could have been the mayor of New York City, I will talk to him too. As the game go on, I am not losing this game to some chucks, I told my team if you can’t play get off the court and let others do what they do best is win a game. It’s five to our one point. Then, everything starts to clear out on the court and we grab two steals and about three rebounds and score six points on a fast break. After that, I scream out loud this our court, my teammates passed me the ball and I shoot two shots on the backboard. So now we are four points ahead of them, and its nine-five. But, game is not over, whem people get ahead of themseleves by drving the ball alot, an everything do not go good. They score four points with good defense and offense. Although, not the game is very close. We are now tied and the game goes to twelve to win. So I focus on my player that I am guarding and force him to shoot bad shots and others on my team do the same. We shoot one bad shot, but go the rebound and made it in. Its not ten-nine and the game is very close. I than go for a shot but I miss and they already on a fast break going for a lay up and the game is tied again. This happening around 5:30 o’clock in the gym. There are a lot of people and the anixety of the game is raging from the ground up. After they tied up the game, something almost went bad. One of my teammates got caught with a oppenate foot and almost hit his head on the wood floor. Every body was stock and they didn’t know if he got hit hard. A few minutes went bye, and everything was settle. He had to leave the game because he could not feel the game anymore, but he was okay. But, he was our fast player with the basketball and I don’t like losing fast players because my enegry feed on them. The game is very close and I go for a another shot and I make a 10 foot shot from the left side of the court. The game point go for us and I scream one again ” I am Not taking a lost today” . My team mates look at me and I say stay together. They go for a lay-up and they miss, but one of there players got some hops and put it back with a dunk. Every body that is surrounding the court goes crazy, and the game is point up eleveen-eleveen. I am clearly a roll player with a lot skills, but I don’t how the last shot went in but it did. Every body is standing up and there team are putting a hard defense on us. The ball is finger our hands but not touching. So the ball gets hit in the air and I grab the ball and hit it right on the back board to the right and ball stands up straight and falls right to the left of the rim and goes straight in with no body saying one word, but me ” WOW” . I was glad that I attended the shot, but didn’t know I had good hands like that. My teammates was hype and I was shock.

    Thank You