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Kendrick Perkins Doesn’t Like Tyson Chandler

Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins

For a while, we thought it was an act. It became a game: what does he do away from the court? Who hangs out with him? Does he ever smile? Now it’s hard to tell. Does Kendrick Perkins like anyone? A lot of people think he’s lost something since coming over to OKC from Boston. He doesn’t look as tough, isn’t making as big of an impact. But he’s definitely still hating people.

Perkins told NBA.com after a recent Thunder practice that he isn’t a fan of Dallas’ Tyson Chandler. Surprise.

“Me and Tyson never got along. I’m serious,” Perkins said. “He don’t like me, I don’t like him and that’s pretty much how it’s been. Everybody always looks at me as kind of like a dirty player if you’re on the opposite team, but he’s just as dirty as anybody else.”

Perkins appeared to be the instigator of the friction in Game 1, getting into Chandler’s chest in the first minute, resulting in a double-technical for the pair before either one of them had worked up a good lather.

“He came at me and I think it was just a situation to keep the game under control they tech’d both of us up,” Chandler said. “But I’m not going to get into it with him. I’m not buying into all of the crap.”

This is almost kind of funny. Chandler says there is no history, that him and ‘Perk never had problems. ‘Perk is probably making stuff up, spewing off at the mouth. Chandler doesn’t want to get into it with Perkins, but you know inevitably they will. Both are emotional. Basically, the Thunder’s center is starting s#$% just to do it, pulling out the ol’ Bill Laimbeer card.

Chandler told NBA.com:

“Honestly, my motive is not to get into it with Kendrick Perkins,” Chandler continued. “My motive is to make my team better when I’m on the floor and give my team an opportunity to win. My team is not going to be better with me off the floor, so there’s no reason for me to get into it with him. The only benefit that’s going to have is me off the floor and giving them a better chance to win, so I’m not getting into it with him.”

Perkins is probably just doing this because at this point, this is what Perkins does. He’s an instigator. And he likes it.

Do you think Perkins and Chandler will get into an altercation in this series?

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    i think…. for the sake of accuracy and journalistic integrity…. you should replace the word “Instigator” with “Dick” in that last part.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    Y’all are right Dime, Perk isn’t nearly as scary anymore, but I’m sure most teams would love to have him anyhow

  • Rafa23

    Perk isn’t really healthy. Wait till he gets to 100% next year and he will help a lot more.
    But not offensively…

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    is it just me or does Perk look real soft in a Thunder jersey? the hard green of the Celtics colors made him look super intimidating but now he just looks like any other undersized center. i think hes struggling right now cause he dont have KG to hype him up before games. when your playing with a battle tested vet like KG your game steps up whether your trying or not.

    after what happened to JJ last round against the Lakers i dont think the Mavs will lose control if things get out of hand

  • A.R.

    Perk was only ever considered tough because of the green he wore and the teammates around him. Tyson out produces him on the court and would probably make him uglier than his mother did off the court. Perkins is a perpetrator and would be have been considered another high school bust if not for the trade that brought KG to his doorstep.

  • A.R.

    That said, I still got OKC in 7! Thats if Westbrook doesn’t steal the ball from KD on a game changing possession…

  • trollne1

    my team is not going to be better with me off the floor

    was that a diss to haywood?

  • yentron

    i think it was a diss to perk; chandler was implying that perk getting into foul trouble and being benched is beneficial to the thunder